Thursday, August 26, 2010


to all of you Beck followers or as i feel totally comfortable referring to you as total idiots, because your Dear Leader told you loosely" anyone who takes what i say as gospel is an idiot" so i expect to see signs and badges saying "we're the idiots the idiots following the grifter" first thing that came in mind for me was that line from "the usual suspects" again loosely "the greatest thing the devil ever did was convince people he didn't exist"then again there is no trick to leading someone in the direction they are headed away, those southern racist that usurp the entire Christian faith and corrupt its intent to make there ugliness sound acceptable it is but only to like persons you are suppose to love thy neighbor, not hate defame kill and deny them their God given rights bad enough you take their constitutional rights guess thats that Good Old Party way after you help get them back see who comes and drops off a few extra bucks,or tell the hospital they are with me,or insurance they are ok. oh thats right IDIOTS! now i understand where Bush gets it from

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so what?

So what if this Black president saves all our bacon, is it still to much for Conservatives to handle that it does not require a southern Caucasian to save the world, that will never happen, too much self empowerment and greed to ever allow the rest of us PEONS to share in the "American dream to all those who oppose, if this party cared so much about you why are you then, now, and in the future going to be right where you are while they go on lining their pockets with what was suppose to help you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

can you?

can you blame the sun for not shinning if you stay in the house,can you blame the cool breeze you don't enjoy if you stay in the house can you blame the sky for not seeing the blue and clouds if you stay in the house? Well tell how on God's green earth can you blame this admin. for doing nothing when republicans in the house are sitting on 290 bills waitng to be passed, come on people can't ya see the hmmmmm coming into focus?

wha the hypocracy

hello again, if republicans are all about the country and wanting to get back to what the founding fathers had in mind wait for it,why have they attempted 42 amendments to the constitution are ya saying hmmmmm yet

age of redundancy

hello, once again cries from right we don't need big gov.,then check any newsworthy event,"where's the gov.,is the gov. doing enough,gov. NOT doing enough, where is Obama" kinda like having it and eating it too, did you see meet the press Sunday Mr. McConnell? guess i had point in "politics 1" is this just more pollution of the ozone, oh wait thats not a problem because they don't believe in global warming so that gives them "green" light to ruin atmosphere for the rest of us.

Friday, August 13, 2010

are you in shame on you catagory?

taking from the "fool me twice" if you don't have 50 million in the bank than YOU ARE THE MINORITY THE REPUBLICANS LOATHE feeling like hmmmmm yet?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


be careful of tee shirt out there that ask to "pray for Obama" it is a vicious slanderous rightwing attempt to not ony demean the president but calling for his assisination God will deal with the garbage being regurgitated by these people loosely