Saturday, January 23, 2016

Watch Syrian refugee children go sledding for the first time in Canada (warning: pure joy ahead)

Syrian refugee children sledding for the first time

Ontario residents David McNab and his wife Kristy Hiltz are sponsoring a Syrian refugee family and took video of the children going sledding for the first time. The result is unadulterated, pure joy!
Hiltz and her husband are co-sponsors of the family. Like many Canadians, they were horrified to see the photo of the young Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi, washed up on a beach in Greece, they told Maclean’s.
They sponsored a family of four — a mother and her three children, Ansam,13, Ibrahim,10 and Dalya, who is 9.
The children have neither been to school, nor seen a doctor or dentist in almost two years. These are all firsts that the children have experienced since arriving on Dec. 30.
Once again, our Northern neighbors are giving us an example of how to properly welcome refugees from war-torn nations into their communities.  
this country's bigoted hatemonger scared of everything and body their republican politico's tell them are the latest bogeyman and seeing the truth around the world and hearing it they still believe the lies the backbone of the party of stupid, slaves to the spoken fears of those that are the glue that keeps this abomination together republican politicians the water carriers for big money.

the smiles on the faces of these kids make most of us feel good and others it just draws out the hate and unfounded intolerance.  other countries have been teaching us for decades but remember the republicans want to abolish the the dept of education and change curriculum's to teach their twisted ideology of selfish Godless hate.