Friday, December 19, 2014

Cartoon: A few renovations....


with the republican congress it could happen as soon as 2017 depending if the same ungrateful electorate shows up or stays home.  you got 2 years left on the best Pres. for all the people we ever had help him put the trimming on the tree or get out of the way.  don't go down i history as the worst electorate we've ever had.

25 homes evacuate an unstoppable gas leak in another Ohio fracking 'incident'

About 25 families in eastern Ohio have been unable to live in their houses for the past three days because of a natural-gas leak at a fracking well that crews cannot stop.
Bethany McCorkle, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the state agency that regulates oil and gas, said crews lost control of the Monroe County well on Saturday. […]
The well is not on fire, but the gas could be explosive.
Ohio has had its share of fracking accidents this year. In May, a blowout resulted in an oil spill into an Ohio river tributary. And then this happened the following month:
On the morning of June 28, a fire broke out at a Halliburton fracking site in Monroe County, Ohio. As flames engulfed the area, trucks began exploding and thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals spilled into a tributary of the Ohio River, which supplies drinking water for millions of residents. More than 70,000 fish died.
In October, a well ruptured in eastern Ohio, spreading natural gas and methane, and resulted in the evacuation of over 400 families.
 they sold it and looks like they had buyers or politicians in their back pocket sorry i mean vest pocket rich people don't put things in their back pockets.  they are still pushing the deadly endeavor all about the Benjamin's guess they think multiple family deaths and sickness and  dislocation is worth every penny "THEY'LL MAKE", and who supports this republicans say it after me republicans, and now they own both houses of congress, pray for yourselves.
[This] incident was the third in three days tied to fracking operations in eastern Ohio. On Sunday, a worker at a fracking site in Guernsey County was burned in a fire. On Monday, a pipeline carrying natural-gas condensate ruptured in Monroe County, igniting several acres of woods.
Explosions resulting in frequent evacuations, leaks into drinking-water supplies, earthquakes—but don’t worry, folks. Fracking is perfectly safe.
make you feel any better about the jackpot they are putting you in,  wonder if you can buy insurance for somebody else putting you in danger deliberately  can you say Keystone republicans sure can?

4 things that should happen now that we know the truth about Witness #40, a white supremacist

No eyewitness testimony was more consistent with Darren Wilson's personal story of events the day he shot and killed Mike Brown than that of Witness #40—who we now know as white supremacist Sandy McElroy.
Not only did Sandy McElroy testify before the grand jury twice, she was allowed to show what she claimed was her journal from the day Mike Brown was killed. In the journal she said she decided to travel to a black neighborhood so she could learn to no longer "call blacks niggers." In the transcript of her testimony, in her back and forth with members of the grand jury, members are recorded as actually stating that they believe she's telling the truth.
What's clear now, and what was actually clear to the FBI and the prosecutors before she ever testified, is that Sandy McElroy wasn't anywhere near Canfield Drive the day Mike Brown was killed and made her entire story up. Not only that, but Sandy McElroy was on record with the St. Louis police as having lied and concocted fanciful stories in other murder cases in which she falsely claimed to be a witness.
Her inclusion in the grand jury pool of witnesses poisoned the well and her testimony is the most quoted testimony of conservative pundits; Sean Hannity alone has quoted her at least 21 times in various broadcasts. In addition to her calling African Americans "apes" and saying police should "kill the niggers" in the aftermath of Mike Brown's death, she regularly posted comments on various social networks showing her affection for Darren Wilson weeks and weeks before she ever claimed to be a witness.
The FBI, in their interrogation of Sandy McElroy, completely tore apart her story and proved that she never drove onto Canfield Drive, never drove off of Canfield Drive, was never seen on Canfield Drive, and couldn't find one person or photo or message before or after the event to confirm that she was ever there. She claimed she told her ex-husband all about what she saw, but he swore she didn't and he has problems remembering things.

just wondering if any of the Wilson supporters will change their minds as more complicity to promote false evidence become available or will they still support a murderer?  i think the first thing the feds should do is arrest the entire Ferguson DA's office then set separate trials for the cop than the friends of the homicidal Wilson.
After telling the FBI that she was there to meet a friend she hadn't seen since 1987, she admitted to the grand jury that she actually lied about that and no such person existed. She then explained that she was actually on Canfield Drive in a different town the exact moment Mike Brown was killed, in the exact spot where he was killed, on a solo ethnographic expedition to ease her own racism. It's a lie so preposterous that it feels dirty even repeating it.
Here's the thing, though. When Sandy McElroy was called before the grand jury, she had already been thoroughly discredited by the FBI not just as being a poor witness whose recollection is fuzzy, but as someone who didn't witness anything at all and was making it all up for the worst possible reasons. That she was allowed to testify before the grand jury on two different dates and produce fake evidence on her second trip is a scandal of epic proportions. That her testimony has become so popular among conservatives says as much about them as it does about Sandy McElroy.

that is reason enough to break the chain of lawlessness and discrimination in Ferguson but it will take federal involvement and commitment.  how much longer will we let racist and bigots demean this country who supposedly stands for the opposite of their idiotology?

Assault Rifle Amusement Park For Children Set To Open In Florida

A while back some idiots in Texas thought it would be a great idea to have a meet and greet with gun bearing kids sitting on Santa's lap.
Not to be outdone by Texas stupidity, Florida has taken things even further.
Assault Rifle Theme Park For Children:
A new attraction where children as young as 13 fire military-grade weapons in zombie, gangster and cowboy-themed simulators has been slammed by gun control campaigners.
Although management claim their Orlando, Florida, attraction provides a safe place for the use of firearms, critics claim it is unsuitable for an area known for its child-friendly attractions.
The website for the business - named Machine Gun America - states it is Orlando's 'first automatic adrenaline attraction'.
Alls it would take is one 'concerned citizen on 911' to end one of these kids lives, if some other accident doesn't happen first.
 Of course this is not about gun safety, firearm awareness or even common sense... its about being Rambo or living out The Walking Dead fantasies:
It explains: 'Whether you're looking to unleash your inner action star or become a zombie hunter, experience the exhilarating rush of shooting real machine guns and powerful firearms for a thrill like any other.'
it's clear that right wing zealots do not want a better life for their kids they want to lessen their chances of growing up.  is this the continuation of what i thought they were doing preparing for another civil war, this time arming crazies early and creating replacement soon to be crazies in case they can't defeat the gov't.  by teaching their kids this attitude kids think is cool and grownup, they are condemning them to a certain future death or life in privatized prisons.  they can already carry in church where's the love for God in the book they hold on to but never seem to read, evangelicals have people to tell them what it means the two are mutually exclusive.

Cartoon: Un-Hollywood sign

Who runs Hollywood? Today, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un does, after his nation's hackers purportedly cyberbullied Sony Studios to pull their Jong-Un mocking film "The Interview."

in Pres.'s speech today he said he sympathized with Sony but they made a mistake in caving.   i don't know the older i get the more consciously aware i get, suppose there was a retaliation but in the way of "when you least expect it, expect it", i understand nobody wants to go where you have to watch your back constantly.  what happens if they release on Netflix or another media outlet do they do get threatened too?  i really don't envy anyone who has to make that decision, i guess the terrorist one this one so far anyway.

Cartoon: The top secret files of Dick Cheney

and the saga continues, enjoy!  note who seems to take the lead so far their initials are not Bush.  seasonal arrogance or arrogance 365 24/7?

Bill O'Reilly: African-Americans Should Wear "Don't Get Pregnant At 14" On Their T-Shirts


i can't bring myself to words appropriate to this smug White guy who thinks he holds the answers to the Black experience but every time he opens his mouth about it it's always condescending a places all fault with Black people.  remember how flabbergasted he was when Rev.Al took him to Sylvia's in Harlem guess he thought we didn't use forks and sat t tables with tablecloths.

he and people on the right like him are following the old school misleading info and painting Blacks as they did 400 years ago, their viewers walk away believing it IMO because it gives them a false sense of they are better than we are and ironically we'll never change when they need t look in a mirro to see the same ol good ol boy that hates because he was told he did.

i remember an interview with an old toothless White guy in the asouth, when asked why he hated Obama his response, "because his names Obama", than looked at interviewer like "didn't you know?"
guess i could bring myself to a few words.+0)

A majority of Americans support CIA torture program

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) (L) discusses a newly released Intelligence Committee report on the CIA's anti-terrorism tactics, in a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate, in this still image taken from video, on Capito

Most or all of these people probably also go to church on Sundays.
A majority of Americans believe that the harsh interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were justified, even as about half the public says the treatment amounted to torture, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
By an almost 2-1 margin, or 59-to-31 percent, those interviewed support the CIA’s brutal methods, with the vast majority of supporters saying they produced valuable intelligence.
In general, 58 percent say the torture of suspected terrorists can be justified “often” or “sometimes.”
my first question who are they interviewing the GA. KKK?  we've heard from McCain as  crazy as he sometimes acts he has first hand knowledge of torture and it's effectiveness.  withe everytime a republican claims it works their are 5 more who say it doesn't those 5 hold degrees those otheers well the just hold on to the talking point lie.

why don't we just ask people like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed if it worked and he gave up good intel, actually if he did either we would kill him or Al Qaeda would depending on his answer.

Most of the answers can be attributed directly to what's being said on the news. Over half of those polled said torture "did produce important information;" that is solely a reflection of which of your news sources you choose to believe, not a personal insight on your part. A plurality calls the report "unfair" in its description of the CIA program, but a majority also says the CIA "intentionally misled" Congress—again, a test of which radio station your car stereo is tuned to, and very little else.
The polling, however, shows the enormous danger of going down this path. Inhuman treatment of prisoners can, with the coaxing of national figures, easily be made into a majority opinion. Torturing innocent suspects, as Dick Cheney still triumphantly supports, can quite easily be normalized as necessary and proper. Any number of horrific crimes against others can be made "popular," even in the most supposedly civilized of societies, by appealing to a sense of fear and telling the population that the crimes will keep them safer. 
That is how Japanese Americans found themselves in internment camps. That is how the Klan ruled the South. That is why there were trials against "witches" in Salem. That is how wars are sold. That is how one of the most "civilized" of European nations, their people goaded into thinking the other in their midst were existential threats to their families, their towns and to the greatness of their nation, turned to the methodical slaughter of minority groups on an industrial scale.

can't add much to that reality if i might re post this link it will serve as a point of confirmation to this article.  also G W Bush, " you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on".

do those who agree give thought to our troops the other side does not do tit for tat they improve on their torture,  how many will volunteer to go and possibly get caught and subjected to revenge torture that republicans and that 59% are so ready to support, is it because they know none of them will be in that jackpot and in most cases neither will their children, republicans havea way to shut tat whole thing down, ummm where have i heard that?

San Jose police officer on leave after posting death threats to protestors on Twitter


San Jose police officer Phillip White has been put on leave after posting a series of death threats to protestors on his personal Twitter account.
His tweets raise at least three very disturbing questions.
1. How could an officer who makes such statements just be put on temporary leave and not fired? It will be hard for members of the community to ever feel safe around Phillip White.
2. In his mocking statements of #BlackLivesMatters and #ICantBreathe, he fails to see that these are chants from peaceful protests. Why is he using them as an opportunity to mock and threaten the community?
3. Is it safe to assume that the sentiments expressed by Phillip White, which seem to invite violence and death and confrontation, are shared by his colleagues?
see video

just to show how maladjusted some of the nations police forces have become they are approaching the current atmosphere of distrust of them azz backwards.  they are making the case for the public angst with them.  officer friendly has morphed into buster bad azz who will threaten, assault or kill you with impunity.  there needs to be a one strike law if they do any of the above no paid vacations after criminal assaults or murder no denying video or eyewitness testimony or complicit DA's the entire system needs dumping and revamping and less protecting of killers and more protection of innocents regardless to color that means no profiling.

the justice system as it is is littered with the bodies of young people of color who got no justice and found themselves like the rest with just us.

Cartoon: Dare you peer into the secret files of Dick Cheney?

i know this his a cartoon but i think it more close to reality then what Cheyney claims to be the truth

Thursday, December 18, 2014

If You Thought Stop-And-Frisk Was Bad, You Should Know About Jump-Outs

Iman Hadieh was standing outside a bar smoking with some new friends on the evening of October 6 when the police cars came. It was about eight young black men, and her, a woman of Palestinian origin who describes herself as white.
“I can’t tell you how many vehicles descended upon us because it all happened so fast,” she said. The cars were unmarked. But she knew it was the cops when they jumped out in black vests and hats, some with their guns drawn, she said. Some she didn’t see jump from their cars, but they appeared instead to come out of nowhere. She estimates there were 10 or 12 officers in all. Two witnesses who live on the block confirmed seeing a group of about 8 people lined up against a wall and frisked. They did not see the initial jump-out and could not confirm whether officers had their guns drawn.
Before Hadieh could take in what had happened, the officers were in their faces, touching and prodding the young men she was standing with near the corner of 14th Street NW and Parkwood Place in Washington, D.C. The men fell into line, signaling that it wasn’t their first time the police had jumped out at them. But as a light-skinned woman, it was hers.
“I knew they were ‘police’ per se, but they weren’t moving, talking or behaving in any way like police usually do,” Hadieh said. “It was highly tactical and organized, very militarized.”
when i first saw this i was very familiar with the term and since we don't hear it except among residents i wondered was it happening in other cities.  i live in DC i am mixed because i have seen the results of open air drug markets disappear because of them i also know that some are innocent and profiled that is what bothers me. i have never had it happen to me i never hung out in the street i was always at somebody's house or on the way. 

 i hadn't heard this term lately and was surprised when it was depicted here, good and bad and i suppose terrorizing for innocents and criminals alike even though they go back to the same places when the cops jump out they scatter some get caught some don't and return within the hour.  over all thy do work not sure what i feel as far as innocents getting scared up and that being the price of a drug free neighborhood.

Navajo County targeted for right wing paradise

Former Graham County sheriff Richard Mack announced last month during a speech in Pueblo, CO, that he plans to turn Navajo County Arizona into a right-wing paradise. Mack told a Tea Party assembly he will move to Navajo County and run for for election as sheriff there in 2016.
Following up during a speech in Olympia, WA, this weekend (reported by Right Wing Watch) Mack elaborated and invited those in his audience to move to Navajo County to help usher in a shining vision of nullification.
Mack leads an organization that believes the highest elected political authority in the United States is the county sheriff. He is also, you may recall, the person who advocated using women and children as shields during the Cliven Bundy standoff with the federal Bureau of Land Management in Nevada earlier this year.

didn't they already do this while going west?  sheriffs pretty much are HMDIC's in small towns and cities, but to actually think one has to power to redo the whole White man taking of Indian land thing to turn it into a paradise for more White men really gives us a better look at what we did when we chose to stay home 2014.  as i said taking the country back is moronic they never relinquished it things are still as they were White mans got a God complex.

Pennsylvania fraternity bros send out offensive holiday photo

Members of Phi Delta Theta posing with the blow-up doll

Listen, we know that the human brain isn't fully developed until around age 25 or so. And we know that teenage and college kids do a lot of dumb things. But can all white fraternities recognize it is almost 2015 and racial tensions are at a high and maybe, just maybe, sending out Christmas cards with a giant blow-up dark-skinned sex doll isn't the smartest thing to do?
On Sunday night, a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity posted what became a controversial Christmas photo on Facebook. The photo showed the brothers — most of whom appear to be caucasian — posing in holiday attire in a living room. Next to one of the brothers on the left of the photo was a dark-skinned blow-up doll.
In a draft of an apology emailed by College senior and Phi Delta Theta President Jimmy Germi to UMOJA co-chairs Wharton junior Rachel Palmer and College sophomore Ray Clark, the fraternity said that the doll was a Beyoncé sex toy originally meant as a gag gift at the group’s Secret Santa event.

this is the result of our higher education institutions denying and dismissing and the sexual depravity that runs rampant on school campuses high school on up maybe even middle school and elementary, i remember in grade school we me too used to feel up more developed girls and pat fannies and the things that appear to have led to rape and other abuse even though we had no idea what to do or what we were doing.  

i remember a girl in 6th grade who was promiscuous i never got involved i was scared, but she eventually killed herself with a shotgun before we left the 6th grade, she obviously had deep personal issues that was not known how many young women today are at that edge and boys will be boys pushes them over.  republicans IMO support rape by it'as rhetoric the laws they initiate especially those that appear to protect the perpetrators, we know their disdain for women and their needs and rights those attitudes foster this type of nonchalant chauvinism, and they know it even while denying it.
BTW the azzholes must have gotten duped the blow up looks nothing like Beyonce' or was that a fantasy lie?

How Ted Cruz gave Harry Reid an opening to confirm Obama's nominees

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) addresses reporters after meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington, October 10, 2013. Reid expressed caution on Thursday about a short-term debt ceiling increase plan that Republica

By dragging out the road to a Senate vote on funding the government, Sen. Ted Cruz inadvertently gave Democrats the time to get a few other things done. And Majority Leader Harry Reid:
... took advantage of their protest, using the rare Saturday session to advance Obama’s nominees in the confirmation process.
Beginning Monday, Reid plans to set in motion votes for Vivek Murthy to serve as surgeon general, Daniel Santos to take a seat on the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board and Frank Rose to serve as an assistant secretary of state.
Then, Reid will set up votes for Antony Blinken to serve as a deputy secretary of state and Sarah Saldaña to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.
Republicans are likely to try to delay these votes—votes that could be blocked by delay, if enough senators decide they don't want to stick around doing their jobs a week before Christmas and leave, depriving Reid of the needed votes. But these nominations are starting the week a little ahead of the game, thanks to Cruz' immigration tantrum.

ever notice how republicans use their tokens to plead the case of their stance well maybe Cruz has gone a few miles off the course.  do they think by using Blacks to argue their case against Blacks or this guy against Hispanics is really swaying any voters to their side?  they only come off as more reprehensible than the rest of the klan.  they must really be desperate to belong somewhere and what do they choose those that do nothing for 6 years and push legislation against the race their token pretends to belong or are they just wannabe's?

Cartoon: Tortured logic

this is as close a representation of what Cheyney tried to explain using other words but reality cries out for the true words and here you go.

Inside The Koch-Backed History Lessons North Carolina Wants To Teach High School Students

Public high school students in North Carolina will be taught from a lesson plans and worksheets prepared by a organization closely tied to the billionaire Koch brothers, if the state’s Department of Public Instruction gets its way. According to the Raleigh News and Observer, the Virginia-based Bill of Rights Institute received a “$100,000, sole-source contract with [North Carolina] to help develop materials for teachers to use in a course on founding principles that the state requires students to take.”
 The N&O also notes that the organization receives funding directly from David Koch and from two Koch family foundations, although, if anything, this description understates the Institute’s ties to the conservative billionaires. Two of the Institutes four board members are employed by Koch entities — one is a senior vice president at Koch Industries and another is director of higher education programs at the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation — 
and many of the Institute’s other top leaders also appear likely to push a political agenda in line with the Koch brothers’ anti-government views. Board member Todd Zywicki, is a George Mason law professor and a leading opponent of Wall Street reforms such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Institute’s president,David J. Bobb, founded two centers at Hillsdale College, a conservative institution of higher education that proclaims its opposition to “the dehumanizing, discriminatory trend of so called ‘social justice’ and ‘multicultural diversity.’

keep in mind the right wing wants to dissolve the dept of education, this is tantamount to other endeavors where they want to kill things that protect us from them and replace with their own curriculum and we know what that means teaching them to obey not question right wing philosophy the same brainwashing the tea party started with their indoctrination summer camps now on to the next generation and keeping them dumb and obedient is their intent so they can keep control and keep them submissive.  are the creating the next 4th Reich sure sounds like it and they will arm then too.

A Teacher’s Best Friend
The Department of Public Instruction “highly recommend[s]” that North Carolina school districts use the Institute’s instruction materials to teach the state’s students about America’s founding principles and the Constitution itself — and, on the surface, the materials look quite impressive. They consist of 391 pages of lesson plans, worksheets, student activities and answer keys for teachers, organized into “ten instructional modules” and a “final project” designed to cover and entire semester of coursework. The lesson plans tie each module to particular objectives laid out in the state’s curriculum. And many of the lessons taught by the materials are unobjectionable, or even quite important. A unit on the rights of the accused, for example, emphasizes the principle that “it was better for guilty people to go free than for the judicial system to condemn even one innocent person.”
Yet the materials also push a very clear agenda in subtle — and often not-so-subtle — ways. “One might say the Founders were not only concerned with property rights,” a unit on that subject proclaims, “they were passionate about them.” Students are taught that “property rights secure freedom” and that James Madison “criticized excessive taxes.” Much of the materials focus on matters of particular concern to well-moneyed groups such as land developers. The Supreme Court case upholding Obamacare is painted as the culmination of a grand expansion of federal power, even though it actually reduced Congress’ ability to legislate.
look at you right wing now and picture a future of thousands of southern mini mes spewing the same garbage you remember no matter how old you are it's been here and will be here until they stop breeding more.  a teachers best friend or the path to a new world you thought was long gone.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Courageous video statement from Browns player Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins

this is a response of someone that those police were not referring which points to their own remarks biting them and shines a light on who doesn't know what.  let's keep a eye on him for his own safety.

God Bless him and his own

Texas officer attacks and tasers 76-year-old man over expired tags

Officer Nathanial Robinson tackling Peter Vasquez

it's working it's way up they are equal opportunity abusers Black and Brown victims are being joined by White victims looks like unless you are brandishing a gun you to can be a statistic those strapped get a pass go card.  White America they are coming after you too.
The incident happened Thursday after Robinson saw an expired inspection sticker on the car Vasquez was driving back to Adam's Auto Mart, 2801 N. Laurent St., where he helps with mechanical work.
Vasquez got out of the car, which is owned by the car lot, attempting to get the manager. He pointed out to the officer the dealer tags on the back of the car, which would make it exempt from having an inspection.
Police dashboard camera video shows Robinson arresting Vasquez for the expired sticker.
When the officer first grabbed Vasquez's arm, the older man pulled it away. Robinson then pushed Vasquez down on the hood of the police cruiser. The two fell out of the camera's video frame, but police said the officer used the Taser on Vasquez twice while he was on the ground.
seems those perceived as most vulnerable are prime targets too, pregnant women Black women women period, remember the NM cop shooting at Black mom and car full of kids they had just terrorized?

do any of them the homicidal ones too ever apologize for killing loved ones, sorry for your loss is a standard "i don't really care" response

In demanding apologies, police unions show white supremacy is a core value

Andrew Hawkins

Racism has a hard time hiding.
People love to deny its very existence, but it just has a way of telling on itself. Those who harbor prejudice on the inside eventually can't help but let it out in a way, so ugly and toxic, that you soon wonder how they kept it disguised for as long as they had.
The leaked emails from Sony come to mind.
While the overwhelming majority of African Americans see some level of racial discrimination and devaluing of black life in the police murders of unarmed men like Akai Gurley, Kendrec McDade, and Eric Garner, it's become far too easy for police (and society) to deny race played even a small role in any of these homicides.
In essence, unless the police are recorded using the "n-word" or secretly walking out of a Klan meeting, they can effectively deny they have a racist bone in their body, but that's not really how the new racism works in 2014. Racial slurs and Klan meetings are used less, but some reputable polls show the majority of Americans still hold some level of racist views against African Americans. Yet we're expected to believe that those racist views are somehow never held by police and never play any role in the deaths of African Americans they kill by the hundreds year in and year out.
Like a leaking pen in the pocket of a white dress shirt, private racism just has a way of bleeding out into the public and making a mess of itself eventually. Few things smack of leaky-pen racism more than the police unions of Cleveland and St. Louis recently demanding apologies from athletes and sports franchises for wearing T-shirts showing solidarity with families of victims of police violence.
the audacity of arrogance is a staple of racism with so much publicity and video they think it's reasonable that they be apologized to for murdering innocent unarmed Black males this article hits it right where it lives in the heads of those who perpetrate being their city's finest when in actuality they are the dregs.

Within hours of Cleveland Browns player Andrew Hawkins coming out to his pre-game warm up with a T-shirt stating "Justice for Tamir Rice & John Crawford," Jeff Follman, president of the Cleveland Police Union, issued a statement so incendiary that it was hard to believe. Speaking to the local Cleveland ABC affiliate, Follman said:
It's pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law. They should stick to what they know best on the field. The Cleveland Police protect and serve the Browns stadium and the Browns organization owes us an apology.
Follman, speaking to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, went on to say:
He's an athlete. He's someone with no facts of the case whatsoever. He's disrespecting the police on a job that we had to do and make a split-second decision. He should stick to playing football and let us worry about law enforcement. The players don't know what our job entails. Don't judge us by what you're reading in the media.
when you think about it it's not really out of line for them given they obviously don't know the law themselves or so many Black men would not be gone.  what is really pathetic is their attempt to portray murder as another day at the office, also when you tally the dead who are they protecting really?  this is an attempt to force the White owned team to pull the chain on a Black player thereby making his statement null and void and censored you know that does sound like something White supremacist would aspire to.

as to sticking to what he knows how many of them have his credentials of higher learning  they need a refresher course it seems they are sticking to what the know and it has nothing to do with job description so who's zoomin who?

Fox & Friends Airs Misleading Footage To Suggest Al Sharpton Led Protesters Calling For "Dead Cops"

Fox & Friends Sunday repeatedly spliced footage of Al Sharpton speaking at a Washington, D.C. "Justice for All" march with footage from a separate event in New York City where some in the crowd chanted for "dead cops" to claim Sharpton is "calling to kill cops."
The December 14 edition of Fox & Friends Sunday opened with video from a December 13 march in New York City where some protesterschanted, "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now." Co-host Anna Kooiman set up the footage by saying, "Thousands march with Al Sharpton against the police," and later promised "more from Sharpton's 'March for Justice.'"
the right wing and it's minions of trolls constantly try to defame Rev. Al when you ask them why you only get two words Tawanna Brawley, stuck in 1987 that is their proof of the correctness of the slime rhetoric used against him.  you know he must be hitting nerves all over the republican world because they go after him like they do the Pres.  check out the Brawley story and judge for yourself,  as to him calling for dead cops c'mon.