Friday, June 29, 2012

Florida to Minorities: Don't Vote Here | The Nation

LaVon Bracy, 63, understands the stakes in Florida’s current voting rights battle all too well. Her father, the Rev. Thomas Wright, is a civil rights luminary and former NAACP president who spent much of the 1960s fighting segregation, often under threat of death. When his chapter of the NAACP sued Alachua County Public Schools to desegregate, a teenage Bracy sacrificed her senior year to help integrate a white school. She has no fond prom memories; instead she remembers the people spitting in her face, the regular chants of “@!$%#” that greeted her, and the beating she took from a group of white male students, who went unpunished.
Bracy’s beating was so traumatic that she stayed home from school for the next three days wondering whether to go back. But in the end, she returned. Bracy told the Voices of the Civil Rights project, “I refused to allow them to win.”
That was her thought this spring, too, as she plunged the New Covenant Baptist Church—the Orlando congregation she leads with her husband—into a voter registration campaign more dangerous than it has been in a generation.
are we the new majority allowing further escalation of a right wing South going full Klan like and suppressing those American's who just want the promise fulfilled of fair and honest elections. 
the attempt to block the investigation which will expose their unscrupulous unconstitutional usurping of another American's. is their a felony designated to this crime against "we the people", forming a less than perfect union, in favor of one hateful collaboration of unAmerican acts by unAmerican non patriots.
why did we create laws, for the betterment of our live's free of criminal efforts to use and abuse us? well we have been failing miserably. 27th in education but they care about leaving debt on kids they'll be to stupid to do the math they'll never know. 37th in healthcare and the right wants us to hit bottom, we'll be in the commercial with a glass of dirty water begging India China for help they are doing fine thanks to all the job's Romney sent them at "we the peoples" expense

GOP wins contempt vote on Eric Holder, but legal dispute looms

The road leading to a possible lawsuit by the House was filled with emotion Thursday. More than 100 Democrats walked up an aisle and out of the chamber to boycott the first of two contemptvotes, saying Republicans were more interested in shameful election-year politics than documents.
Democrats promised closure as well, but said a less-partisan Republican investigation — notcontempt resolutions — was the only way to get it.
About five hours after the court ruled, with news sites flooded with information about the health care ruling, the House voted 255-67 to declare Holder in criminal contempt — an action that could lead to criminal prosecution but probably won’t.
The matter goes to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, who works under Holder.   
A second vote of 258-95 held Holder in civil contempt and allows the House to bring a civil lawsuit in an effort to force him to turn over the documents.
The National Rifle Association pressed hard for the contempt resolutions, leaning on members of both parties who want to stay in the NRA’s good graces.
how is it that we are finding out now how rigged the gov't is by right installations of their ideology or their friendly outside orgs, that can control congress with a few words of threat. because it's true.
there is no wonder Pres. was unable to instigate that change in gov't it ain't the gov't it's every other outside interest looking for a lookout by their purchased politicians, mostly in the form of deregulation, green light to "we the people" biting the proverbial dust, hey all have gas mask.
hard to find corruption in gov't when you're looking in the wrong place, try corporate America, then follow the money.

Obamacare Video Game: Repacking the President's Accomplishments

Obama was already bracing for a shellacking, since for months one Republican after the next had lip-synched right-wing talking points, accusing the POTUS of having accomplished zip.
Obama had scratched more off his to-do list than any other U.S. president since Lyndon Baines Johnson
But it would seem that the one achievement that is the most momentous since LBJ pushed Medicare and Medicaidthrough Congress in 1965 might have gotten a little special treatment: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.
by any means necessary, we need to get the contents of the bill out and broken down for the people to understand, our beloved Pres. and the Progressive party and its constituents and electorate are all for a better world for "we the people" not "them the corporations". you determine who best serves our interest not who's interest we serve. recognize
the desire by right wing to observe the "founding father's" intent, is more real then one might think. the rich made the rules, held office, decided the future of the many. decided it was ok to own another. "E PLURIBUS UNUM" is a mind game to instill the peon status, making us desire a leader whom we can't do without. mind games by those of power have been a continuous effort since the beginning by those who first realized they can use other's to their own end, "it's good being the king".

GOP Snake Oil, Health Care and the Supremes Despite a propaganda push, the Affordable Care Act has been upheld. But the war isn't over.

The Supremes have delivered their verdict on the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's chief legislative achievement: the Affordable Care Act. And in a fortunate though unpredicted twist of fate, Obama won.
Now it's time to separate fact from fiction and unpack all the lies that Republicans told in their attempt to destroy the most fundamental American ideal: the right tolife, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
GOP operatives and conservative pundits have skillfully played on the ignorance of America's electorate, calling the ACA the "crown jewel of socialism" and "government takeover" of health insurance. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Socialism by Any Other Name Is "Romneycare"
Republican elected officials and their newly crowned leader Mitt Romney have campaigned on a message that demonizes the current legislation, ignores their past support for its foundational principles and purports an intent to replace it without ever offering any specificity. Indeed, the GOP fails to explain how it intends to provide universal health care by destroyinguniversal health care coverage.
the right wing healthcare rants are coming home to roost.  instead of going after those elusive jobs they promised American's who vote in favor of them 2010, must be with their WMD's. they set out on their as promised all out number one job to unseat the Pres., which part of was to demean the healthcare bill, make you think it's the worst thing since "Big Flood" and all their little buzz words maintained by them in the face of official agencies rebuttal of their fraudulent claims.
they were zoomin' us people, they think of "we the people" as putty they can mold from idiots to stooges " we the gullible", insulting at best and reprehensible at worst.  
do you want to be a part of that history of those who tried to sell the US, suppress it's people and deny them their constitutional rights? make good reading and exposure for your by then disgraced grandkids.
for a group who is so concerned about leaving debt on their children, did the right not do just that, "NOW, TODAY". with their unpaid for wars,tax cuts for rich, all those right wing perks of office. despicably,hypocritical them!

CNBC's Rick Santelli: 'I'm Still Very Happy' About Supreme Court's Health Care Decision Process

You know what, the Supreme Court did what it thought best. I believe in that process, whether I agree with it or not,"
Affordable Care Act was constitutional. "I challenge the conservatives in Congress to take this decision with respect. With respect!"
Tea Party Godfather see's the light and breaks from conservative sour grape repeal rant. 
wonder how many would honestly admit they have not read the bill, because they were predisposed to their rejection and it not making muster in the court, so why waste the time, "because it's your job, stupid" no matter how many pages which they like to harp on, their job is to read every word so as to know their vote is in the best interest of "we the people" not for republicans "them the corporations". 
they are derelict in the performance of their obligation to "we the people" and we should show them we do not appreciate them taking our tax money and going the way of the rich at every vote.
wonder what the T-Per's position will be now that the big kahuna has requested they except the law. this will give us a view as to how much of that flag wrapping was real and what was just a bunch of power mad hostage taker's coup of the right wing.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harry Reid Urges Focus on Jobs; Mitch McConnell Vows Health Care Repeal

“Our Supreme Court has spoken,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “The matter is settled.”
"Millions of Americans are struggling to find work today, and we know that,” Reid said. “Our first priority must be to improve the economy. It’s time though for Republicans to stop re-fighting yesterday’s battles.”
“Americans want it repealed and that is precisely what we intend to do,” McConnell added
they can't let go even when they are constitutionally wrong, shows the people and the world their disdain for the constitution they seem to only apply to everyone else not them.

people like Issa and their phony quest for justice and the right to know, he said himself he has nothing no evidence that matters except from the guy who was guilty of committing the of fast and furious covert action and still he won't drop it what's the price tag so far?

now the SCOTUS gives the nod to the Pres. and they still want to buck not the law so much but "we the people" who benefit from the law. misdirection only works when you start from a point of direction.

Mitch McConnell is mad
      That Mitch McConnell ­what a scream he is!
The Republican Senate leader ­who's perpetually in a political pout ­hates, hates, hates any effort to limit the gusher of corrupting cash that corporate powers are spewing into our elections. In particular, the Kentucky Senator is mad, mad, mad at Barack Obama, accusing him of
"attempting to change the First Amendment" by curtailing the free speech rights of corporations.
Mitch, you see, agrees with the five-man Supreme Court edict in the infamous Citizens United case that a corporation is a "person", that corporate money is "speech", and that these poor corporations have had their "voices" silenced by past Congressional action to restrict their buying of our elections. Mitch is also one of the few Americans who actually gets misty-eyed over the odd notion that corporations have not had a strong enough voice in our government. As I mentioned, Mitch is mad ­as in truly insane, cuckoo, nuts!
Earth to senator: It was the black-robed thugs on the Court who arrogantly changed the First Amendment - ­not Obama.
They completely perverted the founders' intention that corporations should have practically zero involvement in The People's elections. Second, Obama's effort to curtail the corporate purchase of our political system is decidedly modest ­he's simply proposing that those flooding our airwaves with negative attack ads should have to disclose their names, rather than hiding behind front groups. Yet, McConnell defends the secret corporate assault on our democracy by wailing that merely having to admit their sponsorship of the ad blitz would expose these Goliath's to "harassment and intimidation."
they have now evolved in their arrogance to just plain stupidity. they don't think about what they say, they forget the biggee "it's on video tape stupid"  and yet their base like an abused spouse stands by their dear leaders, don't they call that Stockholm syndrome?
can with all the media coverage of their failed attempts to put our beloved Pres. in a box, they can still count on the faithful staying in that trance? nothing last forever, 2 and 2 eventually equals four every time.

Mitt Romney Diversity Efforts: Real or Fake Concern?

Last week presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney's campaign caravan rolled up to the Universal Bluford Charter School in West Philadelphia. He used the occasion to talk with cherry-picked black school administrators, community leaders and teachers about education reform. In many ways, it was Romney's official introduction to urban America.
With the cameras rolling, the former prep school bully and Bain Capital CEO sat around a long table, rattling off accomplishments in education during his stint as Massachusetts governor. Then he hopped back onto his bus and rode past the hecklers ("It’s nice that he decided this late in his time to see what a city like Philadelphia is about…it's May," said Philadelphia mayor and Obama supporter Michael Nutterlater), the rambling old houses and the liquor stores and back to the world of golf. The next day, the Romney campaign announced that it had hired Tara Wall, a conservative news commentator, as a senior communications adviser to handle outreach to African Americans.
this is Romney's idea of "how you understand the Black commuity and their plight". who's zoomin' who?  wonder who he impressed and felt like they wanted to run out and vote for him right now! thinly veiled effort to BS the people, wonder who many times he had to change his pants, while showing his concern for, yes even "we the people of color", Mr Romney goes to Philly playing at a theater near you, rumblings of comedy of the year Oscar.
you just can't crap on so called minorities your entire life then when you realize they are the real majority you can't get your nose up there to soon even if only for a few minutes at a time. remember he dose not care about the poor. does this mean that his mind change will allow fo him to do better legislating in these communities? yes it will round about every election year. clean off the fake and you've got false scrape that and you end up with phony, three strikes and you're read.

Obama Deserves No Credit For Fall In Gas Prices, Republicans Say

Having been roundly criticized for the sharp rise in gas prices earlier this spring, President Barack Obama would seem to be in line for a bit of credit for the drop in gas prices, which declined 6 percent this month alone. 
But the same Republicans who were quick to pinpoint his energy policies as problematic have been slow -- if not entirely unwilling -- to change their tune.
Instead, with the nation's average gas price having fallen from $4 a gallon in February to $3.38 a gallon today, Republicans have turned silent on an issue they once predicted would be a key line of attack against Obama in the 2012 presidential election. 
GOP lawmakers have modified their talking points as follows: The president continues to shoulder responsibility for what Americans pay at the pump even if the prices seem to be heading south of $3 a gallon.
right wing they just can't stop stumbling guess it's because their demonize the Pres. idea is being complicated for them with both feet and all 10 toe's stuck in their collective mouth's.  
after the horse is dead it takes a sadistic SOB to continue wailing, kinda like Palin and that fish she beat the scales off.
gee we caught them on their "Obama deserves no credit for Bin Laden" with this
guess their lying eyes disputes the price on the pump when they fill up and their lying mouths which gave credit for rise can not see their way to change one word "lower"

Fast and Furious Flub

still putting the blame on the Pres. do they all meet at a central place then drink the kool aid before the sun comes up?
witch hunts will find a witch, even when there is no witch, just the agenda driven over zealous, deceitful hunter.  the guy they chose in this article was not prepared to address the real questions only their talking point. this guy lies and then the right wing cover up is what shows the people the skulduggery the Issa inquisition is using to stall their own investigation by Holder.
never a voice raised when these things were happening including the war crimes but they will pursue justice like Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny or the Road Runner and Wylie Coyote they will just keep trying using asinine excuse for why the should be allowed to continue in a fruitless effort that "we the people" want to see the price tag Mr Issa.

Hundreds of black Marines receive highest civilian honor -

Oscar Culp and George Mitchell, among the first blacks admitted to the Marine Corps, were immediately segregated from white Marines as they trained in Montford Point, NC. But once they were in the heat of battle in the Pacific, that racial divide disappeared. 

guess the fears the established military had was not so much an issue when you need another gun to save their own butts.
discrimination continued on through my service in the mid 60's, don't know about now but i do know old habits die hard.  had McCain won would this long time denial of service would have been celebrated this way?
hard for me although happy for recipients, to get all gung ho when the country recognize's ethnic contributions decades late. when will they give all the right of being equal as they were created under?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Issa is a fraud
short and sweet he has no evidence coming from Issa's lying mouth when he knows what this spectacle is. more stalling their own investigation by Holder of their fraud of voter fraud, disgracing him so as to lessen and guilt found by him in their fraudulent effort to kill the progressive vote. as usual thr right always exposes themselves by trying to cover up their own indiscretions, by blaming him for doing what they are doing the old turn the table routine they play on a daily base's.

their guy comes out in PA. and says that the voter id crap will put Romney in the WH, why, because it target's Blacks, Hispanic's and any voter not on their roster. felony and they try to tie the AG's hands from finding to truth behind that same crime only perpetrated by the right.

then to blame the President of a cover up total disrespect has gotten them to the point where they feel they can disrespect at will. giving himself and that party's ethics in to critical question. Holder should assign someone to start that investigation against their fake folley.

Romney outsourcer and chief

the argument just doesn't hold up VP Biden read Romney front and back. his claims are just that claims with no backup, must be oversea's with those jobs.
resume' should read "i gutted cities, counties, people and businesses" shoe in for right wing except they didn't believe him but picked the lessor to go rogue and controllable. you heard them talking about holding their nose's while voting in primary. 
now they expect us to believe he's the best thing since sliced bread with raisins? 
he tell's that crowd "Obama wants to hire firemen,police,teachers, we don't need that we need to help the Ameican people "DUH!"  out of touch, hell yes he is. 
like the last one the republican hopeful is hoping the criminally unconstitutional plans he and his party are invoking on "we the people" will get his shameless behing in to the WH.

Bain Pain: Poll shows swing state voters sour on Romney's CEO record

Among swing-state respondents in the poll – those living in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin – Obama leads Romney, 50 to 42 percent.
Also in these swing states, Romney’s favorability numbers have dropped, possibly reflecting the toll the negative Obama TV advertisements are having on the former Massachusetts governor in these battlegrounds
was wondering when reality would set in that for the right wing base his only advantage is he's white, does that really work any more?  must not with all the illegal stuff they are doing to cheat him into the WH.
wonder how he would feel about his self as well as his family thoughts about him if he were to win by cheating the American people out of a fair and honest election not to mention would the rest of the world honor the struck down by the right of all the Pres. has accomplished for this country, would he be viewed as a crooked politician whose party can not be trusted, my first guess.
an unscrupulous character is not the design that America want's those on the right wing that do have delusions of grander thinking they will be invited on the ride. the better pick out a curb with a view because it's a member's only upper 12 figure bank accounts need apply.

Meet Romney's Top Education Adviser Former Education Secretary Rod Paige takes on federal spending, teachers unions and school-voucher critics.

The Root) -- Before we start our interview, Rod Paige wants to be clear. "I'm not speaking for the Romney campaign," he said. "I'm speaking for me."
question if not appt by Romney would not be here espousing his points if they were not favorable to the Romney squad, thereby making anything he says complicit with Romney doctrine.
As Mitt Romney's special adviser on education, Paige nonetheless offers, in addition to his own views, insights on the presidential candidate's education agenda. The former secretary of education under President George W. Bush, how far did education get then?
His disclaimer, perhaps, comes on account of his reputation for being plainspoken. In 2004, for example, Paige likened the National Education Association, one of the nation's largest labor unions, to "a terrorist organization" (he later recanted).
 "The current administration sees the solution to almost every problem as more federal mandates, more federal funding and more federal control," he told The Root, commenting on the primary difference between the two candidates' approaches. "Gov. Romney is [calling for] the opposite of that."  
and the state rest.token Blacks who have embraced or willing to embrace right wing ideology is not a win win. at best it may have their extremist seeing those who hope to impose as ok but they aren't they are part of America's disgusting hater's, still they'll fit in.

Rand Paul Gun Amendments Could Derail D.C. Budget Autonomy Bill

our car tags here in DC say "taxation without representation" we unlike the T-Per's have a legitimate claim to use that phrase.
Plans to mark up legislation Wednesday to give budget autonomy to the District of Columbia were derailed after a Republican Senator said he planned to offer amendments that would roll back some of the District’s gun laws.
Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee were confident they could defeat a number of amendments offered by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), including one that would ban federal funding for abortions in D.C.
But there was less certainty about whether they would be able to block two other Paul amendments related to guns; a number of pro-gun-rights Democrats sit on the committee.
they want to pull our leash and put a bell on us, which allows republican's from other foreign states to dictate what we can spin and which laws are ok with them, dictatorship?
they don't want gov't to interfere with their state business but feel fine with using DC as it's whipping state, they have nothing to do with us but they want to play king and dictate to the peons. feel good BS for the right wing.

Romney Campaign Boxes Itself In On Outsourcing, Offshoring Debate

WASHINGTON -- After the Washington Post published a story last week detailing how Bain Capital investments may have helped send American jobs overseas, the Mitt Romney campaign tried to draw the very legitimate distinction between "offshoring" and "outsourcing" in the modern American economy.
On Friday, Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul quickly criticized the Postfor not adequately defining the two trends. "This is a fundamentally flawed story that does not differentiate between domestic outsourcing versus offshoring," Saul said.
Fehrnstrom said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "[Outsourcing] is done by companies every day. They take functions and they allow vendors to do it rather than handling it in-house. Offshoring is the shipment of American jobs overseas."
Romney campaign did not immediately respond to a request for clarification on its stance on domestic outsourcing.
tomato, potato he sent jobs out of America taking them from American's to beef up China and India, will he call China and apologize for his cracks about making China stop gutting us?
a pig with lipstick is a hog in drag. defense of the indefensible is tantamount to admission of guilt.
you really should not try to argue a point you don't have, only makes you look more and more like Romney instead of a politician poised to be president.

Court Upholds EPA's Right to Regulate CO2

Turns out the Obama Environmental Protection Agency didn't make up all that stuff about carbon dioxide being bad for you. On Tuesday, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals upheld the EPA's determination that greenhouse gases warm the planet are dangerous for humans, as well as the agency's ability to regulate those gases.
well right wing base like Sam Cooke sang "don't know much about history, don't know much biology, don't know much about science book" you all will look stupid lying in the hospital dying from UV exposer, heat exhaustion, and thinking the world is flat. 
are the republican's going to shout "YOU LIE" erroneously again? how many wrongs are thy thinking will finally make a right?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Criticisms Disputed By Data Saying Crime, Border Crossings Have Dropped

WASHINGTON -- Illegal immigration has fallen precipitously and border enforcement is at an all-time high, but that's hard to tell from statements Republicans blasted out Monday after the Supreme Court struck down much of Arizona's immigration law.
as usual the right sticks to a talking point until the cows come home except the topic has changed drastically from their rant so they come off as out of touch and out of the loop and out to pasture with those cows
this too late tactic of continual put down leaves their listners their base mis informed and mislead cause that fat lady all read sang.

Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

well could you? surprising hom many flag waver's don't know. in the case of right wing Presidential hopefuls not a lot.  but we have to remember how much they claim they love this country. i guess knowing in the back of their heads they stole it prevents them from facing facts.

don't be so quick to cast that first stone, especially when you know it's you that should be the recipient of that proverbial stone. recognize

Mia Love of Utah hopes to become the first black Republican woman in Congress
If she wins, not only would she help Republicans keep control of the House, but she would become the first black Republican woman to serve in Congress. Love, who is Mormon, also could go a long way toward helping presidential candidate Mitt Romney, putting a fresh face on his church and his party as both try to appeal to an increasingly diverse nation.
is this the way to enter the history books as a first Black republican women who embrace their ideology of hate, deprivation of those like her family, voting for suppression of those like herself from their constitutional right's to vote or more egregious turning her back on her gender those same laws apply to her or do they? what does the right promise it's women as far as those laws applying to them. 
does this women think her party is really the best thing for America? what was in hr deal to betray her daughters if she has them or her family and friends, if she still has any.  thw right is piling up those who would betray their people and families for the right to say "I'M A BLACK REPUBLICAN"?
i forgot the one's of our society that inevitably will seek the other side for reasons of their own. i would not want my grandkids reading about my accomplishments then scroll down and see i was part of the party that usurped their rights and tried to establish a re-emergence of the most racist efforts perpetrated on our people "JIM CROW" again, yeah, i can imagine the pride they'll feel knowing their grandma was two generations shy of wearing a sheet. our people can see the tokenism at an 11th hour

GOP clash looms on tax loopholes

Two prominent Republican lawmakers are heading for a showdown over whether Congress should use money from closing tax loopholes to avert major cuts to Pentagon spending.
McCain, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said late last week that he is eyeing the elimination of tax loopholes in the hopes of striking a bipartisan deal on defense sequestration.
more right wing purchase favorites, and they have nothing to do with reducing the dreaded budget they continually harp about or refresh social programs for elderly, sick and young or as they spin it for "WAR" possibilities with all the woof tickets they sell i see their paranoia.
just more spending of the amounts they try to blame the Pres. for, you know those ones to pay for "THEIR" tax cuts for rich,"THEIR" wars, "THEIR" corporate welfare, and don't forget that most important jet plane deduction.
when member's of your gang start to question the greater wisdom, is it not far from civil unrest within said gang?

White House threatens polygraphs for leakers

James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, on Monday announced a series of steps intended to stop the leaks after a furious backlash from Congress over news reports that revealed closely guarded secrets.
 The most significant measure is the addition of a new question to the polygraph tests that are used by intelligence agencies. Officials will be asked during the lie-detector tests whether they have disclosed classified information to members of the media, according to Shawn Turner, a spokesman for Clapper.
 President Obama’s spy chief is also ordering a review of how the intelligence agencies report contact with members of the media, and will consider changes if he finds the policies inconsistent or insufficient.
i don't have a problem with this i think matters of national security real one's not fabricated to an end like Valarie Plame and the Bush admin. wher was Issa then or was ARTR? (all right their republican).
although i can be beat usually not by lower level employees, i think the scare of exposure publicly might evoke an admission.
 the higher the culprit is in the chain the more media time it get's, the less just a misguided for money all kinds of psch talk but traitor will prevail in the media. sells more

More Blacks Than Ever to Teach for America

Each year the Teach for America program recruits recent college graduates to work for two years in urban and rural public schools, hoping to inspire a lifelong commitment to education. It does the job well: A 2011 studyfound that the program creates more founders and leaders of education organizations than any other organization or program.
Members of Teach for America's "teacher corps" collectively reach 750,000 students -- 50 percent of whom are black. And this year, the organization announced in a press release on Monday, a higher percentage than ever of the educators are themselves African American.
these inspiring story too often don't make it to your daily news stations in lieu of the violence and political circus, who said what about who. that kind or reporting tends to make some avoid the disparaging news of how the world, their world is in a sink hole and the right wing is all peeing in the hole. this cause's stories like this to get missed if one station was moved to humanity topics instead of implosion.
those days of our young being taught a false history of their people and civic's class geared to what it presently reflects, not what it's intent should be. people always like to insert "the founding father's" in what it should be like, for my people it was dealing with being considered as only 1/5 of a human being.

Fred Luter Jr.: Southern Baptists' Leader Is Exhibit A on Diversity,1

By 7:15 a.m. the 2,000 or so seats in the huge sanctuary and balcony were packed for a worship service beginning at 7:30 at one of the largest Southern Baptist congregations in the city.
Luter, a New Orleans native, was a street preacher before accepting the pastorate at Franklin Avenue. However, his move to the national stage is historic and controversial at the same time. His election to lead the SBC, the largest Protestant denomination in America, is a clear appeal to members beyond its predominantly white base.
The group was birthed before the Civil War after a split with Northern Baptists over slavery and was known to support segregation for many years. In the mid-1990s, Luter was part of an effort to reform its racist image that has led to its nonwhite membership growing from 5 percent in 1990 to 20 percent in 2010.
The two presidents talked about five minutes, he added. President Obama congratulated him, then asked Luter: "So what's it like to be the most popular president in America?"
 Like Obama, Luter is a first, and he's keenly aware of the changes that brings. "There's a tremendous amount of pressure," Luter said, during a brief interview after the morning worship. "Anytime you are the first at anything, there are high expectations. My greatest challenge is not to mess up."
i'm in the middle of mixed feelings in regard to what and to who will he really minster to. don't know more then this article, never heard of him before.  i can only hope that he does not abuse or misdirect his following. guess i will need to follow his story to know.
there is IMO an even chance to be great and beloved or just another Elmer Gantry, let's hope for the former.
Religion has been usurped for generation by southern minister's and their teachings just don't seem so God like the hate and vitriol that accompanies their sermons just not what my God teaches, he/she doesn't hate, only teaches love and empathy for your fellow man their's teaches the same as long as it's you're fellow man of their kind.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tea Party hires African-American consultant Deneen Borelli

her face tells it all she knows the backlash coming and she tries to keep that stiff upper lip, wonder how long this job will last?

guess they felt they had to balance West's racially charged BS with a female self hater, why not pay some person to counter the wave of used to be minorities coming at them. 
Deneen Borelli, black, conservative Republican, Fox News consultant and author of Blacklash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation was hired byFreedomWorks, a Tea Party-aligned organization to help recruit minorities.
they need to put this persons mug on every post and tree and explain what her job description is for the right wing party who at the end of the day see her and West as those to traitor "N" words over there. shameful despicable her, not only is she helping to kill "we the people" from having fair and honest elections she is also taking sides against her own gender.  i can think of some neighborhoods the right can send her to recruit some minorities.
sorry but i have mad prejudice against those of color who know the right wing agenda to ignore people like those in her family yet they still align themselves with such hate that if becomes them, evidenced Alan West.  disgraceful shills.