Wednesday, July 28, 2010

when will they grow up?

hello,are you not tired of the republican talking point? notice point not plural. Either they (and i believe they do)think their constituency is so mono faceted they only are capable of hearing the right wing complaint of "passing bills on to our children and grands,when has that ever not been a reality if you don't pay as u go where were these concerned t baggers birthers and the rest of the newly created species of sheep mentality rants when republicans started wars gave all consideration to wall st & big business guess the republicans had not told them until this admin. that "hey we can't out this off on our kids" once again "who's zoomin' who"

Friday, July 16, 2010


how long? will conservative republican think they can keep spewing hateful rhetoric before their real objective is realized by those "real Americans" that they have control over because of the fear grip they keep bombarding these ,oh hell let's face facts they are racially motivated,hateful,and so gullible that all they need do is say or black president is or does or did and with only listening to right wing vomiting they except it i call that blind stupidity if you only adhere to one philosophy you will alway be half cocked