Monday, January 18, 2016

Texas governor meets with Israeli prime minister to discuss opposition to Iran

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Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem to discuss the Texas-Israel relationship and reiterate Abbott’s opposition to Iran, according to the governor’s office.
During the meeting, Abbott announced a series of new laws he would urge state lawmakers to pass in 2017 that are intended to curb public funds from flowing to Iran — a nation whose relationship with Israel has long been tense.
“As governor, I am a steadfast supporter and friend to the State of Israel — and the State of Texas’ policies will reflect that,” Abbott said in a prepared statement.
The governor seeks laws that would ban local and state government entities in Texas from making direct investments in Iran or contracting with companies that conduct business with Iran. Current state law prohibits Texas’ public retirement funds from making investments in Iran, but Abbott’s office said his proposed laws would close several “loopholes” that nonetheless allow public funds to flow into Iran’s economy.
this has nothing to do with policy it's more trying to make Pres. look bad in light of the Iran treaty being on track we see republicans and Netanyahu still trying to toss the proverbial monkey wrench in the works.
i think our allies need to step up and tell Americans if they elect sneaky btreasonous republicans they will not work with them there will be no alliance, how to you trust those with a knife in hand and your back in eye??????????????????????????????????????

first it's they'll not honor any agreement  now they are trying to impose their own sanctions, suffice it to say if you want more war and possible backward efforts and disrespect not only for Pres. and Iran but the other 5 countries who were partners in the deal does this look like the actions of the leaders of the "greatest country in the world" or more appropriate do their actions make us "the greatest country in the world or lying untrustworthy SOB's????????????????????