Thursday, October 3, 2013

How the Shutdown Could Make You Sick

is this part of their health plan, hurry up and die?
Article PhotoThe government shutdown has created a series of hardships and dangers for citizens coast to coast. One that is featured prominently is the threat to individual and public health. 
The stories of children prevented from receiving life-saving treatments, seniors who no longer can rely on certain services to maintain independence, 
and the plight of a scientific community unplugged are heartbreaking, embarrassing, and hopefully of sufficient emotional pull to force a resolution to this self-inflicted crisis.   
didn't work on sequestration, these guys are going for a full scale closing with tumbleweeds and sagebrush rolling down Pennsylvania ave. pass 1600.
Another danger—the threat of a runaway influenza epidemic unable to be contained by a crippled public-health complex—is also often featured on the list of scary potential consequences. But here, the impact, while very real, isn’t as simple as it may seem.
OBAMACARES, the republicans by action as much as rhetoric don't.  remember those shirts and signs couple of decades ago "CHOOSE LIFE", well this time it's about you and yours, is choosing unknown, unborn babies easier than you and your already born?  recognize
Unlike the sequester, which diverted money from actual vaccination programs,the shutdown disrupts an altogether different aspect of public health. The vaccine, for the most part, already has been made and purchased. Vaccinators, from the local doc to the local drug store, are not really affected. Neither are most local vaccine clinics and school vaccination programs, which are paid for by local government. Yes, a few vaccination hotspots that will be shuttered and lives potentially affected, but the danger is larger than this.   
The real threat is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s magisterial surveillance system, which monitors the rate and types of influenza, the rapidity of spread, the drug resistance profile—all of it—will not be able to function. But surveillance is a strictly back office sort of activity—far from the sexed-up Hollywood allure of Contagion and Outbreak and all the other movies that brought together hot actresses and lethal viruses.  
mr. Cruz this is not your everyday run of the mill weekend event. i bet 10,000 dollars they did not even know or consider the ramifications of these services they take for granted.  if they did obviously the gave less than gnat crap about us.