Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gov. Mike Pence meets with Archbishop to ask church to withdraw support for Syrian refugee family


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is not backing down from his demand that refugees from the Syrian war not be resettled in his state. Toward this end, he spent part of Wednesday attempting to browbeat the Indianapolis Archbishop into canceling the church's sponsorship of the one Syrian refugee family expected to arrive in Mr. Christian Values Guy's state in the near future.
"We had a good conversation today with Catholic Charities and I'm hopeful that they'll respect our wishes," Pence told The Associated Press after the meeting, adding he was "grateful" for the meeting.
[Archbishop] Tobin said the meeting focused on "issues of compassion and security," but would not say whether the archdiocese will still try to locate the family in the Indianapolis area like he previously called for.
Imagine you're a family fleeing your town in the midst of a very, very bloody civil war. You make it to the refugee camps, you wait two years for "vetting" to prove your family isn't a menace—and as you get final approvals to resettle in some American state, you hear that your possible arrival has mustered the top elected official in that state into efforts to move heaven and earth to prevent your family, specifically, from entering. He's giving speeches. He's summoning the people who are helping you flee the war into his statehouse office, and demanding that they stop, because God only knows what perils America would face if you are allowed sanctuary there.
I presume we can dispense with all this talk of family values and what would Jesus do and all the other hokum that drools out of the mouths of people like Mike Pence during election-time. The same groups that believe a Jesus-channelling county clerk ought to have veto power over the Supreme Court are quite eager to stop Christian groups from doing their Christian charity work, by force of law if necessary, all the while moaning at how the government keeps oppressing them.
your fear of these families is manifested by republican hyperbole and broad brushing of the entire MID EAST as being purveyors of terror just biding their time to come and kill us.  but again who really is the enemy republicans would not push bigotry and discrimination if it's base was not receptive stop buying into hate and watch the republican party dry up and whither on the vine.

those who embrace radical right wing religious terrorism don't bank on St. Peter checking your coats at the Pearly Gates.  it is really arrogant to think they can persuade religious leaders to become them and join in the hate fear fest. it also counters all teachings of Jesus, so who or what is it they really worship???????????????????????????????????