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Obama: 'I'm Calling For America To Step Up Our Game When It Comes To Africa'

Article PhotoPresident Barack Obama spoke to students at the University of Cape Town Sunday in an address that was inspired by Robert Kennedy's famous "Ripple of Hope" speech at the university nearly 50 years earlier.
In the talk, he tasked young South Africans with fufilling the legacy of Nelson Mandela and shared his own experience of visiting the Robben Island prison, where Mandela spent 18 years locked up, with his two daughters earlier in the day.
"Nelson Mandela showed us that one man's courage can move the world," Obama said. "Seeing [my daughters] stand within the walls that once surrounded Nelson Mandela...I knew this was an experience they would never forget."
Obama also called on America to "step up our game when it comes to Africa." He officially rolled out Power Africa--a new intiative that will double access to power in Sub-Saharan Africa.
He added that he would invite the heads of African states to America sometime next year for a summit.
"You will always find the extended hand of a friend in the United States of America," Obama said.
i admire his courage in the middle of all the right wing bigotry and trying to repeaL the laws passed not in their favor to deny the American people. as far as the American arm being extended as long as it's not attached to a right wing body.
those in their graves spin on those still here sit on your thumb and rotate.
now we sit back and await the tsunami of republican last nerves being pinched.
p.s. Kenya is welcome too.

No recess for tea party on immigration

Article PhotoThe tea party has a message for Republican senators who voted Thursday for the immigration bill and congressmen who might: Welcome home.
Activists are promising to spend the congressional recess reminding lawmakers who support the Gang of Eight legislation what the base is capable of. Think loud town halls, jammed phone lines and primary challenges down the road — echoes of Obamacare three years ago.
i keep going back to Bachmann and her accusation that Pres. was running a gangster gov't, she was right but as usual pointing in the wrong direction.
“The anger is more intense now than it was in 2010,” said Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation. “They are more upset about the amnesty bill than they were about Obamacare.”
yeah racist exclusionist general are when they are faced with accepting others or keeping their own little boyz clubs because quite as it's kept they hate woman too.
But conservatives aren’t united against immigration reform the same way they opposed Obamacare. Some tea party and GOP-affiliated groups including Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, American Conservative Union and Faith and Freedom Coalition have expressed support for the Senate’s bill, while acknowledging that the House will have to make some changes. Another group, TheTeaParty.Net, is supporting efforts toward immigration reform, but not the Senate bill, based on concerns of whether how border security provisions will be enforced.
Still, the majority of conservative groups are looking to replicate protests of previous years driven by Obamacare, the 2008 financial bailout, the stimulus bill, cap-and-trade bill and other Obama administration policies, which propelled the Republican House takeover in 2010. But after seeing President Barack Obama win re-election last year and GOP senatorsnegotiate with Democrats, part of what’s driving the tea party is disappointment with the result of their electoral efforts and disenchantment with the Washington crowd.
destroy from inside, and you beefed about where's the change he promised take a look around then take a stroll thru your mind it's all around us.

Three Hundred Armed Tea Partiers Protesting Gun Regulation Is Never A Bad Thing, Right? Read more:
Article Photo
if you love guns, and you support our Second Amendment rights, you should probably do what you can to make sure gun owners are responsible and appear that way. That doesn’t consist of protesting gun regulation measures by marching through a town with a crowd of armed people; in fact, it’s hard to think of a way to make yourself look less responsible and more polarizing. And yet, that’s exactly what was going to happen until a small Colorado town canceled their July 4th parade over it.
As reported by Think Progressnot everyone in the town is supportive of the protesters:
The Custer County Chamber of Commerce, the event’s sponsor, cancelled the parade after fearful citizens circulated a petition to stop the club. Donna Hood, president of the chamber, abstained from the vote to cancel the parade but told the Denver Post that the controversy has “polarized this community in a week.”
brings to mind those old westerns where the gangs or the cattle herders come to town  and terrorize the town folk. this is the rights they want the right to scare hell out of you and defy gov't for no reason other than right wing NRA telling you the lie that gov't is coming after your guns and what do they do go out and buy more, if they were coming to take your guns which they are not did you ever think they will take those new ones too?

some get a jolt by carrying a gun the power surge is hard to deny, but if the gov't were to try to take their guns do they really think they can stop them, they would drone strike their azzes straight to boot hill.

Politics is a team sport, but not for House Republicans

Politics is a team sport. Except the way House Republicans have played it for the past few years.
At the root of the problems that afflict the majority party in the House is that there are simply too few members willing to occasionally set aside personal interests and ambitions for the broader interests of the party. They just won’t take one for the team.
“The Founders’ vision of seeing consensus and compromise in a party conference, let alone on the floor of Congress, appears to be a thing of the past,” said Tom Reynolds, a former New York House member who spent two elections as chairman of the party’s campaign arm.
“It is every man for himself,” added another former Republican lawmaker who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly about internal party differences. “House Republicans need to recognize their destinies are intertwined.”
ah the beloved founder guys they channel constantly, except must be some other ghost having fun cause what they say sure is not what was meant, let's face it there is no way they could envision some of the stuff that has come up so they use their name and create what they would have done and what they meant, much like they tell us what we think and want.
Examples of this go-it-alone approach are everywhere. The surprise failure of the farm bill last month came as the result of the rebellion of five dozen Republicans who thought the legislation cut too little.
The collapse of House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) alternative proposal during the “fiscal cliff” negotiations late last year was caused by conservative Republicans’ unwillingness to get behind it. (Worth noting: While Boehner eventually voted for the compromise deal that averted the fiscal cliff, neither House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) nor House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) did so.)
Then, of course, there was the quasi-rebellion against Boehner at the start of the 113th Congress in which he came within a single vote of being pushed to a second ballot in his quest for a new term as speaker.
too many cook spoil the broth and in this case boil overs as well, this is why they can't get it together too many different extensions of hate, coupled with some having a conscious and others pushing the envelope too far you would think their arms would be hyperextended by now.

Chris Hayes Absolutely Nails Hypocrisy On Snowden Leaks Versus Leaks That Advance Gov’t Agenda

A growing array of politicians are outraged about the leaks of classified materials that have been reported in The Guardian, with people even raising borderline insane questions about the culpability of the person merely reporting this information. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had perhaps the best rebuttal to their arguments tonight by pointing to an example of another government leak provided to another reporter about what the government knows about terrorist activity, which was not in any way condemned by anyone in government. Why? Because where the White House and Congress are concerned, there are good leaks and bad leaks.
Hayes’ poses this logical quandary: if revealing information about how we’re spying on people helps the terrorists, then are leaks that reveal we know the terrorists are changing their methods also aiding the terrorists? 
After all, that’s also an intelligence leak that directly reveals what we know about terrorist activity, not a broader revelation about widespread shooting ants in a barrel from the National Security Agency. Well, CNN’s Barbara Starr wrote a report with information leaked to her by anonymous administration and intelligence officials that reveal we know terrorists are changing their methods in response to leaks.
But no one, absolutely no one, who has attacked Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden has similarly condemned Starr and whoever leaked information to her. Why? Because it advances the Pentagon’s agenda, and no one really cares about leaks coordinated by the government to get out to the public.
Hayes admitted that he, being a simple cable news host, does not know what does or doesn’t help the terrorists, but he said that neither do the members of Congress making such wild and irresponsible assertions about the information reported in The Guardian.
the faux catching of the vapors but the right wing, is not what their hero Snowden did by giving them ammunition, that is what they are bending out of shape to inflate the story to add another scandal to the rest of their unproven Inquisitions against the Pres.
when it serves there purpose they can't taint it, it would lose it's perceived punch.
this has been their plan since Nixon WH he and Roger Ailes set about the brainwash of the century.

Michael Eric Dyson, Maddow Battle Jim DeMint Over Voting Rights: 'Ghosts' Of Racism Alive Today In The South

Article PhotoOn Sunday morning’s Meet the Press, Georgetown University Professor and MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson and former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) engaged in a scuffle over the Supreme Court’s decision invalidating parts of the Voting Right Act last week. Dyson insisted that the VRA is necessary today because race-based efforts to disenfranchise voters are happening regularly. DeMint countered that notion, saying that the Court did not throw out the VRA but only insisted that the coverage formula be updated. 
Dyson said that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice halted the implementation of a recent Texas redistricting plan and filed suit against South Carolina over their voter ID proposal recently, suggesting that race-based discrimination at the state level in areas covered by Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is a real problem today.
Dyson added that, in 2006, a Republican Congress and president reauthorized the VRA in its entity.
“The courts didn’t throw out the Voting Rights Act,” DeMint countered, “just one section that used 50-year-old voting participation records.”
didn't he say that already?  if you have a problem with Dr. Dysons point just watch what happens if they are not stopped, republicans win by 300 million in each redstate, problem is it's only one 300 million of us.
He added that the Court’s majority opinion cited voting participation rates today that are higher in some areas of the South than they are for whites. “It was a good judgment and it’s not going to hinder voting right in a way,” DeMint declared
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow challenged DeMint, saying that what Congress reauthorized in 2006 included new voter participation data. DeMint replied that he had little choice but to support the rest of Congress’s desire to reauthorize the act or demand that the whole act be thrown out.
“I can’t even get a credit card without three credit bureaus telling me I’m good enough,” Dyson said. He noted that only one branch of government, by way of analogy, has said that the VRA’s formula is no longer relevant.
it's ashamed that those millions he talked about are not able or do not want to acknowledge the facts they put some guy on to same "no it's not}" and alls well in mudville.  we can only blame the politicians after we first blame those who have had ample proof of the right wing skulduggery even when it hurts them too, still vote and cheer for the shafting that's coming.

Rachel Maddow Obliterates Jim DeMint's Gay Hate on Meet The Press

In a moment that has been years in the making, Jim DeMint was absolutely destroyed by Rachel Maddow for trying to spread his hate filled anti-same sex marriage propaganda.
Jim DeMint: He is denying dignity to the millions of Americans who for moral or religious reasons believe that gay marriage is wrong. As you just said, you’ve got 37 states where the people have decided that they want to protect marriage between a man and a woman, because they know that that’s the environment where children can thrive and succeed.
I mean that’s been proven. So it’s not about the desires of adults, it’s really about the best environment for children. We’re talking all about politics, but the reason why governments at the state level at the federal level have recognized marriage between a man and woman is because it is better for our country, and it is better for children.
why do they always say millions of Americans want this or that when the millions that rejected them where more and the million plus that voted them out of the house, seem to trump their count always have been bad at math.
Rachel Maddow: Justice Kennedy addressed that issue specifically in his ruling. He says that by denying marriage rights to same-sex couples who have kids, you’re humiliating and demeaning those kids. By denying their families equal protection under the law, by the parents who are raising, them and who love them and who make their family. So we can put it in the interests of children, but I think that cuts both ways. 
And the ruling cuts against that argument. I mean, gay people exist. There’s nothing we can do in public policy can do to make more of us exist or less of us exist. And you guys for a generation have argued that public policy ought to essentially demean gay people as a way of expressing disapproval of the fact that we exist. But you don’t make any less of us exist. 
You are just arguing for more discrimination. And more discrimination doesn’t make straight people’s lives any better.
if they gave a damn about the children they would do better at educational opportunities and supplies and for the poor and working poor not cut food stamps and school food programs. and not raise college tuition to double. he needs to go back to that think tank and patch the hole in it, all the thought has leaked out.
 DeMint was basing his claim that heterosexual marriage is better for children on a widelydebunked Regnerus paper that was bought and paid for with millions of dollars from anti-gay marriage groups.
that's what they do if there is no proof they make some proof, problem is now days they got this new fangled thing call computers and this thing call internet, or as they call it liberal lies about our lies.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chief Justice Roberts: Sequester cuts hitting federal judiciary 'hard'

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Saturday said the sequester is hurting the judicial branch and that he’s hopeful Congress will provide flexibility.
Roberts, speaking at a conference in West Virginia, noted that the judicial branch of government overall is less than one percent of the federal budget.
“You get a whole branch of government under the Constitution for relative pennies, and the idea that we have to be swept along because it is good public policy to cut everybody – I am not commenting on that policy at all – but the notion that we should just be swept along with it I think is really unfounded,” Roberts said of the across-the-board budget cuts.
is this guy kidding, they make two good calls and a couple of mega wrong ones in the last 2 yrs, and thy are being affected by the sequester?  they practically gave the republicans carte blanc and now they need their help, aren't they still spinning about those decisions they made for the people?
“The cuts hit us particularly hard because we are made up of people. That is what the judicial branch is. It is not like we are the Pentagon where you can slow up a particular procurement program or a lot of the other agencies. When we have sustained cuts that mean people have to be furloughed or worse and that has a more direct impact on the services that we can provide,” he added, speaking at the Fourth Circuit Judicial Conference.
how about "we the people" who actually are people and a hell of a lot more that are not getting any flexibility, it might not have been so selfish had you included the people you lord over, but instead show yourself to be no better then those you ask to lighten your load, hell you got no lines at the airport we got nothing.
if it's relative pennies what the fuss? real people are out thousands of dollars.

Varied Alliance to Press House on Immigration Bill

Article PhotoWASHINGTON — Even as they were popping corks on Thursday night after a strong bipartisan vote in the Senate to pass an immigration bill, supporters of the overhaul were laying plans for the far more difficult task of moving something similar through the Republican-controlled House.
Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio insisted on Thursday that the House would not take up the Senate bill and would pass its own measure only if a majority of Republicans backed it, instead of relying more on Democratic votes.
paying attention he just said he is rejecting out of hand the bill he brow beated  the Senate for in favor of a bill that will only be brought to the floor if the majority of republicans vote for it, 
what about the law he's saying to Hispanics we'll only do something if enough of our haters can get a bill that's not in favor of your being here and vote for it,
yeah that's gonna happen, why don't they just say they are trying not to win IMO to get rid of the T-P influence and start over.  Beohner knows he's the figurehead and he answers to the t-Party.
As a sign of the conservative direction of the debate in the House, its Judiciary Committee recently approved a bill to enforce immigration laws away from the nation's borders that was much tougher than anything from the Senate. The House has yet to produce a bill that includes a core piece of the Senate legislation: a path to citizenship for 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the country.
that my friends is a broad statement of no wish to have immigration happen, it with just that short description shows the senate will not pass it and Pres. without a doubt veto it which does what, "kicks their can down the road", the same can the keep accusing Pres. of kicking, take the toe prints, cloven hoofs prove it's the right wing.
funny Beohner always saying "the president needs to lead"  boy is that one blown back in his house.


we're not or they are not dom psa supporting it 30 million plus more people need total acceptance.

NEWSER) – The latest political skirmish over ObamaCare comes in the unlikeliest of places: the world of sports. As in, the NFL has found itself compelled to issue a statement saying it doesn't plan to help the White House promote the plan. How did it come to this? 
As Talking Points Memoexplains, it started when health chief Kathleen Sebelius suggested earlier this week that the Obama administration would enlist the help of the NFL and its star athletes to spread the word about the coming changes.
That prompted top Senate Republicans to write a letter to the NFL, Major League Baseball, the NHL, and other leagues strongly suggesting that they butt out because ObamaCare is characterized by such "divisiveness and persistent unpopularity," reports the Washington Post. The NFL's response? "We currently have no plans to engage in this area and have had no substantive contact with the administration" about the new law, says a spokesman. The NHL and MLB also said they had no plans to help. The flap speaks to the coming PR war ahead of the law's 2014 rollout, notes the Post.
i don't believe this, the right trips out on gov't to big get off our backs then proceed to influence the part they never stopped influencing to intruding on your Sunday afternoon in your living room. 
there is no term to describe the way beyond overreaching they are doing now in the wake of their lies of being against it.
it's only unpopular by those who are gullible enough to be deceived, the right wing has lied and those who oppose where has it failed at the mouths of republicans that's no proof that's propaganda designed to keep the ins. co.'s in your pocket and you who can't afford it in the ER
how much corroboration have you heard or seen to rebuke what the Pres. has said about what ObamaCares does as oppose to fact checking that has proved the right wing are the ones deceiving you?
what we need now is a players strike resisting the right wing imposition into the sports arena and their care.

Rachel Jeantel: Witness in George Zimmerman trial gets the Trayvon Martin treatment.

Rachel Jeantel can’t read cursive. That’s the main takeaway from the fourth day of the George Zimmerman trial: Jeantel, the heavyset, snappy prosecution witness who was on the phone with her friend Trayvon Martin minutes before he died, cannot read script handwriting. 
Defense attorney Don West underlined that fact for the benefit of the jury, the general public, and everyone else looking for an excuse to dismiss her testimony.
Given the extent to which Jeantel’s demeanor was covered on television and in news articles, you’d be excused for thinking—as Jezebel’s Callie Beusman put it—that she was the one on trial. Over the past couple of days, Jeantel has recounted that Martin told her he was being followed by a “creepy-ass cracker” who, it seems, then proceeded to attack him. 
Pundits, meanwhile, have made snickering observations that have had little to do with the substance of her testimony. They’ve criticized Jeantel’s weight, her attitude, her manner of dress, and her mumbling, inarticulate answers to West’s questions. These observations are generally framed as discussions of her credibility and how she’ll be received by the jury. 
But they’re also an excuse to point and laugh at a poor, black teenager who comes from an America that we’d rather not acknowledge exists.
it is not only disrespectful but unprofessional, bigoted and intended to taint the case against the alleged murder, as she is not competent.  i see her word as believable if not more than the guy who claimed he was looking out the window, walking around, running up steps and peering into the dark rainy night and identify the opponents.
the media has given haters a platform to spew their opinion hat tries to shift blame to Trayvon because it makes for better ratings and sales, if they reported in in the reality that this guy profiled, followed and had a gun defied orders not to pursue, and made prejudicial statements as to who Trayvon was, without knowing anything about him.
The media has consistently treated Jeantel as if she were some sassy alien life-form. The New York Daily News story about yesterday’s proceedings focused on Jeantel-as-sideshow, calling the cursive story an “especially cringe-worthy moment,” and noting that, “[a]t one point, the key prosecution witness blurted out,
‘That’s retarded, Sir’ in response to West’s suggestion that Martin attacked Zimmerman.” On Piers Morgan Tonight, Morgan repeated the phrase “creepy-ass cracker” as if it were some inscrutable bit of baby talk. The day before, panelist Jayne Weintraub disdainfully asserted that “it's really not about this young woman's …credibility, because her credibility, it's a wash whatever her testimony is. Yes, she was a difficult witness. She was impossible.”
If the established media was patronizing, many Internet users were outright cruel. As Beusman put it at Jezebel, “social media users have heavily criticized Jeantel's hair, her body, her grammar, her perceived (lack of) intelligence, her diction, and her attitude.” Hurdler Lolo Jones tweeted, “Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court.” Somebody named Mike Lewismade another movie reference: “@AnthonyCumia this girl Rachel Jeantel looks like precious. Right? Where was her KFC?” And lest you think this is all coming from white people, much of “black Twitter” spent yesterday mocking Jeantel and her “ghetto” image. As a Twitter user named MJ’s Mommie wrote: “Its no excuse to use age for Rachel Jeantel's demeanor. Her attitude & grammar is playing right into stereotypes about black women.”
after reading these last two paragraphs and the racist bigotry people use to ascribe her relevance a a ear witness, if they want to place blame try the right wing who refuse to help in education if anything she is a victim of the White power structure that turn their heads away when it was needed to be focused on the the kids.  
but the equally egregious thing is the despicable way they attacked her, which when you think about it they are denying Trayvon his day in court free of prejudice and bias. this country is half of a nation and half a KKK perpetual cross burning and it will destroy the future if they are allowed to practice intolerance, freedom does not mean what they do.
G W Bush, said terrorist hate us for our freedoms he is wrong they are ROFLTAO at what the so called freedom is doing to this continent.

Gay Married Couple Receives Green Card Approval

WASHINGTON — A married gay couple in Florida received notice on Friday afternoon that they no longer face being separated because one of them is not a U.S. citizen. Julian March and Traian Povov’s green card approval is the first such approval ever has been granted in the United States.
The DOMA Project, whose lawyers represent the couple, announced the news Saturday morning, calling it “the first time in U.S. history a marriage-based green card petition filed by a gay couple has been approved.”
“As a gay immigrant and as an immigration attorney and gay rights activist who has worked on this issue for 20 years, this is a moment of particular personal satisfaction, Lavi Soloway, the couple’s lawyer and a founder of The DOMA Project, told BuzzFeed on Saturday.
i would like to hear the republicans say why they denied these people the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without some quoting a Bible verse they don't believe anyway, you don't be a little christian you either are or not all inclusive not just the christian traits you choose to support and have usurped the meaning to accommodate their interpretation of what it means.
Although such green card petitions had previously been denied, the Obama administration had been avoiding ruling on such requests as the challenges to section 3 of DOMA made their way through the courts.
But, following Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling striking down section 3 of DOMA as unconstitutional, The DOMA Project announced Saturday that Marsh’s green card petition for his husband was approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) late Friday afternoon.
“The approval of this petition demonstrates that the Obama administration’s commitment to recognizing same-sex couples’ marriages after the Supreme Court ruling is now a reality on the ground.
now i also would like to know who got hurt by that action and who do they think will and how, also i would like a reason why they hate the Pres. speifically please provide some proof if their is a reason if it's just you then ok.

Bill Maher To Conservatives: If You Are Really Pro-Life You Would ...

Article PhotoBill Maher once again shows the inconsistency of conservative Republicans on an issue. This issue, however, can be life or death and life changing. While he is the wrong messenger for right-wing conservatives, who would never listen to him, he puts a message out there that others can embrace to help affect change in the minds of many.
First, here are the relevant excerpts from his “New Rules”:
Besides the heroic Wendy Davis, there were two stories in the news this week dealing with teenage sex. … One story was about Plan B, that’s the morning after pill that the FDA says it’s safer than Motrin that every American can buy over the counter. … And because it is a birth control pill it will prevent abortions. …
The other story was about the vaccine for HPV, which is the STD that leads to cervical cancer, and how that vaccine, since its introduction in 2006, has reduced teenage infections by 56%. All good news, right? Wrong! …
Tell me why conservatives always couch their objections to the HPV vaccine in ‘parental rights,’ but never complain about other state-mandated vaccines. … Republicans actually think this vaccine encourages girls to have sex.
But studies have been done on this and girls who get the HPV shot become no more sexually active than girls who do not. … One-in-three 16-year-olds in America are having intercourse. To deny them access to the vaccine or Plan B as a means of preventing them from doing it is like not giving them an umbrella so it would not rain…
Plan B again is not an abortion pill. Quite the opposite. It’s a dose of hormone that prevents ovulation. … If Republicans were really pro-life, they would endorse making Plan B free to women everywhere.
say what you will about Maher and other political comedians but we get more truth out of a 5 min monologue then out of 4years from congress.
we have heard all the misinformation some believe most don't after all none of it has come true but they still push it and those few still believe it. we will get the criticizer mostly on the right wing but they after bashing go right back to the misleading so it's just a waste of good air.
There are times when it is pointless to attempt to talk to someone who is so ideologically entrenched that they refuse to accept the real science. However, it must be done. One must remember these are the same folks who claim they want government out of citizens’ business yet they want to control who you can and cannot marry; who you can and cannot sleep with, and sadly they support the death penalty for the born even as they fight for the unborn fetus.
are you guys on the right seeing it really is so you have been concentrated on.
G W Bush, "you can fool some of the people allm of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on", feeling that right wing gov't's breath all up around your neck, when you feel it tighten then will you believe?

NYC mayor: Police stop minorities 'too little'
NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that police "disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little" as compared to murder suspects' descriptions, sparking criticism from activists and some politicians in a city that has been immersed in a debate about law enforcement and discrimination.
Speaking on his weekly WOR-AM radio appearance, Bloomberg echoed an argument he has made before: that the stops' demographics should be assessed against suspect descriptions, not the population as a whole. 
But coming a day after city lawmakers voted to create a police inspector general and new legal avenues for racial profiling claims, the mayor's remarks drew immediate pushback.
The measures' advocates accused the mayor of using "irresponsible rhetoric," some mayoral hopefuls chastised him and some City Council members said his remarks only emphasized the need for change.
"Our mayor's comments prove he just doesn't get it," said Councilman Robert Jackson, who co-chairs the council's Black, Latino and Asian Caucus.
Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna said the critics were "fabricating outrage over an absolutely accurate comment."
has he been drinking the TEA where is the accuracy, i defy them to post undoctored documented proof.  what does he think all the stop and frisk is all about?
"What they should be outraged by is the number of minorities who are being killed and that successful police efforts to save minority lives are being hampered," he added.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly noted separately Friday that more than 90 percent of people killed or shot in the city are black or Hispanic.
boy if he's trying to get back in the republican party these words will get him in the front door and a welcome home. is he saying ignore White crime in order to save Black and Hispanics from dying?
The police tactic known as stop and frisk has become a high-profile political issue in the city, where stops have soared during Bloomberg's three terms. He and Kelly say the stops are an invaluable policing aid and have helped cut crime rates dramatically, while critics say the street stops humiliate many innocent people and are unfairly focused on minorities.
Those complaints have prompted a federal lawsuit over the stop and frisk practice and were part of the impetus for the City Council's vote Thursday. Bloomberg reiterated Friday that he'll veto the legislation, which he says will impede policing. 
are we seeing a wannabe dictator in the making? who is he Democrat turned republican turned independent turned king of NYC?  is this one of those freedoms we had that we had to give up for or security?