Saturday, March 31, 2012

Did Obama sign a controversial bill 'in secret'?

welcome to the 2012 election year. the right wing lies are in your personal e-mails. becoming more clear nothing has changed on the right. public deception still the agenda de jour. they know that we know they are doing it and don't give a gnats crap. so where is the family values, the righteous evangelical pulse taker's of the right and wanna be's of us all. is this a advanced curse after the t-p summer indoctrination camps for their kids, you know the one they were afraid if our beloved Pes. talked to them they would see the light of day. click title please please copy and paste sorry
they just can't tell the truth is this maybe their hatred goes back to George Washington and they strive to not be like him? or are they
copy and paste really sorry for inconvenience

our beloved Pres. has us "movin' on up"

best market, best employment growth, best decline in job search,best Dow since '91 Romney what's he running on fumes?
can someone call Sarah Palin and tell her that hopey changey thing is alive and making this a better country for her and her family in spite of herself, progressive's look out for all it's citizenry not just corps. please click link

Ryan, relief or ripping us?

what is the plan behind the plan to do the same thing as he tried last year. and all i see is it just smells like it's a year old with poor refrigeration. Romney should have stuck to Romneycare less smelly. with all his problems he grabs on to this. defense, right always says listen to the general's on the ground they requested a half trillion dollar decrease and what does the right wing budget master say, (paraphrased), "they are lying they aren't being truthful about what they need". sounds like one of those drunken sailor moments which i take umbrage i never spent it all was to drunk :+) this guy is not trying to save our budget, look close and the corporation breaks become evident. i wrote this on this blog awhile back,


Hello,what if all the republicans against healthcare time in office runs out and they are forced to enter work force without insurance buying power of gov. employees, then lose that job and can't afford insurance because the voucher program they passed is insufficient? "POETIC OR WHAT"?
they have no plan look closely at that pamphlet you can see the scrub marks where they tried not so hard to sanitize the same rhetoric as last time. who's zoomin' who?
by nick johnson 5/14/11

Friday, March 30, 2012

rushing to what??

Racist O'reilly accuses the media of rushing to judgement while he and his are rushing to deny judging. unfair unbalanced Fox hates the fact that we are motivated and not sitting with our hands in our laps while they spin the murderer out of the justice system. only time the right doesn't race to judgment is when the culprit is of the right wing clan and the few tokens like Allen West, Cain et al. they convict before there is a crime. please click title

Thursday, March 29, 2012

good ol boy tactic blame the Pres.

who coached the killers poppa he blamed every Black accept me. the Pres. is a hater? why do they think the more extreme they are the better the chances it will be believed. their base is already on board so that leaves you and me, i'm not bitin' are you? typical playbook move deny, deny and then lie. this bother's me when he is charged there should be a change of venue, bring him here or Gitmo any place where the truth can not be corrupted. please click link

911 tapes of shooting at Dayton apartment complex obtained

In the 911 recording, one of the security guards tells a dispatcher, “We just had to shoot at him. He charged at us.”

The guard can be heard repeatedly yelling at Price to get out of his vehicle. “He was fighting my partner, doing everything he could to pull off, dragging my partner,” he said.

The recording captured what sounds like 20 shots being fired. The officer then tells the dispatcher that Price is hit. But Price’s foot was stuck on the gas and the car was smoking.

was i right is there a effort to start civil unrest by those who are racially inclined. has open season on Black people reared it's ugly head again or has it just woken more killers? is this the south rising again? is murder the racist act de jour? we don't want a race riot for one reason the racist have been given weapons on a silver platter, also loss of life can not be reversed or get out of jail one day it's permanent. how hard is it for Blacks to get legal fire arms or is there a applicant blocking going on, like their voter blocking? this is what they did upon arriving here kill and take over. that stand your ground law IMO was a seed panted along side the hate rousing to eliminate that which they hate God Bless us all. please click title

'Bully' To Be Released Without A Rating: Movie Showcases The Issue Of Bullying [VIDEO]

this ridiculous rant against the f word in a movie who's content is designed to aid parents and kids on both sides of the issue, the only kids who have not heard the f word may until the other day may have been Santorum's kids, they probably heard it from him. bringin' a little real to the home school. this is so hypocritical these kids as we did will get the knowledge dropped on us from the street right or wrong. reminds me of a Eddie Murphy joke he talks about how sheltered some kids are and if someone where to say "your mama" that kids response "my mom she's a great old gal". the world is not in Santorum's house it's outside. IMO that attitude of protection creates a chump ripe for the picking, don't be stupid denial can hurt your kid. please click title

is republican base's luv for them whitering on the vine?

looks like maybe the hate rantings and extreme views of this cycle's right wing representatives, is withering on the vine, looks like not only God doesn't like ugly. this being the year of republican overreach seems to left them with a dislocated shoulder i'm luvin' it. you will reap what you sow.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Gingrich could still wreak havoc on the Republican convention

"Gingrich has shifted his strategy to convincing individual Republican delegates to withhold support for Romney"

this guy does not care about his party the people or his now absent self respect, 50 bucks for a picture with him??? if he wasn't such a wipe Romney might loan him 10,000, or bet him he's toast.
nobody wants to be an elected official and go through this to help the country, especially after he's shown he doesn't really care much at all about it or it's people ego trip and under the table perks, especially if they start a war!

Scalia mocks health care law 'Cornhusker Kickback' provision—that no longer exists

we need to create new laws that kills lifetime appt. to anything. this is what you get some old right wing out of touch butt hole trying to crack funny about something this serious and shows he and those that laughed are outdated and ready for the glue factory. how can we expect fair rulings from loyal and i hope i'm wrong in the case of Obama Cares,to the right and subscribe to "don't give him anything that makes him look good" that's not interpreting the law thats right wing exclusion of the rest of us. why hasn't the constitutional violation of voter suppression not even talked about as something they should decide, that is more criminal then making everyone pay their fair share, 5 words that give them the hives.

from lies to subliminals

this is the epitome of deceit be honest with American's what else have they been subliminally controlling our thoughts. is this the off the flat world of the right there is no farther right to go. this is devious fear of losing that they need to once again cheat us out of a fair election hell of a lesson the teach his kids cursing cheating stealing votes by cheating, is this what he teaches his "HOME SCHOOLED" children this and what a dead baby looks like or did they perform some kind of ceremony? hypocrits abound on the right push in a corner and watch the shrew turn. click the title please

what Obama Cares means to women's health

this ladies and gentleman is what the truth is as opposed to the lies you have been fed by the right, could it be they are against it because it helps women who they seem to hate with a passion? seems like almost as much as they hate our beloved Pres. i still fail to understand how some can see what the right is all about and still want them, don't they understand the outright attack on anything not rich corporations means them too? let's just ignore the blissful one of the Limbaugh type. please click title

break a leg Sen Johnson

it is asking to much, ask you buddys in VA. don't you guys check the talking point of the day before you gaffe your way to embarrassment? great performance best comedy today from the republican ensemble, except somebody was late getting the script. the attack on women is getting more and more visceral and is not anything but feeding the right wing evangelical crowd to get their votes showing them they are just as anally restricted as they are, they deserve each other. please click title preferably before you eat, this article is hard to stomach.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin's parents to attend congressional hearing -

"This forum will serve as a discussion of the issues surrounding when the federal government can intervene in matters relating to hate crimes, the interplay between the federal government and states when hate crimes occur, the application of federal hate crimes law, and other legal issues surrounding federal civil rights laws," according to an advisory from Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, who are hosting the hearing".

this will serve as a barometer of the racial climate not only among the people but the politicians that are suppose to serve we the people like Trayvon please click title

Obama Cares in spot light

a spotlight of stacked republican scotus, how could a judge vote down something that is so beneficial to so many. will they show themselves to be compassionate persons who decide the future of Americans or vote for big business?
the right is trying to appeal to the greed and apathy of it's constituency. you know the one's who cheer at the thought of an American dying on a gurney because of no insurance. if auto insurance is mandated what is the difference, i know not everyone drives i don't, but everybody gets sick at some point. money and health don't come with a signed guarantee, if you possibly could need it common sense should kick in and better safe then sorry makes more sense. taxes mandate whether you get a service or not what's the fuss? please click title

more Zimmerman defense high jinks

this smells like right wing influence the reporter can not answer the posted obvious personal opinion. where are the knuckle bruise's on Trayvon's hands, where are the picture's of the blood soaked sidewalk. the right always get busted when they attempt to sanction their crimes, this looks like the first cousin of right wing deer in the headlight's excuse. wait now for the 30 day old forensic evidence. had there been blood evidence they would have every medium out there taking pictures, blood just doesn't wash away that easily. Fla. hell of a state steals election's for the Governors brother, try to cover up murder of a Black man. great place to vacation, people have hearts as black as the oil on their beaches
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin Shooter Told Cops Teenager Went For His Gun

why is all this contrary crap seeping through the cracks, first he beats up a guy who has 100 lbs on him , zimmerman was the one crying, Trayvon started the fight with a larger guy with a gun in his hand. if he left his truck to pursue this Black guy with the hoodie that had his hands in his waist while holding can of tea in one hand and skittle's in the other and was up to no good, he would have his gun out in view. crying yup he knows he scewed up and now that will be him crying in jail, his butt is grass and the system is full of power mower's. racial slur's non existent, what about "those ___a-holes always get away" he didn't say coon well what did he say i'm taking him a balloon?
Zimmerman had claimed he had called police about Martin, whom he found suspicious, then went back to his car when Martin attacked him, punching him.
well when did that little inconsistency where he was asked by dispatcher if he was following Trayvon his answer "YES" my thought CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY? they have been trying to manufacture some alternative that places fault with Trayvon. 13 yr old witness come on, he out weighed him by 100 lbs. he had the gun. was this why the do process was delayed they needed time to establish the false alibi of he felt threatened? if he did then he had a death wish, not Trayvon.
empty bag that may have contained pot thank God for the masses of protesters this will not whither on the vine. Trayvon the aggressorhis daughter says goon which was not said bt Zimmerman was a term of endearment daughter lied to him or he's lying to us. please click title for more copy and paste these links for more hold your noses. unbelievable if a 17yr old can whip him he is screwed in jail no pun intended well ++)

Rick Santorum Cursing Out 'New York Times' Reporter 3/26/12

seems there is a chink in the armor of Santorum, St Rick said a bad word and was proud of it he also loss his cool? well what ever he calls it it's in the lost and found of UTUBE now. does he really believe all that goody goody two shoes crap he spews, or is it really on call or out of control reality? no such thing as a little phony. click title please

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin shooting: White House senior adviser calls Santorum, Gingrich reaction to Obama's 'If I had a son' comments 'reprehensible'

"Is the president suggesting if it had been a white who had been shot, that would be OK because it wouldn't look like him?" Gingrich said Friday on Sean Hannity's radio show. "That's just nonsense. I mean, dividing this country up, it is a tragedy this young man was shot."

"What the president of the United States should do is try to bring people together, not use these types of horrible and tragic individual cases to try to drive a wedge in America," Santorum said.

aside from the absurdity of their comments, there are those in their base that are just waiting for some sort of red herring to get the national thought away from Trayvon by once again implying our beloved Pres is a racist. this in contrast to the Pres. shows a give a damn about the Trayvon and an effort to again attempt to change the discourse to an unfavorable view of the Pres. as many that mourn are as many that need to voice their rebuking of right wing attempt to force a different dialog devoid of the murderous truth of this whole encounter with a racist killer. as far as Santorum America is a wedge by virtue of their claims of the greatest country on earth. i as a Vietnam vet wholeheartedly disagree be safe God Bless please click title

PRESS Pass: Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week dismissed accusations from President Obama’s Republican rivals that the commander-in-chief is not tough enough on Iran.

i was extremely happy to see her buck party lines and tell the truth. not sure about the rest of the article quotes, mixed feelings. i got nothin' don't know what i think, she and Powell i always felt were victims of a wrong choice. i guess if you are in the club you have to say the club speak from time to time. admired Powell's disassociation with those persons, Rice a lot longer in spite of criticism. and defense of indefensible torturer Cheyney. please click title

Saturday, March 24, 2012

growing up Black in America

i am 63 yrs. i remember the same atmosphere not with clothes but WWBB walking while being Black, and police, not so much i lived in a middle class neighborhood. middle and late 60's were the change period for me. i experienced more racism after entering the military then anywhere before or since. i an worried i really believe they are sowing the seeds within a segment of society that is more then willing to shoot first, and now with gun laws relaxed or deregulated, who knows.
they are all but going out and getting the guns and bringing them to your house, at no extra charge. that IMO is a clandestine effort to intentionally arm their radical base. carry permits for person's who should not be allowed to eat with a fork. charged rhetoric, all again IMO because there is a Black man in the WH. God Bless us all click title please

Republican Congressman Tells Women At Equal Rights Rally To Support Democrats

On Thursday during a rally in support of the Equal Rights Amendment, GOP Rep. Richard Hanna of New York told the women in attendance to throw their support to Democratic candidates if they want their rights protected.

wow declaration of truth and from the right, did i wake to an alternate reality? are they telling women "don't do the deed,put your shoe's on and get out the kitchen"? wonder how long before we see Mr. Hanna's obituary of humane republican's. i find it hard to believe that all women on the right are lock step with this chauvinistic attitude by their men and their "women haters club" did they learn this behavior from one of these? the men that is. please copy & paste you will enjoy

Geraldo Rivera's Son 'Ashamed' Of Father's Controversial Hoodie Comments

is this another dismissal of homicidal and rapist responsibility? women being raped for what they wore, so it was their fault. for generations younger male and female endured prejudiced views because of hair style or clothes. it's just those who write and rewrite the laws to exonerate themselves or other's guilty of taking liberties. on the women issue really another effort to control and excuse their lecherous thoughts that manifest into felonies. these radical epithet's they apply is designed to stereotype and thereby give reason to pass judgement on another, qualifying the "they deserved what they got" that then dehumanizes a whole other group of people making them potential victims. mans effort to lessen his responsibility for the crimes they commit. then they had to outright discriminate when people of other ethnic and persuasions were able to use it also. no matter what they trumpet this is not the country the right has brainwashed their constituency into believing it is. Bush "they hate us for our freedom" there is no freedom just star spangled racist trying to suppress the other half of the country. kinda hard to claim moral superiority when the entire world can on a daily base's see the same thing that they are under, tyranny, disrespect for women, starving the people of their rights and health care and the their water carrier's are in that bunch as well but so full of vitriol they can't feel the warmth of that laser sight on the back of their own heads.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

the prostitution of the church?

you need to see this to believe it and Santorum's back step on what appears to be video of is affirmation of what was being ranted. the war on religion is a manufactured talking point from the right wing, with what was left on the editors floor. prejudiced rhetoric keeps their heads ringing, IMO they only retain the buzz words with no regard to content. pastors that preach hate and separatism and lies all in the name of their God, not the rest of our God he/she does not advocate hate.
nothing has changed except the name's they call themselves, of late Evangelicals. a racist in sheep's clothing is still a hater hope they see the light before they reach the Pearly Gates, because St. Peter will not check their coats. please click title

rubber glue what are they 4 yr olds?

i've been saying this for some time now they try to 180 their faults and place the blame for their iniquities at the feet of this admin. but as Rev. Al say's "they've got the blueberry pie all over their faces". their M O is what got them the low approval and as history has recorded they get busted by trying to cover up. guess its true if you ignore it history will repeat, in their case over and over and over and over. please click title for story thank you

The Maddow Blog - Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. IX

this guy he seems to place as the number one truth stretcher or replacer of the righ, sure if investigated the other's may pass him, but they aren't in contention accept a co front runner Santorum, if not there damn close. the things you do will follow you! oh and this is the 9th vol.,there are 8 we haven't seem yet.

"I shall not tell the truth"

exposing the two faced right wing politician that wants to be our lying a-s President why? my thought power trip. he changes his mind and lies about it just like that guy Willard Mitt Romney really he is the best example of himself. it's just not in him, IMO he tries so hard to be that who he is not he begins to embelish then it morphs into out right lies to garner the fleeting respect he so desires. and they think this is the best they can put up against our beloved Pres.'s, boy are their mind's in for a trick. the most disturbing thing is the right wing base doesn't care if he is a fabricator they just vote gut racism. please click title
Mitts mendacity vol IX, copy and paste to see his top 10 hit's.
Romney's venture into the twilight zone (i am imitating the twilight zone zone theme)

does he lead the republican with more lies told?

delusional visions of bromance for the things Bush did. well misplaced as it is they are still pitching it. are the war mongerer's, right wing armchair warriors thin skin cry babies? please click title sorry please copy & paste very interesting


who out there believes that since the right has from day 1 tried to save the bacon of the insurance co. that the stacked court which has a right wing majority will vote in favor of Obama Cares purchase mandate? tell me, I live in DC we have mandatory drivers insurance for exactly the same reason as healthcare, it's called taking responsibility for yourself, so as not to over burden the rest of those who do have insurance. no free lunch. so where is the SCOTUS on that. which is more detrimental vehicular mayhem or homicide or death from inability to pay, death the right wing choice. both are equally as devastating.
mandatory insurance lessens the impact on the over all citizenry. it's responsible and forces those who want to ride on the gov't plastic card to pony up if you get sick same game another name, if you can't afford heath there are remedies available. if car ins can't be afforded try public transportation not trying to be funny but death is not funny. please click title

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why Fox News Isn’t Talking about Trayvon Martin

Fox is very good at presenting selective versions of the truth, so it is no surprise that this network is able to ignore the big, black elephant in the middle of the room. In many ways, Fox is walking away from the case primarily because they’ve built their empire on racism. Racism is maintained by delusion and an ability to ignore these little irritating things called “facts.” In that regard, Trayvon gets no sympathy from Fox News executives. the biggest reason for what was reported was neither man was white creating a downplay to use up air time.
do they think their base has not heard this story and recognize no mention on their favorite news channel. we ought to flood Fox with emails, calls, letters, whatever we can do and ask "why not"?
cick title please

Rick Santorum Is The Last Person In America Unaware Of The “Stop Kony” Campaign

why does this self proclaimed voice of the Catholic Church, not know or even care about world affairs that by their own speak have A manifest destiny to help those who can't help themselves, for themselves (got oil?) unless they are America's needy, crap on them. they are trying to change the mindset of America to be able to "take their country back to their good ol days" one man's good ol days is another mans dark days. Kony issue is on a course of American involvement, but he can't buy a clue, to busy playing with his etch a sketch? or telling everyone how Obama can't handle foreign policy. prepare for a beyond far right campaign that he is losing. please click title

guilty of murder after the fact?

the Fla. police are guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive guilty of murder IMO the first degree.
these are the direct result of laws created by the republican's that cater to half the citizenry, i still feel the right is instigating and escalating gun purchasing then constant feeding of the right wing base of all the buzz words designed to stir up the dormant racist attitudes of those susceptible to mindless mayhem and murder, civil war? they know what they are doing. they said it "the south will rise again", this is just like Iran we can't allow this rising of the south murder Inc. to we find out that Zimmerman is MIA wonder how that happened and who helped him. this becomes more putrid by the hour.
please click title

there's something rotten in Fla.

there has been somewhat of a conspiracy between Zimmerman and police what does he have on them that he can commit murder, have is word taken as what happened, not tested, let him keep his gun, what did they do slap him on the back and say "heck of a job ZIMMI"? he can commit a felony attacking an officer and allowed to stay on the street and have a carry permit. what's wrong with this picture?
forced to investigate murder of a young Black man with all the evidence at hand, and still there is just us. this guy has a bone to pick with Black people, and still has his gun,who's next? please click title

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UGLY............UGLIER..............UGLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ title by a friend Emmadadog

social indifference on behalf of those who are subjugated is playing a major deterrent to lifting the weight off our backs. overwhelm, over talk, lie, deregulation all can be countered if we commit. not to equate in severity the Travon case is bringing people out on the street to protest this shameless, obvious, racially induced murder, this is serious as well as all of America being murdered by the right. those same people out protesting should have as much if not more concern for their own homicide's by the total attempt by right to get between you and your Dr., your spouse, your boss, your friends, your children,your police and yourself. complain with no shame, they can do better for who not you. America usually come together during times like war, Trayvon, but not political issues that directly impact them since 2008, like i have empathy for you but total apathy for myself. 1 vote can count so can 20 million as 300 million. we the so called minority are really the majority if we just say yes to one another, our beef is all of our beef. our beloved Pres is bigger badder and louder then before his intellect and thoughtful approach to the middle east not like those other's who have claimed doing everything they tell you you don't like about the Pres., but have not given us and substance of how they can cure the US on day one, they will spend day one trying to rewrite laws again so they can bomb Iran, run a pipeline without any safety study because they already deregulated in hour 3 of that first day be strong God Bless no link this time just me

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

how much more do they need to arrest and prosecute

In the final moments of his life, Trayvon Martin was being hounded by a strange man on a cellphone who ran after him, cornered him and confronted him, according to the teenage girl whose call logs show she was on the phone with the 17-year-old boy in the moments before neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot him dead. ABC news reported this and the world is watching as the country that claims it's best in the world status, handles the obvious racist murder of a 17 year old. click title please

is Willard unnecessary?

Pres. is doing already what he is claiming he'll do if elected. they seem to admire our beloved Pres. they are always trying to take credit for what he has done and they have failed to do.
history repeating white guys still taking credit for Black accomplishments, l please copy and paste these links very informative

not just another accusation. but as the literature and records were kept by the powers that were, sure they rewrite history to suit their need to be all that and a bag of chips. that's where that if you invent something on company time it's the company's, carry over from back in the day? click title please

is it still open season on Black men?

this is not coming off as the legit shooting in their eyes , more like a hit. the 911 tape alone is IMO more then enough for them to put Zimmerman on the ground and cuff him. or is this just a slap on the back good shoot. Fla. is cloaked in right wing conspiracy, 2004 bring back memories? why is there an effort to delay investigation is this just policy there, see one shoot one. Reverse situation he would have been lynched before he got off the block. is a armed by the right wing, citizenry on the hunt? is the south rising again? the most glaring part of this murder is the arrogant denial and refusal to investigate. with evidence like the other witnesses have made and his refusal to cease and desist his hunt by police. if there is not an effort to force the legal arrest that should have happened at the site of the homicide. republican silence is a green light to the base crazies. please click title

Monday, March 19, 2012

Santorum Explains His Comments About Black People And Entitlements : It's All Politics : NPR

Fox denying he even said Black People, for tv journalist they sure forget how this thing works

The conservative site Hot Air posted a piece on Santorum's comments, today, questioning whether he said "black people" at all. They say Santorum mumbled and in the context of the rest of his answer saying "black people" doesn't make sense. please click title

they are right Fox got one right, it's in the video stupid.

Hannity Debates Bill Maher's Racist Accusation

i was hesitant to write this because of the absurdity of Hannity and his female guest, but as i listened it became the perfect example of the Black self hater and the White radical misinforming the people then use all their standard plays to get out of that deer in the headlight situation. that guess Star better recognize at close of that show to them she is still what she is.
i reiterate i have no respect for Black persons who regurgitate their parroted remarks they use the standard over talk, misdirect, lie and deny racism. and who is the they she referes to she is something else other then what she is "that's what they do" rude right wing upbring over talk.
if we don't get out there with rebuttal to the idiotic rhetoric of haters the hate will win, believe it. if you only hear one ideology then you are half cocked. wheher you agree or not now. listen you'll make a better opportunity for you and yours. please click title this Black women should was her mouth out with lye soap.
1.a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

a policy, system of government, etc., based upon orfostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

1865–70; < French racisme. See race2 , -ism

who wins who lose their seats

has the redistricting to disenfranchise worked? voter ID, is it all backfiring and they are being exposed for the charlatans they are? more over reaching, but this time in to chipper shredder? and why now that the election time is here? isn't voter blocking out right enough or are they seeing their chances in Nov. getting dimmer or just to make sure and claim a landslide you remember beat the Black guy down to teach a lesson? click title please

Economics of health care. Problems of risk and uncertainty

the right always trumpets the free market healthcare and how it's better than Obama Cares. but they neglect to tell you it cost you more, when questioned they rave and point elsewhere and tell you their fantasy of the healthcare laws now in place. the whole thing is about preserving the ins. big paydays and you broke or dead and stinkin'.
not on a path to success success to what him Pres. the big business happy and the rest of us __________. they are only interested in getting our beloved Pres. out and their puppet bloodsucker in then job i keep the rich happy, no concern about your rights , air, water, housing and any consumer relief. click title please

at what price freedom

morning my friends, we all can agree to the hellaciousness of war and from those early American wars the young have always borne the brunt of the rich who run the countries and have no lack of compulsion to send them off to settle their pissing contest with another country. i wonder if anyone knows how many wars were legitimate, if there is such a thing. Paul Hardcastle who i have much love for his music, in 85 released a record "19" pointing out the average age of those going off to fight some SOB's war that he had no skin in. though the draft was alive and well in '65 i joined, must admit to get away from my mother. did not know why we were at war with Vietnam, or the reason they would send a kid into such a dangerous environment, not considering the pattern of those who fought our wars were poor and minority, not the rich, till much later in life after discharge. they the recruiter's lied to us then about where our duty stations would be, those who joined with friends or brother's were promise they would serve together. we did not know that a petty officer or sergeant did not have the authority to determine your MOS. i joined at 17 inducted at 18 did first year here then off to Nam. now they lure with the promise of school advance cash training which is good, not familiar enough to make an educated opinion. boy's to men to death to PTSD to statistic. how long can a country last killing off the young and now men and women, the old bastards that sentence the young to one or the other will be all that's left. with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, who will be the one's to inherit the earth, the meek or the rich? God Bless our warriors then and now. click title please

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blunt isn't that something they smoke

with what they are doing to themselves you would think they are smoking something. to follow their philosophy their wives and mother's are sluts and prostitutes, and Rush wants to watch what does that make him, pill popping, racist voyeur, they always say the things that bury them and call it defense.
the women that vote for the right agenda are going to have a hard time explaining to their daughter's how they could affiliate themselves with such hate toward them. or does the beat go on?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"For Soldiers, the Enemy May Be Themselves"

haven't heard a word from right except more war talk. multiple deployments one termer's war wreaks hell on all that become involved in it. this is shameful. this is a testament to why right should not be a the helm of a row boat. they would be all to ready to send them back again. i thank God never went through anything like PTSD or night terrors, as it was call in my time. i wrote this on my blog last year.


hello, for Conservatives MONEY, OPPORTUNISTIC VENTURES, opportunities to scare the people to further those goals, Liberals lost of love ones lives lost of limbs deterioration of family lifestyle, depletion of gov. funds, inability to maintain social programs for seniors,poor,infrastructure,bridges,roads etc. which agenda should be scrapped?
5/10/11 by nick johnson

Friday, March 16, 2012

why does the right hate women?

mommy issues for the right?
now they are saying they are letting American women die in the streets with no care just to prevent immigrant women from being treated for attacks, or are they really afraid of forensic findings? just sayin' they do have a history. wonder why right wing caskets have a hole in the side? so they can put that last nail in their own coffin. click title

Pat's picks or flips

who actually controls the right wing rhetoric? their religious leaders seem no are following the republican speak, where does God come in to the hate, racially inclined holier them thou evangelicals are just a branch of the right wing politics their army, they are arming them not only with guns but misinformation and out right lies, malitia? these persons are dangerous and we should not take lightly the not so veiled threats they are tossing out, "the south will rise again"? please click title

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ignorance or arrogance. Bill Maher's Real Time interview of right voter's

hate must not allow for reason or truth. the poiticians are just as if not more hateful then those they try to influence. where is the religious tone the love thy neighbor?
are the airwaves in the south only adjusted to the kilowatt power of Fox? no info is misinfo right wing politician's guilty as charged. depriving the public of all but their rhetoric and laws. the southern voter is as i've said before a bandwagon hater, most don't know why they hate it's just inherent in some people click title to get a better idea of what i just said..

McConnell blasts judicial votes as gimmick to help Obama

when will he go back into his shell? he is again saying stuff that is untrue and exaggerated, the Pres. needs to rally the troops to put the truth to this erroneous spin the right is trying to once again blame our beloved Pres. guess they can say he is terrible and hasn't done anything, because he has been busy not doing all the things they blame him for, except Bin Laden and bailout, those are Bush's pluses. how do their suppoter's watch him smile with glee as he proclaims job # 1 prevent a re-elect, but no job reference's till now since they promised it in 2010. 7 months to go how many more things can they blame him for and deny him his props? it will not look good on their part if everything continues as it has. kinda hard to call a fire ice cold. please click title

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gingrich Promises Puerto Rican Statehood

Gingrich brown nosing for votes, hey NEWT we in DC are waiting for statehood our vote is not worth the time? against it before he was for it? Gingrich also reiterated his call to privatize the visa system to re-enter the country, arguing that doing so would help tourism, and again expressed his support for a permanent resident program that would enable families with established roots in America to become legal. right that's gonna happen.
shameless kowtowing at right wing's best slam and degrade deport and now the love for the Hispanics, BS. he probably thinks they are far enough away not to bother his racially inclined temperament. please click title

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


the right can't seem to find a grain of sand in the desert.
we all know the intent in all the skulduggery the right has embarked on it's voter suppression. so that part of the country has no qualms about a criminal gangsta gov't, hey didn't Bachmann accuse our beloved Pres. of running a gangsta gov't? blueberry pie all over their face's. click title

Monday, March 12, 2012

setting the record straight

"the country is on the wrong path" or so they've been propagandizing their base with. the popularity of those under informed is because their leader's are just as uniformed as the rhetoric they spew from fox central. the plan title please
looks like on the right blood is not thicker then anything. they are eating their own and throwing the napkin on the ground more pollution to add to a unregulated world.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight saving time — still mostly a scam - The Washington Post

"Here’s a raft of studies on the subject. Most of them find that while households do use less lighting during daylight saving, thanks to the longer, brighter afternoons, they also end up cranking up the air conditioning more, which makes it either a wash or a net loser for energy use"

why have we always allowed the powers that be tell us what is good or bad for us because of some study? Rick Perry stated that global warming was contrived by a bunch of scientist looking for grant money, he had a point not necessarily about warming but unintentionally a host of other things. Food how did people live so long before it was fashionable to bash food. that to is a point now with all the additives bug poisons DEREGULATION would and does make us susceptible to these "shortcuts" designed to clear an extra buck. this is why the right is fighting and blocking appointments to Consumer Regulatory, it should be as simple as breathing that dereg only heighten's the chance of illness and death and not breathing, faulty equipment, i remember back in the 60's and 70's we use to say give me something made in Japan, one main reason the manufacturing when down inferior products do to shortcuting. i agree that cost influenced a lot of mutiny's and i understand the need to compete, but at the buying public's expense? from experience i know it's hard to stay in business if you offer your customer's sub standard products and service. you won't make as much cheating your clientele, but a good name is worth much much more. we have become no not we some have become the dregs of the earth, they have allowed the addiction of money and power to define their personhood. most have more money than they or their family's could spend but being bitten by the bug they can't stop. their fondest ambition "king of the world" but what of this,

"For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and
loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his
soul?" - Mt 16:26 please click title for more info thank you

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Woman Sues Govt. For Obamacare; Goes Bankrupt Due to Medical Bills | I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists

One Comment

"See if you follow this logic…a woman becomes the lead plaintiff in a case which argues that she should not be required to have health insurance i.e. Obamacare. Unfortunately – shortly thereafter – she falls on hard times and needs to be admitted to a hospital. But because she has no health insurance – she can’t pay for the services that she is required to receive by law (hospitals must treat sick people)".

poetic justice at it's best, they can talk smack until their health smacks them then "where is that gov't i don't want in my life". is that really the peoples stance or is that more right wing propaganda, their base was told they did not want, just left out the reality part like when you get sick! who you gonna call? not ghostbuster's:+) click title for story thank you.

to republican chagrin

if you listen to right wing media, you are circling the drain, but if you venture out into the daylight of media you'll notice "THEY LIED". you are only dizzy not from circling the drain but from the right wing propaganda bus wheels going round and round like that Twilight Zone thing.
2010 number one job, jobs, after they finish trying to over throw this gov't which sounds like treason to me, and bashing our beloved Pres. they want to ask are you better off now then 4 yrs ago. yes if nothing more than no longer hemorrhaging 750,000 jobs a month to 200,000 plus a month explain that to any right wing friends you may have.

left conspiracy dumb dumb dumb dummmmmb

the ridiculousness of the right media to propose such a deviously stupid idea that would have started years ago, oh like the birther started before he was born and all those people being complicit to the scam before our beloved Pres was born. says a lot about the ignorance and gullibility of the right wing base.
brilliant plan take a bunch of persons concentrate on them and voila' you have your army of obedient blind faithfuls with no regard for themselves please click title

Racist All?

confused authenticity, do they have a moral compass? NO they don't. they are trying to put a coup in place this is their intent to "take back their country"?, this is a plan hatched in early '08 when our beloved Pres. looked good for the high office, they did not really think he would as a Black Man be able to ascend to that pedestal, which until now was a white given. fear of losing their grip on the country, is coming to fruition loosening it's grip and they are afraid of the table turning. he who knows none suspects none,but he who knows will ride the devils chariot to hell to impose it; hate, Godless endeavors, blasphemy all premier tenet's of the evangelical cult they are sending their kids away to learn the ways of those who oppose, indoctrination? you call it. Take their country back not our country theirs, pay attention this is no bluff insane hate is all they need ala their base, who hey have been grooming for just such a time, 1st. rile up the hate juices 2nd arm them,new gun laws to carry concealed weapons be vigilant for the 3rd, like your life depends on it. please copy and paste sorry
to some this may be laughed off as crazy well is that one of the adjectives used when referring to the right and it's base?? crazy is as crazy does, and what are they doing so far ? we need to recognize.

Friday, March 9, 2012

11.3% approval or IQ?

this country has finally achieved the status of "going to hell in a hand basket" ala racist Rush. the rights desire to take their country back is not what their base envisions as their America. they will be our bitter neighbor's still holding on to their Bibles and guns. except they will want to shoot their dearleaders who repealed "no right wing base left behind". welcome back!

their attempt at all or nothing IMO will be nothing. still those with their hands over their eyes,ears and mouth will soldier on to their own dismay. and they want to defund public education? oh death dumb and auto mute button to the truth. please click title

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Report: militia activity on the rise in US

i've been saying IMO the right is trying to start a civil war. the gun laws or lack thereof. they are making it a cake walk for their crazies to arm themselves, conceal license's to drunks in bars, hater's everywhere we should fear the onset of such a anti American agenda. the vote suppression they are true to their word, try to one term our beloved Pres., and wanting to take their country back to the racist Godless state it was in before. do you think they Have God's Blessing?

Right-wing militia groups are on the rise in the United States after nearly a decade of obscurity, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which monitors hate groups and
extremist activity.

The report, released Wednesday, warns of "unmistakable signs of a revival of what in the 1990s was commonly called the militia movement."

take this seriously they are not playing hate is the most powerful emotion especially hate that has no real base's. bandwagon wheel's roll off too. please click title for story

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Common Sense makes a come back!

as the voting season begins there will be to many votes because__________you fill in the blank, and none have anything to do with jobs or country. Common Sense has been purged from our vocabulary, as well as most minds. remember when you vote if you feel it is not good for progressive's, then remember while smiling it ain't gonna bring you joy either. solution it's called "COMMON SENSE", been awhile but yes there was such a thing.

and yet another pledge

now it's clear why the right acts so juvenile. what are they 2nd graders, apologies to any 2nd graders if i insulted you. sign a pledge mostly of things a good person of character would be doing anyway. they can't be trusted for anything with out signing a pledge? so is it that we should believe they'll honor the oath of office, if they can' be trusted to be faithful to wife or basic decencies why would you want to put anyone who would sign this pledge? by virtue of the pledge and signing says they are already reprehensible and have to promise "i won't be me", then who the hell would they be certainly not the one you voted for that's for sure. already have pledged at your wedding before God but right feels that's not good enough, you have to pledge in front of them, where's all the evangelical uprising putting themselves ahead of God,must be ok with them like the lying and disfranchisement,and violation of constitutional right's,is it also fear of defection, after Olympia Snowe setting the tone?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grieving for Christ

from my friend Diane,
I no longer recognise my faith. It has been stolen by those who would use it for their own political and monetary gain. My Christ has been removed from the new christianity.
Where in this world of today, this world of politics and influence, of Santorums and Bachmanns, Gingriches and Romneys, where is the Christ? Where is the Christ who separated the law from the spirit, who gave Caesar his due, who made clear the two lives: one on this earth, the other with the Father. Where is the Christ who took the pharisees, the priests to task, who would bend even their own Holy Torah to suit their egos and their pockets? Where is the Christ who loved both women and men so ardently, equally?
I grieve for that Christ. poignant and expressive of so many today much luv for my friend Diane God Bless


this in response to a friends comment,born of another friends comments, who posted "Grieving for Christ" then second friend the following which is a partial but only what i was responding to
"I will support leaders in politics if it represents what is best for the country. If you put your faith in man alone you will be disappointed. Man hasn't got it right yet. I will put my trust and faith in Jesus. The only one to never sin", next my response which he said he liked.

i guess i was not as clear as i should have been. one man can suggest a path that is truly workable and better likely to accomplish the goal. instead of implementing this idea it is beat down and misdirected. friend Soph had a thought i really embrace "don't dismiss a good idea simply because you don't like the source" that is the most poignant statement in defense of one man's ability to inspire the rest if willing to listen and rationalize and the intent gets through. it's not about putting man before God it's about listening and hearing and implementing. there is only one party that promotes your expression of what would make you support one or another. i guess who would help your mom across the street and who would not is a more present time example of who cares about the country. no regulation to pollute and poison the earth, no concern about the women and future women's health and welfare, no brainer unless one subscribes to the non caring entity. still no man is an island unto himself but one idea can be born of one man and the village to implement it, then one man has just made a difference

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Limbaugh's apology to Fluke won't be enough for the liberal left

seems the right wing white knight has a chink in his armor, sponsors. the right inclined, self absorbed all that and oh he ate the chips. the heretofore untouchable hate rhetoric General of the republican far right has been made to kiss we the people's ring.
guess his underarms stink too, must have been quite a shock to find that out. that gold mic is turning green before his eye's. all not well in Mudslinger'sville.
i think Rush is a sad little boy IMO with esteem issues who has fallen into American appeal of shock jocks, Stern type's which allow him to vent the anger of his upbringing and now having the perfect weapon to exact that revenge. those that do, have a conscious that they war with themselves for position, this seems obvious when you watch is rants especially this last one the man is truly conflicted. but what they all forget the law of physics, what goes up must come down and that fall is like a cartoon fall takes a while to hit the bottom and the torture all the way well let's say praying for the bottom to come. please click link for story

Saturday, March 3, 2012

BH Obama-ML King-LBJ

protest outside the box the more circulation the more heard. taking a page from the Fox playbook and turn it back on them, hell it works.
all are who they were, none should aspire to be that which they cannot be, but follow the ideology of those who were and are great and create your own place on the wall we need to stop comparing the efforts by our beloved Pres. as like the right loves to say REAGANESS, but the hypocracy is he would not be spit on in todays t-p er's party, compromising, raising taxes 11 times for shame for shame. Pres. Obama is and has proved he is himself not anybody else the right wants to stereotype him with and therein is their coup de grace, strong, intelligent, stable, family man, that can buy a vowel, there is no one on the right who can compare and they no it hence the racial slurs and assaults but intelligence trumps right wing idiotology everytime. please click title

Texas not treating voter's very nice

voter intimidation 1,000,000 at polls vs. 2 Black Panther's at past polls let's see how much press this get's, guess voter blocking was not sure enough to steal the election so they "take their country back" to James Crow. American's the real real American's see what the right is doing? reasonable to think they'll govern that way as well especially since they all ready do.
fraud prevention their answer to the absence of fraud, so now those states that are notorious for racial attitudes are now intimidating, bet they'll be strapped to add to the full affect. your right wing dollars at work, used to carry out the Nazi agenda they are so fond of. if they are allowed to get away with this travesty of constitutional right's blocking, this country can no longer toot it's horn about how great America is. we will be the world's joke of the century. spreading freedom and democracy to who not the American's that don't think the right has a leg to stand on in the democracy issues. please click title

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell Calls Mitt Romney A Liar Over Blunt Bill Flip-Flop

hey wait a minute, weren't the righty's ranting and misleading about affordable care act saying they don't want gov't to come between you and your dr. well it's evidently ok if it's your employer who comes between you and your dr. oh what a tangled web they weave when first they practice to deceive. another little nugget they forgot they railed against.
the path the right chose in 2008 making their # 1 job destroy the country so we the people will be so blind and stupid that we will follow them and blame our beloved Pres. for everything. two tings wrong with that we're not blind or stupid. click title for story