Monday, April 30, 2012

sour gripes?

the best counter to the right wing destructiveness, media, with all they say, the truth is on tape for all to see, which makes them the figures of lies and blockers at the expense of your constitutional rights, and any iota of respect they might get from "we the people".

they are proving on a daily basis their lack of concern for the poor, women and yes children, their support of the corporations desire to kill all regulations leaving them free to shortcut and sub standard their work and your rights to clean safe non toxic work environment.

IMO the irrefutable fact that first Black man to be duly elected, beat them out of "their" White House" also is beating them at everything that they once held as the trappings of their God complex. that being a mythical Greek God complex just like those WMD's non existent. please click title

this is an expression of desperation and sauerkraut

have you noticed the false indignation acted out very poorly by the right wing of their hyper insensitive rants as to the audacity of our beloved Pres. to remind us of his true accomplishments, not having some one fly you on board a Aircraft Carrier which i take umbrage to, i was stationed on the USS FORRESTAL CVA-59. with banner's flying "mission accomplished".

now 9 yrs later the mission is getting accomplished by this admin, cleaning up their failures, and Bush's "i don't think about him much". they did everything short of riding thru the jungle tearin' limbs off of trees, Alley Oop.
again the right accuse, lambaste and deny his right to acknowledgement by the people he serves. they need to run this everytime they insult America with their sour grapes rants. please click title sorry please copy paste

FBI scare or reality, just passing the info, not a to do from me to you

this was forwarded to me from a trusted friend, Radio Free America, i nor they know if it's true but should not be ignored. sorry copy paste

morning my friend, not a good story to wake up to. one thing that crossed my mind was they are probably already doing that with knowledge of the big ip's, so why pull such an asinine move by putting it out there, counter productive to that end. Orwellian, at least but don't see a institution who with it's counterpart CIA would in an election year, put that nugget out there,

excuse me but this is more IMO a right wing instigated ruse to blame the Pres., nothing like a good "gov't too big now they want to read your IM's". i know sometimes some may think i see right wing conspiracy when they don't, like that line in The Usual Suspects, they have shown a propensity to the unscrupulous not that far out of line. they also tend to forget their equally as reprehensible endeavor's, phone tapping it's all about the phone lines and it's pathway to the internet. let's see if there are attacks on our beloved Pres., framed in a illegally spying on "we the people".

very interesting seed God Bless us all, stay vigilant my fried watch for signs of elephant hoof prints. not to be the looking everywhere person but i guess i am can we ignore the possibility that our chickens could be coming home to roost, did we not sink Iran's nuke development with a virus? just sayin.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he doesn't exist"

Sunday, April 29, 2012

war against women, we don't have no stinkin' war against women

the right needs to watch their propaganda machine at work. then maybe they would not look as hypocritically incredulous as to recognizing "oh yeah we are". to not lessen the reality of their skulduggery,

i think i shall now only refer to their conflict with women's right's as "the conservative aggression" does this even sound real a women's caucus for only right wing women? this is just to etch a sketch DARRYL ISSA, pretentious panel of men for womens rights. laughable
this "i know you are but what am i" counterpoint is as childish as the guy who coined it Pee Wee Herman. and they want to 180 this too, but who is really not serious, who is zoomin' who? please click title sorry copy paste good info in there

still scraping

those who still and brought this up in the first place think you the electorate are stupid, they keep dragging dead horse's out and stinking up their party. is it not obvious that this is a dead irrelivant issue born in the minds of the racist right to do what they are claiming our beloved Pres. of, dividing the country.

1 yr later and they believe you have not gotten any brighter then you were when they first unveiled this fraudulent claim. some will have that "oh yeah" moment but those are the concentrated on one's. GW Bush "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the one's you want to concentrate on".

let's get real the man is an American, time to file that one away in the bsmt. of the FBI X Files where the rest of the alien crap is. Trump needs to move to Texas and hide. please click title
please copy and paste

right once again is upset

the audacity of hypocracy they really don't think much of "we the people". they point accuse, lie manufacture false scenario's guess they are the authority on what they are ranting about it's their MO, and we are expected not to notice?
those on a fence investigate seek out the real info not the misinfo presented by the right, you owe it to yourself to have a gov't that is really for you not just during election season. please click title

right is upset over Bin Ladin video

they are really scraping the bottom of the pot for anything to stop their impending loss in Nov. whole thing stings of sour grapes. they couldn't or wouldn't do it, our beloved Pres. beat not only the terrorist faction but the right wing as well.
those on a fence investigate seek out the real info not the misinfo presented by the right, you owe it to yourself to have a gov't that is really for you not just during election season. please click title

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beohner in full effect

Beohner has crossed the t's and dotted the i's in his trying to be a big boy rant. like before this only expose them as the do nothing but block America's way back because they aren't the in charge party

remember when our beloved Pres. said yes we can then Beohner in all his wanna be bluster "hell no you can't" expose's the right to no compromise a word they have rewritten out of their volcabulary. please copy paste these links

and the right wing cheers on to the rants of hell no you haven't. these are not representative of the real American values only right wing value them! please click title

the Pres. is calling a righty a wrongy

their rise in the women smack down is in itself ludicrous, and shows their intent is borderline manaical, why? seriously why? i would love to hear just one of them to explain why this bombardment of women's rights is so important that they are literally banking their election possibilities on proposing the ultimate disrespect i would say to their mother's, wive's, daughter's, friend's if any and those of us men who would love to kick them.... and take names. plase click title

Friday, April 27, 2012

Romney and foreign affairs

IMO romney is quite adept at foreign affairs Cayman IS., Geneva and places where you can hide your loot in foreign banks, from the country you claim to love how the tree's are the right height and where you love to fire people and elevator's for your cars, what's not to love?

is this why he's hiring the failed staff of Bush, because of their former leaders foreighn policy, you know let Bin Laden go because of not wanting to offend his business partners.

"President Bush recently signed an executive order to freeze the US financial assets of corporations doing business with Osama bin Laden. He described the order as a "strike on the financial foundation of the global terror network."
"If you do business with terrorists, if you support or succor them, you will not do business with the United States," said President Bush.
He didn't say anything about doing business with a terrorist's brother - or his wealthy financier. please copy paste worth it
well what do you know?

Ryan's bait and switch of Catholic's get's thrown back in his face

they tried to garner brownie points by ramping up or maybe even instigating the total insensitive Bishops to a plan requiring Churches to help out with what over 95% of the parish's already ignore, B C, then they again go a step to far and continue the attacks that they try to dismiss like WMD's. but to the Bishop's credit "it ain't that kinda party"
this beg's to question how religiously inclined is this party, or are they just charlatans? the latter my first guess. please click title
i really beleive their voicing of their already embedded feelings toward women will be their Waterloo. the audacity of arrogance, playing Russian Roulette with a single shot derringer.

right wing plan to treason

i've been saying this started Nov 2008 how to over throw the gov't by not doing what i was elected to do, they can wait 4 yrs. while we lie cheat and invent new skulduggery that will undermine the elected Pres. Promise of jobs just a shinny object to get in, they let the wrong one's in and they only get jobs now from our beloved Pres. can they admit to the truth?

you America have been inundated with the meanest, vilest, racially inspired effort to bring down the duly elected Pres. in American history by right wing surrogate's to big business i feel the over throwing of gov't is tantamount to treason sorry copy paste please

brokeback mountain of elephant dung

Bush is he going to be Romney's brain? with Romney's "new" policies he will either need Bush or Cheyney to tell him how to steer right, into another ditch. sad part the "i don't know why or how but Romney is the best person for leader,ah i heard that somewhere".
this ladies and gent's is your new path to prosperity. if it sounds familiar it's not they changed and added a couple of words so that makes it new, bold and still elephant dung, watch your step. please click title

Thursday, April 26, 2012

AZ THE American Nazi state

wasn't that a WW II and cold war European exercise remember those old movies when the military or police "your papers please" if you didn't have them either shot or dragged off to jail.

IMO the right wants to create a police state in America which i'm sure they would want to privatize like they are doing now with prisons. the right politicians and their scotus impose the third world like subjugation of "we the people". it could happen, i understand some may think my opinions of civil wars thumb on our necks by privatized police factions a little or a lot crazy, but that is how it gets in from dismissal because of perceived indifference and out right denial. please click title

Debt Collectors in the E.R. and Delivery Room: Is Profit-Driven Medicine at a Breakpoint?

Imagine that you’ve brought your child to the emergency room and you’re revealing your most private health information to the hospital staff member at the desk, desperate because you fear your child’s very life is at risk. But the desk clerk seems more concerned about getting paid than giving care, and even makes veiled threats against your credit score if you’re not able to cough up the money to cover the bill.

Who is this heartless bureaucrat? Is it a hardened triage nurse? A bored clerk? Would you believe it could be a third-party bill collector posing as a hospital staffer?

the overcharged patient is left at the will of the hospital bill monger's making the hospital refusal of care suspect. right wings said we didn't need Obama Cares because you could go to the poor person health care the ER. now looks like you may have to settle for the Ryan voucher, if you vote republican. this to me smells of right wing think tank influence to make it even worse for "we the people" making it seem like the Pres.'s plan is the reason.

if i'm right and the republican influence is the real driver of this yet another strike by the right in the war on the poor, they need to be exiled to Newt's moon base.please click title

sorry please copy paste additional story and commentary

Romney's hero isn't Reagan or his dad

it's WI. Scott Walker, i was waiting for another rehash of "you're doin' a heck of a job Scotty." this shows you again where his intent in ofc is, with those who would put you in a job with nothing to aid you against unscrupulous employer but the shirt on your back. and no gas mask, or insurance case the job starts to kill you. does he have a fathead pic of walker in his car elevator so he can see him and feel all warm and fuzzy coming and going.

they had the audacity to point out who they said our beloved Pres. was "paling around with" and then get's his shot and seek endorsement from Limbaugh, Nugent, Walker just to name a few of the reprobates he pals around with. hater's united please click link

Senate Passes Plan To Keep Post Offices Running

"Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe has given Congress until May 15 to find a way to keep the Postal Service solvent or he will start closing possibly hundreds of its facilities. The U.S. Senate passed legislation Wednesday aimed at shoring up the Postal Service while delaying proposed cutbacks. Now the issue moves to the House".

the walk back of all the saber waver's seems to show their arms are tired after all the phony up in arms about closing a detrimental institution that doesn't cost the people any thing in the budget. this is where they always get busted, trying to justify and cover up at the same time. terrible actor's break a leg,literally. seems like a pick out of the hat without researching and just ran with the lie. say's so little of right wing character or lack thereof. please click title

slow jammin'

let's take a walk thru right wing paradise. when you have no game of your own you try and boo the one that does. where was the cry on Romney and Letterman, and possible hosting SNL or are they just upset he beat them to the punch. our beloved Pres. the soul of the people while Romney_____________.

Romney just the kid in the diamond studded sand box with his gold shovel and bucket that no one wants to play with. the right just last week were still talking the holding of the nose but taking one for the team just not the American peoples team. the Rush Limbaugh rant he ought to know with his battle or romancing of drugs. please click title

Romney on unfairness,? nah just flopping

this is not going to be the cake that they wanted you to eat just last week. he wanted to get rid and proudly all programs geared to help those who this week he is the white knight in tarnished armor. lies someone needs to ask him if he's not worried about facing Mormon Hell, given his propensity to lie?
go along to get along now "i was just kidding about killing all the programs that are designed to assist those who need the help" the people even those who vote because_______you fill in that blank, some are beginning to see the wolf's fur under the "guess what America Ann told me that i care about you, isn't she great?" 3am phone call? please click title

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

from a snob, raising tuition, to killing pell grants, to i'm on your side?

the right is again allowing their "i'm smarter then a 5th grader" arrogance show them as not friendly to anyone but billionaire briber's. we talked about what extreme right wing rhetoric to win primaries, would bite them in the general election. now they are forced to take that "PERP WALK OF SHAME" and i'm luvin' it.
the beauty is in the scrambling to figure out which way is up. so many lie's to try and take back but so little time to do it. please click title

is Rubio a token pawn?

IMO, yes this also keeps in line with the urgency to try and let Hispanic's know "i'm not the guy who i said i wanted you to self deport and other legislation that was really sticking it to you. but look i'm dangling one of you in your face. i'll buy you all etch a sketches".

Rubio if he had an ounce of self respect and consideration for his people he would not except such an obvious ploy which looks at Hispanic's as to stupid to see what he's doing.
all the fake change of racist agenda's does not give voter's who think for themselves any sense of it lasting past Nov. 7th. 2012 their track record on campaign promise's is as bad as congress rating 6%,

remember the 2010 promise we are going to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs, then in next breath "our number one job is to make Barrack Obama a one term president, oop's they forgot their first problem or do they really care about you and jobs? they have spent last 3 1/2 yrs. blocking every jobs bill and plea's to pass bills our beloved Pres. has put out there even bridges in their own states which still are a danger to their constituents had they fixed them it would have been on every form of media out there.

so Right Wing voter's ask the speaker "where's the jobs Mr Beohner", and that lie about the Pres. not creating any, but the right was hemorrhaging 750,000 a month and our beloved Pres. has created steady monthly jobs since in ofc. sorry please copy paste

will Beohner be speaker after Nov. 6th

the leader telling the truth boy he's not long for the right wing speaker position, is l'il Ricky salivating? was that one of Norquist rules of pledge, "i will not let the truth part my lips if it is not good for the right". they must have been passing out Xanax at their recent meetings because these guy's are re-revving their entitled to rhetoric, like they think the have a case. or are they just trying to fool their base that all's well in Mudville? please click title

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

are Black women portrayed in media as "angry Black women"

i do feel before,and during "BLAXSPLOITATION" to the retro "Angry Black Women that women of my race are betrayed as something other then women this leaked over into our culture now we have rapper's that IMO totally ruined rap music and our perception of ourselves, and our women. the blow back is not nearly as aggressive as it should be, although there have been changes. i wonder if white teens had not adopted that culture of rap would anything have happened. the money is off the hook but who makes the majority of it, not the average one but they are being instructed to get lawyer's before that rush to fame. i'm 63 and got mad luv for original rap, like alot of it today until something of a demeaning slur pop's out each generation has their own cross to bear. please click title

right fraught with etcher's

these people are again forgetting archival news tape. those way right rhetoric and woman bashing now come down to the walk back before the general, this is better then summer first runs on tv.
try and get that pic of Romney and the boys smiling and having money in every pocket and probably every orifice, while considering who he's really going to look out for. please click title sorry please copy paste

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chief Bill Lee Jr. Resignation Plan Is Blocked

"But a severance agreement for Chief Lee, worked out with the city manager, seemed all but certain to go through on Monday afternoon, until it came under discussion at the meeting. The vote was 3 to 2 against the plan, with Mayor Jeff Triplett voting no. In a no-confidence vote at the time Chief Lee stepped aside, the commission also voted 3 to 2, with Mr. Triplett voting in the majority".

"Patty Mahany, who is also a city commissioner in Sanford and a supporter of Chief Lee, said she wanted Mr. Bonaparte to keep him in his job. “I am so disappointed in Norton for not standing by this man,” she said.

why do they always want to keep the chiefs and sheriff's of the south do they have J Edgar like files? a rookie chief were the officers running less then complete job investment and short cutting, play on perceived indifference of a Black kids family? still his force his station his responsibility
please click title

America 2012

hello i would like to take this time to make sure my thoughts are not relegated by those who oppose as left wing loon. especially for my fellow humans abroad, understand i'm not bashing America it has been good to me in these later years, i am physically challenged and being taken excellent care of by the VA as well as a generous pension.

God steered me into the military where i experience my first in your face racism, but being one who had no real knowledge of it was not going to tolerate this disrespect for me i was 18 yrs. 6'4" 196 lb back in your face guy and i knew my way around a right cross, my Dad was a NY state Golden Glove contender. it cost me i entered boot camp with company 55 graduated with co. 96, from set backs do to UA (unauthorized smoking and fighting) mostly fighting. then biggest Blessing i'm home from Vietnam since 1967.

now again i don't intend to trash the USA my beef is with those of a contrary attitude to other's enjoying those American perks as it were that they do. these mostly elected officials have marching orders from those who have never seceded that the southern way of tyrannical exploiting of other humans because of their God complex of the south and it's atrocious desire to own another for it's bidding and to this day still looks upon other's as still within their realm of control and treat them as such.

the total disrespect spewed with cheering and applause, the subjugation by min wage, the usurping of the Bible and it's real intent, total sudden hatred of women these are the things that are the bane of American dreamers to be free and advance. they cannot see this country any other way but theirs.

that fear now of losing that grip is creating all the hate and visceral and extreme views attacks on women and the generally casual way they throw around demeaning slurs at our beloved Pres., this by itself could be overcome except for the in their minds disenfranchised southern whites and "THEIR" way of life, how can they call those they have enslaved lazy when these people were there to get them a glass of mint julep not 2 feet away from them. they were to self absorbed to raise their own children these most hated one's for them now, their parents or grandparents probably were raised by slaves, could that be the cause of the war against women their embedded resentment of not bonding with their moms passed down through time and generation because that's how it was.

i hope this clears up any misconception of my written thoughts God Bless America to be. i really hope and pray humanity and love for a fellow America wins out. no link just me again :+o)

NAACP Report Ties Tea Party to Militia and Racist Groups

Less than two weeks before the midterms elections, the NAACP has published a new report that exposes what it calls links between various Tea Party organizations and racist hate groups in the United States. The report, 'Tea Party Nationalism,' analyzes each of the six most active Tea Party organizations in the country and describes links between Tea Party factions and various white supremacist groups, anti-immigrant organizations and militias. We speak with Benjamin Todd Jealous, the president and CEO of the NAACP; and one of the authors of the report, Leonard Zeskind, the president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights

people i'm just saying some in America love the smell of napalm in the morning and killing off the other's. we need to stay vigilant and watch our collective backs.
just seems to fit so well they are trying to take over from a more rasonable right wing look at the far overreaching they have done just since 2010. major concern carry permits for evangelical zealots and those that want the post civil war era back. be afraid and vigilant God Bless us all especially the hater's. and for those who oppose NAACP "not always a colored person" think about that before you try to beat it down.

White Power USA: The Rise of Right-Wing Militias in America

"Since President Obama’s election, there’s been a surge in hate crimes, political murders and assassination threats in this country. Right-wing militias are on the rise in several states, and high rates of unemployment have further stoked anger against racial minorities and recent immigrants. Independent filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen go inside the white nationalist movement to file an exclusive report".

i'm worried they the right wing are just crazy enough to try to kill this country, in order to bring back James Crow which is in their diseased minds is "taking their country back. their country? none of their names end with or start with Geronimo or Cochise or Sitting Bull how did this get to be their country and their's alone?
the right likes to refer to them as "the real American's guess that would work when you rewrite history and ommit the real story from history books.

The Board removed Thomas Jefferson from the Texas curriculum's world history standards on Enlightenment thinking, “replacing him with religious right icon John Calvin.” please copy paste

Md. neighborhood watch trial set against Fla. fury - Yahoo! News

i posed this question before, is it once again open season on Black men?

"The brothers, who are white and Jewish, have claimed self-defense, saying the teen was holding a nail-studded board. Local civil rights activists hope the Martin case will draw more attention to what they believe was racial profiling by neighborhood watch vigilantes".

are these persons in their "exclusive neighborhood's" getting their message of hate out to the rest, causing a "no walk zone" in certain area's of the racially inclined.

"After the trio left, the teen called police and was taken to a hospital with a cut on the back of his head and a broken wrist, according to court documents. Using a photo book compiled by investigators, the teen later identified Eliyahu Werdesheim, now 24, as one of the men who assaulted him. He was arrested after about 10 days; his now 21-year-old brother was charged two months later".

these guys like Zimmerman obviously one have a record if he were able to pick him out of a photo array.had no good intent and were as Zimmerman the instigator.

"The teen remembered the driver yelling, You wanna (mess) with us, you don't belong around here, get outta here!"

these attacks like those before have a certain air of righteous indignation that those they are eyballing as assumed criminal intent, seem to be a mirror and these persons are seeing what is already in their minds. as a kid i experienced a simlar situation here in DC, except i got away with my elementary school friend they pulled up in a car ranted racial epithet's we were 12 yrs. old 1960. hate springs eternal.

this almost mirror's the Trayvon case with exception of murder. please click title

Sunday, April 22, 2012

my rebuttal to a statement that unions are no longer relavant no better than crooks

your exception to my thought is noted. if you feel you are in the exception to this rule i except that since there always are some. but indifference is the number one enabler, smug attitude such as, again not doubting your claim to exception, "it's not me i never say or unfortunately do anything to make things better".

as to union's being just as bad as the corps, as with those corps is where policy is promoted and implemented, not with the millions who belong. right does not like it because it is a regulatory faction that calls accountable those policy makers who are guilty of cutting corner's, and in many case's gutting their worker's. like the governing bodies of many major populations, but not all, the head is the perpetrator of evil doing in the name of the almighty dollar, millions of member's don't join union's for political advantage but for someone to watch their backs.

painting them with a broad brush means as the union you are typically saying the union and it's member's are crooked, just amplifying the ambivalence and allowing for those to point and claim "it wasn't me" right because the status quo would be disrupted and the rich continue to dominate the rest and all's well in Mudville. but it's not, that give a damn attitude disenfranchise's millions who happen to be the right wing target de jour, middle class and progressive leaning voters. by vilifying the unions they send the signal to their concentrated on base that unions are bad, and immediately set about trying to dismantle against public outcry unions.

then the out right and equally as egregious voter fraud you know like WMD's they just can't take a chance that, that .00003% out of millions will commit fraud what they, don't tell them is it's bad for corps, and they're really there for you as the watchdogs of those who would usurp you rights to clean good working conditions and reasonable pay for service's rendered, without fear of death.

so as the exception looks like those persons are not really so much different then the rest of us at our various stations in life. while gutting a major block of voter organization and progressive vote's so they can steal another election. demonizing is just another episode of the skulduggery that permeates the right wing and their trying to unleash it on "we the people", those who take exception to unions are collusive to the treachery and constitutional law breaker's that is the republican party. no link just me again

Romney Addresses Family History With Polygamy - Yahoo! News

“They lived in Mexico and lived a very nice life, from what I understand. And when he was 5 or 6, there was revolution in Mexico and they escaped,” Romney said, describing how the family moved from El Paso to Idaho and then California in search of a new home. “My dad had a very tough upbringing.”

which was it very nice or very tough?

"Romney’s father, who went on to become Michigan’s governor, was born in Mexico on a Mormon compound founded by George Romney’s grandfather, Miles Park Romney, who had four wives. But neither George Romney nor his father, Gaskell Romney, practiced polygamy, according to an account in the Boston Globe".

do birds of a feather allow other birds not of their kind to flock with them?

In response to Schweitzer’s comments, Obama reelection campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith told the Daily Beast, “Attacking a candidate's religion is out of bounds, and our campaign will not engage in it, and we don’t think others should either.”

don't remember right ever rebuking the harsh rhetoric and attacks against our beloved Pres.'s family, except one McCain moment when he corrected a lady as to his not being a Muslim. please click title

Labor union sues Indiana, calls working alongside nonunion employees 'slavery'

"In a lawsuit against three Indiana government officials, a labor union alleged on Wednesday that its constitutional rights under the Thirteenth Amendment — which outlawed “slavery” and “involuntary servitude” — are violated whenever its members are forced to work alongside nonunion employees".

different no doubt but extreme laws require extreme solutions. this will indeed be an interesting case setting precedence might have a chance if the litigator's are not in the right wing back pocket, we already know the scotus is.

“In this case, the Defendants have exacted compulsory service and/or involuntary servitude from the Union through the combination of the passage of the Right to Work law and the existing federal requirement of the duty of fair representation,” the amended complaint reads.

Wal-Mart silenced Mexican bribe inquiry: NY Times

is there another Murdoch type scandal brewing in the biggest retailer in the world? are they to big to give a damn?

"Wal-Mart sent investigators to Mexico City and found a paper trail of hundreds of suspect payments totaling more than $24 million, but the company's leaders then shut down the investigation and notified neither U.S. nor Mexican law enforcement officials, the Times reported".

this is a potential game change in America that legislation devoid of deregs could pass and end the corporate thumbing of the nose at our laws, you are never to big that you can't fail in fact if you're that big we can't miss a swift kick in their to big butts. please click title

Experts say Zimmerman attorney made smart move - Netscape News

Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman, testified via telephone, describing his son's injuries the day after the shooting: “Well, his face was swollen quite a bit, he had a protective cover over his nose, his lip was swollen and cut, and there were two vertical gashes on the back of his head.”

In an attempt to further attack the claims made in the affidavit, O'Mara called to the stand Dale Gilbreath, one of the lead investigators. Mr. Gilbreath acknowledged that there was no evidence to indicate who started a fight that happened after Zimmerman got out of his car and, at one point, ran after Trayvon.
my thoughts,
if Zimmerman got out of his car and pursued Trayvon in my neighborhood or any other that was instigating and he was strapped, he set up the scenario while talking to 911 to me shows intent to do bodily harm, paraphrase "he's coming to check me out his hand is in his waistband (was Trayvon storing his tea and candy in his drawers so his hands would be free) oh yeah he's up to no good" then he's huffing and puffing chasing Trayvon i'm sure with gun in hand, told to stand down continues until he murders his prey. right wing publication's are attempting to say it's okay to off a Black man by completely ignoring real evidence. as far as his dad where was all the medical treatment cover over nose like cops set a broken nose,after sending his clothes out to a 1 hour cleaner while giving him a sponge bath? where was the swelling and darken patches around his eye's, they ought to lock him up for perjury. But Gilbreath also said Zimmerman's claim that Martin was slamming his head against the sidewalk just before he shot the teenager was "not consistent with the evidence we found." He gave no details.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Congress’s unpopularity in one hilarious chart - The Washington Post

and they still take aim at their big toe and pull the trigger and stick the remaning toes in their collective mouths, since they all repeat the days talking point verbatim.
the t-per's really have had an impact on the right wing, they are reaping what they sowed in '08. is it arrogance of the know it all neo rightly politicians? and they too aim at the other big toe, intentionally crippling the party, really looks a lot like that. as far as Romney there are people out there that want him to take over for them, IMO simply because he is not our beloved Pres. and he in his and their minds is white so therefore entitled you heard his wife "it's our turn now", not to mention the mendacious, play along to get along candidate will follow order's.. quality of pres. does not matter for them they just want the Black guy out, a week ago it was anybody but Romney, says a lot about the right's idea of a commander in chief tends to tarnish that banner they are always wrapping themselves in while with every wrap they rewrite the law. be safe and watch the elephant dung. we all need to put it out there when ever we hear or see a printed lie, take a page from Rove's playbook just keep calling 'em out the message will resonate, especially since there are more positive actions for "we the people" and not just the rich. i'm luvin' it.

Army probes drug use by soldiers in Afghanistan

drug use in the military is nothing new as well as dealer's. usage is IMO an anesthetic that hides the fear and anxiety of war. we were labeled as "drug addicted baby killing fanatics. the one's who send us to foreign lands to settle their own pissing matches don't want love one's and the public to know about the collateral damage they created. 19 avg. age of combatants in my war Vietnam. VA IMO then were restricted from letting out the truth that this was not just our propensity to do drugs but the hellacious environment they stuck teenager's into that propagated their addiction. when returning home the drug trade skyrocketed for me it was the late '60's free everything but drugs. i wrote this on this blog awhile back, please click title

hello, for Conservatives MONEY, OPPORTUNISTIC VENTURES, opportunities to scare the people to further those goals, Liberals lost of love ones lives lost of limbs deterioration of family lifestyle, depletion of gov. funds, inability to maintain social programs for seniors,poor,infrastructure,bridges,roads etc. which agenda should be scrapped?

by nick johnson

Friday, April 20, 2012

U.S. News - Zimmerman's bond set at $150,000; he apologizes to Trayvon Martin's parents

"Following the hearing, Natalie Jackson, an attorney for the Martin family, said Zimmerman's apology was "insulting to the family."

if he is sorry why now why all the bravado when he thought he was free and clear? is he just trying to soften the impact of his walking the streets in fear much like what he put Trayvon through, poetic justice or what?

"Judge Kenneth R. Lester, Jr. said Zimmerman would not be released immediately and that he would be monitored electronically via GPS. The terms of the bond include a curfew and no alcohol or guns. Also, Zimmerman must be in touch with authorities every three days. The judge wouldn’t rule on whether Zimmerman would be allowed to leave the state".

never heard anything about them seizing his weapon, family of course stating under oath he was not violent in spite of all the previous charge's as well as this current one. if the law is the same in FLA. his bail at 10% is 15,000 dollars personally i think we'll hear on 11pm news one night soon that he is off the GPS and that 15,000 won't result in any loss to the family that would make them keep a reign on him. just IMO. please click title

the truth about Romney and Bain

that road to hell is bringing him closer to a fiery Mormon end for transgressions he seems to embrace whole heatedly. do Mormon's excommunicate? if he ever tells a truth will his head spin and explode? he sure has a fear of honesty. please click title

no no it's not the Pres.

they just can't say Obama unless accompanied by a racial slur or undeserved lie. but they can mislead till their cows come home "archived video tape" all this admin need do is montage the news from Nov. '08 till now and loop it on all venues good investment for that war chest. Romney was not born poor another brick in the road to hell, the Mormon Bible will be his latest Waterloo. what do his kids think of him, or dose he leave that out of the home school history and is he breeding a new generation of Godless liars? please click title

this is a preview people of what the right would unleash

fair no, but the way of the right yes. this is right wing democracy at it's most egregious. anarchy and privatized dictatorship, how do they condemn the Mid East when they are the same? the devil's greatest accomplishment, convincing us he does not exist. guess that makes the right wing half a_s devils. they IMO are really do for a beat down in Nov. by we the people they block our vote we override their block, there are laws that are taking a dim view at what the cheaters are doing to violate our rights to fair and free elections, to once again steal another election. please click title

they are all phonies, Romney etching

the hater's want to control Romney and guess what he is actively seeking them out. Falwell RIP, Robertson founders of the largest racially discriminatory institutions of education in America.
are we just going to rollover and let the right wing zealots continue to regulate us? are we finally going to get a backbone and stand upfor our own instead of expecting other's who if they are in that other catagory then they are ok not really motivated to assist a non involved public. even God helps those who help them selves. while not in the Bible it serves as a motivation to stand up for what you really believe, not what some reprobate tells you you believe, big difference. please click title

poor war alive and advancing

if you could imagine the discrepancy in the poor and the rich then the poor out of work those on min. wage they by law fall under the amt earned to pay taxes. but do in every other societal forum food, clothes, diapers all things they need to purchase comes with tax. we used to say that they got you coming and going. who is really trying to divide the country, the Pres. who advocates fairness and moral standards or those who lie and tell you that he wants to take your money and give it to a Black family or the aforementioned they pay no tax, he is trying to turn the country into a welfare state, he's a food stamp Pres., all admirable traits for a president of a free country, except when you say it with a racist radical right wing inference, turns it from sugar to elephant dung. please click title

Romney paving the way to Mormon hell

is his party rooting in secret the making of Willard a one time candidate? why won't they tell him he's in the archives taking different stance on everything he says now. sorry Erin we do know he is characterless. we now know how much reverence he has for his Mormon religion, just about as the religious right has for Christianity. would seem a good mesh but the right can't let go of their embedded need to hate. please click title

deja vu all over again

this is the new republican plan to get you ah them back in the groove. they have been trying to pass off big business as small business. didn't fly then and won't take off now. mom and pop business you never had a chance. the Catholic Bishop's the right was all up in arms about offending are now offended by them the worms are turning. they don't want gov't to come between them and your doctor and you, but they sure feel it all right to build that firewall between everything morally humane and you. two faced, or just your standard right wing mislead? please click title

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the book of Mormon condemns Romney

he is a blasphemer, he and his wife they are right up the rights alley. don't know why they don't like him he's according to his Bible is destine for that trip south of this world and he can't tie Seamus to the roof on this one, just his beloved Annie. his Book of Mormon promise's him a fiery death for his transgression's. should we trust that wouldn't happen while in ofc.? he is a charlatan that has deceived in more ways then were know before at first we thought it was just about his life and our beloved Pres. but to find out that he's been lying about the vary thing that made him unpalatable by his constituents, is also a lie, will they embrace the Mormon Elmer Gantry now? he's shown all the right wing tenet's more so then his belief in his religion. please click title

Romney supporter Ted Nugent? Pedophile and draft dodger? His own words!

"I got my physical notice 30 days prior to. Well, on that day I ceased cleansing my body. No more brushing my teeth, no more washing my hair, no baths, no soap, no water. Thirty days of debris build. I stopped shavin’ and I was 18, had a little scraggly beard, really looked like a hippie. I had long hair, and it started gettin’ kinky, matted up. Then two weeks before, I stopped eating any food with nutritional value. I just had chips, Pepsi, beer-stuff I never touched-buttered poop, little jars of Polish sausages, and I’d drink the syrup, I was this side of death, Then a week before, I stopped going to the bathroom. I did it in my pants. poop, piss the whole shot. My pants got crusted up".

this is the bottom feeder that Romney sought to give a qualifying word on his behalf. kinda seems par for the course right seems tohave a real problem with serving their country, fraidy pants maybe? the real concern for the nation is their Pres. candidate cozy's up to this type of reprobate. i understand he is to do a concert at Fort Knox,they should cancel and site noenough money to fumigate after his appearance.
"They took a putty knife to me. I got the street rats out of my hair, ate some good steaks, beans, potatoes, cottage cheese, milk. A couple of days and I was ready to kick ass. And in the mail I got this big juicy 4-F. They’d call dead people before they’d call my ass"

just like the rest reprehensible and a right wing supporter and run of the mill hater. please click title

another pledge signing?

wow these guy's can't tell the truth if their lives depended on it but they run around willy nilly sighing one pledge after another. what exactly is the punishment if they break their pledge? or is this just right wing BS to convince the already rabidly faithful that "they mean business" just not that of the people or country, but the corporation's business. this is the Romney "PRE- ETCHA-SKETCH", bet you can't guess what Romney you would be voting for, guess you have to pay before service. please click title

Romney re-rebuttal

take a good look at this article and i defy you to rationally say that the republican will stand with you and your needs poor or so called minority. we need to recognize that we the "so called minority" are really the majority and if they can keep driving the hate agenda the reality will go unnoticed. Romney still on page 1 of the Rove playbook blame the Pres. for your own indiscretions.
look at who still since '08 feel they have to lie and commit constitutional felonies, voter blocking of those pesky voter frauds like their WMD, falsely discredit, throw transparent mud and who doesn't have to because the truth and facts of record are all that is needed, for a person capable of reason and in possession of their own thought's. the right follows GW Bush's philosophy, "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the one's you want to concentrate on", so far it works for them after all it's been in development since the Nixon era. you remember him famously saying, "i am not a crook". please click title sorry need to copy paste

do the poor really matter?

with the right wing's appetite to gobble up all social programs food, health, housing it's hard to make a case that they care less then gnat crap about those less fortunate. their base even those who have even less rail against their own circumstance, primarily to get on the bandwagon of right wing hater's, most have not a clue of what the end result of this assault will ultimately fry their bacon too. for a party that has so many political affiliations warring within, there is a general consensus that poor so called minority citizens are peon pawn's movable in and out of society at their will. cheering at the thought of a fellow American dying on a hospital gurney because he has no insurance or booing a soldier fighting for their interest just because he's gay. these people are fooling themselves claiming their Christianity while hating, killing and depriving their neighbor of his God given and constitutionally given rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" do they worship a mythical Greek God? or those who can throw them a few bucks for their betrayal of God and country?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secret Service prostitution scandal: Escort says agent offered her just $30 for sex

wonder what destruction was done to their various family units? guess they didn't realize that prostitutes are people and in places like that a commodity that they thumbed their nose's at. 30 bucks really show's these guy's devoid of character. respect and honoring even a clandestine arrangement such as this is just as important as all those other thing's that come back and bite you. forgetting that will inevitably allow you to fall back in that pit, better recognize! a woman has worth no matter who or where she is. please click title

job killer's who's zoomin' who?

they claim the Pres. is orchestrating job killing legislation, lie this is an attempt to further kill union's and privatize, those billionaire briber's are waiting in the wings like vultures waiting to swoop down on America and seal all of our fate's no longer will there be that brass ring just out of reach call "THE AMERICAN DREAM". this is the mission getting the Pres. out is just a unexpected bump in their road to anarchy. wonder will they change the country's name? Republica? please click title

gee they are really holding their nose's

polar bear trophies?? that's how you get 9% favorable's. not a job in sight. they are not only not excited about Romney they are not excited about anything that falls within their job description. if they are so uninspired let's put them out of their misery, Nov. 6th. they are still trying to make our beloved Pres. look bad by blaming him for their inactivity. guess they are right because they have little time left after running the country in the ground on a daily base's.
do they think that since their base mimics their talking point that thy would take on the indifference to Romney and therefore affect the vote?, can't really be doing a whole lot for his ego. political death wish? looks, smells, walks like it. please click title

ALEC pr stunt?

this is more right wing take over and privatize your life. keep up the pressure remember they can not get to be or stay rich without us, we are the power that is. we can never allow ourselves to except that the right has relaxed their war on we the people. they will never give up, Nov. 7 they will continue trying to sink this admin while setting up the propaganda machine for 2016. you'll recognize it because it has this uncanny familiar "hey this is what they say every year, and it's still not working" please click title

is this just an attempt to get some press?

i remenber back in the day if you said the Pres.'s name and sneezed the SS would be on you like a lion on a pork chop. sorry copy paste please

not just Obama but other's as well. does the service have a secret agenda? today it just seems like they are not that into their jobs. the 1st amendment is a joke that is being turned every which way but loose. other countries see this example of western democracy and ROFLTAO. the right encourage's this civil disrespect by not calling those who shoot the moon out or denounce the rhetoric. doing nothing is tantamount to a green light, and they know it. who is really trying to divide the country? hint not our beloved Pres. Romney has his nose up this hater's butt just to get his endorsement, how pitiful Nugent trying to give Rush some competition? Secret Service is looking into this ummmm.

booty call on our dime?

21 and 21 seems one somebody was acting according to their job description, given that two were with one woman trying to lay on the cheap, they should have been busted. would like to hear what was said of the two heating cheater's after all were busted for their failure to honor that contract with the woman, written, spoken, or shake of hands. they are suppose to be the point people assuring the safety of the Pres. is this as IMO disrespect mostly to the Pres. and the ofc. interested in if a like situation happened under any recent Pres. or is the lack of obligation was only for this Pres.
please click title

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

too late for Hispanic love

with all they have done and said from electric fence's to self deportation do they think some 11th hour smooze will turn the Hispanic heads in their direction, underestimating the intelligence of those they've denigrated since the beginning of America. there well be a rise economically in the mental health business after Nov. 6, 2012, psychiatric couches will be top sellers in the furniture stores the right will get the reality slapped out of their butts. arrogance or naive? please click title

Annie is she a bigger fake then Willard?

my first guess yes she is, after all he's always crying and wishing she were there with him, why to tell him what to say? phony outrage is more telling then any denial they come up with she wants to be Nancy Reagan. go Annie it's your birthday enjoy this one, you can remember it always as the day you got to suck on your own silver toes, stop letting your foot get crowded in your mouth with your words don't think you'll be answering that 3am phone call, or installing car elevator's in the WH. please click title

right wing rooting for America's failure

there is a climate here in America where it seems to be okay to let the country flounder and make declarations of hope that the Pres. fails and if need be we'll do all we can to assist that effort. 2008 "our number one job is to make Barrack Obama a one term president" righty McConnell's words in Nov. '08. true to their word they have done absolutely nothing to help not just this Pres. but America as a whole. these people are to be feared more then the Muslim's they try to demonize as the biggest threat America face's untrue it's them the right wing party of anarchist. please click title

Cheyney's forgotten moments in history

these are the things he needs to be reminded of, who is unmitigated and who is a liar. that has always been the one thing you cold count on him for, to be an unmitigated liar. the amazing thing to me is, this stuff is archived every lie he tells can be exposed 2 mins. after it passes his forked tongue.
the right wing base is not comprised of all idiots they know that their party is built on a platform of lies, misdirection and misleading, those who know don't seem to care, if one lies to attain position reasonable to expect that deceitful M O to continue throughout their political lives. this phenomenon makes those person's voting for with knowledge of transgression's by their candidate are equally as guilty as those that would destroy the country for their own gain. please click title

Monday, April 16, 2012

fair tax

everybody who thinks that losing 750,000 jobs a month, economy on the ledge is better than what our beloved Pres. has done in spite of declared in 2008 no desire to help, and sink his admin that to me sounds like treason, over throwing the gov't? so those who oppose make a case for it's worse.
blocking the new agenda forward for the right wing. block your constitutional right to vote, block your Pres. from moving forward legislation aimed at the middle not the head, block you from attaining health,liberty, and pursuit of happiness. oop's another right wing rewrite in order. please click title

Bachman's back and in full republican effect

over talk, lie, flipping in the same topic on Romney's worth, changing the the question sorry need to copy paste these links

this can all be cooled out let Ann answer the question "have you ever punched a time clock?" if not the shut up and enjoy the two elevators for your two Cadillac's.
and Bachman from this last response is less in touch with women then her husband Marcus. Pres. knows nothing about job creation, hey to many misinformed statements to list just in this segment. is this the same guy Romney she was himing and hawing about endorsing? please click title

Romney's own hot-mic moment

"Romney’s own hot-mic moment… At Florida fundraiser (overheard by NBC’s Garrett Haake), Romney singles out HUD for possible elimination and says he wants to cut the Education Dept… He and his wife also were giddy about the Hilary Rosen flap… And Romney revealed he wants a “Republican DREAM Act” to help woo Latinos".

why does Romney have different rhetoric for billionaire donors then what he say's to those who would vote for him. while accusing our beloved Pres. of hiding things from the people. his mouth moves faster then reality and facts. so was he intending to hide this latest not let us in on is intent to gut HUD and Education? were we as he put it in reference to the Pres. "we would have to elect him before he dropped that bomb on us" paraphrased. i've said it before thy commit these things then try to lay it on this admin. what is he PeeWee Herman, " i know you are but what am i". sad thing is he probably doesn't know who he is evidenced by the flip flopping nano second changing of his story, 'ol weather vane Romney which ever way the wind blows. look's like Annie wasn't all that incensed, could it be true she never punched a time card in her life? please click title

Sunday, April 15, 2012

has Romney flipped again?

so he was against stay at home mom's before he found out from his wife he should be for it. hell let Ann run looks like she would set WH policy any way, let Willard go and measure some trees.
you would think it was the staff's fault that he makes these mistaken policies he no longer stands for. actually it's his fault he knows what he thought 10 years ago but tries to bulldoze over that thought and with sleight of hand replace it with his current rhetoric, deceitful "YES" making him the perfect right wing candidate, because they have no problem with corrupted politics, evidenced by their record that is archived in case there is a lapse in memory. please click title

Saturday, April 14, 2012

is West alienating those countries we aspire to have dialogue with

still the West self hater is trying to envoke something he never experienced to regenerate hate rhetoric against a non combative entity that has for years has not posed a real threat except in the right wing playbook because those shot callers no better, they are banking on it's under informed base does not know and the red meat serving as a shiny object, that's insulting to their concentrated on base. why would West associate himself with a Black histric Icon when he hates Blacks? it is shown in his rhetoric and action, they betray his real demeanor.

"GW Bush, "you can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the one's you want to concentrate on"

kinda sums it up in a nut shell doesn't it?

tax return reveal nature of Romney vs. Obama

no contest who love's you baby? sorry need to copy paste
maybe Romney can't give because of a blind trust, blind to the charitable orgs. or maybe they're misplaced in one of his overseas acct., it's clear he intends to keep every dime of that quarter billion plus. remember the rich will if elected to public ofc not advance bills or legislation that will result in their losing a penny of that wealth, unless they are part of the proven liberal progressive's who care about you. please click title

NRA in the mix or mixed up

or should i say confused up, not knowing their rant is unfounded. Romney is the threat we fear, an idiot who does not know what to say out of his mouth can't endear him self any show of affection from his base is not for him but what they think he can do, get the black guy out. delusions of grandeur? all around. but the fear is he could get elected, not like it hasn't happened before, G W Bush? we cannot afford to take for granted a W in Nov. please click title

Romney doesn't see eye to eye with NRA?

well you wouldn't know it by his rhetoric. is he to erratic for the right? varmint's, well he's no Davy Crockett or is he, killed a bear when he was only 3? both seem a little far fetched.
i don't think the lying and flip flopping, like that fish Palin beat the hell out of, makes a bit of difference the right wing base has shown it's propensity to blind eye their criminally obsessed politician's, win for them by voter suppression a constitutional right they don't care seems the perfect marriage neither care's, about America and half don't even know why, the bad in this they are the one's that vote for the party of apathy. please click title

the Romney farce

when you become part of the campaign stumping you are subject to e stumped. right still digging in their past for confirmation today, and it's old now as it was stale then. when your playbook is on the last page and desperate to stay in the game, you do things like this, i think it's called making a mountain out of a mole hill. 92% of job loss by women? so he's saying 8% of the loss was by men? wow didn't he know that that is easily researched?

In January 2008, women made up 48.8 percent of the workforce; in January 2009, 49.5 percent; now 49.3 percent. sorry need to copy & paste this one

America you are still being deceived?
do we need another Pres. that publicly proclaims his dependence on his wife who it appears guides him on public policy, "i wish Ann was here" mommy issues?, shades of Nancy Reagan? please click title

Friday, April 13, 2012

Judge in George Zimmerman case offers to recuse herself

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Judge Jessica Recksiedler disclosed that her husband works for the law firm of Mark NeJame, a prominent Orlando attorney, in the five-minute hearing Friday afternoon. In addition to working for his law firm, NeJame has been sounding off on the Zimmerman case for CNN. It's unclear if either attorney will take Recksiedler up on her offer and ask her to step aside.
are the shenanigan's starting?
NeJame said on CNN Friday that Recksiedler wants to avoid "the appearance of impropriety" with this disclosure.

understandable best to avoid any technicality's that could throw this out. please click title

Hilary Rosen Defends Her Ann Romney Comment: ‘I Love Stay At Home Moms’ And ‘This Is Not About Ann Romney’

i understand the progressive grabbing the horns because the right will try and milk this dry after all they have nothing else. the different women, you may want to throw a shoe at your monitor behind my next comment but a lot of this railing against Ms. Rosen IMO is a round the block way of confirming themselves if it were left to stand then conceivably it would disqualify those before her and now and into the future. everyone knows the remark was in reference to the daily grind of doing what she supposedly does and goes out and punches a clock that is all. was not aware of her cancer struggle Lord knows i have first hand knowledge on that debilitating disease, not alot of energy to raise kids. then that is a relative term "i raised 5 kids" if you were there thats not raising, everyone who has ever read my post know of my mad love for the women experience, but let's not claim the glory if you indeed were just there. first off i'd like to say if he were elected then i'm sure all of America would feel much safer knowing Mrs. Romney would be there to answer that 3am phone call. let's be real for a minute, if you have a quarter of a billion in banks around the world ,(that we know about) can't really picture Ol' Annie scrubbing floors vacuuming and washing dishes cleaning the oven after all those delicious meals she's cooked for her six men, cleaning out the car elevators or washing their crappy underwear, PTA, soccer mom? let's have a Brietbart type expose' on the Romney domestic mom.

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, considered it more important than his work as the family breadwinner.

"He would say, 'My job is temporary...Your job is a forever job that's going to bring forever happiness," Ann Romney told Fox News, wading into a multimedia furor over comments by Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen. "Mitt respects women that make those different choices."

wonder what comic wrote that line must have been the same person that has written his other bombs. don't have car elevators by staying at home. is he the only person in the world getting car elevators? please click title the truth can't hide when it's done in public
hi FIN how are you? you most definitely have a point this statement by a friend FINutmegger

"qualified, strong Republican women who would do great justice to the office".
my response,

my thoughts immediately go to cooperation among the ranks, they could careless what a women has to say, if she were to run it would have to be on the right wing tenet's but if she were to be successful she like they say of current anointed one would have to retract all the republican alienating rhetoric for the gen. election which begs to be noticed who you really are voting for the right wing zealot or the moderate. if you lie to get in you'll have to lie to stay in. IMO that is where the republican strategy falls apart they force you to be someone other then you, which to me means their notion is not serving the country but the perks. people don't go through this kinda degradation and humiliation for half of a country that hates your guts. there are those who do have a better world "FOR ALL" in mind and those who have a vision of "THEM". stay vigilant my friend God Bless ps couldn't resist our beloved Pres. has been who he is thru out the 3 1/2 year run. kudo's to him.
no link just me again

Will Mitt Romney Pick a Woman for Vice President?

this IMO is a insulting desperate attempt to garner the lady vote. why has there been no discussion about that since the Palin fiasco?

"Senator John McCain tried it when he named Sarah Palin as his running mate. But Republicans I've spoken with have said the 2008 Palin experience makes picking a woman this time around a non-starter".

this is an afront to women and their ability to probably do a much better job then the inept "i'm in it for the perks" crew that have brought us to this point of 2nd class nation and 3rd class citizens.
from what i've heard from the Romney camp his wife would be another Nancy Reagan, which is ok but why not run as a couple if he continually say's "i wish my wife was here,duh". then we would feel really safe if that phone rings at 3am. if it were not for the right overreaching and disrepect for women do you really believe they would even suggest a woman VP for their newly anointed? kinda hard to get a woman to go along with an agenda that totally puts her rights in the toilet. then again only 3 or 4 have expressed any opposition to their disregard of all things female.

"There are two impressive and smart governors from South Carolina and New Mexico, Nikki Haley and Susana Martinez. Martinez could also help Romney with the Hispanic vote"

these kind of statements IMO only insult the electorate now we are to believe that after all hate disrepect and vitriol toward so called minority's that this would magically erase all the prejudice and malice and they will flock to the polls to vote for Romney? don't think so suggest that there is no ability to think and that is the epitome of disrespect.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dershowitz: Indictment, then acquittal

i do not like what Dershowitz is saying although it could be true this little bit of technicality is what i feared could happen. this is not a good possibility. please click title

Happy Birthday, Romneycare! XOXO, Obama campaign | - Yahoo! News

please click title first. why is he not celebrating this landmark date for Romneycare, is he ducking the shoe for Obama Cares?
you heard the Lady don't they matter? So this is a birthday celebration that will likely last longer than Republican House Speaker John Boehner's famous-in-D.C. "Boehner Birthday Song." sorry need to copy and paste this one.

U.S. News - George Zimmerman appears for initial court hearing in Trayvon Martin shooting

"Judge Mark Herr found in Florida 18th Circuit Court in Sanford that there was probable cause to proceed with the case and set Zimmerman's arraignment for May 29. His attorney, Mark O'Mara, could have requested Zimmerman's release on bail, but Herr postponed a bond hearing".

so far so good still hoping for justice not just us. the wheels of justice are starting to turn. so far no sounds of rusty gears. i have a can of WD-40 just in case :+o)

the misleading of YOU

God Bless the media archives. the right seems not to care because the radically wrong rhetoric will stick to their base's ear's. that is all they want they know the base will run tell that and all they had to do was say it once or twice. if you ever want to be updated and informed investigate the things you hear both party's saying and see which one gives you the greatest sense of "that's not true" please click title

the self hater is back

after all the red meat slinging and wanna be actions, guess what he's still Black the right won't except him he's to crazy for them. talk about your angry Black Man, still what he is to them at days end. nothing more deplorable IMO then a Black person supporting those who would suppress his people and their own base. despicable him. the fact that some on the right are suggesting this guy be VP to Romney, after listening to this article, see if you feel this is the ideal couple to run America? please click title

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

liar liar pants on fire

not a day since he was given the promise he comes out the hole lying about our beloved Pres. 92.3 of woman suffered job lost under the Pres. this is going to be fun watching him try to be a republican not a rino (republican in name only). is he going to wish his wife were there when that phone rings at 3am? like they have been saying the more you see him the more you don't like him. plese click title

George Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin shooting, official says -

"Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey plans to announce as early as Wednesday afternoon that she is charging neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, according to a law enforcement official close to the investigation.
It was not immediately clear what charge Zimmerman will face".
announcement 6pm eastern MURDER TWO THE CHARGE!!
this is a history making announcement this evening, i join the Martin family in calling for non violence regardless to what is said in regard to charges we should be aware of the possibility of lack of evidence police ineptness, rain, evidence collected at scene or lack there of. this is not going to be a slam dunk 44 days later and amateur police procedure, which it seemed with and eye to no charges for the killing. i do not envy the prosecutor. please click title

Lenders Again Dealing Credit to Risky Clients

“Even I wouldn’t make a loan to me at this point,” Ms. Alejandro said.

are they once again preying on the people

The banks, for their part, are looking to make up the billions in fee income wiped out by regulations enacted after the financial crisis by focusing on two parts of their business — the high and the low ends — industry consultants say. Subprime borrowers typically pay high interest rates, up to 29 percent, and often rack up fees for late payments.

the government should make a declaration on record "no more bail out's" and those who persist should be investigated by the consumer reg people, also those seeking loans with less then preferred credit should also have some kid of admonishment. desperation by circumstance is generally the lender's prime targets for high rates in payback. is that really why the eagle is the country's bird symbol, bird of prey? this is one of those times when it should be remembered "to ignore history is to give us a front row seat to the repeated sequel. please click title

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

George Zimmerman's Lawyers Resign as His Counsel, Say He Spoke to Fox News' Sean Hannity

it's some real crap going on, the murderer talks to Hannity instead of his lawyers? is he thinking the spin that Fox could put on him would help his case? what about his MIA sure bond forbade him to leave the jurisdiction. if Hannity reveals anything it will create jury nullification is that what they are trying to do? how much did Hannity advise him on and isn't that aiding a abetting?
lawyer's left the porch light on so they are not totally through with this case to much publicity for them just to break all ties. please click title

Rick Santorum ends presidential campaign after conceding to Mitt Romney in phone call

in keeping my promise, looks like my bad and i apologize to the Santorum family for thinking the worse, about him using is daughter to garner the sympathy vote please click title

Grassley in need of hooked on phonics

has the ofc of the Pres. been so demeaned by our having a Black Pres. or is it right wing racist agenda in full bloom? someone needs to break his tweeter. never has there been so much hate and vitriol displayed against a sitting Pres. could it be because there was never a Black Pres. maybe? this pass 3 1/2 years has really opened eye's to what the republicans are really all about, they've allowed their hate to permeate the air waves so completely that it's a backfire and all future atrocity's shine brightly on their one sided plan for America. if you disrespect the office how can you serve with out that same contempt for the place you trashed for four years and continue with your own skulduggery which is what really demeans the ofc. republican's no longer qualify as legitimate leaders they only get lead not leading.

Monday, April 9, 2012

well folks here we go all over again

the right is poised to use their gift from the scotus to flood your tv programs with racist hate ads against our beloved Pres. we've seen this before because it's the same old tired crap they used in '08, they running out of hate rhetoric, birther's again? oldie moldies still stink as bad as they did 3 1/2 years ago until now they have worn that drum out. they have picked the right one to screw with this time our beloved Pres. learns quickly and they have no grey matter to rival him starting a fight of who's qualified they are unarmed despite all the guns they want to flood the country with overreach hell yes it is but this will only give them a dislocated shoulder. please click title

deny the the lie

McConnell was in his shell when he made the statement that the 3 republican women don't believe there is a war on women, but he forgot to confirm that with them, you know what they say about assuming it makes a ass_out of _u_and me, mostly him. when will they accept barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen it ain't that kinda party any more oh and they need to get use to the fact they will be short in Nov. the more they try and fail at their propaganda plan the more it becomes evident they are not worthy or qualified to lead our country and our gov. WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD. please click title

Voter Fraud: Someone Uses Eric Holder's Ballot in Washington D.C. - Katie Pavlich

this is shameful the right can't prove their hoax of voter fraud so they create a scenario to prove it, thats tantamount of turning on the stove a putting your hand in the fire so you can prove that it burns. the fact still remains Bush and co. only found .00003% of millions of votes. i say any incidents of this kind in the future be subject to Brietbart tactics and should be layed squarely on the shoulders of the real fraud perpetrators.
we should be use to the clandestine endeavor's of the right to cheat still lie their way into the WH but they still attempt and sometimes get it through to the foot soldiers, but how can you trust any of them with your lives and your country given their propensity to be deceitful? please click title

Special prosecutor will not use grand jury in Trayvon Martin investigation – This Just In

are we beginning to see the justice that before now was just us?
why does the process seem to take more time when it's not Black on Black crime? why is their a rush to justice when it is, is that the only rights Blacks have speedy trials? please click title

Is it OK to discriminate against obese people?

"Now, for the record, with rare exceptions, if you are overweight it's because you eat too much and exercise too little. Decrease the calories and increase the exercise and you will lose weight. (I'm fully prepared for the "but I have [insert medical condition]" comments, but honestly, if you truly cannot lose weight by diet and exercise you are in the minority.) And because being overweight is essentially voluntary, and not something like race that you cannot change, companies should be allowed to make rules around it".

i can understand that, i am obese i'm 6'4" and heavy:~+) but not for regular reasons i have big health challenge's that prevent me from exercising and i live alone and are responsible for myself, which is restricted, suffice it to say my current lifestyle not conducive to the once 6'4" 230 lb Adonis or just a good lookin guy lol. this is a unfair but understandable law that could easily serve as the poster for the implementation of Obama Care's precondition clause, and prevent medical care. O bama 1 republicans goose egg. we need to consider all of the people not just the beautiful people who will look stupid as hell lying in the hospital dying from nothing.

U.S. News - Police: Tulsa shootings possibly connected to murder of suspect's father

"The man arrested in Carl England's death, Pernell Demond Jefferson, was charged with pointing a firearm and is serving a prison sentence through October 2014, according to Department of Corrections records" why are all these killing's coming to the news nationally, where most were unheard except where they happened. could it really be because our beloved Pres. is in the WH? the right has vilified him and falsely accused then set about upping the gun laws even carry permits for drunks in bars. and ramping up the hate rhetoric. can Blacks or other groups get guns legally under this law as easy? or are they piling the dirt up on their side to uneven the field? please click title
BAIL SET AT 10 MILLION A PIECE TODAY, ENCOURAGING. more likely a get in front of assumed civil unrest.
does anyone know the story of what prompted his killing?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tulsa shootings: Police arrest two men, fear it was a hate crime

forgive me for presenting this ugliness on this Holy day but these things are detrimental to all of our lives. i reiterate is the right trying to instigate a civil war in 2012 America? right wing total give away of guns and carry permits and now we see Black men being gun down in the street.

Before their arrests, police cautioned that there was no evidence a hate crime had been committed. "There's a very logical theory that would say that that's what it could be," Tulsa police chief Chuck Jordan said on Saturday. "But I'm a police officer. I've got to go by evidence."

"For a white male to come that deep into that area and to start indiscriminately shooting, that lends itself for many to believe that it probably was a hate crime," Rev. Warren Blakney, a local pastor, told CNN.

"You have somebody white who has come into a community and taken shots at, killing black people" Jack Henderson, a city councilman, told the cable network. "To me, that would indicate that we have some kind of a racial problem."

i guess blocking the vote by unconstitutional voter blocking wasn't taking out enough of the progressive vote, so now they are killing off as a way to lower the voter turn out. stealing and election is Hitleress in execution making it a trademark of the right extreme, you know all the swastika's, Hitler mustache's flais it open season on Black men? why was England's father shot by this Black man? gs their t-party waves around, some kind of sick love for all things Nazi. America be vigilant the elephant dung is really starting to stink up the atmosphere.
is it open season on Black men? why was England's father shot by this Black man? what was the motivator for the shooting judging yes judging by England's statement "shot by a f'n n___r" what was pop doing or saying that ended him. was it "SELF DEFENSE" or does that only work for certain ethnicity's?

Happy Holiday's

to all of my viewer's around the world i would like to offer my wish that you all have a memorable holiday, i don't know all the different celebrations or actual dates, so if you please apply my blessings for your holiday when it occurs. much love to all who have visited me thru the months i've been here and hope to be able to provide my opinion to you for many more. Blessing's from your holiness to you.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

are Romney's millions coming home to roost?

i've said it before "rich people will not promote legislation that will make them not millionares" why should we believe he will be the Pres. for all the people. he's made it clear where his interest lies with corporations after all they are people too, just his kinda people not ours. 4 separate car elevators? a blind trust is just a ruse, boy a republican telling the truth, bet he is kicking his own butt on that one. playing to the people like he knew nothing about it. but he did, and in this corner the right wing candidate for Pres. of parts of America. for years no since the beginig the rich have bought their way into our government, by no means are they representative of we the people. they govern with a lean toward their rich benefactors. some more egregious then other's some more obvious then other's, and some really good caring for all of us which category does your candidate fall into? please click title

right is still fighting the non war

i would normally think who would believe the BS they are denyin about their denial of the non war on women are they mistaking this like those disappearing WMD's not there. evidently their base is as let's say "loyal" as they programmed them to be. fortunately there are probably more women on both sides that are not buying the rhetoric, but according to Romney all they need to do is "start talking about the economy" now repeat that to yourself 3 times. now let's start means they have not been talking about the economy and like an Etch a Sketch all is wiped clean and you no longer need worry about all the attacking we've done and will do after you elect us, but they have they've told us how bad it is and he can fix America's boo boo. talking about, means just that talking about it's not offering how to with provable tactics. saying anything is talking loud and saying nothing. please click title

Trisomy 18 in spotlight following Bella Santorum's hospitalization

there is a possibility i was wrong about Santorums daughter not being sick that's a given but my concern was to whether she really needed to go to hospital at those two times when he was floundering. holding out right now but will apologize if there is credible evidence not coming from him. he has no credibility for me he turned on a dime when he realized he was losin and went on the holier then thou inquisition, there is where he screwed up not only with me but a lot of Americans. please click title

right wing voter id hoax

again they are either stupid as all get out or are banking on their base being stirred enough not to notice or ignore the reality is not what they are hearing from their own dear leaders. i was worried and still a little leery, but the light is shining brightly on the right wing and more of their own are beginning to say "heyyyyy" maybe the induction of the t-party was just what we needed, their Waterloo. well we can hope and change VOTE IN NOV. please click link

Friday, April 6, 2012

Santorum's ailing daughter taken to hospital

i am sorry i'm just jaded about this guy who went so far right from what he had presented initially just speaks of a deceitful nature. i said it before, i wonder if he is using his daughter to garner sympathy votes, both times she went is campaign had one foot in the grave and the other on the proverbial banana peel. he is no where now and he was able to smell it two weeks ago now it's like those cartoon people floating in the air after a smell and then go off a cliff. again i'm sorry if i'm wrong and will publicly apologize if so. he is in a club that has not a empathetic bone in their bodies they will do anything at all to attain their goal what's a baby going to the hospital for nothing or something against the atrocity he would inflict on millions of Americans if he and his party were to return to their anarchy rule, you already see it in action and they aren't in office,think what it would be like if they were. doom and gloom please click title

justice for all??? /sorry i forgot link ok now

America i expressed my concern that these gun rights laws by the republicans are a prerequisite to their attempts to create a civil war. carry permits, right to kill based on two words SELF DEFENSE. how long before they start killing Gays and other ethnic groups? only one way to stop the madness, vote them out not behind some faux campaign promise but for your life and the freedoms that according to the right is why the middle east hates us. BS they dislike the saber rattling ways of the right wing occupying their counrty and then the audacity to try and convert them to what? this parrot to them. is this really justice for all except just us? i wrote this on this blog earlier please click title


Hello, just thinking middle east men notorious for lack of women's rights, hmmmm republicans notorious for trying to take women's rights, right to choose,equal pay,denigrate them in porn showing full body, wonder why men don't "a little shy maybe" or fear of being laughed at can't really condemn them when you are so similar? TAKE A STROLL THROUGH YOUR MIND, YOU'LL BE SURPRISED AT WHAT YOU MAY FIND, (courtesy of the Temptations) but oh so true.

WAR we don't have no stinkin war against women

they must have all been out of country while all the media coverage of their total aggression against women, and Speaker Blubbering Beohner didn't get the e-mail. you just can't keep denying when every other form of mass communication shows your denial as an out right bald faced lie. maybe they are all like Palin they don'tread anything because Fox has a direct line tho congress's public address system. not like it couldn't happen. please click title

right denies gender gap

his name is not the only thing confused. that has got to be the second most asinine metaphor and denial of truth, but why am i surprised it's the republican way, isnif they plan to run on "no gender gap" they're future will be assured. the war on women for the right wing has shades of " Iraq's WMD's", deny what's not good for the party even if you need to disbelieve your lying eye's. it'll go away maybe in the star date 5647532.89't it? please click title

Thursday, April 5, 2012

right says Post Ofc. losing money wants to close them nation wide

now they are sticking it to their base the rural area of under informed, or are they trying to not only privatize which means you pay for more then stamp money. but i guess they see screwing these people as creating jobs for the few, while disenfranchising the multitude of those citizens. and firing over 200,000 employees. guess they'll be holding on to those guns and Bibles a lot harder. the P O takes no money from government so this is an act of taking over and franchising bet that 5.5 billon pension obligation will disappear.
please click title

Economy Watch - Sharp drop in jobless rate raises questions for economists

"But over the past six months, the U.S. unemployment rate has surprised economists by rapidly falling to 8.3 percent from 9.1 percent even as the economy has yet to get back up to pre-recession speed. According to the textbooks, that’s not supposed to happen".

i know what happened, "Obamanomics", with all the decrying from the right about how Obama's the worse Pres. ever, he doesn't know how the economy works, we'll be bankrupt, the stimulus and auto bail out miserable failures, DUH!! we could have done it faster, but they didn't do it at all. i can hear the scampering around the hall's in congress "we have to find a new bashing point" but until then they will keep running the current lie and their base will ignore the data and maintain their status quo.
DDSS. please click title

Lawmaker to Mexico: Pay Texas for illegals

are republican's trying to ruin our beloved Pres.'s trade agreements with Mexico because they know their turn at the wheel is like parents giving the keys to their drunken, drug addicted, sociopathic kid to their new Benzo, ain't that kinda party. now it seems the right is still in the who can out hate, out reach, damn everybody but the corporation people mode, nothing's changed. they're getting free shovels from their local hardware store? they just keep diggin and diggin like they have some kind political death wish. please click title

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why Your Freedom Is Not at Risk in the Affordable Care Act | The Nation

Concerns about the health-care law are often framed in terms of liberty from government regulation. At Tuesday’s oral argument, for example, Justice Kennedy expressed a concern that the mandate “changes the relationship of the Federal Government to the individual in a very fundamental way.” Presumably, then, striking down the mandate would preserve an individual’s insulation from federal control.

If there’s an upside to a possible invalidation of the individual mandate, it’s that such a decision will be a teachable moment—a time to reengage the public on the reality of the federal courts. It will inevitably cast the Court in a harsh partisan light, highlighting the federal bench’s shift to the right in recent decades and raising doubts about the right’s hypocritical charges of judicial activism.

Progressives must be ready to put an adverse opinion to work as evidence of how much there is to be done in getting the Constitution, and the courts, to function again for all of us, and not just the privileged few. please click title my thought's are as follows

will this happen in our lifetime a mutually vested interest in the public as well as corporations?

Before Trayvon Martin, closure of housing projects stoked tensions in Sanford

"Five public housing developments were located mainly in Goldsboro, Florida's second oldest city chartered by African-Americans, after Eatonville, when it was founded in 1891 (and the nation's third) -- until all-white Sanford stripped the city of its charter and absorbed it in 1911. A sixth housing project was in Georgetown, older than Sanford by 14 years, but which was also drafted into the city in the early 20th century. The spare, one-story buildings were spread out across seemingly endless acres in the predominantly black areas, located across the railroad tracks from Sanford proper".

i see this same thing happening here in DC. closings and destruction of public housing to make way for middle class housing. these people are then forced into MD suburbs over crowding those counties and dropping property values down because they have to take into account these people are poor and mostly on public assistance. so they are just moving the low rent housing to MD. wonder how MD feels about that? poor people on public assistance have for years been stigmatized, preyed on by unscrupulous merchants, they will sell them goods like tv or computer's for low down payment that comes with monthly payments that extend twice the price of the purchase, taking advantage of their lack of jobs, money and credit so they penalize for their circumstance to some fat cat merchant. i remember don't know if they still do it but would send these fearless little Jewish guys out to their homes considered as "bad neighborhoods" on the 1st of the month to cash their checks and assure payment. please click title

Crime in Sanford, Florida (FL): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers statistics

wow with all the coverage of the Sandford murder it while demonizing Trayvon and defending the murderer, you would think the Sanford town or city was devoid of such ugliness, then there is always the truth lurking somewhere on the internet. this time it portrays Sandford as a hot bed of criminal activity, wonder how many of these case's did the Sanford PD muff up, or cover up might be more appropriate. Sodom and Gomorrah? please click title

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trayvon Martin - Basic Geography May Cut Against Zimmerman (Or Not - See UPDATE

this is the route and conversation of Trayvon's trip from the 7-11 to where he met Zimmerman. this evidence could fall either way, but i am biased as to Zimmerman tracking him down and murdering him. the geography shows he had to be following him in order to give a step by step of Trayvons whereabouts. the route seems more compatible with what has already been released with Zimmerman as the pursuer.please click title

Santorum Claims California Universities Don’t Teach American History (Updated)

republican Santorum who called our beloved Pres. a snob for wanting all to get a college education, maybe should have gone to another one seems like one college wasn't enough for him, he still can't buy a vowel, did anyone hear Fox report such a lack of basic info he was once apart of? please click title

Obama Takes Aim at Supreme Court, Calls Them 'Unelected Group of People' - President Obama - Fox Nation

the right is calling out our beloved PRES. for his remarks about the right wing scotus. interested in big business getting the upper hand on politics. he is not the first Pres. to call them out Jefferson,Lincoln,TR,FDR,Nixon did it so what the fuss? why should he not express himself honestly when so many republicans did the same thing is it verboten by the progressives and okay for the right, prejudicial preference? please click title

when you only listen to what you want to hear then yu are wantonly half cocked

right wing media feeding the base

typical standard take the things attributive to you and blame the other side for your transgression's. they have a need to squash any claim of them defending a guilty man, this tracks back to the treacherous beginnings of those who were trying to usurp all in favor of themselves. if they can promote his innocence then they can continue to deny racism exist. ever notice the same workhorse's get to pull the load of crap in defense of "it's not us it's them" but they again and again forget it's recorded it's in the archives it's on you tube and all over the internet. their base cheers on even when they see plainly they are misinforming and misleading them as to who's who in the usual suspects, does not matter as long as they can say they were on board with the hate agenda.
please click title

Monday, April 2, 2012

Experts say screams on 911 call in Trayvon Martin shooting were not George Zimmerman's

wonder what the zimmerman zealots will say to spin this one "you lie" they must have never seen CSI.
all the excuses and lies as to his side of the murderous encounter are dropping like flies. technology is such they probably had a satellite over head that has the whole thing recorded, but bureaucratic firewalls, like how much they say it would probably cost to push the rewind bottom may keep that out of their hands. but it's looking like this won't be another instance of "JUST US" but justice. please click title

Voting ID requirement takes away rights that people have had for decades. Is this how we treat our elderly and disabled?

this is a question posed by my good friend Radio Free America, my response

yes unfortunately, and not just elderly and disabled and poor but all of us not carrying their water and those who do carry the bucket. this is what we have to look forward to if we don't take this as serious as a heart attack. actually we are only imagining the stress and strife the right wing gov't would impose on us, believe me we don't want to see with out a doubt what it really is going to be. they keep referring to small government if so who runs the country and all the grandiose plans they have a smaller gov,' to them means they take the money part out and install a board of "conservators", they also talk about returning to states the authority to control your life, look at what the republican gov.'s have done already all the ludicrous crap they can't get through fed. gov't they would be judge, jury, mama, papa, and ultimately your executioner's. that money that goes to state's ear marked for your welfare and interest gone, right wing states will become worst then third country dictator's which is a inch away from the atrocities they have already imposed on "their subjects". so in short HELL YES this is what a repressive right wing gov't will be, with laws passed to keep the loyal's to the corporations in office. it is our's to lose give a damn, expose and vote. the Good Lord helps those who help themselves. God Bless our struggle i love the reference by o'stephanie, "This is such baldfaced disenfranchisement of those whose only power is their one vote" you go girl good point and a warning we all need to be vigilant and use it carefully.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rick Santorum's Health Care Solution

"Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum often criticizes Mitt Romney for his reforming of the Massachusetts health care system, which served as a basis for national health care reform under President Obama. But Santorum also tried, and failed, to tackle the problem of the uninsured himself, with a more straightforwardly anti-government solution based on tax credits"

and they want this primary to go on don't they realize the longer it goes the more they get exposed. they say it makes then tougher right tougher to win when all the dirty little secrets they conveniently left out come to the surface. Santorum today on fox Sunday looked like he was coked out or something. vouchers, tax credits but so far you're on your own with the buying power of one. isn't that pretty much where you are now? click title please