Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reid Claims Romney Paid No Taxes for 10 Years


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) told the Huffington Post that a Bain Capital investor told him that Mitt Romney didn't pay any taxes for at least a decade.
The person also told Reid that Romney's wealth was significantly more than the $250 million estimated.
"Tellingly, neither Reid nor his office would reveal who the investor was, making it impossible to verify if the accusation is true. And as his quote makes clear, he's uncertain if the information is accurate... But there is limited political downside to the type of open speculation that Reid is making, so long as Romney refuses to budge on the issue of his tax returns. Increasingly, other Democrats are growing more assertive in their goading."
and now you crap or get off the pot.  the ball is now in Romney's court, will he come clean or try to skte on through tillm Nov. 6th, after all remember this;
Ann Romney: We've Given 'All You People Need To Know' About Family Finances!
 what would it mean to you if it were true he paid middle teens in taxes and no tax for 10 whole years,3,652 and 1/2 days free to cheat "we the people" out of his share of the tax burden. criminal presidential wannabe, wonder who the right is putting in line in case the other half of America wakes up?

What’s wrong with Mitt Romney?


 I have an idea for Mitt Romney: Release your tax returns today. Your coverage can’t get any worse than it’s been in the last 48 hours or so, and with any luck, your tax issues will distract the global media from your disastrous London anti-diplomacy.
Boy, Sarah Palin must be happy. With British sources blasting Romney (anonymously) as “worse than Palin,” there’s some vindication for the woman reviled for her lack of foreign policy experience. Even George W. Bush has to enjoy it a little: Daily Mail political editor James Chapman tweeted midday “Do we have a new Dubya on our hands?”
Dubya got the words wrong Romney is just wrong all by himself.
But seriously, what are we to make of Romney’s Olympics debacle? How could this happen to the man who ran the 2002 Olympics?
who knew??  we all knew including the nose holding republicans.

Tom Coburn Apologizes For Calling Harry Reid Incompetent


        how Harry got his groove back,

WASHINGTON -- The notoriously cranky Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) took to the Senate floor Monday night to apologize for calling Majority Leader Harry Reid "incompetent."
Coburn had declared on C-Span that the Democratic leader from Nevada was to blame for gridlock in the Senate.
"If you want to ask why the Senate isn't working, there's one reason; it's called Harry Reid," Coburn said last week. "Incompetent and incapable of carrying on the leadership in the Senate."
That got the attention of Reid, who said in an interview with HuffPost that he spoke to Coburn about it.
"I said, 'Uh, Dr. Coburn, you know I -- you have given me a lot of trouble, but I would never, ever say anything about you, even though I think what you do is absolutely wrong, what you've done to hurt the country. Why would you say anything like that?'" Reid said. "And he said, 'I'm gonna pray about it.'...So maybe he did, I haven't heard back from him, but I know what he said."
Reid heard back Monday evening.
“I don’t apologize for my frustration of this place, but occasionally my words are harsh and inaccurate, and this past week, I used words that were inappropriate in describing [Reid's] actions in the Senate, and for that, I offer a public apology," Coburn said. “I do not apologize for how I think the Senate is being run and the damage that I think is being done to the country, but as an individual, he has a very difficult time, and I understand that, and to him I ask his forgiveness.
looks like Harry gets more props then the trash talkin' righty's would

New Sanctions Announced Against Iran


The new sanctions target an Iranian bank and a Chinese bank and will go after any financial institution that helpe ”the increasingly desperate Iranian regime,” says a statement from President Obama. Obama is also expanding sanctions on the purchase or acquisition of Iranian petrochemical products. Reports AP: “The sanctions are authorized in part for those who provide support to the National Iranian Oil Company and the Central Bank of Iran.”
Pres. is kickin' it in gear on Iran, making republican list of "thing he is the worse president in history for" by right wing fabricators fictional comic book reading.
he is systematically knocking down the right wing platform pretty soon all they'll have is "his name is Obama", "he's Black, Arab, Muslim, not an American and he walks on water cause he can't swim"

Romney finds warm reception in Poland, but critics still fuming over Palestinian remarks in Israel

                                                                                                                                http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505267_162-57483168/romney-finds-warm-reception-in-poland-but-critics-still-fuming-over-palestinian-remarks-in-israel/?tag=stack   Mitt Romney with Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski in Warsaw Tuesday (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

(CBS News) WARSAW, Poland - Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney heads back to the U.S. Tuesday after a week-long overseas trip.
He made one final speech in Poland's capital - but critics are still focucing on some controversial comments from Romney during his prior stop, in Israel.
 Romney's speech in Warsaw was full of praise and admiration for Poland's struggle for liberty. "In a turbulent, Poland stands as an example, and a defender of freedom," he said.

Romney continued to suggest that, if elected president, he would be a stronger defender of America's allies than President Obama has been.
"I believe it's critical to stand by those who have stood by America," Romney declared. "It is for us, in this generation and beyond, to show all the world what free people and free economies can achieve for the good of all."
The White House canceled a missile defense system when Moscow objected, and the tension escalated after Mr. Obama told then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he would "have more flexibility" in his second term.

Romney was invited to Poland by Lech Walesa, a human rights activist who became a legend in the country for co-founding Solidarity, a post-Soviet labor union. After their meeting, Walesa essentially endorsed Romney and implored him to win in November.
Romney also met with current prime minister Donald Tuck, stopped by a memorial to honor Polish soldiers, and greeted crowds that spilled onto the streets.
so Romney was following that old adage; "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS"

But his warm welcome was overshadowed by comments he made at a fundraiser before leaving Israel.

Talking to major donors, Romney described what he sees as cultural differences between Israel and the Palestinian people that make Israel more economically successful.    A spokesman for Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called Romney's comments racist.

The Beginning of the End of AIDS Kevin Fenton of the CDC says new federal strategies and advances in HIV prevention will turn the tide.


(The Root) -- For two decades, the International AIDS Conference has played a vital role in assembling the global community to discuss new scientific advances and to mobilize action around fighting the devastating disease. Taking place in Washington, D.C., this week -- the first time in 22 years that the conference has been held in the United States -- the event also creates renewed urgency around the national epidemic.
Despite the staggering 1.1 million people living with HIV in the U.S., Kevin Fenton, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, is optimistic that government and community-based partners are now on the right track to stem HIV's tide.
In an interview with The Root, Fenton discussed the importance of finally confronting the reality that "not everybody is equally affected by the epidemic," new research that underscores the major impact of basic public-awareness campaigns and why he believes that, after decades of merely stabilizing the number of new HIV infections, a new federal strategy and new medical breakthroughs will get the country much closer to an AIDS-free generation.
note the reference to gov't involvement, wonder how many on the right who may be infected, still want to oppose gov't, when you think about it the rich would not undertake the everyday goings on in the gov't if they did only 2% would be able to afford the services. those who could not where would they end up, a privatized ER?  how much longer will you allow yourself to vote against yourself in favor of a hate that majority only has in name only, they don't really hate because they don't know what t is they are actually suppose to hate. Obama, he's trying to keep the things that are beneficial to you not the 2%, instead of thanking the Lord for someone who cares about you you want to demonize and dismiss in favor of tyrannical devoid of all help you do or will need, only trickle down is when you finally realize that you've been punked again and you pee your pants. recognize
All Americans need the basic tools about HIV to protect themselves. Everybody should know about HIV testing and how HIV is transmitted, and that is work we will always have to do. But you can target some messages to people who are HIV positive and people who are at high risk of acquiring HIV -- the fact that we have very good treatments which are now available, that people who are living with HIV should be on treatment, suppress their virus and practice safer sex to reduce onward transmissions. There's a balancing act. And that balance is the reality of HIV 30 years into the epidemic.
no rich guy or republican politician wants to even mention this epidemic for obvious reasons do mostly to their own misinformation about who's disease this is.
We know that those are gay and bisexual men of all races, African-American men and women, Hispanic and Latino men and women, injection-drug users and the transgender population.
note the "ALL RACES".

Lawmaker to Geithner: Block China oil deal until royalties are paid


Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) wants Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to place conditions on the Chinese oil company CNOOC Ltd.’s acquisition of a Canadian firm that drills in American waters, becoming the second senior Democrat to seek U.S. intervention in the deal.
Markey, in a letter to Geithner Monday, said state-owned CNOOC’s proposed $15 billion purchase of Nexen Inc. should be conditioned on the parties agreeing to pay royalties on Gulf of Mexico oil leases that currently allow royalty-free production.
“I believe this merger could lead to a massive transfer of wealth from the American people to the Chinese government, and I strongly urge you to block this proposed transaction until, at a minimum, parties to the merger agree to pay royalties to the U.S. taxpayer on all oil produced off American shores or relinquish any ownership interests in these leases,” Markey stated in the letter sent Monday to Geithner.
Treasury leads the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, an interagency panel that vets foreign purchases of U.S. assets that may have national security ramifications.
Markey’s letter comes a few days after Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Friday urged Geithner to hold up the deal unless China provides better market access for U.S. businesses.
why is China's name coming up so much lately in regard to financial matters not of our dept to them? who specifically is making and approving these deals?
CNOOC's planned purchase gives Markey — an ally of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — another opening to bash lucrative royalty waivers available to Gulf of Mexico oil-and-gas producers who hold certain leases issued in the 1990s.
“Giving valuable American resources away to wealthy multi-national corporations is wasteful, but giving valuable American resources away to a foreign government is far worse: it has the potential to directly undermine American economic and national security,” writes Markey, the top Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee.
The letter marks the latest skirmish in the battle over the fruits — or spoils — of the 1995 Deepwater Royalty Relief Act.
The law offered royalty-free Gulf production as an incentive for companies, at a time of low energy prices, to undertake costly projects in the Gulf’s deepwater frontier, and backers say it helped spur development in the now-booming region.
But due to an infamous Interior Department goof, leases issued in 1998 and 1999 lack “price thresholds” that end the royalty waivers when oil and natural-gas prices exceed certain limits.
And an appellate court decision in early 2009 found the Interior Department cannot apply the price-based limits on royalty waivers for any leases issued between 1996 and 2000. 
The Government Accountability Office estimated in 2008 that the absence of “price thresholds” could mean tens of billions of dollars in foregone federal royalty revenues from Gulf production in coming decades.
Nexen has a pair of leases that allow the uncapped royalty waivers, according to Markey’s letter. Nexen, through May of 2012, had produced 32 million barrels of oil and 34 million cubic feet of natural gas in the Gulf from these leases without paying royalties, the letter states.
 since jobs were shipped to China either by Romney or "HIS" firm in "His" name as "CEO", would he have or does he have a fond place in his heart for them and is that creating this commerce aggression by the Chinese, thinking their buddy is going to be scotus?

Mitt Romney's Big, Gay Olympics You'd never guess it now, but the GOP candidate threw one of the most gay-friendly games in history.


as Mitt Romney has received plenty of plaudits for his takeover of the 2002 Winter Olympics, after the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) became mired in a major bribery scandal. But there's one accomplishment from his time in Salt Lake City that has been largely omitted from the oft-told narrative of his Olympic effort: Romney's success in making the 2002 Winter Olympics one of the most gay-friendly games in Olympic history.
The achievement gets barely a mention in Romney's 2004 book, Turnaround, about his role rescuing the Salt Lake Olympics. Despite the urging of a close associate at SLOC, who suggested that Romney spotlight the committee's work to make the games gay-friendly, the then-Massachusetts governor wrote just three sentences about his pro-gay diversity efforts. But the little-known chapter in the story of Romney's Olympic leadership illustrates how much the GOP presidential candidate has backtracked on gay and lesbian issues since 1994, when he promised tobe better on gay rights than his then-opponent for the US Senate, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.).
When Romney first took the helm of the SLOC, the organization wasn't known for being inclusive to minority groups of any sort, much less gays and lesbians. Of the 55 members of the SLOC's board of trustees, 40 were men and 48 were white. Likewise, the staff of the SLOC was 93 percent white and 53 percent male. Former Olympic biathlete and board of trustees member Joan Guetschowrecalls her first board meeting, when Romney was introduced to the board as "Brother Romney" by the other Mormon members of the board, who then invited new board members to stand up and introduce their "wives."
Guetschow attended the event with Olympic skeleton racer Tricia Stumpf, to whom she is now married. She was uncomfortable "introducing 'my wife' to what appears to be a very homogenous group of primarily white guys," so she introduced Stumpf as "my friend," and then joked, "That's a safe way to put it." Members of the board "were stone-faced," Guetschow says.
Later during Romney's tenure, after some embarrassing media criticism and internal pressure from Lillian Taylor, one of the few African Americans on the board of trustees, the SLOC attempted to diversify the workforce.
sounds like had it not been for Joan Guetschow and Lillian Taylor there may have been prejudiced exclusions in Romney's Olympic effort to form his committee, must have been when he was against them before he was reluctantly for them, so called minorities now majorities and Gay ans Lesbians, more of a spirit of Romneys beliefs and religion then an every 4 year competition of worldwide athlete's. wonder how hard it was for him to bend? 
wonder why in light of the Pres.'s Gay Rights bill, would his party feel it best not to let that information out to "we the people" seems it would be a plus and maybe sway some votes. or he did not want that display albeit probably with great distress he was responsible for embracing the Gay people and including them in his "committee".

Sunday, July 29, 2012

GOP members double down on Muslim Brotherhood comments


Republican lawmakers who demanded an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff is a covert agent for the Muslim Brotherhood said this week they have no regrets.
 Former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and four other House members sent several letters over the past few weeks to government agencies asking them to make sure they were properly vetting federal workers.
Their letter to the State Department's deputy inspector general, however, ignited controversy for singling out Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide and former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) wife, who they said had family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood
they are going back to their old playbook, circa 9-11.
they want to instill that same fear back into the electorate. do you who are buying into this fraud realize you are being played again? do you think they will keep their promise this time when they never have? all you get voting for them is another rich looking to stay that way bribee
 Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) told The Hill that the media's focus on Abedin was a “deliberate effort to change the subject.”
by who, his people who are in the change reality to right wing bliss business, unless you have a 10 digit or better bank account, you have no friends there and nothing coming, recognize, what has the right done for you in the last 12 years?
 think about what you are about to do when you enter the voting booth and ask your self why you are voting, and will this help you and your family, you cannot lie to yourself, successfully.

Anxiety Over Racial Changes Is Nothing New Browner America: But demographic shifts might not mean more black political power, Jelani Cobb says.


(The Root) -- Recent census datareveal that, for the first time, racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half of all children born in the United States, with 50.4 percent of children under age 1 identified as Hispanic, black, Asian American or members of another ethnic minority group.
In terms of the overall population, African Americans are the second-largest minority group in the nation (after Hispanics), with a 1.6 percent increase between 2010 and 2011. Minorities now make up nearly 37 percent of the overall U.S. population, and it's predicted that by 2042, a minority of Americans will be non-Hispanic whites.
could this if correct be the reason for the politicians on that side of the fence to be pushing to close all abortion clinics, deny all rights to women afforded by such clinics? 
THEY ARE LOSING THE NUMBERS GAME, sooner then later like right now they are the new minority. stopping abortions IMO suggest they are being given to a majority of caucasion women, if it were just Blacks and other in their minds, minorities then they would be lighting candles an noise blowers, wearing hats and partying like it's 1999, think about it. also paying the rent for all abortion clinics. IT'S ABOUT THE POPULATION COUNT recognize.
we have the numbers they are trying to divide and conquer because they know if we vote together they can cancel that next check from the Koch's. it's our time to restore our rights as guaranteed, and create tii now the phantom America the Beautiful. God Bless a new and improved progressive not repressive America.

Mitt Romney: Iran Strike 'On The Table' If I Were President


Romney the wuss, Mitt the twit, ready to rattle somebody else's saber?
JERUSALEM -- Mitt Romney would "respect" an Israeli decision to make a unilateral military strike against Iran aimed at preventing Tehran from obtaining nuclear capability, a top foreign policy adviser said Sunday as he outlined the aggressive posture the Republican presidential candidate will take toward Iran in a speech in Israel later in the day.
Romney has said he has a "zero tolerance" policy toward Iran obtaining the capability to build a nuclear weapon.
"If Israel has to take action on its own, in order to stop Iran from developing the capability, the governor would respect that decision," foreign policy adviser Dan Senor told reporters ahead of the speech, planned for late Sunday near Jerusalem's Old City.
what is he doing now we don't want, need or are we able to afford another republican war, given the last couple of efforts went so extremely.......
"Gov. Romney recognizes Israel's right to defend itself, and that it is right for America to stand with it," Senor said.
Democratic President Barack Obama, by contrast, has warned of the consequences of an Israeli strike on Iran, though he has also affirmed the right of Israel to defend itself.
where is the rights warning, or are they just going back to the Bush era where you go in on the presidents "GUT"? or because your VP told you to?
Romney is to nervous and indecisive to lead us into an aggression of his pleasure, he would not be our leader all the Bush people he has circled around himself will be the shot callers. he only knows how to pillage state, cities and families, not send in military strikes he would be outstanding in his field, trying to figure out if Annie has a plan, to save America.
remember all the fear the right tried to scare "we the people" with, only they could save us from the Muslim terrorist, "Obama can't protect us". well that's another one in the lie column, here's another "Romney commander and chief", ask London our ally what they think. IMO Putin, Ahmadinejad, would have him wetting himself while crying "i wish Ann was here", Commander and Weak". they are still trying to push that propaganda by claiming him weak on Iran and Israel, what to you want a Pres. that thinks or another Bush?

South Dakota Doctors Ordered To Say Abortions Lead to Suicide


and they tried to blame the progressive's of death panels, throwing grandma under the bus, HYPOCRITS?

                        A federal appeals court this week upheld South Dakota's law requiring doctors to tell women seeking abortions that they will face "increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide."

The "informed consent" law, which required doctors to read a formal script to all women seeking an abortion, has been in litigation since it passed in 2005. (The state drew much of their ideas from the legal writings of Harold Cassidy, who was profiled in Mother Jones last year.) A court had previously upheldother portions of the script, but the part about increased risk of suicide—a claim based on dubious medical research—was the last portion stuck in legal wrangling. The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals voted 7 to 4 to uphold that part of the script. From the Star Tribune:
"On its face, the suicide advisory presents neither an undue burden on abortion rights nor a violation of physicians' free speech rights," the court wrote in its majority opinion.
In September, a three-judge panel upheld U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier's decision to overturn the requirement following a lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood. The decision Tuesday by the full 11-member court grants judgment to the state and vacates the permanent injunction against enforcing the provision.
The Star Tribune notes that the argument came down to questions over the validity of the medical claims. Most of the research out there has not found a causal relationship between abortion and increased risk of suicide. But the state presented articles claiming that there is, in fact, a "statistically significant correlation between abortion and suicide." But as Jodi Jacobson at RH Reality Check points out, there are major problems with the paper that is most often used to support that claim. We wrote earlier this year about a new study totally debunking its flawed research methods that didn't distinguish whether the women had had mental health problemsbefore seeking an abortion. And yet abortion foes still regularlly flog the paper.
Planned Parenthood, the only abortion provider in South Dakota and the plaintiff in the lawsuit,released a statement noting that it is "extremely disappointed" in the court's decision. A spokesperson told Mother Jones the organization is exploring any further legal options it might have.
this is a thinly veiled effort to wipe planned parenthood from the history books. it seems that the right only needs a modicum of misinformation to turn loose on their base, are they that gullible?  why would they turn on all women including their families to support this archaic attempt at male knuckle dragging?  what do their women think of them, what do they think of the women in the party that uphold these laws?  said day for all women if the republicans are voted in.

 if you love your moms,sisters,aunts,cousins,friends, don't subject them to the right wing rape and pillaging of all things female. their, and your future rides on your vote.                                                                               

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Obama hits Republicans, Romney on tax-cut extension stance


This week, the Senate passed a plan that I proposed a few weeks ago to protect middle class Americans and virtually every small business owner from getting hit with a big tax hike next year – a tax hike of $2,200 for the typical family.
Now it comes down to this: If 218 Members of the House vote the right way, 98% of American families and 97% of small business owners will have the certainty of knowing that that their income taxes will not go up next year.
After last week's moving remarks by the president in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, this morning President Obama turned back to urging policy prescriptions in his weekly address, advocating for passage of tax-cut extensions for the middle class and letting the upper-income levels revert to pre-Bush tax cut rates.
Too bad Republicans are obstructing those middle-class tax cuts:
Everyone in Washington says they agree on this. Everyone says they agree that we should extend the tax cuts for the middle class. When Democrats and Republicans agree on something, it should be pretty easy to get it done.
But right now, that’s not the case. Instead of doing what’s right for middle class families and small business owners, Republicans in Congress are holding these tax cuts hostage until we extend tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.
Interestingly, it was not only Congressional Republicans coming under fire in the address; campaign season is upon us, and there is a very specific Republican leader being targeted as well:
You see, Republicans in Congress and their nominee for President believe that the best way to create prosperity in America is to let it trickle down from the top. They believe that if our country spends trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthy, we’ll somehow create jobs – even if we have to pay for it by gutting things like education and training and by raising middle-class taxes.
They’re wrong. [Emphasis added]
Why are they wrong, you ask? Been there, tried it, it failed. Let's let go of stale ideas, America!
"we the people know that the rich are the favorites for the right wing. so there should be no surprise that they were for it before they against it. do you think it has anything to do with the Pres.'s involvement?
We can’t afford more top-down economics. What we need are policies that will grow and strengthen the middle class; that will help create jobs, make education and training more affordable, and encourage businesses to start up and stay right here in the United States.
That’s why I’ve cut middle-class taxes every year that I’ve been President – by $3,600 for the typical family. That’s why I’ve cut taxes for small businesses eighteen times. And that’s why I’m calling on 218 Members of the House to do their job and not raise taxes on the middle class.
As soon as they pass that bill, I’ll sign it right away.
so what the fuss?

Senator Mangles Facts on Drilling Moratorium


In an email to constituents, Republican Sen. David Vitterof Louisiana claims “the Obama administration shut down the entire offshore oil and gas industry” after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. That’s not true.
The administration halted the drilling of all new wells for one month. And the Interior Department issued a months-long moratorium on deepwater drilling. New safety requirements also slowed down the permitting process for shallow-water drilling.
But existing offshore wells continued to pump out natural gas and oil.
Our thanks to a Louisiana resident who sent us the senator’s email and pointed out Vitter’s false claim. We’re including this piece on our Spin Detectors page, through which we ask our readers to help us monitor political claims and campaigns across the country. The Louisiana reader asked us to withhold his name.
Misrepresenting the Moratorium
Vitter makes his “shut down” claim in a July 11 constituent email. His letter focuses on government investigations into an administration report that recommended the drilling moratorium.
David Vitter, July 11: Louisiana is still suffering from the job-crushing moratorium put in place after the BP oil spill. The Obama administration shut down the entire offshore oil and gas industry and thousands of jobs were lost because of it. Many Louisianians, including myself, pleaded for answers to why this happened, but we could never get a clear one.
The entire industry was not “shut down.” The government’s action affected only the drilling of new wells.
The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20, 2010, killed 11 people and resulted in the largest oil spill in U.S. history.
Ten days after the disaster, White House senior adviser David Axelrod said the administration would halt new drilling in domestic areas until “there is an adequate review of what happened here and what is being proposed elsewhere.”
On May 6, Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar announced in a press release that “no applications for drilling permits will go forward for any new offshore drilling activity until the Department of the Interior completes the safety review process that President Obama requested.”
this is one of a long list of right wing misinformation, designed to mislead, they put this fraudulent info out and instantly all their under informed run and tell it as it was fraudulently constructed. seems lately i have had occasion to mention right wing and fraud in the same sentence, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
but the right wants "we the people" to believe he is all the names you've heard them call him and more, with one note; "FRAUDULENTLY".
Following the month-long review process, the administration did three things: It imposed a six-month moratorium on drilling deeper than 500 feet. It lifted the temporary freeze on drilling in shallower waters. And it issued new safety requirements with which all drilling companies must comply.
The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, a trade group, said the deepwater drilling moratorium did “not affect the 4,515 shallow-water wells, and it does not affect 591 producing deepwater Gulf wells.”
and here again fraud proven us for now 2 republicans in Pennsylvania, goose egg.

Mitt Romney Olympics Gaffe 'Insulted Everybody,' Harry Reid Says (EXCLUSIVE)


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized Mitt Romney for his behavior during his trip to London.
WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney embarrassed the United States, and himself, by going to London and insulting the British in advance of the Olympics, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday evening.
"It's not good for us as a country -- it's not good for him -- but as a country to have somebody that's nominated by one of the principal parties to go over and insult everybody," Reid said.
Romney, who takes great pride in heading the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, caused a media sensation Thursday when he said there were "disconcerting" signals that the British might not be prepared for the coming games.
Reid, in an interview with The Huffington Post, said he didn't understand how Romney could have made such a blunder, and had advice for the GOP hopeful the next time he visits an Olympic Games.
i wonder i know the right wing is good at letting a lesser contributor to take the glory, so it begs to question, Romney had never as his words been to a Olympic Game. so how is it he can run it when his acumen is business not the nuts and bolts of putting together such a spectacle as that, again in his own words, questioning London's preparedness. so it seems he bought a lot of help with those truckloads of money he got from the "GOV'T".  easy to say yes or no when you have a room full of advisers telling you which way to go. so did Romney un the Salt Lake Olympics or did his advisers, making him just a right wing yes man, curiously silular to Romney of today? just sayin'.
a fraud is just as incompetent by any other name, or surname.

there is a difference


businessmen should stick to business, former community organizer has the innards and mindset to lead people not spreadsheets of his offshore banking.

Romney can not lead this country simply because he knew how to destroy states and cities and it's populations, and get rich while screwing them. how much did Romney actual lead, i'm sure the other's had idea's such as all the SEC papers saying the outsourced when Romney wasn't there, so did he give the command or not? this is not like an exec decision, to take out Bin Laden, as opposed to an executive decision to send thousands of American jobs to China and India, and disinfranchise millions of Americans. one is guided by heart and thoughtful review, the other "GREED".

Mitt Romney meets U.K. leaders ahead of London fundraiser - CBS News


Mitt Romney meets U.K. leaders ahead of London fundraiser  

              Fundraisers hmmmmmmm, is that not allowing foreign influence into American political elections, most pointedly the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?

Britain's Labour leader Ed Miliband greets Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at his office at the House of Commons in London, July 26, 2012. (AP)
(CBS/AP) LONDON - With the Olympics Games as a backdrop, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney met Thursday with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, beginning a day of meetings with Britain's most powerful people. The likely GOP nominee sought to send a message that he recognizes the close bonds between the U.S. and its top ally — and to project an image of leadership.
he looks like he's afraid of being bitten. lol  you cannot bolster your creds on fake one time showing of you and another foreign leaders and all of a sudden you are credible? some of these guys know him and his rep for selling out the country for foreign interest and trusting them over the American institutions to take care of his loot.  that's the kind of president no one wants except those of a like mind.
We have a very special relationship between the United States and Great Britain," Romney told NBC News in an interview in London on the first day of a weeklong overseas trip that will also take him to Israel and Poland. "It goes back to our very beginnings — cultural and historical."
how far back is he going?  how many jobs did he send them?
Asked for his thoughts on the current financial crisis in Britain - currently suffering its worst double-dip recession in 50 years - and the role of the country's fiscal leaders, Romney would not be drawn.
 "While I'm on foreign soil, I'm very careful not to be critical of my own government's policies," said the presumptive Republican nominee. "I would be even more remiss if I were to be critical of any other government's policies. I will instead look forward to an exchange of ideas."

one time showing of you and another foreign leaders and all of a sudden you are credible? some of these guys know him and his rep for selling out the country for foreign interest and trusting them over the American institutions to take care of his loot.  that's the kind of president no one wants except those of a like mind.

We have a very special relationship between the United States and Great Britain," Romney told NBC News in an interview in London on the first day of a weeklong overseas trip that will also take him to Israel and Poland. "It goes back to our very beginnings — cultural and historical."
how far back is he going?  how many jobs did he send them?
Asked for his thoughts on the current financial crisis in Britain - currently suffering its worst double-dip recession in 50 years - and the role of the country's fiscal leaders, Romney would not be drawn.
 "While I'm on foreign soil, I'm very careful not to be critical of my own government's policies," said the presumptive Republican nominee. "I would be even more remiss if I were to be critical of any other government's policies. I will instead look forward to an exchange of ideas."
how was he expected to have an opinion of another country's dilema when he doesn't have a clue about ours?
this is a money raising renewal of old business dealings to sure up their toutinghis effectiveness on foregin policy with his friends not the real leaders that can control outcomes.  i repeat you don't get props for a hour long talk that was scheduled, we need to be that fly on the wall once ol' stff pants leaves the room.


Friday, July 27, 2012

a swimmer's mission


                this is a touching human interest story about a little know scenario about so called minorities and swimming.this is a must see IMO.

I remember i first time swimming. i used to dive in at the corners and swim from one side of the corner to the other. one day someone pushed me in the deep end away from that safety zone of my corners. i knew the fundamentals of swimming but was afraid, that day i learned how to swim, don't remember how old i was but i understood that phrase "sink or swim.                                                                              

GOP Says Coverage For The Uninsured Is No Longer The Priority


was it ever a priority, no they fought fang and paw against you having access to anything but the local ER.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says covering the uninsured shouldn't be Republicans' top health priority.
 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says covering the uninsured shouldn't be Republicans' top health priority.
For decades, the primary goal of those who would fix the U.S. health system has been to help people without insurance get coverage. Now, it seems, all that may be changing. At least some top Republicans are trying to steer the health debate away from the problem of the uninsured.
The shift in emphasis is a subtle one, but it's noticeable.
Take this exchange between Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) earlier this month, just after the Supreme Court upheld most of President Obama's health law.
Wallace: "What specifically are you going to do to provide universal coverage to the 30 million people who are uninsured?"
McConnell: "That is not the issue. ... The question is how can you go step by step to improve the American health care system? It is already the finest health care system in the world."
Wallace: "But you don't think that 30 million people who are uninsured is an issue?"
McConnell: "Let me tell you what we're not going to do. We're not going to turn the American health care system into a Western European system. That is exactly what is at the heart of Obamacare. They want to have the federal government take over all of American health care."
they are still inspite of scotus ruling, and America's need to insure it's people they won't give up that drive to save the rich insurance co., over your health and well being
the right is just not that into "we the people", we are an annoyance, a bump in the road to their agenda.  a vote for them is a vote for those other then yourselves, believe it.

After Saying He Wouldn’t Talk Foreign Policy Abroad, Romney Talks Foreign Policy Abroad


Specifically, Romney wants Israel to know how tough he’d be on Iran telling Haaretz that he won’t rule out a military option. By the way, neither has President Obama.
And Romney “asserts that Iran is the biggest threat to the world, reaffirms Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and reiterates his respect for Benjamin Netanyahu.”
someone needs to gag this SOB, all the goodwill developed by the Pres. can be undone by this wannabe. the Pres. has reaffirmed his dedication to the Israeli's over and over, Romney is over there politicking to someone who has no vote, and showing the world he's a lying backstabbing protocol breaking right wing "A-HOLE".
he needs to pull the stivk out of his pants and go ride up and down on his car elevator and go "whee, whee"
if Iran refuses to talk and points to Romney's allegations as why they won't, Romney ought to be brought up on charges for inteferring, by trying to prove and failing that he can run with the big dogs. i guess he can if he has them tied to the roof of one of Annie's cadillac's.