Thursday, October 27, 2011

10-25-11 1b - Let's Make A Deal

are the right wing politicians and locals trying to usurp the first amendment rights of the Occupiers undercover? are we entering that part of the right wing love of all things Nazi with the neoSS?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fox trying to keep you misinformed

Occupy Wall Street is Fox News' worst nightmare, so they're doing everything they can to downplay this movement and distort its message. It's up to people like us to tell the real story. This amazingly powerful video—featuring Elizabeth Warren, no less—does exactly that. It's a must-see for everyone in America who's got any questions about what #OWS is really all about. Check it out, and share it with your friends on Facebook today.
It's already been viewed over 180,000 times. But that won't be enough with a media entity like Fox intent on hushing #OWS up, so please watch this video and then share it with all of your friends and family.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

we need new rules!

Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:50 AM EDT
we need broadcasters to stop inserting their personal inference's in the story's they report.
we need to have politician's provide facts to back their assertions on both sides
we need to get big money corps out of campaign contributions
we also need to charge pundits with qualifying there rhetoric
we need to know who wants your rights trashed and who doesn't
we need to criminalize those who would pervert the voter right's law
we need to prosecute those complicit with the right wing usurping of the constitution to war and torture
we need to exorcise those who racially use hate to further a political aspiration of their own or other's
we need to respect other religious factions
we need to stop touting how great the country is when the world see's otherwise, to the hypocracy
we need to recognize all can't have the best wishe's for the country and be so visiously devided
we need to rid ourselves of the vitriol that permeates the political atmosphere
we need to heed Rodney King "can't we all just get along?"
we must recognize our beloved Pres. said "YES WE CAN" not "YES I CAN"
we need also to recognize that everything comes with a cost
i guess my point is to say this we need to wake up and recognize it's WE not them or us, we need we.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Does Herman Cain give the Tea Party a racial pass?

class and tea party is a oxymoron Cain thinks he my garner 1/3 of Black vote but class, i think they think so and i think he knows it, but the view over the hill is allowing him to use t-p speak smeared with exclution of all the rights America has kept in place for it's elderly, retired, poor. the right are war monger's do you really think that they would miss a chance to bomb bomb bomb Iran in light of recent accusations? i think he has to become the token puppet that he is or would he try and buck his leaders and the hate agenda. or try and set his own policy. shades of Daley Plaza. click title at top for story

Thursday, October 6, 2011

the reading of the occupy wall street protester's statement

please click title for access.  no carricatures, no beloved by them Nazi memorabilia, no stupid bags hanging,no hate for fellow Americans, no defaced pictures of our beloved Pres. just a protest of the right wing agenda, who want to annihilate us and their own as well, no letting people die in the streets from lack of insurance, no booing of a soldier fighting for them to have the right to screw everybody else just because he is gay. not your average Nazi loving t-p'ers. God Bless the occupiers across the country, and their counterparts around the world.


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Fox's John Stossel: EPA Cleaned Up Air And Water, But Now,

can you believe the audacity of Fox to say we already have clean air and water,what about tomorrow, because they want to allow Koch and other factory's to pollute the future. and what's this obsession with how much paper a bill takes, Stossel never showed ink just a hand full of paper last time they waved a buch of blank paper shouting "here's our bill", they are trying to get regulate removed from the English language. arrogance, audacity or big fat liars?   Read Article

can someone point out the difference between No fault insurance and healthcare mandate? here in DC you have to have no fault, at least in order to drive as well as other states what's the difference? both are designed to not have state or insured culpable for uninsured. wonder how or what the 4 reasonable justice's think when the 5 give a damn other's vote for obviously right wing oriented laws?  smelling elephant dung yet?      Read Article

what you gonna do when they screw up the non gov't USPS

too many employees after 235 years it now is a problem. hey don't cost you nothing so how do they justify screwing yes you too righty's there will be no mail, or most significantly voter suppression no mail in no absentee ballot and "go buy a computer, we'll be after that next".  

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ready or not

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if he keeps saying he is not ready why push it, doesn't seem to matter to right in fact their whole collection of candidates show they don't care and the party themselves don't care they have one agenda, privatize America, and expel our beloved Pres. from the WH, and you my fellow citizens are a distant third, yes you to Republicans, no love for you unless you have a 7 figure+ bank acct. without that pass you are going to take your turn in the barrel with the rest of us.

panic naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

right is knee deep in elephant dung and can't get a snow shovel.  not as much love as the right thought. Carvelle needs to shut up nobody hired him he faded during Clinton years.          click this link

GOP leaders: Fed should resist new stimulus - CBS News

America who's your terrorist now?   the right is for you with a crust of bread and such, you can help yourself but don't take too much. (God Bless the child lyrics)     click this link

. Rick Perry Caught Lying In Video Debate - YouTube

could this be why the climate didn't change,it didn't rain and hell fire damn near burned Texas to the ground? he lied to our God, don't think his minded.    click this.

Beware Missing Dot in Email Address - Scam Alert - AARP Bulletin

this is from my mail with aarp i'm a member for those who are not this is must see info if you send mail from your computer
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right wing Texas back room public school robbery

the real elephant dung on the Texas miracle is not on the grounds of the farm.

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obsessed with his lack of credibility

why is he still trying to legitimize his war crimes? his daughter should be charged with aiding and abetting and guilt after the fact. i'll let Ed take it from here

obsessed click this link


. why don't you hear Reagan's name much

oop's he was a secret lefty

Wait. Rick Perry's Hunting Camp Was Called What? - Politics - The Atlantic Wire

is Perry having his George Allen moment(macaca). see the righty's clapping about racial slur. remember the booing of a serviceman in Afganistan? they are all and have been racially motivated. if this is not enough to scare you away from the archaic clandestine agenda off the right hate propaganda machine call 911 immediately.

Cenk Uygur: If We Drill in the US, We Don't Get the Oil

Seeded on Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:02 PM EDT (The Huffington Post)

why are the righty's running around with that drill baby drill crap just bandwagoning with the normal lack of facts, just creating more money for the upper crust and a atta boy for them.

Hardball with Chris Matthews/ Cain's condescension

    saying what the t-p'ers want to hear but insulting Black voter's who is this party trying to disenfranchise and suppress their votes and a host of other atrocity's?.  he thinks they are going to run to him the traitor of his own race he's been concentrated on no doubt.