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After Republican Lawmaker Boasts That Benghazi Committee Is Hurting Clinton's Poll Numbers, Hannity Gives Him Credit

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REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA): The question I think you really want to ask me is, how am I going to be different? What are you going to see differently?
SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I love how you asked my questions. But go ahead, that was one of my questions, go right ahead.
MCCARTHY: I knew you'd want to ask it. What you're going to see is a conservative speaker, that takes a conservative Congress, that puts a strategy to fight and win. And let me give you one example. Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she's untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened, had we not fought and made that happen.
HANNITY: I agree. That's something good, I give you credit for that, I give you credit for sequestration, I give you credit -- I'll give you credit where credit is due.
bad script bad play, note his admission tells us they are using tax payer money to fight their campaign foe where are all the big money donors???  making something happen by deceit and skulduggery doesn't make it a good thing unless you are republican where winning at any cost is acceptable behavior doesn't matter if it's true or a lie as long as you get it out and the base goes to the red meat trough and feeds on it.

folks we are being played they are making us complicit by using our money to carry out clandestine political maneuvers to help them gain control over us and the gov't that is suppose to be "by and for the people" not the right wing rich.

Ben Carson suggests media tricked black voters into voting for Democrats

Ben Carson speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said the media has "manipulated" black Americans in a podcast interview with conservative radio commentator Mike Gallagher Tuesday. He said that the media’s polarization has worked to control how different demographics think politically in recent years. Carson said he believes black voters are tired of the media telling them what to think and say.
“American blacks over the course of this next year will begin to see that they’ve been manipulated, very, very largely,” Carson said during the interview. “More and more, I'm finding, are thinking for themselves and are recognizing what really works for them and for their communities. I believe that is a dynamic that is in the process of changing.”
if this guy believes that he is not fit to be a homeless drunk sleeping in the park sorry no offense to the homeless.  how much more condescending can a BINO be he speaks of us his race as if we were just off the boat and gullible as hell because the scenario he describes is exactly what the republicans have been doing for decades, they can't keep revamping their own dastardly deeds and try to pin them on our leaders who for decades have fought against them doing it.  the most egregious crack was
“More and more, I'm finding, are thinking for themselves and are recognizing what really works for them and for their communities. I believe that is a dynamic that is in the process of changing.”
 He said that the media’s polarization has worked to control how different demographics think politically in recent years. Carson said he believes black voters are tired of the media telling them what to think and say.
again what the republican base is starting to do so where is he finding this misinfo from?????

i can't repeat enough, G W Bush, "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on"

‘This wasn’t an abortion': CNN forces anti-Planned Parenthood group to admit Fiorina was wrong

David Daleiden speaks to CNN (screen grab)
David Daleiden, the project lead Center for Medical Progress’ anti-Planned Parenthood campaign, admitted on Wednesday that an alleged fetus on a table that GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina described to during a graphic anti-abortion rant was actually from a miscarriage.
During an interview on CNN, host Chris Cuomo asked Daleiden to verify Fiorina’s claim at a recent debate that she saw a video of “a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking.”
“Carly Fiorina was referencing a sequence in our video that shows footage of a born-alive infant from a late term abortion actually moving in the specimen pan,” he explained.
“But if you’re talking about organ harvesting and abortions and how terrible they are why would you use a stillborn fetus, which is not a function of an abortion?” Cuomo asked.
“It’s the same baby, whether it’s born dead or alive, whether the organs are harvested or not,” Daleiden replied.
“It’s also completely irrelevant to the point you’re trying to make, which is, ‘Look at what they do to these babies,'” the CNN host pressed. “It was born stillborn. It was not aborted. Doesn’t that matter to you if you’re talking about abortion?”
“It’s the same kind of fetus,” Daleiden continued to insist.
“My point is context,” Cuomo shot back. “You’re saying, ‘what they do in abortions,’ that wasn’t an abortion. That’s my point.”
you know it's stupid to hear he truth see the truth and still believe the lies but it's arrogantly third tier stupidest to hear and see it and still repeat the lies already rebuked.  is it worth it to gain notoriety as a right wing appeaser willing to lie for no other reason then to promote their agenda while losing any chance at self respect let alone other peers respect and who will hire them outside of a dying sect of America pretty soon there won't be enough of an audience to keep them on and they have made their bones as a right wing schill of hate.


Remember how the RWNJ's went all goo goo over Vladimir's topless photo on a horse?
Do you recall how powerful and manly they said he looked compared to a weak and ineffective President Obama?  Remember how the right wing fawned about how wonderful this nation would be if we were only led by a big strong man like Vladimir?
Is it any wonder then why this pic is not being shown in RWNJ media?


sorry i'm still rotflmao in my mind now 5 times now, brings to mind a Bobby Womack song lyric "no matter how high i get i'll still be looking up to you".  maybe it was the horse

Black ex-cop files suit after he and his son were beaten by other cops

Providence Police Department veteran Christopher Owens was enjoying a day off when he witnessed a tow truck crash into a car, and went to aid an injured woman. He then saw the person responsible for the crash—Sean Sparfve, who like Owens is African-American—attempt to flee the scene. Owens tackled him and was in the midst of a struggle to apprehend him when other officers arrived on the scene. It turns out they had been chasing Sparfve for auto theft.
That's when things went sideways.
Owens claims in the lawsuit that a half-dozen police officers — including his own colleagues — assaulted and handcuffed him instead of helping him subdue Sparfven.
The off-duty officer said he repeatedly identified himself as a Providence police officer, but his claims were ignored and he was placed in the back of a patrol car — where he watched as officers then attacked and beat his son, Tyler.
The younger Owens, who had done undercover work for Providence police in the past, was also handcuffed and arrested after officers punched and beat him, the lawsuit claims.
Christopher Owens, who suffered multiple injuries in the beating, never returned to work and has been approved for a disability pension.
Naturally, the department has admitted no wrongdoing and circled the wagons. Spokesmen for Providence Police claim Owens failed to follow procedures for identifying himself at the scene, although exactly why he would fail to do that when he's in the process of having his ass kicked isn't really explained.
It’s unfortunate he was injured,” said Col. Steven G. O’Donnell, state police superintendent. “It was a dynamic scene, but he has some responsibility for what transpired in that backyard.”
Even if Owens wasn't a fellow officer, the fact is they beat him badly enough that he had to go on disability when he had nothing to do with the car theft or the accident and was only trying to help. The fact that they then went on to beat his son, who also had nothing to do with it, shows a tendency for vicious overreaction and brutality without first determining who the innocent and guilty parties are. Even if he did fail to identify himself, or they failed to hear it, he'd done nothing wrong and nothing like this should have ever happened to him or his son.
 If anyone should understand the confusion that can occur in the "heat of the moment," it would be a 10-year police veteran. He of all people should know how they feel. Instead he's suing for $1 million on the claim that Providence police are racist. This type of thing can happen to someone who isn't walking around with his pants sagging, isn't wearing a highly suspicious hoodie and oh-by-the-way is a cop. Just like black off-duty NYPD officers who say they get profiled, harassed, and assaulted too. What it is that any other black person can do? How nice and polite and deferential and compliant and respectable do they have to be  to prevent this kind of thing from happening to them also?
Or perhaps, it's not up to them. It's up to the standards of justice we train for and expect from our police forces—particularly in the "heat of the moment."
there is something stinking in RI WITH A 50% White and 16% Black population in providence we are expected to believe that the Black cop and son who also worked with the police were not immediately recognized and that he didn't identify correctly how much more correct can "hey i'm one of you" be???????  wonder what undercover investigating the son was doing, Internal Affairs maybe?????  then the superintendent backs the White brutalizers that's a debunking of the claim and essentially calling Mr. Owens a liar.  no bdy cams or dash cams,  WHY???????

Cartoon: Fear factory

this is the mindset on most republican faithfuls as dictated to them by those who would deceive them.
G W Bush, "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on"  without relentless mind intrusion their rhetoric and agenda would die out faster then it is now, their new battle cry "KEEP THE HATE ALIVE"!!

Why They Hate Planned Parenthood

In the latest attempts to smear Planned Parenthood, it has become obvious that the hatred many have for Planned Parenthood has little, if anything, to do with abortion.  
If the venom was specifically about abortion procedures or fees charged for processing donated tissue, they wouldn't want to defund Planned Parenthood in states like Oklahoma, where they already do not perform abortions.  Texas would not have defunded the Planned Parenthood clinics that did not provide abortions -- which are all run by a different umbrella organization than the few Texas clinics providing abortion services.  Louisiana clinics also don't offer abortions, and Jindal is well aware of a syphilis outbreak in his state.  Arkansas clinics only provide medical abortion, so they don't donate tissue either.
There is a recurring theme in "right to life" narratives -- the fact that many see pregnancy and childbirth as punishment for sin.  The idea isn't new, but when examined from that perspective it's obvious that most of them don't think "good girls" like their daughters will ever need any of Planned Parenthood's services.  
Sadly, Anna Duggar's parents learned that's not always true.  Still, while the "right to life" movement is busily crafting legislation making infanticide after an abortion procedure a crime punishable by death, their actual agenda is clear to those who look closely.
The battle for reproductive rights has always been a fight against those who think biology should dictate the role of women in society -- a belief often perpetuated by people with a shocking level of ignorance of said biology.  The fact many pro-lifers support abortion after "legitimate rape" is a clear demonstration of just how many know the government invasion of the womb isn't about saving unborn children, but about enforcing quite different moral standards indeed.  (If you oppose both abortion and the death penalty, congratulations on avoiding another common demonstration of hypocrisy.)  
Therefore, I propose that we stop attempting to engage in apologetics for Planned Parenthood that involve mentioning how few of their services are abortion-related.  They know, and they don't care.  The stories of lives saved by Planned Parenthood don't move them. They probably don't even care that even "righteous" men, having no biological impetus to be conservative about spreading their seed, may continue to engage in behavior that puts the "good girls" they're married to at risk.  
Instead, let's start calling them on their real motives -- to keep their own women subservient, and enforce that morality on the rest of society.  Planned Parenthood is a symbol of female independence, started by a woman fighting the evils forced childbearing causes, and to them that is very frightening indeed.
really have nothing to add the article says it all i think it best you read and draw your own conclusions better to not have my opinion in your head this ones strictly a loner effort that only at this point needs you to kick the tires and discuss after you give it a good going over.  good read and God Bless

Boehner on Face the Nation: 'It's not my fault I'm a sucky leader'

Screenshot of John Boehner on

Outgoing House Speaker John Boehner had an exit interview of sorts on Sunday's Face the Nation. All of Boehner's soul-searching since his visit with Pope Francis last week, supposedly the impetus behind his surprise resignation, hasn't turned him into a total truth-teller.
On Planned Parenthood:
The Senate is expected to pass a continuing resolution next week. The House will take up the Senate bill. We will also take up a select committee to investigate these horrific videos that we have seen from abortion clinics in several states that really raise questions about the use of federal funds and raise questions about aborted fetuses that are born alive.
Not true, of course, and not challenged by host John Dickerson, who maybe isn't aware that the videos have been thoroughly debunked. He just skips over that to allow Boehner downplay the fact that he's going to have the rely on Democrats if he wants to avoid an immediate government shutdown. "I'm sure it will" require Democratic votes, Boehner said. 
"But I expect my Democrat colleagues want to keep the government open as much as I do." The last vestige of sanity in the House dispensed with, Boehner moved onto to claim how much he has accomplished as speaker, including "protecting 99 percent of the American people from […] the first major entitlement reforms in 20 years." Yeah, right. But here's where it gets really absurd, where Boehner would have us believe that he wasn't somehow in charge of the House for the past stupid four years.
Beohner i still feel wanted to do the right thing but tea party stranglehold was more powerful than dedication to job and upholding the job oaths instead of party generated non competes by the republican SS policing the members with threats for loyalty but is it really loyal when you are force by fear to adhere??????  either way they have been the catalyst for our pain and deprivation for 7 years now as much as Pres. was able to do think in terms of much more without republican obstruction.

Watch John Oliver Bust Fox News For Falsifying Refugee Video

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For several weeks Fox News has been trying to stir up irrational fears among their xenophobic audience over the plight of refugees fleeing war and economic hardship in Syria and Iraq. To that end they have mounted a relentless campaign to slander the refugees as terrorists seeking to infiltrate Europe and the U.S. This propaganda blitz is based on nothing but invented tales of horror and racist speculation. But apparently those attempts to deceive their pre-rattled viewers were not sufficiently frightening.
Consequently, Fox News had to manufacture "evidence" of the doom that awaits any nation that shows empathy for the suffering refugees. So they enhanced their fictional narrative with video that was completely unrelated to the story. Of course, they've been caught doing that before. What makes it surprising this time is that it was revealed by John Oliver in an enlightening and hilarious episode of his HBO program "Last Week Tonight:" From the segment (video below):
Kristin Fisher: A new video has surfaced online showing why some are worried that Europe is opening its doors to potential terrorists. Those are reportedly Muslim refugees on a train in Europe chanting "Allahu akbar," or "God is great." Now to be clear, we're not saying that any of those people are terrorists or in any way affiliated with a terror group. But it does highlight just how many of these refugees who are fleeing violence in Iraq and Syria are Muslim.
John Oliver: OK, first, you don't get to claim that you're not calling those people terrorists when your lower third says "Terrorists Inbound." [It later changed to "Terrifying Chant"] If you are really not saying that they're terrorists, maybe change it to something more accurate like "People Take Train."
this guy is my tied favorite of Larry Wilmore not crazy about his profanity but his British accent and Jon Stewart like delivery are spot on. checkout the video language alert  i tink he might beat out Bill Maher in the potty mouth category. don't forget the recent posting of their religious right and their contrived story and fake video canonizing the bigot Kim Davis not as advertised.  oh and Fiorina's entry to the republican independent film festival.

FOUND: The source of Carly Fiorina's fetus claim
Image result for Lexi Oliver Fretz
By now we all know GOP Presidential wannabee Carly Fiorina has been telling everyone that she saw a video of an aborted fetus "with arms and legs kicking while Planned Parenthood people dissected the baby looking for its brain."
Her story is bullshit of the highest order -- HOWEVER -- there is a tiny element of truth in the story.
Turns out, what she saw was a video of an infant that had been born prematurely at 19 weeks and that did not survive.
Here is the mom who gave birth to the premature baby. By the mother's own description, the baby lived only a few minutes after birth. There was no dissection and no one was "harvesting the baby's brain," fetal tissue, or any organs.
It is not clear if the mom is in on the scam that has been spreading. Her name is Lexi Oliver Fretz and she is a pro lifer. She has a Facebook page where she states  "they did not ask for permission to use the photo."  Apparently she knows the photo is being used deceptively; she seems to be okay with this because as she puts it, "YES it is illegal (using the photo without her permission) NO I am not going to do anything about it."
i saw the Thomas Roberts interview yesterday on MSNBC and she did sound very much like she got a payday out of this. she was more accepting of what the video erroneously reported using her dead child as the harbinger of their deceitful attempt to frame Planned Parenthood as heartless baby murders that has been rebuked but ask yourself who are really the heartless in this scam?????

links in article

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rep Elijah Cummings eviscerates GOP Chairman for Planned Parenthood salary hypocrisy

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The hypocrisy in the Planned Parenthood  funding hearing was rampant. The disrespect given to Planned Parenthood's President Cecile Richards bordered on misogyny.
Representative & Oversight & Government Reform Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz should be ashamed of the entire hearing. His attacks on Cecile Richard illustrated that in fact his party's war on women is real. It is not made up.
Representative Jason Chaffetz attacked Cecile Richards for her salary. Cecile Richard is the president of a very large organization that services over 2.6 million citizens every year. She travels extensively throughout the country ensuring that those that would attempt to bring down Planned Parenthood on false premises are kept in check.
Jason  Chaffetz's attack drew a fierce response from Representative Elijah Cummings. He pointed out that while Planned Parenthood was never found to have done anything illegal, this president's compensation is being questioned. He then pointed out several corporations convicted of serious wrong doing whose presidents and chairpersons' compensation was never questioned. Representative Elijah Cummings articulation of the facts seemed to surprise Representative Jason Chaffetz.
Those attacking Planned Parenthood are actually going against the will of the citizens. Americans support funding the organization. The DailyKOS reports the following.
Shutting down the government in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood might be one of the least popular things Republicans could do:
American voters oppose 69 – 23 percent, including 56 – 36 percent among Republicans, shutting down the federal government in the dispute over funding Planned Parenthood, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today.
Sadly, those attacking Planned Parenthood are exhibiting the behavior of the class bully. Citizens must speak up and ensure they are unsuccessful.
take off the blinders get serious therapy and stop telling us what American people want because it to is a lie quote Rev. Al, "lots of things were acceptable until we stopped accepting them"  wake up everybody.  emphasizing their war on women is one of the first things we need to wake up to it effects mates and entire families it is the republican American way, not ours.

we can't be like them, stupidity is seeing the truth, hearing the truth and still believing the lies country can't run successfully on a foundation of deceit.

Poll: By 2-1, funding for Planned Parenthood supported

WASHINGTON — Some congressional Republicans remain determined to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood, but a nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds Americans back government support for the group by more than 2-1.
Two-thirds of those surveyed, 65%, say funding should continue for the group, which provides contraception, cancer screening and other health services to women; 29% say it should be cut off.
"Basically, we're defunding women's health care," protests Erika Raney, 32, a business consultant from Los Angeles who was among those surveyed. "It furthers the issue that women still don't have equal rights in the U.S."
Passions run high on both sides of the issue. Ronald Joseph, 78, a retiree from Elmira, N.Y., objects to the abortion services Planned Parenthood provides, although about $500 million in federal funding isn't used for that purpose. "They're butchers," he said in a follow-up interview. "They might as well put sawdust on the floor."
The poll of 1,000 likely voters, taken by phone Thursday through Monday, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.
An even bigger majority opposes shutting down the government as a tactic to deny funds for the group. Before a Wednesday midnight deadline, congressional Republicans now are expected to pass a short-term budget bill that would fund Planned Parenthood and the rest of the government for a few months. But it's possible that showdown has only been delayed until the next fiscal deadline in December.
By 73% to 19%, those surveyed say opponents shouldn't force a shutdown over the issue. If they do, the GOP would bear the brunt of the blame: 43% say they would hold congressional Republicans responsible. Just 11% would blame President Obama and 10% congressional Democrats. 
"I would probably start with Ted Cruz," says William Sather, 41, the technical director for a production company in St. Paul, Minn. Cruz, the Texas senator now running for the Republican presidential nomination, has vowed to delay a vote on the budget bill this week. He ignited a two-week government shutdown in 2012 over funding for the Affordable Care Act. 
About one in four volunteered that they would blame all of those involved.
i would think opposition would be much higher given the last attempt to do this by republicans and what it cost 24 billion bucks we need to cut off the fingers holding the purse strings they only seem to spend money to deny us and demean those who try to help don't forget the 4.5 million so far on Benghazi and still no scandal have they tried looking where the WMD were supposed to be??????? that place should be empty and big enough.  PP war is just a vote grabbing hoax by republicans only 3% of services go to abortion.

No, 100,000 People Did Not Gather In Peru To Support Kim Davis. Here’s Proof.

Embattled Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was no doubt the guest of honor at this year’s Values Voter Summit, with the hosting Family Research Council awarding her a “Cost of Discipleship Award.” Mat Staver, chairman of the Liberty Counsel, which legally represents her, praised her courage and claimed that 100,000 people had attended a prayer rally to support her in Peru.
Staver posted the following image at the summit to support his claim:
The image seems to have first been tweeted the day before the summit by Matt Barber, also formerly of the Liberty Counsel, who claimed, “Christians in Peru had a prayer rally for #KimDavis & American Christians. over 100K showed up. Amazing!” Staver posted the image a second time on Sunday, claiming that Peruvian Congressman Julio Rosas was responsible for organizing it.
There is not a single news story about a prayer rally taking place in Peru for Kim Davis. There is not a single post on Rosas’ Twitter or Facebook about such a rally, though he did send one tweet of support for Staver’s defense of Davis. And the image is almost certainly from a prayer rally known as “Jesús Te Ama Y Te Cambia” (“Jesus Loves You And Changes You”), which did take place in Peru — over five days in May, 2014.
Internet sleuths, including Twitter user @DCHomos, quickly identified the stadium as the Estadio Universidad Nacional Mayor San Marcos at the National University of San Marcos. Then, a number of videos seemed to quickly confirm that the image shared by Staver and Barber was from the 2014 convention organized by the pentecostal Movimiento Misionero Mundial (Worldwide Missionary Movement).
It may well be true, as Barber claimed in his tweets, that attendees of Jesús Te Ama Y Te Cambia prayed for American Christians writ large, but at that point in time, nobody knew who Kim Davis was. The event almost certainly didn’t happen over the past few months, and did not happen specifically to support Davis.
using Jesus to promote bigotry and intolerance not a good idea when judgement day comes they gonna have some splainin to do.  it takes a klan like evangelicals to usurp religion for their own purposes wonder how the base will see or refuse to see this blatant lie and deception of support for a bigot in Jesus's name even going so far as to refer to her as a baby JESUS at another rally that is blasphemy and nullifies her claims to holier than thou.

Now that Kim Davis is a full-fledged Republican, the Values Voters crazy folks are hailing her as the new female Jesus, thanks to Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver.

What The Pope Really Said About Kim Davis

Several media outlets jumped on Francis’ comments as tacit support for Davis. But while the pontiff’s answer made his support for conscientious objection clear, he was vague on what conscientious objection actually would mean in Davis’ situation. For example, Francis did not explain whether he believed an elected government official should be allowed to keep a job while refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
The distinction is crucial to millions of religious Americans such as Mennonites, who are allowed to refuse military service and some taxes but, unlike Davis, willingly accept the consequences of doing so — including passing on certain jobs. Others take financial hits to accommodate their faith: Some pacifist Christians oppose paying federal taxes that support the military, and so intentionally make very little money to avoid paying the IRS.
“[Religious freedom] is a fundamental right which shapes the way we interact socially and personally with our neighbors whose religious views differ from our own,” Francis said. “Religious freedom certainly means the right to worship God, individually and in community, as our consciences dictate. But religious liberty, by its nature, transcends places of worship and the private sphere of individuals and families.”
In the same speech, however, Francis appeared to call out extremists on both sides of the debate, condemning those who silence religious expression as well as religious people who use their faith to oppress others.
“In a world where various forms of modern tyranny seek to suppress religious freedom, or try to reduce it to a subculture without right to a voice in the public square, or to use religion as a pretext for hatred and brutality, it is imperative that the followers of the various religions join their voices in calling for peace, tolerance and respect for the dignity and rights of others,” he said.
i'm glad he reiterated his first response it sounded too much like condoning of the bigot Kim and ripe for republican exploitation by charlatans like Huckabee and Santorum and chuck full of potential red meat.  last phrase says it all.

Benghazi 'Probe' Now Longest In Congressional History
Image result for picture of issa and dowdy together cartoonsImage result for trent gowdy benghazi cartoons
The Republican House should feel quite proud of itself now that it's political witch hunt has made history for its longevity.
As of Monday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has been active for 72 weeks - surpassing the record previously held by the Watergate Committee in the 1970's.
Democrats have accused the committee of focusing on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rather than the 2012 Benghazi attacks, and argue that it has been one of the least productive in history, having held just three public hearings.
"The Benghazi Select Committee has now become one of the longest and least active congressional investigations in history," Ranking Member Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, wrote in a statement. "The Committee has squandered the last 16 months and more than 4.5 million taxpayer dollars dredging up political attacks to impact the 2016 presidential election - a severe misuse of taxpayer funds and Congressional power."
purse string holders, party of fiscal responsibility, best to lead the country back to prosperity even though it's them that are keeping it at a minimal.  4.5 million tax dollars for showing themselves to be the failed party of inquisition two grand inquisitors one going bat crap crazy because he can't find a link to his warped conspiracy ridden gut the other continuing to fail on the others mind farts.

a period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation.

Mother Of Stillborn Child In Video Allows Carly Fiorina To Keep Lying About It

Carly Fiorina Planned Parenthood videos

This whole story is sad, and the only person who deserves any anger and ridicule is David Daleiden, for exploiting a mother's tragedy in order to further his cynical, misogynist goals.
Lexi Oliver Fretz posted the story of her son's too-early birth and death shortly after he left the womb. He was at nineteen weeks' gestation and simply too early to survive. It's a sad story and my heart goes out to her.
BUT. There was no abortion, nor was there anyone eagerly waiting to harvest "baby parts," as Fiorina has so emphatically stated. In fact, according to Fretz' story, her children were permitted to visit their deceased brother and hold him before he was buried. Hardly the cold-blooded clinical procedure CMP claims took place.
Fretz is an anti-abortion believer, however. So when she heard that the photo of her deceased child was used in a CMP video, she posted this to Facebook:
As for Carly Fiorina's delusional claim that if she keeps saying it happened it must have happened, I'll let Wonkette do the talking. Kaili Joy Gray went off on Carly today, not just for her cynical abuse of the entire country's sympathies, but for forcing the lie to continue long past its expiration date:
So because, as we said,THE F..... VIDEO DOES NOT F..... EXIST, Team Carly decided to just make its own. Stock footage plus Carly doing her MAD FACE at the debate, and voila! She has been vindicated and Planned Parenthood is guilty, just like she said, and now we must defund it, even though that’s actually a terrible and terribly unpopular idea that would cost taxpayers even more money. (And again, let us marvel at Carly’s terrific fiscally conservative business sense.) And if we don’t do like she says, based on the video she hallucinated from sniffing too much toner, well then, for shame, Bamz and Hillz and America, FOR SHAME!
why do republican voters feel it's ok to lie to them and mislead with misinformation and bald faced fraud???  these are not the qualities of a leader regardless to their thinking it is.  the problem is like their religious right they are trying to force their agenda on us or like they used to say about ObamaCares "ram it down our throats" while hiding behind it's being done to them.  they obviously have mistaken us for their base who will believe all and fall for anything.  the shameful trying shame us for their own shamelessness. doing the deed then sweeping the dirt on our shoes that is so 2008 and 2015 late.

Larry Wilmore Takes Apart Jeb(!) Over His Remarks About Black People And 'Free Stuff'

Image result for fiorina and bush cartoons
The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore started his show off this Monday by first thanking the “metaphor gods” for the story about Carly Fiorina and the stage collapsing at one of her recent campaign events, and was more than happy to use the accident as a way to get a few digs in at her for her recent lie-fest about Planned Parenthood over the weekend.
Wilmore then moved onto Jeb(!) Bush and his recent remarks about black people, and pretending that their votes can be bought by offering them a bunch of “free stuff.”
After playing a bit of Bush during a campaign appearance, where he said their message was one of “hope and aspiration,” Wilmore was willing to play along for a while, until Bush continued talking.
this guy is my new favorite, he's on HBO watch your back Maher!!!

Limbaugh Claims NASA Mars Research 'Corrupted By Current Regime'

Image result for rush limbaugh cartoons

He may be nearing extinction, but Rush Limbaugh hasn't surrendered his propensity toward conspiracy theories and half-baked claims whenever someone says something he just can't agree with.
The latest rant from Rush concerns NASA's announcement about Mars and the associated contention that there was some sort of climate event that caused the surface water to disappear.
Rush just simply cannot deal with that.
with already dwindling numbers he is still reaching for the insane factor his party won't stop polluting the air and water and land so pretty soon there will be a big sign at the north and south poles "this planet uninhabitable do to republican arrogant ignorance" making Mars a best shot to continue the right wing agenda of right wing deregulation.  how many years before we would have to evacuate Mars???????  he would probably be in the first trip out of here with no apologies or goodbyes.

Republican accused of visiting brothels David Vitter defends public school’s unconstitutional ‘prayer boxes’

David Vitter criticizes gay marriage while failing to note his own infidelities.

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) is coming to the defense of a public school accused of proselytizing students by hanging “prayer boxes” around campus and affixing its newsletter and website with religious messages, Fox10 reports.
The ACLU accuses Airline High School in Bossier Parish of pushing Christianity on students with “prayer boxes” that are placed throughout the school. The boxes say “prayer requests” and bear a Christian cross, the Friendly Atheist reports.
“I think it’s vital that we stand up and fight back against these attempts to trample on Louisianians’ right to freedom of religion,” Vitter said in a statement to Fox10. “It’s quite clear that the ACLU fails to recognize that students have the right to pray in school as long as their praying does not interfere with the school’s teaching mission or with the rights of their fellow students. And trying to keep a principal from saying ‘God Bless’ is just ridiculous.”
The ACLU says the school is crossing the line.
“This letter is to inform you that these practices violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and comparable provisions of the Louisiana Constitution, and they must stop immediately,” the ACLU wrote in a letter. ”
The ACLU went on to note that a message posted to the school’s website by the principal closed with the phrase “May God bless you all” and that an organization called Fellowship of Christian Athletes put the prayer boxes up with the knowledge and consent of school administrators.
“The Constitution forbids school-sponsored prayer in order to protect those whose convictions differ from government-sanctioned beliefs. Public school employees are not entitled to use their government positions to promote and impose their personal religious beliefs on students. When school staff crosses the constitutional line, as the Airline principal has done by religious messaging and encouraging prayer, the courts have declared these activities unlawful,” the ACLU wrote, citing case law.
i really hope it's becoming more clear the hypocrisy of the religious right and their claims of being denied their religious freedoms.  but all you ever read about is just that their making the fraudulent claim and their efforts to do what they are doing to everyone else KIM DAVIS ring any bells???? does constitutional law they claim so much adherence to seem not so much of a concern to them???

we are being lied to by the entire right wing political or faux religious makes no difference their motivation is manipulation what better group then the religious gullible to practice their theory on.
G W Bush, "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on", it works their base keeps coming back for nothing but the light is on at the tunnel's end and some are no longer in the grip millennials are leading the Exodus from the party and it's personal religious branch of evangelicals.

Study: White people react to evidence of white privilege by claiming greater personal hardships

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Researchers at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business have found that white people respond to evidence that they are privileged by their race by insisting that they face greater hardships in life.
In a study published in the November issue of Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, L. Taylor Phillips and Brian S. Lowery point out that progress on racial equality is limited by the fact that many whites deny the existence of inequities.
“Despite this reality, policy makers and power brokers continue to debate whether racial privilege even exists and whether to address such inequity,” the researchers noted. “One reason for this inaction might be an unwillingness among Whites to acknowledge racial privilege — acknowledgment that may be difficult given that Whites are motivated to believe that meritocratic systems and personal virtues determine life outcomes.”
“However, claiming personal life hardships may help Whites manage the threatening possibility that they benefit from privilege.”
The researchers argued that understanding the reaction to evidence of racial inequality was important because whites who did not feel that they personally benefited from their ethnicity would be less willing to support policies that were designed to reduce racial inequality.
A second experiment suggested “that people claim more life hardships in response to evidence of in-group privilege because such information is threatening to their sense of self.” Researchers observed that whites who read self-affirming statements before completing the survey claimed less hardships, and they found that self-affirmations could actually reverse the denial of white privilege.
“Furthermore, Whites’ claims of life hardships mediated their denials of personal privilege, supporting our hypothesis that hardship claims help people deny they personally benefit from privilege — that White privilege extends to themselves,” Phillips and Lowery wrote. “Importantly, these denials of personal privilege were in turn associated with diminished support for affirmative action policies — policies that could help alleviate racial inequity.”
In conclusion, the study postulated that whites may claim hardship “to maintain not only a positive sense of self, but also the material benefits associated with racial privilege.”
“Whites’ claims of hardship might also serve to legitimize the racial advantages they enjoy, and thereby justify a system that benefits their group.”
denial the fix all for those who refuse to admit certain truths in society and as the article says it creates plausible deniability the back door egress or escape plan is almost infallible especially if left unchallenged then the beat goes on.

we will always have those that say yes and those that say no any change in that dynamic will have to come from evolving that is the hard thing to do for the no's it also prevents progress for all the act itself is born of stupidity which is knowing the truth, seeing the truth and still believing the lies.  recognize  free your mind the rest will follow!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Carly Fiorina Doubles Down On Planned Parenthood Lies

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GOP presidential candidate and failed former HP CEO Carly Fiorina doubled down on her lies about Planned Parenthood "harvesting" baby parts during an appearance on NBC this Sunday. Meet the Press host Chuck Todd did actually call Fiorina out over the doctored video tapes, but he let a lot go unchecked as well, like her claim that Planned Parenthood receives federal funding for abortions, which they don't.
Fiorina basically said she didn't care what the tapes showed or didn't show, she somehow knows that this practice is happening, so she's standing by her accusations -- fact checkers be damned.
Todd and his panel actually went after Fiorina later in the show for refusing to acknowledge the fact checkers on Planned Parenthood, and for her claim that they receive federal funding for abortions, but as they also acknowledged, facts don't seem to matter much to Republican primary voters. That doesn't excuse letting so much of what she said go unchecked while she was still on the air.
i can see why the candidates on the right lie but why would the base cheer and clap and vote for such a despicable person guess it's that birds of a feather thing.

spoken with the true arrogance of a republican politician she may claim to be an outsider but she sure picked up the ropes pretty quick and can lie as openly as the rest.  i see another war and it she's in the big chair another lie fest as to why we are.

it's a shame the only two women candidates both have been labelled liars guess the purveyors of the war on women are all giddy and wetting their pants.