Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rancher is 'very upset' Bundy and crew tore out fence, warns them to stay off his property

Ryan Bundy destroying a fence between federal land and private property

On Monday, Ammon Bundy dragged reporters out to remote section of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge so they could witness his militia tear out an 80-foot section of fence that bordered Tim Puckett’s ranch. Ammon Bundy said the rancher had asked them to help remove the fence so his cattle could graze on federal land. 
The Oregonian reached Tim Puckett and he said not only did he not give them permission to tear out the fence, he’s "very upset":
"They're not coming onto my place no more," he said of the militants. "If they do, I'm gonna have to do something about it. I don't want them going across my ground."
Puckett said he has never spoken to Bundy, the leader of a militant group that has occupied the refuge headquarters compound since Jan. 2. The militants are protesting the federal government's land-use policies, advocating for public property to be turned over to local ranchers and loggers.
Puckett said he only learned of the fence tear down on Monday night and that he has no problem with the Bureau of Land Management:
"I work with BLM," Puckett said. "I have no problem with them." He said government officials told him of their plans to erect the fence, which he said "has not nor will it affect my cattle operation."
"I am a good steward of the land. ... In no way do I feel that I am entitled to the refuge for grazing," he said.
Puckett admitted someone associated with his ranch was with Bundy when the fence was torn down, but insists he did not and never would approve of such action. His ranch hands have already repaired the fence. 
assuming other agree with your criminal acts asking them to send supplies, now causing destruction of other's property again video taping the act stupider.  this brings to mind that saying about they came for who will be the last voice heard???????  what's next gov't property, private property all to protest the laws they break do they go full circle and attack Cliven Bundy after all it was his defying the federal law that started the whole thing?????????

also you have to wonder who's zoomin who the Bundy boyz or Mr. Puckett and who now needs to watch their back????????????????

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