Monday, January 18, 2016

Ann Coulter Slips Up During Interview And Gives Us The Greatest Reason Ever NOT To Vote Trump (AUDIO)

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Ann Coulter will be wishing she had the chance for a second take after a bizarre interview, during which she accidentally gave Americans the greatest ever reason not to elect Donald Trump: it will be the end of her career, and the Republican Party.
Coulter became near-hysterical during an interview with the The Eric Metaxas Show last week. According to her, Trump is basically the second coming of Christ. He is an emissary, sent by God, to save the United States of America (and humanity) from destruction. And no, this is not satire, or an embellishment.
First, she compared herself to Jesus. Asked about her reputation for being rather a ‘divisive’ figure on the right of US politics, Coulter replied:
“Yeah, I’m ‘divisive’ because I say things I believe, generally. So does Jesus.”
But her delusions of grandure also extend to her favorite candidate, Donald Trump.
“We are talking about the future of not only of America but of the last genuinely Christian country on earth and thus the world. If we lose America, it is lights out for the entire world for a thousand years.
It is like the fall of Rome but, thank God, and I am not using the Lord’s name in vain, I mean that absolutely literally, thank God for raising up Donald Trump and giving us a chance to save the country.
Unless Donald Trump is elected, we’re never going to have another Republican president.”
she must have stolen Michelle Bachmann's prescription if the fate of the republican party depends on trump being elected i say number one reason to get out and vote against him save our country and the world or someone could kidnap and we never hear from him again i'm for the latter.