Saturday, January 16, 2016

Watch this terrifying song and dance at a Trump rally with the "Freedom Kids"


What nonsense is this? All it needs is a few obscenities and it would be a live version of a song from a Team America movie.  
Who wrote the lyrics? Sarah Palin? No, Seriously, where is Palin, did she write this?
This is what we get from Trump the entertainer—small children singing and dancing to ridiculous lyrics and threats of world dominance while complacent people clap and bob their heads.
 No wonder the world is afraid we will elect this man. 
Did they just make up the word Ameri-tude? 
they are breeding the next generation of warmonger's and they say they are worried about leaving debt they created on their grandchildren but not worried about leaving another war that is sick and more a desire to keep hate alive then safety if their children, how about passing gun regs and learning English AMERI-TUDE, really ?????????????????????