Friday, November 13, 2015

President Trump = A Deportation Nightmare


So you want to deport over 11 million people “humanely”?
Where do you send them?
How do you get them to go voluntarily?
You don’t think many will resist?
How do you overcome the resistance?
They have family, friends and colleagues here, will they also resist?
Do you repeat “Operation Wetback” which insulted people just by its very name, then treated them worse than cattle because cattle have value.
Do you create a whole imprisonment before transportation infrastructure?
Have you even read about how the Nazis transported those they valued so little or the infrastructure necessary. Do you invade Mexico to set up the camps to hold them or just dump them in the desert as was done before? Do you pack boats as was done before, how do you prevent the boats being taken over? Keep the “passengers” in chains?
If the nation to where you intend to dump them objects what do you do, dump them anyway? Many will be asylum seekers with legitimate fear of being returned, does their probable persecution, oppression, torture and even death effect where you dump them?
Humanely my ass, it will be brutal and dehumanizing and will shame our nation further.
you know he hasn't thought pass doing it humanely which was probably written for him don't see that word in his vocabulary after he pulled this insane idea out of his butt.  as Carson closes look for him to get even more extreme and crazy and biased and more a laughing stock.  referring to a past event of running Hispanics out of the country in the 50's was anything but humane the name indicates that using the term wetbacks now they are just as racist as before and aren't trying to hide it.

his reference to a special immigration removal force made up of those same cops murdering people of color in beautiful uniforms emblazoned with SS on the collars only difference those swastikas and SS symbols will not be just tattoos can you imagine how many of their armed crazies will sign up for this??????????????????????????????????????????????

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