Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Me


as the ball drops tonight i hope it finds you all in pure delight look not back but to the new year and all the cheer we can bring to one another  God Bless you all and the year before us.

New Year Wishes and a Warning: Stay Vigilant!

Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization, attends a news conference after the 2013 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas

So here we are approaching the end of 2015. Tomorrow will be a new year. You won’t know it by the news, though, from the rhetoric or from the discourse coming from the right, where strong women – any woman really – is a threat (even, apparently, when they go to the bathroom), and where everybody is trying to diminish white people, and persecute Christians, even though they still make up a majority of Americas population (a neat trick!).

And how about angry men? Obama has had to fight the “angry black man” stereotype but it’s okay for white men to be angry, especially rich, low-information entitled men.
We have Donald Trump running amok, misogyny to the right of him and Islamophobia to the left of him, Fox News abetting him, volleying and thundering. There are very few willing to stand up and call him out for behavior that, frankly, does not permit me to think of him any longer as human. He is acting like a rabid dog. He should be kicked to the curb like one.
He left his humanity behind. I doubt he could find it again if he tried. Thousands of Americans have gone along for the ride, surrendering their own in the process. There is a gulf you have to cross to evil, and I do not believe it is two-way. There are not enough mea culpa‘s, not enough apologies in the world, to undo the evil he has already done.
In England, 500,000 people eventually signed the petition to keep him out of the UK. Over there, they recognized a dangerous demagogue when they see one.
And how about angry men? Obama has had to fight the “angry black man” stereotype but 
it’s okay for white men to be angry, especially rich, low-information entitled men.
We have Donald Trump running amok, misogyny to the right of him and Islamophobia to the left of him, Fox News abetting him, volleying and thundering. There are very few willing to stand up and call him out for behavior that, frankly, does not permit me to think of him any longer as human. He is acting like a rabid dog. He should be kicked to the curb like one.
He left his humanity behind. I doubt he could find it again if he tried. Thousands of Americans have gone along for the ride, surrendering their own in the process. There is a gulf you have to cross to evil, and I do not believe it is two-way. There are not enough mea culpa‘s, not enough apologies in the world, to undo the evil he has already done.
In England, 500,000 people eventually signed the petition to keep him out of the UK. Over there, they recognized a dangerous demagogue when they see one.
We have seen, all of us, the high cost of being anything but a white male, even in a country increasingly brown, of being anything but Christian in a country increasingly non-Christian. The problem is that so many refuse to see, and turn to Fox News instead, for the endless apologia for white Christian Republicans.
There have been better and worse endings to the year 15. The year 1815 saw the Napoleonic Wars come to an end, and the beginning of an era of peace. A hundred years later, young men were dying by the tens and hundreds of thousands (in a single day) on battlefields from France to Russia, from the Channel Coast to Palestine.
So yes. It could be a lot worse.
Our own 2015 sees no major wars, but the aftermath of two wars begun more than a decade ago remain with us, as many American men and women will celebrate Christmas in Afghanistan, and the dead are still returning from that black hole of armies:
i use to end my Newsvine column with stay strong and vigilant  those words are more relevant to day then back then all politics are local and affect us all if we take our eye off the prize and it goes to them it is ever so important to vote don't fool yourself they all count big time.

Fox News In Disarray As Their Own Viewers Support Donald Trump Over Megyn Kelly


The real reason Fox News gave in decided to play nice with Donald Trump is that they were flooded with criticism from their viewers after Megyn Kelly went after the top Republican candidate.
Donald Trump returned to Fox and Friends this morning, where he was given his usual diet of Charmin fresh softballs to ramble on about. What was interesting about his appearance was that it even happened. Trump’s return to Fox marked a complete capitulation by the network after they tried to run him off of the stage during the first Republican debate.
After Fox News had tried to ruin Trump’s candidacy during the debate, they were stunned by a viewer rebellion where Fox News watchers took the side of Trump over the network’s prized big star Megyn Kelly.
New York Magazine detailed the unexpected Fox News viewers rebellion:
According to two high-level Fox sources, Ailes’s diplomacy was the result of increasing concern inside Fox News that Trump could damage the network. Immediately following Thursday’s debate, Fox was deluged with pro-Trump emails. The chatter on Twitter was equally in Trump’s favor. “In the beginning, virtually 100 percent of the emails were against Megyn Kelly,” one Fox source, who was briefed on the situation, told me. “Roger was not happy. Most of the Fox viewers were taking Trump’s side.”
If Fox News ever lost the backing of conservatives, the network would be toast. Fox News doesn’t many moderate or liberal viewers. Their audience is overwhelmingly conservative Republicans. As a matter of survival, Ailes could not have his viewers favorite candidate boycotting his network.
The leadership at Fox obviously doesn’t understand their audience. Viewers support the bigotry, misogyny, and sexism of Trump. Racism and bigotry are two of the main reasons why Trump is so popular with Republican voters.
Fox News has lost control of zombie army that they created. Donald Trump uses the same strategies as Fox News, but in many ways, he does them better. Fox News made Trump into a political figure by giving him a platform, but the billionaire has evolved and stolen the hearts of their audience.
the base is their creation as well as that same base creates the Trump phenomenon  maybe that's to strong a word but they have made him more then he was and is it's almost ludicrous that they will pay the price of making a star he is republican oriented and has to deal with that party as splintered as it is so most things they are denying will still be denied to them the supporters begging to question again who are the stupid in the party of stupid?????????????????????????

Ailes and Nixon launched what is now the result of their efforts check the link out.  is this an example of the hunter getting captured by the game???????????????  it does show us one thing the base his just as reprehensible and despicable as those they cheer match made in hell

Texas Open Carry Law Puts Pro-Gun Arguments to the Test


Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment gave Americans the Constitutional right to keep a loaded, unlocked handgun in their homes to use for self-defense, the pro-gun nation has been trying to push the notion of armed, self-defense beyond the home and into the street. This strategy has taken two paths; on the one hand promoting concealed-carry licensing, on the other, bringing weapons into gun-free zones. There's nothing but anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that a gun can protect its owner from crime, but there's plenty of serious research which shows the opposite to be true.
The latest effort to widen the scope of armed defense is about to be unveiled in Texas with the law allowing open carry to take effect on January 1st. This law was the brainchild of a former Army Master Sergeant, C.J. Grisham, who parlayed an argument with a cop over how he was openly carrying a gun into a statewide movement which even made him briefly consider a run for the State Legislature until his campaign ran out of dough. Bottom line is that even though an earlier attempt to promote open carry in Texas was condemned by the NRA, those fearless advocates for gun rights in Fairfax, VA, eventually saw the light and lined up behind the bill that Governor Abbott signed into law.
Believe it or not, I'm really happy to see the open carry law go into effect in Texas, because I think the result is going to be exactly the reverse of what the pro-gun nation hopes to achieve. First of all, the law has an opt-out procedure known as 30.07, which allows merchants to post signs at the entrance to their establishments stating that only shoppers who carry their guns concealed will be allowed on the premises after January 1st. And I am frankly astonished at the extent to which major merchandisers in Texas have announced that they will not welcome folks openly carrying guns into their stores.
Take, for example, a company like Simon's, which operates malls and discount outlets in 39 states. They run 35 major shopping destinations in Texas, including such flagship locations as the Gateway in Austin, The Galleria in Houston (which includes the first Webster boutique outside of Florida), and the Shops at Clearfork in Fort Worth. Simon's is opting out of open carry, and so are major food chains, like H-E-B, which has supermarkets in 150 towns, and national chains like Safeway and Whole Foods. Opting out of open carry is also now spreading through the religious community, with the Catholic Diocese in Lubbock, Dallas and
finally a voice of sense and sensibility and from all places Texas, who knew?????????????????  the guys got a point about this not turning out as they expect but at what cost are they willing to let it ride is one tragedy enough or do they need a count???????  it is stupid to arm people training or not especially in high volume places once the bullets start to fly no one knows who the bad guy is so if he/she is shooting must be the bad guy because all others think they are the good guy.  

a place full of good guys with guns ends up as a massacre yellow tape everywhere so many little markers where spent shells lay, but no matter tomorrow they get to have the opportunity to do it again at another location. until someone gets a clue.............................

British Parliament To Debate Banning Donald Trump As Petition Forces Government To Respond

“Coming to the UK is a privilege,” says a spokesperson for Home Secretary Theresa May, and Donald Trump may no longer have that privilege if petitioners and parliament have their way.
Ever since Trump called for banning Muslims from entering the United States, there has been a petition demanding that the Republican presidential candidate be banned from entering the United Kingdom.
The petition says:
The UK has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech. The same principles should apply to everyone who wishes to enter the UK.
If the United Kingdom is to continue applying the “unacceptable behaviour” criteria to those who wish to enter its borders, it must be fairly applied to the rich as well as poor, and the weak as well as powerful.
The petition went viral and received the required 100,000 signatures in under a month. In fact, it now has over 500,000.
After a UK petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the government must respond and a debate must be scheduled to discuss it in parliament.
That’s why a spokesperson for Home Secretary Theresa May released the following statement:
For good reasons the Government does not routinely comment on individual immigration and exclusion decisions.
The Home Secretary may exclude a non-European Economic Area national from the UK if she considers their presence in the UK to be non-conducive to the public good.
The Home Secretary has said that coming to the UK is a privilege and not a right and she will continue to use the powers available to prevent from entering the UK those who seek to harm our society and who do not share our basic values.
Exclusion powers are very serious and are not used lightly. The Home Secretary will use these powers when justified and based on all available evidence.
The Prime Minister has made clear that he completely disagrees with Donald Trump’s remarks. The Home Secretary has said that Donald Trump’s remarks in relation to Muslims are divisive, unhelpful and wrong.
The Government recognises the strength of feeling against the remarks and will continue to speak out against comments which have the potential to divide our communities, regardless of who makes them. We reject any attempts to create division and marginalisation amongst those we endeavour to protect.
In other words, UK lawmakers and government officials agree that Donald Trump is a bigoted hate monger and that doesn’t bode well for the billionaire mogul.
Parliament is now poised to set a date to debate the petition demanding to block Trump from entering the United Kingdom. If that happens, Trump could be the first presidential candidate in American history who is banned from visiting our longtime ally. And that is just embarrassing.
how's that gonna work out the president not allowed into our biggest allies country will they turn their backs on him at summit meetings and the UN, walk out when he spews???????  great judgement who's left for him to alienate making a country great is hard work when nobody talks to you but Putin.  what an embarrassment this party is.

Here’s How Many People Police Killed In 2015

Despite public protests, occupations, direct action, and increased public scrutiny, U.S. police killed more people in 2015 than in 2014. While numbers vary from source to source — the Washington Post cites 975, while the Guardian puts the tally at 1,125 — the website found that police have killed 1,186 people in 2015 (the U.S. government currently does not track how many people are killed in police encounters.)
The data from show that white people are the largest group of killed by the police. But when taken together, the number of people of color killed by police — Latino, black, Asian, and indigenous people — surpasses the number of whites. As ThinkProgress noted last year, young black men are 21 times more likely to be killed by cops than young white men, according to a ProPublica analysis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also compiled data which show that people of color are most likely to be killed by cops overall.
republicans are telling us and in some cases demeaning those they say don't respect the police, in those cases how do you respect the very ones who beat, restrain and murder you or your children with impunity because they know odds in their favor they'll get a paid vacation they call it administrated leave but it's just buying time to create a excuse even incidents with video can take up to two years officer still gets paid for nothing sounds more like an incentive to shoot or kill to me.

note the majority in graph are Black as i've said before Black people aren't a menace to society society is a menace to Black people.

Poll: Christian Rights More Important Than Muslim Ones


In fact, the AP-NORC poll shows that the majority of Americans think the Christian religion is more important than any other, and that Muslims are the least deserving of protection.
Well, isn't that "Christian" of them.
Charles Haynes, director of Newseum Institute's Religious Freedom Center, said the findings reflect deep divisions among Americans about the very definition of religious liberty, which has taken on newly politicized meanings in a time of debate over same-sex marriage and the threat from Islamic extremists.
"Religious freedom is now in the eye of the beholder," Haynes said. "People in different traditions, with different ideological commitments, define religious freedom differently."
Sure, the King James Version of the Bible was written by Christian men, but not one of them wrote the U.S. Constitution. Christian right-wingers seem to forget that. While they continue to decry the direction in which our country is heading and cry out to "take our country back," they also forget that America was NEVER a Christian nation in the first place. Just ask our Founding Fathers who penned our U.S. Constitution, in which there is NOT one mention of "God," the "Bible" or "Christianity" in the Constitution.
As we move closer to the 2016 presidential election, GOP conservative candidates must be reminded they are running for President, not Preacher of the United States. Government leaders tried that in the Dark Ages and look how that went.
Despite what conservatives in the U.S. think, results of a myriad of recent other surveys have shown that Americans are becoming less religious. While many claim to be quite spiritual, they do not claim any one religious institution. So while right-wingers keep moving further to the right - for example, fighting the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states and refusing to sell a cake or pizza pie to gay wedding couples, the fact is that here, in the America, they continue to remain in the minority. And who serves pizza at a gay wedding anyway? But forgive me, I digress.
The AP-NORC also polls respondents on other civil liberty protections, and Americans seem to give the government pretty decent marks.
"Seven in 10 say it does at least a somewhat good job protecting the right to vote, and nearly 6 in 10 say it's doing a good job of protecting freedom of speech and press. But just 4 in 10 Americans rate the government's performance as good on protecting the right to equal protection under the law, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, or the right to bear arms."
The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll on civil liberties and surveillance was conducted by NORC Dec. 10-13 after Islamic extremist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, and during intensifying anti-Muslim rhetoric by Donald Trump and other candidates for the Republican presidential nomination. It was based on online and telephone interviews of 1,042 adults who are members of NORC's nationally representative AmeriSpeak panel.
we have seen what religious right is all about bigotry, racism and intolerance and definitely a redirection from what Jesus taught.  the holier than thou attitude has resulted in many leaving to seek other salvation if you think about it all they teach is those things that discriminate they can't teach the word because they obviously don't believe it, so isn't it fraudulent to stand there waving a Bible and teaching hate??????????????????????????????

the power structure is doing what it always have demonize everything and body not on their side.  it's creating your own religion where whatever you worship hates all the things you do. how else can you explain it other than control????????????????????

Cartoon: Year in review, part two

how will you remember this year and will it affect your 2016 vote more important shouldn't it?????????????????????????????

President Carter First To Use Solar Panels On The White House In 1979 - Guess Who Took Them Down?

On June 20, 1979, solar panels were installed on the roof of the White House. It was the first time any president had done so, back when solar energy was just a concept. John Wihbey with Yale's Climate Connections writes:
"For President Jimmy Carter, it had been nearly three years of tough fighting for clean energy. After a long rollout of green tax credits, the creation of a nascent Energy Department, and a pledge to conduct the “moral equivalent of war” (at the time, spoofed by critics as “MEOW”) against an energy crisis, Carter had built up scars. And there would be more to come. He had had battles with Congress and with his political enemies over green issues. But he had some victories, too, and this day brought one more, a small moment of symbolism."
According to President Carter, the solar energy had, “the power of the sun to enrich our lives as we move away from our crippling dependence on foreign oil.”
And then into the Oval Office rolls Ronald Reagan. Wihbey continues:
"The panels became objects of increasing indifference. And so did the tax credits and research funds that had provided the real meat of Carter’s energy initiatives.
President Reagan had declared government the problem, not the solution. That meant no energy credits. That also meant no solar panels.
Reagan press secretary Dale Petroskey told the Associated Press: 'Putting them back up would be very unwise, based on cost.' "
Based on cost? The original cost to install solar panels onto the White House roof was only $28,000 - mere pocket change for government spending - even then. Ironically, President Obama reinstalled solar panels into the White House in 2013.
Happy ending? Well, it's a start. As for President Carter's panels,
let's face facts the real reason was oil and coal they were highly invested in those industries and getting rich what is sensible for the country and we the people is not favorable to them that my friends is why Reagan snatched them off the WH.  if cost is or was ever a concern why did they always have enough for their agenda and witch hunts and exorbitant  trips and retreats and the weapons of war on our dime.

before you go pointing at Pres. right winger's remember who holds the purse strings and who endorses those checks not Pres.

Cartoon: Thank goodness for Goodguy-With-A-Gun

how many loss lives how many wounded and maimed before congress stops the insanity and how long before the scotus revisits 2nd amendment to make it less dangerous to those it was instituted to protect instead it has given republicans to relive the old west with guns everywhere, 

here's a heads up to them as to why they were banned in old western towns

Huckabee lies about his love affair with Josh Duggar

Picture of Mike Huckabee and Josh Duggar.

Our favorite pastor turned pill pusher turned politician is having a senior moment regarding his old buddy Josh Duggar of America's finest reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. Remember when that panoply of wholesome family fun was sullied earlier this year by the revelation that a teenaged Josh molested several underage girls, including four of his sisters? Well, you might recall how you reacted to that news, but Mike Huckabee is a little fuzzy about his response. Here's his latest take, via BuzzFeed:
“I really didn’t support Josh,” Huckabee told Iowa radio host Simon Conway on Dec. 23. “I supported his parents, if you’ll go back and look at what I said. There’s no support for what he did.”
Hmm ... let's see if we can jog the memory. Where, oh where could we find a refresher?? Oh, right, the Huckster's very own Facebook page, where he wrote a virtual tome (by FB standards) on the matter just a day after the allegations first surfaced. 
Janet and I want to affirm our support for the Duggar family. Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, 'inexcusable,' but that doesn’t mean 'unforgivable.' ... No purpose whatsoever is served by those who are now trying to discredit Josh or his family by sensationalizing the story. Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things. ... 
No one needs to defend Josh’s actions as a teenager, but the fact that he confessed his sins to those he harmed, sought help, and has gone forward to live a responsible and circumspect life as an adult is testament to his family’s authenticity and humility. ... It is such times as this, when real friends show up and stand up. Today, Janet and I want to show up and stand up for our friends. Let others run from them. We will run to them with our support.
this guy needs to get some new friends paling around with bigots Kim Davis that one i think was purely opportunistic and a child molester so far he's not said anything about praying for them just that he's on their side regardless to ow despicable they are and all wrapped in the cloak of his ministry??????????????  the guy is a charlatan playing the religion card at every opportunity.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trump Spox Threatens To ‘Wear A Fetus’ After Criticism For Bullet Necklace


After catching criticism for wearing a necklace made of bullets in a national news interview, Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson threatened tongue-in-cheek to “wear a fetus next time” as an anti-abortion message.
Appearing on “The Lead,” Pierson told CNN’s Jim Sciutto, standing in for Jake Tapper, that Trump attacking former President Bill Clinton for his past sexual misconduct in office is “fair game” ahead of Bill hitting the trail to stump for Hillary in January.
Responding to criticism for the fashion choice after the show, Pierson tweeted:

Maybe I'll wear a fetus next time& bring awareness to 50 million aborted people that will never ger to be on Twitter
11:10 PM - 29 Dec 2015

Pierson, a frequent Trump proxy on cable news, has previously made headlines for her impassioned defense of the billionaire real estate mogul. In an appearance on CNN earlier this month, she defended Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration with “So what? They’re Muslim.”

Judge Holds Trump Liable For Unlicensed 'Trump University'

Judge Holds Trump Liable For Unlicensed 'Trump University'

I can almost hear The Donald calling those 5,000 New Yorkers "losers" for suing him over his scam "university," but for now, he's on the hook.
Donald Trump is personally liable for operating a for-profit investment school without the required license, a New York judge ruled in a lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General against the real estate entrepreneur.
New York state Supreme Court Justice Cynthia S. Kern said he was notified by the state in 2005 that his Trump Entrepreneur Initiative - known as Trump University until 2010 - was in violation of state education law.
"It is undisputed that Mr. Trump never complied with the licensing requirements," Kern wrote in a decision made public on Wednesday.
Damages will be determined later.
Jeffrey Goldman, an attorney for Trump, said the ruling was mistaken, but ultimately little if any damages would be awarded.
The decision came in an ongoing lawsuit filed last year by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman that accuses Trump of misleading more than 5,000 people who paid between $1,495 and $35,000 to learn Trump's real estate investment techniques.
Still, lots of people seem to want a Scammer-in-Chief, whether it's Trump, Huckabee, or anyone else in the GOP field.
well we can count on this boosting his base ratings you know the more crooked and lawless you are the more your chances increase when running for any republican office they are attracted to bad boyz. after being warned 11 years ago and has not complied gee all the things the base could hope for add crude and vulgar and he's a shoe in. the party of stupid will speak.

Germany is employing 8,500 teachers for their new refugees—U.S. still has Republican Party

Syrian children are seen inside a bus following their arrival by the Eleftherios Venizelos passenger ferry with over 2,500 migrants and refugees from the island of Lesbos at the port of Piraeus, near Athens, Greece, October 8, 2015. Refugee and migrant ar

Germany has a refugee policy that puts the United States’ to shame. Here, conservatives use dead children as political footballs—forget about the process of actually helping these families once they find asylum from their war-torn countries. 
About 196,000 children fleeing war and poverty will enter the German school system this year, and 8,264 “special classes” have been created to help them catch up with their peers, Die Welt said, citing a survey carried out in 16 German federal states.
Germany’s education authority says 325,000 school-aged children reached the EU country in 2015 during Europe’s worst migration crisis since the second world war.
The numbers of displaced families and their children are staggering, as we have all read and seen. The United States’ biggest claim to fame is that we have a president who has said we will accept 10,000 refugees in the coming year—who knows what social services there will be available to them? Especially with political leaders like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who grew up having to work so hard for their fortunes! The good news is that Germany seems to have its priorities in something resembling a human order.
Heinz-Peter Meidinger, head of the DPhV teachers’ union, said Germany would need up to 20,000 additional teachers to cater for the new numbers.
“By next summer, at the latest, we will feel that gap,” he said.
there is no shame among the congressional powers that hold the purse strings the fear mongering  and selfishness that permeates that entity won't allow for empathy and compassion for American citizens so why would anyone think they would for refugees????????  yet they still tout America as the greatest country in the world and number one  they need to show evidence or stop zoomin the world they can read and see they know we are not as presented nowhere close.  until the real majority steps up and takes control we never will be who they claim that is who they are not who the majority are.

btw Pres. is held to that 10,000 number but not because that is all he wants to do congress says yes or no to expenditures and his mostly no.

CNN’s Michaela Pereira destroys Trump’s attack on Hillary: ‘She is a woman, it’s not a card’


listen to the video and see why there is no advancement on the republican side when it comes to women.  i like M. Pereira's style and the squirming of the republican spokespersons, it's as if their thoughts really have no weight, actually they don't.  but if all else fails for them at least Trump loves women and will help them more then Hillary would?????????????????????????????????

Muslim woman sets up 'Ask A Muslim' stand in Massachusetts & what happens may surprise you


In a beautiful act of courage and hope, Mona Haydar, a Muslim, set up an “Ask a Muslim” stand in Cambridge, Massachusetts, hoping to bring more understanding of the Muslim community. She also offered people who passed by the stand in front of a local library a free cup of coffee and doughnut to further beckon a Q&A chat. 
The idea came to Haydar during dinner with her husband. In efforts to create positive change, they decided to do something “kind of crazy.” 
"He had seen this segment on This American Life, where a young Iraqi man had done 'Ask an Iraqi,' " Haydar tells NPR's Carrie Kahn. "And so [Sebastian] was like, 'Why haven't we thought of this before? Why don't we get out and talk to people?'
"So, we did it," Haydar says.
NPR staff reports:
After the day was done, she posted a summary to Facebook — a post which has now garnered more than 11,000 likes and the attention of several different media organizations.
"We weren't out there that long today but the take away was clear: Keep your heads held high, dear Muslim family," she wrote in that post. "There is an overwhelming amount of love and so remember this post when you are faced with bigotry and hatred towards you or your faith.


Mona Haydar says she initially thought the experience would be negative. As it turns out, the experience and interaction with many folks was very positive—so much, in fact, that she and her husband look forward to doing it again soon. Haydar mentioned that rather than asking questions, most people approached her to say they liked what she was doing. Some passersby even felt compelled to apologize for the worldwide discrimination against Muslims. Pretty cool.

you know you might never know these people existed if you just listen to republican hate rhetoric the barring Muslims from entering, the attacks by White supremacist, the over all demonetization of a people who like us have a element within it's society that is not representative of them all.  so much is left out of discourse that it just prolongs the light at the end of the tunnel from coming into view.  some do it intentionally others they just never consider it others they wait on the wrong people to advise thgem they will never hear those words.


This is what 'black privilege' looks like

Black lives matter to most,  Black Privilege is not a topic it's an abstract thought that some of us yearn for and some of us will not see in our life times,  there is hope for future generations to realize privilege for themselves the determining factor if and how you vote. recognize, realize and exercise.

as to Ms. Crystal Valentine 

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Why do they hate us?


Last week, Republican front-runner Donald Trump made a most amazing statement when asked about terrorists.
"Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine."
  It's not beyond comprehension. President Bush explained it to us back in 2001.   "They hate our freedoms." Of course he may as well have said "they hate us because we're pretty and popular." It would have meant the same thing.
In one of his campaign commercials, Senator Rubio flatly asserts that violent extremists target us because we let women drive and girls attend school.
 It appears that what motivates Islamic terrorists is their weird, incomprehensible culture and religion. Their deity, Allah, is some strange six-armed Gawd with a ram's head, and not the very same Gawd that Moses and King Solomon worshipped. At least that is what many Americans seem to believe.  
It's simply not possible that Islamic terrorists could be motivated by political and economic reasons. It's simply not possible that our ridiculous assumption about the Muslim terrorists are self-serving.
Trump, Rubio, and Bush are talking to the very same low-information crowd that likes their answers in easy-to-swallow chunks that can fit into 30-second TV commercials, preferably in front of an American flag. They are often driven by imagery and are actively hostile to facts. Unfortunately these people decide elections.
The Hatred is Beyond Comprehension
It's not like Trump, Republicans, and Americans in general don't know that we've been bombing Iraq for 24 years, and Afghanistan for 14 years. It's not like they are unaware that we've invaded and killed many thousands of brown-skinned people.
It's that the lives of foreign people don't matter as much as ours do.
 In 1967, Thomas Merton summed up American attitudes in these words.
“The Asian whose future we are about to decide is either a bad guy or a good guy. If he is a bad guy, he obviously has to be killed. If he is a good guy, he is on our side and he ought to be ready to die for freedom. We will provide an opportunity for him to do so: we will kill him to prevent him falling under the tyranny of a demonic enemy.”
Not much has changed in America since the days of the Vietnam War. We still destroy villages and children in order to save them.  
For instance, consider how the White House explained why we had to assassinate 16-year-old Abdulrahman Awlaki who was guilty of nothing.
GIBBS: I would suggest that you should have a far more responsible father if they are truly concerned about the well being of their children. I don't think becoming an al Qaeda jihadist terrorist is the best way to go about doing your business.
Most Americans can't even imagine another nation not approving, or at least understanding, America destroying it's infrastructure and killing its children.
 Most Iraqis don't want us to bomb them, but when have you ever heard an American media outlet or politician admit that? And if they did, why do Americans never consider their wishes? This is similar to our drone strikes in Pakistan, where only 5% of Pakistanis approve us bombing their country and an overwhelming majority oppose it, but we continue to do it anyway.  
It may seem inconceivable to Americans, but lots of people in the world resent it when you kill their neighbors, friends, and families.
As for our political leaders, they are pushing to escalate the violence because no one in those Muslim countries is truly innocent.
Donald Trump has called on killing families of terrorist suspects. As if deliberately targeting innocent women and children is something we should consider.
 Ted Cruz has called on “carpet bombing” Syrian cities controlled by IS and see if “sand can glow in the dark.”
When moderator Hugh Hewitt asked Ben Carson, “So you are OK with the deaths of thousands of innocent children and civilian?” he responded, “You got it. You got it.” I find this statement amazing, not just because it is evil, but because no one seems to find it unusual.
i never subscribed to the Bush elephant dung about they hate us for our freedoms they read the papers they read blogs like this my friends are on all continents but Antarctica they know what republicans do many have their own right wing establishments that mirror ours like Israel not to mention they are also victims of our aggression's.  we hear talk about if we had not butted in to regime change the middle east would not be in disarray now nor would the terrorist exist creating murder and mayhem.

and then there's Trump and the republican bigots.  if you hate and act on it only Jesus will love you.

Ten Things My Conservative Father Believed
And during this season of political insanity, I often consider what my Father would think about about today’s Republican party and its race  for its presidential nomination.  You see, my Father was a proud Republican, “Goldwater conservative.”  As an owner of a small business, my Father was a true believer in limited government, low taxes, the free market system and the profit motive as a force for good.  Yet, I can easily think of 10 things my Father believed that are considered blasphemous in the Republican Party today.
this is an interesting piece and should be read by all especially that base. i do believe those who have taken over are not your grandpa's republicans either the questions seems to be when, where and who let the dogs out??????????????????????????????????

Trump's attack on women continues: “They want to burn their bras and complain about equal pay"


Trump delivers his lump of coal for all women on Christmas Day.
Trump’s campaign is ratcheting up his misogynist assault on women.
The bully wasn't satisfied attacking Hillary or 10 year old Hannah. He now wants to go after all those awful liberal women who believe in equal pay and treatment for all women in our society.
I will say this now and without a doubt, that a President Trump would pose a clear and present danger to women’s rights.
This guy and his campaign literally hates women.
I so look forward to this strategy, because Hillary will take them to town and to be quite honest, women don't blame Hillary for Bill’s dalliances. They blame Bill.
I say to the misogynist and his campaign of women haters, bring it on!
 What you have on Hillary Clinton’s side are a bunch of people, including women — liberal women — who want to run around talking about the war on women,” Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said Wednesday night on CNN. “They want to burn their bras and complain about equal pay and being treated as men, and the second they get criticized for anything they start acting like 9-year-old little girls.”
It appears that Trump's spokesperson failed to read its very own press release.
So let’s be serious,” she added. “Let’s talk policy. Let’s talk policy instead of going around trying to call somebody sexist, racist or misogynist.”
Of course, the spokesperson went on to reiterate that Hillary should “be careful” or they’ll have to bring up Bill to prove how much Hillary hates women. Can I get a LOL?
and he still makes the claim of how much he loves women.  i think he fears this opportunity for Hillary to beat him like a pinata on his rhetoric being in opposition to his real rhetoric on women, he is desperate acts like this show it, threatening Bill well guess he forgot that didn't go so well back when they tried ti impeach him.  

he is well liked and regardless well respected this can be a backfire if he tries to attack on his indiscretions which Hillary had nothing to do with and is seen as the victim attacks only gives her more support especially from women the same ones he says he'll take better care of,  republicans won't let him even if he was serious there is a war going on between them.

Chicago shop owner, finally allowed to defend himself, shoots everyone but the robber—GunFAIL CLXX

November 27-December 3: Thirty-six firearms were discovered this week in carry-on bags around the nation. Of the 36 firearms discovered, 32 were loaded and 11 had a round chambered. All of the firearms pictured here were discovered this week.

Freedom-loving Chicagoans are surely excited to finally be able to carry concealed firearms, especially folks with a particularly pressing need to protect themselves. Like the cell phone store owner who, defending himself from an armed robber, sprang into action to put a bullet in the chest of an innocent 27-year-old man at the bus stop across the street, and another through the wall of the apartment of a nearby family of five (and into their TV set). 
Take that, knave! Whoever you are, that is. Because he left the scene, unharmed. But he didn’t get away with the money! Which is a good thing, because maybe the store owner should pick up the hospital tab for the poor fellow across the street, or the repair bills for his neighbor’s walls, not to mention the TV. Still, freedom! Where else but in America could 16 hours of training buy you such deadly accuracy? Assuming you think public transportation and private consumer electronics are tyrannical, that is.
in the article is a list of atrocious acts visited on mostly innocents please check it out eye opening.

In other news, with the deer season winding down, the temporary spike in hunting-related accidents looks to be on its way down, too. By the time November rolled over into December, hunting accidents were steady at nine, up just one from the previous week. But in GunFAIL, kid season is year-round, and another 15 were hit in the week from November 29 through December 5. Nineteen people accidentally shot themselves, and five were shot by family members or significant others.

i believe there are more non gun enthusiast than those who worship at the altar of NRA we need to flex that muscle and push for more and better regulation. is there a ceiling we are waiting to reach of those ended by gunfire????   if those who oppose don't care and value their twisted interpretation of the 2nd amendment more important in some cases than their children shouldn't we who do care step up after all we too are potential victims either out in public or in our homes there doesn't seem to be a safe place anywhere church, schools or bars and republicans well they are only interested in Muslims not their own crazies with intent.

i've said when it's time all the training of a lay person culminates in to bullets going where they shouldn't and innocents being victimized by some incessant drive to carry and kill anything.

Monday, December 28, 2015

WATCH: Obama’s Best Rebuttals Of Republican Bulls**t During His Presidency (VIDEO)

WATCH: Obama’s Best Rebuttals Of Republican Bulls**t During His Presidency (VIDEO)

let's end this blog on a happy note of reality Pres. well he's got it like that and let's republican know it.
the last clip well i think it shows him for who he is God Love him.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton Named 2015’s Most Admired By WIDE Margins (IMAGE)

President Obama, Hillary Clinton Named 2015’s Most Admired By WIDE Margins (IMAGE)

According to a new Gallup poll, President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been named 2015’s “Most Admired” people. Not only did they win, but they won by a very wide margin to those who came in behind them. Gallup states:
“Americans again name Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama the woman and man living anywhere in the world they admire most. Both win by wide margins over the next-closest finishers, Malala Yousafzai for women and Pope Francis and Donald Trump for men.”

This poll comes at the end of a very politically turbulent year with the presidential race heating up for both Republicans and Democrats. According to this poll, Trump sits as most admired among listed Republicans. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is also among the mix for most admired, coming in 5th for most admired men. For Hillary, this is her 20th time listed “most admired,” a record number of appearances at the top spot among women and men worldwide since 1948. In fact,
“Hillary Clinton has set many historical standards in Gallup’s most admired woman and man polling. She has been named most admired woman 14 consecutive years and 20 times overall, both records. She ranks among the leaders in top 10 finishes but still trails a few women who rose to prominence at a young age, lived a long life, or both, including Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher, Jacqueline Kennedy and Winfrey.”
It’s often that a sitting U.S. president is named most admired, so President Obama getting the top spot for the 8th time fits perfectly with that pattern. If Clinton is elected president, her record number appearances on the list is sure to keep going up, likely to the top spot.
i'm disappointed my liberal media/s kept telling us that Trump was at the top of every list they failed to say those were republican list but still we heard nothing but negatives about Pres. and Hillary guess my liberal media's not so liberal after all and the majority's got nothing but love for them.

Watch black pastor’s epic smack down of conservative reporter: ‘You don’t have the character to even listen’

Rev. Graylan Hagler and Dan Joseph (WJLA)

go straight to the video watch the two sides as one tries to start legitimate discourse and the other just trie to get it off course that is the problem Whites aren't afraid of being called racist they just deny it they are afraid that their argument will not continue to hold water. then the White guy attempts to define the Black family dynamic and gets called great exchange must see.  his last words priceless it shows who the hypocrites really are.

Dr. Phil Schools Fox Host On Racial Inequities - And Telling The Truth

Fox News recently brought in celebrated TV therapist, Dr. Phil, to educate their staff on the inequalities between black and white kids in America. Now, with riots in Baltimore spreading throughout the country, Brian Kilmeade seemed befuddled, essentially whining, 'why do these people keep making problems for America?'
Kilmeade: “This is like the fourth major inner city uprising, and we keep saying where’s the character, where are the parents, where’s the opportunity, where are the role models? How long are we going to keep saying, ‘Where are they and what can be done to change this?’ Because those kids have the same potential as your kids and our kids.”
Dr. Phil: “I’m not sure that’s true. They may have the same potential, but I’m not sure they have the same opportunities because the fact is the school system is not necessarily the same, the resources are not necessarily the same, the leadership that they have from the parents because of the generational pass-throughs are not the same. There’s no question that they have a steep hill and a tough row to hoe."

this is why so many are misled and follow a narrative that is created by the White privilege and passed down to the base of the republican party by them.  i wrote in an earlier post that this is of their doing they create the economy that favors them leaving others behind on their own

then when that structure begins to decay they blame those victimized by their politics of disenfranchising and taking away all they can from their voice at the voting booth to the social programs that help the poor and food from babies mouths that just a few months before they were fawning over because then they were fetuses and ammo for their war against women, now a baby they care less than gnat crap.  closing schools and ignoring repairs and equipment.

Dr. Phil thank you for exposing those who oppose as the hypocrites they are.

Jon Stewart rips Dick Cheney a new one

it's crazy how the republicans try to keep this guy on their homemade pedestal and keep repeating how he was right and their hero well the master has come to set the record straight big time.

21 Ayn Rand Christmas Cards

 photo ayn_rand_13_zps3db176b9.jpg

this is one of the heroes of the latest republican speaker of the house, this is who he is and their leader

typical flip flopping republican yesterday and tomorrow oh how the weather has changed.

What bravery looks like: Muslims shield Christians during al-Shabaab terrorist attack

Muslims gathered to provide a ring of peace around a synagogue in Oslo, Norway

You want to talk about some Muslims standing up to Islamist terrorists? Here are some Muslims putting their lives on the line to do so:
(CNN)—Their M.O. is a tried and terrifying one: Launch a raid, single out Christians, and then spray them with bullets. But when Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a bus Monday, things didn't go according to plan.
A group of Kenyan Muslims shielded the Christian passengers and told the attackers they were prepared to die together. The Muslim passengers, who were mostly women, told the Islamic militants to kill them all or leave them alone, witnesses said.
The bus carried over 100 passengers. The Muslims on board helped some Christians hide, and gave Christian women their hijabs to wear. They told the terrorists: “If you want to kill us, then kill us. There are no Christians here.” It worked. Tragically, one Christian who fled was apprehended and murdered, as was another man whose truck had been driving behind the bus. But the people who remained on the bus all survived. The terrorists, after warning the passengers they would come back, slipped away.
Words cannot do justice. Let the actions of these incredibly brave human beings serve as another example that love can conquer hate. Let the lives they saved serve as a testament to cooperation between members of different faiths, and different communities. Let us work together to defeat those who would divide us.
AMEN. i hope the republicans remain quiet if they can't muster a kind positive response to something they of late have been trying to sell that is Muslim not doing enough to help these Muslims saved more AMERICAN lives in the past week than any republican has this year if they want to come clean with we the [people recant your anti Muslim rhetoric clean out the troughs of the red meat and thank these Muslims for saving American lives.

The High Cost Of Just Being A Woman

As if having their body parts and body functions mocked by pigs like Donald Trump isn’t bad enough, just being a woman in America also comes with a high financial cost.  And it isn’t just the 21 percent wage gap between women and men, either.  It’s the deliberately higher cost of goods marketed to women.
A first-of-its-kind study,  From Cradle to Cane, The Cost of Being A Female Consumer, released by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, shows a consistent price discrepancy in consumer goods marketed to women as opposed to nearly identical  goods marketed to men.
The Agency compared nearly 800 products with clear male and female versions from more than 90 brands sold at two dozen New York City retailers, both online and in stores. 
Findings On average, across all five industries, DCA found that women’s products cost 7 percent more than similar products for men. Specifically:
7 percent more for toys and accessories
4 percent more for children’s clothing
8 percent more for adult clothing
13 percent more for personal care products
8 percent more for senior/home health care products
As if having their body parts and body functions mocked by pigs like Donald Trump isn’t bad enough, just being a woman in America also comes with a high financial cost.  And it isn’t just the 21 percent wage gap between women and men, either.  It’s the deliberately higher cost of goods marketed to women.
A first-of-its-kind study,  From Cradle to Cane, The Cost of Being A Female Consumer, released by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, shows a consistent price discrepancy in consumer goods marketed to women as opposed to nearly identical  goods marketed to men.
The Agency compared nearly 800 products with clear male and female versions from more than 90 brands sold at two dozen New York City retailers, both online and in stores.
Findings On average, across all five industries, DCA found that women’s products cost 7 percent more than similar products for men. Specifically:
7 percent more for toys and accessories
4 percent more for children’s clothing
8 percent more for adult clothing
13 percent more for personal care products
8 percent more for senior/home health care products 
The higher cost for women’s items extends to all ages: a scooter marketed to little boys goes for $24.99 while an identical scooter (except for its pink color) sells for $49.99.  Schick Hydro-Silk razor cartridges for women? $18.99. Schick Hydro-5 cartridges for men? $14.99.  Men’s jeans? $68. Identical women’s jeans? $88.00.  Personal services such as dry cleaning and haircuts are also consistently more expensive, as most women already know.
Women spend an average of 25 percent more on haircuts (that require the same amount of labor as a men’s style) and 27 percent more for the laundering of a white cotton shirt, a 2002 DCA study showed.
Over the course of a woman’s life, the financial impact of these gender-based pricing disparities is substantial: overall, women pay more for essentially the same product as men 42% of the time.
right wing republicans and big business deny vehemently the charge on their alleged war on women but reality rebukes that claim without us uttering a word look at all the things they have decried, denied and lied about as for this article they deny fair wage and work place input and then raise prices on everything woman related is this some sic chauvinist plan to keep women down and reliant on men IMO "YES IT IS" 

if you think about it on the republican side you have so many speaking with the same rhetoric on the side of fact you have numerous voices rebuking numerous things within in that rhetoric they don't balance and show that as usual they have one non point we have many usually with documented proof of their position.   time to consider ladies who you really want controlling your body you or them????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Cartoon flashback: More things for Islamophobes to worry about

this shows us the ridiculousness of those who have fallen into the designed trap of Islamophobia created by republicans as the latest bogeyman,  get them to hate everything they intend to use as weapons against liberal politics it is tantamount to the lynch mobs of old just like open carry laws.
have they ever stop to think why those laws were repealed back in the day the wild west even forbid guns in certain towns, republicans want them in every state in church and schools and bars.  makes you wonder "WHY"?????????????????????????????????????????????

Mika Brzezinski to Rick Santorum: "Why aren't you working on white men with guns"


Rick Santorum suggested that Muslims are not doing enough to combat Islamic jihad. He said not all terrorist are Muslims but all Jihadist terrorists are Muslim. He also said that enough Muslims are not doing the job to help eradicate the jihadists among the fold.
Mika Brzezinski slammed Rick Santorum on the spot by pointing out that based on his argument he should be working on white men that are effecting mass killings with guns.
Though terrorism perpetrated by Muslims receives a disproportionate amount of attention from politicians and reporters, the reality is that right-wing extremists pose a much greater threat to people in the United States than terrorists connected to ISIS or similar organizations. 
As UNC Professor Charles Kurzman and Duke Professor David Schanzer explained last June in the New York Times, Islam-inspired terror attacks “accounted for 50 fatalities over the past 13 and a half years.” Meanwhile, “right-wing extremists averaged 337 attacks per year in the decade after 9/11, causing a total of 254 fatalities.”
Kurzman and Schanzer’s methodology, moreover, may underestimate the degree to which domestic terrorists in the United States are motivated by right-wing views. As they describe the term in their New York Times piece, the term “right-wing extremist” primarily encompasses anti-government extremists such as members of the sovereign citizenmovement, although it also includes racist right-wing groups such as neo-Nazis. Thus, it is not yet clear whether Dear, who made anti-abortion remarks but also reportedly referenced President Obama, was motivated in part by the kind of anti-government views that are the focus of Kurzman and Schanzer’s inquiry.
It is time that truth prevails. It is time to  stop a false narrative from taking hold.
where has that Mika been??????????????  this is another example of the republican myth of liberal media if there was such a thing why is it we are constantly inundated with Trump and Pres.'s alleged failures and this the misdirected fear mongering yes there are some domestic terrorist here as well as sleeper elements but nowhere near as many right wing extremist.  look at all the recent attacks on Mosques and the republican rhetoric by Trump that hasn't seen much of a rebuking by his party.

they don't mention the homegrown racist and terrorist because they are their own creation these persons have been played and manipulated like pawns on a chess board moved in the position the right wing wants them armed angry about the wrong thing and too under informed to know or care.

listen to the video he avoids the question then reverts to his true colors and talks about men in prison because of no father figure?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
that is where they are and who they are that reference has been repeatedly and exclusively related by them to Black family dynamic the question was why won't they do something about White men with guns destroying America. and we are still waiting for an answer!!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


hi guys i promised to share my nightmare at the VA Hospital with you no better time than now buckle up!

i was diagnosed with lung cancer last year after 31 radiation treatments  they said it was gone.  this year i had been coughing and had pains in my sides and was really bad off, the cancer has recurred. on Nov. 25th i went to the ER they sent me to MICU not knowing what was wrong i was quarantined no visitors as you know following day was Thanksgiving that Friday my 67 birthday i spent them both with masked and gloved Dr. and Nurses not sue if i was contagious, that began my 8 day journey.

by it being a holiday weekend they didn't do test till following Monday, they did a Broncostopy this is the procedure below
Image result for bronchoscopy
thy came and got me took me to another room told me they were going to put me to sleep then they said they were going to give me oxygen they covered my face i felt a coolness like oxygen but the
next thing i knew, if you've seen Star Trek you know when they go to warp speed everything around them looks like streaking lights it was like they were rushing me out.  next thing i knew i was in my room i recognized the wall in front of me, they lowered the foot and raised the head making the giant chair i felt like the ling with no power than all became oblivious the wall was now obstructed i had to lean to my left and appear to look around this obstruction when i did i saw the TV which is funny because the TV was at the ceiling and what could obstruct it??  heres a pic of that wall

there was never any obstruction except in my head.  it was like i was in the matrix.  they put a C-Pap machine on me that was industrial compared to the one i have at home it was like Sandy and Katrina were dueling around my head.  i remembered the guy saying it would take about a half an hour to come down, i was scared but not freaking out bouncing off walls i did however do a selfie of me peeking from under the covers when i was coherent it seem to fit the mood i was in.  i never want to experience that ever again i remember saying to doc it's the 60's i was thinking of the drug they anesthetized me with being comparable to street drugs back then.  my whole experience can be defined by a comedian Franklin Ajaye's bit "DISNEYLAND HIGH"
enjoy!!!! oh never did mushrooms honest