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Monday, September 22, 2014

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Elections a ‘more meaningful measure’ if voters must pass a test

 Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck (screen grab)

Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Monday argued that requiring a “citizenship test” to vote made the outcome of elections “more meaningful.”
Two Republican state legislators in Utah last week announced a bill that would require students to pass a citizenship test before they could graduate high school. Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, journalist Carl Bernstein, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and actor Joe Mantegna were backing similar measures in Utah and six other states.
On Monday, Utah Civics Education Initiative co-chair Lorena Riffo-Jensen told Hasselbeck that requiring a civics test was a good first step for encouraging students to be involved in the community.
Hasselbeck suggested taking the idea “one step further” by requiring a test to vote.
“Should you have to answer, I mean, the majority of these questions?” she wondered. “If not by graduation of high school, but by the time you vote?”
wonder if they realize how many of their base they would be rejecting with their test, i do believe they think they would be excluding Black and Hispanics  but just goes to show you the stupid does rub off the party of stupid or are they actually the party of stupid base can they pass a poll tax 2014

St. Louis Police Offer Class To 'Win With The Media' On Officer-Involved Shootings


"You will learn a lot, and you'll have fun doing it!" the flyer reads. 
The class will also touch on topics like "'No comment' is a comment" and "managing media assault and battery." 
 Americans is your face stinging from the hypocritical slap by racist police and their local gov't?   entertaining fun they just let the world know how unserious they are taking this murder and past and future ones.  they have a handbook obviously just composed in recent weeks on "how to talk your way out of a murder with witnesses on the news"?  why don't they employ another plan like thou shalt not kill,  EXODUS 20:16  Thou shalt not bear false witness those two alone would go a long way to "win with the media and a plus the people too".
The St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy will offer a course for police offers in October to teach them how to "win with the media" when dealing with the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting.
"You will learn a lot, and you'll have fun doing it!" the flyer reads.
The class will also touch on topics like "'No comment' is a comment" and "managing media assault and battery."
fun with homicide mayhem and murder 101 who teaches the class the imperial wizard? 

Fox's Hume Misleadingly Compares U.S. Aid To Combat Ebola To Obama's Strategy To Defeat Islamic State

this is a arrogant right wing way to beat down Pres. by comparing two things both dangerous one more likely to be controlled with the Pres.'s ACTION THAT BEING THE EBOLA Iin Africa, the other is not immediate and more unpredictable so Hume is saying he should do equally as much for something that is in the works to bring others in to help an ongoing exercise. 

but righty Hume like the rest could resist stirring the base with something they think they can relate to war in the middle east to something they can't Ebola.  so now their base is half cocked about nothing they know of.  ever notice the crap eating grins on their mugs when bashing PRES. they think subtly?

Fox News Sunday Fails To Disclose Karl Rove's Stake In The Senate Races He Discusses Rove Political Groups Spent More than $8 Million Attacking Democrats

Fox News Sunday invited American Crossroads founder Karl Rove to discuss key 2014 midterm Senate races without disclosing Rove's relationship with the super PAC that has poured millions into influencing the outcomes of the Senate races being discussed.
Rove appeared on the September 21 edition of Fox News Sunday to discuss whether Republicans will take the Senate in the 2014 midterm elections. Rove lauded individual Republicans and trumpeted their chances of winning a Senate majority, but complained that "One advantage the Democrats have had is a big cash advantage" -- an argument he has previously used to fundraise for his political groups.
While host Chris Wallace identified Rove as a "former Bush White House advisor" and a Fox News contributor, he failed to disclose Rove's relationship to political groups fundraising to attack Democrats in the Senate.
American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, political groups that Rove co-founded and continues to advise, have spent millions dollars attacking Democrats in the Senate races discussed on Fox News Sunday. Here's a breakdown of the groups' spending during the 2013-2014 election cycle from Open Secrets:

no question as to where that money went but i think an even more telling thing let out by Fox and this author, Rove blew over 300 million of rich guys ante up for their share of the gov't while boasting his bona fides and Fox selling him as the "ARCHITECT" we all watched him meltdown in the wake of the Obama win 2012.  we also know republicans and their base are lenient when it's one of theirs who breaks laws or cheats or lies to them and so with Rove he's back at again don't know if they'll trust him with their buy out money again Koch's formed their own pac and Adelson he's content to have them come to him and kiss the ring.  is that a lack of trust in the turd blossom Rove?

TX woman denied driver license because of her same-sex marriage
Connie Wilson, who just moved from California to the Houston area with her wife Aimee and their three children, received a hell of a welcome from the Department of Public Safety (DPS). The couple has been together nine years, and they finally tied the knot last year in California, after which Connie took Aimee's last name. Connie was able to get all of her records updated with her new name, from her California driver license to her Social Security card to all of her financial and medical records. And then, upon moving to the Houston area, she visited the DPS office in Katy to obtain a Texas driver license. 
No big deal--when I moved to Texas, aside from waiting in a horrendous line at DPS, getting my driver license was painless. But I also didn't have my name changed to that of my same-sex spouse. Wilson's experience with DPS in Texas, where gays are barred from marriage by both statute and constitutional amendment (just to be safe, you know), has been quite different:
With her California driver’s license nearing expiration, Wilson took her documents to a DPS office in Katy last week to obtain a Texas driver’s license. When a DPS employee noticed that Wilson’s name didn’t match her birth certificate, she produced the couple’s California marriage license identifying her spouse as Aimee Wilson.
“Her only words to me were, ‘Is this same-[sex]?'” Connie Wilson recalled. “I remember hesitating for probably 10 seconds. I didn’t know how to answer. I didn’t want to lie, but I knew I was in trouble because I wasn’t going to be able to get a license.”
 “She immediately told me, ‘You can’t use this to get your license. This doesn’t validate your last name. Do you have anything else?’” Wilson said. “She told me I would never get a license with my current name, that the name doesn’t belong to me.”
In response to inquiries from the Observer, DPS confirmed that people moving to Texas from other states can’t obtain driver’s licenses listing their married names using same-sex marriage licenses.
“To receive a Texas Driver License or Identification Card reflecting a name change from a same-sex marriage, a court order is required,” a DPS spokesman said in a statement.
i can relate to dealing with SS AND DMV  i lost my SS card and never renewed my drivers permit exp. 1996 because of my brain surgery for the tumor.  i wanted a disability placard for people who take me places and have to park too far away. my doctor filled it out sent it to me i filled out my part and faxed it to appropriate office i checked after a few weeks they had mailed it to the address where i lived for 20 years that was on that 1996 license, i've been where i am now for 15 years but i have to get an ID to get an ID to get an ID. not as egregious as her problem but as exasperating, being as though i served my country in military now have pictured ID from VA APPARENTLY i'm a man without a country.

not discriminate or a bigoted law which in those red states tend to punish those not like them or those they disapprove of when it comes to local gov't practices, that is why we need to be careful who we elect, those who vote because candidate hates everything too need to wake up because everything includes you and your thing. recognize

Feds censure local police, yet give lethal weapons

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Pentagon program that distributes military surplus gear to local law enforcement allows even departments that the Justice Department has censured for civil rights violations to apply for and get lethal weaponry.
That lack of communication between two Cabinet agencies adds to questions about a program under review in the aftermath of the militarized police response to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.
The Pentagon, which provides the free surplus military equipment, says its consultation with the Justice Department will be looked at as the government reviews how to prevent high-powered weaponry from flowing to the untrustworthy.
The Justice Department has opened civil rights investigations into the practices of some 20 police departments in the past five years, with the Ferguson force the latest. The investigations sometimes end in negotiated settlements known as consent decrees that mandate reforms. Yet being flagged as problematic by Washington does not bar a police department from participating in the program.
At a Senate hearing this month, Alan Estevez, a Defense Department official who oversees the program, acknowledged that consultation with the Justice Department was "lacking" and he said that would be reviewed. Under questioning, he acknowledged the Pentagon does not take federal civil rights investigations into account in shipping out weapons, but that could change.
"We need to do a better job there," he said.
The Los Angeles Police Department received multiple shipments, totaling some 1,680 M16 assault rifles, under the Pentagon program, even while the department was under the watch of a federal monitor and had been accused of poor practices, government records show. The LAPD entered into a court-supervised agreement with the Justice Department in 2001 after investigators accused it of a pattern of excessive force, false arrests and unreasonable searches.
In Warren, Ohio, the police department in 2012 reached a settlement with the Justice Department to resolve an investigation into a pattern of excessive force and illegal searches. The department, which expects to have nearly 70 officers soon, recently ordered 30 M16 rifles as part of the program, Police Chief Eric Merkel said.
those people in key positions that make determinations are at fault if these things are not brought to light then people like the PRES. can't do anything because he's not aware that is what cabinet positions on down are for it would be unreasonable to expect any president to know every aspect of gov't machinations especially one with as much on his plate as this PRES. not to mention the equally distracting republican obstruction and back room deals for the military industrial complex the war providers for the war monger's. 

Ad Paints President Obama an Awful Lot Like an Abusive Boyfriend

A new ad from a Republican group argues that women have been in a long, unhappy relationship with a man who spies on them, promised to "be better," and doesn't care about their needs: President Obama.
The 60-second Americans for Shared Prosperity ad compares the relationship between female voters (who overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008 and 2012) to a bad relationship which during a time when the NFL's domestic violence issues have received a lot of attention.
The commercial aims to speak to female voters by addressing their concerns beyond birth control — like national security, privacy, and the economy. California winery owner, millionaire, and head of AFSP John Jordan told Politico (one of the sites running the ad) that he didn't agree with Democrats' "war on women" talking point, but also felt that Republican groups haven't found the right way to get their message specifically to women.
One problem with the ad, however, is that in light of the recent NFL domestic violence uproar, it reads like an abuse story.
 Elias Isquith, an assistant politics editor at Salon, tweeted "Last thing I love about this @therickwilson ad is the way it mocks women in abusive relationships."
The ad features a woman who "fell in love" with a guy in 2008 who's online profile made him seem perfect — "smart, handsome, charming, articulate." But things started going south around 2012. The ad criticizes NSA spying and Obama's foreign policy by likening it to a boyfriend who spies on you. "He's in my emails and text messages, spying on me but ignoring real threats," she says. Obama's name isn't mentioned until the very end of the spot.
i don't think even water carrying republican women believe this ad as factual, they just need to look back at ads and lies about everything Obama THAT HAVE ALL BEEN REBUKED SEVERAL TIMES OVER they seem to think even though it's been proven to be right wing hyperbole that one more for the gipper (Reagan),  will be the one that brings everyone into the republican fold and magically turn their exaggerations into more palatable lies.

Three Afghan soldiers missing in Massachusetts
Officials say three Afghan National Army soldiers are missing from a joint military training exercise in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Linda So reports.

what is going on with our homeland security and those supposedly protecting us against such incidents, guy gets in WH, now these guys at large with no clue to their intent.  right wing will try to blame PRES. but it's further down the chain, this also sends a message that might not be that hard to gain access to American soil.  we need to fire those responsible and those who acted irresponsible they have trainees ready to go. and why so many breaches to security for this Pres.'s tenure?

The Pope Gave This Man A Promotion And He Could Dramatically Change The Focus Of The Catholic Church

Bishop Blase Cupich.

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced on Saturday that Pope Francis has named Bishop Blase Cupich, a moderate bridge-builder with a history of supporting many progressive-leaning positions, as the next archbishop of Chicago. The Nebraska native will be replacing a highly political — and deeply conservative — bishop, and could potentially usher in a new era of American Catholic leadership that spends less time fighting culture wars and more time echoing the populist leadership of Pope Francis.
The move might not seem like much to a non-Catholic, but the elevation of Cupich represents a significant change in tone for the Catholic church in America. Politically and theologically speaking, the 65-year-old Cupich, who will be leaving behind his position as Bishop of Spokane, is notably different from his predecessor, Cardinal Francis George, on several counts. George, who is currently fighting cancer, has enjoyed prominence among Catholic conservatives for his hard-line stance against abortion and marriage equality, but has often stoked controversy for how he expresses his views: in 2011, George compared organizers of the Chicago Pride Parade to the Ku Klux Klan, and recently wrote that being a Catholic citizen under a pro-gay, pro-choice government is akin to living under Shariah law.
Pope Frankie is on the right track getting right wing influence out of the church all the bigotry in cultural relations and that alone will kill the hate factor, money influence of voters by church you know pretty much everything the right wing stands for all the unGodly stuff.  pray for him those who would oppose are not above trying to maintain their status quo bt any means necessary.
Cupich, by contrast, is the very embodiment of a Catholic moderate. When the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) publicly opposed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, he expressed skepticism about their confrontational approach, preferring a deeper dialogue with President Obama’s administration about the issue of Catholic institutions providing contraception to employees. 
Similarly, when serving as the bishop of Spokane, Washington during the state’s battle over marriage equality, Cupich published a pastoral letter that defended the church’s opposition to same-sex marriage while also condemning anti-gay bullying, saying it was wrong to “incite hostility towards homosexual persons or promote an agenda that is hateful and disrespectful of their human dignity.” 
He has also frustrated many pro-life activists by reportedly privately asking priests and seminarians in Spokane not to pray in front of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, arguing that such actions were unnecessarily provocative, according to Crux.
 “Pope Francis sent a clear message to an American hierarchy that has lost its way fighting the culture wars in recent years,” said John Gehring, Catholic program director at Faith in Public Life, a progressive advocacy group in Washington, told ThinkProgress. “It signals that pastoral leadership, the search for common ground and a broader pro-life vision must be the new guideposts. The Francis agenda is now anchored in a city that has long been a powerhouse of American Catholicism. This could be a game changer.”
this guy sounds like a clone of Pope Frankie and that ain't a bad thing my friends. i'm Baptist but look forward to what lies ahead for the Catholic religion.

GOP Defrauds Voters


The GOP is working desperately to deny the right to vote to citizens it doesn’t like. You know, poor people, black people, Hispanic people, old people, female people, especially people it believes are inclined to vote for Democrats. 
Republican politicians have hatched a multitude of schemes in states across the country to accomplish this gambit, passing laws demanding specific voter identification at polling places, eliminating early voting days and purging voters from registration rolls.
The right-wingers on the U.S. Supreme Court last year gave Republicans a hand in this effort by striking down key protections in the Voting Rights Act. Joining them this month were three Republican judges on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
In a rush-job, five-paragraph order issued just hours after the trio heard testimony, the GOP panel overruled a lower court’s 70-page decision and allowed Wisconsin to demand voter ID of 300,000 residents who don’t currently have it for an election that is less than 7 weeks away.
When their hands are pressed on a Bible in court, Republican experts admit they’ve got no evidence of the in-person voter fraud that the GOP claims these laws are intended to prevent. What they’re really intended to prevent is voting by people Republicans detest, the derided “47 percent” that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney spit on. Republicans are robbing citizens of the fundamental right to vote. It’s criminal. It’s fraud that subverts America’s cherished democracy. 
with all the evidence and words out of their mouths they still maintain there is no voter suppression and no racial problems and they are reaching out to those this article says they are suppressing.  i thought there would be a lot of noise after gerrymandering was exposed for it's intent, those people had their votes stolen and their voices silenced but there doesn't appear to be any opposition to what is being done to them stripped of a most basic right.
Since 2010, Republicans have passed voter-suppression laws in 22 states, and nearly half the nation’s population could be affected in November’s balloting. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP have succeeded in postponing and overturning some. That includes the one in Pennsylvania, where the law’s Republican supporters conceded in court they had absolutely no evidence of in-person voter fraud.
In Texas, the expert called to testify by Republicans supporting the law admitted when cross-examined that he was unaware of a single case of in-person voter fraud there. In Wisconsin, Republican officials acknowledged in depositions that they could not produce one example of in-person voter fraud in the entire state history.  
things like this should have moved the right wing side of the scotus to resend their decion to strike parts of the voter rights act that was obvious an hour after they handed it down red states went right to work excluding Progressive voters in any way they could now that big brother was no longer watching over their corruptive shoulders.
The Brennan Center for Justice studied the allegations of in-person voter fraud anddescribed it as essentially a myth, an event that almost never occurs. Justin Levitt, a Loyola Law Professor who has tracked allegations of fraud for years, has found 31 incidents since 2000 – out of more than 1 billion ballots cast nationwide. And, he says, some of the 31 have not been investigated and may, in the end, be debunked. Levitt also says voter ID does not prevent the most common types of election cheating. 
Voter fraud is unacceptable. But so is disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of citizens. Particularly when disenfranchising them does not prevent voter fraud.

where is that part of the gov't that's suppose to be protecting us and assuring fair and honest elections?????????

Saturday, September 20, 2014

House GOP replaces firm handling Obama suit
Suing Obama: GOP-led House gives the go-ahead
those who would sue the Pres. who more than half of us voted for with our money insult to arrogance
House Republicans said they’ve hired new counsel to represent them in their lawsuit against President Obama after their previous lawyer backed out of the case over “political pressure.”  
They inked a contract on Friday with William A. Burck of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart. The New York Times reported that the GOP’s previous attorney, David Rivkin of Baker & Hostetler, pulled out after the firm faced political backlash from several of its clients.
Republicans voted in July to sue Obama over what they see as his abuse of executive power, specifically his decision to unilaterally delay several deadlines in the health care law.
Burck previously represented House Republicans when they sued Attorney General Eric Holder to compel him to release documents in the “Operation Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal. A former New York City prosecutor, Burck also served as special counsel to President George W. Bush. He helps manage the firm’s office in Washington, D.C.

how do they think the millions who have ACA are going to see this in elections that the sour grapes gang is spending their money to sue the PRES. over the great health care they lied to them about and tried to convince them Ryan voucher was better or staying with the insurance that was sub par and more expensive.  I really find it hard to believe they have a chance with ratings lower than Pres. alienating everybody and everything Americans like and want and did I mention lying to them for v6 years and intend to keep it up for 2 more, are they cooking their polls? 

the retainer they paid first team is not refundable so thousands or millions wasted and more to come add them to the numerous investigations they have spent more than the deficit and in their minds can still blame PRES. if not for him they wouldn't have had to do nothing but slam him for 6 years, it's the Black guys fault.

Jefferson County, Colorado, School Board Wants to Eliminate AP History UPDATED

Last year, a slate of conservative candidates, supported by Americans for Prosperity, took over the majority of the Jefferson County School Board.  Since then, they've followed the same playbook they used in Douglas County - alienating teachers, cutting pay and benefits, eliminating steps (annual raises based on experience), and eliminated pay increases for advanced degrees.  The playbook works well - conservatives across the country have demonized teachers enough that when teachers complain about pay and benefits, they receive little sympathy.
This week, however, the conservative board took it one step too far.
The board established a "curriculum committee" to review what teachers are teaching in the classroom.  Each of the five board members (three conservative, two reasonable) nominated three people for the committee.  The (conservative) majority then voted on the final nine members - strange then that the members ended up being the conservative nominees!
One of the first orders of business?  Review the AP History curriculum.
Julie Williams, one of the conservative board members, said that the purpose of the committee's review was to ensure the curriculum doesn't “encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law,” and instructional materials “present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage.”

I thought this was going to be a story of right wing indoctrination curriculum but instead it's suppression right wing style I guess it's still indoctrinating in a brainwashing, frontal lobotomy sort of way.  all their curriculum supports is stifling the voices of the next generation while they continue implementing the hate doctrine, 

that last thing "present positive aspects of the united states and it's heritage"  do the by chance mean how they built the country on the backs of slaves and immigrants,  or how the stole the land from Native Americans or declared slaves 3/5ths of a human so as to deny them the right to vote on up to and including the last 6 years of denial by obstruction, stealing votes through gerrymandering, racist attitude toward the duly elected first Black PRES., denying health care and food stamps and jobs and unemployment extension relief from the recession they created, all things the right wing power structure is proud of.

First of all, notice the dog-whistle language: theory distinguished from fact?  Goodbye evolution and climate change; free enterprise system, individual rights?  Straight out of the Koch playbook.
It should also be noted that Jeffco already has TWO curriculum committees: one permanent committee, made up of educators and community members, tasked to select materials and a second that convenes when a parent files a complaint about curriculum content.
When it was about teacher pay, district parents didn't care.  Now that it's about their kids, parents are taking notice.
I'm from Jeffco and I don't support these changes. What are you so afraid that children will learn? Truth? How to think? Why is it wrong to teach kids about the negative impact of the white man on the native people? It's true. What do you think we should be teaching kids about white/Native American history? Each one of these three new conservative board members needs to be recalled. This new conservative majority has committed multiple abuses and ethical breaches since they were elected. What example do you think that is setting for our children? What civics lessons are they learning from watching the rabid extremists on the Jeffco Board? Those people shouldn't be allowed near children, or kids' minds will be reduced to mindless mush. That is the reason why recall laws exist. These are REAL reasons. Recall them.

next 10 years you see the same if not improved radical ideals and neo hate groups forming remember this article it is a warning of what could come to pass unless we take steps to not only save the country but save the kids from being taken back too to revisit great great great grandparents James and Jane Crow, balls in your court, your court inside the voting booth how you gonna play this ball?

Fox Host Falsely Claims New York's Municipal ID Program Will Give Undocumented Immigrants Voting Rights

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Announces Municipal ID Will Give Free One-Year Access To City's Cultural Institutions. On September 19, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that residents who register for the city's municipal identification cards in January 2015 will receive free admission to the city's top cultural institutions for one year:
"The municipal ID is a powerful tool to bring more New Yorkers out of the shadows and into the mainstream. It is now also a key that opens the door for hundreds of thousands of more New Yorkers to our City's premier assets in culture, science and entertainment," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. "The Municipal ID Card embodies the values we cherish most about inclusivity and equality, and these memberships are another step forward on providing greater access and opportunity for our people."  [, 9/18/14]

Fox Host Claims Municipal ID Program Will Give Undocumented Immigrants Voting Rights

Fox's Steve Doocy: Undocumented Immigrants Could Use ID Cards To Vote In Local And State Elections. In a September 19 segment highlighting de Blasio's municipal ID program, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy claimed that New York City's new municipal ID program will allow undocumented immigrants to vote in local and state elections:
DOOCY: Mayor de Blasio here in New York City ran on making sure that people in this country illegally who make New York City their home could get an I.D. card that they could use to, among other things, vote in local and state electionsWell, now, to try to get as many people as possible to get these cards, these New York City municipal I.D. cards, what they're doing is they're going to have incentives. Go ahead, get a membership for one year to 33 of the city's signature cultural institutions, like the Bronx Zoo, the Met, Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall. [Fox News, Fox & Friends9/19/14]
they really think very little of their base's intelligence, the things they say or lie about generally come with the rebuttal and real speech they spin into something unidentifiable to people who actually read or heard the speech before they corrupt it.  it's clear what the mayor said and it had nothing to do with voting but that was not as scandalous as their spin and doesn't really rile the base.


Fox & Friends Celebrates Hispanic Heritage -- Right After Dubbing Millions Of Them "Illegals"

Reporter101 Blogspot

this is representative of the disingenuous attempts to sway the Hispanic vote  the videos are IMO out of sequence the last one should have run first to better illustrate the two faced Fox noise ether way you will get the point, maybe this is their interpretation of fair and balanced, lie about sincerity of honoring those they are doing everything they can to keep them out of America and showing the truthful other side the racial epithets flying around the room while they laugh this my friends if Fox Fair and Balanced and bigoted as ever.

Limbaugh Complains That Sexual Assault Gets Widespread Media Coverage While Attacks On Conservatives Get Little Attention

Editorial Cartoons: “Speaking of Prostitutes” [Rush Limbaugh] and ...

please listen to the recording and make your determination of what really is said by PRES. and note also Racist, Bigoted, Rush says he's rewriting the PRES.'S words and substitutes their war on women to a  cry baby thin skinned complaint about republicans not getting more press than assaults on women across the nation from the bedroom, to the classroom, to the military and finally from the mouths of fools like him.  there is no wonder why it takes priority or the poor republicans if we gave them more press it would be about their support of rape and violence against women and teir hatred of everything else, would that satisfy is need for the spotlight?

O'Reilly: "All The Things That Poor People Have" Proves America Doesn't "Really Have Any Destitution Anymore"

Bill O'Reilly Proves God - My meme is popular you can't explain that

for a guy who constantly refers to his being rich he is outraged that poor people managed to get a TV or a cell phone and that these things make claims of destitution of the poor null and void.  wonder do those thousands of poor Whites that buy into his "looking out for them" BS that he is referring to them too, or does his bigot rotted mind think he's not including them because he's specifically addressing Black and Hispanics, which would make him and his audience in denial about their status in White America, their worth only a vote every 2 or 4 years after that back to reality.

what it proves is he too needs to buy a vowel with his millions and hope he gets a clue.  are they really that dense or are they selling right wing rhetoric.  sure some buy drugs with money but that percent is like their voter fraud findings a .0000 something.    the whole thing is designed to make their base view us as the monkeys on the gov't back  it's called divide and conquer but the only ones seriously biting are their minority voter base.  speaking with such authority on something you know nothing about shows those who do know how fake and presumptuous they are, assuming what the cause of our plight only makes an ass out of them.

now the same Bilo and a new entry into the describing of the Black state of being you'll love this,

Now They're Sending SWAT Teams After Unlicensed Barbers.

Obama orders review of military gear used by local police.

Perhaps in the 60's we needed regulations against barbers going around cutting off hippies' hair.
Perhaps in the 600's barbers need to be licensed; after all, bleeding someone to cure them of what ails can be dangerous.
But in the here and now do we really need SWAT teams to regulate who can own a barber pole? The Orange County Sheriff's Office in Florida (OSCO) professed that necessity, but the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, fortunately, thought otherwise.
This is a direct quote from the 11th Circuit's decision:
It was a scene right out of a Hollywood movie. ... teams from the OCSO descended on multiple target locations... With some team members dressed in ballistic vests and masks, and with guns drawn, the deputies rushed into their target destinations, handcuffed the stunned occupants - and demanded to see their barbers' licenses...
 And the story as told in the opinion gets even more insane.
... Upon discovering that barbering without a license is a 2nd-degree misdemeanor under Florida law... Vidler became intrigued by the possibility of a collaboration between the Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and OCSO, and spent over a month... developing a plan for a joint sweep operation... All of the targeted barbershops were businesses that serviced primarily African-American and Hispanic clientele... The sweep occurred as follows: Two plain clothes officers initially entered... several of the customers in the shop were children. Shortly after... a "whole bunch" of police cars pulled in... Officers then "rushed into" Strictly Skillz "like a SWAT team." ... Some donned masks and bulletproof vests and had their guns drawn.
The Circuit Court opinion goes on to affirm the lower court decision that the police officers conducting the raid are not entitled to "qualified immunity," because basically the entire operation, start to finish, was clearly unconstitutional.

FLA. not so much surprise but really are right wing zealots preparing some sort of gov't coup we have to get our federal law enforcement a kick in the butt to get them in gear I am surprised that the storm troopers didn't roll up in a tank and black helicopters after all we have to stop the spread of Black and Hispanic haircuts "oh the humanity" and kids present which they knew from the two scouts they sent in to surveil the targeted barbershop. 

again are they building an army with guerilla mercenary cops??  really not funny watch your community for changes and ramping up of police presence especially where crime is down.  question did all this come about because of the publicity of Michael Browns murder or was it there but now hot stories because of his murder?

Cliven Bundy sued after a car hits one of his cows on major interstate

Rancher Cliven Bundy gestures at his home in Bunkerville, Nevada April 12, 2014. U.S. officials ended a stand-off with hundreds of armed protesters in the Nevada desert on Saturday, calling off the government's roundup of cattle it said were illegally gra
Remember when Cliven Bundy and his merry band of armed-to-the-teeth tax-dodging patriots freed his cows to roam free and graze on federal land? Only 48 hours later, several of his cows made their way onto busy Interstate 15, where a couple traveling on the road were unable to avoid them:
According to the Nevada Highway Patrol’s accident report, Beck and her boyfriend, Matthew Zanatta, were headed north on I-15 about 75 mph when they encountered cows in both lanes of the road. Zanatta tried to stop the car, but it hit one of the cows. The animal rolled up onto the roof, and the car swerved off the road and into a culvert.
And Cliven Bundy was too busy to come to the scene:
“The cow’s owner never arrived on scene after being contacted by NHP dispatch,” the report said.
Does Bundy feel responsible? Nah. Despite illegally setting his cattle loose on the land, he's just not into that personal responsibility stuff:

“It’s a state problem. It’s not our problem,” Bundy said. “We really feel bad when it happens. We sure don’t want it to happen. But we’re not liable.”

this criminal racist needs to be corralled and given due process and his right to a speedy trial by the federal gov't he doesn't recognize as legit then he needs to do time in a federal prison I guarantee he will come to believe is legit.  if he wants to rally his vigilante criminal cohorts more power to him, but in the interest of safety for federal agents which if they show again with guns after their last statement of intent to kill them they IMO qualify as drone strike targets film at 11pm.

they defy the gov't in a lawful execution of duty he essentially and I think said "if they want war let's give them one"  domestic threats against gov't is treason and a prime drone strike target

Sensationally Dim Jesus-Grifter Pat Robertson Slams 'Little Jewish Radical'

Pat Robertson and God
TV con-man and God-botherer Pat Robertson is displeased with Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who he said is “terrorizing” the military by requiring the Air Force to make the words “So help me God” optional in the oath of enlistment:
There is a left-wing radical named Mikey Weinstein who has gotten a group about ‘people against religion’ or whatever he calls it and he has just terrorized the Armed Forces. You think you’re supposed to be tough, you’re supposed to defend us, and you’ve got one little Jewish radical who is scaring the pants off of you.
Gee, Pat...maybe you remember another 'little Jewish radical' who 'terrorized' the authorities. Assholes like you crucified him. Remember?
I guarantee you that if that 'little Jewish radical' returned tomorrow, you and your asshole buddies would be demanding his execution all over again. Read The Sermon On The Mount, you bloated, mealy-mouthed creep. You represent everything that 'little Jewish radical' was fighting against.

if you actually listen to the crap he says any reasonable person would have to walk away shaking their head and in some cases flipping him the birdie, he is a soldier in the right wing war on women, blaming them for the husbands infidelity, advising the man to beat the wife click this link below and pick a topic, the only thing he did worth while was slamming Bush for the Iraq war.

"Anti-gay preacher visits campus: You have to see what the students did next"

Florida Republican Admits Voter Suppression Agenda

Our kids are standing up against homophobia, racism, sexism, and despair. They're standing up in North Carolina's Moral Mondays' movement and across the country for their right to vote. They're standing up in Ferguson, Mo against racism and taking their town back. They will be standing up and marching this Sunday in the People's Climate March. Our own Joan Brooker's documentary film students are bringing their cameras and their spirits to the march.
Our young people stood up this Tuesday in Virginia for love instead of hate.  When an anti-gay, self described, "Preacher" showed up at James Madison University to tell gay students they were going to hell, students responded to his hate with love.
...[T]he James Madison University students gathered around the preacher, singing a song of love and tolerance. With one guy on guitar, the group begins to sing 'How He Loves', a Christian song by John Mark McMillon. And with it, you can't hear the preacher at all

it's encouraging that in our higher learning venues our younger Americans are not buying into right wing hate agenda it suggest that this next generation won't have as much of a problem as we have had to this time in our history.  this also suggest that polls that say it's another republican win could be in for the culture shock that their culture is becoming more outdated,

actually they know that that is why they imposed voting suppression for those who live on campus requiring them to go home t vote when they have been voting at their schools their place of residence at the time they vote.  any and everything to suppress and those who are charged with making sure we are not deprived of our rights are the ones depriving us of them.

we need to take a look at the 70's college rebellions not so much to rebel but as an inspiration that establishment does not have life tenure they are not the alpha and omega of education and rights with in that frame.,8599,1859505,00.html