Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kansas Republicans Finally Consider Changing Course On Their ‘Tea Party Experiment’

Gov. Sam Brownback discussing education funding with legislators next to Senate President Susan Wagle.

Republicans in Kansas, facing a $400 million budget hole due to tax cuts pushed by Gov. Sam Brownback, are now finally considering raising taxes to compensate for the shortfall.
Legislators are considering rolling back an exemption on nonwage income for small businesses they passed a few years ago and replacing it with a 1 percent tax credit. The reductions in rates on income taxes they passed will remain untouched. Some Republicans are also considering raising the sales tax on everything but food, though sales taxes increases are generally considered to impact the poor the most.
But it’s debatable if the revenue streams they are considering will even work. One bill they have on the table would only raise an estimated $30 million in revenue, falling far short of what the state needs.
Since Kansas embarked on its “tea party experiment,” the state has faced severe budget shortages. They collected nearly $6 million less than expected in tax revenue — stemming mainly from a drop in sales tax revenue — this month adding on to an ongoing shortfall, and the legislature has gone into an extended session trying to figure out how to either cut spending or raise revenue to balance the budget.
Brownback told the legislature that he would unveil a tax plan Friday, but he abruptly canceled his appearance, leaving the legislature to debate the budget into the weekend. Ironically, each additional day they spend in session costs them an additional $40,000.
While the legislature is refusing to consider raising taxes through increasing rates on income, they have been busy cutting programs, particularly in education and for the poor. They recently enacted a law that would limit welfare beneficiaries from only withdrawing $25 a day. Cuts have been so severe to education that a waitress recently rejected a tip from Brownback, telling him to “tip the schools” instead.
what we see here is failed republican policy implemented in lockstep by those republican governors who touted cuts to taxes over sensible plans that require the population all of it to pay taxes that keep the state in the black.  ignoring commonsense legislation they now want to make up the difference by further hurting poor and working poor while not changing a thing that benefits the rich is anybody in that state getting a clue???  

that preventing welfare recipients from withdrawing more than 25 bucks a day was to allow the money to stay in the state coffers longer but whatever they were doing to drain them still was going on and delaying payment by reducing daily withdrawals only leaves that money there for days not fiscal years.  this is another snapshot of what turning over stuff to the states does to that state and it's poor especially red states..

if you don't impose a equal amount to replenish as you deplete my 8 month old great grandson can probably figure out that is a crimson "L" of a plan.  it also spotlights the republican party's insincere claims of being for the people especially when it's the people that are losing and the rich flourishing.

Beau Biden, son of vice president, passes away

my prayers go out to the Biden family and may God Bless his soul and the families grieving be respected and allowed to take it's course and his kids Blessed with understanding and the strength to forge ahead . RIP Beau

Senate Intel member: Paul 'simply false' on NSA

Members of the Senate will be on the hook if they are unable to renew expiring parts of the Patriot Act by the end of the day on Sunday, according to Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.).
“There will be accountability for what our vote is and what we do," Coats — who sits on the chamber’s Intelligence Committee — said on Fox News on Sunday.
“Going dark — losing a valuable tool that’s part of the effort of gathering intelligence, that helps keep Americans safe — is something that we’re going to be responsible for if we allow this to happen.”
In particular, Coats criticized Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for “making statements that simply do not describe the program” run by the National Security Agency (NSA).
“What he’s said is that the government is literally collecting your emails, your buddy lists, the content of your calls — I think that is not the case at all,” Coats said.
“It is an important tool that has been so badly misrepresented.”
The NSA has controversially used one of the expiring provisions of the Patriot Act, known as Section 215, to collect in bulk millions of records about Americans’ phone calls. The “metadata” records do not include people’s actual conversations, but instead list the numbers they dial, when the phone calls occurred and for how long.
However, the NSA has other programs that are able to pick up communications of Americans without a warrant, so long as they are picked up “incidentally” during a search for foreigners’ information.
Paul this weekend pledged to force the Senate to kill the laws, by preventing lawmakers from passing legislation by the time they run out at midnight.
The strategy has already made him a prime target for many hawks, who worry that he is handicapping American defenses while threats are on the upswing around the globe.  
my first thought is why is this party leader is fighting against his party who started it at the turn of the century there was no noise then only support because it was a Bush plan now like most other things what once was a given is now a menace to society because Pres. continued it.  they ranted about how we needed to do this it's kept us safe now we still have been kept safe but no longer by the Bush but the Black guy in the WH that has tainted every perceived by them good ideas because they are no longer the ones who were exploiting it Pres. 

i think he's just trying to be the best Pres. he can be and serving the people despite protocol changes by the republicans.  this was brought up a few years ago how everything that was a no brainer no contest now are referred to as fights between them and the Pres.

Media Pick Apart Anti-Immigrant Group's Ad Blaming California Water Shortage On Immigration

Univision and the Los Angeles Times have thoroughly debunked an ad by the anti-immigrant group Californians For Population Stabilization (CAPS) that blames California's drought-induced water shortage on immigration.
Although CAPS presents itself as an organization focused on "preserv[ing] the environment," numerous experts have pointed out that the group disingenuously uses environmental concerns to promote an anti-immigrant agenda. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has described CAPS as "a nativist organization masquerading as an environmental group." Similarly, Huffington Post reported that the executive director of the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) remarked of CAPS: 
"They're basically trying to find any way to spin their anti-immigrant vitriol, so hey, why not choose the environment?" And NBC News reported that "[t]he National Council of La Raza said CAPS can say their concern is the environment, but that it is actually an anti-immigrant group."
According to SPLC, CAPS is part of an anti-immigration network that includes several organizations that have been labeled as "hate groups." Further, SPLC notes that CAPS has received funding from the Pioneer Fund, which has bankrolled "leading Anglo-American race scientists."  The California drought is not the first example of CAPS exploiting a crisis in order to advance its anti-immigrant agenda -- in 2011, the group used California's unemployment rate to advocate for "slow[ing] legal immigration."
CAPS' television ad that plays on concerns about the drought features a young boy asking, "[i]f Californians are having fewer children, why isn't there enough water?" 
Garcia, a meteorology professor and tropical climatology expert, dismissed CAPS' claims. He noted that although California's population has grown, 80 percent of the state's developed water supply is used for agricultural -- not residential -- purposes.
The Los Angeles Times also rebutted CAPS in both a news article and column. Addressing CAPS' claims in a May 24 article, the Times reported:
Some drought experts have taken issue with [CAPS'] claims, pointing out that the majority of the state's water supports agriculture.
Blaming the drought on immigrants "doesn't fit the facts," said William Patzert, a climatologist from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The drought is caused by meager snowpack and poor planning, he said, "not because the immigrants are drinking too much water or taking too many showers. 
Others point out that many immigrants probably use less water than the average California resident because they tend to live in multi-family dwellings, not higher-consuming single-family homes.
"It's unlikely that the 'burden' of immigrants is very significant," said Stephanie Pincetl, professor in residence at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA." 
there they go again creating another bogeyman scare tactic anything they can say to make you hate Hispanics while the previous commercial was all grins and blue skies while they lie about how they want to bring in the Latino vote and they are reaching out but still no on immigration do they think they are stupid or are those creating these messages on that third tier of stupidest???  bottom line is no matter what they say they don't want them here IMO they know they can't win without them but it's their nature to shun them frog scorpion syndrome.

it's despicable how they use their children to deliver their message of hate and discrimination knowing this is what that kid will embrace as they get older except now that does seem to have much longevity kids are not haters 
"they are born with no state of mind blind to the ways of mankind", Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five,  they are molded by environment but that too has evolved and cured itself curiously that hate gene seems to dissipate.  also they often refer to Hispanics as dirty so where is the water being used in their fairy tale???

Fox News' Chris Wallace Debunks Carly Fiorina's Claim That Common Core Standards Are "Nationally Driven"

Wallace: Standards "Come From The State Governors And The State School Officers, And Local School Districts Design The Curriculum To Meet Those Standards"

usually during election time when Fox gets one of it's own that through the interview it looks like they are not so much challenging because it's the job but more so IMO an impeachment as a candidate because they really don't want that person in the mix.  we've seen those that get the whiffle ball questions and those causing problems getting the softball sized hale attacks always starting with "BUT...."

they both failed to mention the right wing drive to kill common core and replace it with their rhetoric and ideology keeping their base kids dumb down and non resistant to the smell of elephant dung and the ability to think or rationalize what is being done to them.

with all that right wing opposition you know it must be a goodthing for country and the children.

Fox's Hemmer Contradicts Fox's Own Reporting With Torrential Hurricane Falsehood


Fox News host Bill Hemmer falsely claimed there were no major hurricanes in 2014, during a segment criticizing action on climate change. But just one day earlier, Fox News correctly reported that two major hurricanes formed last year.
Hemmer introduced a segment on the May 28 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom by noting that President Obama was about to "get an update on the upcoming hurricane season" from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Hurricane Center. Hemmer then declared: "Three major storms predicted this year. They predicted a lot last year. We got zero." 
Climate change deniers often tout a supposed "hurricane drought" to dismiss the notion that climate change is fueling more extreme weather. Hemmer used his false claim about hurricanes to segue into an interview with Fox News contributor Stuart Varney, who praised ExxonMobil for "pushing back on the climate change activists" by refusing to add climate change experts to its board.  
President Obama visited the National Hurricane Center in Florida on May 28 to receive its hurricane briefing in person, and to discuss how climate change is linked to worsening storms. During the visit, Obama stated: "The best climate scientists in the world are telling us that extreme weather events like hurricanes are likely to become more powerful. When you combine stronger storms with rising seas, that's a recipe for more devastating floods." 
maybe we've been wrong Fox doesn't have a problem with lying and creating their own news or not researching before blabbing their mouths they actually do all the above very well no problem there.  it gets especially enjoyable when it's their own that exposes them as the frauds they are like i said leavethem alone long enough and they spill the beans everytime i thinkit's some kind of latent gene response to habitual lying.

Fox Returns To Obamaphone Myth Weeks After Obama Mocked Them For It


Fox News continued its crusade against the Reagan-era affordable telephone service program for low-income Americans, which the network derisively refers to as "Obamaphones," with a misleading segment suggesting that the program has "runaway costs" and traps low-income Americans in poverty.
On May 28, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler published a proposal to amend and modernize the Lifeline program, which currently provides landline and cellular phone subsidies to qualifying low-income Americans. Wheeler's proposal would expand the user-funded program to include broadband internet services, which he called "essential communications services in the 21st Century."
On the May 29 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Tucker Carlson and Fox Business host Charles Payne attacked the broadband proposal and claimed that the Lifeline telephone service system was "radically expanded" during the Obama administration leading to so-called "runaway costs" and fraud.
Payne, who tweeted prior to his appearance that the Lifeline program was tantamount to "further enslavement of the 'poor'," complained on-air that the subsidy was "yet another program that's going to make it really hard for people to get off the sofa" through "the transfer of wealth from the middle class to people of a little bit lower class." Finally, Payne insisted that the expansion of broadband access to low-income Americans delivers the message to "the people who are on the lower levels of the economic rung, we are actually saying to them 'you can't make it but we'll feather the nest a little bit more'":
PAYNE: I think the moral aspect of this is when we're trying to get people into society, you know, out of wherever they live and into the sort of economic spirit, the economic ladder if you will, it's tough. You take a pay cut.
PAYNE: You have all of these benefits and if you add them all up. All of them are at 150 percent above poverty, 130 percent above poverty. Obamacare subsidies, 400 percent above poverty! That keeps a lot of people insulated. So here's the thing. Are you really helping someone by making it more difficult for them to go into the workforce? Are you incentivizing them or disincentivizing them? It's pretty clear what's happening here.
Contrary to Fox's extreme rhetoric, expanding broadband access to low-income Americans is an important step toward alleviating poverty. According to The New York Times, the proposed change represents the "strongest recognition yet" from the FCC "that high-speed Internet access is as essential to economic well-being as good transportation and telephone service." 
Citing research from Pew, The Times highlighted how low-income communities lag far behind the rest of the country in broadband access and availability. Just 52 percent of adults with an annual income of less than $30,000 have broadband Internet at home, compared to 70 percent of all adults. Black and Hispanic adults also lag far behind the national average among broadband users, with just 62 percent and 56 percent reporting at-home access, respectively.
just a thought does Fox pay it's token "HOUSE N...."  less than other guest or do they get the same or less than their female personalities???  why haven't they mention this was a Reagan project do they think it would take the sting out of their misleading misinformation plus it falls into their narrative that Pres. and Progressives give people things for their votes, and like Nazi references nobody mentions slavery but their BINO "HOUSE N....", who's really the slaves?????

they are right they do things like jobs, affordable healthcare, education, food stamps, unemployment compensation, better wages and work conditions when needed ironically most of those food stamps go to their base so they are denying their own a crust of bread ans such.  republicans offer you nothing but lies and deception not even a job since the 2010 job promise, Mr. Speaker we know where Pres. jobs are we see them in th 6 digits every month but no one can say they got their job from a republican jobs plan.

Zimmerman gets GPS protection from Florida shooter

Matthew Apperson, 36, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, shooting into a vehicle and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after an encounter with Zimmerman on a road in Lake Mary, central Florida, on May 11.
In a motion asking for the GPS requirement, prosecutors said Apperson has a history of mental illness including bipolar disorder and general anxiety disorder. The motion states that Apperson had been hospitalized for mental illness three weeks before the shooting, leading his wife at that time to take away his firearm.
The motion noted that a police investigator concluded Apperson had a fixation on Zimmerman, 31.
The GPS device will give Zimmerman a “proximity alert” if Apperson comes near him, according to the motion.
this is sickening and probably the best loved half Hispanic in most parts of right wing America.  with all he's gotten into law "ENFORCEMENT????"  still can't help but give him a pass and he only murdered one innocent Black teen that we know about.  if he had gone on a streak guess he would be the 21st GOP primary contender 2016.

The Controversial Reason a High School Canceled Its Valedictorian’s Speech

Colorado senior Evan Young was a model student. He finished his high school career with an impressive 4.5 GPA and a scholarship to Rutgers University, and he was named Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School’s valedictorian. But when school officials read a draft of his graduation speech—a customary honor given to the highest achiever—they opted to silence the student.
The talking point principal BJ Buchmann had a problem with was Young’s revelation that he is gay. Young planned to disclose his sexual orientation publicly for the first time during his speech.
“My main theme is that you’re supposed to be respectful of people, even if you don’t agree with them,” Young told The Denver Post on Thursday. “I figured my gayness would be a very good way to address that.”
Young sent a copy of his speech to the school administrators, who returned it to him with requested changes, most of which Young said he made. But when it came to omitting his sexual orientation, Young drew the line.
The administration’s unsympathetic treatment ultimately left Young speechless at the May 16 graduation. According to Young, he was only informed that his speech was canceled minutes before the ceremony, and he was further dismayed that the school declined to even mention his academic achievements during the commencement event.

here we are again school officials denying students reality and replacing it with IMO violating their 1st amendment right to free speech teaching them about the hoax of that amendment freedom is a measure doled out by whatever power structure has purview over those they want to suppress it stinks and teaches more of bigotry than what those kids need to survive in the world 

aside from the bigotry displayed by the school they also sought to punish him by not informing him of their cancellation till moments before and not even acknowledging him as he was selected Valedictorian, that speaks volumes to the politics and character of those that are in charge of the molding of American youth. 
The school’s attorney, Barry Arrington, added that “[Graduation] is not a time for a student to use his commencement speech to push his personal agenda on a captive audience.”
The school’s treatment of Young is not an isolated incident. Almost 75 percent of LGBT students report instances of verbal harassment and bullying at school. As many as 56 percent of LGBT students reported discriminatory practices based on their sexual orientation or identity, according to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network 2014 report.
isn't what they are doing pushing their personal agenda on a captive audience?????  hypocrisy is always in between the lines when bigots attempt to silence a voice while crying about their freedoms to the same things are alive and well.  we know that they accuse others of what they do IMO to distract away from them the original perpetrators.  we have seen recent similar exertions of bigotry on school students the difference here is crickets where is the noise from the students who usually rally, march hold candlelight vigils in support of those being hated on the article mentions no such support.

GOP pledges to 'rein in' Obama on EPA rules, global warming

FILE - In this Feb. 18, 2015 file photo Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy speaks at the State Department in Washington...

FILE - In this Feb. 18, 2015 file photo Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy speaks at the State Department in Washington...

Obama administration says a new federal rule regulating small streams and wetlands will protect the drinking water of more than 117 million people in the country.
Not so, insist Republicans. They say the rule is a massive government overreach that could even subject puddles and ditches to regulation.
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., is promising to "rein in" the government through legislation or other means.
It's a threat with a familiar ring.
What else are Capito and other Republicans pledging to try to block?
—the administration's plan to curb carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants.
—its proposal for stricter limits on smog-forming pollution linked to asthma and respiratory illness
—a separate rule setting the first national standards for waste generated from coal burned for electricity.
The rules are among a host of regulations that majority Republicans have targeted for repeal or delay as they confront President Barack Obama on a second-term priority: his environmental legacy, especially his efforts to reduce the pollution linked to global warming.
have you been noticing every time there is a bill that protects the earth or we the people it's greeted with rabid barking and denial of legitimacy overreaching and preventing their freedoms to pollute and poison everything for a few dollars more.  blatant disregard for life and their pursuit of the Benjamin's drives this callous march to planet annihilation not to mention with all their claims of religion and their freedoms to that hoax but ignoring the verses that point to our stewardship of this planet and dominion over it which in no way can be interpreted as destroy, exploit, and kill it at your pleasure but that seems the way they interpret verses like this,

Default Re: Does Bible say we are "stewards of the earth?"
Genesis 2:15 tells us "And the Lord God took man, and put him into the paradise of pleaseure, to dress it, and to keep it"
I think that this tells us that our origional purpose was to keep paradise beautiful and healthy: to watch over all in our care, that we were given dominion over, and to maintain it and to help it grow.
I would say this translates into being stewards of the earth, and that this is a concept which is in line with what we know to be true about mans purpose for existance...

can there really be an argument whether or not God intended for some the rich who have a harder time getting into heaven than a camel passing through the eye of a needle would kick back pollute and poison and ruin that which he/she gave us and subvert the very intent of a life sustaining planet just to shortcut their way to more riches?????

in case you didn't know republicans do!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Camera catches police wrestling pregnant black woman to the ground for no reason whatsoever

Barstow California Police wrestle this pregnant woman to the ground

This is a terrible injustice.
Dropping her daughter off for elementary school, Charlena Cook, eight months pregnant in Barstow, California, ended up being forcibly handcuffed and wrestled to the ground for no reason whatsoever. Not only was this excessive, the entire ordeal was completely uncalled for.The ACLU fought to have the video released and also announced that all charges were dropped against Charlena.
As you will see in that video, an employee of the school called police after she claimed she and the pregnant mother argued over a parking spot—which is not illegal. Nobody was assaulted and no property damage took place.
The police, though, were determined that a crime had been committed that required the use of brute force.
Please pay attention to what the officer says at 2:18 in the video.
Did you hear what he said? It was clear to him that no crime was committed, right?
Now, read this:
"Stop and identify" statutes are statute laws in the United States that authorize police[1] to legally obtain the identification of someone whom they reasonably suspect has committed a crime. If the person is not reasonably suspected of committing a crime, they are not required to provide identification, even in states with stop and identify statutes.
Now, watch the officer insist that Charlena Cook not giving her full name is a criminal offense. It isn't.
the audio good enough to hear the officers assault but the video was not great something i feared from the beginning if it's ion their chest and they are physically assaulting or being assaulted the lens does not afford a full screen only flashy moments of out of focus blurs.  that can lead to a lot of who gets the credit for honesty and so far it has been those they killed or brutalized.  they really need to create a better close encounter focused panoramic lens or we will see more of "what's your best guess"?

i also want to mention the two encounters one with the White women the other Ms. Cook were not of the same tone or questioning one with restraint and respect the other well there's what evidence is available and who thanked them and who is on the ground laying on their unborn child while being arrested for "NOTHING"??????

Cartoon: All lives matter*

not something to laugh about and dismiss but something more in the line of food for thought.

Woman calls police seeking help for boyfriend who threatened suicide, police arrive and shoot him

Justin Way in happier tines

Kaitlyn Christine Lyons arrived at her house to find her boyfriend drunk and distraught about losing his job and his sobriety. She called a non-emergency police number seeking help and then the unthinkable happened:
Minutes later, two St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies, 26-year-old Jonas Carballosa and 32-year-old Kyle Braig, arrived at the home, armed with assault rifles, and told Kaitlyn to wait outside.
“I thought they were going into war,” she remembered thinking when she first saw the large guns. Within moments, Justin was shot dead.
Kaitlyn said she never felt threatened. Police say Justin tried to attack them with a knife. Justin's family rejects their narrative:
“If Justin was coming after them with a knife, at 6-foot-4, wouldn’t there be blood splattered all over the room?” George said.
Way’s parents brought Justin’s mattress to the curb after his death. George says he believes there was a bullet dug out of the bed from a hole found in the middle of it. He also said the blood was contained entirely within the mattress, and that it did not hit the walls or the floor.
police now equal opportunity murderers wonder if there will be more national effort to combat the combatants now that White bodies are starting to pile up is that the key to reform since it looks like open season has been expanded to include anybody in the view????  i don't think it will slow down until we start locking the police criminals up for years commensurate with their crime.

How the hell can Ted Cruz support Texas flood relief after telling Hurricane Sandy victims to rot?

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) waves to the crowd after speaking during the Freedom Summit in Greenville, South Carolina May 9, 2015. REUTERS/Chris Keane - RTX1C9RH

There is just no way to square this circle. None whatsoever. After witnessing the serious destruction that major flooding just caused in his home state of Texas, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz made an iron-clad promise to his constituents:
"Today, Texans are hurting. They're hurting here in San Marcos. They're hurting in Wimberley. They're hurting in Houston. They're hurting across the state.
"Democrats and Republicans in the congressional delegation will stand as one in support of the federal government meeting its statutory obligations to provide the relief to help the Texans who are hurting."
It would be an eminently reasonable assurance to make, if only Ted Cruz were a reasonable man. But he's not. We all know he's not. When Hurricane Sandy wreaked even greater damage across the Northeast in 2012, Cruz told his suffering fellow citizens to get bent:
"This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington—an addiction to spending money we do not have. The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt."
what is even more egregious Texas has said it wanted to secede and have nothing to do with the rest of us and our Black Pres. but now when it's their turn in the barrel the federal gov't has a "statutory obligations to provide the relief to help the Texans who are hurting." why??????????????????????
is he just learning a lesson from Eric Cantor who refused disaster relief to Va. his home state until they can see where it's paid for needless to say he was kicked out of office.

keep in mind they have no problem with spending millions to deny you healthcare 56 times or witch hunt Benghazi still counting.

Police wanted to charge 12-year-old Tamir Rice with 'aggravated menacing' and 'inducing panic'

for the trolls that is the international peace sign not a gang sign.
Recently obtained documents from the Cleveland Police Department, displayed below, show that Tamir Rice was going to be charged with the outrageous crimes of "aggravated menacing" and "inducing panic."
Dear police: We give those crimes back to you. All across the United States, you have induced panic and served as aggravating menaces and have gotten away with these crimes for far too long.
How dare you ever consider charging this young brother with these crimes. He was no menace, but a sixth-grade boy, and the only reason you or anyone else panicked was because of his brown skin. Here are eight white people who pointed real guns at real people and lived to tell the story.
  • The bogus criminal report for Tamir is below.
Notice the following three points.
1. They list three victims of Tamir Rice:
a. The State of Ohio
b. Officer Loehmann (who shot and killed Tamir)
c. Officer Garmback (who drove the vehicle) 
This is essential. They are not claiming Tamir was a menace or induced panic to other people in the park, but to the officers. ABSURD.
2. At the end of the report, notice that they say this complaint was "abated by death."
3. Notice the officer who shot and killed Tamir claims to have had minor injuries.
do you still question the legitimacy of the disconnect between Blacks and police and their intent to murder than give that murder a paid vacation while they contrive a story complete with their documents and charges against a 12 year old for violating his killers.  no shame just a game only thing changes is the victims name.  would you be angry if this happened to your kid?????????  understand reports are not always representative of facts especially if the perpetrators get to write them.

Teen truthbombs her high school yearbook and wins the internet

Caitlyn Cannon high school yearbook photo

Caitlyn Cannon's high school yearbook quote is one for the ages--humorously touching on marriage equality, feminism and the wage gap.
The quote reads: "I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can't do that if my wife and I are making .75 cent for every dollar a man makes."
this next generation is really on the one there are still some inbred haters but overall the view is much more tolerant of other human beings American or otherwise a less tolerant of those who carry the water for right wing deception.  it is encouraging and i pray forever after. there is so much change i hope my Marlene can see from Heaven she would love the America to be. RIP and know change gonna come.

The Thundering Failure of the Democrats

i am both ashamed and disappointed with my party, not so much Pres. i think he has been the sole pilot with the rest of the party not really having his back especially those in red states what good are they if they don't stand with the party agenda as defined by the Pres.?  sitting in an office that you lean more to the opposition does nothing for the Progressive movement keeping a seat warm can be done by a cat and they would not support the party line either.  yet with opposition on the right and desertion on the left he has made remarkable strides in that office. and media gone right wing for the money let that fantasy stand with no responsibility to tell us we are being lied to.

republican treachery/treason is unparalleled in our history but so is a Black Pres. things that were written in stone have met the wrecking ball and still Pres. is like the quarterback under center takes the hike and the entire offense heads to the benches quarterback staring at a rabid racist bigoted defense of anti American values i mean principles i mean ED (elephant dung, all by himself.  

that said i'll leave you to read the article i did not want to copy paste any of it although i mostly agree with the author we are letting the stupid rub off and remember either side no matter what they say their is that defense staring them down and as we've seen past 6 1/2 years Pres. was right when he said "YES WE CAN" and republicans response from Beohner, "OH HELL NO YOU CAN'T" looks like we allowed the Beohner retort to win out and their my friends is the last nail in our coffin self induced indifference some time the choice is only the lesser to two evils except one is just categorized as evil but more the saving of "WE THE PEOPLE".

Why don't poor people just get jobs? Because they already did.

A majority of poor people who can work (ie are not disabled, elderly, or students), do: 37 percent of those eligible for work are not working.
The contrast between hardworking Americans and shiftless, lazy, poor people is a favorite of Republicans as they try to cut safety net programs like food stamps or housing assistance. But—even if you believe that people who don't work should starve—it's a contrast based on a lie. In reality, a majority of people living in poverty who can work, do work:
The top bar shows that 35.2 percent of the poor between the ages of 18 and 64 in 2013 were considered not currently eligible to work because they are retired, going to school, or disabled. The other 64.8 percent of working-age poor are currently eligible to work. The second bar shows us that among these currently-eligible workers, 62.6 percent are working and 44.3 percent are working full-time. Of the working-age poor eligible for employment, 37.4 percent are not working—a share that includes the 3.3 million unemployed poor people currently seeking a job.
those who are put in that right wing bag is all part of the plan to make the social networks and any program that requires what is established as the top 1%'s money from being used for anything other than their agenda America's overlords are what keeps the status quo and increases it yearly in their favor.  the republican agenda supports that oligarchy and they pay them for that support we call it bribe money they call it politics we also call it failing to do their job as described they call it business as usual we call it dismissing and ignoring us they call it acceptable collateral inevitability. 

we also call it their responsibility to serve and protect our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness denied, they call it broken family with no father or work ethic other than drug dealing.  so they are saying we are the one's shooting ourselves in the foot.  we call it classic republican truth dodge, they sell it as they know best the Black dynamic and causal effects, we call hypocritical White power structure keeping their lie going into the millennium.

Minnesota woman pulls gun on Muslim couple who were picking their son up from a friend's house

Mugshot of Nancy Kay Knoble

Majida and Adly Abumayaleh say an insane (my word, not theirs) Minnesota woman pulled a rifle on them for having the nerve to pick up their son in her neighborhood:
Majida and Adly drove just a few miles from their home in Maple Grove to the 9200 block of Woodhall Bay last Friday night to pick up their teenage son at a family friend's home.
They were waiting in their car outside of the house, they said, when it happened.
"She said you are suspicious in this neighborhood. She told me open the window, open the window. We couldn't do anything. I was frozen," Majida Abumayaleh explained of the incident.
Apparently off her rocker, 48-year-old Nancy Kay Knoble pounded on the car and then forced them out of the car at gunpoint, marching them to the house to prove their son was there. And, of course, he was.
Nancy's now facing charges of assault, terroristic threats and terroristic threats-reckless disregard. Judging by her booking photo, she's in need of a great deal of help:
these acts by racist bigots an the like are showing us who really are the terrorist the menace to society.  this easily could have evolved into another hate crime of murder but thanks to the Lord there was enough sanity there for her to verify before ending lives and creating an orphan.  i know some might argue suspicious people but is that just profiling and allowing bigoted precepts to think the worst i have to wonder if they were obviously White in appearance would those same humiliating actions tantamount to terror for the one's be subjugated have transpired in the same way with the same suspicious mind,  i also wonder if that is the general consensus for that neighborhood and if so how will the friend residents be treated now???

Director of the National Spelling Bee nails it when dealing with bigot

The 88th Scripps National Spelling Bee has now come and gone and, just like the 87th last year, ended in a two-way tie. And, just like last year (as well as many other recent years), the champions have come from Indian ancestry. Naturally, this doesn't sit well with a certain segment of society, the members of which have made their unhappiness known in predictable social media rants. Apparently, at least one of them has also made it known to Paige Kimble, spelling bee director. Her response, however, was perfect in its simplicity:
The domination of the bee by Indian American spellers over the past 15 years has created some backlash, including an ugly outburst of racial insults on social media last year. Paige Kimble, the longtime director of the bee, said that she was approached Thursday and asked whether any “Americans” made it to the finals. “ ‘Yes, they’re all Americans,’ I told them,” Kimble said. “We obviously still have a long way to go.”
Oops, that's right. They are all Americans. Actually, there are a few contestants from outside the U.S., but that is irrelevant to the story of this years winners, as one hails from Olathe, Kansas and the other from Chesterfield, Missouri. The distinction is likely lost on our poor bigot anyway.
The only thing I might add to that is that if you don't like the fact that children of Indian, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Korean, or whatever other heritage are outperforming those of your own, maybe instead of directing your frustration at the children or their families, you might try directing it at the elected officials who are responsible for overseeing the performance of your own school. Oh, and maybe do your own part while you're at it, if you happen to have children in that school.
this last phrase was what hit me when i first read the title.  questions posed by the alleged bigot which IMO isn't so alleged just goes t show the ignorance of what those they support are really doing denying education funds wanting to kill dept. of ED., abandoning inner city schools think how many potential Barack or Michelle Obama's there are out there waiting in the wings, actually that is the right wing reason for nipping education in the bud just glaringly clear since 2008.

i wonder if and how that person's kids would have fared in the contest?   kids can be intellectually accomplished inspite of radical bigot home enviroment as well as being suppressed and grow up in the abyss of hate.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Media Give Carly Fiorina A Free-Pass On Opposition To Equal Pay Legislation

Mainstream media outlets are misrepresenting Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's stance on pay equality, reporting on her claim that she supports equal pay without noting her opposition to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act.
Carly Fiorina Gives Lip Service To Gender Pay Equality
Fiorina: "Of Course I Support Equal Pay." Speaking at a May 27 press conference outside of one of Hillary Clinton's campaign stops in South Carolina, Carly Fiorina claimed that "of course," she supports equal pay. [, 5/27/15]
But Fiorina Opposed Fair Pay Legislation
Fiorina Dismissed Fair Pay Legislation As "Tokens" And "Gestures" That "Don't Truly Help Women Advance." In a 2014 interview with CNN, Fiorina dismissed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act as "tokens" that don't help women advance in the workplace: 
Fiorina: I think in some cases we just have to take on the facts. There are plenty of laws in place today that a woman can look to if she's truly discriminated against at work, where she's actually earning less for the same job as her male counterpart.
So the Paycheck Fairness Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act -- these are tokens. They're gestures. They don't truly help women advance.
We can't avoid the factual arguments, because they're on our side. [CNN, 6/30/14]
Fiorina: Sufficient Pay Equality Protections "Exist On The Books Today." During a January interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Fiorina disputed the necessity of the Paycheck Fairness Act, claiming that "laws exist on the books today" that are sufficient to help women facing discrimination. [PunditFact, 1/22/15]
maybe we are seeing some insight into why she was fired from HP she admits being fired but goes on to tout her bona fides for being the leader of the American brand but her brand is that of a party that repeatedly exhibits it's anti WE THE PEOPLE agenda in favor of those types that sent her packing.  hard to qualify being fired from a big business as CEO as your proof of ability to lead a country, her party wants to lead the country back to Jim Crow and ultimately back to war.  did i mention her party is engaged in a war against her and she against her own gender match made in the bowels of hell.

National Review's Rich Lowry Advocates For Increased Incarceration In "Dangerous" Black Neighborhoods
In an opinion piece for Politico Magazine headlined "#SomeBlackLivesDontMatter," Lowry called the "Black Lives Matter" slogan used by protesters "a lie," citing the lack of attention paid to a spike in murders in Baltimore in the last month. Lowry claimed: "Let's be honest: Some black lives really don't matter. If you are a young black man shot in the head by another young black man, almost certainly no one will know your name."
As a solution to the increase in shootings in Baltimore, Lowry recommended more policing and more incarceration (emphasis added):
The Baltimore Sun ran a headline (since changed) that had the air of a conundrum, although it isn't very puzzling, "With arrests down in Baltimore, mayor 'examining' increase in killings." According to the paper, arrests have dropped by about half in May. The predictable result is that violent crime is spiking.
The implication is clear: More people need to be arrested in Baltimore, not fewer. And more need to be jailed. If black lives truly matter, Baltimore needs more and better policing and incarceration to impose order on communities where a lawless few spread mayhem and death.
A recent CNN article about the crime increase reported that while officers have "lost faith in the chain of command," they have also "coordinated a work slowdown by not talking to community members and showing less initiative" --  context Lowry failed to include.
Lowry finally claimed that Rudy Giuliani "saved more black lives than any of his critics ever will... by getting the police to establish and maintain basic order in New York's neighborhoods and defending the cops when the likes of Al Sharpton maligned them." A 2014 report by the New York Civil Liberties Union found the stop-and-frisk policy put in place by Giuliani was ineffective at reducing violent crime. 
Calls for the black community and its leaders to focus more on "black on black crime" is a move frequently made by right-wing media figures as a response to the calls for criminal justice reform that have grown louder since the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown by Ferguson, MO police made national headlines. Last year, Slate's Jamelle Bouie explained why this argument is so flawed:
First, a little context: In the last 20 years, we've seen a sharp drop in homicide among blacks, from a victimization rate of 39.4 homicides per 100,000 in 1991 to a rate of roughly 20 homicides per 100,000 in 2008. Likewise, the offending rate for blacks has dropped from 51.1 offenders per 100,000 in 1991 to 24.7 offenders per 100,000 in 2008. This decrease has continued through the 2010s and is part of a larger--and largely unexplained--national drop in crime.
But while black neighborhoods are far less dangerous than they were a generation ago, black people are still concerned with victimization. Take this 2014 report from the Sentencing Project on perceptions of crime and support for punitive policies. Using data from the University of Albany's Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, the Sentencing Project found that--as a group--racial minorities are more likely than whites to report an "area within a mile of their home where they would be afraid to walk alone at night" (41 percent to 30 percent) and more likely to say there are certain neighborhoods they avoid, which they otherwise might want to go to (54 percent to 46 percent). And among black Americans in particular--circa 2003--"43 percent said they were 'very satisfied' about their physical safety in contrast to 59 percent of Hispanics, and 63 percent of whites."
Beyond the data, there's the anecdotal evidence. And in short, it's easy to find examples of marches and demonstrations against crime. In the last four years, blacks have held community protests against violence in Chicago; New York; Newark, New Jersey; Pittsburgh; Saginaw, Michigan; and Gary, Indiana. Indeed, there's a whole catalog of movies, albums, and sermons from a generation of directors, musicians, and religious leaders, each urging peace and order. You may not have noticed black protests against crime and violence, but that doesn't mean they haven't happened. Black Americans--like everyone else--are concerned with what happens in their communities, and at a certain point, pundits who insist otherwise are either lying or willfully ignorant.
this is the enforcement power structure's way of absolving itself  from all the video taped murders committed by police they redirect and try to negate that fact with the perceived notion that Black on Black killings are worse, well those killings are not done by people paid and sworn to protect and serve so as egregious as they are they are in no way equal to police murdering's often in the back.

just like the local business and gov't abandoning neighborhoods they use their suggested perception of "it's not worth it" as they drive off into the sunset leaving the reason there on the street so they can pick it up and use it again when something happens.

Ann Coulter Claims She Would Ban Overweight Immigrants From Entering The U.S.

Commenting on her refusal to hug an undocumented immigrant during a recent interview, Ann Coulter doubled down, adding that she would "not admit overweight" immigrants into the country if she was "in charge of immigration."
During a May 26 interview between Coulter and Jorge Ramos on Fusion's America with Jorge Ramos, undocumented immigrant and activist Gaby Pacheco asked Coulter if she could have a hug. When Coulter refused, claiming she was recovering from the flu, Pacheco persisted, saying the hug would be "a sign of my humanity and yours." 
In a May 28th post on Breitbart, Matt Boyle detailed what he deemed to be "missing" context from coverage of the event. Buried at the end of the piece was a comment from Coulter weighing in on her snub of Pacheco, elaborating on how she wouldn't "admit people like Pacheco to the United States" if she were in charge of immigration. Coulter explained that "When I'm in charge of immigration (after our 10 year moratorium), I will not admit overweight girls." 
Boyle concurred with Coulter, adding: "She's got a point: Shouldn't the United States be picking the most desirable immigrants to bring into the United States, truly the best and brightest?" 
Coulter's latest insult came after a week of despicable commentary from the conservative pundit. In the same interview with Ramos, Coulter said Americans should fear immigrants more than ISIS, lamenting that "If you don't want to be killed by ISIS, don't go to Syria. If you don't want to be killed by a Mexican, there's nothing I can tell you." In an interview with Sean Hannity on May 27, Coulter also claimed that the US is "bringing in people from backward, primitive cultures." 
i am thoroughly pissed at this right wing backwards hypocritical assessment of immigrants the things they are discriminating against and the crack about best and brightest first one fit's them to a tee the second one has to home in the cult of right wing seeing as how it's a glass full of arrogant ignorance.  

pot kettle syndrome is their way of not having to admit to themselves they are not the brightest bulb in the building racism, bigotry and prejudice is about as backward as one can get this 21 century not the 17th.  as far as killing better chance of a cop or gun carry licensed right wing lunatic than Isis or a Mexican.  Blacks and Hispanics don't open carry that law come with a rider "only for rednecks, all others carry at your own peril".

way to go rightys that's letting them know how much you really care about including them.  it's cool how the party says one thing and their mouth pieces say just the opposite confusing nah just one lie and one truth something rarely experienced from the right wing but it's so nice when it does happen.

Ann Coulter Falsely Asserts One Quarter Of Mexico's Population Has Been "Taken In" By U.S.

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter grossly misrepresented Pew data, falsely suggesting that 25 percent of Mexico's population has been "taken in" by the United States, creating a false narrative that is spreading through right-wing media. 
During a May 26 interview with Fusion's Jorge Ramos, Coulter alleged that the United States has "taken in one quarter of the entire Mexican population." 
Coulter doubled-down on her claim while appearing on the May 28 edition of The Sean Hannity Show, citing the Pew Research Center to assert "yeah we already have a quarter, a quarter of the entire Mexican population." 
Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh parroted Coulter's assertion the same day, claiming "25 percent of the total population of Mexico has already immigrated, not all legal obviously, to the United States." Rush went on to say "you can trace the demise of California to this." 
The Pew data Coulter referenced actually includes both "native born" and "foreign born" Hispanics of Mexican origin. Pew's summary of the data explained that "this estimate includes 11.4 million immigrants born in Mexico and 22.3 million born in the U.S. who self-identified as Hispanics of Mexican origin." 
That means 65 percent of the people Coulter claimed that the United States has "taken in," were born in this country. 
this my friends has laid out the machinations of the right wing republican propaganda factory, where lies and innuendo are second only to over embellished misinformation designed to scare those susceptible into thinking Hispanics are taking over guess the Sharia law Muslims gave up.  they don't want them here no matter how eloquent Paul or the others speak about bringing them in the whack a moles will pop up and drop the knowledge on you it's all a hoax.  

they speak of how republicans have a real chance because of the Hispanic vote with Rubio and Cruz leading the Exodus  i really hope they don't fall for that ED (elephant dung)  this is where we need to shine a light and speak to the insanity that they hate them forever they pop up daily disparagingly and claim ownership of their votes.  we need to let them know it ain't that kind of party for that party bigotry and discrimination the rule of the days all 365 of them and that one on leap year.

nationalized or born here makes no difference to them they are potential Pogressive voters and have little value to republican you can't win something over if you are who you were while losing it. opposing Pres. Executive Action on immigration they refuse to address while claiming it to be a must do priority admitting they need their votes shows who's there and who's not who's zoomin who no longer a question.

France passed law making rooftop solar or gardens mandatory on new commercial buildings

Green roof at Mountain Equipment Coop, Toronto, Canada. The store was built in 1998.

Two months ago, France passed a law that requires the rooftops of new commercial buildings to be partially (at least) covered by solar panels or plants. The law, passed back in March, was a compromise with French environmentalists and more conservative* members of society.
The law approved by parliament was more limited in scope than initial calls by French environmental activists to make green roofs that cover the entire surface mandatory on all new buildings.
The Socialist government convinced activists to limit the scope of the law to commercial buildings.
This isn't a first. Places like Australia and Germany already have green roofs as a part of their urban landscape. Toronto has had by-laws since 1998 mandating green rooftops.
and the American right wing gov't not like their counterparts when it comes to people breathing in the future.  we are not number 1 those we put in charge are acting like our correctional officers instead of protecting and serving they are protecting the rich and being served millions for their treasonous activities and ignoring their vow of office, the kick in the head we pay them to do it.  wake up everybody.  if we did put gardens on building tops the air pollution from us and big business would kill them in a weeks time.

they already are killing off the wildlife covered in oil and losing feeding areas because of glacier melting ignoring a threat again republicans got thousands kill do to 911 dismissal now how many more because of climate change denial all just so big business gets the gov't off their backs and quits blocking their freedoms to shortcut and deregulate causing all the above. vote them out and vote in those who will protect us from them. recognize

No, Governor Walker. State Mandated Rape is not "a cool thing."

 photo gop war on womens lives_zps2tpjiesp.jpg
 photo gopwaronwomen_zpsiifz5im7.png

What Governor Walker and his deviant cohorts across the country are trying to explain away is rape - State Mandated Rape. And there is nothing "cool" about any of it.
In an interview with conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch on Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his anti-choice record, saying that a bill he signed requiring that women seeking an abortion first obtain a medically unnecessary ultrasound merely provided them with access to “a lovely thing” and a “cool thing out there.”
From coast to coast Republican Legislators are attempting to legalize the rape of our daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, and neighbors.
From Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, to Virginia, Republicans have either proposed or passed bills legitimizing state mandated rape.  
Wisconsin Republicans: Forcing Women To Undergo Transvaginal Ultrasounds Is Our ‘Priority’
Lets take away the obfuscating language in that line.
Forcing Women to be raped is our priority.
Rape is defined by the Department of Justice as:
“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”
  • Republican laws mandating the insertion of probes into women's bodies without their consent are attempting to legalize rape. No amount of prurient piety is going to change that inescapable fact.
Wisconsin’s current law already requires women to undergo a counseling session with their doctor 24 hours before having an abortion, under the false pretense that the women who seek to terminate a pregnancy must not be confident about their decision. Doctors already provide those women with information about ultrasound services. But under the new forced ultrasound measure, women would be forced to undergo an ultrasound — and potentially a transvaginal probe, depending on how far along in her pregnancy she is — without her consent.
this is the republican philosophy concerning women and Walker like the others of like minds want to be your president if they think so little of you now will women disappear if they are elected i mean steal yet another election you know by gerrymandering, voter suppression misleading information.  bottom line they they care less about women than they do a redheaded dark skin Hispanic stepchild they think is Gay.  vote adjustment priority Nov. 4th 2016 only those who have "D's" after their names because we are finding out "R" also stands for rape sympathizers.

why don't they have a beer with all the rapist while they get to visit the child they created in the creation of a republican sanctioned exonerate the rapist laws.

Cartoon: Jeb Bush and Brotherly Love

text is in the article video pretty much sums up why the republican party and base are not feeling the love the more he denies and claims he's his own man the more he looks like there's a rope tethered to his belt and W and the boyz are on top of the cliff holding him up.

As Texas floods, now is the time to examine its teaparty Republicans

The drought in Texas ended with a wet, thundering bang last weekend, but the political hypocrisy may just be getting started. The Lone Star State is currently ruled by the worst sort of Tea Party Republicans. We brought you Senator hopes-to-be-President of the Confederate-States-of-America Ted Cruz and Louie the-dumbest-man-in-Congress Gohmert just to name a couple. We even elected this clown:
West, TX is represented in Congress by Bill Flores, who is also asking that the government declare the impacted area a federal disaster—and is requesting federal money. [...] Mr. Flores was one of the 67 members of the House of Representatives who voted against the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief.
Spending is only big and bad and out of control when it helps people Bill Flores and his ilk don't care about. Case in point, it's now flooding down in Texas:
This is when Texas nationalists and secessionists really look foolish. With 46 counties now declared disaster areas by Gov. Greg Abbott and no end in sight until summer, Texas welcomes federal officials and disaster relief.
Texas Task Force 1 and soldiers and pilots of the Texas Military Forces — the National Guard units and Texas State Guard — have worked round-the-clock to save motorists in Krum, lift away flood victims in Cleburne and search for the missing in Wimberley. But if anyone needs convincing, this reminds us Texas can’t go it alone.
When neighboring states or nearby foreign countries suffer the wrath of nature or the callous nature of man, Texans are often among the first volunteers on the front line rendering aid.
So, when Texas Tea Party Republicans seek to deprive taxpayers in any state of their own money, in some cases money and resources specifically earmarked for disaster relief, maybe it's time for voters of all stripes to re-examine that party's notion about what Americans expect and deserve from their elected representatives.
ahhh the tea people the real grassroot Americans who seem only to care about themselves individually not even as a collective.  they are living high on the hog like the pigs that they are in Texas they get all their perks of being bigoted racist gun toting cowboys what's that saying "all hat and no cattle"
remember they came here to DC and other states with signs saying "we came unarmed this time"  sounds like a threat to over throw the gov't.  then what would they do fight over who's in charge they have so many chapters and so many chef's which leads to too many cooks which leads to a pot boiling over while trying to decide who's the head chef.

also wonder had they seceded from THE USA what would they be doing now facing this flood disaster borrow from China or Russia???? ignorance doesn't afford you the benefit of thinking pass 15 mins. in the future

62 percent of Republicans still say Iraq War was the 'right thing' to do

A U. S. Army soldier mans a .50 caliber machine gun atop a HUMVEE to provide cover fire for fellow soldiers during a search for weapons caches and insurgent forces in a cemetery near An Najaf, Iraq, on Aug. 10, 2004.   DoD photo by Spc. Lester Colley, U.S

This has to be simple tribalism, right?
Going to war with Iraq was the wrong thing to do, American voters say 59 - 32 percent. Republicans support the 2003 decision 62 - 28 percent, while opposition is 78 - 16 percent among Democrats and 65 - 26 percent among independent voters.
That's from a Quinnipiac poll released just this week, and that's a gigantic gap. That the Iraq War still enjoys 60+ percent support among Republicans while Democrats and independent support is only 16 percent and 26 percent respectively only makes sense if (1) the two sides reside in different dimensions, each with a different set of facts or (2) since the Iraq War was a Republican "thing," the wide long swath of the Republican base will continue to think it was a good idea from now until hell freezes over out of simple spite. 
President Obama could never have gained Republican support for any similarly sized operation in Libya, unquestionably run by a dictator just as rotten and just as linked to terror; President Clinton was pilloried for a far smaller intervention in Eastern Europe meant to staunch what had moved from bloody war to genocide—he was only doing it to distract from his problems here at home, the critics wailed. A trillion dollars, uncountably many dead and a region writhing in the throes of war and terrorism, though, that continues to be a damn fine choice.
There is no doubt some of the Fox effect going on here. In embarrassingly large numbers, Republicans continue to believe that Iraq was involved with 9/11 or that weapons of mass destruction were in fact found, though both were proven false a long time ago; this lack of basic structural knowledge about their own supposed beliefs is endemic among Fox News viewers, thanks to a bevy of self-interested network hosts and guests themselves continuing to prop up such claims regardless of the evidence.

for some the embracing of republican overtures of how the world is better since Saddam is no longer here even though facts show he had nothing to do with 911, strangely enough you don't hear that the world or America is much safer since Bin Laden is not here,  could it be because it was a failed (intentional effort) by republicans and fulfilled by Pres.?  you know they can not give him credit for anything it might make him look good as if his record doesn't already do that.  or is it the unilateral denial marching order of 2008 "he get's nothing"???

something else we don't hear is the thousands of lives and families impacted by their war of choice and now with ISIS they are trying to blame Pres. for that too.  Pres. cleaned up their economic mess just not fast enough for them now he's cleaning up their wars and again not fast enough and in their words "making a big mess out of everything".  they do the deed and try to blame Pres. inspite of 12 years of exposing their complicity to all that has gone wrong from ignoring the warnings to letting Bin Laden escape US capture to now having nothing to do with any of it. 

Former Arkansas Trooper: Jim Bob Duggar lying, only told him about one incident with one girl

The Duggar Family

Looks like the Duggar situation isn't going away any time soon. In an interview with Intouch Weekly, the trooper who Jim Bob Duggar allegedly reported the multiple molestation incidents says good ol' Jim Bob is lying:
In the new interview from prison, Hutchens said he was told by Jim Bob and Josh that “Josh had inappropriately touched [redacted] during the time she was asleep. He said he touched her through her clothing and he said it only happened one time.”
He said the fact that it was a one-time incident influenced his decision not to report it. “I did what I thought was right and obviously it wasn’t,” he says. “If I had to do it over again, I would have told him immediately I am going to call the hotline and contacted the trooper that worked those cases and have a full report made. I thought I could handle it myself.
Joseph Hutchens, the former Arkansas State Trooper, who is himself serving a 56-year prison sentence for child pornography, says he regrets not doing more:
“I have lost a lot of sleep over it. I am a Christian myself and I worry that something else may have happened. I would be responsible for it, in my opinion, by not reporting it. The young girl should have been my first priority.”
InTouch Weekly is also reporting that Josh Duggar sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services:
Police referred the matter to the Families in Need of Services agency, which has jurisdiction over minors. The Department of Human Services (DHS) was then brought into the case, In Touch has learned. Nine months after those agencies entered the Duggar molestation case, Josh Duggar sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services. A trial was held on August 6, 2007.
The results of the investigation into the Duggars and Josh’s trial are sealed. But a source familiar with the Duggar investigation told In Touch it was likely that Josh “appealed the DHS decision or finding from their investigation.” The source notes that DHS had the authority to apply “restrictions or stipulations about him being at home with the victims.
“Josh would be considered an in-home offender, giving DHS the authority to do an investigation. As part of your appeal rights you can request a DHS hearing to challenge what they found and their ruling.”
these are the people republican politicians seem to flock to is it a birds of a feather thing or just looking for photo pots with celebrities?  remember the Duck Dynasty guy who said "men should marry 15 year old's"  and you couldn't pry republicans off him with the jaws of life, i keep thinking of Joan Walsh's book "what's wrong with White people?"  family values looks like in some cases the children might be better off without parents like these and especially these kinds of "VALUE".

again i say i think republicans support rape, stories like this and others and the others we haven't heard about yet and their defense of and embracing of these offenders shows their real colors and reinforces the facts of their war on women.  and you thought crappy pants racist draft dodging Ted Nugent was bad, he too has this underage girl attraction and 2012 he too was a republican favorite son he even was a guest speaker at the 2012 republican convention.

Huckabee well another bromance of the republican kind seems all that faux religious crap Huckabee spews means nothing when he's with is boyz jammin to the beat about sexing woman, is he really Uncle Sugar???  he's as much of a letch as those he embraces for votes.  you have to wonder why would they want to be long to a group that has them as members????

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rick Santorum Climbs On The 2016 Clown Bus

Yes, it's official. Rick Santorum is in, and he has his own billionaire to help defray expenses. That's right, folks. Rick Santorum's faux populism is brought to you by none other than Foster Friess!
"As middle America is hollowing out, we can't sit idly by as big government politicians make it harder for our workers and then turn around and blame them for losing jobs overseas. American families don't need another president tied to big government or big money," said the man who is being financed by one of a handful of elite billionaires.
"Today is the day we are going to begin to fight back."
Also, he claimed he wasn't going to focus on social issues this time around, which proves that he's just another cynical player on the gravy train. He has learned the formula from the 2010 and 2014 midterms, where Republicans swore that if they were elected, they'd focus on jobs and the economy.
Instead, they've passed abortion bans, ripped the social safety net to tatters, and wasted time on open carry and "religious freedom" laws.
What will it take for this country to wake up and figure out who lies to them every damn day?
i too wonder they make the same claims every cycle and don't produce and it's not all because they spend majority of waking hours trying to sink Pres. more so because it was a lie and the billionaire boyz club is not interested in that after an election.  btw Mr. Speaker Beohner where are those jobs promised in 2010??  republican voter base is only a means to right wing ends domination of the nation and they are rabid in defense of the talking points no matter they are lies they are just not said by Pres. or anyone on the other side.  

anal retentiveness creates one who is half cocked and under informed and as far as they are concerned that won't change G W Bush, "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on".  did i mention his proclaimed dedication to family values?

you be the judge of that.

Rand Paul Tries To Fool Students Into Thinking He's A Democrat

Rand Paul Tries To Fool Students Into Thinking He's A Democrat

Baby Paul's obligatory "I wanna be President so I wrote a book" book is out. Huzzah! In it, he brands himself as a "crunchy treehugger" who says "the Republican party sucks."
He's really hoping that will appeal to college students so he can peel a few away, I suppose, but first he'd like to destroy those campuses they all attend and rid them of stinky liberals before indoctrinating them into the Cult of Koch.
In a new book released on Tuesday, Paul said he composts and believes in clean air and clean water. Paul notes that he has planted giant sequoias in his yard and repurposed old trees used for a fort to build compost bins.
"None of this is at odds with wanting out government to be smaller, with wanting our regulatory bodies to protect both our land and water," Paul wrote in his third book, "Taking a Stand: Moving beyond partisan politics to unite America."
Just for giggles, here's what he has to say about race relations.
The Kentucky senator wrote that the tension he has tried to soothe between the GOP and people of color is deep and complicated, but ultimately salvageable. That is if Republicans recognize that, admit it and make this minority outreach a priority.
"My Republican Party, the Republican Party I hope to lead to the White House, is willing to change," Paul wrote in his third book,
Paul puts the blame on the Republican Party's image, which he says is "broken" and scares away minority voters even though they should be attracted to the GOP.
"Right now, the Republican brand sucks. I promised Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, that I would stop saying the GOP sucks, and I will (except for this last time)," Paul writes. "I believe the Republican Party and minorities have common ground."
...says the man who believes the Civil Rights Act was a mistake.
the guy is a fraud again no matter what he says before an election he is a republican they will not support him if he meant what he says because it is not their agenda to be civil or to care.  remember Grover Norquist in 2012?  note his reference to "my republicans" yeah those same ones you have seen no change in for decades.  i think they are going along with him because they have nothing else and given their propensity to give very little credit of intellect to the electorate and it is keeping in line with their deceit MO they are probably high fiving behind closed doors, maybe a waiter brought their spy cam and we get another admission of disrespect for the more than 47% now.

he too will have to follow orders and believe me they will never give any order faintly resembling any claim he makes as to change of partry doctrine.  not to mention Progressive opposition to their anti American agenda