Monday, January 18, 2016

Congressman: Obama ‘The Most Racially-Divisive President’ Since Slavery

A congressman from Alabama who once joked about shooting undocumented immigrants criticized President Obama on Thursday as “the most racially-divisive president” of the United States since the Civil War.
“There probably has not been a more racially-divisive, economic-divisive, president in the White House since we had presidents who supported slavery,” Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said during a radio interview on the Dale Jackson Show.
When the host asked Brooks to clarify his claim that our nation’s first black president is the most racially divisive since slavery, Brooks offered an optimistic take. “We did have presidents in the first 80 to 100 years of our country that supported slavery,” the Alabama Republican said. “You cannot say Barack Obama was worse than them.”
i have one question White people, his base were not slaves the division back them was created by them so who is it he's trying to stir up Black people know better and recognize a bigoted raxcist when the hear one so again who is he trying to rile by say Pres. is racially divisive??????