Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Paul Ryan's Budget Deal Could Go Down in Flames

One week after the Republican-controlled Congress broke with over 40 years of tradition by denying the White House budget director a chance to explain the administration’s annual budget request, the GOP is coming precariously close to not being able to come up with its own spending blueprint.
A group of hardcore House conservatives has seized on two recent developments – the U.S. national debt reaching a record $19 trillion and a Congressional Budget Office report that the deficit will spike in 2016 for the first time in seven years – to demand $30 billion in spending cuts before a vote can happen on a budget resolution whose topline numbers were determined by congressional leaders late last year.
We need to write a budget that reflects the environment we’re in,” House Freedom Caucus chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) said Thursday during a Capitol Hill press conference, specifically citing the debt figure and the CBO report. “To me, that’s what drives it.”
“We’re still pretty firm on the number,” said Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID).
The conflict has been brewing since last September, when former House Speaker John Boehner (OH) helped forge a two-year deal that lifted looming budgets caps by raising discretionary spending by $50 billion in fiscal 2016 and $30 billion in 2017.
The agreement was the final achievement for Boehner, who was driven out of office by his increasingly public brawls with the Freedom Caucus, and conservatives gave his successor Paul Ryan (WI) a pass as he worked to pass the deal. However, 179 House Republicans voted against the deal, a clear sign of deep-rooted conservative anger.
Now Ryan -- a former House Budget Committee chair who has spent months promising that Republicans will no longer just be the party of “no” and give the American public a clear contrast with Democrats in a presidential election year -- faces a fork in the road that could open him up to the same criticisms that hounded Boehner into retirement and prompt new complaints from the minority that the GOP can’t govern.
this to me shows their ineptness and to force one out and insert another supposedly different but end up with the same conundrum is ludicrous and confirms they have no idea what they are doing i blame that on incoming 2010 ners who now are jumping ship TEA people destroyed the gov't and are unable to fix it so they cut and run.  that was the year of the birth of the tea party.