Friday, February 12, 2016

Oregon Sheriffs' Assoc. will 'look into' conduct of 'constitutional' sheriff who met with Bundy gang

Grant County Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer, one of the darlings of the “constitutional sheriffs” organization, is now the subject of an investigation:
Association President Brian Wolfe, the sheriff of Malheur County, said, at the request of citizens, an executive board would be looking into Palmer’s conduct regarding the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to determine whether to launch an official investigation.
“What the association will do is look at all the facts: We’ll gather evidence and information, and then if we think there is a violation of the state sheriffs’ (association) bylaws or ethics, then we would take whatever would be the appropriate action,” he said. “We would just want to make sure, first of all, that sheriffs in Oregon are following the law and following their oath.”
All sheriffs in Oregon, he said, vow to uphold both the state and federal Constitution. He said the association has bylaws in effect that allow the expulsion of a member for misconduct, though he is not aware of any members being removed in the past. Currently, he said, all 36 Oregon sheriffs are members.
Grant County is just north of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and Sheriff Palmer admitted to meeting Ryan Payne and Jon Ritzheimer, along with several other men for a lunch meeting in January. Palmer said he didn’t know who he was meeting with, but did not leave when he found out who the special guests were. 
In 2011, Sheriff Palmer was named the “Constitutional Sheriff of the Year” (although now appears this award mention has been scrubbed from the website) by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, an anti-government association of rightwing police officers headed by Cliven Bundy pal Sheriff Richard Mack. 
Ammon Bundy and his armed crew were headed to a meeting in Grant County, hosted by Sheriff Glenn Palmer, when they were arrested. Just days before their arrest, he was hinting at support of the militant's cause, saying he thought the FBI should leave Oregon. 
He’s not shy about his dislike for the federal government, a search on YouTube turn up numerous interviews and videos of him talking about the “federal government being out of control.” He’s also enormously proud of his appearance on the Glenn Beck Show in 2013, which is still featured on the front page of the Grant County Sheriff's website.
If the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association doesn’t do a full investigation of Sheriff Glenn Palmer, the big bad federal government (Hello? Department of Justice?) ought to get involved. 
this is good and right all that's left to say is if these self investigators white wash than the author is right the DOJ needs to step in if this is left to those who oppose than will see repeats of every other failure of local authorities to enforce the law and more egregious join forces with those violators they should have brought to law we will see more precedence set here will dictate what happens elsewhere as we have seen from deadbeat Cliven to his spawn and others.