Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fleeing terrorists leave everything behind at refuge


When word got back to the refuge that Ammon Bundy et. al. had been captured, and a person shot and killed, on their way to a propaganda meeting in Grant County, the brave at the refuge jumped ship. Quickly. Many left their weapons behind, not to mention a bevy of personal belongings fearing immediate reprisal from LE. 
I would guess there’s plenty of evidence left behind for LE to rifle through when they finally end this and get inside to do so.
As Fry, one of the four remaining loons on the refuge, noted in a comment attached to the video of the so-called barracks (!):
People so scared didn't even pack their stuff. Thought feds were coming to kill everyone. Waco style.
this reminds me of another incident where the big bad White guys were punked out substitute the big scary Black guy for federal agents they were willing to kill and die for their effort.  is that why they are always in a mob guess that no longer works either.

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