Monday, February 8, 2016

Senator Slimeball Is At It Again: Cruz Sends Fake ‘Checks’ To Trick Voters Into Giving Him Money

Senator Slimeball Is At It Again: Cruz Sends Fake ‘Checks’ To Trick Voters Into Giving Him Money

It might just be time to say Sen. Ted Cruz, in his desperation to win, is running the most disgusting, deceitful political campaign in U.S. history. He seems eager to keep using these underhanded tactics. He clearly enjoys it.
After unapolegetically pissing off the entire state of Iowa with fraudulent mailers, Cruz immediately traveled to New Hampshire and beyond where… he’s doing the exact same thing. In New Jersey, for example, residents woke up this week to find that Cruz had sent them a “check” in the mail.


For a struggling family, a bit of free money coming in the mail out of the blue could mean everything. Tearing it open, what did they find? A shameless campaign tactic designed to get them to give money to Cruz’s floundering campaign. Rather than a check made out to them, Cruz’s campaign took it upon themselves to write out a check paid to the order of “Cruz for President” for $45.00.


It was all part of Cruz’s (possibly illegal) money-making scheme that he’s used in recent weeks. Cruz has suggested that he has “secret” wealthy backers that have promised to match donations with regular voters. He begs supporters to give him as much money as they can so that these anonymous, super-secret definitely “real” rich friends of his will double the money.
money appears to be the root of all republican evil those who passed laws to get it. those who give it, those who would fleece American voters to get more why so they can serve them??????????????????????????????
after you flim flam somebody out of their money it takes a real legit card carrying SOB to want to be their leader. how do you trust a crook??????????????????  that is who he is