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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fox & Friends Seems Concerned That Emergency Services Respond To 911 Calls From Non-Citizens

Fox News' morning program questioned a Texas official about providing emergency services to undocumented migrants, asking whether 911 calls from immigrants must be answered "even though for the most part, when you get there, you realize they're not even American citizens."
On July 23, Fox & Friends centered a discussion on how undocumented immigrants in Brooks County, Texas are "bombarding" the police department with 911 calls. Host Brian Kilmeade set up an interview with the Texas county's chief deputy by claiming that "illegal immigrants are learning the hard way there's a deadly cost to crossing the border." Kilmeade suggested Brooks County emergency response services might be strained because, "not only are they understaffed and lacking resources, now they've got to deal with illegal immigrants who have no business being here."

As an example, the program aired two emergency calls from Spanish speakers each identified on-screen as "Immigrant." In the first, a distressed male requests emergency assistance for his cousin, whom the man described as "turning blue." Another call featured a man and woman explaining to the 911 operator that they have not had access to water in three days.
Kilmeade asked the deputy, "So those calls, you have to respond to, even though for the most part, when you get there you realize, they're not even American citizens?"

this is so disgusting, this is Fox throwing red meat to their base of haters the same ones who wrap themselves in that religious freedom flag will acting and talking in an extreme Godless fashion.  judgment day will be a real shindig for these people God does not like ugly if he/she did they would have put it as a teaching point in the Apostle's books, but instead it's the opposite that was taught.

to make your own rules of religios ideology is tantamount to having a God complex, Commandment say "THOU SHALT HAVE NO GODS BEFORE ME", they forget that part maybe because it condemns them from the start.

never heard "if you are not American don't bother calling 911", have you?

Maggots in the Meat: Privatization is a Failed Experiment
Russian Soldiers Complain Of Maggot-Infested Food
I've long felt the latest incarnation of conservatism should be called out for what it is....a radical experiment. Yeah, they try to wrap themselves in a historical context wearing those stupid tricorn hats and antebellum garb, groping at the Boston tea party history like drunks after a busty bar maid....but it's all just for show. The recent brand of conservatism is an extreme experiment and the American People are the lab rats in some Ayn Randian dystopian social experiment known as "Privatize Everything".... because while conservatives prance around with the American flag, America and the States are somehow, inexplicably inherently incompetent at absolutely everything.
So how's this social experiment working out?
Well...the currently and unprecedentedly deep red Michigan government saw fit to privatize the prison food system, shelling out millions in taxpayer dollars to Aramark, a private food, facility, and uniform services. And what did we end up with?  Maggots in the meat. Untrained staff who can't keep track of steel kitchen equipment, and who consort with the inmates bringing in all sorts of contraban from drugs to left out, filthy kitchens, staffing shortages, and SIXTY FIVE instances where the prisons RAN OUT OF FOOD because apparently Aramark executives are too busy cramming their pockets with tax payer money to know.....DO THEIR JOBS.

privatization is one of those right wing things that republicans refer to when they say gov't and to many regulations prevent business from flourishing, well we see now that there is a desperate need for those agencies that protect us from those privatized freedoms. this is not a Democratic endeavor it's republican through and through.  with the practices they employ now they are flourishing and their regulation of unfit living conditions, tainted food is being imposed on those who are unfortunately a resident. 

if we allow this privatizing to continue it will end up in your kids lunch room, they've been trying to privatize all public schools for years if we don't show up and vote them out Nov. 4th and 2016 pray for your family member who might be incarcerated and double down on those prayers for your school age kids. recognize

McDonald's fires woman arrested for letting her kid go to the park alone

A disgusting, terrible story, just got disgusting-er and terribler: McDonald's has fired Debra Harrell, the woman who was arrested for letting her nine-year-old daughter play alone at the park while she was at work. Because what else is a working mother who can't afford expensive summer camps do?
Harrell originally had her daughter come to work with her and play on a laptop during her summer vacation, but their home was burglarized and the laptop stolen, so she allowed her daughter to go to a well-populated park with a cell phone for emergencies. And for that she was arrested. Now:
While Robert Phillips, the attorney representing her pro bono at McGowan, Hood & Felder, said that she was released from jail the day after she was arrested on bond, he confirmed that she had been let go from her job. He didn’t have any information as to why. A spokesperson for McDonald’s declined to comment, saying it is inappropriate to discuss a human resources issue. She also said the company is cooperating with local police in their investigation of the situation.

The good news is that Harrell has been reunited with her daughter, as Phillips confirmed.

what MCDONALD'S should have done was make some sort of effort to assist their under paid employees with a day care option at no cost, with over billions served I'm sure they would make it up from the goodwill that action would build with their patrons would be priceless. 

instead they fire her making the situation even worst now with no income, job opportunities not good and gov't service waiting to break that family up because of some uncaring law and with republicans trying to kill our social safety net what can she do? 

big corporations who hire at under livable wages should be forced to make changes, but as long as there are towns or cities or states of those who don't care and choose the revenue of big business over the people these giant corps will thrive, they do what they do because not enough noise made against them.

They're keeping kids in kennels

Two female detainees sleep in a holding cell, as the children are separated by age group and gender, as hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children are being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Nogales Placement C

F-king animals—the border enforcement people, literally putting kids in kennels, conservatives foaming at the mouth at the presence of desperate children, and the Obama Administration, trying to make it easier to deport these kids,

Just think how desperate you have to be to send your children off on this dangerous journey north—it's a Sophie's Choice between near-guaranteed death at home at the hand of criminal gangs or drug cartels, or some chance of survival in the United States (or Costa Rica or Panama, which are also facing a refugee influx). These kids aren't looking for better economic opportunities or a better life, they are looking for life itself.

And then, after their harrowing journey north, they get placed in kennels.

as I see it these kids have broken no American laws they turned themselves over at the border they did not attempt to cross.  republican red states that decry having them even come to their state are the most embarrassing class of anti moral selfish bigots just as they are teaching their kids in summe4r indoctrination camps driven by tea party people.

most Americans who love their pets wouldn't put them in a kennel, others like the Romneys just tie them to the roof of their car while they pee down the windows.  this is the most shameful thing of the long list of egregiousness committed by republicans against human beings.

Grimes hits McConnell's 'Not my job' remark in new ad
In a new ad similar in style to her previous ad on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's support for Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare budget, Kentucky Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Alison Lundergan Grimes is taking aim at McConnell's statement earlier this year that creating jobs isn't one of his jobs.
The ad features unemployed coal miner David Stanley who asks McConnell:
Mr. McConnell, in the last two years, we’ve lost almost half of our coal jobs in Eastern Kentucky. Why’d you say it’s not your job to bring jobs to Kentucky?

republican arrogance and don't give a damn about their constituents, shows up all over the place almost all have come from the mouths of those same republicans leave them a lone and they will eventually stick all ten toes in their mouths.

they have to realize that because their base has been hearing other outlets almost impossible not to so other messages are being heard that are opposite to theirs, and for a senator to tell his voters it's not his job to get them jobs especially with Beohner crackling everyday about how tey asre focused on jobs, so who's zoomin' who?  they need to be made to define their job description on Nat'l TV, and prove it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gov. Rick Perry has ordered 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to the border in an effort to fend off people crossing the border illegally, but the troops are not expected to do much when they arrive.

first of all these guardsmen have no authority to do anything stop or detain so why are they going there?  he all but admitted it was for show, he's had the power as governor all the long to do this but tried to shove it off on Pres., second the kids are turning themselves in at the border they are not crossing illegally and now for the big gee it will cost 12 million a month is that why he tried to get the gov't to do it.  are Texas taxpayers willing to foot the bill?

Days After MH17 Crash, Fox's Peters Praises Putin's Leadership Qualities
this is the mindset of the Fox nation of concentrated ones, how anti American is this the republicans call putin a thug then praise him, they say when he went into Crimea he has to be stopped Pres. was weak then praise him some more, he goes into Ukraine rhetoric sounds like "we're next" Pres. still not leading although sanctions are working, they want us to send troops and weaponry to help defend against Russian insurgents if they are a Putin plan we are getting involved in an ultimate one on one with Russia, Pres. not doing enough, but at least he thinks before jumping in that moat full of alligators.

they have only bad things to say as their opinion about Pres. but when it comes to Putin they act like he's a  man's man and they admire him isn't that a response they would attack Gays for as being typical of them, so how many on the right wing are in the proverbial closet.  if the have so much affection for a foreign leader move there and fulfill their dreams whatever they may be.

they also paint Russia as our enemy if so why all the sloppy love and kisses for Putin, and their love for all things Nazi leaves a bad taste but something to consider when voting Nov. 4th, the party that cares about you or the one that loves Putin?

New Study Contradicts Conservative Media's Attacks On Healthy School Lunches

Kids at Lunch

A new study on school lunches casts doubt on conservative media's politicized rhetoric regarding first lady Michelle Obama's school-lunch initiative.
In January 2012, Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack unveiled healthier standards for school lunches, the first effort to do so "in more than fifteen years." However, in May of this year, the new standards suffered a political backlash in Congress. The Washington Post reported that the House Appropriations Committee voted for a "Republican-backed measure" to temporarily roll back the standards in a "party-line vote [that] served as a rebuke of sorts to the first lady."
Right-wing media, who have a poor track record when it comes to talking about school meals, especially free ones, took to attacking Michelle Obama and the school lunch program itself for "plate waste" amid reports that students supposedly didn't like the new, healthier food.
However, a new study published Monday in the journal Childhood Obesity shows that students get used to the new lunches with time. According to The Boston Globe, the study found that "over time, children adapt and tolerate school lunches just as much as in the old days":

why are the republicans against nutrition they decided to let the poor White Appalachian kids get free lunch but denied inner city youths, is it because a hungry kid has less chance of learning thereby keeping them under educated and not a future challenge like Pres. it can't be money we already know the millions of our money they waste on their pet projects making this admin fail at our expense BTW where is the noise about them spending our money to deny us everything, what is wrong with us are we just complacent and willing to give up on ourselves?

this is what the republicans have brought us to and we're making ourselves at home. chew on that for a minute and decide now are you worth fighting for are your kids or your family?  if we don't show up Nov. 4th those question are rendered moot and so are we. they talk about the lie that the giov. will take your guns way well let them in and they will take everything away from you and that my friends is no lie.  recognize

Here's your teddy bear, kid. Now get out.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks to the press after leaving the Senate Chamber after a marathon attack on

Sen. Ted Cruz announced last week that his new “top priority” in Washington is to end President Obama’s deferred action program for DREAMers and start deporting undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. But to show that he is approaching his new top priority in a compassionate way, Cruz made a stop at the border this weekend to help Glenn Beck hand out his truckload of teddy bears and soccer balls to children who have come to the southern border fleeing violence in Central America.
"Here's your teddy bear, kid. Now get out."
“In my view, it is altogether appropriate that private charities and private churches are showing Christian love, are caring for these children,” he said. “But at the same time we need to eliminate the promise of amnesty.”

why doesn't he just renounce his Hispanic genes and just tell his brethren he hates them and he's declaring his loyalty to the White right wing,  this guy has the audacity to sight the charities and churches as the way to go but in the next sentence he says if left to him they will never be called Hispanic American.   forget who you are and you will be remembered for who you are that person you tried to deny.

Major success in Obama's Iran Policy; No one notices

The BBC reports:
Iran has turned all of its enriched uranium closest to the level needed to make nuclear arms into more harmless forms, the UN nuclear agency says. The conversion of its stock of 20%-enriched uranium was part of a deal to curb Iran's nuclear programme.
The US said last week it would unblock $2.8bn in frozen Iranian funds in return for Iran's compliance.
A four-month extension to talks on Iran's nuclear ambitions was agreed on Friday between Iran and world powers.This is a big deal.  A major foreign policy success.  Iran is ending its nuclear program.  All without a shot being fired.
And that is the problem.  And why you won't read about this.
Because if we aren't dropping bombs on someone it just isn't possible for a policy to succeed to the "smart" people in Washington.

no one noticed because republicans are still saber waving and talking war with Iran,  Russia, Ukraine, Hamas, they want according to McCain, to put boots on the ground wherever there is Russian involvement, fat mouthing Putin and the Pres. for a so called weak Pres. he's beat them at their "we're the only one's who can protect you from terrorist" game, he did what they couldn't were they weak?
while all the while using rhetoric that inflames those same terrorist, they root for failure would another attack come under that republican desire?
if we arm others we are by default  challenging the one arming the insurgents.  do we need an armed conflict with Russia or anyone at all?

Federal court panel votes to defund Obamacare, but ruling isn't the last word

As expected, a three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has voted by a two-to-one margin to defund Obamacare in states which did not set up their own health insurance exchanges. At issue is whether Obamacare allows subsidies in federally-established exchanges.
According to the plaintiffs in Halbig v. Burwell, Obamacare does not allow subsides in federally-established exchanges because the provision authorizing subsidies on exchanges defines subsidies as entities "established by the state" in which the exchange operates. The ruling is an absurdly narrow interpretation of the law, and will be immediately appealed to the full circuit court.

this is political jibber jabber the main story here is why is the republican party and some courts find it so reprehensible to support health care for Americans they took vows to protect and insure justice.  why is it a problem it can't be money look at the millions spent trying to kill it and Issa's millions wasted on witch hunts how many families could have been subsidized with all the wasted tax payer money by the party of "FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY"???

If it were to be upheld, it would essentially destroy Obamacare in most of the country, but based on the merits of the case, it should overturned when it goes before the full court. Even if it isn't overturned, the case could still be appealed to the Supreme Court, so while the anti-Obamacare ruling might make for a banner day for Fox News, there's nothing conclusive about it.

even if this is true why all the drama the law has been deemed legal by the big court but since it's republican leaning they could reverse themselves in order to appease the right wing that gave them such a cushy job for life.  we see what they have done so far, well check this out next Pres. will probably appoint two more to the court who do you want doing that republicans or the party that has always had your interest at heart and action?

Ronald Reagan foils Darrell Issa

Poor Darrell Issa. He was having such a good day. He was having a hearing, and the topic was the IRS and how the Obama administration was covering up a Huge Enormous Scandal there by refusing to prosecute former IRS official Lois Lerner who everybody (in Fox Nation) knows stole the election from Mitt Romney's hands.
Even better, he had the Obama administration on the spot, because Deputy Attorney General James Cole was a witness for the hearing, and one of Issa's Republican colleagues was grilling Cole on the Department of Justice's failure to convene a federal grand jury to indict Lerner in the wake of the House's vote to hold her in contempt.
"This Congress held Lois Lerner in contempt, geez, almost nine weeks ago," Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) said, citing the procedure that's spelled out in law that says the prosecutor's duty "shall be to bring the matter before the grand jury."

"My understanding of the law is that it does not strip the U.S. attorney of the normal discretion that the U.S. attorney has," Cole said. "He proceeds with the case if he believes it is appropriate to do so."
Your understanding, Mr. Cole? From whence do you get such "understanding"? Or, in Darrell Issa's words:
"If you think that's discretionary, would you please give that back to us in a legal opinion so that we can change the law to make it clear you're wrong," Issa said.
Yeah! And when we make it clear you're wrong, we're going to open up a Reagan-sized can of whoop ass on your sorry claim. Except, just when big old Darrell was King of the World and Slayer of All Things Obama, this happened:

Yeah! And when we make it clear you're wrong, we're going to open up a Reagan-sized can of whoop ass on your sorry claim. Except, just when big old Darrell was King of the World and Slayer of All Things Obama, this happened:
Issa's Democratic counterpart on the committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings (Md.) was happy to find that opinion himself, written by conservative lawyer Theodore Olson when he worked for President Ronald Reagan's Office of Legal Counsel in 1984.
"What it says is, 'We believe Congress may not direct the executive to prosecute a particular individual without leaving any discretion to the executive to determine whether a violation of the law has occurred.' That's what the opinion says -- a 1984 opinion dated May 30," Cummings said. "This was a contempt citation coming from Congress that he was talking about."

wow the old Reagan carcass has bit them in the butt again Mr. Cummings I'm sure was just giddy with  pleasure with the opportunity to put Issa where he belongs in front of the class wearing the dunce hat facing the corner.  it may have helped if they had gotten a chairman that had a clue on how to conduct an investigations, you do it with facts not half baked assertions of your own.

they have been too desperate to find any little grain of salt they could spin to be Pres.'s collusion with IRS's erroneous assumption of guilt by looking closely at those pacts that are notorious for deception on the republican side and totally leaving out the fact that some Dem pacts were looked at as well, leaving the country with the misinformation that republicans were the only ones who IMO were rightfully investigated.

Anti-Immigration Rally Blows Up in Teaparty's Face

A racist anti-immigration rally, headlined by Kooky Kongressman Steve King - what could go wrong?
Iowa's Steve King is well known for his hatred of brown people.  Last July, King smeared 99% of immigrate children as drug mules, stating
kids that were brought into this country by their parents unknowing that they were breaking the law. And [immigration reform supporters] will say to me and others that we have to do something about the 11 million, and some of them were valedictorians. [...] It's true in some cases, but they aren't all valedictorians, they weren't all brought in by their parents. For every one that's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there that they weigh 130 pounds and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.
Well, with immigration bashing going around the clock on Hate Radio and Fixxed News, King decided to hold his own Klan hate rally in his home district of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  
I mean, Saturday was a beautiful summer day across America, and how better to enjoy it than getting together with friends while eating hot dogs and attacking children of color.  Who could argue with that!?
And with the financial backing of wingnut welfare, as well as the right wing propaganda apparatus  to promote and market the rally, surely the crowd in Steve King's red district would be massive, wouldn't..... well, wouldn't?
Yeah, not so much.

wow just like their million people gathering on the Potomac much ado about nothing, this is one entity in America's book of shame that can't go away fast enough.  will they try another gathering of he guys and gals who want to destroy America, my first guess yeah they will like the other side of that party repletion is the answer "if at first you don't succeed try at least 55 more times".

maybe this poor showing is representative of many waking and seeing what they are really doing has nothing to do with patriotism or morally correctness just a bunch of crazies that were no more than a flash in the pan.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tony Dungy's assessment of Rams rookie Michael Sam shows stunning lack of courage
... Tony Dungy gives us a great reminder the success can cost too much

I managed to read this article, yea me, sorry for that but a victory for me.   I found anything I might say was already in there so please read this it's IMO a powerful piece on a subject that has come to make strides thanks to Pres. these last few years but it also shows the farther we go the more reasons for the negativity we find from blatant bigotry to gripping fear.  and personal ones we may never know.

Laura Ingraham: Is The Obama Administration Focused On Foreign Affairs In Order To Distract Media From Covering Immigration?

the ridiculousness of the right wing propaganda machine who has completely run out of fake scandals all being rebuked they are warming over old stories with their own rewrite,  recently they are blaming Pres. for trying to redirect Americans from their failed lies trying to pin their tales on the donkey is proving to be a lot harder than they thought, so what do they do blame Pres. for what they have been doing, that is so old and cold thawing it out doesn't change the fact that they are the ones not the Pres. or the media,.

Fox News Accidentally Exposes Recklessness Behind NRA's Defense Of A "Battlefield Weapon"

Following reports of a .50 caliber sniper rifle attack on U.S. Border Patrol agents, Fox News hosts immediately recognized the threat the high-powered "battlefield weapon" poses to law enforcement. Criticism of the gun on Fox, however, stands in sharp contrast to the National Rifle Association's longstanding campaign to prevent the regulation of .50 caliber weapons, which are manufactured by one of its board members.
On July 20, reported that U.S. Border Patrol agents working near the Rio Grande River came under fire from a .50 caliber weapon during the evening of July 18. According to the report, "Border Patrol sources said the rounds were clearly identifiable because .50- caliber weapons make a distinctive noise when fired." No agents were wounded in the attack.
In most of the United States the .50 caliber sniper rifle is regulated no more strenuously than a typical hunting rifle, thanks to efforts by the gun lobby. But Fox News personalities covering the border incident were quick to recognize the rifle's extremely dangerous capabilities and the threat it poses to law enforcement.
Fox News host Heather Nauert opened the July 20 edition of Fox & Friends Sunday by citing the .50 caliber rifle incident as evidence that "there is an all-out war on at our southern border." Throughout the show, Nauert's co-hosts repeatedly returned to the capabilities of the .50 caliber rifle. Fox's Jon Scott described the rifle as "a weapon of war," noted that, "The slugs a .50 caliber weapon fires are so big that body armor really won't do you much good," and called it a "battlefield weapon."
The weapon's capabilities continued to be a topic of conversation of the July 21 edition of Fox & Friends, with co-host Steve Doocy pointing out the gun is "powerful enough to kill somebody from more than a mile away." Co-host and Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. described it as "multiple times the power of an M-16," a reference to the standard issue military assault rifle.
All of the claims made by Fox figures about the rifle's capabilities are accurate -- the gun has been characterized by a retired high-ranking federal law enforcement agent as "a devastatingly powerful weapon against which most troops, most law enforcement, no civilians, have any means of defense." But while .50 caliber rifles have previously fallen into the hands of terrorists, anti-government extremists, and Mexican drug cartels, the class of weapon is generally not subject to heightened regulation in the United States.

hard to believe that Fox finally reports news accurately and it's against one of it's major partners in the proliferation of WMD and the constant put down of the NRA's pride and joy just goes to show they really don't research before they broadcast this one might bite them.  don't know about you but I'm loving it, can't wait to see if they are forced to back peddle on the one story we can say they got it right, what could they possibly say to spin that story enough to appease the NRA?

Limbaugh: Michael Sam Makes The St. Louis Rams "A Social Experiment," Not A Football Team

I question Limbaugh's sexual orientation, he "doth protest too much"  remember J. Edgar Hoover he was down on Homosexuals while living that  La Vida Loca.  history has shown those trying to hide can be the most vocal, like the right wing in entirety, just sayin'.

I think even the hard core bigots will have trouble getting with this, is this just a slam at NFL for denying him a ownership, looks like they were right he's no better than  Donald Sterling both haters and racial bigots, that should show him that HE DESERVED IT AS STERLING DOES.

Fox News Correspondent Has A Meltdown Over Obama's LGBT Non-Discrimination Order

Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes attacked an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees, accusing the Obama administration of being "hell-bent on forcing Christians to assimilate to the militant LGBT agenda."
On July 21, President Obama signed an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating LGBT employees. The order amends existing non-discrimination executive orders to include sexual orientation and gender identity. As BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner reported, the order "contains no additional religious exemptions ... beyond those already contained in existing executive orders."
Fox's Starnes attacked the executive order in a July 21 post on, accusing the Obama administration of endangering religious liberty and "bullying religious groups that hold viewpoints it deems inappropriate":
The executive order would prevent Christian and other religious organizations with federal contracts from requiring workers to adhere to the tenets of their religious beliefs. And that includes religious Christian colleges and universities that provide financial aid to students.

what makes them holier than thou?  they don't want to except others but want others to except them they are doing what they are railing against that my friends is the epitome of hypocrisy dripping with bigotry. are they also forcing their ideology on others which is most egregious IMO the one who refuses to return the the respect, the ones wrapped in religion but practice anti religious God less bigotry they are by far the worse, Gay's are not expecting them to do anything the moral law of America they have long forgotten if they ever knew it is what demands that all are treated  equal because we are all God's children even though some don't believe it.

Right-Wing Media Find A Way To Make MH17 Crash About Benghazi

Conservative figures have resorted to linking the 2012 attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, to the July 17 crash of Flight MH17, a Malaysia Airlines jetliner reportedly shot down by pro-Russia rebels as it flew over Ukraine, killing nearly 300 people.
This form of exploitation has become commonplace among right-wing talking heads, who have repeatedly attempted to link Benghazi to a variety of unrelated events such as the Chris Christie bridge scandal, Yom Kippur, Monday Night Football, openly gay NFL prospect Michael Sam, the weather, and even the still-missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.
These media figures often invoke Benghazi to attack President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or to deflect scrutiny away from conservatives, and the deadly plane crash in Ukraine presented another opportunity.

Rush Limbaugh
Radio host Rush Limbaugh took aim at Obama's response to the plane crash by linking it to the administration's response to the Benghazi attacks. Criticizing Obama for not taking a harsher stance toward Russia and the pro-Russia rebels who reportedly shot down the plane, Limbaugh alleged on his July 21 show, "If we're not going to take action against Benghazi ... we're not going to take action here."

American's know that the Benghazi faux right wing scandal has been rebuked every time they bring it up but they keep going anyway I see it as repetitive lies have the potential to be taken as true if heard enough, they know their base will pick it up and run tell it so are they stupid to keep it up yes because their base is less than half the electorate. or is their base dumb as a bag of hair, yes because it's been constantly rebuked they still chose to believe it.  it shows that the republicans and their supporters are dangerous to America, if we fail to make a super strong showing in Nov. on the 4th and 2016 our greatest fear and failure will be realized Nov. 5th too late for any "AHHH CRAP".

check article for more on those who oppose, understand this is not an option it's our lives and well being, are we pawns or people?