Friday, January 15, 2016

Michele Bachmann Fearmongers Over Returning Gitmo Land To Cuba+

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Chris Matthews asked former Minnesota Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann what her take is on the controversy surrounding Ted Cruz's natural born citizenship. You'd think she'd be as skeptical as she was about President Obama, who was clearly born in the U.S.A. and whose mother is also, definitely, a U.S. citizen. But of course, she extends all courtesy to the fundamentalist zealot who shares a common trait with her: he's White.
Obviously a fan of Ted Cruz, she says:
I don't think he's afraid of this question at all, he is a constitutional scholar (like the president) and he'll stand up and he'll give the answer...I think he will have an answer for the voters.
i must say this is the first time i saw her not all bat crap crazy looking and making unintelligible statement. i need to take this time to say yesterday i remarked about the birther thing not working on Pres. but appears to be on Cruz i was not thinking Pres. was born in the US Cruz Canada my bad sorry guys!!