Saturday, November 14, 2015

Poll: Trump Jumps 17 Points Among Likely GOP Voters, Well Ahead Of Carson


A new poll finds Donald Trump surging well above his chief 2016 rival Ben Carson after week that included a Saturday Night Live appearance and a GOP debate.
Forty-two percent of likely GOP voters supported Trump in a five-day rolling poll released Friday by Reuters/Ipsos, up from 25 percent last week. Carson was also polling around 25 percent last week and his support among GOP voters has since dipped slightly.
Meanwhile, Sen. Marco Rubio's support among primary voters has remained level at 10 percent, despite a debate performance that was cheered by establishment Republicans.
Trump is also clearly leading the field among Republicans in general, claiming 34 percent of all Republicans in the sample to Carson's 20 percent.
The results of the five-day rolling Reuters/Ipsos poll was based on a sample of 534 Republican voters; 257 voters made up like likely primary voter sample pool.

note the grimace is gone from his face could it be those right wing polls show him not being beaten by the Black guy any longer??????????  was Carson's tales of terror during his gangsta years just too much even for the blood thirsty right wing base there was another BINO token "house "n" that was too much too Allen West  he got kicked out of congress the military and his republican District,