Friday, January 15, 2016

President Obama's Diplomacy Broke Iran's Hostage Taking Habit

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On January 12, Iran detained ten American sailors after their boats drifted into Iranian waters. A day later, they were freed. This happened without bloodshed, without violence, and without harm to the sailors. This happened despite the howls from the right, accusing President Obama of weakness and failure when dealing with Iran. Most of the GOP candidates chimed in:
"GOP front-runner Donald Trump, speaking at a campaign rally in Cedar Falls, Iowa, said the incident highlighted that the U.S. ‘Isn't the same country. . . . It's just an indication of where the hell we're going,' Trump said. ‘I mean, hopefully, they get released and fast. But it seems to be an indication of where we're going.' . . . Texas Sen. Ted Cruz also joined in the Obama-bashing. ‘This is the latest manifestation of the weakness of Barack Obama, that every bad actor … views Obama as a laughingstock,' he said."
If our sailors aren't coming home yet, they need to be now. No more bargaining. Obama's humiliatingly weak Iran policy is exposed again.
No doubt Jeb! and company would have preferred the sailors to be rescued in a vicious firefight, restoring America to its rightful place as the gun-toting enforcer of the free world. But that is not what happened, and it is worth our while to examine why. It is also useful to contrast this latest incident with similar cases. In 2007, Iran seized 15 British seamen who had entered disputed waters claimed by Iran. They were held for 13 days, and subjected to psychological torture before being freed. This is a rather different outcome than the case that just played out.
i want to point out again the lack of knowledge on the republican side and their incessant need to demean Pres. at every turn but really comes through sometimes too long in getting there all the fake upset because these American sailors were on their knees with guns pointed at them had it been the other way the picture would be the same we would have them on their knees pointing guns at them. 

 but the biggie they left out it was a one day hostage situation,  so all the bluster last night about they wouldn't have that happen elephant dung they were in their waters Pres. nor anyone else could not prevent that  this is where our mythical liberal media would call them out on their hypocrisy.  please read the rest of the article good stuff in there.