Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Am So Thankful To Have Obama In The White House Today.


The horrific terrorist attack yesterday in Paris has struck at all our hearts.  We’ve had our differences with France as we’ve had differences with any friend, but today we mourn for those who fell victim to the cowardly attacks of  fanatics, and we stand solidly with the French people as they work through their grief.
But make no mistake, there will be a military response to these attacks, and America will be with the French in this response.  The only question is, what type of response will it be, and what part will the U.S. play?  Will our part be an Iraq style attack in Syria, or will it be a support role?  
Imagine if we had a President McCain, or Rubio, or Carson, or Bush…  If we had a President McCain, we would already be deep in Syria dealing with IED’s, ambushes, collateral damage…  If we had any of the clowns in todays GOP clown car, I believe we would soon be going very heavily into Syria.  But we are extremely fortunate that we don’t have the clowns, we actually have an adult in the White House.
Sadly, President Obama will have to respond to the terrorists, the only question is how?  The French will have to make a direct response and we will have to assist them in every way possible.  I’m afraid we are going to see U.S. boots on the ground in Syria.  But unlike a large scale invasion force, which I believe any of the GOP candidates would do, I think President Obama will think through this carefully and we’ll end up with more special forces and support troops somewhere near Syria.  Surgical strikes when possible will become the new norm.
As long as there are religious fanatics who are happy to give their lives in their twisted desire to murder innocents for their cause, the civilized world will have to prevent any nation from harboring those fanatics.  Throughout human history there has been a constant battle between civilization and barbarism.  But the technology of today has elevated that barbarian with a knife or a sword to a barbarian with a kalashnikov and an exploding vest.  As technology advances, the dispersion of barbaric propaganda allows for better recruitment for their twisted cause, and increases their ability to inflict havoc on civilized societies around the world.
The great armies of the 20th century fighting epic battles across continents, are of little use against the fanaticism we see in the middle east today.  It will take a cool head and reasoned thought to use the limited but effective force that will keep the barbarians at bay.  We will not defeat the fanatics until they abandon their philosophy of fanaticism, but we can hope to contain them while civilization in the rest of the world moves forward.
But a cowboy attitude with flexing muscles can play into the hands of the fanatics and take our nation down a path that leads to a massive increase in more active fanaticism, just as we saw in 2003.   And the U.S. can not afford to waste another $2 Trillion in a futile effort to fight the problems of the 21st century with the antiquated military tactics of the 20th century.
So yes, I am thankful we have President Obama’s cool head that will be making the VERY difficult decisions that lie ahead in the coming months.  And if you don’t think voting is critical to our very survival, sit back and imagine the U.S. response if any of the current GOP candidates were occupying the White House today.
a very big "TOUCH'E