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Trump’s Son Tries His Hand At Politics: Waterboarding ‘No Different’ Than Being A Frat Boy (VIDEO)


Trump’s Son Tries His Hand At Politics: Waterboarding ‘No Different’ Than Being A Frat Boy (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, wants to be just like daddy. And, truth be told, normally there would be nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that his dad is none other than Donald Trump. So – maybe it’s not his fault per say for this latest slip up of his (it is, after all, engrained into him) but little Trump ended up making quite the statement Monday night when he appeared on Fox’s On the Record. It’s so ridiculous even that maybe he does have a political future ahead of him, just like daddy.
Here was what little Trump said when asked to explain what his dad meant by his “we’ll do something worse than waterboarding” comments yesterday:
“You see these terrorists that are flying planes into buildings, right? You see our cities getting shot up in California. You see Paris getting shot up. And then somebody complains when a terrorist gets waterboarded, which quite frankly is no different than what happens on college campuses and frat houses every day. And, you know, the man would keep this country safe. There is no question about 
did he just indict the collegiate agenda for allowing that kind of activity on campus or is is just a case of the proverbial nut not falling far from the tree and who's idea was it to allow him to say that?????????????
more reason IMO that there is no leader there just a right wing ideological trumpeter????/s

Marco Rubio’s Attempt To Sweet Talk A Gay Voter In A New Hampshire Bar Ends In Tears (IMAGE)


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Florida Republican senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has spent much of his political life and campaign making life harder for LGBT people. So what happened when he was confronted by a real life gay man in new Hampshire on Monday? Nothing good.
On Monday February 8th, openly gay 50-year-old Timothy Kierstead was enjoying a drink with his mother and his husband in the wonderfully appropriately named Puritan Backroom diner, when he was approached by Marco Rubio during a campaign event. He asked the candidate a very simple question:
“Why do you want to put me back in the closet?”
The color leeched from Rubio’s face as he realized he’d definitely come to the wrong table.
The New York Times reports that the candidate, when face-to-face with Kierstead, responded:
“I don’t…You can live any way you want.”
But it did not end there. As The Times continues:
“Mr. Rubio, who is seeking to win over conservatives, is seldom asked about gay rights at his campaign stops.
During a brief conversation, Mr. Kierstead, 50, told Mr. Rubio that he was married but complained that the senator’s position amounted to him declaring that ‘we don’t matter.’
Mr. Rubio, who was standing with his youngest son, Dominick, 8, by his side, gently disagreed. “No, I just believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”
‘Well,’ replied Mr. Kierstead, ‘that’s your belief.’
Mr. Rubio continued: ‘I think that’s what the law should be. And if you don’t agree you should have the law changed by a legislature.’”
Rubio was reminded by Mr. Keirstad that this is exactly what the LGBT community had done, and that the Senator and his party were seeking to have their religious prejudices supersede the law of the land. In fact, just last December, Rubio told Chuck Todd:
“It is the current law. I don’t believe any case law is settled law.”
“Any future Supreme Court can change it.”
“I don’t think the current Constitution gives the federal government the power to regulate marriage,”
“What is wrong is that the Supreme Court has found this hidden constitutional right that 200 years of jurisprudence had not discovered and basically overturned the will of the voters in Florida, where over 60 percent passed a constitutional amendment that defined marriage in the state constitution as the union of one man and one woman.”
In short, Rubio doesn’t believe that the Constitution gives federal government the right to regulate marriage, unless it is regulating against the rights of same-sex couples. Rubio doesn’t want the government regulating his access to guns, yet he is totally in favor of the government regulating the access of same-sex couples to marriage. This hypocrisy reveals that for Rubio and his fellow Republicans, the government can never be too big, so long it is enforcing their prejudices.
this should be published all over and often we need to adopt their play sheet and repeat the rebuttals continuously, it will sink in eventually sometimes fire with fire is the best offense and defense especially when your point is proven to be correct.  because you get a larger percent of deniers in a poll where you target them does not qualify you to be right and your bigotry should not override forcing your agenda on those who don't ascribe.  they also need to stop saying marriage is between one man and one woman that is an opinion not a fact as the law of the land says so.  i love the response to Rubio when he said change the law, priceless
Mr. Rubio continued: ‘I think that’s what the law should be. And if you don’t agree you should have the law changed by a legislature.’”
Rubio was reminded by Mr. Keirstad that this is exactly what the LGBT community had done, and that the Senator and his party were seeking to have their religious prejudices supersede the law of the land.

WATCH: Rubio supporter greets candidate after violently assaulting protester dressed as robot


Rubio supporter (in green jacket) wrestling with protester dressed as robot - (YouTube screen grab)

Supporters of 2016 GOP presidential contender Marco Rubio roughed up two protesters in New Hampshire today who were mocking the candidate’s performance at a recent GOP debate by dressing up as robots.
Rubio’s appearances have been plagued by counter protesters dressed as robots, making fun of his much-derided debate appearance where he repeatedly invoked the same sound bite, leading critics to say he’s an over-programmed and “glitchy” robot.
In video posted by Americans United, one man wearing a silvery suit and carrying a sign reading #RobotRubio is slammed with a sign by one Rubio supporter while another supporter of the Republican candidate grabbed him and put him in a headlock.
As supporters chanted “Marco, Marco!” in the background, the two men struggled, as the man in the robot suit can be heard saying, “Why do you have your hands on me?”
Realizing he’s being photographed, the Rubio supporter abruptly released his captive as a sound-man appears to tell him, “You better knock that off.”
The green-jacketed assailant then mixed back into the crowd of chanting fans and counter protesters, but was seen greeting Rubio when the candidate made an appearance.
this is a standard from Rand Paul's guy's stomping a women to Trump people manhandling and threatening

and now Rubio who's next and who will the victim be none have apologized and all are violating those victims 1st amendment rights ti freedom of speech.  and they say Pres. violates the constitution nobody does like they do.

Michigan state board approves petition to recall Rick Snyder — but not because of Flint


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) talks to Poppy Harlow on Jan. 27, 2016. (CNN)

While the Michigan state Board of Canvassers approved a petition on Monday seeking to recall Gov. Rick Snyder (R), the petition is not connected to the ongoing water crisis in Flint.
According to MLive.com, the petition that was approved is related to the governor’s creation of the State School Reform/Redesign Office. The board rejected nine petitions related to the issues in Flint because of spelling errors, on top of another 12 it has rejected since last November.
For instance, one petition seeking to oust Snyder for declaring a state of emergency in Genesee County and Flint was rejected because “Genesee” was misspelled as “Genesse.” Another petition was rejected for misspelling the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.
More than 100 people attended the board’s meeting on Monday, with several of them criticizing the group for rejecting the Flint-related petitions over the mistakes.
“You are playing with semantics and in the meantime my family and members of my family have been poisoned,” said Dorothy Batchelder, who said that more than 30 of her relatives live in Flint.
Board member Julie Matuzak said spelling errors put petitions at risk of being challenged and overturned in court.
“Words do matter, and spelling does matter,” she said. “And when a person signs a recall petition they have a right to expect that their signature will count for something.”
Supporters of the petition approved on Monday must now collect 789,133 within a 60-day period. It is valid for 180 days after Monday. If the petition garners the necessary amount of signatures, it would be put in a ballot for voters around the state.
see republicans lied again Black lives don't matter neither do poor White ones.  can you believe this a state reform office is worthy of kicking him out but poisoning American citizens take a back burner because of the omission of one vowel E.  the sickness of this whole thing should be a disqualifier of republicans ever holding anything but the door for Dems coming in while they are  on their way out.

this is murder two than evolved into murder one when they refuse to fix the problem because it's not worth those lives to spend that money.

Michele Bachmann goes on insane anti-Muslim rant: Migrants are nuking Western Civilization with rape!


Michele Bachmann (ABC News)

Michele Bachmann warned that Islamic terrorists don’t need nuclear bombs to destroy Western Civilization — because they have “rape culture.”
The former Republican lawmaker made another appearance Saturday on the “end times” radio program hosted by Jan Markell and Eric Barger, where they discussed Muslim immigration into Western Europe and the United States, reported Right Wing Watch.
Bachmann, who suggested the previous week that President Barack Obama may be the antichrist, said migrants and refugees from Syria’s civil war were actually a “planned invasion” orchestrated by Islamic religious leaders.
“This clearly is an invasion,” Bachmann said. “This is a planned invasion, not only in Europe but also in the United States, I believe for the specific purpose of destroying Western Christendom.”
She suggested the United States and Western European nations close their borders to migrants, praising a 1924 law signed by President Calvin Coolidge that strictly limited immigration from all nations except historically Anglo-Saxon countries.
“The more that come in, the more they act upon their religious convictions and their stated religious convictions,” Bachmann said. “The imams from the original countries that they come from, they recruit and send these guys to come in and to bring about this destruction. Right now in Europe it’s called a ‘rape culture’ that’s coming into Sweden and Germany and all across Europe for the specific purpose of Islamizing these countries, and they are falling.”
She warned that nations such as France, which have significant Muslim minorities, are experiencing “Islamic jihad 24/7, terrorist bloodbath attacks 24/7.”
“Islamists have a plan, they have a plan to destroy Western Christendom,” Bachmann said. “It’s called civilization jihad. By bringing Islamists into our country and destroying us from in, they don’t need to just have a nuclear bomb. If they send their invading army into our countries and if young men are doing what they did on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, and other places where they are literally sexually attacking and raping and groping women and causing them to fear, we are looking at a completely ramped-up level of invasion one like we have never seen before.”
The former Minnesota congresswoman said Obama was coordinating with the United Nations to bring in Muslim invaders and Latino gang members disguised as Central American refugees, and she vividly imagined how the conversation went down.
“Now you call them refugees, and in fact, we’ll bring them in on paid airplane tickets, we’ll hook them up to the welfare train, we’ll give them first crack at jobs,” Bachmann said.
She said Obama was giving the United Nations authority over U.S. immigration policies, and she suggested the previous week on the same radio program that the president is seeking to enlarge and extend his power by becoming secretary-general of the United Nations.
Markell admitted she was unsure whether Obama himself was the antichrist, but she said the Bible predicted the antichrist would be that type of global leader.
Bachmann then predicted that Obama would forge an alliance with Russia and Islamic nations to create an organization even more powerful than the United Nations to rule the world.
“He may see a balancing there so that globally we can have kind of an equalling of power so that a structure even bigger than those countries, a fortified ‘super UN’ could potentially be given power by some of these countries so these countries could, in effect, keep their own power and their own billion-dollar oligarchies going,” she said. “If that makes sense, that’s usually how power structures work. They only give power so that they can keep their power.”
was that a SNL script, has anybody called the guys in the white coats and who left the door open?????????
Fox ought to have a bat crap crazy off between her and Palin she would be a shoe in.  is it the party that infects the minds or the minds infecting the party??????????????????????????????  i'm going with the latter

This study shows how the media fuels support for anti-Muslim discrimination — and even war


Muslim woman wearing a headscarf looks out a window (Shutterstock)

Since the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, news stories with negative portrayals of Muslims have dominated the media. This negative coverage is made more problematic when right-wing news channels fail to explicitly distinguish between radical Islam and the interpretation of Islam that is accepted by the overwhelming majority of Muslims, who do not support terror. In fact—maybe unsurprisingly—at least one empirical study has shown that Fox News watchers are significantly more likely to have negative views of Muslims.
At the same time, anti-Muslim sentiment appears to be increasing across America. At Donald Trump rallies, we have seen overt hostility towards Muslim attendees. Most of us needn’t look further than our social media newsfeeds to see evidence of a growing animosity towards people of Islamic faith, especially amongst more conservative friends or unstable, mildly racist uncles. In accordance with these observations, a new study has found that short-term exposure to news that portrays Muslims in a negative way actually causes viewers to support policies that harm Muslims internationally and domestically.
The study’s clever design broke participants into three groups, where each group was shown a 2-3 minute news clip from YouTube that portrayed Muslims in different ways. The news clip featured either a negative story, a neutral story, or a positive story about Muslims. The negative story involved an attempted terror attack on Fort Dix, in which six Muslim males were captured after their plot to kill as many American soldiers as possible was discovered and thwarted. 
The neutral news story discussed how a football practice schedule was changed due to Ramadan, a holy month in which Muslims fast during daylight. The positive news clip featured an Islamic leader urging the Muslim community to come together to help non-Muslim citizens during Christmas. After the news clip was presented, each group was given surveys that assessed their support for military action against Muslim countries, as well as their support for civil restrictions against Muslim Americans.
What the study found was that the participants who viewed the negative news clip perceived Muslims as more aggressive, and as a result were more supportive of attacks on Muslim nations. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Republican presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, who has suggested that we “carpet bomb” areas of the Middle East—which would undoubtedly kill a significant number of civilians—are receiving widespread support from viewers of right-wing news outlets.
Additionally, and perhaps more disturbingly, those who watched the negative news clip were in favor of restricting the civil rights of Muslim Americans, which once again can help explain the changes in popularity of certain Republican presidential candidates. For example, when Donald Trump stated that if elected president he would ban all Muslims from entering the country, he received a dramatic rise in the polls. Similarly, neurosurgeon Ben Carson saw his only significant boost in the polls immediately after he stated that he believed no Muslim should ever be elected president. 
This recent study is significant because it provides convincing evidence that the negative news stories that are commonly broadcast by the media have real and harmful effects on Muslims at home and abroad, and that politicians are actively exploiting the fears they promote.
there is much more to the article please read.  it is obvious that the republican agenda is to do to Muslims what they have and still do to any not like them.  they create in te heads of those who listen the latest bogeyman with real images of real acts but as with most things there is always another side that is more positive.  the repeatedly try to get Pres. to be complicit to their bigotry by trying to make his say Islamic terrorism a term they coined and has no relevance beyond them.  

it's that kind of broad brush painting that has the gullible red meat hungry base receptive to the misinformation but they bristle when a label of bigot or racist is tied to them goose gander syndrome in reverse.  many are beginning to see through the lies and want nothing to do with them and their hate fest even evangelicals are fleeing from their propaganda driven rhetoric.  even the die hard card carrying haters.

CNN: Donald Trump is like a ‘Founding Father’ when he says ‘p*ssy’


Katrina Pierson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Katrina Pierson, spokesperson for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, argued on Tuesday that saying the word “p*ssy” at a recent campaign event put her boss in the same category as America’s Founding Fathers.
While speaking about GOP hopeful Ted Cruz at a rally in Manchester on Monday, Trump repeated an audience member’s description of the Texas senator.
“She said he’s a pussy. That’s terrible,” Trump quipped to the delight of his supporters.
Pierson told CNN host Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday that Trump’s style was talking to his supporters “like he’s at a friend’s house.”
“When we look at the Founding Fathers and when they were competing, they said far worse things about each other,” Pierson insisted. “This is not nothing [sic] new. This is politics.”
Camerota interrupted: “But isn’t there a difference between political correctness and vulgarity?”
“The line to me is free speech, the First Amendment,” Pierson replied. “What I’m saying is it’s free speech, and this is the Live Free or Die state. Mr. Trump is exercising his free speech, it was in fun with the audience.”
Camerota was correct it is rude, crude and vulgar with no regard to how many children are now interested in politics and listen to these things but those voters don't care when you teach your kid to hate and discriminate your claim to "FAMILY VALUES" falls on deaf ears again this is just what the base clamors for in all it's back alley bluster the more raunchy you are the better your chances.

i know women are moving more in to mainstream society and i cheer them but republican women seem to be trying to compete for the big boy pants.  voting against women's rights, supporting a party that supports rape, denial of wage equality and healthcare and this one she is in a whole new bag and shows what a non role model looks like.  Trump has yet to denounce her but that would be tantamount to putting his hand over his own mouth, no not presidential or respectable.

Colbert slaps down Bill O’Reilly’s pathetic attempt at Bernie Sanders impression


Stephen & Bill O'Reilly Respectfully Butt Heads: Photo from Video Capture

Stephen Colbert has always had a strained connection with Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, who he would mock by calling “Papa Bear.” For the first time ever, however, Colbert welcomed O’Reilly for an interview not as Colbert the character but as Colbert himself  on Monday’s “Late Show.” But it took O’Reilly just a few minutes to start swinging insults at everyone from MSNBC to Colbert himself.
i must say not hat i thought it would be surprise surprise

Wow. Charles Blow goes there in op-ed



Much of the energy on both the left and the right this cycle is coming from white Americans who are rejecting the direction of America and its institutions. There is a profound disappointment. On one hand, it’s about fear of dislocation of supremacy, and the surrendering of power and the security it provides. On the other hand, it’s about disillusionment that the game is rigged and the turf is tilted. It is about defining who created this country’s bounty and who has most benefited from it.
White America is wrestling with itself, torn between two increasingly distant visions and philosophies, trying to figure out if the country should retreat from its present course or be remade.
Not totally true. There is BLM. But that is a primarily young people's activity, especially college educated black kids. Blow is largely correct however in that the action in the electorate is coming from white conservatives and white liberals. Blow then remarks on a speech given by Bill Clinton in Iowa:
During Bill Clinton’s speech on Sunday, he brought up the recent report about the rising death rate among some white people in America.
As Gina Kolata reported in November in The New York Times:
“Something startling is happening to middle-aged white Americans. Unlike every other age group, unlike every other racial and ethnic group, unlike their counterparts in other rich countries, death rates in this group have been rising, not falling.”
He rattled off the reasons for this rise — suicide, alcoholism and drug overdoses — and then concluded that these white Americans were dying of “a broken heart.”
America has a gauzy, romanticized version of its history that is largely fiction. According to that mythology, America rose to greatness by sheer ruggedness, ingenuity and hard work. It ignores or sidelines the tremendous human suffering of African slaves that fueled that financial growth, and the blood spilled and dubious treaties signed with Native Americans that fueled its geographic growth. It ignores that the prosperity of some Americans always hinged on the oppression of other Americans.
Much of America’s past is the story of white people benefiting from a system that white people designed and maintained, which increased their chances of success as it suppressed those same chances in other groups. Those systems persist to this day in some disturbing ways, but the current, vociferous naming and challenging of those systems, the placing of the lamp of truth near the seesaw of privilege and oppression, has provoked a profound sense of discomfort and even anger.
I must say it is very tempting, if your a person of color, to have a healthy schadenfreude at all this. Or view the statistics Bill Clinton referenced as a optimistic ray of hope. However, there's a good argument to be made that we all depend on each other and we are either going to sink or swim, together. Bill Clinton said that in his speech. But I'm not sure his Iowa audience, seething with anger or broken hearted, is buying it. 
i can't add anything my thought run right with the article there is more for some it is too hard to admit what their subconscious knows about them shutting it down when the topic comes up derailing good discourse there is no communicating when there is denial and the status quo goes on.  we can change it but the biggest step is changing our self awareness or accepting it and explore it holding on to antiquated ideals only stymies advancement and growth, the greatest country in the world would not allow that backward thinking would it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

‘He’s possessed by a demon’: Man attempts exorcism on Ted Cruz during campaign event


Ted Cruz speaks in Raymond, N.H. (screen grab)

Two men with mirrors and a wooden cross interrupted a campaign event in Raymond, New Hampshire to perform an exorcism on Ted Cruz on Monday, saying that the Republican presidential candidate was “possessed by a demon.”
According to The Dallas Morning News, Cruz had just finished his stump speech when the men began shouting at the candidate.
“Ted Cruz look in the mirror and let the evil spirit depart!” one man exclaimed. “He’s possessed by a demon!”
As the crowd booed, Cruz suggested that the “very confused fellow” was part of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign.
“He’s possessed by a demon!” the man yelled. “The demon has to leave. That’s why the body is so disgusting to look at!”
A second man holding a mirror urged Cruz to look at himself so “the evil can confront itself.”
“Evil body! Evil spirit. Look yourself in the mirror!” the man said.
As the men were being removed from the building by police officers, Cruz noted that the interruption was an “odd thing.”
“Usually lefties don’t believe in God,” Cruz quipped.
The men, who declined to give their names, later explained to reporters why they had heckled the Texas Senator.
“We just had to get rid of the evil spirit. I hope it works,” one man remarked, motioning that he was sick to his stomach. “He’s very hard to be in the same room with. We had to exorcise some sort of disgusting evil spirit. There’s a reason that the body is so haggard and disgusting, and the face, and it’s all so weathered and gross and hard to look at.”
“And it’s because he’s possessed by a demon. Being in the room with evil so close, it’s just hard to even comprehend. The evil is so deep rooted and maybe if it had to confront itself,” the man added.
i don't know quite where to put this.  i don't know which is more bizarre Cruz and his campaign tactics or these to guys who want to publicly exorcise him.  i guess there is some relevance in both and given the republican base's propensity to pick the most despicable of the lot who knows he took out Trump in Iowa or stole it from him depends on who you listen to.

you have to admit republicans always guarantee a very entertaining presence albeit hateful and anti American.  sometimes even devilish

Monday, February 8, 2016

Republicans Offer Us a Foreign Policy Of Campaign Slogans and Sound Bites


watch the video and see the little general lay into his remaining candidates they sure change their tune when no longer in the loop he's gone now he can point out the flaws in the others at his leisure 

Texas Governor Wants Christian Crosses On Cop Cars


image from johndoeforty1 on Flckr, cc 2.0, some changes were made to this image

In a brief sent to the state Attorney General’s office on February 5, Texas Governor Greg Abbott insisted that putting Christian crosses on police vehicles is a Constitutional right.
In his brief, Abbott wrote:
“Even under the U.S. Supreme Court’s expansive interpretation of the Establishment Clause’s limited and unambiguous text, the Court has never held that public officials are barred from acknowledging our religious heritage. To the contrary, the U.S. Supreme Court has long recognized the demographic and historical reality that Americans ‘are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being.’”
Of course that an absolute lie. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled against any government sponsorship or endorsement of religion.
Abbott goes on to claim that Christian cross bumper stickers on police vehicles “neither establish a religion nor threaten any person’s ability to worship God, or decline to worship God, in his own way.”
I wonder if he would feel the same way about Islamic symbols on police vehicles? What about symbols used by the church of Satan? Do those belong on police vehicles?
Like most Americans, I am tired of hearing the religious right whine about how their religion is under attack in the U.S., every time a judge tells them they cannot use public funds and resources to promote their personal religious beliefs.
There is a big difference between the state oppressing Christians and the state banning Christians from promoting or endorsing their religion with taxpayer dollars and/or taxpayer property.
If you want to put a Christian bumper sticker on your personal vehicle, no-one is standing in your way. If you want to put one on a publicly owned vehicle, that’s an entirely different story.
Why is this so difficult for right-wing Christians to comprehend?
Much to the dismay of the Christian right, the government is not a vehicle for enforcing their hypocritical religious beliefs on the public.
In light of the Christian right’s constant attempts to use government to force their religious doctrine on others, it makes perfect sense that they would try to slap Biblical bumper stickers on police cars.
When state legislatures pass laws banning oral and anal sex, denying rights to the LGBT community, attempting to ban non-Christians from practicing their religious beliefs, making atheist marriage illegal, even suggesting laws that would make not going to church a crime, it’s already frighteningly clear that they want police to act as the armed enforcers of their religious doctrine.
In spite of Governor Abbott’s ill-informed brief on this subject, even the slightest semblance of police being used as the “enforcers of Christianity” is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause.
Over and over and over again these right-wing nuts whine about how their religion is being oppressed in the United States.
Let’s get something straight. Religious oppression is when the government attempts to keep you from practicing your religion on your own time and using your own resources. Barring you from using the stuff other people paid for to promote your religion, is not oppressive.
If the government were to force all Christians to wear a special ID badge designating their religion, that would be oppressive. Or if the government were to bar Christians from entering the country, simply because of their religion, that would be oppressive. Or if the government were to create a special database for Christians so that they could be easily identified and closely watched, that would be oppressive.
Only the government does not do that to Christians.
On the other hand, right-wing Christians in government, including Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, sincerely want to do those things to Muslims.

so much for church and state presumption.  but this clearly shows some forcing their religious views onto others with impunity kinda nullify's that evangelical rant about their religious freedom rest assured these guys are haters usurping the name and icon of the Lord.

Cop Who Killed Mentally Ill Teen Sues Victim’s Family For $10 Million Dollars (VIDEO)


Cop Who Killed Mentally Ill Teen Sues Victim’s Family For $10 Million Dollars (VIDEO)
Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier, a mentally ill college student, in his family’s home the day after Christmas in 2015. One of the police officer’s rounds also struck and killed their 55-year-old neighbor, Bettie Jones. Now Rialmo is suing LeGrier’s family for emotional distress. Ther are 911 calls that show that LeGrier called the police three times only to be hung up on by the dispatcher.
How much does Rialmo think that the emotional distress he has endured is worth? $10 million dollars. Seriously, this cop thinks that he can kill this family’s son and neighbor, get away with it, and then make away with a fortune.
The Chicago Tribune reports:
“Rialmo’s lawsuit provides the officer’s first public account of the Dec. 26 shooting in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. It says Rialmo opened fire after Quintonio LeGrier twice swung a bat at his head at close range, and LeGrier was shot when Rialmo saw him raising the bat again and thought LeGrier could kill him if LeGrier hit him in the head with the bat.
LeGrier’s father, Antonio LeGrier, had filed a wrongful death lawsuit saying his son wasn’t a threat, and Rialmo’s lawsuit, which asks for damages of more than $10 million, is a countersuit in that case. Rialmo also fatally shot Antonio LeGrier’s neighbor Bettie Jones, 55, in the confrontation, but police have said her death was accidental.”
In 2015, the police killed more than 1,000 people in the United States. That’s a staggering figure. What’s even worse is that none of those police officers have been prosecuted for any potential wrongdoing. In the United States, if you are a cop – you can kill someone and not have to worry about the consequences. Apparently that is not good enough for some cops. They saw how fast Darren Wilson got rich after he killed Michael Brown and have decided to get in on the action.
 unbelievable this guy should be crucified and hung in that neighborhood for kids to throw rocks at. sorry you know that's not really me but in this instance it sure feels like it.  was that bat taken into evidence and why is one White cop who kills a mentally challenged Black kid word be worth more than a family witnessing it and the collateral murder of a innocent.  guess White privilege rears it's ugly nonexistent head again.

President Makes Surprise Appearance After Super Bowl – And He Has Jokes (VIDEO)

President Makes Surprise Appearance After Super Bowl – And He Has Jokes (VIDEO)

enjoy this very funny excerpt from Colbert's show reminds us how not to take yourself so serious no matter who you are. i luv my President God Bless the Obama family

Senator Slimeball Is At It Again: Cruz Sends Fake ‘Checks’ To Trick Voters Into Giving Him Money


Senator Slimeball Is At It Again: Cruz Sends Fake ‘Checks’ To Trick Voters Into Giving Him Money

It might just be time to say Sen. Ted Cruz, in his desperation to win, is running the most disgusting, deceitful political campaign in U.S. history. He seems eager to keep using these underhanded tactics. He clearly enjoys it.
After unapolegetically pissing off the entire state of Iowa with fraudulent mailers, Cruz immediately traveled to New Hampshire and beyond where… he’s doing the exact same thing. In New Jersey, for example, residents woke up this week to find that Cruz had sent them a “check” in the mail.


For a struggling family, a bit of free money coming in the mail out of the blue could mean everything. Tearing it open, what did they find? A shameless campaign tactic designed to get them to give money to Cruz’s floundering campaign. Rather than a check made out to them, Cruz’s campaign took it upon themselves to write out a check paid to the order of “Cruz for President” for $45.00.


It was all part of Cruz’s (possibly illegal) money-making scheme that he’s used in recent weeks. Cruz has suggested that he has “secret” wealthy backers that have promised to match donations with regular voters. He begs supporters to give him as much money as they can so that these anonymous, super-secret definitely “real” rich friends of his will double the money.
money appears to be the root of all republican evil those who passed laws to get it. those who give it, those who would fleece American voters to get more why so they can serve them??????????????????????????????
after you flim flam somebody out of their money it takes a real legit card carrying SOB to want to be their leader. how do you trust a crook??????????????????  that is who he is

People Are Now Hilariously Trolling Marco Rubio By Showing Up To Rallies Dressed As Robots (IMAGE)


Embedded image permalinkImage via Digital Journal

“This is what Washington D.C. does,” Christie said. “The drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech. That is exactly what his advisers gave him.”
It was a disaster for Rubio, especially since he looked to be rising in the New Hampshire polls. But now, he’s seen as a robot who is pre-programmed to say certain things.
And he’s not going to able to forget about his robotic blunder any time soon.
Some clever people had the brilliant idea to troll Rubio by dressing up as robots. In the Twitter image below, you can see two guys in their robot gear. One is named Marco Roboto and the other is called Rubio Talking Point 3000.
did i just understand Christie to say Rubio was lying about Pres.  read lead in at top i really don't think i'm mistaken my next thought is why haven't the others seized on it to bash Obama huggin Christie????????
Trump talks about Cruz being nominated than having to go through the birther crap in court what about Christie that bridge is still up in the air and subject to the same scrutiny???????

Allegations Of Racial Profiling At Marco Rubio Event In New Hampshire


There were hundreds of people packed into a Marco Rubio event on Sunday in Bedford, New Hampshire. Three of them were black.
They immediately attracted the attention of Rubio’s campaign staff.
Taisha Henry and Ugonma Ubani-Ebere, graduate students in journalism at NYU, attended the event with their professor Yvonne Latty. The three women, who are African American, had been in New Hampshire since Friday as part of group of students and faculty reporting on the primary for a class project. They were hoping to film the event.

1) there were only 3 blacks including me and students among hundreds of white people at  townhall. Hassles began fast. 
As soon as Henry and Uban-Ebere started setting up their cameras, however, a staffer told them they could not film because they did not have press credentials. The two women put their cameras away. Moments later, they were approached again by Rubio’s staff and told not to shoot video, even though they had already put their equipment away.
But they continued to attract the attention of Rubio’s staff.“[T]hen they were stared at and then they were approached again and it created this really tense atmosphere,” Latty, their professor, told ThinkProgress. Meanwhile, “another student in my class who is a white male had his camera on a tripod on a riser without a press pass.”
The incident left the two students shaken and, eventually, in tears. “It was a really horrible experience. Really horrible,” Latty said. “To be singled out that way while you are standing next to your white classmates. Repeatedly. They weren’t even doing anything.”
it's a given republicanism is primarily a white party yes there are misguided people of color self haters and wannabe's but it is a white party that caters only to the rich.  we have seen time and again in this cycle republican candidates directing their security to remove forcibly people who are not for them they pay blocks of varied races to cheer and sit behind them but when it comes to the real deal they are treated no more fairly than tose the expel from their gatherings indicating they have no intention of being their president.
Gramm's inflammatory testimony makes two basic points, which can ultimately be reduced to the same grotesque idea. One: Rich people deserve to be rich. They get paid a lot because they are valuable. Two: People who complain about their station in life have no grounds to do so unless they are rich, because rich people take too much flak from an envious public.

Friend of Marco Rubio tells CNN she’s ‘concerned for his health’ because of robotic speeches


CNN contributor Ana Navarro (screen grab)

CNN commentator Ana Navarro said on Monday that as a personal friend of Marco Rubio she became “concerned for his health” after he seemed unable to stop repeating the same lines during a weekend debate.
After GOP hopeful Chris Christie called out Rubio for using canned talking points at Saturday’s Republican Presidential Debate, the Florida senator shocked onlookers by saying that President Obama knows “exactly what he’s doing” several more times.
“Ana, you’re a friend of Marco Rubio’s,” CNN host Alisyn Camerota pointed out on Monday. “Have you had a chance to talk to him about what went wrong during that debate?”
Navarro admitted that as a supporter of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush she “was not doing much talking” with Rubio in recent days.
“But I was sitting four rows away from the debate, it was an incredibly intense moment,” she recalled. “Chris Christie went at him with everything he had.”
“I’ve got to tell you this,” she added. “By the fourth time he was repeating the exact same words verbatim, I was concerned for his health. Just because Marco is too good.”
Navarro said that she couldn’t explain Rubio’s performance, but speculated that he was “over-caffeinated and over-rehearsed.”
“And somehow his cables got crossed,” the GOP strategist concluded. “You know, short-circuited. And it was very weird.”
okay short a really sweet friend or foe she says friend but is in the Bush corner and says she hasn't spoken to her "FRIEND" in a few days but if it were true would it not supersede politics and immediately consult as to what's wrong????????  just when he needs a real friend no one is stepping to the plate.  Navarro, well she just paintedherself as a hypocrite

Here are ten key quotes from the Republican debate


Candidates Jeb Bush (L), Marco Rubio (C) and Donald Trump (R) at the Republican Presidential Candidates Debate in Manchester, New Hampshire (AFP Photo/Jewel Samad)

Republican candidates for the White House held their eighth debate ahead of the all-important New Hampshire primary election, which takes place Tuesday.
Here are 10 of the most memorable quotes from the event, which took place late Saturday.
this is a great follow up to previous post about lies.  i'm reminded of that Texas saying "all hat and no cattle"
check them out some make a point others just embellishment you decide.

Here are the 7 biggest liars in presidential history who aren’t George W. Bush


Ronald Reagan (Edalisse Hirst/Flickr)

America is built on the myth of honesty. “I cannot tell a lie,” George Washington supposedly said, when called out about who chopped down the family cherry tree. Abraham Lincoln, arguably our greatest president, was nicknamed Honest Abe. 
Of course, myths are built on half-truths, white lies and downright fabrications. So it is with the American presidency. Presidents lie, even our most admired ones. Some of them were really good at it, like Franklin Roosevelt. Others, like shifty-eyed Richard Nixon, were just pathological.
The truth is, while we Americans profess to want honest leaders, what we really want are effective leaders, and sometimes lies are necessary evils if we want to get something accomplished. Machiavelli famously laid that argument out in The Prince:
“Everyone admits how praiseworthy it is in a prince to keep his word, and to behave with integrity rather than cunning. Nevertheless our experience has been that those princes who have done great things have considered keeping their word of little account, and have known how to beguile men’s minds by shrewdness and cunning. In the end these princes have overcome those who have relied on keeping their word.”
When we got a president who promised never to lie to us, as Jimmy Carter did in 1976, many thought he was not particularly effective and voters tossed him out on his ear in 1980, for a master Machiavellian prince named Ronald Reagan. 
Republicans pounced on President Obama when, pushing the Affordable Healthcare Act, he promised Americans that if we wanted to keep our current health insurance, we could. That turned out to be not completely true, and surely Obama knew it even as the words were coming out of his lips. Still, for President Obama, the end—a broader, fairer healthcare system—justified the means. His signature accomplishment in office, Obamacare, might not have passed had he been totally forthright.
1. Lyndon B. Johnson

2. James K. Polk

3. Ronald Reagan

4. John F. Kennedy

5. Abraham Lincoln

6. Franklin D. Roosevelt

7. Richard Nixon

the stories behind these 7 are in the article.  i do believe that there is a necessity to sometimes exaggerate and some times to out right lie but not so much i think intent is the let's say qualifying factor.  i don't like the reference to white lie and black lie it's prejudicial in my view.

i also agree that sometimes we need that less than truth to get by when we are dealing with hundreds of million different people there is no standard patented response to anything only republicans as a regularity seem to think one size fits all, don't get me wrong Dems lie too but they just don't seem to sting and mislead and under inform us like those on the other side.