Thursday, January 29, 2015

Foreign Stock Images Used In Scott Walker Committee Video


Images in the first video clip from a tax-exempt committee paving the way for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) likely presidential campaign are foreign stock photos from foreign-based photographers.
The stock images used in the two minute video, from Walker's Our American Revival Committee, were flagged by Buzzfeed shortly after the video was published. Our American Revival released the video earlier on Wednesday.
One image of an elderly man comes from Dualstock, a company based in Italy, according to Buzzfeed.

Another image, 17 seconds in, is of a woman taken by Sylwia Bogdanska, a photographer based out of Poland. Bogdanska's studio is in Koluszki, Poland.

the guy is a right wing Koch specifically whore, Rev. Al said on his show about this fraud "if you're going to make a commercial about Americans and jobs, at least use some Americans"  paraphrased ut i'm sure you get the point.  with all that Koch money they are to cheap and phony to use American people giving them a job, i guess stock footage is much easier and cheaper to copy and paste, and like the others he too wants to lead the country on behalf of Koch bros.

isn't this a form of outsourcing jobs??? guess it's more to it than just hating the unions they hate Americans too.

Boehner: 'We have a right' to invite Netanyahu to address House

U.S. President Barack Obama (C) delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress, as Vice President Joe Biden (L) applauds and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) listens on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 20, 2015. REUTERS/Mandel

House Speaker John Boehner may be getting plastered even by the conservative press for the stunt of inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to the House on the "dangers" posed by Iran, a transparent attempt to disrupt Obama foreign policy in the region in favor of the more bomb-oriented approach preferred by Netanyahu and American neoconservatives, but he's not backing down.
“The House of Representatives is a equal branch of the government, and we have a right to do it, and we did it,” the Ohio Republican said Tuesday morning after a closed meeting of House Republicans. “And I’m frankly proud of the fact the prime minister has accepted our invitation, and will be here on March 3 to talk to the members of Congress about the serious threat that Iran poses, and the serious threat of radical Islam.”
So there. The Republican House seems to frequently defend doing stupid or insulting things under the banner of their right to do stupid or insulting things if they feel like it. (Cough, government shutdown, cough.) Deciding not to do the stupid or insulting thing because the rest of the nation considers it stupid or insulting doesn't seem to come up as often.
he is trying to find some sort of legitimacy for republican house, he also is trying to save face by doing his version of executive order as a obvious slap on Pres. but when you get called out for it even by your own party it can be nothing more than another screw up and abandoning by his party at his trying to be a big boy in long pants, blubbering at 11pm.

the idiot once said,  
BOEHNER: Well, Bob, we should not be judged on how many new laws we create. We ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal We’ve got more laws than the administration could ever enforce.  
it appears he is the one that doesn't know how gov't works not the Pres., and no one on the right stepped up and corrected that backwards declaration he seems to be proud of, and they re-elect him to speaker how screwed up is that it's really getting more convincing of what the referrence to party of stupid is referring to.

Cartoon: Never again
to those who have fallen under the spell of Fox and right wing

Chris Matthews to Republican operative 'You know why I am against your party?'
Chris Matthews ran a segment called the "The Clown Car Returns" where he ran some clips of Republican presidential hopefuls' speeches in Iowa. They were at an event co-sponsored by controversial Congressman Steve King (R-IA) in Iowa. He showed clips of speeches given by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry at the event.
Chris Matthews then posited the real question. "That reminds me of tagging up in base ball," Matthews said. "Candidates have to touch first base before rounding the horn. But is Steve King the base Republicans really want to tag?"
GOP operative John Brabender initially seemed to agree that Republicans' inability to support an increase in the  minimum wage is a problem. But subsequently he implied that the speeches given by Republicans at the event were positive pretty much because Republicans did not pin themselves down on social issues. Joan Walsh refuted his statement by specifying where each candidate went out of their way to prove their anti-choice bonafides.
Soon after that exchange Chris Matthews exploded. "You know why I am really against your Party?" Chris Matthews said. "... I can't stand the fact you fight too many wars. I think the Iraq War was insane. And I think it was really bad for our country. And the attempt by your party, from Reince Priebus all the way down, to repress Black voting in this country. Voting rights are sacred. You shouldn't mess with them. An you've got guys all over the country, Republicans as Republicans saying we are going to screw the Black vote. That is what you are doing. So again, the partisan game, I could not defend that if I were you."
we know Joan Walsh is a soldier in the war against those at war with us the home drown ones we elect to serve the rich and their agenda.  now Matthews he looksed like he had a real Chris Matthews flashback and called out the lies i'm not so naive to think that those over there that are starting to serve their viewers honestly read this blog and changed but let's face it i've been writing about it and now they are doing it, btw i post some of this blog to my newsvine column which is owned by Comcast/NBC?

Justice Stevens Pens Six Amendments to Tune-Up Constitution

Court, it has made several rulings that have knocked the U.S. Constitution out of whack. Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, who deliberated on most of those rulings, has written six amendments to fix the damage and tune-up the Constitution. Stevens published his proposed amendments last year in the book "Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution." The amendments are terse, surgical fixes, which seem to fit the Constitution's style of saying much with few words. The book gives a good history and description of each problem. Here is a brief rundown with the text of each amendment:
given Stevens is a liberal not likely the right wing leaning court will embrace these proposals they have never talked about anything close and why should rhey the majority is right wing and these amendments are not the kind of thing they would ever endorse. any hope of implementing them is if one of them retires or drops dead these titles have the explanations in he article really would make us more of what the right wing claims we are while denying the tenets of them.

1. The "Anti-Commandeering" Rule:         5. The Death Penalty

2. Political Gerrymandering:                         6. Gun Control

3. Campaign Finance                                     

4. Sovereign Immunity

we can pray that republicans will have moment of conscious and actually act in we the people's interest.  please read the content of each title subject.

Pipeline explodes in West Virginia

Another day, another gas pipeline bursts—this time in West Virginia, about an hour away from Pittburgh and near the Ohio River.
A number of residents have said they saw what appeared to be a large fireball burning in the sky.
Brooke County Sheriff Chuck Jackson said the explosion is near the former riding stables on Archer Hill Road in Colliers, WV. Jackson said no injuries have been reported and no structural damage has occurred, but several area roads have been closed because of burning gas.
It appears only one home was evacuated and the fire eventually burnt off. At least one home and one power line has been damaged. There were no injuries. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.
this time limited destruction and that is not a good argument for pipelines had it been oil could have burned and followed the leak wherever it went gas evaporates and rises as it is lighter than air oil however especially added weight of tar sands will just go where the momentum takes it water reserves to crops to your backdoor they are not safe too many things that threaten the integrity of the construction especially since they plan to use foreign steel on Keystone,  also ote after repeated rebuking of that oil not staying here now we here it is change of plan or becessity to fool the public?

from another article:
Senate rejects GOP environment, energy proposals
Most analysts agree that more Canadian oil flowing south would help reduce imports from other regions. Less obvious, however, is the fact that the Keystone XL pipeline is not actually needed to bring all that new Canadian oil to the US – a flow now projected to rise to 1.7 million barrels per day by 2030, according to the same DOE study. Often characterized by proponents as validating the need for the pipeline, that study actually found that Canadian oil import growth will go on at “almost identical” levels through 2030 using existing and new pipeline capacity as well as rail shipments – whether or not Keystone XL is built.
ask yourself why are republicans fighting so hard to get this when what we have now will create the same security and why wasn't this "it will be used in US now when months of rebuking never got rebuke itself?  who's zoomin' who???

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Upcoming Congressional Speech Backfires on Boehner, Netanyahu

If   the goal of House Speaker John Boehner asking Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress in early March was to undermine the Obama administration's nuclear negotiations with Iran, well, that backfired -- at least in the short term. On Tuesday, a key group of Senate Democrats, including Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking member Bob Menendez "told the White House they will hold their fire on Iran sanctions until March 24, taking pressure off the Obama administration as it seeks to complete negotiations about the country's nuclear program," NBC's Frank Thorp reports. 
The reason why it backfired: By scheduling the speech without the White House's blessing -- plus two weeks before Israel's own elections -- it came across as entirely political. And it ultimately turned into Democratic-vs.-Republican fight. "Israel has been, for several decades, a bipartisan cause in Washington," the Atlantic's Jeffery Goldberg writes. But he adds that Netanyahu's poor relationship with Obama -- including this most recent end-run around the White House -- alienates Democratic lawmakers ("One Jewish member of Congress told me that he felt humiliated and angered by Netanyahu's ploy to address Congress 'behind the president's back'") and American Jews (who overwhelmingly voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012).
 Bibi is now getting blowback at home
And the New York Times writes that Netanyahu is now getting some serious blowback at home with the elections coming up. "Yehuda Ben Meir, an expert on public opinion at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, said surveys had consistently shown that Israelis see a decrease in American support and a nuclear-armed Iran 'as the two most serious threats, almost equal in severity.' Israelis are highly critical of Mr. Obama, and may appreciate Mr. Netanyahu's standing up to him, but losing congressional Democrats, Mr. Ben Meir said, would play differently. 'Most people in Israel feel or think or believe that mainly this was done for internal political reasons,' Mr. Ben Meir said. 'His base may say he went because of the Iranian issue, but those swing voters — and what's important is always the swing vote — it could among certain parts of the electorate harm him. It might be that he didn't properly estimate the fallout.'"

everyone knows what this was it was him trying unsuccessfully to do to Pres. what he has successfully doing to them with executive order problem is Pres. is smart Beohner and the boyz not so much.  the Israeli leader is down on Pres. because he can't get him to saber wave with him, if he had his way we would be knee deep in his pissing match with Iran.  i guess he thinks if we have his back we are suppose to follow it into another war he is not thinking of us just himself no concern of the lives and money and multiple deployments we dealt with for 11 years.  he acts like we're his big brother and will beat up anyone threatening him meaning Israel.

thank God there are those in Israel that are able to see the political connotations to his actions as well as Dems seeing through Beohner if this does backfire he starts the year off behind the 8 ball and will have a more determined Pres. to contend with i can see his party and the tea people on him like a lion on a pork chop that is his red line and strong winds are blowing it away.

Netanyahu is up for re-election pe4rhaps he's put himself in his own jackpot losing would clearly have major effects there and here.

Former Fox News employee from Austin affiliate shot himself in front of Fox News headquarters in NYC

Sad event in front of News Corp. headquarters in New York City:
A former employee of a Fox News affiliate in Texas shot and killed himself outside the front doors of the News Corporation building shortly before 9 a.m. Monday, a law-enforcement official said.
The building houses Fox News headquarters and The Wall Street Journal, both of which are owned by News Corporation.
The man, Phillip Perea, 41 years old, of Irving, Texas, shot himself once in the chest outside of 1211 Avenue of the Americas, the official said. Mr. Perea had previously worked for a Fox News affiliate in Austin, Texas.
And:Police at the scene said that the man apparently shot himself with a small-caliber pistol, which was found on the ground next to him. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition, cops said.
Prior to the shooting, the man was heard protesting Fox News, saying that the news channel ruined his life, a source said.
Mr. Perea had posted a series of videos called The American Workplace Bully: How FOX News Ended My Career. In the videos, he claimed he was unjustly fired from the Austin Fox News affiliate. The videos do reveal secretly recorded conversations with the general manager of the Austin Fox News affiliate saying other employees "feared" Perea and that Perea made them uncomfortable. 
that is making the ultimate statement,  i wonder were there other dynamics in his life that took him to that place and Fox being the straw that broke him, sad as it is if his tapes are available it will help show more of the work ethics of that co. the reputation they have now would tend to lend credibility to i guess what could be seen as his last words.  would like to here what FOX and their viewers say about the guy 

When the state claims custody of a fetus, it requires an incubator


Pregnant women have been arrested and jailed in South Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, North Dakota and New Hampshire, among other states, based on the claim that pregnant women can be considered child abusers even before they have given birth.
Women targeted for these arrests are usually those with untreated drug or alcohol problems.
Other women have also been arrested for endangering the fetus by not getting to the hospital quickly enough on the day of delivery and by not following doctor's advice to get bed rest. One woman who suffered a stillbirth was arrested for murder based on the claim that by exercising her right to medical decision-making and postponing a Caesarean section, she caused the death of her 
Authorities claim that the arrests are made to protect the fetus/embryo from harm that might possibly be done by the pregnant woman if left to her own devices. Since they admittedly have no way to protect a fetus dependent upon a womb, the owner of that womb must be incarcerated to protect the fetus. See how they work that? They claim that the state has an interest in protecting the lives of the unborn, wherever those unborn happen to be. According to an amicus brief filed in a Mississippi case by the National Women's Law Center (NWLC): A pregnant woman in Wyoming was charged with felony child abuse for drinking alcohol, for example, and in Wisconsin, a sixteen-year-old was held in detention throughout her pregnancy based on her tendency ‘to be on the run’ and ‘lack of motivation or ability to seek medical care. Melissa Ann Rowland was charged with murder for refusing to submit to a cesarean section.
The most draconian of these invasions of a woman's privacy and her body have occurred in those states that most fiercely cling to the doctrine of small government. These are states whose citizens are furious at Michelle Obama's display of dictatorial nanny state powers by encouraging children to eat their vegetables.
In Maryland, Kari Parsons was seven months pregnant when a drug test, required under her probation for an earlier shoplifting charge, came back positive. Instead of being released as others are in the same situation, Parsons was sent to jail to protect her unborn fetus. Within three weeks, Parsons delivered her son alone in a jail cell, despite her pleas for help and the pleas of other inmates to the guards:
Instead, guards took her out of a holding area with other inmates--who had helped to time her contractions--and put her in a cell by herself. A few hours later, Parsons gave birth completely alone, without health care or support of any kind. According to press reports, although completely healthy when he was born, Parsons' son soon developed an infection due to the unsanitary conditions of his birth.
A few days before, Parsons had been transported to a local hospital with labor pains in shackles. The shackling of pregnant women is banned by treaty and international law. But, according to NAPW, who reported this story, there are only two states, Illinois and California, that have laws preventing it.
no there is no war on women what would they call it genocide?  they raise all hell about unborn fetuses to the point on murdering anyone involved from the Dr. to the mother and who knows maybe mothers still carrying the child, after birth they are nowhere to be found while republicans take away any care they might get before and after isn't that killing the kid when you deny it food or pre natal care and leave the mother to her devices as the article says it's them that are leaving her but to their devices like threatening laws, closing clinics, denying health care and food stamps and WIC.

who are the real criminals who should be locked up and charged with murdering a kid???

GOP lawmaker: Minimum wage is for teenagers and minorities

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA)

Here's California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock explaining why he wants to keep the minimum wage at a poverty level out of compassion and concern for workers:
Only [raise the minimum wage] if you want to rip the first rung in the ladder of opportunity for teenagers, for minorities, for people who are trying to get into the job market for their first job.
The minimum wage doesn't support a family. We all know that. It’s not supposed to support a family. The minimum wage is that first job when you have no skills, no experience, no working history. That’s how you get into the job market, that’s how you develop that experience, develop that work record, get your first raise, then your next raise, then your promotion. That's the first rung of opportunity.
If your labor as an unskilled person just entering the workforce is worth say $7 an hour at a job and the minimum wage is $10, you have just been made permanently unemployable. That first rung of the economic ladder has been ripped out and you can’t get on it. That is a tragedy.

nothing has or will change in their agenda and i hope it's becoming more clear that those in their base that vote for them no matter what how many of them are getting min. wage and food stamps and are they still clapping and cheering the republicans on now that they know that stinging sensation is coming from their rear from those they stand up and up front for.  it takes a real fool to believe and say that 7.25 is okay and raising it to 10.10 would make no difference, i starting to get a hook on who or what thias party of stupid thing really is.

High Schoolers Post Video That Scorches Bill O'Reilly And Fox News For Lack Of Journalistic Ethics

Fox News has been proven repeatedly to be a purveyor of disinformation and outright lies presented as facts. Knowledgeable observers long ago ceased to take their reporting seriously. However, it's one thing to be called out for shoddy journalism by experienced media analysts and news professionals. But when a high school class can demolish the highest rated cable "news" network with ease, the folks responsible should reconsider their career choices.
Last July O'Reilly sent his stalker/producer Jesse Watters to Bennington, Vermont in order to malign the residents of the city and the state as liberal, pot smoking, ski bums. It was a purely vicious exercise in childish insults that had no news value of any kind. But it is the sort of mean-spirited filler that Watters has made his specialty. Watters is also the founder and editor of Fox's community website, Fox Nation, mangling the truth is the primary objective. [Note: don't miss this epic and hilarious take down of Watters by Stephen Colbert]
The students at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington happened to be studying journalism when they came upon this piece. So they used it as a case study to conduct a "professional integrity audit" based on the ethics codes of the Society of Professional Journalists. What they discovered was that O'Reilly's program violated the ethics codes so many times they lost count.
The video produced by the students systematically took apart the Watters segment revealing O'Reilly, Watters, and Fox News to be blatant propagandists with no regard for journalistic integrity. In one short segment they found examples of stereotyping, distortions, manipulation, questionable sourcing, and predetermining outcome.
The students presentation was not what you would call polished. But, hey, they are high school students. They have plenty of time to sharpen their camera skills. The main thing is that the construction of their reporting and their adherence to high standards still makes them more watchable than the arrogant, blow-dried, FoxBots who stare down their noses at decent folks in small Vermont towns.
The video closes with the students articulating their conclusions based on a thorough analysis of the O'Reilly segment as it holds up to ethical scrutiny. The verdict was not something that a reputable journalist would relish:
"Based on our studies about the field of journalism, we have determined that you're not practicing journalism. You're practicing rank propaganda." [...]
"By watching Fox News, we have learned buckets about journalism - what to do and, more importantly, what never to do. It is our hope that Fox News can learn the very same from watching us."
i think these kids were spot on i've been saying we all need to get out and call them on their misleading misinformation and in my book this could not have been done better if they were professionals "and a little child shall lead them", what further blew my mind the were White kids saying that i mean it would be harder for the right wing to decry this because they are not inner city kids whom they have the answers to why they are where they are in life.  God Bless them and help the words get out there, would be nice if every time there was a lie by Fox or republicans they should run this right behind it and let i be the last thing heard.

Melissa Harris-Perry stops GOP operative Robert Traynham's lie in its track

Melissa Harris-Perry did something that many Liberal talking heads on TV rarely do. She called out a lie immediately.
"Melissa back in November eight in ten voters said that the economic situation that they currently find themselves in or that they feel they are in is the number one issue as to why they're voting for whatever members of congress that they voted for," said Robert Traynham. "We now know that the vast majority obviously voted for Republicans. This moment that we are in reminds of ...."
Melissa Harris-Perry immediately interrupted Robert Traynham. She did not wait for the lie to metastasize.
"No! No! No! Back up That's not quite right," Melissa Harris-Perry said. "So there are more Republicans who won not because there was a vast majority more Americans who voted for them but rather because of the way that districts are measured."
The reason the Right Wing is so effective is because they know a distinct tenet of our psychology. If one continuously hears the same message over and over again without any push back, the message tends to become truth in ones psyche irrespective of the message being truthful or deceitful.
Melissa Harry-Perry was correct for immediately stopping Robert Traynham from lying to her audience. Too often many Liberal hosts allow misrepresentations, lies, or deceitful messages to go unchallenged.
this i believe is a major part of our problem for 6 years the Progressive party was not backing the Pres. they failed to pull his coat when he thought in the beginning that he was dealing with reasonable people who cared as much as he does, his failure to fight back at first i considered they would play the angry Blackman card and he wanted to avoid that at all cost but sometimes you have no choice but to fight fire with fire.

 i love Melissa, she is one of the redeeming factors of MSNBC.  she's got the right stuff and temperament to deal with the republican liars this guy Traynham i despise him he is that house "N" i refer to he defends their position vehemently knowing full well what they stand for and it's not his family or him.  i only wish the video had more coverage

Sunday, January 25, 2015

This man's story is exactly what is wrong with immigration.

Angelo Cabrera graduating from Baruch College.

America’s immigration system is severely broken. The story of Angelo Cabrera is exactly what is wrong with our system and a perfect illustration of why we need immigration reform.
In the 24 years Angelo Cabrera lived in New York State as an undocumented person, he earned two university degrees and worked tirelessly in the community. Cabrera founded a social services organization-the Mexican-American Students Alliance (MASA)-which promotes education and civic engagement projects in New York.
Through MASA, Angelo worked with the USA Census 2010 project to promote trust in the American census among Mexican American communities by developing a social marketing outreach strategy based on three principles -- “Trust”, “Support” and “Cultural Sensitivity.”
All of his civic engagement earned him numerous commendations from New York elected officials, including the Speaker of the New York City Council, a New York State Senator and Assembly person, in addition to the New York State Attorney General.
Last year, Angelo was offered a position at Baruch College as the community and social services specialist, but before he could accept the job, he needed to fix his immigration status. Mr. Cabrera, wanting to do the right thing, returned to Mexico last year to try to legalize his status.
Now, Angelo Cabrera is stuck in Mexico—the Customs and Border Protection Admissibility Review Office  denied his petition to return to the US. Given his resume, commendations, and letters of support, his lawyers and supporters were shocked at the denial.
And in a cruel twist of fate, under President Obama’s immigration initiatives, had he stayed, he would have been allowed to remain and work legally in the US.  
republicans don't want Hispanics to be in America forming a major voting block that is not theirs regardless to what they have to offer, the taxes they would pay also note in Mr. Cabrera's case all his accomplishments are things that republicans are vehemently against, and when they reference Hispanics it's either as deportable's, illegals, Ebola and Isis collaborators bring then across the border or having calves the size of melons from smuggling drugs across the border and they think after all that they can reach out and think all is forgiven?  yeah they do after all they are the stupid party i mean the party of stupid all inclusive.

Nancy Pelosi confirms it: The Pope does not have a uterus

Speaking to reporters on Thursday morning in the wake of House Republicans' temporary retreat in their War on Women, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reiterated Democratic opposition to draconian attacks on women's reproductive rights, noting that Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, that it's a medical decision to be made between a woman and her doctor, not by politicians in Washington, and that the life and health of the woman is paramount.
Oh, and she also threw in this little anecdote about a comment from a Republican (male) colleague, who once said of her:
"Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows more about having babies than the Pope."
(A short pause from the mother of five ...)
"Yeah. That would be true."
So stuff it, boys.

when i first saw the title i knew another republican had said something stupid and demeaning about women or her specifically, just did realize how stupid it was i'm really gettuing conflicted here this party of stupid thing trying to figure out who do they represent and who is the stupid in the equation, well i've come to a conclusion any and everyone connected with and supports republicans or the right wing, and i feel really comfortable with my conclusion.

Oklahoma politician wants to strip pensions from state employees over same-sex weddings

Sally Kern

Never mind that same-sex marriages are now legal in Oklahoma, state representative Sally Kerns has proposed a drastic law to severely punish any state employees who participate in the licensing or ceremonies for same-sex couples:
House Bill 1599 is being called the "Preservation and Sovereignty of Marriage Act." It says taxpayer dollars or governmental salaries cannot be used for "the licensing or support of same-sex marriage."
Under this bill no local or state employee would be allowed to quote "officially recognize, grant or enforce a same-sex marriage license and continue to receive a salary, pension or other employee benefit."
It goes on to say any judge who violates this act could also be removed from office.
If you think that's harsh, check out the other bills she introduced this week:
House Bill 1598 “Freedom to Obtain Conversion Therapy Act” says parents would be allowed to seek counseling and therapy to help change a child's sexual orientation, without interference from the state
The other, House Bill 1597, would allow any business in Oklahoma to refuse service to any gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person or group.
Sally Kerns seems totally committed to discriminating against the LGBT community in Oklahoma in every way imaginable. Of course, this is a woman who once said homosexuality is more dangerous than terrorist attacks.
it amazes me how when Pres. does something to forward the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all Americans some bigoted republican come along and takes it beyond the opposite extreme, i'd like to know if there is one incident where she can site that a same sex anything impacted her, unless if she has kids or more likely a relative or herself she can blame has been coerced and "TURNED GAY".

and the reference to homosexuality being worst than terrorist is she related to Dr. Benny Carson who thinks giving millions of Americans health care is the worse thing since slavery, how many Americans have been beheaded by any homosexual or how many Americans have been whipped till their backs bleed by any homosexual? btw did i mention they call Pres. lawless when same sex is the law in OK.?

San Diego police sergeant files lawsuit over racist training materials

San Diego police sergeant Arthur Scott speaks out

San Diego police sergeant Arthur Scott has filed a lawsuit claiming he was retaliated against after complaining of a racist cartoon used during a training session:
At issue is a century-old newspaper cartoon mocking a black police officer in the city. It shows Chinese men in pigtails running in fear from an ape-like caricature.
The lawsuit said the cartoon was passed around in a training class without historical context on race relations.

Scott, 43, said he complained to a supervisor. He claims he was later passed over for a promotion, pressured into taking an undesirable transfer and threatened with disciplinary action “based upon frivolous allegations of misconduct.”

The offensive cartoon is pictured below:
Racist cartoon depicting Frank McCarter, San Diego's first black police officer

This isn't the first time Sergeant Scott has complained of racially-charged material making the rounds:
Scott is the vice president of the San Diego Black Police Officers' Association and has spoken out before. The lawsuit states that in 2011 when Scott complained about racist images of President Barack Obama in some officers' lockers, a lieutenant said he was being "hyper sensitive."
it's things like this that embolden White cops to kill Black men and children the general atmosphere among those cops and evidently the higher ups are all complicit the lower ranks commit and the upper ranks dismiss with paid vacations and vindications, meanwhile republicans and right winger's and police run around denying the existence of racism in America and have their little not so witty "PULLING THE RACE CARD" retort anytime they are faced with the reality of it, it is a republican canned response.

now that is the reality 2015 America

America's Dumbest Congressman says 'Selma' shows why we should fight 'radical Islam'

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) questions U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on

One of the ways Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) retains his lock on the title of America's Dumbest Congressman is sheer persistence. Other candidates may pipe up with occasional entries into the genre of mind-bending goofiness, but Louie Gohmert makes it a practice to demonstrate his skills on a regular basis in his very, very frequent speeches to an empty House floor. His particular skills lie in the free association category; Louie Gohmert can take any two random thoughts that enter his mind and make them about each other, and about Barack Obama being a bad person.
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Thursday drew an interesting lesson from the critically-acclaimed movie "Selma," saying it reminded him of the importance of fighting radical Islam.
"I thought about the Egyptian peaceable revolution as I watched the movie 'Selma,'" the congressman said during a speech on the House floor. "Thank God for Martin Luther King Jr."
See, Louie Gohmert does not watch movies like you or I watch movies. His version contains running commentaries that only Louie Gohmert and certain breeds of dogs can hear.
"People in Egypt know about Dr. King," he continued. "He wanted a peaceful demonstration and they were part of a peaceful demonstration. Unfortunately, radical Islam did not like being removed. They burned churches. They went after Christians. They went after Jews."
This comparison would suggest that white Southern segregationists are the U.S. equivalent of "radical Islam," what with the church burnings and going after peaceful protestors. Louie Gohmert does not think these things through. Ever.
ohhh that's gonna leave a scar.
The observation came at the end of a long monologue, in which Gohmert interweaved words of support for Israel, condemnation of Boko Haram, and praise of the military takeover of Egypt's Islamist government by the secular dictator Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
All of which was mere decoration around the real reason for Louie Gohmert's speech on the House floor, which was to explain that Barack Obama is bad for not supporting Egyptian junta leader al-Sisi by giving him more helicopters and tanks. Which is what Martin Luther King, Jr. would have wanted, we presume, or at least it would have made the movie Selma more of a high-budget, Michael Bay affair.
republican from Texas that should explain it all but he has gone way pass the craziness of others in any state i don't understand why they seem to think that letting idiots like him out in public which only serves to feed more red meat to their base which is nowhere near enough to elect them to dog catchers or the guy who comes along every so often and turns the fire hydrant on and comes back and turns it off, but for more informed and less hateful Americans it just shows that no matter what one might say he /she is still apart of a party that would have him and so many others as members and no matter what the promise if you haven't ever heard it positive from republicans or just hearing it lately it won't fly it's not the republican way or their platform

An amazing woman fields a troll on MLK Day and it was nothing short of inspirational

Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul

Writer Ijeoma Oluo did something on Martin Luther King Jr. Day I personally avoid at all costs—she engaged a rancid troll on Twitter. The troll, calling himself Dildo Baggins, thought he would get his jollies by being as racist as humanly possible to celebrate MLK Day and Ms. Oluo wasn't going to have it. In doing so, she showed us the amazing content of her character.
the article is really racially charged with words of hate but i urge you to read for your own edification.  what i walked away with was first this guy is really being a bastard intentionally then as i read further  i found Ms. Ijeoma Oluo was the most serene and comfortable person i've read or heard in more years than i can remember, her temperament was spot on it shows the ignorance of racism can't really stand against the intelligence and respect for one another this is truly IMO what Dr. King was all about with every word he spoke.

i also noticed that her non confrontational response to this person dead set on bucking the not only Dr. King but everything as little as it was that he knew about Black people the absence of anything other than the one racial epithet shows he is one of those who hates but doesn't really know why he speaks from learned ideology and not his own.

also not trying to be a spoiler but the winding down of this person 14 years or older was self evident that what he was saying was not his personal conviction and that faced with a calm discourse which he fully engaged in i believe he began to see the illogical and the deference of what he was saying, i hope he can continue to grow, God Bless him.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Huckabee defends his Nugent sex song: 'Ted changed the lyrics'

can you really change your mindset by changing a few words republicans try it daily but their intent still shines bright.
Once-possible presidential contender Mike Huckabee was once purported to be a smart and savvy Republican who was adept at camouflaging his remarkably extremist stances. That was many moons ago, and the current maybe-possible presidential contender Mike Huckabee has found himself mired in a truly humiliating Dan Quayle-esque battle against the forces of, apparently, Beyonce, who he does not like because he considers her slutty. Her music, her stage act, and so on.
Any sane person would advise Mr. Huckabee to stop right there, as any attempt to force America to choose between liking Beyonce and liking Mike Huckabee will end up being a very rough road for Mike Huckabee. Things got worse when not-news host Jon Stewart and many, many others pointed out Huckabee getting his groove on with Huckabee-approved musician Ted Nugent, specifically hosting Nugent and playing bass for Nugent's deeply creepy song bragging about his prowess with th' ladies during a lifetime of casual and promiscuous sex.
This brings us to our latest update, in which Mike Huckabee melts down as a human being and as a presidential candidate. According to Huckabee:
[W]hen Huckabee jammed with Nugent to the song about sexing ladies, Nugent changed the lyrics of his song so it was not about sexing ladies and therefore did not openly encourage parents to buy their slutty daughters stripper poles:
"First of all, Ted changed the lyrics pretty dramatically when he sang it on the stage that time. And secondly, I wasn’t sitting down with my teen-aged daughter, my daughter, who is, of course, an adult now and has her own children.
It has to do with the propriety of the context. Again, I’m not a prude."
nope he wasn't sitting with his daughter he was entertaining a much larger audience and if his daughter didn't see it then she sure will now got to go viral on you tube and all over the net and it's on video tape stupid, maybe he's the stupid the party of stupid stands for.  changing lyrics to a song everyone already knows about just amplifies the original lyrics and gets passed on to the next one, "you know what that Nugent/ Huckabee song is really about don't you?"

Three states make MLK Day a joint holiday with Confederate General Robert E. Lee

Signs and notices for Robert E. Lee/MLK Day

Every now and then, if you happen to forget the complicated history of our country, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi will do something to snatch you back into reality.
These three states, all in the American South, have made the federal holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King a joint holiday with the confederate General Robert E. Lee and went out of their way with signage and notices on government buildings to communicate this reality. The irony in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama being so insistent on honoring General Lee on MLK Day is that Virginia, the state where Lee was born, raised, fought, and died, abandoned this practice decades ago.
Hutchinson said Wednesday that he hadn't decided whether to support Bell's proposal.
"I haven't thought about it, so I'd have to give it some more thought," Hutchinson said. "History is important to me and we've just got to balance those, obviously."
this shows not only their disrespect for Dr. King but Lee as well if the hate and denegrate Dr. King and put him in that bag are they not by association doing the same to Lee, birds of a feather.  maybe they are the stupid the party of stupid stands for.  looks as though they really hadn't given it any thought past trying to slam Dr. King an another Black American treasure.