Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NY Daily News calls Wayne Lapierre a terrorist & accuses NRA of "sick gun jihad against America"



This is remarkable outrage from a major daily newspaper, however sensational. For the paper is not only calling out the media’s bigoted obsession with Muslims while ignoring white terrorism, it explicitly places complicity for such terrorism at the feet of the NRA.
Indeed, the front page calls Wayne Lapierre a “terrorist” and accuses the NRA of a “sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit.” The paper’s editorial, “Making Mass Murder Easy,” expands upon this notion of just how vulnerable the gun lobby has made US citizens.
This outrage from the Daily News comes after Republicans in the Senate today voted down a gun control measure which would have barred sales of guns to suspected domestic terrorists. While the vote was symbolic ― the voted down amendment was attached to a health care bill with no chance of passage ― it signaled that Republicans are willing to back the NRA at every deadly turn. Of course, this isn’t surprising, given that the NRA spent $34 million in 2014 to block all forms of gun control, including six- and seven-figures to many of those Republican senators who voted against gun control today,
It’s remarkable that the GOP seems to be supporting policies which one imagines ISIS would champion as well: 1) the rejection of Syrian refugees fleeing terror, and 2) the rejection of bills which restrict firearm access, even to domestic terrorists.
The New York Daily News seems to agree, and calls out one entity as more responsible than any for this “sick gun jihad against America” ― Wayne Lapierre’s NRA.
who should we really be fighting those terrorist thousands of miles away, yes there are home growns always have been they have morphed from militia to supremacist to zealots but republicans are only concerned with putting more guns in the hands of the zealots because they are in effect their personal army.  

misdirecting concern from them to ISIS was a no brainer it was a gift everybody is arming up for the coming of the RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST and no one is watching the home grown supremacist the promise keepers the KKK those walking around with a self contained arsenal strapped to their bodies talking taking back the country.

G W Bush, "you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on".  leading a thirsty horse to water doesn't require anything to get him to drink.  to them gun possession means more than all lives, recognize