Tuesday, June 8, 2010

opine for Obama

the more i listen to pundants railing against how Mr. Obama's persona with THEIR expectation of how the presidents demeanor is suppose to reflect what they feel none of these people with the exception of a handful some of who's motives were suspect, have been in the position he's in those others came with a different set of circumstances so technically this is like "space were no one has gone before" sorry but that best explains the situation. These people ought to stop giving their opinions because they can't possibly fathom the immense responsibilities that come with this instead only concern ed about what they think and want oblivious to the fact they are not the only people affected and if they are guess that sounds like i got mine you get your's (SELFISH)


Friday, June 4, 2010

he's not a sheep

this rhetoric going around now is stupid, kudo's to President Obama for being and staying who he is. Why do they expect him to react and act the same way some other president or hopeful did 30 yrs. ago. the world has changed,no wonder the gridlock is larger than the advancement how can any anyone with an ounce of intelligence assume that there is some standard on how you are suppose to respond if you are to be seen as legitimate we have a president now that has his own feelings not yours or your fathers.that is an attempt to stereotype someone who is different than past executives in almost every way and put him in that box so they can criticize. That is exactly why it's not working with those who are more enlightened then "THE FOLKS" (O'Reily) or "THE REAL AMERICANS" AGAIN "who's zoomin' who?"