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Opponents Score A Victory Against Arizona Voting Restrictions

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with the acceptance of health care just when you thought the wicked witch of the west was human the republican genes start to bubble up i guess in rebellion of her health care caving.
This week was an important one for opponents of an Arizona election law designed to throw voters off the rolls and make it harder for third parties to get elected.
On Tuesday, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (R) certified that a referendum on the law, known as HB 2305, will be on the ballot in next year's general election.
HB 2305 passed earlier this year. Considered a voter suppression effort by opponents, the law would raise the bar for third parties getting on the ballot, add obstacles to citizens initiative efforts, and kick voters off that state's permanent early voting list if they fail to vote in two consecutive elections, among other things. The referendum effort began just days after the law was signed by Gov. Jan Brewer (R) in June.
"Today was a big win for Arizona voters and voting rights, but it's only part of the battle," Julie Erfle, chairwoman the umbrella group that backed the referendum effort, said in a statement on Tuesday. "The public response to our effort has been overwhelming across party lines, and we are absolutely confident that Arizona voters will toss these unnecessary and self-serving voting roadblocks in the dumpster where they belong."
they act like they have more voters on their side because of all the skulduggery they engage to cheat those voters out of their right to vote, that's not approval they lost the house vote by over a million but they were saying "the American people voted us back in", 
i understand they need to reassure themselves but a house built on lies is a lying house, and you can't believe your own falsehoods any longer the truth is out there.
The umbrella group, Protect Your Right to Vote Committee, announced this week that Bennett had confirmed 111,000 valid signatures had been gathered for the referendum. 86,405 was needed to qualify for the ballot.
Robbie Sherwood, a spokesperson for the referendum effort, touted how quickly the signatures had been gathered.
"We literally had 90 days in a brutal Arizona summer to get the signatures," Sherwood told TPM on Wednesday. "And we burned like the first week and a half just trying to get organized. We didn't start gathering signatures until July 1. And we still came in with like 146,000. And then our verification rate was 80 percent, which is, again, unheard of here."
But the fight may not be over. Barrett Marson, a spokesman for two political committees that support the law, told Tucson Weekly that his groups will go to court to try to invalidate some of the signatures collected.
this is where the republicans have lead us, going to court to usurp another Americans rights, for malicious reasons, if we don't act accordingly 2014 it will get worse.

WATCH: Ted Cruz's Dad Calls US a "Christian Nation," Says Obama Should Go "Back to Kenya" |

Article PhotoIn April, Rafael Cruz, the father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), spoke to the tea party of Hood County, which is southwest of Fort Worth, and made a bold declaration: The United States is a "Christian nation." The septuagenarian businessman turned evangelical pastor did not choose to use the more inclusive formulation "Judeo-Christian nation." 
Insisting that the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution "were signed on the knees of the framers" and were a "divine revelation from God," he went on to say, "yet our president has the gall to tell us that this is not a Christian nation…The United States of America was formed to honor the word of God." Seven months earlier, Rafael Cruz, speaking to the North Texas Tea Party on behalf of his son, who was then running for Senate, called President Barack Obama an "outright Marxist" who "seeks to destroy all concept of God," and he urged the crowd to send Obama "back to Kenya."
lots of children who have racist parents evolve and get with the times not en vogue to hate and suppress the poor and elderly, this nut is still in the tree and will probably never fall to far away.
there is pride in your family and there is proud of your family but do so at your own risk, not as many haters as there are compassionate's he's adopted a losing strategy for a losing stand, now he's hared from all sides for as many reasons, bad enough if only one but multiple piss offs make you damaged goods.
Comments uttered by a politician's parent may have little relevance in assessing an elected official. But it's appropriate to take Rafael Cruz into account when evaluating his son the senator.
Ted Cruz, the tea party champion who almost single-handedly spurred the recent government shutdown, has often deployed his father as a political asset. He routinely cites his Cuban-born father, who emigrated from the island nation in 1957, when he discusses immigration and justifies his opposition to the bipartisan reform bill that passed in the Senate. (Ted Cruz hails his father as a symbol of the "American dream" who came to the United States legally—
what person dreams of coming here and after being welcomed sets about racially trashing half the country good thing he reneged on the immigration bill because if he wants people like poppy to be representative of dreams accomplished we don't want any.
though Rafael Cruz began his career in the oil industry in Canada, where Ted was born.) Moreover, Ted Cruz campaigns with his father; he had him in tow on a recent trip to Iowa (where the evangelical vote is crucial in GOP presidential primaries). Rafael Cruz regularly speaks to tea party and Republican groups in Texas as a surrogate for his son; during Ted Cruz's 2012 Senate campaign, his father was dispatched to events and rallies across the state to whip up support. 
yes he is fair game they espouse the same vitriolic radical ideas, he learned fro0m him so every word daddy dearest says teddy should be held accountable he's the one running,  the fact that he sought his support shows the type of people he's aiming at for support.   those that he is referring to are not representative of a Christian America as he and his son don't either they need to stop clinging to that Bible and read it.

Daily Kos: GOP senators more afraid of Ted Cruz than he is of them
"And then I told Mitch that I still wasn't going to intervene in his primary, and he thanked me profusely."
the epitome of arrogance and delusions of grandeur
Article PhotoAt a closed-door lunch meeting of Senate Republicans Wednesday, the freshman conservative told his colleagues that he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights or fundraise for the controversial outside group [The Senate Conservatives Fund, or SCF]. Cruz added that the SCF’s decision to try to defeat sitting GOP senators in their primaries was its alone, according to several people familiar with the session.
As you may recall, two weeks ago the Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's tea party-backed primary opponent, Matt Bevin, and just yesterday, they began airing anti-McConnell ads.
McConnell, not surprisingly, welcomed Cruz's pledge to steer clear of his primary, but not without suggesting that Cruz had dragged his feet for too long:
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told Cruz that Paul took such an action six months ago, but he thanked the Texas conservative for doing so. Other GOP senators also thanked Cruz, sources say.
republican enforcer or right wing tea drinker either way he needs to be careful there is a flame out in his future 2016 isn't next week.  with so many left in his wake and those afraid of the water he puts a cross hair on his back.
has the republican party being preoccupied with keeping Pres. power in check they have relinquished their own power to a hungry new entity within the party.
Pres. said he'd change things, look at republicans not the change they wanted but change none the less.
But while Cruz apparently wanted his colleagues to see his words as an olive branch, his spokeswoman made it clear that the substance of Cruz's position on groups like SCF or primary challenges against incumbents has not changed:
“He’ll continue working with them [SCF] to promote common conservative policies but not get involved in their endorsement or fundraising decisions,” Frazier said. “SCF’s organization is not just about primary politics but promoting conservative causes that Republicans across the spectrum can support.”
they have done to themselves what they were trying to do to America endless war and disent within and trying to take on more conflicts, what that would have lead us to is leading them also to that same ditch.
i don'y believe he was making idle threats indirect but a "watch your back" just the same.

Senate Blocks Nomination Of Sitting Member Of Congress For First Time Since Reconstruction

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans Thursday successfully blocked the nomination of Rep. Mel Watt to head up the federal agencies overseeing the real estate industry, only the second time a sitting member of Congress has had a nomination blocked since before the Civil War.
Only Reps. Richard Burr and Rob Portman broke ranks and voted for the North Carolina Democrat’s nomination to head up the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Republicans have raised repeated concerns about Watts’ experience during the nomination process, arguing that Watt is too political and unqualified to oversee the enormously powerful federal loan companies.
unqualified, just a right wing coat tug
Although a handful of current and former members have seen their nominations either withdrawn because of controversy, filibustering a nomination of a sitting lawmaker is unheard of in the modern era.
In fact, Watt joins only Rep. Caleb Cushing, who was nominated to head the Treasury Department by President John Tyler in 1843, as the second sitting member to be filibustered in more than 150 years, according to an analysis of voting records by the NAACP.
"nothing new under the sun" only difference different day,  they have no new plans they hadto gon back 150 years to dust this off, guess they would govern on 18th and 19th century laws revised and a stick on bow.

Syria Destroyed All Of Its Declared Chemical Weapons Production And Mixing Facilities, Watchdog Says
BEIRUT, Oct 31 (Reuters) - Syria has destroyed all of its declared chemical weapons production and mixing facilities, meeting a major deadline in an ambitious disarmament programme, the international chemical weapons watchdog said in a document seen by Reuters.
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said in the document its teams had inspected 21 out of 23 chemical weapons sites across the country. The other two were too dangerous to inspect but the chemical equipment had already been moved to other sites which experts had visited, it said.
"The OPCW is satisfied it has verified, and seen destroyed, all declared critical production/mixing/filling equipment from all 23 sites," the document said.
good story except one glaring word that keeps coming up, "DECLARED" which by virtue of meaning implies that there are or could be undeclared, 
remember when the message got cleared up there were reports of Syrians feverishly moving around toxins so as the boy of pigs did they destroy all or just the ones we knew about?

Cory Booker and Hiram Revels: Black Senator Milestones

When the brilliant Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a Stanford honors student, Yale Law School graduate and a former Rhodes Scholar, is sworn in as New Jersey's next U.S. senator on Oct. 31 (a historical event that should be widely heralded as a triumph of vision and one candidate's unwavering and consistent moral commitment to public service), it will mark only the second time in history that two African Americans will be serving in the Senate at the same time. 
This milestone, remarkably, was only reached earlier this year after Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina elevated Rep. Tim Scott to Jim DeMint's old seat and Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts appointed his former chief of staff, William "Mo" Cowan, to fill the vacancy left by current Secretary of State John Kerry until a special election could be held in June. 
problem also only one will speak from an unscripted position the other will get his at the morning marching orders meet.
While Sens. Cowan and Scott only had a few months together in office, Booker and Scott will share the same chamber (at least) through 2014 when both must run again -- Scott, for the first time, statewide. 
In both cases, Scott, a Tea Party favorite and the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction, has been matched up with a Northeastern Democrat, one who has already officiated same-sex weddings in his state. What a gesture it would be for them to sit together at President Obama's next State of the Union address in January. While their respective parties may continue to be divided over how best to represent the "1 percent" and the "99 percent," the Senate is now 2 percent black. In a nation that has twice elected a black man to its highest office, it is news at least worth noting -- and, yes, for many, celebrating.
While Sens. Cowan and Scott only had a few months together in office, Booker and Scott will share the same chamber (at least) through 2014 when both must run again -- Scott, for the first time, statewide. In both cases, Scott, a Tea Party favorite and the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction, has been matched up with a Northeastern Democrat, one who has already officiated same-sex weddings in his state. What a gesture it would be for them to sit together at President Obama's next State of the Union address in January. While their respective parties may continue to be divided over how best to represent the "1 percent" and the "99 percent," the Senate is now 2 percent black. In a nation that has twice elected a black man to its highest office, it is news at least worth noting -- and, yes, for many, celebrating.
although genetically Scott fits the story line but that is as far as it goes, he has hitched his wagon to the elephant caravan he stands behind them and nods and grins, there is happy to be here and just giddy with what i've done, which is aligned with a party that hates him is he to stupid to see that cause they sure aren't shy about showing him.
does he think they are high fiving his addition to the club, bet he doesn't have the key to the restroom probably a bowl with quarters for the local gas station.
they put him with the other Black guy hardly a welcome, more of a WHITES ONLY THING.
When Eric Foner of Columbia University, our leading historian on Reconstruction and an advisor on my current PBS series, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross (Episode 2 airs Tuesday night), emailed me about these amazing facts the morning after Booker's victory, I knew I wanted to find out more about our early black senators.
From working on the series, I was aware of the nearly 90-year gap separating the nation's first two, Hiram R. Revels (1870-1871) and Blanche K. Bruce (1875-1881), and the third, Edward W. Brooke (1967-1979),
but I had no idea I would discover through research that Revels' swearing in would be delayed by the dead hand of the worst decision in Supreme Court history, or that before "Jim Crow" -- in fact, just a decade after the Civil War -- two other black men would almost achieve what Scott and Cowan and Scott and Booker have this year. 
That's right!  It could -- and, as we'll see in next week's column, should -- have happened 138 years ago on March 5, 1875, two years before Reconstruction ended. This was when the Senate moved to swear in the (second) black man whom Mississippi had sent to Washington, Blanche K. Bruce, even as it continued refusing to seat the first from Louisiana, P.S.B. Pinchback, a Civil War veteran and former state governor who'd been haunting the halls of Congress for two long years waiting for an answer.
its amazing how much was left out of our history by design, we have pride we are proud even during our darkest times under this country's rule, from 3/5ths of a human being to President of the United States of America that some still do not accept, we are where we are because we are divided and not by our choice.
this is what we have done under their thumb just as today's accomplishments by Pres. in-spite of them .
what have they done for you lartely? recognize

New poll reveals Conservatives want only white men in Congress

this is not news we've always known that, the only ones who didn't were them the perpetrators, actually they know they just think if they don't admit it's our word against them the liars.
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If you still don’t think that the Republican Party is sexist and racist, get ready to have your eyes opened. A new poll finds that an astonishingly high number of conservatives actually want Congress to be dominated by white men.

New poll shows conservatives don’t want more women or minorities in Congress.

According to a new poll from ABC/Fusion, only 5 percent of conservative Republicans think more minorities in Congress would be a good thing. Apparently, most feel it would be a bad thing to have a more diverse Congress. It’s really pathetic that a mere 5 percent bucked their own party to say that more minorities should be sent to Washington DC.
The above statistic is just further proof that the Republican Party has become staunchly anti-minority. This spells major trouble for conservative candidates in future elections. In 2012, 93 percent of African-Americans, 71 percent of Latinos, and 73 percent of Asians voted for President Obama and Democrats
If conservatives continue to alienate minority voters, the GOP will be a minority in governing for years to come.
for those real Americans the actual real ones who believe "liberty for all, think about this we know the dysfunction of the congress we know they are that part called republicans are racist and bigots, like i said leave them alone and they can't help but let the vitriol out these are truths of their real mindset, the audacity of arrogance knowing they are not in the majority they still wave the banner of prejudice, they will be once again wondering what happened 2014.
The ABC/Fusion poll shows that only 26 percent of conservatives and 23 percent of Republicans support electing more women to the House and Senate. The low number demonstrates why the GOP is struggling with female voters. In 2012, 56% of women voted for President Obama. The 12 point gender gap helped Democrats regain some House seats and retain control of the Senate. But it also catapulted a record number of women to Congress. Clearly, Republicans aren’t doing well with women, and it stands to get worse as the GOP escalates their war on women.

The new poll reveals Republicans have a major image problem and they don’t care.

The new poll shows that the GOP has a major image problem and they don’t seem to really care. For years, it’s been pointed out how Republicans in Congress operate on a white guys-only system. We’ve all seen the pictures of the all white male committee that convened to debate birth control in early 2012. Then in November of that same year, House Republicans appointed white men to chair all of the various committees and only added a woman to the roster after a public outcry. And during the government shutdown, a similar image showed a Republican delegation composed of all white men during a conference call designed by the GOP to make Democrats look bad.
first this "struggle" is just the war on women they deny exist if so what are they struggling about? they are losing this aggression they created at the begining of time with Adam and Lilith, some of us evolved others carry the mark of chauvinistic knuckle draggin women haters.
in refusing to change their words or ways even saying they didn't need to and keep their "principles" formerly known as "values" neither of which will change their spots

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking Budget Talks

Article PhotoPublicly, the White House and top Democrats are still talking about a “balanced” plan requiring new revenue as part of a long-term budget blueprint that would replace the sequester and tackle the nation’s long-term debt challenges.
But almost no one expects that to happen.
Last week, the Nevada Democrat and the Wisconsin Republican lowered expectations by ditching the grand bargain talk. Ryan told reporters that tax hikes aren’t going to be in the deal; Reid cited the GOP’s opposition to more tax hikes on the wealthy as a reason people should stop talking about cutting Social Security or Medicaid.
The focus instead will be on forging a deal that can replace some of the sequester spending cuts — perhaps for just a year or two — and un-sticking the mess that has become the annual appropriations process.
Pres. continually expresses his desire for long term fixes the republicans who accuse him of kicking the can when they are the ones that only seek short term so they can create a bunch on mini tragedies designed to slow growth make the Pres. look inadequate and deny you all of what he is trying to do for Americans, who's zoomin' who?
Both sides have at least some incentive to get a deal. An agreement would give Republicans a chance to change the post-shutdown political narrative that they can’t govern. And with big defense cuts kicking in come January, Republican hawks are already pressuring their leaders to find a way out.
Democrats and the White House, meanwhile, have been chafing as the president’s agenda has been squeezed by both the sequester and a gridlocked Congress. If they give in on taxes in a short-term deal, would they settle for one of the unfinished Obama agenda items that has been going nowhere in this Congress, such as a minimum-wage hike, infrastructure spending or universal preschool?
in the republican side there is no mention of anything that is for "we the people" their concern defense cuts.  there can be no common ground when one is against everything and their actions prove it,  they are only concerned with big business prevailing and we stay in our place as their pawns.  as time goes on so does the right wing machine 2014 will deprive that machine of oil thereby locking it's gears.

A huge victory for GOP's "whites-only" coalition

Now and again, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., must a
sk himself whether the GOP’s promiscuous flirtation with comprehensive immigration reform was part of an elaborate plan to trick him into sabotaging his own chances of winning the GOP presidential nomination in 2016.
After last year’s election, top GOP leaders including the speaker of the House and the chairman of the Republican National Committee were crystal clear that the party’s big adjustment would be to broaden its appeal to Latino voters by embracing immigration reform. Rubio took them at their word, and as part of an implicit quid pro quo offered to make himself the face of the party’s new commitment. He would lend the effort his ethnic heritage and conservative bona fides. In return, they wouldn’t hang him out to dry. He’d help them neutralize immigration reform as a flashpoint issue on the right, they’d give him a legacy issue lasting enough to carry him to the presidency.
they are failing miserably at that appeal thing they are less favorable than head lice and cockroaches.  they can thank the idiots that decide to fire Michael Steele and hire Prebius 0 for everything.
That oversimplifies things a bit, but it underscores the fact that Rubio’s incentives were shaped in part by a belief that the party’s interest in the project wasn’t fleeting or feigned.
But shortly after Rubio helped marshal a comprehensive, bipartisan bill through the Senate, John Boehner effectively handed the entire House agenda to the Tea Party, and in so doing torpedoed the reform consensus, including the Senate’s legislation, altogether.
appeasing the T-P has been their waterloo, they are doing to themselves what they had hoped to do to Pres. except they are suceeding on their own front.  they used him like they are now trying to use the Hispanics for their votes, when they hate the hate it all, heads up to Black republicans, next?

Rachel Maddow: Rand Paul ripped off Wikipedia

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is accusing Sen. Rand Paul of lifting some 
material from Wikipedia for a speech he gave at Liberty University in Virginia.
The passages in question are descriptions of the movie “Gattaca,” about genetic discrimination in a dystopian future. Monday night, Maddow noted the similarities in Paul’s speech and the Wikipedia page.
Paul was making a point about abortion and how it can be compared to removing undesired genes from the nation’s pool. He referenced the movie as an example of eugenics.
“In the movie Gattaca, in the not-too-distant future, eugenics is common. And DNA plays a primary role in determining your social class,” Paul said at Liberty.
That compares to the Wikipedia entry on the movie, which hadn’t been edited since late September: “In the not-too-distant future, liberal eugenics is common and DNA plays the primary role in determining social class.”
this guy is a quack, he is trying to equate Frankenstein  with abortion, i think he would as well as the party want to dingle in the gene pools and delete those they oppose. their is no extreme for those who it is normal for, racist Dr. Frankenstein 2016 keep your notes for reference.
The Kentucky Republican continued summarizing the movie.
“Due to frequent screenings, Vincent faces genetic discrimination and prejudice. The only way to achieve his dream of being an astronaut is he has to become what’s called a ‘borrowed ladder,’” Paul said.
Wikipedia read: “Due to frequent screening, Vincent faces genetic discrimination and prejudice. The only way he can achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut is to become a ‘borrowed ladder.’”
Maddow continued to highlight similar passages, saying Paul’s speech “was totally ripped off of Wikipedia
two crazy front runners of the tea type, one dreams of green eggs and ham the other a test tube nation.

Jim Wheeler, Nevada Lawmaker, Says He'd Vote For Slavery If That's What His Constituents Wanted

Article PhotoCARSON CITY, Nev. -- CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — A Nevada assemblyman came under fire Monday after a YouTube video surfaced in which he told a Republican gathering he would vote to allow slavery if that is what his constituents wanted him to do.
"If that's what they wanted, I'd have to hold my nose ... they'd probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah," Assemblyman Jim Wheeler told members of the Storey County Republican Party at a meeting in August.
last paragraph, he realized what he said and in a desperate attempt he turns on his constituency, 
"If that's what they wanted, I'd have to hold my nose ... they'd probably have to hold a gun to my head, but yeah,"
why would the thought enter his mind are the people of his district racist and he knows it or is it just a case of "he who knows none suspects none" and he obviously knows some.
His comments were swiftly denounced by Republicans and Democrats alike.
"Assemblyman Wheeler's comments are deeply offensive and have no place in our society," Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval said in a statement. "He should retract his remarks and apologize."
U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., called Wheeler's comments "insensitive and wrong," while the Assembly Democratic caucus said they were "reprehensible and disgusting."
Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, on Twitter said Wheeler's comments are "outrageous, they are embarrassing and they are just plain sad."
wow they can race to let people know it's not about race for them, but where were they during the 5 year racial slurs and epithets were whirling around the republican clans, where were they on the on going attacks on women, climate changing in Carson City and racism no longer the speak de jour?