Sunday, May 30, 2010

politics 1

sorry about incomplete topic since it was from the heart these words maybe different given the kaleidoscope of political positions;REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, TEA PARTY, LIBERTARIAN, It would seem if these people had the American people ans America's best wishes and needs at heart then where does the venom and degradation come from, the willingness to tell these same people although distinguished as "THE REAL AMERICANS" AND LEFT WING LOONS" ANYTHING" and if the facts don't support use that idiotic laugh and look of utter apathy try and over talk a most of the time relative and based in fact and it seems conservative host always let the REPUBLICAN have last word knowing this is what viewers will more readily remember.

I cannot forget Mr. Cheyney being interviewed on one of the news shows, he was told of American people were not in favor of one of his acts his response "SO" that shows an irreverent consideration for the "REAL AMERICANS" and the rest of us "PEONS". also with willful nose thumbing of congress ( Karl Rove)to testify about having lawyers rewrite the constitution so they can torture, "Bush i'm not going to reward them with a seat at the table (Iran) who did they think they were?

Constant manipulation of government and laws while claiming "EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE" Conservatives ( we want obama to lose knowing that means America fails then they can "TOLD YOU SO" and get back in power. All these statements about what the American people don't want if they just look back at 2008 they'll really see what the people want. I would think they would feel preety stupid after last year and half ranting about "BIG GOVERNMENT", Texas WANTING TO SUCCEED,FIRST SIGN OF TROUBLE (SPILL) "WHERE'S THE GOV. TOOK TO LONG TO GET INVOLVED" GEE TEXAS GUESS YOU COULD SOP-UP SOME OIL AND PAY FOR YOURSELF, SAME TO YOU MR. JINDAL, CARRYING LOADED FIREARMS,HERE'S THE MOST LAUGHABLE "WE WANT TO TAKE BACK OR COUNTRY" DON'T THINK ANY OF THEIR NAMES ARE NATIVE AMERICAN THEY NEED TO LISTEN TO BOTH SIDES SO THEY'LL KNOW WHICH WAY TO RUN

in that year and half this admin. has done more for "THOSE WHO OPPOSE" then any REPUBLICAN or LIBERTARIAN has ever even considered doing for them, so i guess it makes more sense to follow them "NOT" TEA PARTY let's see "TAXATION W/OUT REPRESENTATION" "NOT",THE DENIAL OF RACIST REFERENCES Obama Hitler mustache NAZI emblems come on people "WHO'S ZOOMIN' WHO?"

Friday, May 28, 2010

politics 2

sorry forgot the TEA PARTY lets see taxation without representation "NOT" THEY WANT TO TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY native Americans "NOT" rhetoric that smacks of racism but it's not according to them maybe God forbid they'll take all the guns they carry on display and i think you get my drift i'll leave one final thought 1and a half years has done more for those who oppose than any right-wing or libertarian has ever even dreamed of doing for "THE REAL AMERICANS" I guess that makes-so much more sense to follow those people "NOT"


It seems to me this pie chart type political climate DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS, TEA PARTIES

Monday, May 24, 2010

big business may have a heart after all

i'm 61yrs. Vietnam vet with pension from VA among my monthly expenses is my cellphone bill acct. with AT&T i carry a balance well into $300. plus, this month i missed my deadline payment for the first time, i called them the balance was wiped out it's a pay as you go with rollover the nice rep. i spoke with offered to replace half of prior bal. i accepted because they technically did not have to replace anything. I called a friend to tell about experience as we were talkink cell phone rang, it was that nice lady again she said "i'm feel bad about you losing your bal. i talked with my supervisor and we are going to replace the total amount" at which time i uttered praise the Lord and God bless you" in this cynical all for myself business atmosphere there is a glimmer of hope i thank God for the opportunity to share with all of you and bless you and yours NICK J.