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In Case You Were Wondering...

In Case You Were Wondering...
       this pic puts me in mind of the movie "a picture of Dorian Gray
Donald Trump has tied up that racist vote. David Duke just endorsed him.
David Duke, the anti-Semitic former Ku Klux Klan leader, praised Republican front-runner Donald Trump for his immigration policy proposals and said Trump is “the best of the lot.”
This tops off a week where Trump sneered “Go back to Univision” to Jorge Ramos, the Hispanic Walter Cronkite, and then had Ramos thrown out of the press conference by what appeared to be bouncers at a strip club.
“My job as a journalist is to ask questions from the powerful, and that’s what we tried to do,” Ramos said, adding that he had on various previous occasions tried to set up an interview with the presidential candidate. (Trump posted a picture of a handwritten note from Ramos to his Instagram account. The note included Ramos’ phone number.)In an interview with ABC, Ramos said that another responsibility of being a journalist is to “denounce” the “dangerous words and extreme behavior of Donald Trump.”
You go, Jorge!
i agree we need to know if the one bidding for the big chair at lease is not a hater or bigot you can't gov't a diverse nation if you only give a dam about a few that vote for you, that posting of another number is juvenile grade school playground tactic.  

so he gets elected i just smacked the finger that pecked that one out+o) time for diplomacy if his admin could bring itself to that Putin, Assad, Netanyahu, and the Iranian leader, does he keep the same demeanor????  actually that's irrelevant if it's in him to act like a buster bad azz it will surface than what we are at war because of who's is bigger?????????????????????????

republicans rallied in lockstep putting Pres. down for his pastor and other associates but none have stepped up and spoke out against the premeir hate groups in the country endorsing him as their kinda guy nope nothing but crickets could it be if he falls they could pick up those racist bigoted haters for themselves???????

BFFs Cruz And Trump Will Make Joint Campaign Appearance At Islamophobe Rally

BFFs Cruz And Trump Will Make Joint Campaign Appearance At Islamophobe Rally

The two biggest fascist authoritarian candidates in the GOP field are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, and now they're making the partnership official.
The Texas GOP senator’s campaign announced Thursday that he’s invited Trump to join a rally planned at the Capitol soon to pressure lawmakers on opposing the nuclear agreement. The rally is sponsored by Tea Party Patriots, Center for Security Policy, and the Zionist Organization of America.
The organizations mentioned in that paragraph are all members of the Ginni Thomas "messaging group" known as Groundswell, which is still active, but much farther underground. Trump's racist nativist drumbeat comes straight out of their messaging materials, and it has long been their goal to drive a stake through the heart of the 2012 Republican post-mortem which argued for a reasonable immigration policy. Trump has also been quite vocal about his support for Senator Jeff Sessions, whose staffers were part of Trump's recent rally in Alabama where supporters shouted "White Power!"
I have long believed that Trump is the stalking horse for Cruz, based upon his message and the strength of support he's receiving from the very same groups who are promoting this particular rally. This rally announcement confirms that hypothesis.
Trump draws the crowds, which is why he's helpful. At some point, I expect him to exit the primary and throw his support behind Cruz.
more and more haters rallying to Trump however i don't see that last strategy as a real thing Trumps head bigger than a hot air balloon, megalomaniac, ego braggadocios character flaw would not allow him to let himself be upstaged, there would be nothing but laughter and shame attached to his name and he knows it. 

that said there's this other big problem to that making sense his party hates him!!

Trump Doubles Down On His Plan To Deport 11 Million Immigrants

the video and loud mouth speaks to the idiocy of Trumps plan . one thing that i want to clear up more lies the crack about Latino gangs in Ferguson, Baltimore.

one thing i can't remember hearing about or seeing the few times i watched o'reilly just so i know which way to run when the crazies get released, was Trump over talking him and putting him in the catbird seat for a change and guess what no shouting back or angry sneers or calling of names it was like bilo was afraid of him or maybe following orders not to mess with the ratings grabber.

A school tragedy narrowly averted: 14-year-old boy held his classroom at gunpoint in West Virginia

Empty classroom

While the details about the tragic murder of two journalists in Virginia continue to unfold, new details have emerged of a tragedy that was narrowly averted in nearby West Virginia:
A 14-year-old boy held 29 students and a teacher at gunpoint in a West Virginia high school classroom on Tuesday afternoon before he released them after negotiations and surrendered, authorities said.
The boy's teacher, presumably unarmed, was able to de-escalate:
Barbour county schools superintendent, Jeffrey Woofter, credited the teacher for maintaining control when classes were about to change and praised the Philippi police chief for talking the suspect into giving up.
Woofter said the teacher talked the boy into not allowing the next group of students to enter the classroom.
“The teacher did a miraculous job, calming the student, maintaining order in the class,” Woofter said. He did not give the teacher’s name.
republicans well they would have preferred the teacher be strapped and the kids too film would show multiple bullet holes in the walls along with blood smears.  the 14 year old was responsive but the republican way would have him lying in a pool of his own blood and the teacher she and the kids would have to live with that the rest of their lives but republican justice was served and guns win another one. NRA high fives all around, ignorance is bliss, damn blissful in those ranks.

Gun Violence: NYT Editorial. Has The Media Woken Up For Good This Time?

Is this what it takes? The NYT Editorial:
Killings of Journalists Bring Gun Violence to Dark New Level
It is an increasingly horrific fact of life and death in the United States that easily available guns offer troubled Americans the power to act out their grievances in public. This trend, dramatized in recent years by macabre shootings in schools, churches, movie theaters and workplaces, was taken to a dark new level on Wednesday in southwestern Virginia by a disturbed former reporter who chose not only to murder two journalists as they reported live for a television station that had fired him, but also to record and broadcast the crime on social media.
Many politicians will focus on the gunman’s troubled personality and try to cast this shooting as a summons for better mental health care, certainly not gun control. Yet that ignores a grim reality: the estimated 300 million guns in America owned by a third of the population, far more per capita than any other modern nation. Guns are ubiquitous and easy to acquire, as statehouse politicians, particularly Republicans, genuflect to the gun lobby to weaken, not tighten, gun safety.
They should be pointing out day after day the reality of gun violence across the US.
They should be pointing day after day how the NRA perpetuates this violence.
They should be pointing out day after day which politicians bow down before the NRA.
They should be reporting day after day the obstructionism at Federal and State levels that prevents any reasonable gun control legislation. 
They should be pointing these out day after day, rather than just when something horrible happens. 
Guns are used to justify an ever more militarized police. 
Guns are used to justify police firing before any attempt at real policing. 
Gun violence is used by some to justify ever more guns.
Arm the teachers, can there ever have been a more absurd statement in the history of humanity? 
Guns are designed to kill, they are not a fashion accessory, that is their sole purpose. 
One thing for certain is that the more guns that are out there, the more deaths will occur.  
The easier it is to get a gun, the more deaths will occur. 
Gun licenses 
Gun registration and tracking 
Waiting periods   
Proper background checks for all gun sales. 
Education that the be all and end all to personal security, is not a gun. 
A gun is not cool 
A gun doesn't make you special 
A gun is designed to kill.
and there it is all you wanted to know about gun control but were afraid to ask or your 2nd amendment misunderstood rights meant more.  the republican right wing plays with words convinces those they can fool that the gov't is their enemy and infringes on "THEIR RIGHTS" giving them the path to promote 2nd amendment in their own special way that excludes any attempt to change the status quo.

my favorites the carry laws in Churches, bars now that a crazy has murdered in church some of it's members their argument gets stronger among the weaker minded, bars well get drunk and anythings up for grabs film at 11pm.

Trump supporter aggressively confronted Univision reporter—'Get out of my country'

Unknown Trump supporter aggressively confronting Univision's Jorge RamosShortly after Jorge Ramos was escorted out of Donald Trump's press conference, a Trump supporter confronted the Univision anchor in the hallway, telling him to "get out of my country." Watch below for video and transcript of the exchange.
Trump supporter: You are very rude. It's not about you. 
Jorge Ramos: It's not about... 
Trump supporter: Get out of my country. Get out.  
Jorge Ramos: This is not about...I'm a U.S. citizen too. 
Trump supporter: Well, whatever. No. Univision, no. It's not about you (pointing in Ramos' face) 
Jorge Ramos: It's not about you. It's about the United States.
Trump supporter: No, it is (unintelligible)
At that point a uniformed police officer stepped in between them and ended the conversation. Jorge Ramos was calmly pacing in the hallway with his hands behind his back, but the Trump supporter appeared to be increasingly agitated and aggressively pointing in Ramos' face.
this is obviously a mindset of a bigot was he instructed to shutdown any derogatory questions that put Trump on the spot or was it just the Hispanic reporter.  Trump lied and said he didn't know who the guy was but in the first tirade he tells the guy to go back to Univision so he clearly knew who he was and who he represented, more Latino attacks????  he also claimed the guy was ranting and yelling and out of control video shows nothing remotely like that.

as much as he claims to know he was too stupid to not say more lies when the cameras running. Duh
the first link is really nothing than a self serving narcissistic rant of his own greatness, and his impersonation of Chis Christie 

Atlanta, GA Admits to Illegally Disenfranchising Voters in '08 & '12

From Think Progress:
Fulton County, Georgia admitted to illegally disenfranchising and misleading voters in the 2008 and 2012 elections in a settlement this month. For more than two dozen violations of state law — including improperly rejecting eligible ballots and sending voters to the wrong precincts — the county will pay a fine of $180,000. To make sure the problems do not continue in the future, the county has promised to spend an additional $200,000 on new training software for their poll workers.
The county, which includes Atlanta, has a heavily African American voting population and leans progressive, voting overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008 and 2012. As detailed in the new settlement, county elections officials misinformed the precincts of who was coming to vote and when, failed to provide absentee ballots to voters who requested them, and failed to put voters who registered on time on the rolls, among other violations. The head of Fulton County’s elections office was fired last year, which she credits to her refusal to cover up the improper purging of voters in 2012.
Yet the problems facing voters of color in Georgia are not confined to Fulton County. When neighboring DeKalb County, another stronghold of African American Democrats, opened an early voting location in a popular mall, Georgia State Senator Fran Millar (R) publicly lamented that “this location is dominated by African American shoppers and it is near several large African American mega churches.” He later added, “I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters.”
Last year, during a tight race for an open Senate seat, more than 40,000 newly registered voters — most of them young, low-income, and black — vanished from the rolls. When voting rights groups sued the state and several counties to force them to process the registrations, the Secretary of State instead accused the groups of committing voter fraud — a move the NAACP and other civil rights groups saw as an attempt to scare them away from future voter registration drives.
In 2008, John McCain won Georgia by a 5.2% margin. In 2012, Romney won the state by 7.8%. (stats from wikipedia) Maybe those jokers would have won anyway, but this is no way to run a purported democracy.
And seriously - a $180,000 fine? Peanuts (Georgia pun not intended). Not exactly a deterrent. And if it happened in Georgia, you can be damn sure it happened/is happening/will happen elsewhere. We must remain beyond vigilant. This should be a national outrage.
let's not fool ourselves the only voter fraud is committed by the republicans, my question the scotus has to see the stories and news and know of the violations by some states that are happening now because of their 2013 strike down f sect. 4 of voter rights act which they obviously with a republican majority refuse to deal with that obvious partisan attempt to help steal our voices by vote.

it's obvious that it was a gift places like Texas, North Carolina took only a couple of hours after the decision was handed down to create the most repressive voter laws in the country, and still more than 2 years later and an election looming in a few months make no indication of righting the wrong the perpetrated on our voting rights.

Ted Cruz smears Megyn Kelly as a 'mainstream media liberal journalist' cuz she asked him a question

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) talks to reporters after the Senate passed at $1.1 trillion spending bill following a long series of votes, many on procedural matters or to confirm members of the Obama administration, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington Decemb

In another entry in the 2016 annals of "If Trump's doing it, me too," Ted Cruz went after Fox News host Megyn Kelly after she dared to ask him a question on whether he would deport citizen children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants. Nick Gass reports:
When Kelly pressed the Texas senator on what he would do as president, Cruz said that he’s “not playing the game” and declined to answer the question.
“What would President Cruz do? Do American citizen children of two illegal immigrants, who are born here, the children, get deported under a President Cruz?” Kelly asked.
Donald Trump, she said, “has answered that question explicitly.”
“Megyn, I get that that’s the question you want to ask,” Cruz said. “That’s also the question every mainstream media liberal journalist wants to ask.”
Asked whether it is an unfair question, Cruz said that it is “a distraction” from solving the issue.
“You know, it’s also the question that Barack Obama wants to focus on,” Cruz retorted.
Ouch. Mainstream media liberal journalist? A tool of Barack Obama? Next thing you know, Kelly will be working at Daily Kos.
Cruz, a well-known seeker of real solutions, went on to say that he wouldn't give Kelly a simple "yes" or "no" because he needed to focus on "bipartisan agreement first."
Apparently, "bipartisan agreement" really means just shoving your own agenda down the throats of everyone else in service of your own presidential ambitions.
this shows us that the idiot that shutdown the gov't behind a hostage threat to Pres. if he didn't repeal his signature legislation ObamaCares really than goes on to blame Pres. for his impending actions, and now on the verge of doing it again this time it's over defunding Planned Parenthood for the republican signature rant of abortion which is only 3% of the services they supply to American voting men and women.

now the same idiot who's ratings among his own party are scraping the floor see's Trumps obnoxious bigoted knuckle dragging rhetoric getting support of those who have yet to hear anything specific from Trump, he adopts the same strategy and bites the hand that would help his campaign Fox by doing exactly as Trump did to the same person after seeing the flack that came with that.  than he thinks or not that he has the bullet proof armor Trump appears to have and would be given the same pass to be an ass or will he be set adrift?????????????????

Indictments will be long: State sent unsecured "classified" e-mails during Bush Administration

A point I have tried to make a number of times on the "Eghazi: It's Classified!" "scandal" is that the originators of the "classified" e-mails were career State Department officials. Thus, I noted that the current US Ambassador to Bahrain William Roebuck originated a now "classified SECRET" e-mail that founds its way to Clinton's inbox after being forwarded by multiple careeer State officials.
Yesterday Josh Gerstein identified now "classified e-mails that were originated by 33 year State Department veteran William Burns.
Now today the AP reports what should have been obvious to any honest observer by now - State Department officials routinely sent subsequently classified information over unsecure e-mail:
The transmission of now-classified information across Hillary Rodham Clinton's private email is consistent with a State Department culture in which diplomats routinely sent secret material on unsecured email during the past two administrations, according to documents reviewed by The Associated Press.
And here's the kicker:
five emails that date to Condoleezza Rice's tenure as secretary of state during the George W. Bush administration, large chunks are censored on the grounds that they contain classified national security or foreign government information.
Oh, here's the other kicker:
In a  December 2006 email, diplomat John J. Hillmeyer appears to have pasted the text of a confidential cable from Beijing about China's dealings with Iran and other sensitive matters. Large portions of the email were marked classified and censored before release.
What Colin Powell did we don't know because he destroyed his e-mails.
Now I guess we can pretend Hillary is the evilest of them all, but it doesn't wash.
You'll have to write a pretty long indictment if you are intent on getting Hilary Clinton on EGhazi.
if this is true than it appears that Hilary has been telling the truth as far as previous protocol among past SOS'S and gov't officials.  think about this with all the clandestine and skulduggery behind the Bush/Cheyney reign of war can you imagine the emails and servers that were disappeared given the deception perpetrated on us by them??????????????????

keep in mind there is a long rap sheet on GOP for doing crap and blaming us or using that remembrance of their actions to make contrived accusations against us. want to make a difference get rid of the right wing it's political whores and their base of hate mongering voters and the sun will shine on America once again.

Our country is averaging more than one mass shooting per day now

Clifford Jones waits for funeral services to begin for Ethel Lance at the Royal Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston, South Carolina, June 25, 2015.  Lance is one of the nine victims of the mass shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal
The recent murder of a journalist and her cameraman, on live television, brings up the numbing feeling of déjà vu in this country. Mass shootings, the threat of mass shootings, and the constant reminders of earlier mass shootings permeate our country's public sphere. A crowdsourced Mass Shooter Tracker logs all mass shootings around the country.
August 26 is the 238th day of the year. And with the fatal shooting in Virginia today -- in which a gunman shot himself after killing two reporters and wounding one more person -- plus the shooting of four during a Minneapolis home invasion, the number of mass shooting incidents has risen to 247 for the year.
Just a month ago we were at an average of one mass shooting per day. The Mass Shooting Tracker defines the term "mass shooting" a little broader than the FBI. They believe not everyone has to die in a mass shooting event for it to reach that premium status. Gun rights people bristle at the liberty of this definition:
Some gun rights advocates -- like John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center -- object that the broader definition includes a lot of gang killings and domestic disputes that the average person wouldn't necessarily consider a "mass shooting." But there's an uncomfortable assumption here that some crime victims' lives should be valued differently -- or are less worthy of  attention -- than others.
It's not an uncomfortable assumption, it's racism and sexism. It's the kind of thinking that makes people say all of the people dying on the streets of Baltimore and Chicago somehow are violent by nature—they're animals. The numbers don't lie. We have a terrible gun problem in our country and the correlation between gun ownership and gun violence is clear to everyone but ourselves.
how many deaf ears will this fall on more important how many not deaf ears will hear it and than dismiss it those who have the power to instigate change have not been hit with American voices that care about lives, some feign caring of tissue but not a child born those people are not the so called minorities which keeps bringing me back to the title of Joan Walsh's book "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH WHITE PEOPLE"????????  these mass murders are happening to their people  i understood when it was just people of color but they don't care about their own children in favor of a gun?????????????????????????????

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trump’s New National Co-Chairman Questioned His Moral Center in Emails


Donald Trump’s religion has been a big question mark ever since his “little wine” and “little cracker” remark. Some Evangelicals have warmed toward Trump. Others are less certain. The latter may be proved right, if some recently leaked emails mean anything.
The Des Moines Register reveals that “evangelical conservative activist Sam Clovis said in an email just 35 days before he quit his job as Republican Rick Perry’s Iowa chairman and signed on with Trump’s campaign,” that,
“(Trump) left me with questions about his moral center and his foundational beliefs. … His comments reveal no foundation in Christ, which is a big deal.”
Donald Trump has no foundation in Christ. Can you imagine that?
In one email, we are told, “he [Clovis] praises Perry for calling Trump a ‘cancer on conservatism.'”
Perry backers shared the inconvenient emails with the Register Wednesday, because hell hath no fury like a Republican scorned.
And yes, that “little wine and cracker” remark of Trump’s had an effect on Clovis:
I ran for office on the same pretense that a person ought to be held accountable for not only what they say but also what they do. If that is the case, why should I not be suspicious of an individual who was pro-choice until he decided to run for president? 
Why should I not be suspicious of a person who advocates for universal healthcare? Why should I not be suspicious of someone who says he hates lobbyists and yet has spread millions of dollars around to Republicans and Democrats to enrich himself? Why should I not be suspicious of someone who cannot come to say that he believes in God, that he has never asked for forgiveness and that communion is simply wine and a cracker.
One person who has zero reservations about Trump is Ann Coulter. She told a crowd in Dubuque, Iowa, when she introduced him Tuesday night, that she has “felt like she’s dreaming” ever “since Donald Trump announced that he’s running for president.”
Now keep in mind, nothing about Coulter’s support has been overtly religious. As Right Wing Watch reminds us,
Coulter, who once gushed about serving as Trump’s secretary of Homeland Security, has boasted that the GOP frontrunner read her latest anti-immigrant book, praising his plan to deport every single undocumented immigrant and undermine the 14th Amendment as “the greatest political document since the Magna Carta.”
“I love the idea of the ‘Great Wall of Trump,'” she said. “I want to have a two-drink minimum, make it a big worldwide tourist attraction and every day live drone shows when anyone tries to cross the border.”
you know i totally missed that, there has been no mention of his devoutness to religious beliefs i guess he's been to busy tooting his own horn and thinking he did it all by himself  wonder why that escaped the evangelical crowd too unless they are more captured by the bigoted rhetoric than his lack of Christiandom.
maybe they know the secret of the religious right just being those who take advantage of those who believe.

Ann Coulter loves killing Hispanic border crosser's with drone strikes who do it illegally but was on the republican bandwagon when bashing Pres. for collateral deaths do to drone strikes on those they claim are the worse threat to America. despicable her just a reminder republicans don't want you here unless they can count on your vote.

funny because all the others make sure they throw a bone to the religious right so as not to be perceived as not in their corner and garner their votes but this guy comes along no bone toss just red meat you gotta ask is the religious right real or just waiting for instructions on when to stop applauding Trump????????????

Small business owner in Portland spends day homeless and her moving account goes viral

Renee Spears is a small business owner in Portland, Oregon. A couple of weeks ago she decided to spend the day homeless in Portland. She reported on her experience in a Facebook post and shared it. While she says she is not a writer, the piece she wrote hits on a lot of points we all believe in our heart of hearts and still have a hard time connecting with in our daily lives.
Ms. Spears held a sign asking for money. She met an elderly woman who panhandles when her Social Security runs out. She spoke with strangers about all kinds of things. She experienced the invisibility of being homeless in her small way. She put together a listing of a few very simple things that we can do to make things better in the immediate future.
11. What can we as a city do? Clearly we need to address the bigger issues of poverty, mental illness and addiction but we can do better right now. We need more public restrooms. There aren't enough and they are too far apart. We need more water fountains. We need a public laundromat and bathing facility. We need a public place for people to come in from the elements and relax in safety. We need a place for people to store their belongings so they don't have to carry them around all day, and it litters up our city.
12. What can YOU do? Remember they are people! Talk to them. Listen to them. Acknowledge they exist. Show some fucking compassion! They are tired, sore, thirsty, malnourished, ignored and being out there takes a huge toll on your spirit. Put down your phone and pay attention to what is going on outside of yourself.
This was on August 9th. It has taken off since then, with tens of thousands of shares and likes.
You can read a transcription of her post below the fold.
more of those who look down their noses need to walk a mile before judging another in particular those claiming to be Christians but seem to ignore or not be aware of the scriptures they make their claims of legitimacy with, such as;

ranting against and demoralizing those disenfranchised from the American mainstream as it were exactly who are the mainstream they who use the term in reference to themselves may be surprised to know they are mainly wrong you can make up your mind who this shoe fits best

mainstream America
mainstream America ‎(uncountable)
that part of American society which is normal, is not deviant because of ethnicity, religion, lack of religion, culture or values
Related terms[edit]
mainstream American

Road name changed! "President Barack Obama Hwy" replaces "Old Dixie Hwy" (and this is in Florida!)

Florida City Demographics
2010 CensusFlorida CityMiami-Dade CountyFlorida
Total population11,2452,496,43518,801,310
Population, percent change, 2000 to 2010+43.4%+10.8%+17.6%
Population density1,888.7/sq mi1,315.5/sq mi350.6/sq mi
White or Caucasian (including White Hispanic)39.1%73.8%75.0%
(Non-Hispanic White or Caucasian)5.6%15.4%57.9%
Black or African-American52.4%18.9%16.0%
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)42.4%65.0%22.5%
Native American or Native Alaskan0.2%0.2%0.4%
Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian0.0%0.0%0.1%
Two or more races (Multiracial)2.6%2.4%2.5%
Some Other Race5.4%3.2%3.6%

This is happening in Florida.  People who only know Florida as Miami Beach or Disney World have a Hollywood-esque image of this part of the deep south.  Having lived there, however, I can attest to the fact that great swaths of the state invoke echoes of banjo music (di-di-ding-ding-ding), a la the movie Deliverance.
That said, I was surprised to read this today:
Residents of Riviera Beach expressed their concerns with what Old Dixie Highway represents. The proposal itself referenced a time when the highway divided black and white neighborhoods.
Riviera Beach City Council Votes to Change Old Dixie Highway to Barack Obama Highway
“Dixie” was a common nickname for the region in the South which would eventually secede from the Union and fight the Civil War over the right to own slaves. 
Thus, the name “Old Dixie” is about as blatant an appeal to the old order of white supremacy as one could get; the highway itself used to be the dividing border between black and white neighborhoods during the segregation era. “You have the chance to right the wrong and make a new chapter” said one woman on name change proposal.
Bigots Lose It As Florida City Renames Old Dixie Highway to Pres. Obama Highway
This being America, the spew from the bigots erupted like an exploding outhouse.  As usual, Breitbart serves as their forum.  I won't cite that red rag but a sample is in the above-cited article.
Jefferson Davis is rolling in his grave guess we have to wait and see if there is any ramifications given the demographics i don't know it boils down to who knows who and what they are willing to do, rebels no longer have a cause flags, bridges, roads and base all seem to be becoming history 

Former KKK grand wizard David Duke: Trump 'understands the real sentiment of America'

Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump (C) heads to the stage between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (L) and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) for the start of the first official Republican presidential candidates debate

And Donald Trump continues to rack up the endorsements.
David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and self-described “racial realist,” says Donald Trump is the best Republican candidate for president because he “understands the real sentiment of America.”
There sure seems to be a theme going on here.
new rule racist, bigoted people living here need to stop grouping Americans into their sickness.  easy to see this because of his rhetoric and ideas that those who support and cheer are equally as reprehensible. KKK endorsement watch to see if his poll rating goes up or down it will tell us who his supporters really are.

Alabama police admit officer's body camera was turned off before shooting man holding spoon

Tuscaloosa Sheriff speaking on the death of Jeffory Tevis

Mentally ill women and men account for as many 50 percent of the people killed by American police. Occasionally threatening and in desperate need of medical attention, instead of receiving an ambulance, they receive an officer with bullets instead of a doctor with medicine. Police are terrible doctors. This is pretty much why hospitals aren't full of people being shot to death.
In the long list of those who needed medical intervention, but met their death by police, we now add Jeffory Tevis. Having a full-fledged mental breakdown, Tevis, a 50-year-old white man with a history of mental illness, began cutting himself, but called police to state that he had been assaulted. After struggling with Tevis and using a Taser on him, the officer retreated 25 feet away from the man.
Tevis, with a serving spoon from his kitchen, began moving toward the officer, when he was fatally shot twice. The police have now admitted four damning details about the case.
1. They admit that Tevis was mentally ill. This had to have been a painfully obvious observation from the start, but should've triggered a different method of policing.
2. The police now admit that the officer shot and killed Tevis from at least 24 feet away.
3. The police now confirm that the only "weapon" Tevis held was a serving spoon.
4. Last, and perhaps most disturbing of all, police now claim that the officer who shot and killed Tevis did not have his body camera turned on.
Tuscaloosa police require all officers to have body cameras on “any time there’s going to be enforcement action taken”, Captain Brad Mason said. When asked whether the officer violated protocol by having his camera turned off, Mason declined to comment, citing the privacy of personnel matters.
Hood confirmed that Tevis had only the spoon in his possession and wasn’t armed with any additional weapons. Hood estimated that the spoon was “maybe 10-12 inches” in length.
This is a highly disturbing fact and calls into question every choice the officer made that day. Police should not even be allowed to turn their cameras off and on and doing so, particularly during a confrontation, should result in an immediate termination. 
Other departments have cameras that automatically turn on when police draw their weapons from their holsters. What we are seeing is that clear and public regulations on how body cameras are used are desperately needed.
Here's the thing: this encounter obviously could have been frightening for the officer, but doctors and nurses have these exact same encounters thousands of times per year in hospitals across the country without resorting to lethal force. If medical personnel can figure out how to not kill a man with a spoon, our officers should be able to do the same thing.
and there it is my worst fear the tampering of body cams by the officer wearing it to deliberately turn it off is a statement of intent to violate law and a citizen.  i like the ones where it activates when gun is drawn but unfortunately does little and could increase beatings and other ways to murder choke holds no gun pulled but still deaths ensued.

there needs to be a mandatory designated officer or two responsible and legally accountable for distributing cams at shift start activating with a tamper proof code and than collecting them after shift and signing off that it had not been compromised.  how easy is that, unless you intend to violate i think it is a good idea and how much could it cost more than American citizen's lives????????????

Cartoon: Jails

just like so many other myths we have been subjected to in the name of fear or pissing us off because somebody appeals to our sense of outrage because another getting something that we have determined they don't deserve, yeah greatest country, American exceptionalism just a couple more myths of something some of us don't believe some of us deserve to claim that mantra.

Cartoon: Guns gone wild in national parks

have you ever noticed that when it comes to freedoms as a one word statements the subject is always one group's imposing on another's. so that said ponder this;
are we ever really free and at what price freedom and is yours more important then mine??  

for the many of course theirs are more important then yours which begs another question is freedom transferable and why does one have to relinquish theirs in order for another to realize theirs and even more egregious why do some get to never relinquish thereby denying others of their freedoms????????? one of the most misinterpreted and controversial words ever created. recognize

W once said erroneously that Muslims hate us for our freedoms how when we don't know how to define the meaning and who gets to have them.

Kansas Secretary of State tries to block release of voting tapes after statistical anomalies noted

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach head shot

Beth Clarkson has extensively studied voting patterns in Kansas and noted several troubling statistical anomalies, ones that always benefited Republican candidates. She pressed for further transparency and was consistently rebuffed. She decided to sue Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Sedgwick County Elections Commissioner Tabitha Lehman:
While it is well-recognized that smaller, rural precincts tend to lean Republican, statisticians have been unable to explain the consistent pattern favoring Republicans that trends upward as the number of votes cast in a precinct or other voting unit goes up. In primaries, the favored candidate appears to always be the Republican establishment candidate, above a tea party challenger. And the upward trend for Republicans occurs once a voting unit reaches roughly 500 votes.
“This is not just an anomaly that occurred in one place,” Clarkson said. “It is a pattern that has occurred repeatedly in elections across the United States.”
The pattern could be voter fraud or a demographic trend that has not been picked up by extensive polling, she said.
She wants to look over the hard copies to check the error rate. You'd think in America, the heart of democracy, this would be a fairly simple request. But, no. Last night, Kris Kobach asked a judge to block the release:
Secretary of State Kris Kobach argued that the records sought by Wichita State University mathematician Beth Clarkson are not subject to the Kansas open records act, and that their disclosure is prohibited by Kansas statute. His response, which was faxed Friday to the Sedgwick County District Court, was made public Monday.
Obviously the judge will decide, but a key cornerstone of a working democracy would seem to include the ability to audit the vote.
you guys who have been with me for awhile know i think that the skulduggery and accusations perpetrated on us by republicans are taken from their own experience think about it they have nothing new to bring to the "why you should vote for me" table and miraculously everything they try sweeping on Pres.'s, Hilary's or just Progressive shoes turn out to be things they are doing.  

 remember Bill Clinton said "it takes a lot of brass to accuse someone of what you do" or just a deceptive mindset of sky's the limit to what we will and can do to win just that their win is just that their win it has little to no benefit for we the people.

know why they never find proof of their homemade scandals against us because they refuse to look in their own yard where the scandals really are, blocking voter tapes from release to "VOTERS" now there is something to investigate but Grand Inquisitor Darrell Issa nowhere to be found you know he could be i a rubber room as a result of his constant failures to find his mythical assumptions,

those two words should have given him a hint that he's not going to find anything, unless they plant evidence put nothing pass a liar and fanatic on a mission.

The Satanic Temple interrupts pro-life national day of protest

The Satanic Temple maternal milk protest action

On August 22nd, 2015 The Satanic Temple of Detroit interrupted the pro-life national day of protest against Planned Parenthood at the Detroit and Ferndale, Michigan locations. The Temple employed radical political theatre to illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.
With wrists bound in prayer, two women were drowned in milk at the hands of male clergy. Their bodies callously veiled by the maternal bath. An American flag furnished with a symbol of The Satanic Temple framed the scene, followed by a message: “AMERICA IS NOT A THEOCRACY. END FORCED MOTHERHOOD.”
The Satanic Temple’s core tenets outline the following points:
(1) One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.
(2) Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.
The highly politicized pro-life movement advocates for the abolition of Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides critical preventive and primary reproductive health care services to low-income women. 
The current cornerstone of their argument stems from a fabricated, fictional story that clinics “sell baby parts for profit”. The August 22nd protest was directly intended to irresponsibly perpetuate this contrived story in an attempt to leverage misunderstanding for political gain and impose the moral opinions of some upon a diverse community.
The Satanic Temple strongly opposes the promotion of misinformation and believes that all people are entitled to make informed decisions about their health, family and future without coercion. We will not remain voiceless when the philosophical and religious opinions of those in power are utilized to legislate morality.  The attempt to do so violates American foundational values of freedom and liberty.
i was hesitant in posting this because at first read it can be misinterpreted you know me i believe in God and Jesus period.  my concern was more of some reading this might get loss with the buzz word satanic and lose sight of the topic. that said if you notice the temple has more of an message of freedoms and what they mean than republicans message of freedoms only apply to what we want you to do not what you are allowed by law to do yourself like them.

there is a person on Newsvine that had a banner saying "don't ignore a good idea simply because you don't like the source", republicans and their base should take notes. there was one paragraph that really caught my attention in respect to just what republicans are doing misleading with misinformation, from my perspective i'm not referring belief in God but what is the things that are important to our decision making that paragraph below; you know like disavowing climate change so they don't have to regulate their man made pollution.
(2) Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.

There is no "there" there: Clinton Email Scandal Falls Apart As State Says There Was No Policy

Oh no!  
Anti-Hillary folks, there is bad news.  State Dept. Says There Was No Policy Against Private Email.  
On CNN’s New Day, State Department spokesman John Kirby said, “We have said in the past, Chris that there was no policy prohibiting the use of a private email account here at the State Department, and that is still a fact.
Oh no!  Facts.  There was no policy against using a private email account when Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State.  And the State Department has said this repeatedly but folks keep ignoring this FACT.
Now, obviously, we have policies in place now that highly discourage that, and you are supposed to use your government account so that there is a constant, permanent record of it, but at the time she was not violating policy
New policies somehow do not apply retroactively.  No policy when Mrs. Clinton was SOS.  No policy at all.  She violated no policy because there was no policy to violate.  
And, in fact, Colin Powell used one.  And, SOS Clinton followed the process that SOS Powell set up.
How sad.  There just isn't any "there" there.  All that GOP angst and hyperbole. 
there is no truth in the republican camp only what they make up and continually say it each and everyone verbatim.  these are obviously either scripted or just easier to member when you sit in congress and the guy next to you mumbles those words or text messages every 5 mins. reminding them of what their target and rhetoric is.

this would not be where it is if she had just been a little more concerned with getting all her info out there, instead as our party record dictates she allowed the republicans to define her character and now all media and polls paint her as a liar.

fighting for us is a given but to do that she first needs to fight for herself. republicans will continue on the misinformation trail regardless to truths and rebukes, they keep it simple only sighting 3 things Benghazi, IRS, emails now they have tried to tie the emails to Benghazi reminds me of that old song by the Coasters in 1957 Searchin'