Wednesday, November 23, 2011

our beloved pres needs to stand up for working class and middle class

He needs to stand up for the working class, the middle class of this country and say I am going to protect you.

one man, especially a Black man cannot knock down "the great white wall of America" remember he said "yes we can" not "yes i can" if American's would stop being wussie's and give him some support they might see what they are looking for. what America has lost is loyalty to those they put in place to navigate them through the local and world situation, planes, boats, trains, and yes even the Presidency requires more than one person. he's not Super Black Pres. he just needs the party and people who elected him to stop being the Kryptonite to his efforts to make this a better country for us and the right. he can't protect anyone that does not desire to protect themselves, and he is not GOD who does require your looking out for yourself first. be strong, God Bless click title please

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


now he wants kids to be the bread winner's
the right wing view for the country is scare the people and deny jobs for adults and pay kids to work in the schools when do they do their homework? notice he only said for poor neighborhoods that tells you where his racist mind is. please click title for article

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy hour Perry

this is what the right, Perry mean to happen if we let them deregulate again you think banks ripping us was bad try taking a shower and rinsing those ever so delicate parts then find out that warm feeling is not sexual it's your junk on fire. CLICK TITLE FOR LINK

Sunday, November 13, 2011

.what if there isn't anymore

this was sent to me by my younger brother Haywood not the author nor am i . but you will not forget this and i'm sure will appreciate it. please click the title

Friday, November 11, 2011

Top Ten Veteran Day Songs

these songs were like songs of different era's in time with different struggles many kept us in touch with our humanity and remembering home and reality. we had a couple of song where we use to gather in the head with lights out and myself included would get a little moist just under the brow. "he'll be back" by the players '66 this song created almost as much water as we were on in the Pacific MEMORIES Please copy and paste this link to hear the song that had a room full of guys bawling like Beohner,
"greetings this is Uncle Sam" the Monitor's


just a shout out to all past and present and future veterans, this day hopefully will bring a more robust effort from the power's that be and the public's interest for those of us who were not as fortunate as other's. we did what they demanded of us let's not gloss it over there were an are penalty's for non compliance. maybe a politician will introduce a bill that creates a better reality for those who have not made it home with open eye's and those who have. God Bless the United States and let it stay that way UNITED. for those who can this site may help CLICK TITLE FOR LINK

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Huckabee to Anti-Union Crowd: Deflate Car Tires and Mislead Voters

Felonious Huckabee at it again advising the right base to break constitutional law. this guy is shameless guess Fox gives him more then God was, so he enters the lying deceitful realms of the Foxee's, and calls himself a minster? this party has a lot of rejectee's, St. Peter is revoking their Gate pass as we tpye,er peck lol

Monday, November 7, 2011

click this link Mike Huckabee Compares Sexual Harassment To Ordering Chicken At Popeyes

this man is an ordained minister, and a Fox employee, and yet he continue's to make anti Christian rhetoric not to mention illegal practice's he wants the people to be his partner in crime.  see my blog entry "Hucabee's Felony" on this blog and see his on going voyage away from anything morally correct, to that dark underbelly of the right wing. say's what the t-p'ers want to hear, hate filled rhetoric designed to excite and incite that radically confused base, products of the Bush misinforming. Bush "you can fool all of the people some of the time and those are the one's you want to concentrate on"  watch out for the elephant dung people.

Against Their Will: North Carolina's Sterilization Program

is this an example of what the Right Wing T-P'ers mean when they say they want to take the country back to? these are not the the things of a religious agenda. more the rantings of the not so moral minority, that practice's it's rewritten word of the Bible, because they no longer can use the actual teachings to justify their hatred of other's not like them.   please click title for article

Friday, November 4, 2011

Koch-backed group confirms financial ties to Cain campaign manager

  click NBC link
have the Koch's been marking their territory of "CAIN" and company? boy will they be taking back the executive washroom key?this may me the first justified elynching and what will happen to Chuck and Davy's contender, tune in tomorrow to "as the political chance's sink and stinks"

Cain talks like he's newly adopted by his pimps

has Hermy over stepped the last bastion of the corporate masters and self assimilated himself in the family Koch? don't think they'll put up a Xmas stocking for him. and definitely out of the will. i'm familiar with the saying and it's intention, but having a problem with for the Koch's, it ain't that kinda party. but then again they've shelled out a few bucks for this guy, but does that include carte Blanche to the family jewels?

herman cain's Newest Problem - Rachel Maddow - November 2, 2011 - YouTube

misuse of illegal campaign funds? wonder how much of this he doesn't know and then when did he know a little then remember's that iphone he liked, keep sending him the shovels although now looks like he's visiting ACE and buying them himself.     Read Article

Are Republicans 'sabotaging' America's progress?

Republicans how blind are you to what's coming for you? progressives how long before we stand up for what is right?  "yes we can" not anybody we

Read Article

In 2012 Voters Will Remember That Koch Led Republicans Kept Them Unemployed

 the right i believe is in for a culture shock, most of them already know they have crossed several line's in their over reach, power mad, blind to their true status of right wing water carriers, and will soon have a close intimate relationship with the curbs of the country's many streets, cause that's where they'll be kicked. the progressive indifference is starting to disapate as well as the right opening their eye's to their inclusion to the jackpot the right is trying to claim as our new way of life. elephant dung proliferating the air waves is losing altitude, cloudy with chance of Republican,s falling. be strong my friends God Bless ps watch out for the dung!

Does it matter to have women in leadership positions?

 hell yes it matters, among the top reason's look what the all boyz club has done to the country. they have never had a legitimate reason for keeping them out, oh except those chauvinistic not funny to anyone else cracks about "falling apart once a month, hell these a__holes fall apart moment by moment.(bawling Beohner) there is also this pissin' match that occurs with men and which our beloved Pres. is slowly kicking and screaming (metaphor) accepting, because some times fire with fire is needed, (congress). they are our mothers, sisters, grandmas,cousins, they don't deserve a seat at the table? that's like saying your mother is a inept unqualified mass of hormones. most women politicians are in my estimation more formidable and connected to that pesky humanity idea, and there are those primarily on the right, Ingram, Malkin, Bachmann,can't think of the other hateful one on O'Reilly lastnight oh Coulter, exception to the women who seem to want to play with their counterparts on the on that level, comes off unattractive and insane. like they are not comfortable with exhibiting their womaness to their constituency, hell be what and who you are, then you wouldn't be subjected to the fraidy cat men who feel threatened by the women's legitimacy. Hilary good example, wish she hadn't made the dodging bullets statement, but still the best template. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what Right feels needs immediate attention
can you agree with your right wing politicians, that even though our beloved Pres. has given them bills to put America back to work, they feel it more important to vote to keep the almighty corporation money in the same status of print, and it only cost 215 grand for this more important than jobs legislation. guess right thinks it being not in the billion's it's acceptable.  please click url to link to article