Sunday, November 15, 2015

Marco Rubio Wants More Anti-ISIS Propaganda

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On Sunday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tried to distinguish his policy by calling for, among other things, better propaganda.
“Key to the success of this is we’re going to have to conduct an increased number of special operations attacks, targeting ISIS leadership, and revealing that they are not invincible,” Rubio told ABC’s “This Week.” “In essence, subjecting them to high-profile, humiliating defeats, where we strike them, we capture or kill their leaders, we videotape the operations, we publicize them, because this is a group that heavily uses propaganda to attract fighters and donors from around the world. And they are presenting themselves as this invincible force, and we need to cut off that narrative. It isn’t true. And that’s important.”
A stronger PR operation against ISIS isn’t some superficial proposal. The group recruits heavily online in addition to publicizing its brutality with glitzy videos. For some time, the Pentagon has warned that they’re losing the online propaganda war.
But the emphasis on this front by Rubio also underscores how limited the degrees of difference are between the major presidential candidates and the president when it comes to fighting ISIS. Rubio’s proposals on Sunday were to work more closely with allies (in his case, Sunni tribes in Iraq and Kurdish fighters); beef up airstrikes (by launching them from Iraq instead of Turkey); conduct more special operation attacks; and encourage regional actors to carry the load. All are enhancements of the Obama strategy, in essence.
doing this IMO only heightens to resolve to kill more and torture more Americans they have yet to figure out that bad mouthing and bad boy persona's only encourage an enemy to show they are badder and more effective.  that's like telling some one you will kill them the next time you see them then turn your back and end up being the one who is killed, bluster is not a tactic it's a incitement.  i will forever believe the Benghazi attack was spirited by the bigoted disrespect of evangelicals of the Muslim God, republicans deny it but they protest too much

they have nothing so they perjure Pres.'s plans and change a words or two and voila a brand new plan from republicans just littered with Pres.'s fingerprints.  there are no plans that have not been done before they sit and wait and bash until we release a plan the usurp it and create it as their own Frankenstein idea built of other ideas just none seem to be theirs.

Pres. took some of their older ideas made them work and they disavowed them i guess because though it was their idea they couldn't get it to work.  if they were smart they would have embraced them and made it known it was their plan first but once Pres. took them serious they dropped them like they were hot.