Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Church and state or state and Church

I don't know if there were multiple religions in America in the 18th century but there is now you have fanatics, zealots, and hijacker's of the word and it's intent the Evangelicals. they have usurped the intent of the religious experience and created in it's place a racist hate filled collection of those who still have their collective heads in the Antebellum south. these things they espouse are nothing like the teachings of my God my God does not hate or want to deprive or lie or cheat or subjugate or suppress the people of the world we live in, but this sure paints a perfect picture of the other religion Evangelical have created. that said can you see how dangerous the inclusion of religion could be if in the wrong minds were controlling the country? just like the right wing SCOTUS allowing their benefactors to shovel money from anywhere in the world into our election process with know clarity of who's bankrolling. you don't give a candidate 100,000,000. and don't expect something in return, they didn't make that money being that naive. the corruption of religion by man is reason enough to separate the two. two wrongs don't make a right. corrupt gov't and religious laws rewritten in those minds of the corrupt to sanction their hate agenda. keeping it real God Bless

Isiah 9:6 and the gov. shall be upon his shoulder..

tells me that the responsibility of the gov't is on man and not that they should be together. just IMHO please click title

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quran burning: Twelve killed in protests across Afghanistan - Times Of India

this whole incident comes off a little smelly. they keep saying inadvertent, but today i see a crawler that says "detainees were passing messages in the books" does not sound like the burning was inadvertent to me. may need to copy and paste this link

think the person in charge who authorized this should be court marshaled. for idiocy. how could he not think this would blow up and start a man hunt for anyone with a U S uniform.
i really wonder if there was some infusion of right wing influence to create something they could use against our beloved Pres., don't dismiss this as crazy you know the treachery and skulduggery that goes with anything republican, also their was 45 yrs ago much racist attitudes when i served, can't believe it's all gone now, look at the state of the country, your congress more then half are hater's, that translate's in to a percentage in military. this is no time to play with the lives of our military for political advantage.

WI Walker's lament

this has got to be corrected. when the scotus did this they knew it's result is buying of the gov't. they have to be subject to recall and limited tenure. the right carefully placed all these loyalist to a hijacking agenda in those lifetime positions. wonder how many republican's are enjoying their majority of the right wing represented in the high court.
power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. how can we the people feel any sense of fair and balanced findings when the high court is in the bag for the hate filled right wing? injustice or just us either is not a pursuit of happiness. click title

Monday, February 27, 2012

Chardon High School Shooting: Multiple students wounded at Ohio school - Crimesider - CBS News

this is a sad should we see this as a memorial to the right wing gun laws coming home to roost? now they want to arm the crazies the drunks the challenged with hidden firearms. is this responsible for politicians on the right to promote this travesty of law to garner votes from those org. that profit by you having a gun in your waist ban. and what does it say about those orgs. and their members, ask them why and all they can say is 2nd amendment, great 300+yr. old law that does not mean just for the hell of it. SCOTUS full of right wing loyalist gives to radical outdated law that right wing tuch we all know and regurgitate from.
are they trying to not so subtly trying to initiate another civil war here in the US, take our country back from who, wrong direction which way is right and all the other right wing lies designed to gin up the base, they know that's a winning strategy Bush "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the one's you want to concentrate on" and Fox been planning this since Nixon era.
the right does not care about anything but their pockets and keeping the electorate dumbed down so they can concentrate on them. are you concentrated on? click title for story

Friday, February 24, 2012

Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Republican: Are Americans being deeply divided by their self-imposed labels?

this titls subject was posed by a friend Ms Cyprah. morning Ms C, well this seems to be a double edge sword. there is an inherent need people have to know who you are, friend or foe. the downside of that dynamic is misinterpretation. wrongly labeling someone has as many negatives as one can think of, most egregious is the potential to mislead other's for profit. which creates another problem, those who are legitimate can suffer as well as the other from not being availed of what ever positives may have resorted from being comfortable with entering into a collective situation. politics same scenario with different circumstance, being misled can result in entire countries being subject to tyranny, as well of being deprived of a potentially great leader. there seems to be legitimate needs such as self protection to know who you are dealing with, man as always screws up the common sense things in life through greed and desire to be controlling. this is also considered a game by some, you've heard the buzz words "his performance, if he wants to win he has to play the game, not playing to this side, only playing to that side", it becomes who goes home with the most marbles, with game being the keyword. law is refereed to as an adversarial effort, you see movies where one is innocent and the DA goes all out on a vendetta to prove him guilty, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? have's and have not's self explanatory. jobs office politic's all our lives are efforts of competition sibling's vying for parental favor, baby with mom for time to nurture and "if i cry loud and long i will get what i want" 1 baby 0 mom. continuation, politicians "if i lie and promise them everything (2.50 gas?) they vote for me" problem impossible, listen to all the things the right has promised on their first day in office, ain't that many hours in that 1st day lies, but the fickled, gullible and in some case's radically inclined electorate single file in to the corral, just to find out the guy's they trusted put them in the jackpot with those they had thought of as the other's. labeling means nothing if the stock boy puts you on the wrong shelf. we need to consider a vote for the other guy to get in the barrel can end up with that guy being your neighbor. which comes down to what's more important label and screw the other guy, or vote what will be best for them is also best for you. one side wants no regulation, no consumer advocate does that make you go hmmmmmmmmm?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is the Graham name suspect?

if i am ok with my politicians lying, violating rights and most egregious, lying to the base that supports them. but those that know they lie and commit crimes against the people (voter blocking) and still cheer are no better a person then the people they support. they are complicit and guilty by association before and after the fact. if you can ignore the constitution and get all giddy when you hear some racist inhumane statement from those who suppose to represent you, does that make you the proverbial bird of a feather flocking together? does it also make you a discriminating, questionable religious ideology subscriber?(hate doctrine) racist agenda as your mantel.
unfortunately for the right there is so much media available to the people to know what stinks and what doesn't. the right is trying to collaterally start a religious war along with the one on women now, just to get rid of the Black guy. they do love their wars, do you? this ladies and gentlemen is the face of fear. God Does Not Like Ugly. click title

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


this is a whole other world of radical beliefs and those who teach their flocks of Lemming's what other religions are and what they think and do. why don't they realize the problem is they are walking around in THEIR country, in THEIR business trying to bring them something they already have and have had for thousands of years, they invade and take on that holier then thou attitude. hell yes they hate us. prejudice reign's supreme throughout this sector of OUR country. if they hate and condemn how can they be perfect to run the country for all? talk about MORAL'S. THIS GUY IS A FRAUD HE TELL'S YOU SO IN HIS CONTRADICTING RHETORIC. CLICK TITLE AND LISTEN

are they now indoctrinating the new neo skinheads?

what is it with these people just let it all hang out, is there an effort to start a civil war in America? the right is arming their constituents thru rewritten gun laws. all the vitriol in their hate rhetoric, vote denial, this looks really crappy to me. it's like they are preparing their crazies when they lose in Nov. DOJ better get busy before it's to late. first the Pres. is racialized by the Right now this i did not fight in Vietnam 45 yrs. ago for this

Thursday, February 16, 2012

headache remedies for contraception

hi i have been screaming to the heavens about the right's total apathetic agenda to suppress women this ugliness has been going on since the beginning of time Adam's chauvinistic attitude toward his first mate Lilith, who is controversial right up to the knuckle dragger's of today. this should and could be all that is needed for women to check the right wing candidate's off their list of politicians who are humane. let tem try and control their lives from outside of the beltway and the WH. then let them drug out on Tylenol between their cheeks the rear one's. be strong God Bless
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may need to copy and paste this link sorry

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what your money really means

this was sent to me by a friend and shipmate in GA. very interesting how the buck that's so elusive and honored by some and downfall of other's has a lot more meaning then a means to get that candy bar, hey that's all a buck is good for nowadays. lol click title

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

promise's, promise's

Romney is running around like chicken little declaring what he'll do 1st in WH, but he forgot something, "THEY DON'T LIKE HIM". so how can he be expected to get anything done as well as N G making irresponsible claims of legislation 2 hrs. after taking office, he's going to work before his inaugural ball, why go if he expects something tpo happen within 2 hrs. more lies of an over inflated ego's of the two they really don't want.
measuring drapes making ridiculous promises 2 hrs. after being sworn in, c'mon Newt it'll take you that long to tell everybody how great you are. empty bucket. please click title