Monday, June 30, 2014

Poll finds record low confidence in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court as of 2010

Here's a well-timed poll:
Americans' confidence in the Supreme Court stands at 30% in the survey - the lowest since 1973 when Gallup started tracking confidence in the institution. Its highest ratings came during Ronald Reagan's presidency. In 1988 and 1985, confidence in the Supreme Court stood at 56%. That number dropped significantly (to 34%) in 2007, during President George W. Bush's second term.
And sentences like this should knock another couple points off that 30 percent:
This decision concerns only the contraceptive mandate and should not be understood to mean that all insurance mandates, that is for blood transfusions or vaccinations, necessarily fail if they conflict with an employer's religious beliefs.
The consistent placement of corporations over workers, money over democracy, deserves our lack of faith in this Court.

low poll ratings are virtually meaningless unless there is a movement following them with positive actions to rectify the egregiousness, threaten your public officials if they don['t move to restore fairness in that court you will forget their names in Nov. and every Nov. after that.  make some noise or continue to have your fate determined by chauvinist who knuckle drag their way through decisions that impact you your mom your daughter your neice, do something or end up with nothing 

One thing the Hobby Lobby justices all had in common...

is that none of them ever will be, or could ever have been, directly impacted by their "narrowly tailored" ruling against women:

Supreme Court Justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Anthony Kennedy

Meanwhile, three of the four justices who ruled against the majority's decision know that "narrowly tailored" doesn't mean the same thing as "won't affect me."

Supreme Court Justices Elana Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Sonia Sotomayor

But hey, who cares about women and their rights when the religious liberty of a nationwide chain of arts and crafts stores is at stake?

is there anyone who doesn't see the intent by right wing is to control women's well being or in their cases non well being, remember Issa and the contraception farce that to was glaring without womens presence or input but theses guys are deciding for them based on nothing else other than they were White and republican.

there can be impeachment of scotus members but as long as their cohorts control the house ain't happening.

Obama To Take Executive Action On Immigration Policy


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he's done waiting for House Republicans to act on immigration. He says he now plans to act on his own.
Obama announced his intention Monday to take executive action.
Obama says there are enough Republicans and Democrats in the House to pass an immigration bill today, and says he would sign it.
But Obama says he's waited for more than a year to give House Speaker John Boehner (BAY'-nur) space to act. He says Boehner informed him last week that the House won't vote on immigration this year.
Obama says the thousands of unaccompanied children showing up on the border underscore the need to drop the politics and act on immigration.
Americans who see things as Pres. overstepping why not look at it as the congress isn't stepping at all, if not for exec. action we would be still squandering money in witch hunts and repeals they like polls well they show a different story than what Americans really want. high double digits in favor of immigration,  so who are those who oippose other than republican bigoted discriminators?

When Will the U.S. Supreme Court Protect the Freedoms of Religious People Who Use Contraceptives?

Ideological Supreme Court

I must admit that I was shocked to read about today's 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the claims made by the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties corporations. Their argument, that a health care mandate that requires them to provide contraception to their employees is in violation of their religious rights, seemed out-of-step with reality on multiple levels.
 Corporations don't have religious rights, for one, or at least that is what I thought. And it seemed like the case was more about the current political tension over Obamacare -- a debate that pits small government and big government advocates against one another -- than a legitimate religious rights issue. But now that I have read the decision, I have to wonder: Was the court so overly-focused on the potential indirect violation of religious freedoms of one set of Americans that they forgot to consider the actual religious freedoms of millions of others?

IMO the court was just appeasing their sides base creating a false sense of a win by them when in reality that precedence will come home to deny them as well, they seem oblivious to the fact that laws they cheer as victory affects them too, and the politicians won't tell them.  this is discrimination of those of a different mind.  the scotus mantle says;

The main inscription on the front architrave (well above the main doors) is: "Equal Justice Under Law"; the one on the rear of the building says "Justice, the Guardian of Liberty."
  Did the court consider that there are some people of faith who believe that there are times when we are morally and religiously compelled to provide contraceptives to those whose physical or mental health is at risk? As a rabbi and a Jew, I am one of those people. And I know that there are millions of others, of various faiths, who share this view.
they fall far from the tree of justice their decisions leave just us while lawless blasphemous business high five all around.  where's the justice or the liberty for a party that screams freedoms relentlessly those on that side that are supposed to be unbiased but you judge from their recent decisions.

GINSBURG: Supreme Court Has 'Ventured Into A Minefield' On Obamacare Decision
ruth bader ginsburg

more right wing side of the court standing up for a few who claim religious freedom but support those projects that hurt Americans more of the same your only friends are not on that side of the fence this is letting a company have rights meant for people with a pulse not a stock exchange ticker.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a blistering dissent opposing the conservative majority's decision to let small, private companies refuse to pay for health insurance that covers birth control.
In a dissent that was partly joined by the court's three other liberal justices, Ginsburg warned the court's decision to strike down the contraception coverage requirement under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act is "bound to have untoward effects."
once again right wing proves it's indifference to women in favor of base preferences to stand between you and your doctor and your medication.  is it more about money than religion how can you say religion and embrace the ways of the right wing deniers?

Ginsburg took particular issue with the conservative justices' decision that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) could apply to private companies. The goal of that statute is aimed at stopping laws that burden a person's First Amendment right to practice their religion.

there is no such attempt to burden them,  just to do the right thing for their employees.  they chose selfishness and discrimination real Christian traits????

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nation Editor Tells Bill Kristol To Join Iraqi Army If He Wants War


The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Sunday bashed Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol as one of the architects of the Iraq War, blaming the current crisis in the country on America's decision to go to war in 2003.
Heuvel argued that there's no military solution to the current situation in Iraq, pointing her criticism at Kristol.
"I have to say, sitting next to Bill Kristol, man — I mean, the architects of catastrophe that have cost this country trillions of dollars, thousands of lives. There should be accountability," she said on ABC's "This Week."
“Because this country should not go back to war," Heuvel continued. "We don’t need armchair warriors, and if you feel so strongly, you should, with all due respect, enlist in the Iraqi Army.”
"That’s a very cute line," Kristol responded.
The two then got into a heated argument about the Iraq War and the current situation in the Middle East.
“A Million Iraqis have been displaced," Heuvel said. "What we have done to that country is a crime.”
“What we have done to that country?” Kristol hit back. “President Bush made mistakes, he was punished for those mistakes electorally as he should have been in 2006, and perhaps in 2008. He also had the courage to order the surge in 2007, which made up for those mistakes, and left things peaceful.”
Kristol then blamed the current situation on President Obama.
really his party loses in his final year and he get's punished and payed for the vdeath and mayhem he created by ignoring warnings of Bin Laden's impending attack.
This president pulled out of Iraq in 2011, he let the Syrian civil war explode, and now we have a terrible situation," he said.
 Heuvel then told Kristol that Bush agreed to pull out in 2008 and that Obama was unable to get Iraq to sign a status of forces agreement in 2011.
they always leave the real reasons out when blaming Pres. for their destruction not only of Iraq but American families and our standing.  republican White men have a God complex, they have the audacity to go to countries thousands of years older steeped in their own cultures and try to convert them to a fallacy of democracy hell we don't have democracy they see what the right wing is doing to this country also those countries have their own right wings that operate on the same game plans, screw everybody take the money and run.

The Same Party That Nominated Palin and Romney Thinks Clinton Is Too Obnoxious To Be President

The same Republican Party that nominated Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney is warning voters not to support Hillary Clinton because the Clintons are obnoxious.
A lot to get to on politics, for you to respond to the former president. Let’s talk about this wealth issue. Is this an issue, and is this an impediment for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy?
Well, I think it’s an impediment because of number one, how they earn their money, how they talk about their money. Obviously, I don’t think there’s a problem with people being rich in this country. It’s just sort of–
Mitt Romney didn’t lose because he was wealthy, did he?
No, but I think that when you are perceived as being out of touch with people that are struggling, with people that are out there working hard, I don’t think flying on private jets and collecting $250,000 for a speech is considered to be hard work. And so people respect folks that earn their money and work hard and they become rich.
But when you talk about being dead broke and when you try to make believe that you understand how average people live, but you made $105 million giving speeches, I think people are kind of tired of this show, quite frankly. I mean, I just heard the interview, I think there’s Hillary–
I saw this Howdy Doody doppelganger trying to say because they have money they can't possibly be in touch with the everyday people,  they are Progressives they have fought for the down trodden the poor those in need of help, she tried to get health care passed but those who are really not in touch blocked it.  just look back at my post if you need a remainder of who's zoomin' who here.
making a claim of out of touch was pinned to Pres. the whole time but he was elected twice, they are trying ton repeal everything he accomplished without them and stuff from before him they call it taking the country backwards all the demonizing and denial of legitimate need by those less fortunate by republicans is well documented and they can continue trying to pin that tale on the donkeys but it would mean cutting off their own.
obnoxious really again browse my post titles and get the real 411 you don't have to read the story the titles alone will reviles you, what's more obnoxious than telling women instead of contraception "put an aspirin between your legs",  or allowing your rapist to have visitation to see the kid rated by his felony, yeah obnoxious right word wrong finger point.

Solar Panel Acreage Needed to Power the Entire Planet: 158 mi x 158 mi

The three squares on the map, below, represent how much solar panel acreage would be needed to power Germany (marked "D"), Europe (marked "EU"), and the entire planet (marked "Welt"):
Not that big, right? Just a small chunk of the Sahara Desert in Algeria.
This, according to a graduate thesis from the Technical University of Braunschweig, by Nadine May: area of 254 km x 254 km would be enough to meet the total electricity demand of the world. The amount of electricity needed by the EU-25 states could be produced on an area of 110 km x 110 km. For Germany with a demand of 500 TWh/y an area of 45 km x 45 km is required, which concerns 0.03 % of all suited areas in North Africa (BMU, 2004b).
That's just 158 miles x 158 miles (c. 25,000 square miles) to power the whole world. It makes one wonder why the hell we aren't doing this already, though the obvious answer is suppression from Big Oil.

I've been saying they are not enthusiastic about green on the right wing because they are so invested in fossil fuels the switch would slowly bring their monopoly to a stall but reinvesting in green fuels would bring in less money over time, you don't use up solar panels you replace here and there but you don't use them up and need more so oil barons are just like the medical industry, there is no money in the cure but a butt load in the treatment aka big pharma.

another problem to supply the world with power requires the world working together and taking a look around not anytime soon.  I don't think we could do that here in America the world has a better chance than we would against tea people.  but you have to feel the shame of the world that we can't come to this together.  we of the world are the worlds worst enemies.

"The pitchforks ARE coming" - A billionaire warns his fellow Oligarchs what is coming down the pipe

Multi-millionaire Nick Hanauer is no dummy. He sees the writing on the wall.
I'd strongly suggest you read this entire piece titled "The pitchforks are coming . . . for us Plutocrats"
And what do I see in our future now? I see pitchforks.
At the same time that people like you and me are thriving beyond the dreams of any plutocrats in history, the rest of the country—the 99.99 percent—is lagging far behind. The divide between the haves and have-nots is getting worse really, really fast. In 1980, the top 1 percent controlled about 8 percent of U.S. national income. The bottom 50 percent shared about 18 percent. Today the top 1 percent share about 20 percent; the bottom 50 percent, just 12 percent.

But the problem isn’t that we have inequality. Some inequality is intrinsic to any high-functioning capitalist economy. The problem is that inequality is at historically high levels and getting worse every day. Our country is rapidly becoming less a capitalist society and more a feudal society. Unless our policies change dramatically, the middle class will disappear, and we will be back to late 18th-century France. Before the revolution.
And so I have a message for my fellow filthy rich, for all of us who live in our gated bubble worlds: Wake up, people. It won’t last.
Read more:

I wrote about the rich helping politicians getting elected and then arming the crazies and passing all kinds of lethal laws that one day they will turn the channel and see another truth one that really seems to describe their situation and it won't be coming from Fox and those they have armed and emboldened to thumb their noses at the law will remember who's responsible for their predicament, I did not say pitchforks but those guns they cling to will take out more than pitch forks.

so will the rich become recluses or get the hell out of dodge?  if you break it you are obligated to fix it they don't think so but they are not in the jackpot of inequality but will be in the jackpot of revenge.

No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks didn’t eventually come out. You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None. It’s not if, it’s when.

Surge In Children Illegally Crossing Mexican Border Into U.S.

President George W. Bush signs H.R. 7311, the William Wilberforce ...nn_05_mpo_borderkids_140611.blocks_desktop_large.jpg

WASHINGTON (AP) — Border Patrol agents could arrest as many as 90,000 children trying to illegally cross the Mexican border alone this year, more than three times the number of children apprehended in 2013, according to a draft internal Homeland Security memorandum reviewed by The Associated Press.
Homeland Security's Office of Immigration Statistics estimates that by 2015 the number of children apprehended while traveling alone could grow to 142,000.

Releasing those people and taking other actions such as reuniting children caught alone at the border with parents or other relatives already in the U.S. serve as "incentives to additional individuals to follow the same path," Vitiello wrote.

republicans are crying Obama hasn't fixed the borders if they mean electrified fences and moats as they suggested no but he has contrary to their misinformation id enforcing the laws, they point out he has deported more than any other pres. so they want it both ways he's not in one breath and as a weapon used to influence Mexicans he's breaking records sending them back.

but in the midst of their flip flopping they left out those kids by law can stay until family or housing can be found courtesy of republican pres. G W Bush and congress.

4) Congress set the rules on dealing with child migrants under the Bush Administration

The Obama administration has a lot of executive authority in enforcing immigration law. But when it comes to unaccompanied children, it actually doesn't have much leeway to change policy. That's because of a series of laws passed by Congress that set a particular process for unaccompanied child migrants as a way of fighting human trafficking. (These laws reinforced a 1997 government lawsuit settlement that set certain standards for care.) Most of this process was codified by Congress under the Homeland Security Act of 2002; Congress added some additional protections under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, in 2008.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Republican candidate is convinced his opponent is dead and using a body double as a stand-in

Rep. Frank Lucas, Oklahoma

KFOR in Oklahoma reports that Timothy Ray Murray believes Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.), his opponent in the congressional Republican primary, was executed three years ago and is being represented by a look-alike. Because he believes Lucas is really dead, Murray said he will challenge the results of Tuesday's Republican primary, in which Murray received 5.2 percent of the vote. Lucas won the primary with 82.8 percent of the vote.
Timothy Ray Murray is not only convinced his opponent is a body double (or, as he stated elsewhere, a "robot look-alike"), he also feels the need to clarify to the public that he, Murray, is NOT a body double:
In the statement, Murray, who did not respond to an interview request, also reassured voters that he is not a body-double.
"I, Timothy Ray Murray, am a human, born in Oklahoma, and obtained and continue to fully meet the requirements to serve as U.S. Representative when honored to so. I will never use a look alike to replace my (The Office’s) message to you or to anyone else, as both the other Republican Challengers have," he said.

just when you wondered when the next weirdest thing coming from the right wing was coming and how off the hook it will be, we get rewarded with this guy.  he obviously either believes this or thinks his voters are stupid enough to.  what's next is he going to walk around pointing at this guy and screaming you know like in the movie "The Body Snatchers" or did he see the movie the night before his crank remark and had a day mare?  from "im not a witch" to "I'm not a doppelganger"?  they must have great Halloween parties.

Obama Mocks Congress One Day After SCOTUS Rebuke

In a combative speech Friday morning, President Obama made clear that a rebuke from the Supreme Court this week was not going to stop him from trying to work around a gridlocked Congress as he tries to implement his agenda. 
He even took a moment to indirectly mock House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), who this week threatened to sue Obama over his use of executive orders to enact policy changes.
The remarks on Friday were especially significant, coming as they did just a day after the Supreme Court ruled that Obama had violated the Constitution by appointing members to the National Labor Relations Board during a three-day congressional recess. In his remarks, the president made clear he is not only unrepentant about his use of executive orders – he’s prepared to keep moving in the same direction.
it's becoming quite clear that the one-person you can depend on to have your back is the Pres. but what are we doing m, again falling under the spell of republican jibber jabber and turning backs on the one who cares I don't think America deserves Obama flip floppy, wishy washy, fickle to a fault are letting our oppressors have their way are we turning into their bitches or are we fighting for our lives looks more like the former.

of all the things he's passed for us not for big business or Koch industries, but us republicans are on a loop to stop it whenever it looks like it's in favor of "we the people" again we don't deserve the Pres. we will deserve what we get from the republicans, heart ache no jobs and the weight of the budget and bills they leave in their wake.  when a family member is shot dead or your skin turns purple or your kid can't breath and you are herded into a stadium no longer in use to live because of nuclear war will you realize the mistake we are about to make or will we just except it as we apparently do now??

shame on us that he has to beg us to save us, get in your car and don't fasten the safety belt drive into a tree at 100mph, it's faster and less painful.

Senator Who Owes Victory To Black Voters Still Supports Law That Makes Voting Harder For Them


update to my thought since law says they could only vote in republican primary if they did not vote in Dem primary, my question why the hell did they not vote in Dem primary?  I hope this is not a prelude to indifferent voters not voting in Nov. that will surely sign away our lives and sign in those who will take them.
After African American voters boosted Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) to a narrow victory over Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel, many are calling for Cochran to thank his newfound supporters by backing efforts to reinstate the Voting Rights Act gutted by the Supreme Court last year. But so far, the senator seems unmoved by these calls and is sticking to his support of voter ID laws.
Derrick Johnson, president of the Mississippi NAACP, told HuffPost Live on Wednesday that they would pressure the senator to “support amending the Voting Rights Act, free of any conditions such as voter ID.”
“I think this is an opportunity for him to show some reciprocity for African-Americans providing a strong level of support for him,” Johnson said.
I understand the move made by Black voters choosing the seemingly lesser of two evils just in case but true to his nature and reminiscent of the frog and scorpion they gave him a free ride and he stung them it's in his nature and demanded by his party.  not going to say they should have known but let this be a lesson no matter what they say or do when they get theirs it's back to the future born of the past, never forget they are republicans, he party of hate, racism, bigotry deception and inhumanity to fellow Americans.
Cochran’s office declined to weigh in on the Voting Rights Act reboot debated in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, but his communications director, Chris Gallegos, suggested that Cochran does not see voter ID as a problem.
“It could be said that ballot access in Mississippi, with its new voter ID process, proved to be solid across the state on Tuesday,” Gallegos wrote in an email to ThinkProgress Thursday. He also pointed to Cochran’s statement praising the Supreme Court decision that struck down the section of the Voting Rights Act requiring Mississippi and other southern states to clear election law changes with the Justice Department.

that's southern White republican for thanx suckers, tomorrow same crap different day prepare.  high fives all around.

Ohio man arrested after friends parade AR-15s through neighborhood, spouting racial slurs

Jesse Deboard

Police arrested one of four people who walked through a Cincinnati neighborhood while openly carrying AR-15 rifles and repeatedly using racial slurs and profanity.
One of two men in the group, which included two women, filmed their open carry rally in the East Price Hill neighborhood, where they walked past District 3 police headquarters and marveled that they were exercising their constitutional rights.
“Broad day, you see this? Walking down the street with a AR-15,” says the man filming the demonstration, who police later identified as Jesse Deboard.
The video, which was later posted on YouTube and shared on social media, shows the foursome encounter police officers, who question them on camera but let them go on their way, reported WKRC-TV.
“Like you said, it’s your right to do that, it makes no sense to me I mean, unless you just want attention and us to stop you and ask you,” an officer says on camera. “I just don’t understand it, that’s all. I’ve seen enough of these YouTube videos where everybody just tries to get the cop to stop them.”The group then brags about openly carrying assault weapons on city streets.
“Open carry in the state of Ohio, the cops can’t do nothing,” one of them men says on camera.“This is going on YouTube, n*gga, world star,” Deboard says to a passing group of black men
 “Bouta go cop 2 ar-15s brand new in the box with front grips rail mounts extra clips and a thousand rounds of 556 shells not ta mention 2 Canon t3i cameras && 2 crotch rockets & thats just starting our morning! ‪#‎Realmfsdorealthings‬,” posted Deboard, an aspiring rapper who uses the name “Lil Krayzie.”
  is it trying to get the cop to stop them or stick a finger in their eye that they can do this and nothing cops can do bout it?  guess that depends on whether the guns were slung over their backs or in hand that could be considered as menacingly brandishing a weapon the fact that there were racial slurs gives credence to that and that cop was either afraid or derelict in his duty to protect.

they arm them and this will be out of control more so than it is now, these are carrying for the fun of it but when just carrying is no longer enough the next level is deadly NRA and bought politicians are responsible for making this as easy as breathing for some and not breathing for others, legalized murder.

Sexual Assault and Rape Culture: Polarization Is the Enemy of Progress

The description of "rape culture" that sums up its insidiousness better than any I've ever seen was published several years ago at the Washington City Paper by Amanda Hess.
"Rape culture does not just encourage men to proceed after she says 'no,'" she wrote. "Rape culture does not simply teach men that a lack of physical resistance is an invitation. Rape culture does not only tell men to assert ownership over whichever female body they desire. Rape culture also tells women not to claim ownership over their own bodies. Rape culture also informs women that they should not desire sex. Rape culture also tells women that saying yes makes them bad women."
Both rape and rape accusations are products of the roles assigned by rape culture.
In the traditional seduction scenario, a woman is expected to not desire to have sex, and to only submit after the man has successfully coerced her into submission. 
When the preferred model for consensual sex looks a hell of a lot like rape, an array of fucked-up scenarios are inevitable: the woman never wanted to fuck the guy, refuses to submit, and is raped; the woman submits to the man's coercion in order to avoid other negative consequences (like being raped); the woman had desired the sex all along, but must defend her femininity by saying that she had been coerced into sex. Thankfully, a good deal of modern men and women reject these antiquated ideas, but they're far from being banished from the sexual landscape.

between the lines this appears to take all responsibility of a heinous criminal act off the perpetrator and lays it all on the victim, that was the same theme as during 2012 the aspirin between the knees, women able to shut it down, the way they dress no one on the republican bench spoke out they took forever to reinstate violence against women act, they pass laws that give the perpetrator rights if a baby is produced he gets visitation. 

most of you know I've expressed my opinion that republicans promote this culture and stack the laws in their favor, war against women to mild all out rabid assault on the female gender age 1 second till death for women. faux defenders of the fetus and deadbeat politicians after delivery.

claiming women make false rape accusations back in the day that was okay many Black men were hung for those false allegations and many White men were never brought to justice, now the history they ignored is back with the lurid vengeance it always has had, law still ignores it unless it's interracial.  not as easy to blame the defenseless Black guy, so they amend the laws and the rhetoric to it being the victims fault and puts the burden of proof on them.

Fox Reporter Flips Script on Benghazi, Khattala "Wasn't That Big Of A Deal"



News' Adam Housley suddenly flipped his own network's script, calling the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala not "that big of a deal," and accused the White House of embellishing his role in the deadly Benghazi attacks -- a report that's inconsistent with other Fox News reports naming Khatalla as a key suspect.  
American forces apprehended Khattala in Libya on June 15. When the news broke on June 17, Fox News quickly reported the top militia leader's arrest. Then on June 27, Khattala went from a top terrorism leader to small potatoes. 
Fox News diminished Khattala's capture, suggesting the militia leader was small time and the Obama administration is ignoring "actionable intelligence" on larger suspects. On the June 27 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom, Fox correspondent Adam Housley reported that Khattala's capture "wasn't that big of a deal at all," because Khattala was considered by officials to be "low-hanging fruit." Housley capitalized on diminishing Khattala's profile in order to criticize President Obama for failing to follow through on his "promise to stay focused on hunting down those responsible for the 2012 attack.":
you can always tell in election season when all the republican fantasy scandals and misleading's are no longer working and the desperation seeps into their ground game how many recent news events were designed to take your mind off Pres. and their faux tales of failure, still trying to pin their tales on the head donkey to no avail.  sure some polls suggest it works but didn't all the polls in 2012 say "ROMNEY"?

the soccer world cup, my favorite but pick any recent story and you'll find a trailer by Fox claiming it to be a deliberate diversion by Pres. to get your mind off his supposed problems mostly created by them, hey isn't that again them blaming him for not doing their job which for 6 years has been to divert you?  if you're going to make up crap run it up the pole first and if you get a whiff of elephant dung don't use it.

Teen employee forced to wear homophobic/developmentally different insulting name tag

this has got to be the most disgusting misuse of power in the work place I can remember. 

Imagine you are a teen in the rural state of South Dakota seeking work. And you find a job. It isn't a great job but it is work, work that will allow you to provide for yourself and your family, as intended.
But when you go to work you find the management has a different idea of how employees should be treated. You suck up verbal mistreatment because you need a job and the economy isn't getting any better.
But it gets worse.
Your manager hands you a name tag. The manager insists you wear the name tag. But it isn't your name. Instead it is a contraction of two insults demeaning to the populations referenced.
You have to wear it or your ability to feed yourself may suddenly be cut off. So you do, as staff and customers are reading your name tag you just melt in shame, as intended. (You are a teen, remember? Everything is more intense as a teen so your embarrassment is even more demeaning)
A 16-year-old took a job at a South Dakota Taco John’s, but didn’t sign on for verbal abuse from his manager. Finally, he says, the worst insult came earlier this week when his manager handed him a nametag with “♡GAYTARD♡” printed on it and forced him to wear it for his whole shift, including in front of customers.
The word, a combination of “gay” and “retard,” should be offensive to all human beings, and certainly should never have been inflicted on a gay teen by his boss. The ex-employee claims that his manager was verbally abusive to him from the beginning. “I’ve been very vulnerable and I’ve been allowing him to say things to me that shouldn’t be said,” he told TV station KELO.

let's see if this story is followed up and whether this place is boycotted and suits filed.   that IMO is tantamount to a hate crime, wonder how many patrons found it funny?  regardless to whether he was Gay or not it still carries to power to permanently wound that kid.  we talk about gun violence and mental health it's acts like these that create the beginning of the next massacre.  there should be some criminal infraction here being the kid was only 16.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rick Santorum says anti-gay Christians being sent to 're-education camp'

U.S. Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum addresses his Michigan primary night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 28, 2012.  REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES  - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)

Rick Santorum thinks he's running for president again. But will America survive long enough for him to do it?
Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) claimed during a radio interview this week that anti-gay marriage business owners are being sent to “re-education camps” for refusing to serve gay customers.
“You now see situations with bakers and florists and photographers who are being forced to provide services for same-sex weddings or get fined, lose their business,” Santorum said during the appearance on the American Family Association’s “Focal Point” radio program on Monday. “In the case of Colorado, there was a Colorado case recently where someone had to go to a re-education camp if you will. And the amazing thing is that in Colorado gay marriage isn’t even legal!"
 "If you will," in this case, means "if you will believe me, which you probably will since you're dumb enough to be listening to far-right crackpot Bryan Fischer's radio show." But now a bunch of very dumb Americans will take it as gospel truth that the United States is sending people to pro-gay re-education camps—Rick Santorum said so, after all.
For the record, sigh, he's talking about the Colorado baker case, where a baker found to have illegally discriminated against a same-sex couple by refusing to sell them a cake for their wedding reception was required to submit future reports on how he would be implementing policies going forward to prevent the same thing from happening again. No camping was involved, nor re-education, and for his part the crabby baker became a national hero to the Rick Santorum crowd so he's doing just fine.

republican religious zealot Santorum has really gone off the charts, he obviously did not research this so it had to come from him or his religious leaders and parroted by him either way it appears to be false and yet his religious morality prompted him to put it out there anyway. 

down pathetic side there are those who will pick this up and run tell it to whoever will listen than we have another right wing religion object of hate based on a lie and fear tactics staples of the right wing experience hope they get their tickets validated cause St. Peter don't play that and there will be know entrance through the Pearly Gates to blasphemers.  this is their way to the WH pulpits of deception.

besides indoctrination camps are a right wing thing so if his intent was to frighten he's scaring them of the right ones, them.

OK gun range owner insists howitzer fired safely after shell blasts house 3 miles away

Mike Friend

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An Oklahoma home was damaged last weekend by a howitzer artillery shell fired from a gun range three miles away.
The artillery shell – which is 14.5 inches long and 3.5 inches across – crashed through an exterior wall, hit the ceiling, and damaged another wall while homeowner Gene Kelley and his wife were in another room, reported KOAM-TV.
“It’s unbelievable,” Kelley said. “Unless you were here to see it or see the pictures I’ve got, you would not believe how huge this thing is.”

there are gun enthusiast and a holes of like interest.  how can you begin t think safety blindly firind a projectile capable of traveling 3 miles away?  he should be charged with reckless indangerment by law enforcement and civil suit by the people who were home in the house he hit.

The shell was fired from a 105mm howitzer at the Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot and Trade Show, but the gun range owner insists the historic weapon was safely fired by professionals in a downward projection.
“It was not on a level plane, but on a downward trend, pointed downhill in the bottom of a valley,” said Mike Friend, Owner of Fast Machine Gun Shoot. “For that thing to rise and go far northwest of the range, it’s just unheard of.”
“As far as the safety end of everything, we drill every one of our shooters before it ever begins,” Friend said. “We have 30-45 minute drill.”

unless you are on a mountain plateau in the sky at 20,000 feet you can't aim and shoot down for 3 miles the guys lying maybe Pres. needs to send troops to teach gun owners how to use WMD's because that course of 30-45 mins failed big time was it free or just lethally dangerously ignorant?

Another armed shopper accidentally fires in-store. But at least he wasn't protesting! GunFAIL LXXIV

The contents of a single carry-on bag, discovered at the IAH airport, including a semi-automatic handgun, several dozen rounds of ammunition, and a silencer.

Well, so much for the quiet period. We're back up in 50+ territory, in part on the strength of an unusually active week in home invasion shootings. Not the ones where someone breaks into your home and shoots you, but the ones where thoughtful patriots share their bullets with you at no cost, without you even having to ask!  
There were nine such accidents in this week's compilation (plus two more at a hotel and a hospital), including our first fatality in some time, an incredibly tragic tale from out of Panama City, FL, where some drunk-ass picked up a loaded pistol by the trigger (because "the damn gun doesn’t usually shoot"), and killed his neighbor on the very day he'd brought his wife and newborn child home from the hospital.  
He was a dad for all of three days before he was killed by his drunk-ass neighbor's decision to pick up a gun that "usually doesn't shoot," obviously for some very important and patriotic reason. Yes, this story was exceptionally tragic, but remember that lunkheads all over the country are risking this four to six times a week on average, as far as we're able to tell.

just a reminder, after not posting anything or seeing really anything pertaining to guns I fell into that hole where you can't see ground level, I forgot about the gun violence as I'm sure many others fell prey to as well, out of sight out of mind, but unfortunately not out of our lives.  the idiocy of carry laws are like I said getting the crazies in the habit of carrying and drumming up fear I those of us that don't, there is a reason I hope we wake up before the new law gets completely out of control heading that way at the out start "BARS"??????


MUST-SEE: Jon Stewart goes after 'warfare queens'

Last night, Jon Stewart ripped into the warmongers who got us into Iraq but refuse to help out Americans at home.
So basically, when we give other countries government assistance, they handle it great. But when we get it ourselves, we fuck it all up. Why is it you don't seem to care about unintended consequences, waste, fraud, and abuse, and culture of dependency when it comes to the unlimited checkbook we have for foreign military adventures?
SEN. MITCH McCONNELL, R-KY (11/13/2007): Of course the war has been costly, but we have been protected from attack here at home.
(coughs) Bullshit! Um, putting aside the questionable contention that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have kept us safe here at home, you do know terrorism isn't the only thing Americans would like to be protected from.
You know what, I'm worried. I'm really worried about the Republicans. Their inability to wean themselves off of military intervention. They have a culture of defendency, if you will. And I believe it's turned them all into warfare queens. (audience laughter) And I think we need to cut them off for their own good. (audience cheering and applause)
again comedy smacks us in the face and gets our attention, other people unknown and in foreign countries get more compassion from republicans then they show Americans they are paid to care about we don't ask for undying loyalty just do your freakin job. 

but are they really as caring of those countries or are those countries being set up for right wing pillaging of natural resources or a military strong hold positioning, they require us to payback for disaster relief or should I say the poor and middle class so why not take those countries resources in exchange for the millions we give them in aid and assistance oh that was the plan for Iraq but did we get more than we spent, no the lost lives alone exceed any oil Cheyney may have gotten through Halibuton.

republicans are like Star Trek Ferengi's they only care about profit. and just as out in space.

The conservative mindset in two sentences

Members of the Iraqi Special Operations Forces take their positions during clashes with the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in the city of Ramadi June 19, 2014. Picture taken June 19, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

I supported the war, and I still think the arguments in favor at the time were superior to the arguments against. Alas, the facts on the ground didn’t care about the arguments.
If that doesn't summarize conservatism in a nutshell, nothing does:

they forgot one over used excuse of definition of conservatism, GOP Senator Calls Veteran's Care ‘Entitlement' We ‘Can't Afford'  your tax dollars are better spent pursuing self made republican scandals, still voting for them?

note to republicans  If we can't afford veterans, we must stop creating them!!!!!

The right’s cynical wordplay: “Women’s safety” means absolutely nothing anymore!

women of America the republican interest and support by right wing leaning scotus are ramping up the war on women the only protection you have is with a Progressive leadership devoid of republican discriminative practices, but only you and I can make it so and only if we show up and be counted.  murder is also taking away food stamps and the wic programs if you are going to call it call it all which is more cruel abortion or slow death of a definite viable person through neglect and indifference and denial?

The most direct consequence of Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling striking down Massachusetts’ buffer zone law is that the people working and accessing care at abortion clinics will be less safe. Lawmakers in Massachusetts and municipalities across the country with similar measures in place will now have to figure out — once again — how best to ensure that the people who need to enter and exit clinics can continue to do so without being harassed, threatened, harmed or worse by antiabortion protesters. There have been nearly 7,000 incidences of clinic violence since 1977; history teaches us that safety is never a given when walking through those doors.
The second thing that the opinion in McCullen v. Coakley reminds us is how empty — how absolutely devoid of meaning — the notion of “women’s safety” has become in politics. Hardly a week passes without some measure advancing through a state legislature that will have devastating consequences for women’s health, but these bills are nonetheless cloaked in the language of women’s safety. Put those words in front of almost any piece of legislation and it seems like most lawmakers just nod their heads.
it should be clear to anyone with a moral thought of their own this is all elephant dung, they feign caring for the "FETUS", but before, during and after birth women are just SOL, they are trying to kill the very programs that would make it more reasonable not to seek abortion because someone has your back but when they don't, why expose a new born to nothing seriously putting them at risk and then penalize you if you can't manage because they pulled that invisible rope back in.
it's abandonment of the third kind those you vote for lied to you.  the Dems have been your champions through thick and thin republicans just thick headed and thin on support.  your rightwing courts are passing laws that are proven death traps for women and their doctors, not deserving of your thought or vote. recognize

Conservative Media Darling Hobby Lobby's Discriminatory Hobbies
Hobby Lobby
Right-wing media have been Hobby Lobby's biggest fans in the Supreme Court showdown between the federal government and the company over the health care law's contraception coverage mandate, championing Hobby Lobby as only interested in protecting its religious liberties. But according to new documents obtained by Salon, the company is an active partner to activist groups pushing their Christian agenda into American law. 
This week the Supreme Court took on the Affordable Care Act's contraception coverage mandate, hearing arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, a case which could allow secular, for-profit corporations an unprecedented religious exemption from the requirement that all health insurance cover preventive services like birth control. The conservative plaintiff, Hobby Lobby, is arguing that some emergency contraceptives covered by the mandate amount to abortion -- even though they don't.
In the process, Hobby Lobby has become a darling of right-wing media, who have championed its cause and framed the company as a family-owned, Christian, small business victimized by the ACA.
The conservative media sphere has repeatedly characterized Hobby Lobby as merely seeking "religious freedom." As Fox News host Eric Bolling described the case, "your religious freedom, guaranteed to you by the constitution, hangs in the balance." He added that the mandate "feels like political ideology trumping small business." The network has even given Hobby Lobby's attorney the platform to champion the company's small town virtues.
It turns out that the company right-wing media have worked so hard to champion has a significant hidden political agenda. On March 27 Salon broke the story that it had obtained a document revealing Hobby Lobby's political funding ties to a network of activist groups "deeply engaged in pushing a Christian agenda into American law."
According to Salon, a 2009 Tax Filing Form revealed that Crafts Etc., a Hobby Lobby affiliate company, and Jon Cargill, the CFO of Hobby Lobby, contributed a total of nearly $65 million in 2009 alone to the National Christian Charitable Foundation -- one of the biggest contributors to the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Center for Arizona Policy.
These organizations pushed SB 1062 -- the anti-gay legislation recently vetoed by AZ Governor Jan Brewer -- to the AZ Statehouse, and their agendas include many other discriminatory and dangerous policies including legislation that forces women to have invasive ultrasounds before abortions.
have you noticed everyone and thing and org. the republicans have championed against the Pres. have all turned out to be not as advertised but extreme right wing IMO zealots from Cliven Bundy to Hobby Lobby guess we should have picked up on their name lobby.  makes sense that a crooked party would support crook interest in common.  playing the religion card for the right wing is just using God to manipulate others not exactly a God like thing to do, but they way they do business

this kind of thing is why the IRS investigating conservative groups claiming 501 exemption status were IMO doing the same thing breaking the law and supporting politics as their real intent in direct violation of that criteria for 501 and yes some Progressive groups too.  when you have unscrupulous people like Karl Rove and Koch's et al you know it's not as advertised.

Republican congressman narrowly survives primary challenge, says close race was Obama's fault

are you ready for a good ROFLYAO?

Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) speaking at CPAC conference

Ultra-conservative GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn barely survived his primary on Tuesday night, squeaking by underfunded challenger Bentley Rayburn with a slim 53-47 win in Colorado's dark-red 5th District. Then Lamborn went psycho:
Lamborn blamed the close race on President Barack Obama and said that voters are so frustrated with the Affordable Care Act that they are taking it out on Republicans who have been unable to stop the healthcare reform despite their best efforts.
Holy flonking sheep! Obama is now responsible for close shaves in Republican primaries? And this is coming from a guy who voted to keep the government shut down (and to repeal Obamacare a zillion times, of course). So he's saying he didn't oppose the president enough? The scary thing is that Lamborn almost certainly believes this—and a lot of other Republicans probably do, too. My word.

have we been mis-labeling republicans maybe they aren't the party of stupid but instead just confused beyond redemption and relevancy,  do you really want to trust your family and the country to persons that have the unparalleled record of people who say the dumbest crap ever the reality is that most people believe what they say,

but we know as G W Bush said "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on".  that doesn't just apply to their base who if you think about it those elected or aspiring to be elected in that party are and were at sometime the base themselves,

so do we not blame them for their misgivings because they were concentrated on or should we use their analogy of Gays having the option to not be Gay wouldn't that also apply to them having the option to be hate filled, lying, deceivers who's only mission aside from fraudulently taking a pay check is serving the masters of their other incomes, big business

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Virginia's Republican legislators broke into Governor's office to block ACA coverage for poor

question ask yourself if you are okay or would do some of the things you see me write about republicans.
In their fervor to ensure that the least amongst their citizens keep getting kicked in the teeth, the Republicans of Virginia have stooped to breaking and entering an executive office in order to block Medicaid expansion.
There is a time limit between delivery of documents and the Governor's need to authorize them. So the Republican House Speaker William J. Howell authorized security to illegally enter the Governor's office during a holiday break to ensure the clock started ticking before the Governor even knew the bill was delivered.
Is there anything the Republicans won't do to harm the 47%?
that must be rhetorical because they have done nothing for the people let's say for at least 6 years. they are getting more and more desperate to the point of criminal activity of the felonious can.  recently we had republicans locked in a room with voter ballots all night.  who can forget Watergate?
keep in mind republicans are not for you or their base they are stopping at nothing to deny you, can you be faithful to someone like tat?

Neil Cavuto blasts Michele Bachmann: 'Democrats would be in their right mind to laugh you out'

Sack cartoon: Michele Bachmann rewrites history | Star Tribune

Michele Bachmann went on Fox News and was slammed by Neil Cavuto. He did not let her get away with the simpleminded detrimental acts of a recalcitrant Congress. The lead up started this morning. Speaker of the House John Boehner said he will be suing President Obama. When asked if this was about impeachment, Boehner said, “This is not about impeachment. This is about his faithfully executing the laws of this country.” When asked what specific executive actions he intended to challenge in court, he said, “When I make that decision, I'll let you know.” In other words, the Republicans plan to sue the president but are not sure what laws he has broken if any.
True to form, Michele Bachmann, the mouthpiece of the irrationals, ran to speak on Fox News. She did not receive the welcome she expected.
There are far more important things,” Cavuto said, “that you guys have to be addressing than filing lawsuits passed by each other. BY THE WAY, ROME IS BURNING.” Bachmann responded that the lawsuit was about the president trying to establish “lawlessness in the United States.”
“Democrats said George Bush did the same, Congresswoman,” Cavuto said. “I am just saying each side is claiming it; waste of time, waste of time.” Bachmann continued speaking as she always does, stating that Republicans need to defund the Executive and impeach the president.
“Think about what you are saying,“ Cavuto said. “Defund the Executive, Congresswoman, if Democrats had said we are just going to defund President Bush, defund the Executive, you would have laughed them out. ... I think Democrats would be in their right minds to laugh you out now. … Rome is burning and you are filing."

she giggled, laughed out loud and continued on oblivious to what surprisingly Cavuto was saying to her remarkable how she kept on script but then again the insane are able to focus because what they are saying is all that is in their mind.  she laughed while being told of her blissful ignorance, and yet they still put her out there to speak party of stupidity.

Watch This Fox Host Push Four Myths About Hobby Lobby In 17 Seconds

if they are going to lie and mislead us they shouldn't claim they care it's repugnantly despicable and a staple in their playbook.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum described the pending Hobby Lobby case -- a challenge to the Affordable Care Act's requirement that all employer-sponsored health insurance cover contraceptives as part of preventive services -- by repeating four right-wing media myths in the span of 17 seconds. MacCallum adopted the false narrative of the religious owners of the for-profit, secular chain store and its supporters during the June 25 edition of America's Newsroom:

1. "The Hobby Lobby case, which challenges the Obamacare conception mandate that requires ..."

Fact: The Term "Contraception Mandate" Is A Misnomer

2. "... that employers provide ..."

Fact: Insurance Companies Cover Contraception, Not The Employers

3. "... free access to conception methods ..."

Fact: Birth Control Isn't "Free," It's A Paid-For Employee Benefit

4. "... as part of a comprehensive Obamacare health policy, includ[ed] in that would be some drugs which could trigger abortion."

Fact: Birth Control Is Not An Abortifacientjust an idea of what they are claiming in the name of the Lord that offends their religious senses.  

this is Hobby Looby's claim of violation of their religious imposition by ACA so are they that stupid or do they think we are, more important were they so sure the right wing scotus would vote in their favor that they made these ridiculously debunked reasons for denying their employee's health care, how Christian is denying one life saving assistance, don't ask them you'll get all of the above.
text included with those subtitles

Fox's Kilmeade: "It Is Almost Treason For" Obama "To Be Focusing" On Climate Change

todays right wing nut job, author does all the work of affirming his status as such in the title.

97% of scientist say global warming most likely caused by humans.  my guess a good 75% of it comes from republican rhetoric being spoken out loud.

Fox's Ablow Is "A Little Suspicious" That The World Cup Craze Is Designed As A "Distraction" To Help Obama
Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow: ObamaCare Will Lead To Riots

are the absurdity's of the republican party helping you make up your mind yet, are you feeling that hmmmmmmmmm?  did anyone on that side stop to think the enormous amount of different people and circumstances that would have to have happen to make that just laughable let alone serious?  the air around them will get thicker the bliss will permeate their space and we will have daily laugh hours replacing happy hours.  Fox had to okay this after all if it fell flat they could throw him under the bus.

did they get this idea from their old Pres.'s mom went to Kenya, called Hawaii and bribed the dr. to fake the birth certificate so little Barrack could be president oh the devious, cunning scheme she pulled off in right wing media anyway no other media picked up on the "STORY".

no wonder they all need professional help their residents are quacks.

Boehner to sue Obama in executive authority dispute

just whistling Dixie?

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner confirmed Wednesday that he intends to sue President Obama in the long-running dispute between the administration and congressional Republicans over the scope of the administration's executive authority to enforce laws.
"I am," Boehner told reporters, when asked if he was going to initiate a lawsuit. "The Constitution makes it clear that a president's job is to faithfully execute the laws. In my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws."
Boehner added: "Congress has its job to do and so does the president. And when there's conflicts like this between the legislative branch and the administrative branch, it's in my view our responsibility to stand up for this institution in which we serve."

okay first thing is this is bogus political posturing at taxpayer expense, the almost laughable part from Beohner: 

"Congress has its job to do and so does the president. And when there's conflicts like this between the legislative branch and the administrative branch, it's in my view our responsibility to stand up for this institution in which we serve."
 It is unclear which executive actions Boehner would challenge, but in recent years Republicans have protested executive actions halting the deportations of immigrants illegally residing in the United States, delaying enactment of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act and raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, as well as executive actions to expand gay rights and close the gender pay gap.

I defy anyone to find any truth in his references to the congress and their job, Pres. did these things for Americans because congress would not and said so before he even took office ad for 6 years they've only stood up to go on recess and bring down the country and vote no on all his bills.  with those things above had he not done them think where the country would be today still in 2008.

they have to prove congress was in some way harmed by these decisions they can't because harm was and is still being done to Americans their denial has affected oh the brass on that side they refuse to cooperate with anything and when Pres. steps up and does their jobs for them they want to sue even though they never intend to do them, 

Americans need to sue congress for perpetrating the fraud on America of taking a pay check and I take that back they told us up front they had no intention of working with him and every intention to see him fail well he didn't and they want to sue him basically because he didn't fail, they are guilty of failed treason, and malfeasance and dereliction of duty, and wasting millions maybe even billions in trying to make Pres. look bad.

and jobs "where are the jobs" Beohner they are being and have been created every month for the last 40 plus, Mr. Beohner where are the republican jobs you promised in 2010?????????????

It is unclear what the cost of suit against the president would be, but a recent, unsuccessful effort by BLAG to defend a gay marriage law cost $2.3 million.
"This is not about impeachment," he said. "This is about his faithfully executing the laws of our country."

how about exercising faithfully executing the job description there are laws that govern the oathg of office they are violating,  they do the dirt then try to sweep it on Pres.'s shoes, soiling the party in the eyes of the electorate also smudges up Hilary 2016 not political yeah.

update on Wednesday Dems raised 584,000 bucks in backfire to suit effort by republicans  overreaching only gives you a distended swollen shoulder and low ratings. as to Pres.'s over stepping his executive rights well as usual it's been a given like every other presidential action till now.  you look at the list and see if this is another thinly veiled elephant dung of a misleading misinforming, desperate attempt to create hate and discontent, separating the country like they accuse Pres. of.

Consolidated list of Presidents and Order numbers[edit]

PresidentTotal OrdersOrder Number Range
George Washington8unnumbered
John Adams1unnumbered
Thomas Jefferson4unnumbered
James Madison1unnumbered
James Monroe1unnumbered
John Quincy Adams3unnumbered
Andrew Jackson12unnumbered
Martin van Buren10unnumbered
William Henry Harrison0unnumbered
John Tyler17unnumbered
James K. Polk18unnumbered
Zachary Taylor5unnumbered
Millard Fillmore12unnumbered
Franklin Pierce35unnumbered
James Buchanan16unnumbered
Abraham Lincoln48unnumbered
Andrew Johnson79unnumbered
Ulysses S. Grant217unnumbered
Rutherford B. Hayes92unnumbered
James Garfield6unnumbered
Chester Arthur96unnumbered
Grover Cleveland - I113unnumbered
Benjamin Harrison143unnumbered
Grover Cleveland - II140unnumbered
William McKinley185unnumbered
Theodore Roosevelt1,081
William Howard Taft724
Woodrow Wilson1,803
Warren G. Harding522
Calvin Coolidge1,203
Herbert Hoover9685075 - 6070
Franklin D. Roosevelt3,5226071 - 9537
Harry S. Truman9079538 - 10431
Dwight D. Eisenhower48410432 - 10913
John F. Kennedy21410914 - 11127
Lyndon B. Johnson32511128 - 11451
Richard Nixon34611452 - 11797
Gerald R. Ford16911798 - 11966
Jimmy Carter32011967 - 12286
Ronald Reagan38112287 - 12667
George H. W. Bush16612668 - 12833
William J. Clinton36412834 - 13197
George W. Bush29113198 - 13488
Barack Obama18013489 - 13668...