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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don't lecture people on 'due process' when you're pointing guns at their heads

A riot police officer aims his weapon while demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014. Police in Ferguson fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse protesters late on Wednesday, on the fou

An American police officer shooting an unarmed black man is something that happens often enough that there can be studies done on it. Now that's depressing.
It remains to be seen whether Wilson will face criminal charges, but a limited review of similar killings by police suggests that the officers more often than not walk away without an indictment, and are very rarely convicted. Delores Jones-Brown, a law professor and director of the Center on Race, Crime, and Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, looked at 21 publicized cases from 1994 through 2009 in which a police officer killed an unarmed black person. Of those, only seven cases resulted in an indictment—for criminally negligent homicide, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, or violation of civil rights—and only three officers were found guilty.
You know something? I'm fine with the whole notion of not-rushing-to-judgment in this case. I'm fine with it taking a while to figure out "what happened." The vast majority of America is fine with that as well.
What's not fine was and is the apparent disinterest of the Ferguson authorities in finding out. A half-dozen eyewitnesses, not interviewed. No explanation of the officer's side of events at all, save an anonymous "friend" of his "fiancĂ©" giving out a thirdhand account on CNN. The aggressive and militarized and very violent response to protesters asking for more justification than the fistful of nothing that the police have handed out.  
The department is either utterly incompetent, so incompetent that the lot of them needs to be canned and the town be placed under the jurisdiction of God knows who, or crooked, in which case ditto. Regardless of whether the shooting itself was "justified," the response has ticked off all the marks of what a racist and hyper-agressive police response would look like, and every last protester can see that firsthand, and if you can't figure out how that might be confirming every one of the neighborhood's suspicions about how the shooting of Michael Brown went down, neither I nor anyone else can help you out on that one.
this is inherent passed down by each generation since they first came here.  today it's as rampant as ever with the election of Pres. they have a new mission they have not completely failed at approval ratings are low for Pres. my question why?  for a party that claims so much knowledge of Black America they have yet to qualify that more guns and killings is not the answer, "you have to learn how to see us before you can read us",  from En Vogue's Free Your Mind paraphrased

job growth is great market better housing coming back you have better chance to prosper now than you ever will under republican rule if you have trouble with that look at all they have refused you in last 6 years that should have been the time they were trying to win your favor instead of alienating everyone and yet their base the ones who are IMO more effected because they are supporting lies that hurt them as well as us the ones they cheer for when republicans thwart another thing like health care.  I think they all suffer with Stockholm Syndrome.  and let's throw this in the pot,

Former Ferguson police officer accused of brutality is now on the City Council

A sign and a pin are pictured on the back of a demonstrator during a protest against the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014. Police in Ferguson fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse protesters late on We

Former Ferguson, Missouri police officer Kim Tihen, who was previously accused of participating in the beating of Henry Davis and then charging him with destruction of property for getting his blood on the uniforms of the four officers involved, has had a new job since 2012:
 Kim Tihen crop sh
Davis pleaded guilty to reduced charges and ended up moving to Mississippi. Officer Tihen, for her part, is no longer with the Ferguson Police Department. In 2012, after four years on the force, she won election to the city council, becoming one of the six-person body's five white members. (The sixth is Latino.) Two-thirds of Ferguson's residents are black, but the city holds elections in the spring, making for low turnout—in April 2012, when Tihen was elected, less than 9 percent of eligible voters went to the polls.
This civil case is ongoing and expected to resume in December.
All the more reason for the people of Ferguson to get out the vote on future elections.

IMO justice doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell in Ferguson this is the small town family and elect rich that run the place that you have heard about seen movies about.  and to top it off the DA has history of dad being killed by a Black guy, relatives on the police force, gov who refuses to take him off the case why is he afraid of him or cop relatives.

if not for the presence of Mr. Holder and the feds Mr. Brown's right to do process and finality would be slim and none, this isn't Mayberry and the city council harbors rogue copos as members and they have to know his history and his pending case.  why was there only a 9% turnout for his election fear or warnings instilling fear?

Actor gets real on CNN about the dehumanization of black men
ideology trumped journalistic integrity in the MSM, Candy Crowley ...

CNN's Candy Crowley complained about the repetition of the same verbiage after racially charged events that seem to terminate with no effective action. “I always have great hesitation about these conversations. I feel like we have them all the time and they become placebo conversations,” Candy Crowley said. “They do nothing. They move nothing. And then the next instance it comes up, and we do it all again. What changes this kind of dynamic?”

I agree with her for her she is saying she enters any discourse on that kind with a closed mind she expect the same non result each time, if your mind is closed no one can put any fresh ideas in there as well as that person will never be able to express anything but negativity that is why they always ends the way she expects she's directing it that way with preconceived notions of nothing.

Officer to protesters: 'I will f--king kill you'

this is the mindset of the police in that state and to many others, and there are persons that defend that action until it happens to one of theirs then it's the reaction they should have now police corruption eventually becomes color blind and all are fare game or should I say prey?  the murderous inclination is worst by his choice to say it profanely, that my friends is hate.  they said he thought he saw a gun that allegedly was a BB gun if true why is he waving the gun broadly at the protesters?

Paul Ryan thinks it's the police's job to shoot unarmed teens

Police officers point their weapons at demonstrators protesting against the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri August 18, 2014. Police fired tear gas and stun grenades at protesters on Monday after days of unrest sparked by the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a white policeman. REUTERS/Joshua Lott

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) waded into the Ferguson, Missouri, controversy on Tuesday and said the best way to bring about resolution is to let law enforcement do whatever they need to do.
"We should take a deep breath, sit back and let law enforcement do their job," he said during an interview with SiriusXM's David Webb.

would he feel the same way if it were Black cops killing White kids, or is he just showing his true colors and letting the base know he's all for Black kids being shot and killed the more the merrier.
another reason to except the fact republicans are all for the status quo, with all the video and media of controversial and out right criminal offenses against young Black males and he suggest we all just kick back and let it happen?   he can forget 2016 because his base vote just ain't enough he needs to kick back and allow the loss to happen.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What Could Possibly Go Wrong Just Did. Georgia's Carry Protection Act in Action
Florida gun law

That's right. After the Safe Carry Protection Act passed in Georgia, many of us made the sarcastic remark, "What could possibly go wrong?' Well, Saturday night something did. In the picturesque tourist town of Helen in the North Georgia mountains, a woman died as the result of a stray bullet which had already penetrated the shooter's hand as he stood outside a bar across the street from her.
The German Alpine themed small town hosts many bars and is a popular tourist destination. The streets can be crowded on weekends and during the yearly Oktoberfest celebrations. Drinking is one popular pastime and set the scene for Saturday's tragedy.
The shooter is a 53 year old man with a previous drunk driving conviction in 1999. He was outside a bar when the shooting occurred. He was found sitting on a bench with his injured hand. The woman his bullet found lay on the sidewalk across the street, dead at the scene, surrounded by family and friends, some of them children.
Many years ago our family visited the little town during their Oktoberfest. We noticed students in various stages of intoxication staggering into a fudge shop and joked, "What could possibly go wrong?" as we imagined the nauseating mixture of fudge and way too much beer. We never imagined the deadly new combination that would result many years later.

do you think the NRA and republican supporters will now resend the carry at least in bars laws,  don't fool yourself one would have to be unselfish and care about another's life and loved ones, so since that doesn't exist in that crowd expect fever pitch push back to anyone talking gun laws, doesn't that trample the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, can't enjoy any of those if you or a love one is a gun victim.

Nurse On Site Was Not Allowed to Tend Mike Brown

Mr. Stone ran outside and saw two police officers, both both white men, standing near Mr. Brown, who was lying on his stomach, his arms at his sides, blood seeping from his head. Another neighbor, a woman who identified herself as a nurse, was begging the officers to let her perform CPR. They refused, Mr. Stone said, adding, “They didn’t even check to see if he was breathing.”
I have some disturbing feelings about this.
Ever since the Ferguson Police Chief decided to release video that alleges Mike Brown stole cigars from a store and then shove past the employee who tried to block his exit, I've been seeing people claim that this somehow exonerates the cop who gunned him down in the street while he was unarmed.
I couldn't wrap my head around how anyone could think, "well, he stole something, so he got what he deserved." Do people really believe that capital punishment without any due process is an appropriate response to a petty crime?
But, when I read this line, "They didn't even check to see if he was breathing," something deeply disturbing occurs to me.
It's related to a thought that I shared with a friend on FB, recently. In that exchange I was responding to a graphic explanation going around which attempts to enlighten males about why they don't see the sexual harassment that women endure. In one part of that explanation, the author is telling men that women are still silently seen as the property of men. So, if a man is with a woman, whether she be a family member, friend or acquaintance, she is less likely to be harassed out of deference to him. That is, they see her as his property and therefore under his umbrella of protection. Any woman not associated with a man is fair game.

this was true when I was coming up and I find it true today also depending on the man's look of manliness or lack there o can encourage some to disrespect both of them.  never had that problem I'm 6'4" and younger 285 lbs. 225 a7 18 years and damn good lookin', ok sorry again.  denying this nurse to administer health care IMO was further showing their intent to kill Michael Brown or let him expire in front of onlookers and children as a defiant expression of "I'm the man, let this be a lesson.

Study from 1953 sheds light on Michael Brown Killing

darren wilson over michael brown body 350x242 Video Surfaces of ...
I came across a 61 year old study of police brutality that is still relevant today. The study, “Violence and the Police,” was part of a PhD dissertation by William A. Westley and published in the American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 59, No. 1 (Jul., 1953), pp. 34-41. This paper focuses on how police come to legitimize their illegal use of violence on the citizens they are to protect.
While Westley does not identify the city, he describes it as “a municipal police department in an industrial city of approximately one hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants.”
One important factor is that recognition and promotions come from making lots of arrests, not from maintaining the peace. In Westley’s words, “Patrolmen feel that little credit is forthcoming from a clean beat (a crimeless beat), while a number of good arrests really stands our on the record. To a great extent this is actually the case, since a good arrest results in good newspaper publicity, and the policemen who made many “good pinches’” has prestige among his colleagues.”
There are strong pressures to solve “big crimes.” As one patrolman told Westley, “If it is a big case and there is a lot of pressure on you and they tell you you can’t go home until the case is finished, than naturally you are going to lose your patients.”
And when abuse helps solve a crime, police adopt an “ends justify the means” mentality. Another officer explained to Westley, “There is a case I remember of four Negroes who held up a filling station. We got a description of them and picked them up. Then we took them down to the station and really worked them over. 
I guess that everybody that came into the station that night had a hand in it, and they were in pretty bad shape. Do you think that sounds cruel? Well, you know what we got out of it? We broke a case in ------. There was a mob of twenty guys, burglars and stick-up men, and eighteen of them are in the pen now. Sometimes you have to get rough with them, see. The way I figure it is, if you can get a clue that a man is a pro and if he won’t cooperate, tell you what you want to know, it is justified to rough him up a little, up to a point. You know how it is. You feel that the end justifies the means.”
There is also a feeling that the courts often let the guilty go free or off with a lenient sentence. As one rookie policeman told Westley, “One of the older men advised me that if the courts didn’t punish a man we should.”

people in my age group 65 remember police quotas they had to give so many tickets, make so many arrest such things as that and like the right wing preys on the poor so did the police quotas were based on their statistics of crime in a certain area generally Black middle class or poor. don't know much about today because being disabled I'm not subject to vehicle and walking stops while Black and "I am not a criminal", sorry about that. 

I keep forgetting to include this Black police can be as treacherous if not more aggressive then White cops we always felt it was a power surge and a "I'm with you" not wanting to show favor to their own.  that's possibly why we see possibly the same dynamic with Pres. and the Black plight afraid half the country will accuse him of favoring Blacks, but when they do it it's never favoring whites this is the mindset they have created over the centuries here in America with their domination and control over what we were taught and not taught.

 I also remember those who would say "they can't do that", some saw the error in that assumption others experienced it.  when you have those with guns and sticks and the power to detain and arrest and kick the cowboy crap out of you, you have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness on a weak fence that wobbles and a hurricane is coming, good luck

Chief Jackson contradicts Chief Jackson on details of robbery, shooting of unarmed teen

Demonstrators raise their hands while protesting against the death of black teenager Michael Brown, outside St Louis County Circuit Clerk building in Clayton, Missouri August 12, 2014. Police said Brown, 18, was shot in a struggle with a gun in a police c

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has been forced to admit that the surveillance video showing teenager Michael Brown allegedly stealing cigarillos from a convenience store was unrelated to the killing of Brown. During Friday afternoon's press conference, Jackson said that Office Darren Wilson did not not know about the robbery or that Brown was a suspect. He was harassed by Wilson because "he was walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic. That was it."
Here's the problem. In his morning press conference, Jackson very clearly implied that Wilson was looking for Brown on that Ferguson street. Here's the transcript of Jackson's words from this morning.
At 11.52, dispatch gave a description of a robbery suspect over the radio. A different officer arrived at the store where the strongarm robbery occurred. A further description, more detailed, was given over the radio, and uh, stated the officer was walking toward—uh, the suspect was walking toward QuikTrip. Our officer left the sick call, he encoutered, uh uh, encountered the, uh, I’m sorry.
At 12.01 our officer encountered Michael Brown on Canfield Drive. At 12.04 a second officer arrived on the scene, immediately following the shooting and at 12.05 a supervisor was detached, dispatched to the scene, and subsequent officers arrived.

The officer who left the "sick call" was Wilson. Jackson is clearly connecting the two events here, the robbery, the dispatch call over the radio, Wilson leaving the call he was on and then encountering Brown. Clearly, that was bullshit. Why Jackson stood up in front of the nation on live television and put out this lie isn't clear. Incompetence? That's a given after what we've witnessed for the past week. Disinformation? If that wasn't the intent, it was the result.

you know if you take all I've posted on this and what you've seen and read doesn't this echo with the exception of the murder all the antics and tricks of the republican -party in last 6 years?  just an observation.  those who oppose and are trying to try Mr. Brown for officer Wilson's dastardly deed are the same people you find proliferating or should I say permeating the republican party, just sayin'.

Mayor: 'The city of Ferguson is a model for the region'

A protester throws back a smoke bomb while clashing with police in Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014. Police in Ferguson fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse protesters late on Wednesday, on the fourth night of demonstrations over the fatal shoot

Looks like the new P.R. team hired by Ferguson's city government is doing a great job of getting their message out:
"The city of Ferguson is a model for the region." -- Mayor of #Ferguson a few mins ago on MSNBC. Ok!
In related news, Cliven Bundy is a model citizen, Alex Rodridguez is a model Yankee, Jeff Gannon is a model journalist, and Dick Cheney was a model vice president.

the mayor must have sent a hologram when responding to press, he said all residents of Ferguson don't believe there is a racial divide,  the fact that he said that on Nat'l TV in the backdrop of military style police gear armored war vehicles and attacks on Black Americans by those militarized police tends to disagree with him, maybe he expects us to disbelieve our lying eyes. and those people deny the choking gas and grenades and wounds by rubber bullets.

Photo of rubber bullet wounds from police shooting 21-year-old at ...... PROTESTERS: This Is What Happens When You Get Hit With A Rubber BulletPolice Brutality – CNN Reports Woman Shot with Rubber Bullets for ...student displays wounds caused by the rubber bullets used by the ...
... resident of Telerj slum shows what he claims is a rubber bullet wound... PROTESTERS: This Is What Happens When You Get Hit With A Rubber BulletOccupy Oakland Pictures & Video (+ Occupy Wall Street Roundup)
    Please post any info you may have on rubber bullets.
More Wounds From Rubber Bullets images

So Darren Wilson has a clean record?

Darren Wilson’s friends speak up in defense of cop | Latest.Today ...
this is article referred to in last post, found it!  after reading see if you agree this is tantamount to ecvidence tampering, and who knows how many counts?

The Ferguson police have indicated that there were no disciplinary reports in Darren Wilson's file.
What Chief Jackson didn't tell anyone at any of the press conferences was that, until he took over in 2010, use of force complaints were not kept in an officer's personnel file.
Jen Hayden wrote about the Henry Davis case on Friday: Ferguson police beat a man and then charged him with 'destruction of property' for bloody uniforms
What I found interesting in the Daily Beast article by Michael Daly, was the way use of force complaints were treated by the Ferguson PD.
When Henry Davis' lawyer, James Schottel tried to find out what type of record the officers who beat his client had, he uncovered a can of worms.
Schottel got another unpleasant surprise when he sought the use-of-force history of the officers involved. He learned that before a new chief took over in 2010 the department had a surprising protocol for non-fatal use-of-force reports. “The officer himself could complete it and give it to the supervisor for his approval,” the prior chief, Thomas Moonier, testified in a deposition. “I would read it. It would be placed in my out basket, and my secretary would probably take it and put it with the case file.”
No copy was made for the officer’s personnel file.
Daily Beast - August 15, 2014
No investigation. Just an officer writing up his excuse. The excuse went in the case file and nothing went on the officer's "record."

so once again you don't file or archive things you don't want the public to scrutinize, that is a really damning thing policing on the fly, if you got a cat out of a tree yep in the files kill or beat unlawfully bury it and don't record it, if feds ever investigate looks really criminal as far as their protocol.  all those who lost someone under curious circumstances should get a lawyer and sue in class action.

A Former Prosecutor's Random Thoughts on Ferguson

I served as a deputy district attorney for a district of seven rural Colorado counties, from 1983 to 1986.  
One of the first things I learned was how to tell the "good cops" from the "bad cops".  Police who regularly included a resisting arrest citation with virtually every arrest were invariably a "bad cop."  Any officer can encounter a suspect who physically resists arrest, but habitual resisting arrest situations are a sign that the officer is provoking the suspect.  Or even worse, that the officer really enjoys taking a few whacks at the suspect.  Policemen didn't leave their dispositions on patrol either - good cops were friendly to me and did all they could to help me. Bad cops were nasty to me.
I would be curious to know if the officer who killed Michael Brown had a history of habitually issuing resisting arrest citations.

I either read or posted an article that said that before new chief took over that cops made their own reports as the wanted and were not recorded or filed if they were to extreme, so finding history of malfeasance is virtually impossible,  you don't document or archive if you have something to hide.

What a stupid excuse for arresting reporters

Getty Images photographer Scott Olson (C) is arrested by a highway patrol officer during a protest for the shooting death of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri August 18, 2014. He was arrested because police required media to be within certain areas, media quoted another journalist as saying. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lifted the curfew for the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson on Monday and began deploying National Guard troops to help quell days of rioting and looting spurred by the fatal shooting of the black unarmed teenager by a white policeman.    REUTERS/Joshua Lott

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, rationalizing the coordinated campaign against the media covering the Ferguson unrest:
"I'm going to tell you in the midst of chaos, when officers are running around, we're not sure who's a journalist and who's not," Johnson said, according to an audio recording. "Yes, if I see somebody with a $50,000 camera on their shoulder, I'm pretty sure. But some journalists are walking around, and all you have is a cellphone because you're from a small media outlet. Some of you may just have a camera around your neck."
These assholes are not even pretending to make sense anymore. Look above at the picture of the arrest of Getty's superstar photographer Scott Olson. It's broad daylight. He's got extensive and expensive photography equipment wrapped around his neck and waist. There is no crowd, so no chaos. He's got a lanyard with his press credentials. And he calmly told police who he was, and explained his media role.
But these asshole out-of-control cops didn't care. They knew Olson was a journalist and they willfully didn't give a shit.
 "Capt Johnson said walk away or be arrested. I started walking away. They followed and arrested us," one of the reporters, Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated, tweeted. Another of the reporters posted a video clip showing Johnson ordering that the journalists be arrested and cuffed.

don't envy his position if he is genuine he still has to stand with the good ol boyz, and execute what the law says not what they create within the moment.

this IMO goes to the unreasonable exertion of power these cops exhibit, sounds like they were afraid of being photographed doing something that could be used against him, that is what foreign dictators do when they don't want their deeds to be seen by the world what's next in Ferguson will they complete the parody and start chopping off the heads of those in the press, don't mean to be facetious but if killing a kid according to their first excuse for blocking traffic while walking in the street not a far stretch.

'I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me'

A riot police officer aims his weapon while demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014. Police in Ferguson fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse protesters late on Wednesday, on the fou

With all eyes on the continuing police action in Ferguson, Missouri, some deep thoughts from a Los Angeles police officer:
Regardless of what happened with Mike Brown, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is not the cops, but the people they stop, who can prevent detentions from turning into tragedies. [...]  
Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?   Ask Michael Brown how long it takes.

wow how slave master does that sound "do what I tell you",  protect and serve, insure the safety beat the hell out of, murder you if you don't do as I say.  how many times have what they said to do was in violation of that person's constitutional rights, how many of those cops wrong and manipulating you because of the threat of bodily harm if you don't comply no matter how unreasonable?

USA Today examined FBI statistics and reported that during a seven year period ending in 2012, there was an average of 400 people killed annually by police of which 96 involved white police officers shooting black individuals.

"How dangerous is it to be a cop?"
The Freeman, a libertarian publication, answers this question: "In 2013, out of 900,000 sworn officers, just 100 died from a job-related injury. That's about 11.1 per 100,000, or a rate of 0.001%." Out of 100 police fatalities, only 31 were killed by gunfire. "Other causes of death were: aircraft accident (1), automobile accident (28), motorcycle accident (4), falling (6), drowning (2), electrocution (1), and job-related illness (13)."

how many on the police side still think it's no big thing, those 31 who got killed by gunfire this is what they signed up for they knew the chances, I bet all those Black people through the years did not go outside to be killed.

American Family Association: Michael Brown 'tanked up' on pot, probably went 'berserk'

Image from the Website for the American Family Association

Oh, American Family Association. It must take such practice to be this bad at everything you do. Also, Not The Onion.
On his radio program today, [Bryan Fischer] sought to bolster this narrative by citing a few new bits of recently released information, such as the report that Brown was shot six times in his front and had marijuana in his system, claiming that this proves that Brown was "tanked up" on pot, which made him go berserk and attack the police officer. "We know now he did have marijuana in his system," Fischer explained, "and we've had stories, remember, we've had stories from Colorado, people going berserk on marijuana and killing people, hyped up on marijuana. So it's more dangerous than people think".

if you are wondering who this group with the name family is and why are they attacking the victim and hurting the family of that victim, seems their name is false or they don't know the meaning of family, or are they only talking about one kind of ethnic family????  this might help you understand why they are taking the stance of  demonizing the victim and offering a excuse for murder to the killer cop.

guess they are still teaching from the movie "REEFER MADENESS" debunked fiction for people under informed.;_ylt=A0LEVi4P9PRTBEAAVLUPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsa3ZzMnBvBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkAw--?p=REEFER+MADNESS&hspart=ironsource&hsimp=yhs-fullyhosted_003

iHeart Radio or iHateRadio? Fans 'Rush Out' After Seeing Limbaugh Ad In Their FB Newsfeed

Many folks aren't aware of the wily indirect connection between iHeart Radio (a Pandora copycat) and Clear Channel. iHeart is owned by Clear Channel, which is owned by Bain Co, which was founded by Mitt Romney… yes, the 'Teapublican' trail runs long and deep. Clear Channel also broadcasts Rush Limbaugh and the 'Hate Radio Parade' (Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck…) on over six hundreds of stations nationwide. Out of his mojo, Rush Limbaugh seems to be marching a few blocks behind the parade due to the loss of sponsors, radio stations, and popularity. In fact, he's tripping all over himself these days and angering the public and vocal celebrities like Lewis Black.
On their Facebook page, iHeart recently put an ad promoting Rush Limbaugh. That did not fair well at all with the page followers. Many were not familiar with the iHeart-Rush Limbaugh connection. Now they are now. Here are some of their comments.
XXXX I am getting rid of I heart now. There's plenty of other stations to listen to and apps also - but if you support this pos we are done. Bye.
Like · Reply · 12 · August 15 at 1:47pm
XXXX really just dumped a LOT of fans. barf
Like · Reply · 5 · August 16 at 4:03pm

oh how the mighty have fallen,  here comes the boom when his butt hits te floor after the last sponsor yanks the chair out from under him.  these racist shock jocks should by now realize hate only plays for awhile then somebody turns a light on and those who listen begin to hear crickets after the last vitriolic word is said, it gets to be an oldie and moldy use to be, hope he didn't save his money.

Missouri GOP Outraged About Voter Registration Booths In Ferguson

wreaks of sour grapes they use any and everything that happens as a money rasing event coupled with the red meat toss to improve their voter numbers so my question WHAT THE FUSS?

It seems that some citizens of Ferguson want to increase the extremely low voter participation rate in Ferguson, and the Missouri GOP (or, at least the leadership) is not happy about that effort at all.
From The New Civil Rights Movement:
In an interview with Breitbart News, Missouri RNC executive director Matt Wills expressed outrage about the reports of voter registration booths popping up in Ferguson, Breitbart reports. “If that’s not fanning the political flames, I don’t know what is,” Wills said, “I think it’s not only disgusting but completely inappropriate.”
Wills explained that the shooting death of Michael Brown was a tragedy for everyone.
“This is not just a tragedy for the African American community this is a tragedy for the Missouri community as well as the community of what we call America,” he said. “Injecting race into this conversation and into this tragedy, not only is not helpful, but it doesn’t help a continued conversation of justice and peace.”

consider the source and the complainant  they are worried the killing of this Black kid which has already created a second shot heard round the world,  will incentivize the MO electorate and disrupt the White power structure that has had their way for decades.   if it is as the republican said a tradgedy for America and it incites the vote how much more American can you get?  and injecting race again injecting race, what else is it why are they against Black people being encouraged to vote?

upset because they can see a turn out to out do 2008 and 12 which resulted in the bane of their existence the Black guy with big ears in the WH.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Calling on our leaders to take a stance
Dr. Dyson calls out Pres. i just have one thing to say I CAN'T ARGUE WITH HIM AT ALL, i'n aware of how the right and now the left will spin this if he doesn't step up to the plate, there was some gratuitous remarks in defense of sorts of the perpetrators i also know that the rest of the party will run scared and drop him like he's hot but this is his last 2 years, his legacy will not be made in history for a few years and that will be how he is judged by Americans, and what he does about this problem of racial adversity and in equality personal and economical.

if the party runs away then they were never there anyway which i suspected all a long, how do those who cower really feel about the first Black Pres., hope The Good Lord spares me long enough to see the second Black Pres.  his final analyzing will be these last 2 years the first 6 foot notes.  i still think the country and the Dem party don't deserve him so i would go for the touchy stuff and write my own legacy not republicans and sour puss dems.  GO FOR IT PRES.

America militarized

i'll make this short and sweet, the only thing missing from this story in comparison to images of the Bull Connors south and George Wallace and Woolworth sit ins are fire hoses and attack dogs, but with the armament they have at their disposal today no need for dogs and hoses.

note the military weaponry the police have and the total amounts starting in 2006 Bush's watch.  not a lot of difference in 60's either, why are they holding rifles on peaceable demostrators and why tanks????????  same question applies to Ferguson, MO

Photo of Officer Darren Wilson identified by NBC News

a cop murders a Black kid in front of numerous witnesses and the chief holds out his identity as Mr. Steele said they had no problem putting out videos pictures while Mr. Brown lays dead in the street uncovered.   i think panic ensued and the fact that no longer can you kill Black people and just high five your buddies and go home and have dinner.  they were definitely over their heads and we saw what happened, break out the military gear sit atop a vehicle while aiminga 50 cal. at unarmed innocent citizens.

there is no difference, republicans deny existence of White racism, what do the call this a Mexican standoff, nah the Black people in both pictures are not armed or wearing protective gear.