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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Five "Pro-Life" Myths Debunked

frequentists vs bayesians

I really loved my Statistics class in college.  Fortunately, our professor focused on more than just chi squares -- one of our assignments for the semester was to, by the end of the semester, find an argument in public discourse that misused statistics and show why the data didn't support the argument.
If that professor is still using that method to show students how misapplied statistics can bolster an argument, his students should have a field day with the recent crowing from the Right about "forcing" Cecile Richards to "admit" that abortion revenue at Planned Parenthood is approximately $262 million a year (another estimate has it at about $168 million).  They don't realize that the more of their income that comes from abortions, the more likely it is that abortion revenue is subsidizing the preventative health services that taxpayer money is supposed to pay for, instead of the reverse.  
Already the high figure touted by the Right has been demonstrated, if accurate, to prove abortion revenues pay for not just the entire cost to Planned Parenthood for providing them and any other services to an abortion patient that year, but also services provided to 380,000 more non-abortion patients.
I'd like to address a few other misapplications of statistics used to argue for myths in the abortion debate here -- and why those same numbers prove the forced birthers are incorrect.
the lies will never stop coming from the republican front yard, when you lie with impunity you really don't care about facts or research so you end up like republicans getting every negative thing they spew getting rebutted.  there are the myths and busters in te article please read and further your awareness of what you have been misinformed ah hell lied to about right to life platform of deception.

pay attention to the one about Planned Parenthood's revenues from abortions but strap yourself in because it is a roflyao republican oop's moment of not doing their homework or just ignorance by the numbers.

Definition of white privilege: Nine people killed, 20 shot, no murder charges, everyone released

If you are not yet familiar with the term white privilege, here's your introduction to it
On May 17, 2015 in Waco, Texas, 170 people were arrested after a shootout/brawl in which nine people died and 20 were seriously injured. The story took over the news and was covered in an endless loop for days.
Every single person who was arrested has been released. Not one person has been charged with murder.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of white privilege.
Of the 135 people originally ordered to wear GPS ankle monitors, all but 22 have been allowed to remove them, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported Sunday. Their lawyers have reached agreements with prosecutors to modify the conditions of their pre-trial release.
Let's now juxtapose these men, who killed nine people just a few months ago, up against Kalief Browder, an African-American high school sophomore who was arrested for stealing a man's backpack. Read on.
Browder languished in Rikers Island Penitentiary for three years without ever being charged with a crime. Brutalized throughout his time there, he committed suicide in the months after his release.
Or let's consider Bobby Reed, who is serving a life sentence in prison for his first offense, a non-violent drug crime. Reed was featured in the Vice documentary on prison reform, and his story begins just about a minute into the documentary.
White privilege is killing nine people and all suspects being released without a charge, while Browder served three years after being accused of stealing a backpack and Reed is serving a life sentence for selling drugs.
truth in definition but those who can do something don't care their justice leaves just us.  if you didn't know now you know some have privilege that transcends the law other are the brunt of those same laws. recognize if you got it good why deny it unless you are not proud of how you attain it.

John Boehner says mass shootings are the Democrats' fault

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) speaks at a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington February 26, 2015. Conservative Republicans urged House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner not to capitulate in a fight with Democrats over Preside

Asked about whether or not it's time for Congress to reconsider the research ban on gun violence it instituted on the Centers for Disease Control, House Speaker John Boehner deflected, admitted that Republicans will do nothing to stop gun violence, and said if Democrats want to complain about it, they should have done something when they were in the majority.
WASHINGTON -- If Democrats really cared about gun violence, they would have done something about it when they were running Washington, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) charged Wednesday. […]
Boehner said the topic [of CDC research] has not come up in his talks.
"I don't think there’s been any discussions at this point. It's not been part of the discussions," he told reporters on Capitol Hill before expressing sympathy for the nine people killed and nine more wounded in last week's massacre in Roseburg, Oregon.
"We've seen far too many of these," Boehner said, before putting the onus on Democrats.
"In '09 and '10, we had Democrat majorities in the House and Senate. We had a Democrat president. And this clearly was not a priority for them. The president can rail all he wants," Boehner said, referring to President Barack Obama's angry denunciation last week of Congress' failure to address the issue.
"We've seen far too many of these," but it's not my problem, says Boehner, the highest ranking elected Republican in the land. He added, when specifically asked about background checks, "I'm not the expert on each of the individual policies, but I would like to see us work together on finding effective ways to reduce these horrific incidents." As a reminder, Senate Democrats did try, with the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey bill, to do something, by extending background checks to gun shows and Internet sales. Republicans killed it with a filibuster.
Then there are the bills Democrats introduced in the House that were shuffled off to committee, never to be heard from again. So spare us your sympathy for the dead, Boehner. You can't shove the blame away on someone else.
if i might quote Judge Judy Beohner is peeing on your leg and telling you it's raining.  he did not answer the question instead deflected and assigned blame elsewhere  they talk of Dems majority first couple of years so why they didn't do this or the other again omitting facts of republican pledge to obstruct.  he had the same problem they cry about having now Dem filibuster.

Home Depot customer with a concealed handgun opened fire on shoplifting suspect

Back view of woman holding gun isolated on white background

Apparently a Michigan woman with a conceal-carry permit and a loaded handgun thought it was her duty to step in and help a Home Depot employee stop a suspected shoplifter. Did she follow their car? Nope. She opened fired on the suspected shoplifter's SUV as they drove out of the parking lot:
A 47- year-old Clarkston woman in the parking lot witnessed one of the store’s loss prevention officers trying to stop a shoplifting suspect getting into a dark colored SUV. The customer — identified as a concealed pistol license holder — reportedly fired shots at the dark-colored SUV as it sped out of the lot.
It’s unknown how many rounds were fired from her 9mm handgun, but police believe she hit and flattened one of the vehicle’s rear tires as it sped off in the direction of Brown Road.
It was not known if anyone was injured in the incident. The customer remained on the scene and was cooperating with police. A report is to be turned over to the county prosecutor for review of possible charges, if any, on the woman.
Possible charges? I'd say so. An conceal-carry permit does not make one deputized. Even if she were deputized, shoplifting does not warrant a death penalty. Not to mention the fact that other customers and innocent people merely passing by could've been injured or killed with her reckless behavior.
that's one i hadn't considered in recent post the Deputy Barney Fife's out there waiting for an opportunity to draw and shoot anybody.  this should have been a taken into custody and charged with reckless endangerment, assault with intent to kill, firing a firearm in public and all we get is no known if anyone was injured????????????  

Image result for barney fife cartoon nip it in the bud

imagine this unfolding 100's of times daily in big cities or small but let's say big more collateral targets all so NRA can boost it's membership and gain more power over congress, republicans getting their based armed an even more dangerous for whatever plan they have on their way to taking "THEIR" country back, and the gun lobby successfully fills the coffers of gun manufacturers and merchants.

Gun owner records must-see video for all responsible gun owners

Mark Carman making a point about gun control in video addressed to all responsible gun owners

Mark Carman is a self-described "gun enthusiast." In light of recent events in Oregon, Mr. Carman decided to record a video discussing the problems with our virtually non-existent gun laws and posted the video to his Facebook page and it has taken off. He opens with a handgun held in front of his face and asks:
Do you know what this is?
I have to admit, I know it's a gun, but that is about all.
That's a semi-automatic handgun. And I own it. And I like it. You could own one too. In fact you could own this very one. All you'd have to do is come over to my house with the right money and I could just hand it to you standing on my front porch.
I don't have to do a background check. You don't have to fill out a form. We don't have to sign any papers. All's you got to do is decide you want it, bring the money, and legally I can sell it to you.
He's talking about the legality of sales and record keeping, or lack thereof.
But take a look at it. Is that firearm safe? Would you know how to make it safe? How many people do you think would know how?
He proceeds to make the gun safe by taking out the clip and opening the gun to make sure there is nothing in the chamber. He returns the gun to the camera.
How much different does it look from what it looked like a minute ago?
Folks we got a problem. I love firearms, I do. I'm trained in their use. I'm skilled in their use. I'm trained in safety. And I'm a responsible firearms owner. But this message is to responsible firearm owners.
Watch the whole piece below the fold. Pass it on.
the voice of reason, but how many Americans hear it, how many brush it off, how many just don't give a damn as long as Pres. is not mythically coming to take theirs??????????????????  i really think many don't really appreciate what gun safety is, hiding it in plain sight under your mattress or in a cigar box top of the closet those are not safety they are target points that burglars and your kid look first.  

i know many think if i have to lock it away or unload or keep bullets away from the gun what good does that do when they are coming up the steps the good is it increases the chances of you or your family surviving the encounter.

Cartoon: Grace Lee Boggs

the defense rest if you hear something it's her dropping the mic RIP and may God Bless your soul.

take notes or a screenshot put it in favorites check it everyday even after Nov. 8th 2016 never forget who you are and your responsibility to the collective.  wake up everybody!!!!!!!

Oregon teacher's letter to lawmakers: 'The rights of my 5-year-old ... are not important to you'

People take part in candle light vigil following a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon October 1, 2015. A gunman opened fire at a community college in southwest Oregon on Thursday, killing nine people and wounding seven others be
"I hope that you think of me and my students, of the rest of the educators and students across the country, who have been asked to stand up to gunmen because you are too scared to stand up to a handful of lobbyists."
Melissa Duclos works as a writing teacher at an Oregon community college. The recent shootings at Oregon's Umpqua Community College means new safety guidelines for teachers. Melissa Duclos decided to pen a letter to the cowardly lawmakers who expect teachers to fight gunmen. She goes through the emergency protocols her school has for if a terrible event like an active shooter on campus were to occur. The suggestions are well-meaning, but ridiculous.
Regardless of the level of preparedness, though, it is clear that schools and teachers are being asked to do a job that they are not meant to do.
Melissa Duclos is a mother and what does her son need to know in this brave new world?
My son will start kindergarten next year. At 5 years old he and his classmates, in addition to learning reading and math, will be walked through lockdown drills by a teacher who will likely be hiding an immense terror as she has students practice finding a cozy place to hide and times how long they can remain quiet. It will probably seem like a game to him at first, but eventually my son and the rest of America’s schoolchildren who are learning the same lessons will ask why. Why have we allowed our schools to become a place where children must hide, and teachers must fight to survive?
She goes on in no uncertain terms.
I could tell them that your thoughts and prayers are with us. I could tell them we have your deepest sympathies. But I am teaching a class on argument, instructing my students on the importance of facts. So instead I will tell them the truth: They have to be prepared to hide out of the line of fire, and I to fight for our survival, because you, our lawmakers, haven’t done your jobs.
i applaud the teacher and her candor in the face of republican resistance.  as i was reading i had another thought i see as underlying, that is this is indoctrinating kids into an acceptance later in life of a society of gun culture acceptance in a negative way that meaning the wake of those who would not have a future.  grow up with it it is your perception of way of life.

down side republicans and right wing gun fanatics don't give more than gnat crap about you or your or their own kid as long as they can have that gun handy and have the false euphoric sense of invincibility in the bars while getting sloshed and all that pisses them off running through that drunken stupor of a mind or in church where not sure what they need protection for there White churches don't get blown up or it's congregation murdered.  and if the devil isas advertised bullets are no contest so why a gun in the Lords house?????????????????????????????????????????????

This Florida charter school sounds like every parent and teacher's education nightmare

Empty classroom

How would you feel as a parent if a little more than one month into the school year the principal of your new charter school fired the bulk of teachers and forced others to take huge pay cuts, lose benefits to remain? That's what happened at Paramount Charter School in Broward county where stunned parents discovered their kids were sitting around and drawing all day because there were no teachers left:
"I just picked them up one day and all their teachers were gone," Brooks said, still incredulous. "I'm looking around like, 'OK, where's your teacher? Where's your teacher?' Nobody had a teacher."
And where were the teachers? Looking for new jobs. As many as 20 were fired and many more resigned:
Three now-former Paramount teachers who, fearing retaliation, spoke on condition of anonymity said about 20 teachers lost their jobs, many in a mass firing, the others resigning.
"One by one, she would call everybody in and they were getting fired, fired, fired," one teacher said.
Those who weren't fired were given a stark choice:
One said that after the mass firings, she was called into the room and told that the school wanted to keep her, but that if she wanted to keep her job she would have to take a cut in pay from $36,000 to $30,000 and that promised benefits, including health care, would be cut.
The Paramount Charter School website proudly notes how charter schools are free of those pesky regulations that drag down traditional public schools:
Charter schools are public schools that operate under a performance contract, or a “charter” which frees them from many regulations created for traditional public schools while holding them accountable for academic and financial results. The charter contract between the charter school governing board and the sponsor details the school’s mission, program, goals, students served, methods of assessment and ways to measure success. The length of time for which charters are granted varies but most are granted for five years.
The Florida Legislature, in authorizing the creation of public charter schools, established the following guiding principles: high standards of student achievement while increasing parental choice; the alignment of responsibility with accountability; and ensuring parents receive information on reading levels and learning gains of their children. 
Charter schools are intended to improve student learning; increase learning opportunities with special emphasis on low performing students and reading; and measure learning outcomes. Charter schools may create innovative measurement tools; provide competition to stimulate improvement in traditional schools; expand capacity of the public school system; and mitigate the educational impact created by the development of new residential units.
product of deregulation brought about by that republican thing about returning things to states but it's be crystal clear what that really means "right wing carte blanche",  they have systematically destroyed the fabric of the nations middle and poor classes,  ranting freedoms being denied when again it's obvious who's freedoms are being denied and by who.
Charter schools are public schools that operate under a performance contract, or a “charter” which frees them from many regulations created for traditional public schools while holding them accountable for academic and financial results. 
keep in mind the republican effort to change curriculum to be more right wing oriented and indoctrinating

creating an oligarchy gov't state that does not believe in the middle or poor we are just the reason they are feeling so imposed upon like their evangelical religious arm suppressed in the middle of their suppressing.
Image result for nicks perusals pictures

Cartoon: The joys of 'campus carry'

Earlier this year, Texas passed its own "campus carry" law despite opposition from University of Texas Chancellor William McRaven, former leader of the U.S. Special Operations Command who oversaw the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. (Yeah, he did that.) Texas now joins other states such as Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon (!), which are forcing colleges to allow concealed handguns on campus to varying degrees. 
In the wake of school shootings like the one in Roseburg, OR, it's tempting to think that a "good samaritan" with a gun could prevent loss of life, but there's not exactly a precedent yet for armed civilians stopping a mass shooting. There have been, however, an incomprehensible number of deaths from gunfire. It seems likely that the number of accidents, suicides, and heat-of-the-moment shootings would quickly eclipse the number of lives saved by armed college students.
they think college attendance is down wait till the mayhem and murders start from carry laws.  just because you are in college does not mean you are any less susceptible to the emotional outburst and feelings of anyone else maybe more if your rationale skills are in full bloom if you have a problem you can come up with more reasons to than not "BANG, BANG"!!!

maybe if colleges made it more affordable to attend their colleges they would not depend so much on local gov't assistance because more would be able to attend bringing in more revenue making them more self sufficient.

Democrats on Benghazi Committee Release Devastating Fact Sheet on Gowdy

From the web site of the Democratic members of the House Select Committee on Benghazi:
How the Benghazi Committee Targeted Hillary Clinton
Gowdy Cancelled All Planned Hearings Other Than Hillary Clinton’s After NYT Email Story
Before the New York Times broke its story on March 2 about Hillary’s Clinton’s emails, Gowdy had sent to Committee Members an investigative plan that set out monthly hearings  with all the different agencies involved in preparing for and responding to the attacks in Benghazi, including the State Department, the Defense Department, and the Intelligence Community.
After the New York Times’ email story broke on March 2, however, Gowdy completely abandoned this plan and began focusing almost exclusively on Hillary Clinton.  
Since then, Gowdy has not held any of the hearings on his schedule, and his upcoming hearing with Hillary Clinton is the only hearing now scheduled.
For example, Gowdy abandoned the hearing he had planned for April with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary Leon Panetta.
The Committee has never held even one public hearing with anyone from the Department of Defense.  The Committee has held only one hearing with an intelligence official, but it was with the CIA’s head of Legislative Affairs regarding the status of document production.
Gowdy Dropped Key Interviews with Top Defense and Intelligence Leaders
Gowdy also abandoned plans he had made in February to start conducting interviews of the following top defense and intelligence leaders in April:  former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, former CIA Director David Petraeus, General Martin Dempsey, and former Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Matt Olsen.
He never invited any of these defense or intelligence leaders for interviews.  
Gowdy then announced that he planned to start conducting the following interviews in June:  former Defense Secretary Panetta, General Martin Dempsey, and General Carter Ham.
Those interviews were also abandoned.
Gowdy Scheduled New Interviews and Depositions of Hillary Clinton’s Associates
By the end of this month, Republicans will have interviewed or deposed 8 current or former Clinton campaign staffers, compared to only a total of four Defense Department officials.
Gowdy sent armed Marshals to serve a deposition subpoena on longtime Clinton associate Sidney Blumenthal despite the fact that he was completely cooperative and would have voluntarily appeared without a subpoena, but was never asked.
Gowdy later admitted that he “never expected Witness Blumenthal to be able to answer questions about the attacks in Benghazi, Libya.”
The Select Committee asked Blumenthal more than 160 questions about his relationship and communications with Clinton, but fewer than 20 questions about the Benghazi attacks; more than 50 questions about the Clinton Foundation, but only 4 about security in Benghazi; and more than 45 questions about David Brock, Media Matters and affiliated entities, but no questions at all about Ambassador Stevens or other personnel in Benghazi.
Gowdy Stepped Up Aggressive Press Campaign Against Hillary Clinton
Since March, Gowdy’s press releases have focused almost entirely on Secretary Clinton.
Over the past nine months, he has issued 22 press releases related to Secretary Clinton (including one on Sidney Blumenthal’s emails with Clinton), but only 5 press releases on any other topic during that period.
Of the 5 non-Clinton press releases, three (1, 2, 3) are about the State Department’s compliance with document production, one marks the anniversary of 9/11, and one is Gowdy’s interim progress report.
The only documents Gowdy has publicly released over the past 17 months were Clinton’s emails with Sidney Blumenthal, and Gowdy did this unilaterally with no debate or vote by the Select Committee.
there is more in the article but it gives you the 411 on the stated intent by them and what they actually did and didn't do in that respect, given more credence to the so called gaffe of kevin mccarthy's moment of truth.  anyone who saw any part of their "hearings??",

could see the rabid attacks and refusals to except answers that they couldn't spin and earlier with Issa and refusal to give respect and microphone to John Lewis was showing their intent to only allow what they said to be recorded to the extreme of denying Mr. Lewis's mic to stay on shutting him out for making a legitimate point and question that my friends is the act of a fanatic on a mission.

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Guy Who Said No On Sandy Aid Wants Blank Check For SC Floods

Pure, unmitigated horse manure from Lindsey Graham. Democrats believe in helping people, of course they'll vote for the funding. But let's not forget that almost the entire South Carolina congressional delegation, along with most Republicans, voted against aid for their fellow citizens after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. It took 10 days to approve aid for Hurricane Katrina victims, but two months for Sandy.
Hey, Lindsey -- what are you going to cut to pay for it, you cheap, slick pile of cow plop?
Washington (CNN)Sen. Lindsey Graham is asking for federal aid for his home state of South Carolina as it battles raging floods, but he voted to oppose similar help for New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2013.
"Let's just get through this thing, and whatever it costs, it costs," Graham told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on "The Situation Room" on Monday of the devastating floods in his home state.
Why, I remember when Republicans delayed Sandy aid because they were "concerned" about the cost -- and possible fraud!
Graham was among the Republican senators who opposed a federal aid package in January 2013 to assist states hit by Hurricane Sandy, but now he doesn't remember why.
boy i'm really gettin the hang of this short and sweet +o)

O'Reilly Bashes Clinton And Sanders For Promising Americans 'Free Stuff'

Every time I watch another one of these little rants by Fox's Bill O'Reilly, I'm reminded of the fact that they basically boil down to one thing; O'Reilly is pissed off about how much he's paying in taxes, and he's going to stomp his feet and scream to the hills until someone does something to change that.
Bill-O is the epitome of the GOP's basic philosophy in life, which is I've got mine and screw the rest of you, and his Talking Points Memo this Tuesday was no exception to that rule.
O'Reilly did his best to push the latest talking point from our corporate media, distorting Bernie Sanders' economic proposals and pretending that they're going to cost $18 trillion above and beyond the money Americans are already paying for these services, and completely ignoring any of the savings or economic benefits derived from them, and for good measure he lumped Clinton right in with him as well, and decided that she must be a Socialist too.
does he or any of them actually know what socialism is and the difference between capatalism and what the opposites are or is this just another buzz word of old that has been spun to their satisfaction.  and is socialism so bad or just bad for the greedy??????????

House Republicans about to dump a real awkward issue on vulnerable senators

Illinois Sen, Mark Kirk talks on the telephone

House Republicans are putting Senate Republicans in a difficult spot with their plan to use reconciliation to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal chunks of Obamacare. Those are the kind of politically risky votes that Republicans in the heavily gerrymandered House can embrace, but senators have to be a little more careful about. Senators facing tough races in 2016, for instance, and those who like to be seen as sane moderates.
Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.), one of the most vulnerable Republicans in next year’s elections, twice voted against procedural motions on legislation to block the healthcare group’s funding.
Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) has spoken on the Senate floor against defunding the group, though she did back a procedural motion in August that could have led to an up-or-down vote on defunding. She said she only did so on assurances from leadership that it would lead to another measure to maintain funding for Planned Parenthood’s other healthcare services. [...]
Murkowski, Collins and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) in September all voted against proceeding to a short-term government funding measure that would have cut off Planned Parenthood, further muddying the issue.
Republicans need 51 votes for reconciliation, which means that all four of these senators will come under intense pressure from their fellow Republicans, no doubt, but they'll also have to ask themselves "Do I want to be The One Deciding Vote on defunding Planned Parenthood?" And that's the sort of thing that will not help Kirk or Ayotte in their re-election campaigns and will deal a real blow to Collins' carefully maintained reputation as a non-extremist.
you see their is a back burner concern for what the people care about and want when it comes to re election, i've ask a few times before what good is is re electing someone who from day one only concern is re election then while in office obstruct everything Pres. tries to do for us blames the lack of results on him then wants you to vote them back in two years later, it does beg to interpret what or who exactly the party of stupid are????????

republicans like that question are you better off than 4 years ago the answer generally especially from who they ask is a resounding no but do they ever stop to think why like 7 years of republican do nothing congress's and a 2008 pledge to do nothing to make this Pres. look good.  like the devil the greatest thing they ever did was convince their base they weren't the ones screwing up their lives.

Gowdy wants Benghazi Committee judged 'by what we've done.' Okay ...

Rep. Trey Gowdy

Say this about him, House Benghazi Czar Trey Gowdy has a knack for getting reporters to give him good coverage no matter how absurd his claims. For instance, the Washington Post gave him an uncritical platform for his some more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger pushback against Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's public admission—or, really, bragging—that the Benghazi Committee's purpose is attacking Hillary Clinton. Gowdy's response is just precious:
“It’s tough,” he says after a moment. “People should go by what we’ve done. How many people have we interviewed? How many of those people have been named Clinton?”
This is where reporter Elise Viebeck could have gone back to something she herself wrote the very same day:
During his deposition, [Sidney] Blumenthal was asked more than 200 questions related to the Clintons, significantly more than about Benghazi. A source who was in the room said the first time the word “Benghazi” was uttered in a question to Blumenthal was at 6:30 p.m. The deposition began at 10:30 a.m.
They did not ask him about Benghazi, which is supposedly their entire focus, until eight hours into the interview. That is ... something of a tell.
Gowdy fancies himself a prosecutor, not an investigator, on Benghazi, and likes to talk a lot about his background as an actual prosecutor. Surely he knows that prosecutors don't only question the people they're trying to prosecute, but that the questions they ask other interviewees can tip their hand as to whom they are seeking to convict. 
For that matter, selective leaks designed to attack one person (Hillary Clinton), and cancellation of hearings that are relevant to the official area of investigation (Benghazi) but not to the person the prosecutor is focusing on (Hillary Clinton) are another minor tell. So Gowdy might want to be more careful when he invites people to "go by what we've done." Because we know a few things about that.
Then again, this is a guy who voted against Sandy aid and is now doing a big media tour defending himself on Benghazi while his own state floods. The words vs. actions thing may not be his strong suit.
he too was on morning joe and got the same walk of cotton ball questions but then again chuck todd told us it's his and obviously msnbc's protocol not to call republican guest out on their lies it's not their job.   he claimed it was not about Hilary but that she just happened to be the SEC. STATE at the time of Benghazi.

Trevor Noah calls out pro-life Republicans on guns

Image result for trevor noah

Trevor Noah performed a Jon Stewart-esque skit where he used Republicans' own words against them. Stewart could not have done a better job.
Noah started the skit with the newest attack/setup on Planned Parenthood, the infamous film that was edited and manipulated. He showed Carly Fiorina hyperventilating about a fetus being kept alive in order to harvest its brain. The problem was that the fetus had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.
Trevor Noah then went on to highlight Congressman Jason Chaffetz's Planned Parenthood hearing. He was summarily embarrassed by both Cecile Richards, and the behavior of the Republicans who sounded like seasoned misogynists.
In the end Trevor Noah challenged the very core definition of pro-life. The last few sentences said it all.
"Imagine if we could bring some of that pro-life passion into being more well, pro-life," Noah said. "... The point is if pro-lifers would just redirect their power towards gun violence. The amount of lives they could save would reach superhero levels. They just need to have a superhero, total dedication to life because right now they are more like comic book collectors. Human life only holds value until you take it out of the package. And then it is worth nothing."
short and sweet in a nutshell womb hypocrisy vs. post birth hypocrisy one in the same republican rant.  i'm getting better at this short and sweet thing +o)  Fiorina continues the lie because she doesn't know what a fetus is!


an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.

Carly Fiorina padded her resume by 'chairing' a foundation that doesn't exist

Carly Fiorina, Republican presidential candidate, looks on at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma May 23, 2015.   REUTERS/Rick Wilking - RTX1E82L

As Carly Fiorina tried to put a good spin on the aftermath of her failure as Hewlett-Packard CEO, her 2010 Senate campaign website described her as "Chairman of the Fiorina Foundation." Problem being that, as Olivia Nuzzi explains, there's no such thing as the Fiorina Foundation, which seems to be what Fiorina chose to call a very different type of arrangement:
What Fiorina calls the Fiorina Foundation is in fact the name of the account she and her husband, Frank, have with The Ayco Charitable Foundation, a so-called “donor-advised fund,” through which they distribute undisclosed sums to undisclosed recipients at undisclosed times.
This seemed to be news to Fiorina’s own campaign, the deputy manager of which, Sarah Isgur Flores, repeatedly assured me that the Fiorina Foundation is a private foundation before following up to say that she had made a mistake.
Donor-advised funds are the sort of financial arrangement only used by rich people; they are "essentially holding cells controlled by money managers that permit donors to fork over cash or assets which they want to donate, immediately reap the tax benefits, and then determine later what charitable causes they actually want to give to." What's more:
They lack a so-called payout obligation—meaning that by law, there is no set time frame for when money has to leave the donor-advised fund and be put to actual, charitable use, unlike private foundations which are required to donate at least 5 percent of their assets annually. Feasibly, whatever is in Fiorina’s account could remain there for generations without ever being donated to charity—and nobody would know.
Fiorina might be giving tons of money to noble causes, or whatever passes for a noble cause in her mind. But voters have no way of knowing that, and her campaign doesn't seem to know the first thing about what's going on with the donor-advised account that, as of her last campaign, she was falsely describing as a foundation. 
Which doesn't exactly make you confident that Fiorina is a model of generosity, and makes you sure she's not a model of transparency. One of the headlines you'll see about this issue is that the fund Fiorina has her money with has paid out significant amounts of money to Planned Parenthood; we know this because the fund reports all its payouts, though it doesn't identify whose money went to which organization. If you want it to be, the story can be that Fiorina is doing business with a fund that's doing business with Planned Parenthood. But to me it seems more important that we just have no way of knowing what she is doing.
12:27 PM PT: Fiorina called for federal defunding of Planned Parenthood on Monday, saying that "unless something fundamental changes, that we stop funding these people with taxpayer dollars, that they are actually investigated and prosecuted, the reality is nothing’s really going to change." Instead women's health should be funded entirely through donor-advised funds, maybe?
this morning on morning joe she said she would keep doing what she has i than looked at the TV and muttered "lying"?,  it's becoming more clear that she is not as advertised and that my friends makes for an excellent republican candidate and president but we have had a taste of Progressive and like ObamaCares and every other lie that was suppose to implode America it's what we prefer those of us who want a real America not a right wing oligarchy where we are mere chessboard pawns.

Women legislators turn the tables and introduce bills regulating men's reproductive health

this is an old post but worth the revisit and hopefully a re submission of that bill right at election time.

Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner (D) isn't happy with bills that seek to control women's access to contraception and abortion. She has joined a trend across the nation by introducing a bill thatwould require men seeking a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and "get a notarized affidavit signed by a sexual partner affirming impotency." Sex therapists would be required to present the option of "celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.”
"The men in our lives, including members of the General Assembly, generously devote time to fundamental female reproductive issues—the least we can do is return the favor," Senator Turner said. "It is crucial that we take the appropriate steps to shelter vulnerable men from the potential side effects of these drugs.
 "When a man makes a crucial decision about his health and his body, he should be fully aware of the alternative options and the lifetime repercussions of that decision," Senator Turner said today. Men will be more easily guided through the process of obtaining treatment for impotence so they can better understand and more effectively address their condition.
Sen. Turner isn't the only legislator to introduce a "Viagra bill" or amendments in response to what mostly male legislators have been proposing around the nation.
while no longer senator there should be others to pick up the baton for the cause and pointing out the double standard republicans have when the refuse to entertain the thought of no Viagra. what's good for the goose should always be good for the gander.  this is one of those times to fight fire with fire if one side gets it let both sides be burned.  btw i love her energy and drive unfortunatel America eats it's good ones.

After thousands laid off, workers stormed airline's headquarters and attacked management

Income inequality leads to one thing: Violence. Whether that violence is mental or physical it is still violence. Air France, in recent weeks has been rumored to be planning downsizing jobs. Those plans are now out in the open as Air France execs announced today that they would be laying off 2,900 staff. That news did not go so well:
Bosses were unveiling a revamped restructuring plan after pilots rejected an earlier proposal to work longer hours.
But the board meeting was cut short when hundreds of striking workers stormed into the airline's headquarters in Roissy, outside Paris.
A human resources manager and an executive had their shirts torn from their bodies and needed to be escorted out of the work site. The human resources manager had to climb a fence. This is all after months of unrest for the airline company.
Struggling to regain its financial footing after a crippling two-week pilots’ strike last year, Air France-KLM said on Thursday that it would reduce planned investments in new aircraft and services by more than $680 million over the next two years and would accelerate a cost-cutting drive in the face of stiff competition.
The moves come as the French-Dutch airline group swung to an operating loss of 129 million euros, or about $147 million, for 2014, in contrast to a profit of €130 million a year earlier.
CEOs and middle management—regardless of how the union is being portrayed in most media outlets, the facts are this—if you lie to your workers and then take away their livelihood they may get angry. According to Bloomberg Air France Chairman and CEO Alexandre Begougne de Juniac made only €645,000 ($721,000 US). That's pigeon food compared to some of our American counterparts.
Violence is not the answer but remember this: the British didn't care about Mahatma Gandhi's hunger strike for Mahatma Gandhi, they cared about what the rest of the Indians in the country of India would do if anything happened to Mahatma Gandhi.
poetic justice, people who work for you and help create the business that makes you successful are not disposal throw away's when you decide a dollar less is cause for alarm and sweeping change.  had it not been for those same workers you now discard you would not be in position to ruin their lives so mad understatement.  if you had that many employees and were successful to this point what makes you think you can regain that economic status with 3,000 less.

btw requiring pilots to work extra hours means flying while over worked with hundreds of passengers lives in their hands sounds dangerously irresponsible to me.

Michael Moore: The NRA's Got It Half-Right - 'Guns Don't Kill People…'

The Michael Moore quote is from 2014. Almost as tragic as are the gun massacres, is how easy it is to confuse them. There are so many. There are too many, and Michael Moore has had plenty to say. An activist, actor, and filmmaker, Michael Moore has been speaking out against gun violence in America for well over a decade. His poignant award-winning film, Bowling For Columbine, won international acclaim, and is still relevant today.
We are a people easily manipulated by fear which causes us to arm ourselves with a quarter BILLION guns in our homes that are often easily accessible to young people, burglars, the mentally ill and anyone who momentarily snaps. We are a nation founded in violence, grew our borders through violence, and allow men in power to use violence around the world to further our so-called American (corporate) "interests." The gun, not the eagle, is our true national symbol.
While other countries have more violent pasts (Germany, Japan), more guns per capita in their homes (Canada [mostly hunting guns), and the kids in most other countries watch the same violent movies and play the same violent video games that our kids play, no one even comes close to killing as many of its own citizens on a daily basis as we do -- and yet we don't seem to want to ask ourselves this simple question: "Why us? What is it about US?"
Nearly all of our mass shootings are by angry or disturbed white males. None of them are committed by the majority gender, women. Hmmm, why is that?
Even when 90% of the American public calls for stronger gun laws, Congress refuses -- and then we the people refuse to remove them from office.
So the onus is on us, all of us. We won't pass the necessary laws, but more importantly we won't consider why this happens here all the time. When the NRA says, "Guns don't kill people -- people kill people," they've got it half-right. Except I would amend it to this: "Guns don't kill people -- Americans kill people." Enjoy the rest of your day, and rest assured this will all happen again very soon.
we the people who are not rabid gun enthusiast bear blame as well as our politicians on the right their billionaires sponsor hate and gun rhetoric and republicans carry the water, on our side our billionaires don't and our politicians fear losing favorability in states where there are these enthusiast others just fear the slam campaigns to come by NRA.

news flash DEMS you can't be the leader if you are afraid of those you would lead.  republicans don't have that particular angst as they are already in that club.  but they do have their nemesis, tea party people that have destroyed American political system from adversarial to partisan tyranny.

What's Wrong With America Shown In This One Tweet

She was downright giddy at the prospect at the surge in business that no doubt came her way.  I promise she wasn't the only one.
Because the first thought of too many people in this country after a massacre isn't "Oh My God, That is Horrible!"
It's "Oh My God, I Better Get More Guns!"
Then they will hand over a fortune to a lady like this and buy even more guns because THIS time, they will be told, Congress will be motivated to take their guns.
Never mind that after every mass shooting there are successful efforts by the gun lobby to LOOOSEN gun restrictions.
Never mind that the only two gun laws that our president, (the man they swear is after their guns), has ever signed actually gave MORE gun access.  
And never mind that there has been record gun sales in our country every year since Obama has taken office. (See the despicable display at the front of this lady's gun shop).
None of these facts matter.  The members of the NRA range from easily-frightened to downright paranoid; so when Wayne LaPierre tells them that THIS time Congress will order government agents to confiscate guns, (so buy more and give us money), they will believe him.  The fact that this very same Congress is so whipped by the gun lobby that they can't even muster a simple majority to require a basic background check or even allow data to be gathered on gun deaths is lost on these knuckle-dragging idiots.  
The net result of all this is that ever crazier people will be allowed to get ever deadlier weapons.   Right now, you can even buy a goddamned flame thrower for your arsenal if you'd like.  NO ONE IS TAKING YOUR STUPID GUNS.    
is it paranoia or just the idea that the old west is back and i'm strapped for the occasion pearl handles and all, ignoring factual evidence to them being more like;y to be the victim because of that gun, republicans and NRA well they think if you are a victim you just need to buy more guns and if that doesn't solve your problem you evidently didn't buy enough.