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Surprise! Company whose pipeline burst in Santa Barbara has extensive record of safety violations

Refugio State Beach oil spill

Since 2006, the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has logged more than 175 maintenance and safety violations by the company whose pipeline burst in Santa Barbara County, California, Tuesday night. That makes its rate of incidents per mile of pipe more than three times the national average, according to an analysis by the Los Angeles Times, which found only four companies with worse records. But those infractions only generated $115,600 in fines against the company, Plains All American Pipeline, even though the incidents caused more than $23 million in damage.
It was initially reported that 500 barrels of oil had leaked from the broken pipe, but authorities later said the total could be in the realm of 2,500 barrels, 105,000 gallons. The leak contaminated a portion of Refugio State Beach and nearby patches of ocean. A crew from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is handling clean-up on land, while the U.S. Coast Guard is handling the job on the water.
Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state emergency, a move which frees up emergency state money and resources for the cleanup. Authorities shut down both Refugio and El Capitan beaches, but most people camping in the popular area had already fled because of fumes from the leak. Camping reservations have been canceled through May 28.
my first question is why isn't the pipeline owners responsible for cleaning up their mess second why were they not shutdown after 5 violations what was going on in state gov't while on the way to 175 violations.  Brown is a Dem serving as gov. since 2011 the violations started in 2006 under Arnold Schwarzenegger a republican that does not excuse it's continuation under Brown in 2011.

republicans still in that drill baby drill mode and keystone ignoring the dangers and pollution that could be reduced by green energy plans Pres. promotes in his American Jobs Act also ignored by right wing and republicans.  energy that kills republican preferred way to go for Americans that it doesn't kill????? they said so

Oregon high school junior confronts anti-gay haters, launches beautiful counter-protest

Makaila made her sign and held it right next to the men. Which did not make them happy. They responded in typical bigot fashion:
The two men, said Makaila, began insulting her personally. “They were calling me names, and asking my mom questions, like, "How many times did you have to get an abortion before you were able to have your daughter?" and saying, "You’re going to burn in hell right along with your daughter." The things they were saying were just awful, but I didn’t let them faze me.”
She certainly didn't let the verbal abuse faze her. And her bravery was rewarded--with more supporters. People started showing up with pro-equality signs, food, flowers, and money for drinks. What began as one courageous and outspoken girl's stand against hate blossomed into a counter-protest that approximately 45 people participated in, by Makaila's estimation. She and her group decided not to leave until the bigots left. They continued to gain support from people in the town:
Throughout the evening, several local pastors showed up to tell the two men that they do not represent all Christians and “that everyone is loved by God,” said Ragan. “It was nice getting all that support from people from all over.”
Ragan and her group decided they wouldn’t leave until the two men did, and so they stood on the corner of the busiest intersection in downtown Tillamook cheering with every honk of support or wave they received from passing motorists until well past dusk. “I was there from 4 until about 10:30,” she said.
out of the mouths of babes, the next generation is the change we've been waiting for though the seeds have been sown in this generation and with acceptance of many in my generation we are poised to begin the termination of hate and intolerance my one sadness is my Marlene who passed from breast cancer we were together for 18 years she would love to see this unfolding as she and i had not as many as we would have liked Gay friends some are no longer here i've lost touch during my illness regretfully.  RIP Marlene you are sorely missed.

the outburst from the haters shows the ignorance that comes with those that discriminate no one is any more relevant than another we are all God's children and he/she does not teach hate.

Maryland governor says no to $11.6 mil for education and yes to $30 mil for children's prison

Larry Hogan

Governor Larry Hogan made the tough choice to use the $68 million Maryland's legislators earmarked for education, not for education! Over $11 million of that money would have gone to Baltimore schools. Governor Hogan called that money "extra money" and put it into the state's underfunded pensions, saying it would be irresponsible not to.
The money at issue was part of about $200 million that lawmakers set aside for their top priorities — extra school funding, preventing a pay cut for state workers and paying for a range of health-care initiatives that include Medicaid coverage for more pregnant women and funding for heroin addiction.
Governor Larry Hogan made the tough choice to spend $30 million on a 60-bed jail for Baltimore teenagers who have been charged as adults!
The issue was a bigger problem before the rate of youths jailed as adults dropped in recent years. State officials said in March that the city detention center holds fewer than 20 minors on any given day. But federal investigators who reviewed the last year jail said those young offenders were sometimes kept in seclusion for a month or longer.
But don't think Larry Hogan isn't for education:
Mark Vernarelli, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, said that even though the number of youngsters who would use the facility has declined, "the department is committed to housing juveniles charged as adults in a new building that will include classrooms, program space, and medical and recreation areas. It's a facility that's vastly superior to the current location."
needless to say Hogan is a republican and this latest assault on teens is part of the republican right wing agenda to privatize.  it's stated that teen crime has gone down so they say teens charged as adults but are they not still teens, children?  the school in jail thing i think is to make it more palatable to the public but that too would end up in the privatize tray.  republicans are not interested in helping youths that can be turned in to cash cows we heard of judges and police and prisons all in bed with a single agenda fill the prisons spending millions on a problem that is going away wreaks of an ulterior motive, warehousing kids for profit.  despicable them.

That Michigan pastor who was outed on Grindr? He nearly shamed a gay teen into committing suicide

Tyler Kish describes his depression and counseling from Pastor Makela

Yesterday we covered Pastor Matt Makela, the anti-gay Michigan pastor who was outed on Grindr.
Today a young man and his mother have stepped forward with their own story about Pastor Matt Makela. Tyler Kish was a teenage boy struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and sought counsel from Pastor Makela. His advice nearly caused Tyler to commit suicide:
"If he was going to go to hell for being gay then he might as well go to hell by committing suicide," Jennifer Kish said, regarding what Makela told her son.
He didn't stop there:
Jennifer Kish said the pastor also became vocal on social media about how he felt her son being gay was wrong and that as a parent she shouldn't support him.
After listening to Tyler Kish, it seems Pastor Makela could've used some support and counseling of his own:
"Honestly feel very bad for him, because looking at it everything he was telling me, he was telling himself too, and I think that he was really kind of self destructing and hurting people around him," Tyler Kish said.
A hurt that could've changed this family's lives forever, but Tyler Kish said love conquers all and he has found it in his heart to forgive the person he once blamed for his darkest days.
self hatred is what drives those who demonize others for what they also do. one of the biggest and most notorious Gay basher was allegedly Gay himself and the coup de grace Black passing as White.  people like him and the reverend IMO when they condescend and demonize those most like themselves they are really directing it at themselves. 

i think the more harsh the more need for self repentance it affords them the opportunity to do that vicariously through others in pain but never having to pay the piper for their own improprieties leading a life of self recrimination and a need to seek that momentary redemption over and over.  nice to know i paid attention in my 66 years life can be complicated no is complicated and demonizing those who don't think like you is countered by those thinking the same of you it's a vicious cycle of intolerance and one of the keys to understanding the teachings of Jesus. 

not realizing or caring about the harm that can be caused by bigotry and insertion of God and hate is criminal if that boy had taken his life who really would be responsible a kid searching for a truth or someone looking to satisfy their own need for redemption???

Shakespeare said it best it can be applied to any gender or person or group or political party.

Cartoon: On Iraq: W.W.J.H.D.? (What Would Jeb Have Done?)

you have to ask yourself was this really contrived by Jeb or was it by those many W admin advisers he has employed to lead him on his own path to be his own man?  doesn't sound like he was looking for his own way but more of the way that brought us to 2008.  this is like going to rehab and getting out and going right back to what caused your addiction more of the same is what they try to paint Hillary in reference to Pres. but Clinton left a surplus and was favored 66% when leaving office Pres. has a long list of accomplishments without any republican help.

W left deficit in the trillions which they like to add to Pres.'s acct. and his exit ratings 22%.  which more of the same do you thing was better for the country??

LAPD officer who kicked Alesia Thomas to death now on trial

Alesia Thomas

"I'm going to punt you in your pussy."
These were the words of LAPD Officer Mary O'Callaghan to Alesia Thomas. Handcuffed with her legs restrained, Alesia can be seen getting punched in the throat by Officer O'Callaghan who then delivered on her promise and kicked her directly in her groin - repeatedly. This was nearly 3 years ago.
It was recorded on the dashcam.
As O'Callaghan jabbed at the woman's throat with her hand, Thomas looked into the camera with wide eyes. The recording captured Thomas, who also had her legs tied with a nylon hobble restraint, repeatedly saying, “I can’t.”
The video showed O’Callaghan raise her boot and strike Thomas, whose body shook in response. A few minutes later, Thomas’ eyes closed and her head fell backward, the video showed. The recording then cut off.  She died at the hospital that evening. 
that doesn't seem like your everyday racial attacking it sounds more of a personal symbolic attack the words kicking her in the vagina sounds like retaliatory and over and over sounds like punishment for some perceived wrong not by Ms. Thomas but possibly another Black woman either to her or a male figure in her life.  she was definitely in that zone cameras be damned.

3 years ago and she's now going to trial did it take that long to create a defense that the camera shows is indefensible.  the article does not say if she was on one of those police "kill a Black person get a paid vacation" they call it administrative suspension with pay.  again the camera didn't lie MS Thomas died within hours of assault why 3 years???????

Woman who ran over her husband with an SUV because he didn't vote against Obama is headed to prison


Thanks, Obama:
A judge has sentenced an Arizona woman to 3 ½ years in prison for running over her husband with an SUV because he didn’t vote in the 2012 presidential election.
Thirty-one-year-old Holly Nicole Solomon of Mesa pleaded guilty to assault charges stemming from injuries her husband suffered days after President Barack Obama was re-elected. She was sentenced on Thursday.
 Authorities say Solomon was upset about Obama’s re-election and began arguing with her husband when she found out he didn’t vote.
this sounds not like hatred of Pres. or devotion to a party that uses it's voters only once every two to four years then kicks that back to their curb the one without a view they don't want them to see what they are doing in between roll outs.  this is a woman deranged and representative of many others that are dangerous and the real menaces to society.  right wing breeds them from the crib.

3 1/2 years is not a long time especially when you spend that time thinking of how to get it right the next time. they say elephants don't forget questionable since all republicans don't forget is their same old antiquated attack lines the fact that they've been rebuked over and over seems to slip right pass them.

Christiegate: Christie Goes on Expletive-Filled Rant in Front of Large Crowd

Chris Christie - Whoppers on the Bridge

Ruh-roh - looks like Christie is cracking. From Talking Points Memo:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) gave a speech on Wednesday full of vulgarities directed at reporters over the George Washington Bridge scandal, New Jersey's finances, and his travel history. 
"We don't give a s--- about this or any of you," Christie told a crowd of 350 people at the Hamilton banquet hall on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg Politics. The event was an annual event in New Jersey which features a roast of the sitting New Jersey governor. Elected officials, journalists, and lobbyists attend the event.
The New Jersey governor said one journalist should "open your eyes" and "clean the s--- out of your ears."
"This is a guy who says he doesn't know what I'm doing every day," Christie said of another journalist according to the Bloomberg report. "Then just get the f--- away from me if you don't know what I'm doing."
looks like the stress of let's say guilt and inevitable exposing of it is wearing away at the Teflon coating that seems to have created a non stick barrier between truth and those who thus far have been reluctant to say he was large and in charge.  David Wildstein said Christie knew and he had proof if true that puts a chink in his armor that will surely cause the the non stick to start sticking.  given his uncontrolled burst of profanity and accusation shows he's really worried despite his previous declarations of innocence and having no knowledge of what happens in his office, that is incompetence either way he wears the scarlet letter ":L" for loser.

Friday, May 22, 2015

On MSNBC's All In, Former George W. Bush Advisor Disputes Bill Kristol's Op-Ed Blaming Obama For Iraq Disintegration

IMO this is just another un-clever thinly veiled attempt to take the news cycle narrative off Jeb Bush's thumb in his ear and finger in his nose week.  notice the ED (elephant dung) ramps up when one of theirs is caught in the headlights.  people are no longer keeping quiet they don't want their names to be a footnote of republican skulduggery in it's attempt to continue a lie born 12 years ago.

Fox Host Blames ISIS Recruitment In America On Schools Embracing Multiculturalism

Campos-Duffy: Kids Are "Buying Into This Multicultural, We're The Imperialists, We're The Bad Guys"
that may be because they are not buying into right wing propaganda so to counter that dynamic they chose blame ISIS for their waning viewership in the younger demographic blame yourself and stop misleading children some might see you as more reputable. twisting stories is more fear mongering coming together and compassion does not drive you to kill your fellow countrymen.

blaming radical Islam is just denying who the real danger is right wing republican agenda. recognize who is tearing us apart creating the hate that attacks America not just liberal America rebellion is total and if their is that discrimination and prejudice no doubt it comes from the side that supports it.

Rick Santorum: President Obama created ISIS

he must not have gotten the email second whack a mole with the same lie.

Fox's Geraldo Rivera: The Freddie Gray Case Will Mark "The Decline Into Irrelevancy Of The Modern Civil Rights Movement"

RIVERA: It seems that, I believe the Freddie Gray case will mark the decline into irrelevancy of the modern civil rights movement. It seems that they are only interested, black lives matter, black lives matter only when they're killed by cops, particularly white cops. Where is the outrage of the 100 Baltimore citizens who've been shot dead this year? There is none. And I think now you have the cops backing off, arrests are plummeting, Baltimore will become, you know Mark used the term a blood bath, it is a killing zone right now. 
talk about declining inti irrelevancy this guy has been on a downward spiral for years.  it's people like him and orgs like Fox that are why we never seem to maintain the two steps forward before they run in and take it three steps backward. they are dodging the issue of police murders  by misdirecting to another situation that has nothing to do with the topic at hand it's a staple of their denial blame the victims for police actions because they do it too that is right wing talk everytime you point out their dirt first response "they do it on the other side too" that does not exonerate them of their dirt sure there is enough to go around but you don't address one by pointing at another completely ignoring the former.  for the record the majority of the time we don't do it on this side it's a lie of deceptive misdirection.

When President Obama is given the only umbrella...

President Obama holds umbrella for two staffers
Being the president of the United States is a larger-than-life job. There have only been so many in the history of the world. It is hard to imagine how busy the job is, how many things a president competent president must keep in his (and someday soon "her") mind at any given moment of the day or night. ABC News posted footage of President Barack Obama getting off of Marine One during a particularly heavy downpour of rain.
The president had his umbrella but it seems that his staffers did not have theirs. Obama waits for two of his staffers, and together all three walk into the White House.
It is a small gesture but being a person matters when you have so much power..
liberal compassion 180 degrees from conservative selfishness.

Cartoon: I'm my own man!

Terrible Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has had a very hard time distancing himself from his brother George Jr., the worst President in US history. Okay, maybe he is showing some of them Republican Family Values they're always going on about, but man, Jebby can't seem to get the stink of the Iraq War, (a war which is unpopular with 66% of the public) because he won't deny his dumb bro. Who's the dumb bro now?
point taken you do really have to wonder what's going on.  Mom advised against it she knows who her son's are and what W did to American families  35% exit rate you don't want to tell Americans how much you agree with and how proud you are of arguably the worst President ever.  people don't forget war or recession and who brought the pain.  surrounding yourself with all those complicit in the W White house as your team doesn't erase the picture of  let it run for more fond memories, nor does it present a picture of being your own man, it does however shows you being your own man with a lot of help from big brothers cohorts.

Jeb Bush declares 'ISIS didn't exist when my brother was president,' gets mugged by reality

A fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) holds an ISIL flag and a weapon on a street in the city of Mosul, June 23, 2014. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held crisis talks with leaders of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region on Tuesday urging them to stand with Baghdad in the face of a Sunni insurgent onslaught that threatens to dismember the country. Picture taken June 23, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer (IRAQ - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTR3VIB1

Just one week after a 19 year-old college student rightly informed Jeb Bush that "your brother created ISIS," the 2016 GOP White House hopeful apparently decided one historical beat down wasn't enough. At a gathering in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Wednesday, Dubya's brother doubled down and declared:
"ISIS didn't exist when my brother was president.  Al Qaeda in Iraq was wiped out when my brother was President."
As Jeopardy's Alex Trebek would say, "Oh, no. I'm so sorry."
As I documented Sunday in exhaustive detail, the development of the Islamic State was well underway while George W. Bush was still warming the seat in the Oval Office. Evaluating the claim of Nevada student Ivy Ziedrich regarding the paternity for ISIS, I explained:
For her to be right, ISIS--the dangerous movement combining Saddam loyalists, former Al Qaeda members and disgruntled Sunni fighters--would have to have emerged as a direct result of the war Bush launched in 2003. The disbanding of Saddam's 400,000-man army would have to be laid at the feet of "The Decider." 
Foreign fighters must have flocked to Al Qaeda--a non-factor in Iraq before the U.S. invasion--specifically to target American troops. And while those unlikely allies forged ties in U.S and Iraqi prisons, Sunni tribesmen once paid by American forces would have to have become alienated by a sectarian Shiite strongman in Baghdad beholden to Iran. 
The inevitable outcome of such U.S. mismanagement of post-Saddam Iraq, as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld privately warned his boss on October 15, 2002, would be that "Iraq could experience ethnic strife among Sunni, Shia, and Kurds" with the result that "it could fracture into two or three pieces, to the detriment of the Middle East and the benefit of Iran."
The origin tale (or, at least some of it) of the Islamic State isn't recent. In November 2007, Greg Bruno of the Council on Foreign Relations penned "Profile: Al-Qaeda in Iraq (a.k.a. al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia)" for the Washington Post:
In 2006 AQI was believed to have helped establish the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), an umbrella organization of Sunni insurgent groups with similar aims as AQI. Experts believe ISI was formed to strengthen AQI's credentials as a domestic movement. But Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the reported new head of ISI, was soon declared fictitious by the U.S. military. 
Analysts say al-Baghdadi was a persona actually created by al-Masri to give foreign-led AQI activities the illusion of Iraq-born legitimacy. Army Brig. Gen. Kevin Bergner said in July 2007 that al-Masri "was essentially swearing allegiance to himself since he knew that Baghdadi was fictitious and a creation of his own." Further complicating AQI's status were reports in October 2006 and again in May 2007 that al-Masri himself had been killed, claims jihadi groups have denied. Al-Masri appears to have survived.
As it turned out, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi wasn't fictitious at all; he was killed in a U.S. air strike in 2010.
That's the civil war in Syria during President Obama's tenure provided fertile ground and a geographic base for the Islamic State is clear. But all the elements for ISIS's expansion—leadership from Saddam loyalists, foreign fighters who flocked to Iraq to target U.S. forces and disgruntled Sunni "sons of Iraq" alienated by the Shiite Maliki regime in Baghdad—were in place before Dubya ambled out of the White House for the last time. President Bush admitted as much during a December 2008 interview with Martha Raddatz of ABC News:
BUSH: One of the major theaters against al Qaeda turns out to have been Iraq. This is where al Qaeda said they were going to take their stand. This is where al Qaeda was hoping to take -
RADDATZ: But not until after the U.S. invaded.
BUSH: Yeah, that's right. So what? The point is that al Qaeda said they're going to take a stand. Well, first of all in the post-9/11 environment Saddam Hussein posed a threat. And then upon removal, al Qaeda decides to take a stand.
the history is as written we also know republicans were probably unaware you know how they hate to read anything especially something that lays the truth untold at their feet.  so let's make this short and sweet really +o)  in order to see the rebuking of Jeb's misinformation check the dates in the article they will tell you who's watch was in effect for what.

America's Dumbest Congressman: Bush would have never invaded Iraq if he knew Obama would screw it up

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) questions U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on

Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert:“Everybody else wants to ask that question of, ‘Gee, would you have gone into Iraq if you’d known what you know now?’” Gohmert complained to Virginia talk radio host John Fredericks.
“If President Bush had known that he would have a total incompetent follow him that would not even be able to negotiate a status of forces agreement with Iraq and start helping our enemies and just totally put the Middle East in chaos, then he would have to think twice about doing anything if he had known he would have such a total incompetent leader take over after him,” Gohmert said. “That should be the question.”
okay it's whack a mole day,  reigning champ still holds the title.  
first of all if Bush had not ignored threats of attack by Bin Laden 911 might not have happened had there not been a vision of exploiting oil reserves in Iraq we may not have gone there to take down someone not a threat nor involved in 911.  Bush looking out for the Bin Laden family by not aggressively pursuing him and turning over the chance to capture the one responsible for thousands of American lives.  

then comes President Barack Hussein Obama who does aggressively pursue and does capture and kill the one responsible for thousands of American lives, republicans (Cheyney) still trying to take credit.well lets help them out with "the credit that Bush deserves",  Bush could not have a total incompetent follow him he proved he was the epitome of incompetence second to none.

a year later and they are back to the blame game did they bother to blow the dust off this one, a bigger question why do republicans allow idiots to speak in their name are they in that circular firing squad mode all aiming at their feet?????  to republicans anyone they can see going to war with is their enemy so when it comes congress and family can go fight for America, yeah that'll happen.

Panic starts to set in among some Republicans over Supreme Court Obamacare decision

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) pauses during remarks to reporters at a news conference following a Republican caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington January 7, 2015.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst    (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR4KFJ3

You can almost hear the cries of some swing district Republicans: "Doooo something! Pleeease!"
Without a plan, Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-Maine) argued consumers would face chaos in the market if the Supreme Court rules against subsidies to buy ObamaCare on the federal marketplace.
"If [the subsidies] are ruled unlawful, it will be incumbent upon Congress to help create a thoughtful free market replacement for ObamaCare, and an off-ramp for the six million individuals who have in good faith purchased ObamaCare policies," Poliquin wrote in a letter to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other committee leaders.
Actually, it's probably more like 8 million than 6, but why quibble when a Republican sees impending doom and is trying to do something about it. And of course Poliquin has his own "plan" for what Republicans should do.
Under Poliquin’s proposal, individuals would no longer be required to purchase insurance and they would no longer have to purchase plans that cover the same broad range of services and procedures. To cut overall costs, his plan would require doctors to provide cost estimates of services to allow patients to "shop around" and would allow people to buy insurance across state lines—two ideas that have been widely accepted by the GOP.
So not so much a plan as a "yeah, what he said" proposal that all of them have embraced but somehow never been able to formulate into a real legislative proposal that will score well with the Congressional Budget Office and be taken seriously. Partly that's because, like all the other Republicans, he wants to keep the Obamacare requirement that insurers have to take all comers. And that, when you don't have a mandate making sure that healthy people are also buying insurance and helping to keep overall costs down, is not a workable solution. But it's something, which is more than he's got for the millions who could very shortly lose their subsidies and their insurance.
as you read this try to imagine those elected to serve and create laws that are people friendly and look out for their health and well being now look at the title why are those who want to be your leaders upset that you might be able to keep your ObamaCares and why is it that two of the justices are  convinced that if they destroy the lives of millions for their partisan agenda that those the congress who have been the very ones pushing this atrocity on the American people with lies and misinformation for going into 7 years will turn around and save us with what Lyin Ryan's voucher plan????

i wrote this on this blog 4 years ago and as with all things related to republicans it still is relevant.

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Hello,what if all the republicans against healthcare time in office runs out and they are forced to enter work force without insurance buying power of gov. employees then loose that job and can't afford insurance because the voucher program they passed is insufficient? "POETIC OR WHAT"
Posted by nick johnson at 10:08 AM 

Anti-gay pastor in Michigan resigns after–well, you can probably guess

Pastor Matt Makela and Grindr App

Reverend Matthew Makela was recently listed on the St. John's Lutheran Church website as a devoted husband and father of five children. But, he was forced to resign this week after published pics of his Grinder profile:
Until 2 p.m. on Monday, the ‘Our Church Staff’ section of St. John’s Lutheran Church and School’s website described Reverend Matthew Makela as an associate pastor who enjoys, “family, music, home improvement, gardening and landscaping, and sports.”
Screenshots obtained by Queerty from a source who asked that his name be withheld shed light on some of the Reverend’s other favorite past times — namely nude make out sessions and sex with other men.
And the folks at note, the good pastor has publicly backed an anti-gay agenda on many occasions:
It is unrighteous to give into sinful temptations. We are all tempted and it is not a sin to be tempted, but it is a sin to give into to temptation. A sexual attraction to the same sex is a sinful temptation to be resisted and overcome by God’s grace and power, just as a temptation to steal or lie or overeat must be resisted and overcome by replacement with working hard, telling the truth and moderation in appetite. We all face varying degrees of temptation in sometimes varying areas of life and we all are tempted to sin according to 1 Corinthians 10:13.
Jesus reaffirmed one man one woman marriage in Matthew 19:4-6 where he quotes from Genesis 1:27 and 2:24. In Old and New Testaments homosexual practice is clearly condemned (Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:21-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 Timothy 1:9-10). There is no sinful practice God cannot forgive and overcome by his grace through faith in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).
here again we see where regardless to all the damnation and hell fire coming at Gay's they all seem to ignore the word of God when it specifically says there is forgiveness no matter what but the bigots rebuff that because they never mention it only the discrimination which the Bible i think doesn't actually say to discriminate.  i found this link it's a must read please very informative and eye opening revelations that we may not be aware of that can pervert what we read and interpret from those readings.  so please read with an open mind.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fox News Omits Mention Of Dangerous Consequences Of Arizona GOP Welfare Restrictions

Arizona welfare restrictions

Fox News failed to mention that 2,700 children will be booted off Arizona's welfare program in the wake of extreme restrictions pushed through by Republicans in the state.
Arizona legislators voted on May 18 to drastically restrict the state's welfare program, capping the lifetime limit for recipients to one year. As the AP reported, the new rule would be "the shortest window" of benefits in the nation, and "As a result, the Arizona Department of Economic Security will drop at least 1,600 families - including more than 2,700 children - from the state's federally funded welfare program on July 1, 2016."
Yet no mention of the thousands of children and families that stand to lose access to the program was made during a May 20 segment on the vote during Fox News' Fox & Friends. During an interview with Arizona state Senator Kelli Ward (R), co-host Steve Doocy instead focused on state budgetary problems, asking "why was this bill important?" Going on to suggest that the bill was produced to address the frustrations about "the way welfare works in the country," Doocy gave an uncritical platform for Sen. Ward to claim that the measures were simply "necessary" despite the consequences:
But the measure will not only hurt those who need such programs most, it may also increase costs to the state in the long run. As Liz Schott, a welfare policy analyst, explained to the AP: "Long-term welfare recipients are often the most vulnerable, suffering from mental and physical disabilities, poor job histories and little education ... But without welfare, they'll likely show up in other ways that will cost taxpayers, from emergency rooms to shelters to the criminal justice system."
i really hope those who read this blog get an idea of how treacherous to our well being republicans are,  all the article i post so many different ones and the republicans all they have is Benghazi. Hillary and emails and running out of retreads on Pres. bur always the same thing unlike the multiples about them.  they have even run out of false homegrown scandals.  they got nothing. the republican party like Seinfeld all about nothing.

A Terror Threat Fox News Won't Cover Silence From Network After Christian Minister Arrested For Threatening To Kill Muslims

Fox News was completely silent after a Christian minister pleaded guilty to plotting to attack American Muslims in New York, continuing a habit of downplaying threats to Muslims and ignoring extremist acts with no ties to Islam.
Robert Doggart, an ordained Christian minister and former Tennessee congressional candidate, was arrested and pled guilty to attempting to recruit "expert Gunners" to aid him in a plot to kill residents of Islamberg, NY, a largely Muslim community at the foot of the Catskill Mountains. RawStory reported on the details of Doggart's plan:
He met with the informant in Nashville and discussed using Molotov cocktails to firebomb buildings in the Muslim community, which was founded by African-Americans who had converted to Islam from Christianity.
Doggart told the informant during a recorded conversation that he planned to bring 500 rounds of ammunition for the M4 rifle and a pistol with three extra magazines - as well as a machete.
"If it gets down to the machete, we will cut them to shreds," he told the informant.
He said during a recorded call that the "battalion" he commanded hoped the raid on Hancock, which is also known as Islamberg, would be a "flash point" in a possible revolution.
"So sick and tired of this crap that the government is pulling that we go take a small military installation or we go burn down a Muslim church or something like that," Doggart said.
and they are getting their right to religious freedom suppressed there has always been a dyslexic view of the rest of the world to evangelicals they see everything in reverse of reality  they are seeing their right suppressed because it is no more than an agenda of hate and racism not what Jesus taught or what Christianity is so yeah the Bible is clear on that and they shall be suppressed, if they stop the cherry picking and accept it all maybe they might have a chance. nah