Thursday, May 31, 2012

what does Romney know about civil rights?

this guy is on a tv fantasy trip take a look at this article and see what he has done for education and what he would do. "it's on video tape stupid". this man is also a moron, that all they've got?
think about it, if he were elected on the skulduggery platform of voter suppression they will have stolen two elections in order to install moronic puppets wonder who'll be his brain?

looks like Romney really isn't smarter then a fifth grader. now he's telling kids that our beloved Pres. doesn't care about them how reprehensible is that. the rich with car elevators just don't have a clue, those kids parents should call him out and tar a feather that disgraceful attempt to fool somebody into thinking he cares about inner city kids. holier then thou or does his thou have holes in it? please click title

Romney wants to fire more people

Romney wants to fire gov'tworkers and give their job's to the people he was talking to, because he surely would do that for those who wouldn't vote for him. haven't we heard this scenario before?

right accusing this admin of wanting to take the richy's money and give it to the poor. where is the difference? once again they do it and try to tell "we the people" that the Pres.. is the actual culprit. did he forget all those republican gov. running around with giant checks and scissors saying "look what i did" and his performance's touting stimulus money. he forgot the cardinal rule again, "it's on video tape stupid".

look and listen closely you will see the right wing hopeful talking out the side of his neck. is this one of those "he was for it before he was against it? he should worry the right wing will support him they have a love for lying, dishonest, conscious less, puppet presidents, to bad for him we don't.
please click title sorry copy paste please

The facts about the growth of spending under Obama, Part 2

"When looking at Obama’s spending, the key issue is what to do about the 2009 fiscal year. Since the federal government’s fiscal year begins on Oct. 1, about four months took place in Bush’s presidency — and those were dramatic months of fiscal crisis and emergency spending".

the right wing tends to add Bush's number's to the Pres.'s and i believe that is a form of cooking the books. they don't care that their misleading will be exposed, they bank on "we the people" that hate will not hear the truth because they've been convinced that the other media is the devil that they themselves are.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" the usual suspects, boy does that shoe fit the foot in that mouth.

are they still being mislead or are they lock step with crapping on the other half of the country so they might also get shown the curb? please click title

Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, federal appeals court declares

"A unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit said the act, which was signed by President Clinton and denies federal economic and other benefits for married people from same-sex couples married in states where it is legal, could not be justified under current precedents that protect minorities and other groups from discrimination".

why do people who oppose same rights they have for other American's. have these people elected to not love thy neighbor in favor of hate and discriminate against them. what about the other Abominations?

"Much of our society has embraced many perverted sexual practices that are considered in the Bible as abominations to God. Homosexuality is among the list of deviate or abnormal sexual practices however, there are many other practices that can be included as well. Pornography, pedophilia, prostitution, bestiality, oral sex, phone sex and computer virtual reality sex, just to name a few of them".

this is what i meant in reference to different religions, they tend to be of convenience. like right wing party and Evangelicals they rewrite that which does not serve their deviance's. please click title sorry copy paste

i still maintain this ongoing attack on Gay's is a convenience that happens to give the politicians a platform of hate that their base is and always have been susceptible to that bandwagon, common cause unites those of like prejudice's, they have a list of who to hate today then they the right wing media gets it from Fox and run with it, no need to knowwhat they are saying just driven to say it. blind hate is not good it has to many ugly heads.

More proof that Fox News is neither "Fair" nor "balanced" with Obama attack ad

why is it that the one's who shout how exceptional America is, how much they love this country etc. are the very one's who in no way practice what they preach. there is no democracy in their agenda there is no social safety nets for those in need just demonizing because of that need that is sustained by their lack of legislation to correct and really be the country that is all that, not the country floundering at the bottom of the barrel because of right wing apathy.

they talk a good game only because of the fickleness and disloyalty of the electorate. dumping our beloved Pres. will not solve America's problem's just perpetuate them. if you feel this admin has failed look at why look at Nov. 8th 2008 denial of working with him, make him a one termer, say no to everything he wants to do, screw "we the people" for 4 years by denying him the ability to help the country recover from last admin "they just have to put up with the party of "NO" for 4 years then after we have sank Obama and the country they'll come running back to us" please click title

haven't you heard that ideology before? Charles Manson, "HELTER SKELTER" ring any bells? click the "this" in text of article

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jim Hightower | A secret astroturf assault on Obama

"Calling themselves Veterans for a Strong America, they're attacking President Obama with a pile of political rubbish, while also foaming at the mouth with rabid Islamophobia. The group is trying to become the 2012 version of the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that savaged John Kerry's 2004 campaign with a barrage of untruths".

"It's first shot is a flashy online ad that takes some Obama quotes out of context and scrambles them to make it seem as though he's claiming credit for personally gunning down Osama bin Laden. Joel Arends, the founder and honcho of this outfit, brags that "Yes, it's the swift boating of the president." No less of a propogandameister than Karl Rove, considered to be the father of the Swift Boat bunch, has tried to boost Arends credibility by calling the video "powerful."

anybody who heard or saw the Pres. pounding his chest, landing on an aircraft carrier, raising a banner saying "i got Bin Laden, i got Bin Laden, and you didn't, you didn't" let's see a show of hands. lol please click title

Right worries New Jersey Gov. Christie would be Romney clone on policy issues

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s conservative bona fides are coming under attack from the right, which questions whether he is too much of a Mitt Romney clone on policy to be the GOP vice presidential candidate".

first they had to hold their nose's and nominate Romney, then he's "Mitt, Mitt he's our man if he can't do it Obama can" oop's., now Christie would be too much like Romney?

don't think so i can see Christie B. slapping Romney on his first real test of foreign affairs. and can see Annie slapping him at 3am. please click title

Is Donald Trump Actually Trying to Hurt Mitt Romney?

"We know at least three reasons Mitt Romney won’t back down from appearing on a stage tonight with birther buffoon Donald Trump: the $2 million Romney is expected to raise at the fundraiser Trump is throwing for him in Vegas; Romney’s cowardice in ever facing down the Republican right (as the Obama video above only begins to hint at); and the probably accurate wager that any independents turned off by rants about Obama’s birthplace will forget who Romney liked to pal around with by November".

what is it that the right see's in this guy, he's a rich kid who could buy his schoolmates, but now out here in the real word his money is just a figure.

it IMO would make more sense to borrow from himself then to try and through Trump to rev up the haters in the nose bleed seats. Trump is a camera hog and Willard should have used his business acumen he brags about to realize in the long run this was not a winning game for him. if he riles the base he alienates the independents.

Trump is so self invested in trying to turn around his embarrassment when he was handed the Birth Cert., you could see the disappointment on his face that he gambled on the wrong horse.
can you imagine this guy Romney in conference with world leader's trying to crack those lame as jokes, appeasing for a sense of approval by those same leaders. the only time he could pull off something like impressing the rest of the world was his school daze", where he lead a pack of homophobic to brutalize a defenseless kid, bet $10,000 he couldn't have done that by himself, don't think he could have sacked up not man enough. please click title

Florida guilty of voter fraud?

Fla. is at it again they are attempting to steal this election like they did for W. with voter fraud,the right wing kind, discriminate Against those more likely to vote progressive. while totally doing their thing commit the crime and say "it wasn't me", but they are the ones on video tape violating thousands of legitimate voters constitutional right to vote, and cheating this country out of fair and honest elections.

can those who support this skulduggery actually call themselves real American's, or are they the vehicle's that transport the right wing fraud machine from state to state. where the hell is the DOJ?

there has not in my 63 yrs. been such a radical attempt to totally disfranchise the entire opposing party through such a transparent violation of their constitutional promise.

"The issue of voting rights in the United States has been contentious throughout the country's history. Eligibility to vote in the U.S. is determined by both Federal and state law. Currently, only citizens can vote in US elections (although this has not always been the case). Who is (or who can become) a citizen is governed on a national basis by federal law. In the absence of a federal law or constitutional amendment, each state is given considerable discretion to establish qualifications for suffrage and candidacy within its own jurisdiction".

now anyone from any foreign country can vote vicariously through their bought and payed for politicians. this we can thank the equally bought and payed for SCOTUS by allowing anonymous contributions, allowing maybe Iranian Ahmadinejad to buy a vote how unfreakinAmerican is that?

we need to have a executive order dethroning those who would offer up our country to the highest bidder, the medium bidder, and the lowest bidder, allowing all a name in the hat, to bad we won't see those name's because the SCOTUS wants to keep that bit of screwing "we the people" out of a fair election on the D L. please click title

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tea Party Economic Philosophy Fails the Ethics Test

this was part of an article posted by a friend T1 Truth from NEWSVINE, this was the part of the article i responded to.
T1 great seed my friend

"The economic philosophy of the Tea Part is that: The Federal Government must be starved of funds in order to restrict the size of government so that it does not have the ability to dictate to corporations or state governments in a way that would restrict them from operating according to the standards that they set themselves".

morning all this IMO is one of the single most declaration's of their manifesto. notice it dose not include "we the people" just them the corporations. their strength lies with a bandwagon constituency, willing to vote against their own well being, to satisfy their belonging to that which is their real enemy, in a fight against "those other's", who have never not included them as American's, do all the right's and recognition they deserve.

they in turn through right wing manipulation of age old bigotry and racism choose their own victimization blindly seeking to land a blow for those who hate our Pres., just because his name is Obama. what about those with name's like Schultz,Alexander,Christian,Dianna,Jennifer all German decent, sure they have those names in their families so are they Nazi's who you could really make an argument for hating or Tanya,Ivan, Anton those are of Russian decent are they Communist? hate is baseless mostly hurts hater because hated doesn't know or care. until we allow them access to the Big Seat, then they are every despicable name you can think of, most common "Tea Party".

they have no interest in putting "we the people" back to work they just want the "CHAIR" back then break every promise made like they did since 2010. "fools rush in where Angels fear to tread" is this what is crumbling the American house of "all men created equally" "land of milk and honey" or right wing ideology? no link sorry copy paste stay vigilant check your shoes for elephant dung. God Bless

Toles looks to Election 2012

this is an attempt by me to give us a little break in the norm, and laugh at ourselves before we take ourselves to serious. or am i too late?
all work and no play creates a Romney like character, don't get a Romney like character vote what's right for all not just big business, it's your butt that will be in a sling if you choose those who will lose your promised claims on the way to the White House. 2010? please click title

Joe Biden Recalls Tragic Loss, Emotional Aftermath In Speech To Families Of Fallen Troops

the right's contention that VP Biden always puts his foot in his mouth, well looks like this definitively personal, from his heart oration in respect for Memorial Day, and it's true meaning does not just mean our fallen combatants but any memorable time in one's life where they are deprived of a loved one or honored one in their lives, in fact puts that foot clearly in their mouths.

our VP deserves the reverence and respect of our entire nation, those who oppose will find their proverbial piece of knit to pick, showing their heartless apathetic ideology that would drive a right wing party in power. you need not believe me, just check the past and even more egregious their current attacks on "we the people" and the arrogance in which they promote it, in the name of big business. no shame in their game. please click title

Monday, May 28, 2012

Black War Heroes: 10 Monuments Celebrate Their Legacies

See 10 Places Honoring Black War Heroes yes there is such a thing remember them today and on into the future.
there are strides being made we should try and remember these hero's when the other side wants to omit from their textbooks, we keep it alive and not trust anyone else to promote our history but us.
pass it along generation to generation, each one teach one

Gas prices continue to drop - FOX23 News

"Crude oil remained relatively stable last week, trading within its recent comfort zone of $101 to $105 per barrel. That's helped move gas prices lower".

what? did Fox forget they have been blaming our beloved Pres. for price going up at the pumps now they say it's crude that is bringing them back down, well does it not stand to reason that just maybe it wasn't the Pres. who incidently has no control over prices at the pump. has Fox forgotten "it's on video tape stupid".

so is this indicative of the misleading or misinformation by those who would attempt to keep us as far from the truth as possible. actually they are still following a Roger Ailes directive born in the Nixon white house, coupled with their assumption of gullible base who believes anything they say, GW Bush,"you can fool some of the people all of the time , and those are the one's you want to concentrate on". please click title sorry copy paste

my most remembered time for Memorial Day

celebration after our 1,000th launch i'm sure you'll have no problem identifying me.

happy Holiday to all this is my memory of war and service will choose not to post the not so pleasant pics.

this day holds a veritable cornucopia of memories for us all, i think the most important is not to forget. God Bless the souls of those who left us to early in the name of God and Country, let's not allow this country to be a cause in vain. no link just me God Bless

Sunday, May 27, 2012

holiday wishes

hello to all who allow me to express myself and share with you what is going on from my perspective. i hope i'm not going to far but far enough to spark your interest. i am really honored you come back to see what's next in my world. much love and appreciation to you all, and may your God Bless you and all that is your world. this is our Memorial day tomorrow 28th. i have come across a interesting bit of information sent to me by my dear friend Radio Free America, knocked my socks off. please click the title for the article from Radio she has just launched a blog on Blogspot
"Seeking Justice in America" will pass on address when i speak with her stay safe and vigilant
here is Radio's blog address check her out

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mr. Cantor, where's the job's this summer?

they have gotten so use to embellishing "their own truth". there are no mention just like the last 3 1/2 years of job's they promised in 2010, "they lie".

their only agenda is dethroning our beloved Pres. "IN BETWEEN" trying to strip "we the people" of all of our rights except that which involes "we the people" paying the taxes to pay for their "out of control" credit card, you know they like to do things on credit, wars, medicine's, their right wing agenda oh the biggie. tax cuts still not paid for since Bush for the rich. remember their tax cuts for big money has only trinkled down their collective legs.

Mark Twain commemorative coin, duck stamps, think i'd rather have them go back to naming a building or a street per year. this is what those on the right want to further summit the electorate to, and they are looking forward to the trip how moronic is that? please click title

Are Most Americans Really 'Pro-Life'?

"The anti-choice movement may be winning on labels, but they’re losing on the issues".

"While the decreasing number of Americans who call themselves pro-choice is disheartening to hear—we’re one percentage point lower then the previous record low in 2009—only 20 percent of people polled think abortion should be illegal across the board. Fifty-two percent believe abortion should be legal in some circumstances, and 25 percent believe it should be legal in all cases. And when the polling questions are more nuanced than a simple dichotomous pro-choice/pro-life identification, the answers people give tell a much different story".

are we experiencing that good 'ol American bandwagon just to be a part of anything movement?

"I’m still optimistic. More Americans are taking action and more women are telling their stories of how anti-choice laws negatively affect themselves, their lives and their families. In much the same way polls shouldn’t tell a black-and-white story, our activism shouldn’t either. So perhaps it doesn’t matter if most Americans identify as pro-choice—as long as our activism and votes continue to support women, their health and rights".

we keep harping this BS about we need leaders, leaders to what that which we know we want but kinda need some overpayed, over perked butt to reconfirm it for us? we deserve what we are getting if we continue on the path of eny,meny,miny,moe elections. we are not number 1 we are at the bottom of the barrel in almost everything worldwide. that does not happen because of politicians that care and nurture this country it come from total reliance on some SOB we don't know to be entrusted with our and our families lives, how stupid is that. these third world countries we have looked down on are smarter about their welfare then we are, Arab Spring, and all the other springs here we just have Springtime. please click title

Democrats Close Ranks on Bain : Roll Call News

this story should have been out the day the first ad went out actually the first time Romney boasted his bonafides as representative of that time spent with Bain.

let me make a few eyebrows raise, i don't blame the politicians even the right wing one's for their campaign rhetoric of course i don't see all this on the left as the right so promptly brings up when challenged on their own character. IMO it is "we the people" who have created this clandestine political atmosphere we have been evolving into for ever.

the fickleness of the electorate the lack of ability to reason for ourselves the difference in party platforms and what is best for us. instead we rather depend on those who aspire to convince us of the decision that is our's not what they tell you it is. gullibility is monkey on our backs, we seem to have lost the ability to recognize truth and hyperbole, this has created the doorway for deceitful politicians to come in and put their feet on our coffee tables.

those that hate feed the beast that would be the instrument of their own undoing, progressive's develop an indifference that creates a laid back attitude that allows the right wing to walk right in, while we are rotating on our thumbs they are getting away with the sale of America.

yes IMO we are our own worse enemies look at polls today some are saying the Pres. is losing "middle class white men"? how ridiculous is that the right tries to kill the middle class and yet those blue collar white workers who no longer have unions for their side all kinds of workplace detriments, and they would rather go through that then vote for the Black guy that is actually on their side??? yes we are allowing the the mass extinction of the real American way. THE RIGHT WING WIN'S. please click title

Daily Kos: Open thread for night owls: Gas prices lose their edge as attack weapon

America let's test the integrity of your right wing politicians. they have made a really big deal of "the Pres. is the reason the gas price's at the pump are extremely high. it's his fault, he won't pass the Keystone pipeline, which they have mislead "we the people" that the sand oil will be processed and at your neighborhood gas station by 7pm Saturday night.

of course i exaggerate but the right calls it truth. that oil goes on the international market the chance's of us seeing that exact oil goose egg. that being said logically speaking if the Pres. is guilty of creating these high prices then that same right wing propaganda has to embrace the equal responsibility of our beloved Pres. for those same prices dropping dramatically just in time for the holiday, ah PRES. Obama don't you just love him?

gee our Pres is great you have to admit the right got an early holiday gift of their own making. seems almost everything they have fraudulently tried to lay blame at the Pres.'s feet seem to prove out to be just a bunch of Chicken Little's running around trying to tell "we the people", "the sky is falling", then going back into their closed door meeting with their crap eating grins and collectively say "PSYCH". please click title sorry copy paste

Friday, May 25, 2012

lesson to be learned

to all of America's children who some feel are not worthy of their consideration, they are wrong there is never a point in time when you were not worthy of the worlds attention.

this last political cycle shows you what can be accomplished and the opposition that some are willing to impose on your journey to what you aspire to be. those persons are the loser's, if they feel you are not important have them read this article,

sorry copy paste please

there will always be those who oppose, some of your own family some stranger's that judge you because they always have with their later generation not having a clue why. that said how can you consider their attempts to dispose of you and your relevance as credible, when they can't tell you why they hate your President other then, "his name is Obama". you are all that KEEP YOU HEAD TO THE SKY, looking down only affords a view of dirt. please click title

Guess Who Came To Dinner!

this is one of those articles the sustains it's own creditability. my insertion will distract from the significance of the story.
historical incidents such as this are why the right wing attempts to rewrite history in favor of their bigoted past, present and future. are they really ashamed of who and what they are? Nah please click title

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the fake is exposed

this guy has to date made our biggest case against his being in touch with regular American's. but it's ok he doesn't care about the people or the children, but his eternally chronic foot in mouth disease exposes his real agenda.

as i have been saying "privatization". he doesn't believe in "American exceptionalism" it doesn't exist. he wants to take the advise if a rightwing think tank and take notes from other countries. if we are # 1 then why do we need lessons from other countries that the right looks down their collective nose's at.

well you thought you couldn't put a price on your children, Romney did and it ain't the value you would think. this is example of the right wing neo America. the one that profits the right wing participants and not the children, at least those who can't pay for elite private schools.

charges to see the counselor, lunch, uniforms. what happens to those who can't afford it, they will kill any form of social assistance. they may as well throw then all in a hole on their way to the bank. dangerously despicable them. please click title

right wing party of civil rights champions???

there they go again, spewing that bogus crap that only they could manufacture and know it's a "LIE". wonder how many of their drum beater's are now going "HUH, but i thought we hated them?? well you do, you just don't know why. rewriting history again are they ashamed of their own so they steal everyone else's?

this has been a "i know you are but what am i" campaign by the right claiming credit for the good stuff our beloved Pres. has done, while denying their own dirt and trying to pin it on this admin. normally one might think "who would believe that" well this not normal and there are plenty of concentrated on one's out there to grab the baton and run with it. just because you are rational does not grant that to all people. please click title

Senate rejects competing student loan interest bills

now the student's, they'll be in debtor's prison, so who is going to fill all those job's their "job creator's will not create? who's left for them to diss and kick to the curb?

"The Senate on Thursday rejected two competing bills that would prevent interest rates on federal student loans from doubling starting in July".

"The Democratic bill failed in a 51-43 vote — a majority, but short of the 60 required for passage. Just before that vote, the GOP bill, which was offered as a substitute amendment and also needed 60 votes, failed 34-62".

looks like the democrats vote had better then half a chance, more favorable then the right wing bill
are they trying to keep America dumb and at the bottom of most rating list? how can they justify skinning students before they get out there, great thing for these students to have on their minds during their graduation into what? great graduation present, sure they'll never forget you. in Nov.

With his eye on 2013 majority, McConnell lets Boehner lead -

IMO the right leaders seem to view their jobs and our country's future as a board game which as all board games winner and loser is dependent on skill. luck of the draw. do you envision you and your family as pieces on a chess board or the shoe on a monopoly board?

they are playing game with our lives and the terrible thing about that is "we the people" are not even the object of the game. that being the positioning of their cohorts to throughout the years to come we will be the pawns of power plays that position them to repeat on our grandchildren. if we ignore the history of this right wing party they will continue to deliver that illegal rabbit punch to "we the people" sorry copy paste

remember one thing every right wing talking head even when proven wrong and lying use this asinine Cheshire cat grin and inane laugh, nervous laugh i mean what idiot laughs when he's seen as a liar or just duped into repeating verbatim that which every other one in lock step does. no thought just a chorus line of deceitful persons, reading a TelePrompter of Roger Ailes lie de jour. is McConnell setting Beohner of for the fall? does make you go hmmmm. please click title

Making Dow Chemical happy at our expense

"Thanks to the blessings of nature and good farmers, you and I are able to enjoy such scrumptious delights as fresh corn-on-the-cob, popcorn, or other variations of this truly-great grain. And now, thanks to Dow Chemical and federal regulators, we can look forward to "Agent Orange Corn."

"The chemical giant is in line to gain approval for putting a genetically-altered corn seed on the market that will produce corn plants that won't die when doused with high levels of 2,4-D. This potent pesticide was an ingredient in Dow's notorious Agent Orange defoliant, which did horrific damage to soldiers and civilians in the Vietnam War. However, the corporation and the feds claim that 2,4-D was not the deadliest ingredient of the killer defoliant and has not yet been proven to cause cancer in humans, so they're pressing ahead to let this corporate-constructed seed be planted across America".

what are we doing now to make corporations even richer, at our expense? are there regulations or not, are they seeking to have them removed so as to potential poison the air and eventually us. these corps. want to dope up our food so the dope they put on it won't kill the plant, crap on the plant what about us? this has been going on for years. every deregulation is tantamount to diluting our lives, where is this going? if they keep this up they corps. will be trillionaires and there will be no one to eat their glowing corn. do you want to cancel Christmas? please click title

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin shooting: Witnesses change stories ahead of Zimmerman trial

is there a wrinkle in the case of who was the aggressor?

Four witnesses in the Trayvon Martin case have changed their stories, some "in ways that may damage" George Zimmerman, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

"I couldn't tell you if it was a man, a woman, a kid, black or white," the woman, "Witness 2," said. "I couldn't tell you because it was dark and because I didn't have my contacts on or glasses. I just know I saw a person out there."

"Four days after the shooting, one woman told police she "saw two guys running" and then "a fistfight--just fists, I don't know who was hitting who." But on March 20, she told investigators she saw just one person".

so many inconsistencies, were the original statements more of a prejudicial response then truth?

"I know after seeing the TV of what's happening, comparing their sizes, I think Zimmerman was definitely on top because of his size," the woman, "Witness 12," said.

"A third witness, "Witness 6," told police on the night of the shooting he saw a black man on top of a lighter-skinned man "just throwing down blows on the guy, MMA-style." He said the light-skinned man was calling for help. Interviewed later by investigators, he said he was not sure who was calling for help, and is not sure any punches were thrown".

all and all this has definitely put a new face on the accused, it it looks further away from stand your ground, then previously implied.

"A fourth witness also interviewed on the night of the shooting said he heard the shooting, ran outside, and saw Zimmerman standing with "blood on the back of his head." According to "Witness 13," Zimmerman told him that Martin "was beating up on me, so I had to shoot him."

"A month later, the same witness described Zimmerman's demeanor: "[It was] not like 'I can't believe I just shot someone!' It was more like, 'Just tell my wife I shot somebody,' like it was nothing."

suspicious i think they all should be investigated for perjury. please click title

Mitt not only steals this photo op but lies to juice it up

by his own reasoning or lack there of he has to give Obama credit for his commercial, after all he takes credit for AUTO recovery, except that is a been there done that for our beloved Pres. Romney's infrastructure that was brought to American's attention last year in right wing states and counties are still "deathtraps" get a new manager the one Romney has now is on our side evidently. misleading "we the people" again about the stimulus.

this is really pitiful they are making the argument for us. but we cannot rely solely on that we need to repeat it it and point it out as the farce it is. with their help we can smile all the way to Nov. but not without our assisting them in their own demise. "it ain't over" please click title

Rev. Wright attack still a no brainer

short and sweet dead and stinkin horse. stiring the fires of hate again yes, but look the only racist agenda is on the right wing media's list of things that might work.

Hannity sure is at reading our beloved Pres. but him and his posse only read in racial hate, so he by virtue of that can't possibly understand anything in our beloved Pres.'s not a hateful racist bone in his body. "you have to know how to see him before you can read him", FREE YOUR MIND Fox another failure to mislead.

Elizabeth Warren racially criticized by right wing

one thing about the right they are equal opportunity racial discriminator's. notice their lack of creditable points relative to American progress always culminate's in their attacking some ethnic group.

who is more alien then those who came here to conquer and claim they are the real indigenous people, they are all alien insertion's to this the land of the American Indian.

if she was mistaken hell my grandparents and elder's all pretty much claimed that 1/4 Cherokee blood claim. does that make it right no but ripe for nonsensical right wing knit picking, i think they did this to get in their minds a better ranking by the power's that were then 1/5th a human being

yep racist "forefathers" trying to suppress the vote back in the 18th century, you would think they would have gotten better at denying citizens their voter rights, instead just more transparent that speaks to how they think they can get away with it now do to our acceptance, or IMO frankly don't give a damn.

it is and has been but never like now they are just going bat crap crazy, free wheeling say anything do anything and screw you "we the people" if you don't like it. these kinds of person's attitude can not be seen as a nurturing gov't institution, oh forgot gov't going in the crapper privatization will be the law of the land. up to you believe the elephant dung or assure your future. please click title

Rush's rating's

Rush Limbaugh is rolling down the mountainside, falling into a deep abyss, sucked into that black hole sorry Rush white hole? his crap is to putrid for those who's wagon's were hitched to his horse. guess the horse puckey he shovel out to his "ditto heads" doesn't that mean they don't think for themselves just follow the "GRAND POOPER", what a insult but i guess they look for it or are to anal to know it.

to big to get kicked off the air? or just an indispensable right wing surrogate, but if has audience is shrinking does that not equally shirk his value as head surrogate? hope so, the fall from disgrace heard round the universe. please click title

they are now helping our cause

Beohner in big trouble with is bosses the t-p'ers he's agreeing with our beloved Pres. that's a no, no. fake outrage of course is there any other kind coming from the right wing?

Grover is back, and he is still the invisible entity that wants "we the people" to have the entire tax burden and silent about rich oversea's anti American companies.

this time is different we are armed with their playbook and know how to counter the elephant dung. they put it out there the same old dusty talking point to many times and as with everything else they've done they overreached, to the point of backfiring on them. you would think that dislocated shoulder would be really painful by now. please click title

the women hater's club open's a women's auxillary?

American Women, the right is trying to play to your perceived vanity and subject to flattery, they are allowing you to be one of the guys. the club consist of those women of their party that have undergone some sort of gender realignment they no longer are concerned with you or your needs they are lock step with the good old boys. would love to see the historical acct of these women and their denial of self and most importantly "YOU".

Catholic Bishops are obviously in line with the right wing, evidenced mainly this time by their indifference to you the 98% who already have used contraception and that 2% who might. same thing old white guys all up in your uterus, and now putting not only your church and boss between you and your doctor, but your religious conscious. and the punch line in this facetious moment of right wing hilarity, nothing changes it all stay's the same prejudiced agenda toward women psych.

there is nothing to low for them and their partner's will not try and impose on "we the people" especially those of the fairer sex. control chest beating and knuckle dragger's dictating to you in the name of money. God is just the control device to them how can they claim christian status while subjugating and lying and adherering to the Commandments they choose to and expecting "we the people" to take up the slack for them the debaucher's as well. please click title

the counter to republican propaganda

more lies exposed, this is what i'm talking about call them out on these untrue charges. they try to influence "we the people" into thinking that what our lying ears and eyes are seeing is just not true. they are cheater's, dishonest and nefarious shill's for the big business anarchist. we pay them then the rich pay them again but more so we know where their disloyalty lies.

this is serious and we can joke and make cute little quips but the truth is if we just sit on our thumbs and rotate the next turn around a republican gov't will come into view and we wii continue to go round and round. please click title

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what is a lie?

misleading "we the people" the right is misdirecting us away from the truth in order to convince "we the people" that our beloved Pres. is everything other then an American and you should as comic as it is should be "wery, wery afraid" (Elmer Fudd).

don't believe those statements starting with this president, Barack Obama, he is all will culminate into a lie. only anti gov't and capitalism when our progressive pres says it not when their own say it double standard, of course it is.

they still try to convince you the good and positive achievements by our Pres. simply don't exist they act like they were still in power and we were still losing 750,000 jobs a month, and big business was not recording record profits. lies, lies and more lies. bigoted liars. please click title

Romney really doesn't understand the economy

“Yes, he made a lot of money. He made a lot of money in ways that were often not good for workers.” Krugman points out that what made Romney an effective businessman may be the opposite of what’s needed from the leader of a country: “What a President needs to do is not what you need to do if you’re trying to make a bunch of money for private equity for investors.”

this was a different time and most definitely a different agenda, not trying to help poor and elderly but kick them to the curb so you can profit, seems he's more suited for third world dictator.

is a job busting, benefit killing, union denying, job description really the best qualification for Pres. what about the other stuff that you have seen this Pres accomplish in the last 3 years in spite of republican obstructionist. what about American's in need? and the Pres. knows nothing about what he is doing "horse pukey" sorry copy paste

Rep. Issa might not have the votes to push forward Holder contempt charge

"For more than a year, Issa has fervidly investigated the Justice Department’s (DOJ) role in approving controversial “gun walking” tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious. Issa has regularly hinted that the tactics must have been approved at the highest levels of the DOJ and in October issued a second subpoena for thousands of documents and records in an attempt to discover who was involved".

Foreign Affairs, 1985-1992 "Irangate" sorry copy paste

is this just a right wing ploy to infuse a dramatic injustice to the Obama campaign? again they forget or hope we forget that which is "on video tape stupid" their skeleton in the Oval office Alberto Gonzales. once again copy paste please

when you live in the world of video tape and the internet be careful how you pursue a position that can bite you where the sun don't shine.

Lean Forward - Booker to Maddow: 'I'm very upset that I'm being used by the GOP'

On the RNC's effort to exploit Booker's comments by launching an "I Stand With Cory Booker" petition: "Here they are plucking soundbytes out of that interview to manipulate them in a cynical manner, to use them for their own purposes ... I'm very upset that I'm being used by the GOP this way."

and well he should. i cannot believe this intelligent man did not realize the potential by the right to exploit this IMO abandoning of his surrogate representative of our beloved Pres. and either attempt to sink or "going rogue" and padding his own resume'.

in this shoot it if it moves right wing party any and everything said on the progressive side will be fodder for a desperate white constituency that is losing it's God complex. this is something i've suggested many times that we progressive's need to take that page from the right and rebuke every lie that hits the airwaves, immediately it is the one thing that makes their influence so widely heard if we were to do the same we would counter that effect of misleading "we the people".

he over stepped his designated position as "OBAMA SURROGATE" not his own horn tooter. that was opportunistic at best and intent to destruct at worse. is he feeling used because the right made a deal with him they defaulted on? frog and scorpion scenario? please click title please copy paste

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cubs May Pay the Price for Ricketts' Attack

"Democrats have made it very clear that they will get their revenge on anyone who dares to attack President Obama, but it turns out the main victims of their payback may be Chicago’s lovable Cubbies".

"The Ricketts’ hypocrisy comes from their desire for public subsidies for their baseball operation while opposing the president’s support for high taxes and unlimited government spending. The sorry truth is that almost all of the millionaires and billionaires who own sports teams in this country are ardent capitalists when it comes to taxing their incomes but devout socialists when it comes to getting government to subsidize their business".

big money brings big ego's, and the audacity give's them a false sense of being bulletproof to any impunity deserved for their arrogance. they really overrate their popularity and love by American's who they have at every turn tried to alienate those that possibly would. blinded by the bling of big business bribery, hear none, see none, but sure as hell speaks some.

this false sense of security is IMO just to again further misinform and lie to their base about the confidence they have on winning Nov. and that all the skulduggerous and clandestine constitutional laws broken to cut back the vote on the progressive side. remember when you even think like qualifying their claims of voter fraud, 0.00003% fraud found by Bush admin and they probably had Breitbart to plant that. please click title

Cory Booker slams Obama campaign ad attacking Romney's Bain Capital record

i hesitated in posting to this topic, i felt why further publicize his apparent intentional harpooning of our beloved Pres. was he paid or promised something for the back stabbing, is he a right wing plant, a conservative schill?

is this traitor to his surrogacy buttering his own bread for later agenda? a walk back is meaningless and IMO insincere, he knew the ramification's of his original statement before he betrayed his Pres. and his party. don't be surprised if he announce's a change of party, the one more befitting his nauseating remarks. right wing veep surprise, don't count it out. no respect for the turncoat.

he is now the right's biatch and will be their primary talking point against this admin. he needs to turn in his Democrat card, his Blackman card his trusted politician previous to now reputation. despicable him please click title

2013 Ford Shelby GT500, a gentler stampeding Mustang: Motoramic Drives | Motoramic - Yahoo! Au

what are car manufactures thinking, doesn't seem like they are thinking about us.

now they want to put a muscle car out there to further endanger not only other drivers but pedestrians as well. these kinds of cars are targeted to young and teens and older trying to recapture. you don't have a car capable of such power and don't give it a go. US streets are not the German Autobahn. where would they drive them and test the monster beneath them? irresponsible? them or the would be owners?

are we really ready to feel the need for speed in our younger people? if you've got it you gotta show it off. peer pressure sometimes out weighs common sense and be assured insurance on these cars will make you cry. please click title

NAACP Board Votes to Support Same-Sex Marriage - ABC News

"The NAACP made waves on Saturday evening when its board of directors voted to support same-sex marriage, releasing a statement that "civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law" and citing the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as a reason for backing marriage equality".

"The mission of the NAACP has always been to ensure the political, social and economic equality of all people," said Roslyn M. Brock, chairman of the NAACP's board of directors, in a statement. "We have and will oppose efforts to codify discrimination into law."

it's all about a bigoted right wing who have raved continually and falsely so, that other's are trying to force their views on to the masses of "we the people" while as usual "it's them with the blueberry pie all over their faces" (Rev. Al about his childhood experience of eating the pie and lying about it) also that jewel that our beloved Pres' was trying to put gov't between you and your Dr. in reference to ObamaCares's. but they are all in on your employer standing between you and your Dr. and contraception.

hypocritical? hell yes it is please click title

Congress Speaks on Voting Rights—and Mississippi Hollers Back | The Nation

"While Mississippi Democrats were invited to join the governor’s signing ceremony, none joined. Similarly, no Republicans were present for the Congressional Democrats’ introduction of their voter bill. Both pieces of legislation will face challenges coming online. The intersection between what Democrats are attempting in Congress and what Republicans are attempting at the state level—in Mississippi and beyond—around voting shows a tragic collision from which democracy, citizens of color and many without wealth and resources will be the casualties".

this is a ploy we all know it, it is shameful IMO almost equal is the seeming lack of enforcing constitutional right to vote, and targeting only progressive venue's it wreaks of racist prejudice.

James Crow returning to American politic's if so the mantle of what the right says is the American icon, can no longer stand not in a restrictive Nazi institution such as the right wing party. if you need any kind of proof of this skulduggery perpetrated on the progressive movement, "0.00003% fraud found by Bush admin., just another of a long list of dead horse's that stink up the right wing traitor to "we the people". please click title

Jim Hightower | Another Koch-funded stealth campaign

"Heartland's mission is to promote mass ignorance on behalf of its self-serving (and often heartless) corporate backers. It is yet another secretive far-right-wing front group funded by the Koch brothers' club of billionaires who're intent on establishing an unbridled corporate plutocracy in our country".

"Heartland is creating an anti-science curriculum to pooh-pooh the facts of global weather change and planning to turn the issue into a major culture war in local school districts across the country. Falsely claiming that "Principals and teachers are heavily biased toward the alarmist perspective"

those who support the right at the low end of the scale are in for a eye opener by your party. yes whatever you applaud them for doing to us is what they are also doing to you. there is no loyalty among thieves everybody's back is open and fair game to their treachery and stabbing, you have no friends at the top. please click title

Sunday, May 20, 2012

American Jihad?

this is a very serious problem we have here with those who in their minds have a legitimate reason to turn against America, but are they rebelling against America or America's politic's? discontent breeds the perfect subjects for this kind of concentrated on efforts, if one is already over the hill with their feelings and thoughts,

then you only need reach out with one hand to pull them up and over, but who's hand gets their first your's or the recruit for something unthinkable?

this guys story is not IMO precautionary in respect to those kid in those situations will run off and become a traitor to their country. however neglect and indifference to your offspring can have it's consequences. those who think not my kid are the ones more ripe for losing that kid n today's world of who knows what. disown at your own peril, you could be fostering the next American Jihadist!
please click title

Karl Rove on Reverend Wright Redux

Rove is making sense (bad tongue) they need to stay away from Wright issue. if they want to argue rev.'s, rev. Haggee is the picture of right wing ideology. Rev. Terry Jones sorry copy paste these links thank you

when Rove and other top GOP person's attack the attack you really have to consider the T-P'ers are overreaching again, guess they have gotten over the last dislocated shoulder from their last overreahing.

let's not go down the trail of obnoxious Rev.'s the right will win the "our Rev.'s hate the most" game. T-Party is the moderate right wing Waterloo. please click title

Did Mitt Romney flip-flop on the economic stimulus?

Romney: "I have never supported the president's Recovery Act, alright -- the stimulus. No time, nowhere, nohow."
Romney: "I think there is need for economic stimulus."

he is having trouble completing his flopping. given he mentioned it before the Pres. took office it's a wonder he hasn't taken credit for that too. once again forgetting "it's on video tape stupid"
where is Romney's plan just generalizing is not a plan it's a firewall blocking the fact there is a plan though not his, and not what the right wing has intimated.

it's found in between the lines of their daily speak and in some case's hiding in plain site like their conservative aggression against women. either is a sham and not trustworthy of advancing all American's. please click title

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Documents shed new light on Trayvon Martin killing

where has all this evidence been, they drug tested him at the murder site no mention of weed, those eys are not blacked out like when your nose is broken and the one little scratch on the bridge nose looks pretty damn straight to me. why so long before this comes out? you know the NRA has a vested interest in this not killing their "stand your ground" farce, right wing involvement, don't even act like it could not be true.

let's see how the "evidence" holds up and if these new "witnesses"
are able to stand up under cross. i just worry to many influences against Trayvon. i use to smoke the chronic and all i ever did was LMAO, never thought about beating anybody up. please click title

Gov. Bob McDonnell Orders New Voter ID Cards To Every Virginia Voter

since his name was bandied around as potential veep he has been trying to soften his radical tendencies to appease those voter's that might not vote for such a ticket, while not completely abandoning his right wing absurdities. but we remember as most women cringe at the mention of his name "vaginal ultrasounds", that they must pay themselves sounds like he's rewriting your ins. policy for the ins. companies. what is it are these guys opposed to anything of a sexual nature so they are taking it out on the closest targets?

there is a very pungent odor in the air blowing over here in DC from the Va. side of the Potomac. just proves out that if enough of us pitch one they will cave when it comes to losing an election they can't buy or rig. please click title

Senators Urge Supreme Court to Uphold Law Banning Corporate Donations

"The big surprise was a bipartisan brief from Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) urging justices to let stand a Montana law that bans corporate political expenditures".

“Evidence from the 2010 and 2012 electoral cycles has demonstrated that so-called independent expenditures create a strong potential for corruption and the perception thereof,” the two Senators wrote in their brief. “The news confirms daily that existing campaign finance rules purporting to provide for ‘independence’ and ‘disclosure’ in fact provide neither.”

it seems that some politicians on both sides are finally listening to the people and expressing the corruptive potential of this asinine ruling by the stacked scotus. who IMO knew damn well what they were doing, which again IMO they have lost the ability to any longer be fair and just to "we the people" in it's one sided right wing orientation.
money-in-politics/ sorry copy paste

there is still hope for "we the people" in spite of "them the other persons". there is conscious out there among republicans. had McCain been elected his views in fairness lately would have gotten him impeached by his own party. seems they use you till they use you up. remember Reagan they couldn't say enough or praise enough, till we let it out he "COMPROMISED" AND RAISED TAXES 11 times now guess his usefulness has come to an end. those on the lower rungs of the latter, pick out a curb with a view you will be kicked Nov. 7th please click title

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Issa Hearing Redux: Arizona Rep. Franks Seeks to Control D.C.'s Abortion Policy But Won't Let D.C. Rep. Norton Speak | RH Reality Check

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks' attempt to push a 20-week "fetal pain" abortion ban in Washington, D.C. (despite the fact that there is no science showing a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks)

the blatant slap in the face to women just magnify's the right wing disdain for our fairer sex. again the arrogance and impunity toward the beat down of all women's rights is back again proving if you ignore history it will come back this time to bite them where the sun don't shine. shameful women of the right complicit with the injustice to their own unfathomable, how can they be in a club that hates them ? Masochist?

the right is becoming more extreme the closer they come to judgement day, hoping lightning will strike twice in the same place. but they don't believe in weather phenomenon global warming or science. so that's gonna happen, right. wonder if my home here in DC is getting muscled because it's a progressive city? by keeping us out of statehood politicians get to avoid the various charges they could incur commuting from out of the city. please click title

Some healing for woman bullied as a teen

we all have known since the beginning of time that kid's are cruel little bastards at times. it is a fun thing to do, IMO because in those formative years the peer pressure is bigger then their young with out a clue minds can handle, when given an opportunity to pass on the hurt and get that moment of relief, who wouldn't go for it.

point of infraction, parents failure to believe their kid poop's and don't discuss these present day issue's which have culminated in the death's of those bullied., either by the bully's hand or their own. any parent that does not think this is not worth the embarrassment for them to school their kid and advise them on how to handle. if they don't know how, it's all kinda knowledge out their now "look for it" OR PRAY YOUR KID ISN'T SWINGING BACK IN FORTH IN THE BASEMENT.

this is another issue that IMO do to parental indifference and fear of that happening to their kid ,robs the kid of those tools they need to cope in this not the parents world any longer. those doing the bulling are not an emergency and choose to look at it as their kid can handle his stuff, untrue if the need to subjugate another is present there is a reason not socially acceptable but ignorable by that parent. wake up everybody. please click title sorry copy paste please

Arizona Senate Passes Birther Bill That Would Keep Obama Off Ballot There «

AZ. once again raise's it's despicable racist head can you believe the audacity of this person?

"The Arizona Senate has passed a bill which, if passed by the House and signed by the governor, would likely guarantee that President Obama would not be on the ballot in that state". "As Dave Weigel notes:


the fear is thicker then molasses in January. this is the dead horse from last year now just a carcass picked clean by right wing racist birther T-Partier's. this will go down in history as the most racist,hateful, party of politicians in our history, guess they are proud to hold the dishonor of out hating their forefathers. they will wear that "Mark of Cain" the rest of their lives. to my Brother's at Arms, is this what you are proud to be putting your butts in the sling for? please click title

National Democrats increase investment in Wisconsin recall

boy i missed this but now i'm feeling a lot better.

"A day after Wisconsin Democrats aired their frustrations with the national party, the Democratic Governors Association announced that another $700,000 was sent last week to fund a Greater Wisconsin ad buy and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) has announced a trip to the state to campaign with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Barrett faces Gov. Scott Walker (R) on June 5. (Update: The $700,000 is included in the DGA’s already-announced $2 million investment.)"

this really needs to out do the Koch and God knows who else's money, WI really needs to get out the vote and the DOJ needs to monitor for voter fraud by the party that actually commits it.

i fail to understand how constitutional rights infractions are not number one on the DOJ's things to do list. procrastination on this level decides fate of the country. please click title

Daily Kos: We are all Republicans now Part III

"Early this week I posted a diary describing Idaho Democrat's quandary- I had to declare as a Republican to do my part in voting against the Republican extremists who have taken over Bonneville County's Republican Central Committee, and were attempting to get their delegates elected for the upcoming convention".

"Much of the extremist strategy planned to drive moderates out of the state and county offices is to gain a majority of delegates who will vote their way in the state and national conventions. They planned to use delegate votes to subvert the populace's votes. This is the same strategy the Ron Paul supporters hope to use in their national convention".

"The delegate winners were announced in this morning's Post-Register. All of the RCC's delegates lost except for one"

the right's skulduggerous efforts to rig elections are failing more and more exposing them to be the grafters they are. oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.
this stuff like what you are reading now in this article is all documented, why do they keep forgetting "it's on video tape stupid". my thought is they are just that arrogant or are trying to go out in a typical republican blaze of notoriety. please click title

Mitt Romney’s claim that 100,000 auto jobs have been lost under Obama

"In the Hot Air interview, Romney even made this claim while at the same time arguing that a recent Obama campaign commercial slamming the job losses at a particular Bain investment was unfair because “the steel factory closed down two years after I left Bain Capital. I was no longer there, so that’s hardly something which is on my watch.” (Technically, Romney had not completely extricated himself from Bain but that’s another story.)"

"As we have said, Romney “certainly has a good story to tell about knowing how to manage a business, spotting opportunities and understanding high finance.” But if he wants to wall off companies that failed after he stopped managing Bain, he also has to stop counting jobs created after he left Bain".

"But since January 2009, when Obama took office, overall there has been an increase in jobs. The number of jobs hit a low point in November 2009, but then it has slowly inched upward so that Obama can point to the auto industry and says there has been a net gain".

The Pinocchio Test

"Romney’s remarks make little sense. Not only is his claim of creating 100,000 jobs at Bain untenable, but also his assertion that 100,000 jobs have been lost in the auto industry “on the president’s watch” does not add up".

these are the kinds of claims by the right, fabricated and designed to make us think that this admin has, using their favorite adjective "failed". repeating a falsehood does not make it a truth, it just retains its status as a lie.

those at issue with this admins accomplishments should notice the right keeps their propaganda simple so as not to confuse their exaggerations with the truth, for a party losing 750,000 of your jobs a month to our beloved Pres. racking up steady growth in private sector jobs over the last couple of years totaling over 4 million.

now if the Pres. does not understand as much as the right claims he does then why the huge disparagement in job creation? right wing -750,000 a month, progressive's +115,00 last month, down from over 200,000 each month prior. do the math + vs. -, now who doesn't understand or do they but don't think you can get the right answer from 2+2? please click title

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Democrats Push Voting Rights Bill : Roll Call News

"Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) agreed, saying, “Just six months from a presidential election and amid an unprecedented drive to impose new restrictions on who can vote in states across the country, Democrats will fight for the right to vote and for the integrity of our electoral system. This bill is a major step towards greater accountability and broader access.”

i fail to understand how a state can arbitrarily remove your voter rights, for a proven non existent reason and not violate your constitutional rights. is it that we really don't need a congress if the laws they pass are cherry picked and enforceable at their whim. this is why you always hear the right talking about giving the rights back to the states for them to adjudicate. to say return then it implies they were taken away could it be because of what the right has set about imposing their will on America?

i can't seem to find and answer if someone knows please drop the knowledge. as with a total misinformation on insurance, here in DC we have no fault laws mandatory purchase of car insurance so what is the difference in that and mandatory health insurance, and why have i never heard that bought up before? please click the title

Major Republican Backer: Obama Pretends To Be 'A Metrosexual Abe Lincoln'

"A Major Republican funder, Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritradewants to bankroll $10 million negative campaign tying Obama to controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright".

"According to the New York Times, the proposed campaign wants to hire a black conservative spokesmen to argue that Obama misled the nation by presenting himself as a 'metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln.'"

now they want to find a Black man to confirm this tag they just made up an hour or two ago, try Alan West he's a wanna be, Cain, Michael Steel they are IMO the house Blacks.

money has turned this country into something you see only in the movies. is the base cheering in the background? not a heavy lift for the right when those you preach to are more reprehensible then you. now the back stepping from the plan all the rats including the money rat are jumping ship. please click title

metrosexual> sorry copy paste

Super-PAC considering $10 million campaign tying Obama to Rev. Wright

the smell of desperation is in the air and i live not 4miles from Capitol Hill. do they think that we forgot the irrelavence Wright was to the election they are stuck in a loop just as with everything they do they drag it out of mothballs with that dead horse taint and try and Febreze it up but no offense to Febreze but that can't be eradicated.

don't seem to be qualified to have that kind of money look where it get's them. power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely please click title

Former D.C. teacher makes FBI ‘Most Wanted’ list after 2008 child porn discovery

With that, she gave Toth a critical jump on police, unwittingly helping a man alleged to have a history of making child pornography. He is now one of the country’s most notorious fugitives — last month, the FBI put him on its Ten Most Wanted list, filling a spot left empty by Osama bin Laden’s death.

Nobody knew at the time that he had allegedly installed a video camera in his third-grade class bathroom and used it to record images of his students.

the ugliness of crimes against children, is and IMO forever permeated the upper echelons of the rich and powerful and their families. as we find out in those who were unsuccessful in keeping the dirty laundry out of the press. that entitled frame of mind seems as more corrupt then your daily news reports, those victims and perpetrator's can't by silence.

no matter what status quo you look at the ugliness is alway's there and what can be done nothing short of opening tour mouth when witnessing these acts, don't let money rule you, teach your kid how to react to these attacks on their person's, not saying start a witch hunt but be vigilant. please click title see "minority to majority" this blog June 5th 2011

Whites Now The Minority In U.S. Births

"Racial and ethnic minorities now make up more thank half the births in the United States".

“We remain in a dangerous period where those appealing to anti-immigration elements are fueling a divisiveness and hostility that might take decades to overcome,” Harrison said.

this is what fuels the right's rabid effort to inflict as much pain as possible on our "new majority". their fear of losing that tyrannical grip around the throats of yes the 99% of "we the people". we need to fight against this vendetta that they the right tries to deny, unsuccessfully. half of us let them in now the other half has to hand them their hat's.

all the banner waving and blustering about we are all that and corn dog, just gives those who resented the right wing chest beating which IMO is why they really don't like us, has made us an object to point and laugh at. alot of that sentiment has been quelled by or beloved Pres. to the perpetrator's chagrin, so the use terms like "appeasing, weak, doesn't understand but like the things they do and try to hang around his neck, we see who's zoomin' who.
if they are becoming outnumbered maybe like they usurped the Bible teachings they should come off that hard nose in our bedrooms and spend more time in their own.

wonder if this is the real reason for all the B C pills and abortion, trying to insure the proliferation of their race, does make you go, hmmmmmm.

Beohner's deja vu all over again

do we want to be viewed as the dumbest party in history? do we care whether or not the right kills democracy as it is supposed? then why are our progressive politicians not hammering the right wing for creating the same atmosphere it did last year, it's not only what can be said about them, but what can be said about us. do we want even worse credit rating?

we have started the push back but IMO it needs to be 10 fold, WI, it is a shame that the DCCC has not supported the recall of the poster boy for brought and paid for politician's. if they don't help we may as well turn over the deed to the ranch and raise the white flag and lower the American flag to half mast.

the fact that the right has been reshuffling the old playbook scams against "we the people" shows their insincerity toward legitimate gov't. and more to retaining their status of "different day same crap". it is obvious through media what they have in mind for us "taking back "THEIR COUNTRY", with them in charge and "we the people" relegated to subjects of the realm of big business. please click title

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rev. Dr.Joseph Lowry

inspiring and thought provoking testimony from the past to now all is relevant. 90 yrs old and speaks with the clarity rarely seen with our politicians.
brings that sense of hope and change in to prospective. please click title

Manny Pacquiao Banned From Hollywood Mall, Says He Has Gay Relative

great boxer most notable aside from stellar record in the ring, the non fight between he and Floyd Mayweather, i met his uncle/trainer Roger in Las Vegas.

what is going on is the whole world turning on itself? remember what happened the last time the world got to big for it's atmosphere? forget it repeat it. recognize.

"LA Weekly's Simone Wilson reports Pacquiao has been outlawed by the commercial center for his over the top anti-gay statements this week. While quoting bible verses, the boxing star didn't just say he was against the homosexual lifestyle, Pacquiao stunningly divulged gay men should be "put to death" for their sexual crimes".

“I only gave out my opinion that same sex marriage is against the law of God,” he told ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo. “I’m not against gay people…I have a relative who is also gay. We can’t help it if they were born that way. What I’m critical of are actions that violate the word of God".

if he believes this and the Bible then how can he or anyone else condemn God's creation of all of mankind?

never would have thought this of him. please click title

White supremacists arrested while prepping for 'race war'

A group of ten white supremacists, led by Marcus Faella, were arrested as they were getting ready for the "race war" their leader instructed them was coming. The group had been preparing over the past two years by stockpiling weapons, experimenting with the creation of ricin and plotting a "disturbance" on Orlando City Hall. Following a series of arrests that began on Friday, FBI and local police closed in on the white supremacist organization American Front

this is the kind of thing i've been referring to, with the gun laws to carry and all the red meat being slung into the right wing base's trough, the growing supremacy org's.

the right wing IMO is sewing the seeds of civil disturbance's throughout the country, their part in taking "their" country back. and all this time you thought Black guy's were scary.

you may laugh off my assertion but why, when the evidence is unfolding before your very eye's. listen to Fox and the real news channels at least you'll no which way to run, and the revolution will be televised. please click title

Marissa Alexander sentenced to 20 years in prison

"A judge sentenced a Jacksonville mother to 20 years in prison on Friday, for firing a gun over the head of her husband, who she claimed physically abused her".

is this the collateral damage of the right's reluctance to legislate the bill for violence against women act?

or just the conservative aggression against women? once again "stand your ground" only applies to those chosen few.

this is over the moon and begs for appeal. for a judge to make this kind of a sentence he is not fit to sit on that bench or wear that robe.

we've all heard the phrase "the world has gone to hell in a handbag" or at least the USA. this is crazy, we are falling into the right wing abyss and going backwards to the days when the "N" word was as common by other's as breathing. are we unconsciously letting them take their racist, homophone, money hungry, war mongering vision of America back? "WAKE UP EVERYBODY". please click title sorry please copy paste thank you

Compton school board member calls Trayvon a 'fa**ot black dude'

what is happening they are acting like someone turned on the light and they are scrambling.

Skyy Fisher, a Compton Unified school board member, referred to Trayvon Martin as a "fa**ot black dude" during a podcast interview with KTLA. This remark has sparked outrage in the Compton community. The interview was originally about an alleged sexual relationship between a middle school teacher and a student. It is not clear yet if he knew that he was being recorded or not, but Fisher's opening line in the interview is "Oh my f**king God!"

this guy needs to be locked up in Gen pop with the Aryan's, so they may determine who the real fa___t is. despicable him.

is there something in the water or air, not so unbelievable with the right's deregulation agenda who know's what comes out of Koch bros. factories. has our electing the first Black American Pres. woken all the hibernating hater's?

what embolden's these reprehensible people to disrespect lie and hate with impunity? for the right wing politicians is it really hate or fear of losing their grip on America, their lemming base most don't have a clue just follow the dictate, we hate.

if this ideology is what get's voted in those who oppose should consider, do they want to belong to a club that has them as member's? please click title

U.S. News - Physician: Zimmerman had broken nose, black eye

i'm sorry i find this very hard to believe

"The day after George Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a family physician wrote in a report obtained by ABC News that Zimmerman had a broken nose, “a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury.”

why never any mention of a "day after Dr. visit" or his medical finding's which would have potentially supported his claim. this Dr. should be investigated. no one knew of this visit, did he get a release to go back to work, if so where is the proverbial "letter from his Dr."?.

who is supporting this IMO obvious sham. why has this guy continually gotten a pass by law enforcement, does he have something on the people of Sanford? please click title

Firefighter who slammed Trayvon parents on Facebook demoted

one thing that never ceases to amaze me is these persons of hate have no problem with making these racist utterance's, it's like they have no fear of reprisal, does this indicate a feeling of general consensus, is on their side, or just give a damn hater's.

"Brian Beckmann, the Miami-Dade fireman who found himself in hot water for controversial remarks he made on Facebook about Trayvon Martin and his parents has been demoted. Beckmann has said that "sh*tbag parents" were to blame for Martin's death. Beckmannhas now been placed at the lowest possible rank since his entry into Fire Rescue in 1997".

this guy was a Captain, not likely after making such a brazen statement that he hid his inclinations throughout his career. whose failure is it to let such a person ascend to a captaincy with such a radical outlook.

the problem of those in command positions as in political venues is how many are racially inclined to hate, IMO there are other's among their ranks that know and have said nothing, promoting this way of life as another day at the office. also hopefully those who did know but unfortunately were afraid to or maybe loss their jobs by pointing them out. then that falls on those who police their own. please click title

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MD. special session moves quickly on tax package - The Washington Post.

"With no Maryland state lawmaker facing reelection this fall, O’Malley has led Democrats in arguing that the tax increases — the first major increases since 2007 — are crucial to the state emerging strongly from the economic downturn. They would allow his administration to continue record funding for schools and other Democratic party priorities".

"County officials have warned that without higher taxes, teachers, police officers and other county employees could begin receiving pink slips as local governments adopt spending plans based on expected lower state aid".

this is encouraging now the right has a chance to continued compromise or continued obstruction. kudo' to MD. legislature

the congress and the rest of the nation can take note mutual coming together on the problems we face is the best and the thing "we the people" want. eliminating all the bluster when one is totally at odds with what is suppose to be good for the country and "we the people". please click title

Monday, May 14, 2012

house right cherry picking the violence against women act

how many women on the right are willing to go on national tv and humiliate themselves with this Stockholm syndrome mind set for their persecutor's, the right wing men. this lady is a prime example of a stepford politicians.

how can a woman just tie other women to the train tracks for harmful no deadly legislation they feel only applies to some women. a other women will vote for them. must be something in the water.

Romney's wife is no better then him and the party but she obviously feels she is above the normality of life and probably can whip Willard. watch the every right wing answer to every question "the president", never an answer for a party so full of ideas why can't they answer one question? please click title

Weary warriors favor Obama

"Disaffection with the politics of shock and awe runs deep among men and women who have served in the military during the past decade of conflict. Only 32 percent think the war in Iraq ended successfully, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. And far more of them would pull out of Afghanistan than continue military operations there".

"Mitt Romney has accused President Obama of "a dangerous course" in wanting to cut $1 trillion from the defense budget - although the administration's actual proposal is a reduction of $487 billion over the next decade".

what a whopper is he trying to book early passage to HELL?

"The GOP's heated rhetoric, aimed at the party's traditional hawks, might be expected to resonate with veterans. Yet in interviews in South Carolina, a military-friendly red state, many former soldiers expressed anger at the toll of a decade of war, questioned the legitimacy of George W. Bush's Iraq invasion, and worried that the surge in Afghanistan won't make a difference in the long run".

torn between their inherited bias and the correct thing to do i think i would abandon my antiquated hate philosophy, and go with what is best for family and me then country. no matter what is said it's obvious that the right is not that agenda. common action or common sense?
it's admiral to stick with your principle's unless they hurt other's then it become's a menace to society. please click title

Pes. Obama IMO showed himself to be willing to not be swayed from his personal belief's kudo's

i feel happy he is still his own man this close to election not that i doubted is character, i also am proud that he proved his bona fide's as President of all of America not just those who oppose, or disappointingly those not usually given to radical discrimination.

why aren't these same decryer's not out in the street raling against the right wing agenda to screw everybody which impacts them. Gay marriage does not impact them except in their mind. it's that handed down mentality, like "if blacks or latino's move in "there goes the property value". IMO they feel it lessens there status as hetero married's, which any way you put it is prejudicial discrimination.

if their sense of self in their perspective relationships are so weak it can be influenced by someone they don't know asserting their constitutional right to "freedom and the pursuit of happiness". making them violator's of Gay's constitutional rights, and afraid of their own weakness.

those guy's who started the country as they like to misrepresent their intent, don't believe they referenced any decitizenship punishment for Gays, all those tight's, corsets, powdered wigs and hankies pin to their wrist to wipe the coke residue from their running noses, they knew who was who, but never criminalized it, probably because to close to home.

Minister's love something they can Thump the Bible on to counter the staleness of their Sunday morning rhetoric, good for the plate offering's as well. please click title

The Pres. is campaigning to Vets

"The Washington Post's Amy Gardner: " In military-rich battlegrounds, Obama targets new group: veterans" President Obama has wound down America's war in Iraq, ordered the operation that killed Osama bin Laden and set in motion the end of U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan".

"He also has focused particular attention on veterans and military families, increasing funds for the Department of Veterans Affairs, implementing the post-Sept. 11 G.I. Bill and launching job programs for returning troops".

was it Newt who implied that the Pres. was unworthy of the military's respect? well now they are ranting about he does not want to run on his record. he doesn't want to talk about economy, but all their people repeatedly say" we want to and have been talking about the economy, well they're right they are talking about it, just hoping we won't notice that's all they are doing is talking about talking about the economy no action.

they the right are still trying to discredit our beloved Pres. inspite of his historic accomplishments, without an Aircraft carrier and a truthless banner
sort of like their 2010 promise of jobs, guess those jobs are keeping the WMD's company. now also trying to apply the Romney M O, flip flopping to the Pres. and here again they forget"IT'S ON VIDEO TAPE,STUPID" please click title

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is America in fiscal austerity yet?

what does the world think when they hear "America"? anything you would be proud of? we are at near bottom of the worldwide ratings in things like education, healthcare and the republican's just keep on perpetuating this atrocity while claiming how great "their" America is.

“Austerity” implies a government sector that’s on short rations, with programs being scrapped, and government workers being laid off".

the right keeps talking about their focus on jobs, just neglecting to say that it is what they've accused the Pres. of killing jobs, they will not even with "video tape" admit to what your lying eyes are seeing them doing. reverse psychology only works when you have a valid point in your reversal.

"So far in FY2012, the federal government has spent about 0.8 percent less than it did for the comparable period last year".

can this be true the right wing has been telling American's of the trillions the Pres. is spending, that sounds like the voter fraud evidence .000003%. such minute amounts the right seem to make a mountain out of a ant hill, deceitful and misleading "YES"

the best way to identify the right wing exaggerations, it starts with "this president", and always ends with what they intend to kill and reduce the very things "we the people" were promised as American's. please click title

Saturday, May 12, 2012

HIV drug may prevent

this Dr. said the disheartening words especially if the right gets into office. those words "majority if those infected yearly young males of color just short of saying homosexual but "at risk and Gay" right will never approve that for so called minorities and at risk? losing argument for, given their efforts to kill medicare and all other forms of social entitlements. but there is light Obama Care's

not to mention new drugs traditionally take years to be affordable to the average citizen the cost is off the hook. the right doesn't want to give you condoms why would we think they would give free meds. please click title

tolerance or embracing?

just a couple of months ago he was the bain of evangelical teachings, they were holding their noses and taking one for the team. are they Mormon and evangelicals more alike then they care to admit?

Romney has been paving his way to hell by lying through his teeth, they dropped the polygamy long time tenet, no outcry for Romney lies, evangelicals lie hate do not love their neighbors, kill, racist teaching. looks like both are convenient worshipers, and willing to rewrite the tenet's of their faith at the drop of a hat.

just gave all that money to religious leaders who wear sheep's clothing sad and they still support them knowing they plan to rip all protections they have now away. they are sending them to hell and have them looking forward to the trip. despicable them please click title

what is right on Gay acceptance as full Americans?

why is this going this way. if people choose to discriminate against someone who lives differently then they do, how does that effect the hater is their hate what cause's them the turmoil? what does it do to their family values if they are as strong as they like to think.

i don't think they are that strong and it's evidenced by this fear and hate toward those who live differently, the reason's are IMO convenient, they are compressed by so called leaders allowing the one's who hate to just say they do under a collective reason that all of that group agree on religion. how many other things are against religion and are over looked let alone discussed at all?

Catholic women 98% have used B C, priest molest kids ok just pay 'em off send him somewhere else to molest. most other religions incest thieves in the temple adultery. religion of the organized kind is just a way to circumvent the laws of God to suit what the worshiper's want to get away with. this would not be as loud in the media if the right wing had not pressed it, does that make them saviors' or hateful instigator's?

why are their so many religions? is it that this one believes that and does not allow this, so other religions are ok with it so you go to that one. if they all claim God as their central figure why do you need so many different ways to get there?

just like politics all claim their love for the country but have different ways and results for getting there. one helps all and is fair minded the other is the topic of this seed hateful repressive, racist, backstabbing and only care about those that can give them something for their vote. people need to stop and look and listen before they bandwagon, your soul could depend on it.
please click title

Mom's Day


no article just me from the heart to you.

America's hatred of fat hurts obesity fight - Health - Diet and nutrition -

as an obese person who is a big man before i gained weight, don't get the prejudicial treatment to my face. i think i do enough to myself to make up for those who would persecute.

my problem more so started from physical problems with brain tumor and pelvis problems preventing me from exercise and reduced ability to move around. i get dizzy and lose my equilibrium while bending over severe pain after sitting more then a hour do to pelvic misalignment. consequently i gain weight.

i live alone and cook for myself, i tend to buy things easy for me to cook which aren't always the best nutritiously. i'm 63 i started gaining out of control around 56 or 57. the tumor on the left after 1997 partial removal is wrapped around my carotid artery on left side and encroaches on that optic nerve, the right side removal destroyed function of that eye and reduced blood flow to that side of my brain. i've known those in the past that have cracked the fat jokes many who are now heavy themselves.

"The stigmatization of obesity begins in preschool: Children as young as 3 tell scientists studying the phenomenon that overweight people are mean, stupid, ugly and have few friends. It intensifies in adulthood, when substantial numbers of Americans say obese people are self-indulgent, lazy and unable to control their appetites. And it translates into poorer job prospects for the obese compared with their slim peers"

"A new Reuters/Ipsos online poll of 1,143 adults from May 7 to 10 captures some of the prejudicial attitudes. Asked to identify the main cause of the epidemic, 61 percent chose "personal choices about eating and exercising"; 19 percent chose the actions of food manufacturers and the fast-food industry. The poll is accurate to within 3.6 percentage points. Because of the methods used to collect the data, accuracy is measured using a statistical measure called a credibility interval"

hate is hate mostly without legitimate reason just more prejudicial, trying to make the finger pointer feel better about themselves.

the so called pretty people go through more then everyday people. insecurity as to is it them or the look, are they just here for arm candy internally fighting against that which society says is all that and a chicken wing, but what about their inner person the real them does it ever get known or obstructed by the beauty, gee sounds like the obese do we ever get to be known or is the blubber in the way? PLEASE CLICK TITLE

Black Church Leaders are they crabs in the basket?

this is a article i can not do justice to myself. Dr. Dyson eloquently and most important the misdirection those who would promote the word of our Lord but are they just as complicit to misleading as Evangelicals not their violence base rhetoric but a prejudiced rant against what the Bible say's "love thy neighbor as yourself"

Mark 12:31 The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself ...

their Sunday morning sermon's getting so stale that they would direct Black people away from the one living person who has the ability to stop this Resurrection of Southern radical law that ends with no justice, just us? please click title

right wing looking for mr. crow

the right does not really apologize for insensitive racially induced statements. "if i" is an insincere attempt to let one off the hook for prejudiced rhetoric "then i apologize", so just forget the fact that what was said is offensive and only apologize "if" anybody picked up on my crack and took offense. how could it not be known by perpetrator's that what they are about to say is intended to offend and show their bigoted inclinations.

this is a regular occurrence starting in Nov. 2008, trying to make our beloved Pres. a one termer, they didn't lie about that one they've done nothing but. raising the sleeping beast has shown the world the two faced right wing politicians,how can we can expect other countries to even take them seriously they are not trustworthy. despicable them please click title

Friday, May 11, 2012

breaking news, republicans are pro women yea!

professional women hater's is that what he really meant? blame goes to all right wing base and politicians they promote it and the base neither rebuke's or abandon's those of that inclination.
once more "it's on video tape stupid".

they are so disembodied by the progressive likelihood of sweeping Nov.6th that they are all off message and running around trying to get a talking point other then the same one they've been using for the last 3 wks. please click title

Romney devoid of conviction

this is the man the right wing would make king of America because he has not displayed any presidential acumen, if you want to understand him better buy a windsock and when it blows in a different direction take comfort in knowing Romney has too. the right always say's big business won't hire because they are unsure, and this guy is going to sure up their confidence?

your life in the hands of an unsure scared puppet man, makes no sense. sorry copy paste

do right wing politicians know what they are talking about?

can the right just answer a question without digression? it seems they know not of what they are asked and are forced to implement that right wing "what to do when caught in the headlights". as usual they always make it worse by trying to cover up the truth, they are terrible liars, but that is the game plan always has been and like Old Faithful they forget about history repeating itself, and video tape archives.

they never want to face the reality of what they say which is stupid all interviews are taped and generally available online within minutes, but they still remain oblivious to this fact. and exposed as the deceiver's that they are. you would think that the verbatim repeating by all right wing would be easy but they try to have that moment of self and boom it blows up, you see the right does not allow individual thought. they never answer the question Beohner "focus on job's", well where are they? Beohner, YOU LIE!

boys will be boys?

this is not new, there has always been those private school and military schools, rich kid prerogative. you get to automatically be the "rebel without a cause", who has to prove to himself while thinking he's proving it to everyone else that he is the alpha male.

why does history always show these bully types as never alone always with the posse, are they afraid to try these sadistic acts by themselves? i do not believe he did not remember,his stuttering laugh gave that away, if i'm wrong then why would he find humor in such a horrendous act,was he plucking wings off of flies, shooting birds too?

this is not your next door neighbor this is the rich kid that IMO spread enough money and access to his school mates to in his mind and those inclined to need a leader made him BMOC.

trouble with those scenario's the leader is usually not all that and a bag of chips. look at Romney now out of his multi million dollar environment, he's scared crapless, still trying to buy favor, nervous laughter and stuttering over what he say's knowing it's generally a lie. PLASTIC MAN in reverse, the need to fit in with the regular guys where he obviously would not have been in contact given his family wealth and status. please click title

Thursday, May 10, 2012

right wing denial of other human beings

this guy Perkins, is stating the right's prejudicial attitude toward gay's but it makes no sense as most of there ideology. i've said it many times they keep forgetting "it's on video tape stupid" cold busted.

his explanation as to how they raise their kids say's it all we all know what their God teaches.
Graham still speaks for God on what he/she thinks. this is where their religion goes astray the speak for their God, so in their world who is really their God, and why would he/she give them permission to speak on he/she's behalf? Barney Franks argument can only be refuted by right wing standard "no" with no reason.
please click title

U.S. News - US priests reportedly behind Vatican crackdown on nuns

"The issues raised by the Vatican include the nuns' lack of outspokenness on issues such as gay marriage, abortion and contraception. Another concern is related to the conferences organized by the group featuring "a prevalence of certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith."

"According to those same reports, Cardinal Bernard F. Law -- disgraced former archbishop of Boston -- was "the person in Rome most forcefully supporting Bishop Lori’s proposal." After media reports revealed he had permitted priests accused of sexually molesting children to continue serving, Law resigned in 2002. Pope John Paul II appointed Law as archpriest of the Papal Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome in 2004, but he resigned from this position in November 2011 when he turned 80, the age most cardinals retire".

arguably the richest religion in the world, the Catholic hierarchy has embraced the right wing
Aggression on women, or are they leading from the rear?
does the Catholic hierarchy still have the respect of their parishioner's? or are they just figureheads.

98% of women ignore their stance on birth control, not to mention the priest who have a green light, let's leave it there. please click title


this President showed his bonafide's for leader of all of America. regardless to what may be said to lessen the magnitude of this brave and fair expression of equality for all citizens. embracing the real meaning of the Constitution as written, not rewritten and ignored by right wing politicians and those who vote for them.

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America".

how can you call yourself representative's of "we the people" when you look upon your constituency as second rate peon's at your disposal. reprehensible them

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

yes, you too can be a Rush Babe

any and i mean any one that logs into that Caligula style women hating, chauvinistic SOB should be availed of all the insulting belittling things he and his party affiliates lob at women, tied to a chair toothpicks under their eyelids and fed this elephant dung on a loop.

he insults, disrespects with impunity and has the audacity to form a web sight for you masochistic ladies on the right. how much more elephant crap can you absorb? please click title

shades of F-22

this is and has been the path of expensive tax payed for technology that has yet to see the light of day.

bulk ordered to save money really or allow the manufacturer to make money. wonder how much was really saved when even if discounted there is a charge

so i don't see where more is better at saving money especially if they are immediately warehoused.
M I C just a on shore bank? it seems so, we deposit they withdraw and the big business gets rich and so far we don't have a clue what or that it happened. more transparency? how about just a word or two on the back of a milk carton. please click title

he is truly the president of all the people

i can understand his delay, he is a very considerate man, and mostly IMO brave and fair. he was aware of the potential backlash from some of the closed mind electorate, and the most definite onslaught tsunami coming from the hypocritical, hater's in politics. that also kills the right wing label of "politician".

this was and act of honoring the constitution and the bill of rights something foreign in the right wing book of how to destroy America and it's population 101. the right likes to give credence only when it is rewritten by them to serve their prejudiced and torture agenda.

he has proved himself to truly be the President of all of America, God Bless him and the new United States of America. please click title