Friday, November 13, 2015

This town in Michigan just elected the country's first majority-Muslim city council

Hamtramck, Michigan (pronounced ham-TRAM-ick), a municipality of 22,000 that’s almost entirely surrounded by the city of Detroit, just elected the nation's first Muslim-majority city council last week. Like much of the inner-Detroit urban area, Hamtramck has undergone radical demographic changes in recent decades thanks to the decline of industry and white-flight suburbanization.
What was once a 90 percent white, Polish Catholic hub in 1970 has become the first municipality in America with a majority-Muslim population thanks to heavy immigration from the Middle East and South Asia. 
While the Detroit suburb of Dearborn to the southwest has received more national media attention thanks to its large Arab-American population, many of those residents are of Christian origin from countries like Lebanon. Hamtramck’s large influx of immigrants, however, has mostly come from countries such as Bangladesh and Yemen, whose citizens are mostly Muslim. Similarly to Detroit proper, Hamtramck gave Obama 90 percent of the vote, even though it is far less African-American, because Muslim voters lean heavily Democratic.
Hamtramck made news a decade ago when non-Muslim residents began complaining (sometimes in ugly fashion) about the broadcast of Islamic calls to prayer over a mosque loudspeaker, but the Muslim candidates who won four of six seats in the recent election didn’t make their faith a centerpiece of their campaigns. It should come as no surprise that a city so dominated by a particular demographic group would eventually see that group make up a majority of its local government, but it is nonetheless a notable first for America.
i just learned something i hadn't been aware of that is that Muslims are majority liberal voters which makes another reason the republicans are so down on those they know are not terrorist but want their base to hate on them all you have to wonder if not for that little ditty would they still be as hard line on American Muslims????????  probably yeah if you're not white you're not right exceptions being the previous and current house "N's " they are still on the plantation.  another voting block they are going to be sorry they weren't more nice to./s