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Maryland lawmaker proposes law to take food stamps from families of kids who protest

Maryland state Delegate Patrick McDonough (screen grab/YouTube)

republican Maryland state Delegate Patrick McDonough suggested this week that parents did not deserve to continue receiving food stamps if they refused to stop their children from protesting the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.
In audio obtain by First Look’s Lee Fang, a caller on a Baltimore radio program asks McDonough why the government could not “take away benefits from families, from like the parents who are collecting welfare” if the protesters were “too young.”
“That’s an idea and that could be legislation,” McDonough volunteers. “I think that you could make the case that there is a failure to do proper parenting and allowing this stuff to happen, is there an opportunity for a month to take away your food stamps?”
 McDonough goes on to say that a “scientific study” is needed to understand the mindset of “thug nation.”
“These young people, they’re violent, they’re brutal, their mindset is dysfunctional to a point of being dangerous,” he says. “We have got to study, investigate, and really look at what this is all about.”
this is part of their plan to change grade school curriculum to teach the right wing way of religious hating and that latest tag teaching them to obey, or let's call it what it is the republicans trying to take away the 1st amendment right to free speech by taking away food from family's who exercise that right and teach their kids the same.  they want to run the country because they sure can't run the gov't or the people, another study how many millions and committee will it take before they admit they no nothing of  or about anything if they did we would not be here blaming everyone but the guilty. God Bless the country. 

 check audio in article

Fox News pundit: Freddie Gray likely died because he ‘slipped and fell’ while high on drugs

Fox News contributor Bo Dietl (screen grab)

Fox News contributor Bo Dietl suggested on Thursday that the Baltimore Police Department was innocent in the death of Freddie Gray because he had likely taken drugs, causing him to injure himself.
On Wednesday, media outlets learned that Baltimore police had obtained a statement from another suspect who was riding in the transport van with Gray. The suspect allegedly told police that Gray “was intentionally trying to injure himself” — even though he was in a different compartment of the van and could not see Gray.
Dietl reminded the hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday that protesters should wait for all of the facts to come in before they started protesting against the police. And then the Fox pundit offered some speculation of his own
Dietl reminded the hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday that protesters should wait for all of the facts to come in before they started protesting against the police. And then the Fox pundit offered some speculation of his own.
“What happened in Baltimore — I used to be a homicide detective,” he explained. “I had guys I locked up, would bang their heads on the cell doors until their heads opened up. And when they were bleeding, I had to take them to the hospital.”
“To make it look like the cops did it?” Fox News host Steve Doocy wondered.
“I don’t know what to make of it because they were on drugs,” Dietl replied. “And I’m just hoping that they did toxicology on that young man when they took him into the hospital because I really feel mentally he was not really with it, and possibly he was on drugs.”
completely ignoring what he said about press holding on till facts come then turns his hypocritical butt around and give his opinion guess he's not a protester. he was nowhere near Freddie but he's sure he was on drugs just as sure as he knew he was Black. as to beating their heads to blame police i think he was on drugs during those times didn't state when but police routinely beat especially Black suspects while locked up and handcuffed.

this my friends if i might correct Mr. Cruz and the boyz and galz of the right wing is what inciting racism looks like and right wing media leading the charge.  they kill him then blame him for his own death where have we heard that before?  with witness that couldn't see him they need to follow this guy and see where he lands for his alleged testimony.

Some Hopeful Images From Baltimore: Residents Uniting to Clean Up the City

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After an evening of violent unrest, Baltimore residents emerged Tuesday morning to clean up after the destruction and prepare for what could be more chaos. On Monday, at least 15 police officers were injured and dozens of businesses were destroyed, as rioters clashed with law enforcement officials throughout most of the evening.
i want you to notice the biased press account, i have seen 4 major riots on both coast none of them had kids or adults the next day cleaning up this is positive and those involved should get honorable mention by mayor, police and the press but instead they are called thugs by the mayor very disappointing and look again at the first paragraph of the article it basically says they are cleaning up so as not to have broken glass and such in the way while potentially preparing for their next attack shamelessly racist IMO.  F they were of a destructive mind they would not be out there taking pride in their neighborhood and IMO obviously not those who participated in the mayhem on Monday.

Rand Paul Blames the Baltimore Riots on Absentee Fathers

As one of a growing number of GOP 2016 wannabes, Sen. Rand Paul has tried to sell himself as the best Republican candidate to reach out to African-American voters. He's talked about the need for criminal justice reform. During the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, he called for demilitarizing police forces. 
Yet his response to the riots in Baltimore show that he has a long way to go. During an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday, the Kentucky senator blamed the turmoil not on the police brutality that resulted in the death of Freddie Gray, but on absentee fathers and a breakdown in families.
 "It's depressing, it's sad, it's scary. I came through the train on Baltimore last night, I'm glad the train didn't stop," Paul said, laughing at his own unfunny joke. He then pontificated of the unrest: "The thing is that really there's so many things we can talk about, it's something we talk about not in the immediate aftermath but over time: the breakdown of the family structure, the lack of fathers, the lack of sort of a moral code in our society. And this isn't just a racial thing, it goes across racial boundaries, but we do have problems in our country."
By the way, a week ago, Paul's 22-year-old son William was cited for driving while intoxicated after he was in a car crash.
well IMO he can kiss all that grandstanding going into Black venues with a message of promises he can't possibly keep he's a republican they aren't that kinda party, goodbye Black people were not fooled by the obvious fake overture of caring and reaching out while telling them he's going to kill ObamaCares leaving millions again at the mercy of ER's.  now he's blaming the kids for their laws of incarcerating and not passing jobs bills causing millions of Black fathers to be absentee or unable to support them so they rebel and the to me obvious manslaughter of Mr. Gray was not the proverbial straw that broke the back of police brutaliy.

parents and those kids afraid they might be the next week long news cycle as a statistic.  if his assumption is right then he just made every Black father of those kids responsible for Baltimore but then by virtue of that he just also accused those Black fathers nationwide because protest have broken out across the country, that is tantamount to telling those kids "it's all your dad's fault.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shuts Down Gay-Marriage Challengers

As the Supreme Court started to hear oral arguments to Obergefell v. Hodges—the historic case that could determine the legality of gay marriage bans—on Tuesday, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg delivered quite the perfect response to her same-sex-marriage opponents.
Back in February, the 82-year-old justice expressed her optimism that the court will eventually rule in favor of gay marriage, citing the evolution in "people's attitudes" on the issue "has been enormous" in recent years. Although the rest of the court appeared deeply divided on Tuesday, judging by the fact that even anti-gay activists are expecting gay marriage will ultimately win, we're hoping to see Ginsburg's prediction become a reality soon.
Argument: The court does not have legal right to change a "millennia" of tradition.
RBG's response: "Marriage today is not what it was under the common law tradition, under the civil law tradition. Marriage was a relationship of a dominant male to a subordinate female. That ended as a result of this court's decision in 1982, when Louisiana's Head and Master Rule was struck down. Would that be a choice that state should be allowed to have? To cling to marriage the way it once was?"
Argument: The institution of marriage is inherently linked to a couple's ability to procreate.
RBG's response: "Suppose a couple, 70-year-old couple, comes in and they want to get married? You don't have to ask them any questions. You know they are not going to have any children."
just a couple to wet your whistle i love her all i can say now is "THE NOTORIOUS RBG IS IN THE HOUSE KICKIN BUTT AND TAKING NAMES"!!!!!

Obamacare Requires Birth Control Coverage. But Some Insurers Are Ignoring the Law.

Ladies, if you've gone to the doctor in recent years expecting your contraception or ultrasounds to be free, only to be slammed with a co-pay or other charge from your insurer, it's likely your insurer is violating the Affordable Care Act.
Thanks to Obamacare, insurance companies are now required to provide women with a host of coverage options, from free access to all FDA-approved birth control methods to preventative care to maternity care. But just because it's a legal requirement doesn't mean it's happening. According a new report released Tuesday by the National Women's Law Center, insurance plans are not providing all the benefits women won under Obamacare.
NWLC found many plans that were not actually providing cost-free access to the full range of birth control options required under the ACA. Of the more than 100 insurance providers surveyed, NWLC discovered thirty-three insurers in 13 states are not complying with birth control coverage requirement.
The compliance issues went well beyond birth control. The report, which surveyed plans for sale on state and federally-run insurance marketplaces in 15 states over two years, found violations "related to maternity care, birth control, breast-feeding support and supplies, genetic testing, well-woman visits, prescription drug coverage, care related to gender transition for transgender individuals, chronic pain treatment, and certain pre-existing conditions," according to NWLC. Due to the sheer number of violations the group found, it predicts the problem is "systemic nationwide."
In another report released earlier this month, the Kaiser Family Foundation reviewed 20 carriers' compliance with the ACA's birth-control mandate and also found violations. Of the 20 carriers Kaiser reviewed, only 11 provided cost-free coverage of the emergency birth control pill ella, which has a longer window of effectiveness than the standard progestin-based Plan B, particularly for women with a higher body mass index. Two of the carriers didn't cover ella at all.
want to take a guess at what those states governors party affiliation is?  and why do they think they are above the law sound like any p[arty you've been reading about lately?  they call Pres. lawless while breaking laws with impunity and violating and stealing rights of other tax paying Americans, so once again they do we get blamed in the meantime the republican war on women, that beat goes on 

Are the Clintons More Transparent Than the Bushes?

When the recent controversy about the Clinton family foundation first emerged—thanks to Clinton Cash, the book by conservative author Peter Schweizer—all-but-announced Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush declared that Hillary Clinton is "going to be held accountable like all of us... That's part of the process." 
But Bush declined to slam Clinton or comment on Schweizer's admittedly unproven allegations that she took official action as secretary of state to benefit foreign donors to the foundation. He said, "I don't 'go off' on Hillary Clinton." And he explained that there would be time later to get into partisan sniping. But there was perhaps another reason for his reticence: the Bush family foundations are less transparent about their donors than the Clinton Foundation.
Nonprofits are not compelled to reveal their funders, and most treat their financial sources as top secret information. But the Clinton Foundation does release the names of all its donors and the general amount of each donation (though it has acknowledged screwing up on occasion). It first made public its contributors in late 2008 after then president-elect Barack Obama tapped Hillary Clinton to be his secretary of state. 
The need for openness was obvious: a foreign government, a corporation, or wealthy individuals donating to the foundation could have an interest in a decision or action made by a secretary of state. And the public had a right to know if any potential conflicts of interest were at hand. (The overlap between the foundation's funding, the Clintons' personal finances, Bill's global hobnobbing with foreign leaders and CEOs, and Hillary's official actions as secretary of state certainly deserved scrutiny.) 
But the foundation's nearly 3,000-page list of contributors was not searchable, and the foundation only supplied the names of the donors, not addresses or any other identifying information. The specific amounts of contributions were not provided, only the range (say, $5 to $10 million, or over $25 million). Still, this was much more transparency than what is practiced by most foundations. As Tom Watson recently wrote at, "In truth, the Clinton Foundation is among the most forthcoming of major charities and nonprofit foundations—especially those headed by public figures."
It's certainly more transparent than the foundations that George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush established to fund their presidential libraries and other activities. The George W. Bush Foundation raised $361.8 million between 2010 and 2013, according to its latest tax filing. But it does not have a policy of full disclosure for its donors. 
According to Hannah Abney, the communications director for the George W. Bush Presidential Center, the names of the foundation's major donors are etched into three "donor walls" in the Dallas-based Bush Center at Southern Methodist University, and the "Freedom Registry," located at the entrance to the George W. Bush museum and library, lists donors who have contributed more than $20. No specific donation amounts are noted, and there's a catch: any donor who wishes to remain anonymous is not named.
Moreover, the only way to see the list of non-anonymous donors is to visit the actual museum and look at the walls and the registry. The George W. Bush Foundation does not make its list available in any other form or in any other place.
In an email, Abney noted that some donors could be identified by perusing newspaper articles, and she sent a link to a 2013 Dallas Morning News story that reported on a handful of donors to the foundation, including casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, which each have particular agendas. This article, though, was hardly a complete list.
is this where they got that scripted response when called out on their dirt "the other side does it too", they do it first and then connect the dots in their heads to Progressives nothing changes nothing new just retreads of their past that is ironically their present and future too.The Clinton Foundation may well be in a different position than the Bush foundations, given that it has received large donations from governments, corporations, and billionaires with agendas while Hillary Clinton was a Cabinet official or a presidential candidate. 
But the foundation funding George H.W. Bush's library and museum was accepting donations during his son's presidency—when some contributors, no doubt, had a powerful interest in decisions rendered by the Bush administration. And the foundation that support's George W. Bush's library and center is pocketing tens of millions of dollars a year, while W's brother is seeking to become the third Bush to win the White House. Anyone who wanted to gain favor with the Bush clan while George W. Bush was president could have anonymously donated an unlimited amount of money to his father's foundation, and now that Jeb Bush is in the hunt, anyone looking to fashion a relationship with the Bushes can contribute millions to either of these Bush foundations and keep that connection a secret.

they need to learn the moral of living in a glass house.

Cruz: Obama has 'inflamed' racial tensions

Washington (CNN)Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said on Wednesday that President Barack Obama had "inflamed racial tensions" during his time in office.
Speaking to members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the media, Cruz pointedly attacked the president for repeated missed opportunities to lead on race issues since he came into office.
"He's made decisions that I think have inflamed racial tensions -- that have divided us rather than bring us together," the Texas senator said. "We need leadership that brings us together rather than trying to divide us."
He cited Vice President Joe Biden's warning to an African-American audience that Republicans would "put you back in chains" during the 2012 campaign as proof of the kind of "incendiary and hateful rhetoric" that splits people apart.
Cruz could offer no specific examples on what he could do as President to address the tensions among minority communities when he was pressed.
"No. 1, most importantly, it comes to tone and language and rhetoric," he said. "Not having the President inflaming racial tensions, rather have the President working to appeal to our shared values."
okay we know he's lying and doing it to people of his race,  his farce emotional expression was a good act but all you need do is look back of everything he has said and done.  listen to the video and notice the between the lines dog whistle and smoke and mirrors.  he's a true republican a political fraud.  if you believe Pres. incites racial divide take off the tin foil hat grab your right leg hand on head and jump up and down while drooling.

i almost want hi to win the primary just to see him squirm around all he's done and said in the general election because that is where they always expose themselves trying to justify and explain away what they've said and done.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Black men w/ no criminal record applying for jobs treated same as white men fresh out of prison

A graduate watches through rain-soaked glasses as U.S. President Barack Obama delivers the commencement address during the graduation ceremony of the class of 2013 at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, May 19, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Reed    (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT) - RTXZTGI

Even if a black man is never called a nigger in the job application process, racism is alive and well in today's competitive marketplace. In a powerful editorial for the NY Times, it's made clear that the deck is stacked firmly against African Americans in ways that are incredibly destructive.
The sociologist Devah Pager, a Harvard professor who has meticulously researched the effect of race on hiring policies, has also shown that stereotypes have a powerful effect on job possibilities. In one widely cited study, she sent carefully selected test applicants with equivalent résumés to apply for low-level jobs with hundreds of employers. Ms. Pager found that criminal convictions for black men seeking employment were virtually impossible to overcome in many contexts, partly because convictions reinforced powerful, longstanding stereotypes.
The stigma of a criminal record was less damaging for white testers. In fact, those who said that they were just out of prison were as likely to be called back for a second interview as black men who had no criminal history at all. “Being black in America today is just about the same as having a felony conviction in terms of one’s chances of finding a job,” she wrote in her book, “Marked: Race, Crime and Finding Work in an Era of Mass Incarceration.”
these are the tenets of racism and bigotry until those with the power changes that dynamic those Black people who aspire and go to college are in many ways no more assured of a good job and life then those who did not, thatis oppression born of racism with intent.

Gay NYC businessmen who hosted Ted Cruz try to repair image—but it's not selling in Texas

Ian Reisner is one of two gay businessmen who have come under fire for hosting Ted Cruz at a private campaign event in their Manhattan apartment.
Politicians aren't the only ones suffering from whiplash over the rapid change in public sentiment on LGBT issues during the last handful of years. New York businessmen Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass, who co-own the LGBT-friendly hotel Out NYC, have no doubt been taken by surprise at the fury over their dinner party last week for Ted Cruz.
The same day the New York Times report first surfaced, an effort to boycott the two entrepreneur's establishments arose on Facebook and now counts over 9,000 likes. The boycott also includes a strip of properties Reisner recently bought at the very gay-popular Fire Island Pines resort. Both Reisner and Weiderpass have since gone into full damage control. Here's Reisner's latest effort, an apology posted to his Facebook wall:

Ian Reisner's Facebook apology

That was cold comfort to one his commenters, John Selig, who responded this way:
"It is your responsibility to carefully vet any politician before lending your support. I live in Texas and suffer continued hatred from Ted Cruz and his followers. You have made them stronger and more successful. At best, you are a fool."
The entire imbroglio highlights the divide between big-city gays and those who reside in less progressive parts of the country. It may be all too easy for some to sit in a Manhattan high-rise and find common ground on foreign policy with a blatant homophobe like Ted Cruz, even as his anti-gay efforts ravage the lives of LGBT Americans in his home state and elsewhere.
a traitor of any kind is still as egregious, is this a Steve Scalise moment like he didn't know Cruz was a bigot and hated him or did he really hate the guy he hosted a fund raiser for Cruz who obviously was willing to put the republican bigotry mantel on hold for money and he did it in his own home not more up front and personal than that.   as hard as Gays have had it why would one support the party that despises them???  Americans of all stripes vote against their own interest from time to time mostly under informed or mislead this guy had to know Cruz his platform consist of  denying Gay's equality.

SC police officers to mentally ill woman: I'll let you go if you let me Taser you in the forehead

Eric Walters & Franklin

After pleading guilty to federal charges of deprivation of rights, two Marion, South Carolina, police officers are due to be sentenced on Monday. Eric Walters and Franklin "Frankie" Brown are expected to each receive at least 12 months in prison after being fired two full years ago for one of the grossest stories of police misconduct you'll ever hear.
After Eric Walters saw Melissa Davis simply walking out of a home that was listed for sale, he confronted her:
He asked her what she was doing, thinking she might have broken into the home, then shocked her with his Taser, according to court papers. After Davis fell to the ground, Walters ordered her to put her hands behind her back, then shocked her four more times before she could respond, prosecutors said.
By the time Brown responded, Walters had determined Davis did nothing wrong and was removing the Taser probes from her back. Brown noticed one of Davis' hands had slipped from her improperly applied handcuffs and ordered everyone to move away and shocked Davis again, even though she was not trying to fight or escape, according to court papers.
Brown shocked Davis twice more, then offered to let her go if he could shoot her in the forehead one more time with his Taser, prosecutors said.
i posted recently thinking we were seeing a crazed phase were cops were getting off left and right for hostile acts against unarmed non combatants but now i'm willing to look again and wonder what is going on have all the police gotten some kind of email or phone call that sparks the reader or listener and triggers a violent act?  remember the movie "The Manchurian Candidate"  where a group of  POW's were brainwashed and given triggers that would prompt them to kill selected officials.  these guys need to be fired and replaced by well vetted officers with no prior record of civil violence.

this guy or guys are psychotic sadist and should be jailed in general population.

Baltimore Police Bill of Rights gives them 10 days after killing someone until they have to talk

Freddie Gray before dying from his spinal injuries at the hands of police

Imagine your son or brother or husband having his spine 80 percent severed, his vertebrae broken, his brain swollen, and him slipping into a coma. Imagine the emergency surgeries performed to attempt to save your loved one fail. Then imagine you know exactly who killed your loved one, but they are given a full 10 days before they have to tell you or anyone else on earth anything they know about what happened.
You are just expected to wait and wait and wait for answers.
Well, in Baltimore, that's exactly what has happened.
On April 12, Baltimore Police arrested a perfectly healthy man, but he was in a coma one hour later and the police weren't obligated to tell a single solitary soul what happened.
At the local level, the Maryland Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights says that when an officer is under investigation in a matter that could lead to disciplinary action, supervisors are prohibited from interviewing the accused officer for 10 days.
The state law doesn't make clear whether the 10-day period begins at the time of the incident or the time of the complaint stemming from the incident. House Delegate Mary Washington told CNN that the prohibition expired Wednesday (10 days since Gray's arrest) and the six officers who were suspended can now be interviewed.
So, in other words, the six officers who were involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray have had 10 whole days to get every single minute detail of their story straight. They've had 10 whole days to communicate with one another to make sure every single aspect of their stories perfectly sync up. 
They've had 10 whole days to watch the news, to watch the cell phone videos of their arrest of Freddie, to study what witnesses say they did or did not see. While the family of Freddie Gray has been forced to suffer during 10 long days of confusion and despair, these officers have been on paid leave, able to rehearse every word they will deliver when the law actually compels them to speak on the record.
This is an absolutely unnecessary and egregious aspect of the Maryland Police Bill of Rights. Officers should be forced to record their perspective on events immediately instead of being allowed 10 days to get a story together that just so happens to perfectly navigate around every detrimental aspect of the law.

i agree i think it's designed just for that to give police time to get the story straight why not when it's fresh in their mind and haven't had time to contrive an answer or get together for cigars and drinks on paid vacation to explain the inexplainable.  i looked as best i could but saw no date of implementation for the ten day interview law

How Balt. Riot Police Helped Spark the Rioting - The Psychology of Militarized Police & Crowds

Baltimore Police officers in riot gear push protestors back along Reisterstown Road near Mondawmin Mall, April 27, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.

These don't look like cops, they look like an invading military force.  How would it make you feel if large numbers of police that looked like this suddenly showed up in your local town or community on a day when you and other residents were dealing with the grief of a family's loss caused by the very same police force?  What did the appearance of heavily armed, paramilitary style police units in the neighborhoods tell the people who live in West Baltimore about what the "authorities" expected to happen?  
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is taking a lot of heat for not having a more "robust" police response and presence, but I suggest to you that more police and more police "force" would not have staved off yesterday's riot.  The problem wasn't a lack of police, but the presence of too many police deployed as military units with the aim of intimidation, i.e., by sending an implicit threat of violence against unarmed civilians should "things get out of hand."  
In short, the very nature of the police who were "deployed" in this manner begged for a violent reaction from the residents of West Baltimore, people already highly charged emotionally by the events of the past 15 days since Freddie Gray was arrested and fatally injured in the custody of "Baltimore's Finest" back on the morning of April 12th.  To understand why the presence of large numbers of police in their full riot gear helped spark the rioting, it is necessary to examine the the psychological effect of large crowds faced by exactly this type of police response.
you don't go aggressive at an angry crowd you invite altercation starting verbally then a false start and bullets and batons fly.  whose to blame freedom to assemble peacefully goes out the window and fear or maybe just a show of defiance to their authority supposed or legal  either or a statement of "who's the boss". is the intention under any means necessary.  we did not hear reports unlike Ferguson on threats to kill protesters and profane expletives from the police or tanks and 50 cal machine guns.

riot gear can be just as intimidating perceptions of what's to come looking back at prior protest for same reason dead Black teenager.  in the midst of recent police and Black encounters they haven't turned out as well as we would have liked so to enter into the perimeter of those past events are you not forgetting history and running the risk of repeat hence the riot gear???

Powerful video interview of Crips and Bloods disputing claims of the Baltimore police

Bloods and Crips in Baltimore disputing the assertions of the Baltimore Police
                                               MUST SEE
not a believer in gangs but i understand the void they fill for dissolutioned and disenfranchised youth looking to belong to something much like the home grown terrorist we see today leaving the country to fight with a terrorist group against their country.  i think their anger is misplaced mostly because of the fighting and killing of others in a different gang.  i also think that it's manipulated if they can come together call truces and get things done for the greater good of all shows they are not totally devoid of humanity to their fellow man.
Bloods and Crips uniting and disputing the claims of the Baltimore Police
Yesterday, immediately after the funeral of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Police Department released an ominous message stating that they had received a credible threat that the Bloods and Crips had entered into an agreement to kill police officers.
Within hours, malls closed, colleges and universities closed, sporting events were canceled, but the Bloods and Crips were only seen on the streets helping to defuse tensions. Late Monday night they gave an interview that can be found below the fold, openly disputing the claims of the police.
these kinds of actions are mostly from outside antagonist who would profit more by unrest and more cops killing Blacks you know people like Brietbart and those that support that skulduggery keeping the racial tension alive and well.  the media well they live for the ratings such results sells a lot of print and air time.   did anybody see O'Reilly? /s

they are smeared and made the new era boogeymen like the Black Panthers of old and new all part of the plan to slap down any Black positive influences hard to keep us down when they can't turn us against each other.

Dear White America: Please Stop Talking About Martin Luther King Jr. and the Baltimore 'Riots'

Freddie Gray was killed by Baltimore's police. Baltimore's ghetto youthocracy responded with protests and an exhalation of random street violence. The killing of Freddie Gray, an unarmed black man who was a victim of racial profiling and harassment by police, is the proximate cause of Baltimore's "riot".
The deeper and more substantive causes of Baltimore's violent spasm (and Ferguson and other sites as well) are long simmering grievances and righteous anger at an American police establishment that is racist towards black Americans, and a society where its supposed "meritocracy" is broken by the colorline and class inequality.
The United States may have a black man who happens to be President; racial equality, justice, and the radically democratic transformative possibilities that Obama symbolized seven years ago have not been translated into substantive improvements in the life chances for people of color more generally, or the black and brown poor in particular.
There is a ritual that accompanies these moments of protest by black Americans, and the wholly predictable urban unrest that follows the repeated killings of unarmed black people by police.
The high priests of public opinion take to the TV, radio, and Internet and summon the memory of Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to condemn black folks who are "rioting", for the latter are violating the sacred covenant of "non-violence" that King, as one of America's greatest leaders and martyrs, supposedly died for.
The man and woman on the street participates in this act of American civil religion as well. They mutter some basic understanding of Dr. King's dream, spittle accompanying a phrase about the Civil Rights Movement, as they shake their heads in consternation at the violent protests in Baltimore and elsewhere.
The high priests of public opinion on the dais, and those who sit in the pews of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement as civil religion, are engaged in futile acts of conjuring. They are trying to channel a weak and flattened memory of a man, one that has been reduced to selling fast food in January and February, made into an onerous statue at Washington's mall, and reduced to a paragraph that is ripped from a towering speech.
The impotent summoning of Dr. King in a time of crisis (with its righteous, justifiable, protest and rage against police thuggery, and a cruel State that cares more about protecting property and its out of control racist police, than in justice for black and brown Americans and the poor) is enabled by a flat and weak understanding of the Black Freedom Struggle and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s role in it.
The Civil Rights Movement contained multiple elements with often conflicting interests and strategies for success. Non-violence was not an empty phrase: it existed and found power in relation to those who wanted a more robust, direct, and if necessary, armed response to white supremacy and anti-black hatred. The Civil Rights Movement was able to use the media in the context of the Cold War, and white elites' anxieties about perception management abroad in an era of Jim and Jane Crow, to win its incremental gains.
King elaborated on the relationship of urban disorder to the struggle for full human rights and dignity for black American in his "The Other America" speech where he stated that:
I think America must see that riots do not develop out of thin air. Certain conditions continue to exist in our society which must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. 
And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality, and humanity. And so in a real sense our nation’s summers of riots are caused by our nation’s winters of delay. And as long as America postpones justice, we stand in the position of having these recurrences of violence and riots over and over again. Social justice and progress are the absolute guarantors of riot prevention.

i see that 47 years ago after the death of Dr. King we rioted and created destruction all over, i was home from Vietnam 5 months i had a job after work i participated but in all truth it was not about Dr. kings murder it was about me participating in a mob mentality that i think was more about getting stuff for free than protesting the loss,. 

there were no songs or chants just a bunch of smash and grabber's all out for themselves.  while we had no control economically of what has befallen us we also had no restraint or pride i think that is what gets passed down through the ages that is on each of us before the next ones come each one needs to teach one and stop the vicious circle of further depriving ourselves to many business we patronized in neighborhoods some are still burned out storefronts allowing those in power and ability to rebuild the option not to revitalize reasoning that they know the situation won't change so the likelihood of repetition of destruction is very high and here we are.

Baltimore Protest, Elite Ripping Off America More Important Than Baseball: Baltimore Baseball Owner
The protestors reached Camden Yards during a game between the Orioles and the Red Sox. The fans were initially told not to leave the stadium.
Here is what John Angelos said in a series of Twitter postings:
That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the U.S. to third-world dictatorships like China and others, plunged tens of millions of good, hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and then followed that action around the nation by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.
The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance, and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, and ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importances of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards. We need to keep in mind people are suffering and dying around the U.S., and while we are thankful no one was injured at Camden Yards, there is a far bigger picture for poor Americans in Baltimore and everywhere who don’t have jobs and are losing economic civil and legal rights, and this makes inconvenience at a ballgame irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.
very strong words and spot on as they are we have to look at America we hear republicans and Dems saying "WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS" problem is now the very ones who keep putting us in this jackpot are now the ones supposedly running the country, and their agenda speaks nothing to this embarrassment to American exceptionalism, instead they pass laws that will keep the status quo and make it worse constant ranting about killing the social net ACA, food stamps and the like you know those things it takes to sustain humans. as to a baseball game i know as many Blacks are complaining about the impact on the games but are we to continue dodging this issue so the ORIOLES can make more money?

i understand big money came in redid Inner Harbor and built stadium and they expect profit from the investment but if they turn their backs once again on the urban strife are they not asking for a similar occurrence in the future or occurrence's if they keep ignoring it??? 

The Dominant White Response to Baltimore Shows Why Black Residents are Justified in their Anger

Imagine for a moment that a man's neck was almost severed, nearly clean cut in the most painful way possible, while in the custody of the people charged with the duty of protecting and serving. Imagine that man died, alone, in a prison cell, while his cries for help were blatantly ignored. Now imagine that in the wake of that tragedy, a government had been infantile in its ability to explain even the basic details of what happened.
That's the revolting reality in Baltimore. And through it all, the dominant white response was muted. From different reaches of the Internet, prominent civil rights leaders weighed in on the travesty, offering perspectives on another data point in an ever-growing body of evidence that the police state is still being mobilized against black Americans. And sure, the death of Freddie Gray received some national media attention.
But it wasn't the concern of the average guy who looks like me. White Americans are immune to these problems, isolated from the realities of police brutality and oppression. Severed spines are a problem in the abstract, but certainly not something to get all bothered about. For some of us, the Freddie Gray travesty was another opportunity to reflect on the moral failings of the afflicted, noting that if Freddie had been a law-abiding choir boy, he wouldn't have found himself in the crunching grasp of Baltimore's police force. For others, it was an opportunity to remind the world that not all cops are bad, an impulse that's certainly correct, even if ill-timed.
Now imagine that in response to this one particular tragedy, the citizens of Baltimore - most of them black, but many white - rose up to question the culture of brutality that's produced more than 100 successful claims against police over the last few years. Imagine that in the midst of those protests, a debatable number of mostly young, mostly angry men smashed some windows, threw some rocks and bottles, and destroyed some property. A few of those men even got violent with those around them.
After sitting on the sidelines, silent at the lynching of Freddie Gray, you'd think that some property damage and non-lethal violence would fail to shake the conscience of the average white viewer. You'd be wrong.
It's in the defense of that property - those CVS stores owned by faceless individuals and those police cars being bashed in - that we've seen the strongest response from the dominant element of society. Social media is a good indication, but certainly not the only one. There, on sites like Facebook and Twitter, folks have spoken up about Freddie Gray for the first time. They've not come to the defense of the oppressed. Rather, they've spoken up in condemnation of those "animals," "thugs," and "criminals" who are "destroying their own city."
It's some combination of historical illiteracy and racial animus that drives the response. The prevailing white view has been tragically non-curious from an intellectual perspective. Rather than asking what might cause a people to risk life and limb in an effort to smash to bits their own neighborhoods, we've responded with a stupid, incredulous look on our faces. "Look at them," we've said. "Burning down their own city." We understand that we would never do something like that - not even when our favorite hockey team failed to win Lord Stanley's Cup. But we fail to ask that critical next question - if these people, who are in so many ways like us, would do something that we wouldn't think of doing, what must the conditions be like to drive that behavior?
As a white man, I'm in little position to pass judgment on the behavior of people so beaten down that they have little hope. I'm certainly not in a position to offer the tired white liberal tripe, asking black folks in places like Baltimore to sit quietly and trust the system, waiting for me and those like me to rescue them through legitimate democratic means. While rioting, looting, and lighting stuff on fire is certainly not a productive way to achieve equality and real civil rights, I won't lie to these people and tell them that by doing so, they're undermining progress that might have been made through legitimate protesting.
That's because I understand the unfortunate reality that powers this kind of destructive protesting. That is - these people are aware in a way I can never be aware, that whether they choose to jump on cars, sing Civil Rights hymns, hold signs, or stage peaceful letter writing campaigns to their local congressperson, the situation is going to stay mostly the same.
Why do you see destructive rioting and looting? It's not because people think it's the best way to get things done. It's because the people have finally come to realize that no matter what they do, nothing gets done. No matter how loud they scream, the system still crushes them under its weighty wheels. Their macro situation in many ways mirrors their individual situations. These people are expressing not just anger and frustration at another black man killed by another group of police officers. Rather, they're expressing anger and frustration at a socio-economic reality in which they are the bones and scraps left over after the best meat's been taken.
As a white male, I don't particularly care for looting and rioting. I wouldn't like to be one of the store or property owners who will have to replace or rebuild. But I'm forced to recognize this destruction as the final option for a group of people so systematically disenfranchised that their voices have not been heard. And I have to ask myself a difficult question - who is the worse moral monster: The young man whose hopelessness leads him to jump on the hood of a cop car, or me, a person who has acquiesced to a system that creates justified hopelessness among young people in places like Baltimore?
When we, as white folks, seem more eager to speak up in defense of property than we are to speak up in defense of another slain black man, we demonstrate that the righteous anger of those doing the rioting is justified. We show that our unwillingness to invest resources in their future is not a coincidence, but rather, the intentional workmanship of our decrepit value system, which tosses away young black men as readily today as it did 200 years ago.
this article is so well written and expressive IMO of what it's really all about, coming from a White guy gives hope that if he can get it so can others, and the realization that instead of condemnation we should be looking at what is in our faces happening in the now and understanding it didn't come about in even 300 years but before and on going. 

those who chant taking their country back is what got us here where we came from where the country was and still is.   i mean all of us those oppressed those oppressing and those sitting in the stands popcorn and a cold beverage in hand watching and criticizing but not offering or even thinking there is a solution because they had nothing to do with it 400 years ago so it's not their problem but like those that burned that CVS they too cannot get a prescription filled for grandma's Alzheimer so in fact it is their problem too.  you don't have to actively participate not participating is just as detrimental and yields equal results it is a double edged blade you are part of the solution or a purveyor of that which is the problem.

Fox News's Shepard Smith smacks down cohosts covering Baltimore riots

Fox News's Shepard Smith earned scores of brownie points for his coverage of the Baltimore riots. It was shocking to say the least. While Smith was covering the Baltimore riots with the hosts of Fox News The Five, he continuously smacked them down for their dog whistle. They attempted to blame prominent civil rights leaders for not being there. They also attempted to indict the parents of the rioters. Smith would have none of it. He told them that they should cover the event and leave recrimination where applicable for another day.
The reality is that while Smith displayed a good journalistic act, his subsequent prose was a display of understanding the reality of the situation that one seldom expects from Fox News. When one of The Five hosts kept on rambling about "where are the civil rights leaders," Smith had had it.
"I also don’t know where we are. We’ve got a major American city that has decades of turmoil within this neighborhood,” Smith said. “Decades! You’ve heard the stories from Doug McKelway a little while ago of people being arrested for nothing, a violent crackdown for years and years, of them feeling powerless and hopeless and nobody listening to what they were saying. One quarter of the youth locked up. 
Clearly there is a big problem. Then all of a sudden an African-American man is taken into a vehicle and he comes out of it and dies. And you get nothing from authorities except a suspension. And those who would do harm take an opportunity to do harm. And here we are. But it is what has happened between all of that and today that has led to this. There is no escaping that reality."
Did Smith forget he is on Fox News? Is he auditioning for a job at a real news network? One cannot know. Imagine if most Fox News viewers were privy to real journalism. So much more could get done.
kudo's, rarely do you see a Fox host defend truth inspite of  others that are carrying the Fox banner i think one thing that may come from this is a new awareness by their under and misinformed viewership did it erase years of misleading no but it may have opened some to the fact that maybe there is something other than blame them for them.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boehner Admits Not Enough Votes To Kill Iran Deal

John Boehner says Congress doesn't have the votes to kill the Iran nuclear deal.
Speaking at an off-the-record event Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition's meeting in Las Vegas, House Speaker John Boehner told the audience that he didn't expect that more than two-thirds of Congress would vote to overturn a veto from Obama if Congress voted against a nuclear deal, according to four people who were inside the room for the private talk.
The resolution of disapproval is provided for in legislation before the Senate this week, known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. The deadline for reaching a final nuclear accord between Iran, the U.S. and five other world powers is June 30.
if this is true than this is also another embarrassing moment for Beohner and his control over his party this is what the 3rd or 4th time they voted or were against his wishes questioning his leadership over and over even though they elected him again i think it was because no one else wanted the job so still his by default. all the 47 signers of the Iran letter the scheming with Netanyahu and all to no avail that is going to leave a mark right through 2016 elections.  congress overreaching only gives them a pulled tendon.

Megyn Kelly And Mark Fuhrman Use Baltimore Riots To Smear African American Community As A Whole
Megyn Kelly trotted out racist Mark Fuhrman and pretended he was just a regular retired detective commenting on the riots in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody. And surprise! The two of them used the segment to smear African Americans in general.
Kelly frequently turns to Fuhrman in racially sensitive matters. She hosted him to discuss the Trayvon Martin case and repeatedly turned to him for Ferguson commentary. Not once did Kelly reveal Fuhrman’s animosity toward African Americans that came to light during the O.J. Simpson trial. Nor did she in this segment.
Yet Kelly listened unquestioningly as Fuhrman suggested there is something intrinsically wrong with African Americans. Fuhrman sounded more like a psychologist than a police commenter as he “analyzed” Baltimore’s black rioters.
Kelly helped amplify the point by suggesting that African American complaints are just an excuse to behave more badly than usual.
KELLY: In Ferguson, Missouri, we were told that at the heart of that problem which, obviously, Officer Wilson was exonerated in that case, but the police department was condemned widely after that DOJ report. And what we were told was that that police force was not reflective of the community and that that was a main thing that needed to be done – there were too many whites on the police force given the racial makeup of the city of Ferguson. …Well, look at the situation here. I mean, it doesn't seem any better.
like i said in last post only Fox knows the true plight of Blacks in the White power structured world.  i understand about jobs in this time but i wonder how those Black employees of Fox who none by the way have a show of their own and mostly work in a reporting capacity feel working for such a despicable company that hates them i guess it's all about the Benjamin's and it might not be fair to ask a job is a job it's just whether at days end can you face your friends and family and most of all yourself or do you continue with a heavy heart covered by your shirt?

it doesn't seem any better because some still have never admitted the truth of reality and not the misleading of misinformation that keeps you under informed.  she's making a name for herself but who cares she better hope she has a lifetime contract with Fox because no reputable media will hire a liar.

Angry mom grabs son off street amid Baltimore riot
A Baltimore mom was trying to tame violence when she realized her son was throwing rocks at police. She was sure to voice her disappointment, as video caught the woman smacking the boy and chasing him when he walked away. Gayle King reports.
i know a lot of people are adverse to hitting kids yeah kids not teen punks out disrespecting and acting like it's okay i understand the mentality the more open discourse now then back in the day., and recalling the 60's and 70's civil unrest but back then they weren't shooting and killing us beatings yeah but not the outright disregard for Black life. 
 i think that mother was correct and expressing her concern that the boy didn't seem to understand could be fatal it also showed me the repeat up side the head was saying "i've told you about the ramifications and raised you better than this and here you are not paying attention i will not let you get killed in these damn streets" each pop was one of those things.  sometimes the old way is a better way a timeout is incumbent on the later young adult as to if it meant anything for an hour or two of no TV.

slapping your teen on the back of their head when they are wrong and know better is concern and love not a crime the crime is allowing laws that give kids a later nonchalant attitude to rules and laws.
Black culture is one of having to instruct to protect our kids not let laws tell us what is and is not best for our children in our circumstance.  especially when the now nothing of it.  except those at Fox/s

Republicans reach deal for budget plan, target Obamacare

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican budget negotiators on Monday reached a compromise deal for the first joint House-Senate budget in six years, one that seeks to boost military spending while calling for deep cuts to social programs to eliminate deficits in a decade.
But congressional aides said the deal, to be formally unveiled on Tuesday, will stop well short of directing appropriations committees to actually implement those cuts.
Instead, it will focus on the use of budget procedural tools on repealing or replacing President Barack Obama's signature health reform legislation, the aides said.
not 5 months into this year and still they are riding that dead horse of ObamaCares repeal i see they added the replace back in the shame of not having a replacement prompted them to reframe from using it in conjunction with their failed repeal 56 times effort.  did somebody wipe their servers clean of emails Americans like and want this law by 72%, but their habit is to dismiss what we the people say and want by telling us what we really want and have said they ought to write a book "our world according to us".  insurance co.'s, hospitals, Dr.'s all love it so what are they fighting against it for sour grapes???

Passing a budget will allow Republicans the opportunity to use budget "reconciliation" procedures to dismantle "Obamacare" with only a simple majority vote in the Senate, rather than a near-impossible 60 vote margin that would require some Democratic support.
As reported by Reuters last week, the compromise budget will exclude Representative Paul Ryan's longstanding proposals to convert the Medicare health program for seniors to a system of subsidies for largely private health insurance.
The House of Representatives had included the Medicare reforms in its budget for a fifth straight year, calling for the changes to start in 2024. But the more cautious Senate did not include the proposals, adopting similar savings goals for the program as Obama proposed.
The Republican budget will nominally maintain statutory "sequester" spending caps for the military and domestic federal agencies for the 2016 fiscal year starting Oct. 1. But at the same time it skirts the caps by providing an additional $38 billion in military spending via a special off-budget account for war operations.
Once the budget is passed, the fiscal debate will shift to a separate effort to find other savings or revenue increases to ease the sequester spending constraints that were enacted in a 2011 budget law.
If Congress fails to lift the spending caps, military and domestic agency spending next year would stay flat at about $1 trillion, the same level as a decade ago. This also would make passage of spending bills more difficult, raising the risk of a government shutdown on Oct. 1.
Americans we know that the republican claim that Obama was coming for your guns was a bald faced lie but the fact the republicans are coming for your ACA insurance is a reality they have been saying so for going on 7 years is that proof enough for you?   the end result sounds like they are gearing up for another confrontation on budget a last minute attempt to deprive not only the Pres. but we the people of gov't services costing millions while they play hide the bill and sink the Pres. and detract from his legacy.  i'm sure history will credit any uncompleted promise to republican obstruction in the meanwhile they can suck on this,

More American doctors favor Democrats

(Reuters Health) – - American physicians remained more likely to donate to Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections even as voters passed control of Congress to the Republican party, a study finds.
While the percentage of doctors contributing to Republicans has for the most part been declining since the mid-1990s, 55 percent of physician donors backed Democrats in the last election cycle, just as they did in 2012, according to the study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.
republicans keeping in line with their years old lying about ObamaCares told us Dr. hated it and were going to refuse service to those who used it well looks like another TKO to that myth it's amazing how far they have gone to dissuade us away from it when every report says everyone loves it even members of the republican party.  this link is from one of their media rags.

"There is this traditional notion out there that if you are a physician, you are a Republican, and we're now seeing that the profession as a whole is on the Democratic side," said senior study author Dr. David Rothman, a researcher at Columbia University's Center on Medicine as a Profession. "We believe it's going to be a long term trend."
The shift in political party allegiance among physicians is probably a byproduct of changes in how medicine is practiced and who is entering the profession, Rothman said. More women are becoming doctors, and more physicians are working for nonprofit healthcare organizations instead of going into private practice, he said.
"The Democratic allegiance of women physicians is even greater than women in the general public," Rothman said. "And if you are salaried versus an entrepreneurial physician you are again more likely to contribute to the Democratic side."
it's falling down and hopefully like Humpty Dumpty they won't be able to put it back together again, at least not in it's present form and ideology.

Michigan Catholic school dismisses 12-year-old leukemia patient for missing too much school

Rose McGrath blowing out the candles on a birthday cake

Rose McGrath, a 12-year-old Michigan girl has spent nearly 3 years fighting for her life. She's in recovery, but still dealing with the physical effects of leukemia treatments. Although she has missed a lot of school, her mother says she was still going to pass her core classes and they were stunned by a recent letter from the school:
The letter addressed concerns regarding Rose's attendance and academic performance, and stated that Rose had been dismissed from St. Joseph Middle School.
"I didn't do anything wrong, but they still got rid of me," Rose said.
St. Joseph Middle School administrators defended the decision:
"These were extraordinary circumstances, but so many accommodations were made we felt eventually it became a point where we really had to help Rose, by being able to make sure that she was getting the assistance that she needed and to learn," said Father John Fleckenstein, with Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools.
But the McGraths say the school has failed their child.
"The accommodations  which were made were woefully inadequate for a child with such a serious diagnosis," said Rose's father Tom McGrath.
With less than 5 weeks until the school year is over, couldn't they have found a way to get her through? Perhaps they should revisit their own values. From their website:
How do children learn to distinguish right from wrong? When the challenges of childhood appear, as they do for everyone, it is comforting to know that the spiritual framework of community surrounds your student—faculty your child can trust, friends he or she can rely upon, acceptance based on each person’s unique qualities. The values taught in your home are reinforced in our schools. There probably has never been a tougher time to be a parent, which is why there has never been a better time to choose the Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools. We are your partners in your child’s development and education.

this sounds like a decision made by administrators/ the business end of that spectrum not the religious end. article doesn't mention any undo stress of budget or personnel is it business first our purpose and declaration on website second if at all?  where are the parishioners where is Pope Frankie this was posted Fri. morning doesn't appear to be something you need to prepare a statement for it's wrong and they should state specifics why that decision was it economics or just plain unchristian like???
"These were extraordinary circumstances, but so many accommodations were made"
what were they and why did the recipients say they were woefully inadequate,  how extraordinary would it be to send someone by with homework or have parents pick it up, someone to assist parents by phone or internet???   WHAT THWE FUSS!!!!!

Cartoon: Death & Destruction, Inc.

Now that the defense industry in the United States has taken a bit of a budgeting hit at home, they’re getting more aggressive overseas. Defense contractors are opening satellite offices and selling arms as fast as they can into the chaos of the Middle East.  
Between the fight against ISIS and the war in Yemen, more Arab countries are getting into the act and using their arsenals. US companies are supplying the planes, bombs, missiles and other weapons everywhere from Libya and Iraq to Yemen and Pakistan. We’ve got a very busy little military industrial complex these days.
It’s nothing new that the United States is the biggest arms dealer in the world, I just think it’s worth noting that we have a hand in nearly every war currently under way. What looks like crazy countries battling over religion, politics or resources far away from our shores, is closer to home when you peel back the layers to find out who is supplying those weapons. Be sure to like, comment, share and dig into some of the links behind the cartoon.
here we are again using cartoons to tell a story of hypocrisy????  the right wing war mongers talk a lot about Iran supplying arms and assistance to rebel fighters in Syria and Russia helping their rebels in the Ukraine while doing what they are accusing others of it's deja vu all over again they do the dirt then point at others as if they were worst because they are not American right wingers.  these people want you to vote for them to be able to formally do the what they do now just not mentioning it to you and they talk about transparency.

the article says it's not new but how many of you were aware of it before?

Koch funded Heartland Institute sends scientists to correct Pope Frances on Global Warming

The Koch funded Heartland Institute is sending some of its industry compliant scientists to Rome to correct Pope Francis ideas about Global Warming.
Koch-backed group sending ‘real scientists’ to school Pope Francis about ‘Biblical duty’ to pollute 
The libertarian Heartland Institute — perhaps best known for working alongside cigarette manufacturers to question the dangers of second-hand smoke — will host a workshop featuring two “real scientists” Tuesday in Rome ahead of a Vatican summit on the environment, although the group neglected to identify its scientists.
Pope Francis plans to issue an encyclical letter this summer that will address environmental issues, and very likely climate change — which could make the issue a moral and religious concern for Christians worldwide.
The Vatican summit will feature UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs – who the conservative group complained ignore “abundant data showing human greenhouse gas emissions are not causing a climate crisis.”
They said proposed international regulations on airborne pollutants would amount to “a radical reordering of global economies that will cause massive reductions in human freedom and prosperity.”
“The Holy Father is being misled by ‘experts’ at the United Nations who have proven unworthy of his trust,” said Joseph Bast, president of the Heartland Institute. “Humans are not causing a climate crisis on God’s Green Earth – in fact, they are fulfilling their Biblical duty to protect and use it for the benefit of humanity..."
okay the Catholic Christians are not the evangelical ones that follow and support Koch misinformation some blindly others intentionally and for profit.  so sending a notorious right wing  entities "real scientist/ that they have denied 95% of the other real scientist to argue their position that to pollute is okay there's nothing to see here just go about your business until you choke out turn blue and die. 

now since Catholics are more inclined to follow the Pope do they expect some mass exodus of Catholics to the hate filled halls of faux religion evangelicals,  talk about stomping on someones freedom of religion they seem to have that down to a science oop's there's that pesky word they don't believe in again? 

as to their "duty to pollute well seems they were mislead or just lying thinking most of their followers won't check it out but i am not one of them and i looked check out link below.  now you know who's misleading who.

Beginning of the end: The details that will destroy the Tulsa Sheriff's Office

Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz

                                         Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz
Tulsa journalists Ziva Branstetter and Dylan Goforth just released a report that spells the beginning of the end for Sheriff Stanley Glanz and the Tulsa Sheriff's Office. The corruption and cronyism are deep and cost Eric Harris his life.
See their report in full below. It's an absolute must read.
In it, you will find the missing details on who has protected Bob Bates, who has covered for him, who paid the price for speaking up, and so much more.
Internal affairs investigation into Tulsa County Reserve Deputy Robert Bates by ZivaBranstetter
that is in article so pop some corn break out the a cold beverage kick back in the recliner and scroll down there is misinformation and named personnel that deny the validity of that info, like the article said must read.  the daily operations rival only the criminal exploits of AZ sheriff Arpaio's criminal police dept. now this is what internal affairs is suppose to do their job and why cops don't like them if you  find a dept that does not like them more than likely there is some skulduggery afoot.

the rich can only buy protection by those corrupt enough to engage but that is not all the people and they cannot buy the whole city's complicity.

Top Spokesman For GOP Hate Monger Rush Limbaugh - Wants Hate Speech Removed From Twitter

Brian Glicklich, head PR man and spokesperson for The Rush Limbaugh Show recently wrote an opinion piece stating he is very upset about 'hate speech' on Twitter. Never mind that he's been representing the king of Conservative radio hate mongers. Glicklich is the bully, in front of the bully, who just last Fall released the private and personal information about some of the StopRush volunteers (their names, home addresses, phone numbers…) which a plethora of Republican/Conservative/Tea Party websites picked up. 
Who knows how many fanatics and Limbaugh Dittoheards now have access to that information. And these crazies have been calling, threatening and harassing the StopRush volunteers for months. That was you Brian. You did that. And now you're getting a taste of it, and you can't handle it? You don't like people calling you names? Cry me a river.
It's long past the time for a platform that offers an unmoderated voice to create more responsible methods to eliminate hate speech from software used by hundreds of millions worldwide, including vulnerable children, minorities and people looking simply to share their thoughts, not be shouted down with bullying and lies.
Did you really just say that? You think you're experiencing hate speech? Think about it some more, and how you have contributed to someone spewing it on a massive level, every day - for decades. Here is what hate speech looks like.
When your boss, Rush Limbaugh, implies homosexuals are 'pedophiles/child molesters,' it feeds into the hatred of the LGBT community. It sends a signal to derelicts that it's okay to mock, bully, and abuse those with a different sexual preference. Sometimes that leads to discrimination, hate crimes, teen suicides, and murder.
That is hate speech.
When your boss, Rush Limbaugh, calls women 'sluts, femi-nazis, and semen receptacles,' it feeds into misogyny and it dehumanizes women. It sends a signal that it's okay to demean and degrade women. Sometimes that leads to abuse, domestic violence, rape, and murder. 
That is hate speech.
one thing that is for racist rush that is not for those who oppose him and his despicable approach to talk radio they are not losing sponsors they are not despised by now who knows how many no one refuses to kiss their ring because they are Americans they don't need to be a wannabe king maker.  the world of shock jocks is imploding they/you have gone to far it takes haters and racist and bigots to make an audience for that kind of reprehensible rhetoric.  they seek to exclude well they achieved that they are now being excluded from the human race sponsors are running away people are turning the dial while he sits there smoking a cigar being immortalized for the museum of America's most hated haters.

why does he need to get a jr. hater to speak for him has he lost so many stations that he's afraid all the other haters won't hear is cries of foul "you are taking of space for my hateful rants",  is he now a coward unable any longer to speak for himself or is he using this guy as a collateral damage excuse that he didn't say he wants is own MO deleted from the air waves, don't think he had to do that the phenomenon is all but dead give it time and we will be saying rush whoooooooo?????

Monday, April 27, 2015

Limbaugh: Baltimore Has Been Left Unprotected Like Clinton Left Amb. Stevens Unprotected In Benghazi
Rush: "Baltimore Is Getting The Ambassador Stevens Treatment" Pioneered By Clinton And Obama.
the half misinformation, leads to half cocked responses that lead to half wits repeating it, he leaves out the part where he and his congressional cohorts dropped the ball that was the real cause for those 4 American deaths and why they can't seem to get over it they are protesting too much trying to rid themselves and reassign the guilt and blame on to Hillary and this admin.

they make so much over 4 deaths that they are responsible for but ignore the thousands of 911 that thy are also responsible ignoring again that time threats and warnings multiple times, yes there is a pattern since that's their latest catch phrase.  there is a question of who fell down on the job is it the ones who have gone insane trying to connect getting a drink of water a Benghazi conspiracy scandal or those who point out the under funding of those who hold the purse strings?

using the murder of a Black youth to further his right wing faux scandal theory is reprehensible and my people that ignored the family's request for peace are not doing any good in furthering relations and mending they are arming racist a bigots with more ammunition to slow down on the police aggressiveness it's wrong and degrades the rest of us denouncing them.n  i participated in DC riots in 1968 i am not proud. it was not about Dr. king it was mob mentality, we need to stop using tragedy to qualify illegal and senseless actions.

Conservative Newsmax Points Out Murdoch Corps' Role In Clinton Cash Push

Christopher Ruddy

Newsmax's Christopher Ruddy detailed the entanglements between several media properties owned by Rupert Murdoch that are promoting the upcoming book Clinton Cash from conservative activist Peter Schweizer.
In an April 27 column headlined "In Defense of the Clinton Foundation," Newsmax CEO and editor Christopher Ruddy -- who is himself a donor to the Foundation -- discussed the allegations made against the charity in Clinton Cash, which were recently hyped in a Fox News special. He writes that the claims in the book, which suggests the Clintons used donations to influence foreign policy, are "unsubstantiated, unconnected, and baseless," and tells journalists to "follow the money" when discussing the book itself, warning that "where there's smear, there's not always fact."
Ruddy notes, "The sister companies of News Corp and 21st Century Fox own HarperCollins, which published Peter Schweizer's book; they own The Wall Street Journal, which first raised the issue of the foreign donations; they own the New York Post, which broke the details about the Schweizer book; and they own Fox News, which gave the story oxygen and legs."
He adds, "With so much media mojo from one company, there is no doubt they will be doing some pretty good 'cashing in' from the many millions of dollars their new best-seller will generate."
i'm really confused newsmax is a right wing oriented media are we seeing another defection from the house of hate that Ruppert Murdoch built or will they find him in his garage with a hose in the tail pipe and car running?  it is very interesting and encouraging to see so many of late disassociate themselves from the right wing propaganda machine.  i guess they are not wanting to be on the wrong side of history for their friends and family to see the repulsiveness they embraced.  i wonder is it just some issues or a complete abandoning of the good ship lollypop and it's right wing republican crew???