Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ann Coulter Goes On Racist Bender Following Paris Attacks; Shills For Trump (TWEETS)

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For most of the world, Friday night’s terror in Paris was agonizing and traumatic. On social media, people began organizing blood drives, arranging for shelter for those caught in danger, and millions tweeting things like “Nous sommes tous Parisiens” – we are all Parisians. President Obama expressed a similar sentiment in his address following the attacks.
“Once again, we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians,” he said. “This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”
Not everyone was feeling the spirit of shared humanity, however. Conservative pundits spent the night shamelessly exploiting the tragedy to further their talking points. And whenever there is an opportunity to “shamelessly exploit a tragedy,” Ann Coulter can’t be far behind. Sure enough, it took her no time at all to come up with obnoxious talking points and hurl hateful xenophobia – even while the attacks were still happening.
there are tweets in the article that are shamelessly devoid of a gnat's crap worth of empathy for other human beings just a punchline for the right wing and their pundits those who support that should have to experience what they find so humorous than come back and laugh about it or demean the experience. those who would lead and support this should be tarred feathered and dropped off in the middle east with a body a face camera fixed and non removable and let us in on the joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!