Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cartoon: Ben Carson's blunderful world


Ben Carson has a zany theory about the pyramids. Even if you interpret everything in the Bible literally, you have to make some pretty giant leaps to get the idea that Joseph built the pyramids to store the Pharaoh’s grain. But facts aren’t really important to anybody running for the Republican nomination.
i really hope the majority of the electorate is noticing the caliber of persons the republicans and their minority electorate put on top of their heap of would be presidential seat warmers.  do we really want the likes of Trump or Carson or any of their least favorites in position to create more wars and obstruction?  we know what they haven't done with congress add the WH to that and we get a recipe of even more gridlock and infighting.

conservatives, libertines,tea people, moderates all with different agendas where is the cohesive gov't when the party seeking to be that gov't can agree on 2 sugars and cream??????????  totally dismissing the idea of gov't of, for and by the people embrace false statements by those founding guys and ignoring the real intent.