Friday, November 6, 2015

Marco Rubio says he'd like to have a beer with Malala. She's an under-age Muslim.

He was asked at a NH campaign event, a Q&A Forum at St Anselm's College, which non-political public figure would he like to have a beer with.
His answer?
This is funny on two obvious levels:  Malala is a practicing Muslim; as such she will not drink alcohol.  And of course she is a teenager.
It's also funny on a third: the sense that Rubio has no real clue who Malala is.  It's like she was given to him as a focus-group-tested answer for him to file away in his smooth talkin' mental Rolodex.  "Say 'Malala' when you have to name a hero or something like that; the young people think she rocks and you need to connect with the young people.  So, 'Malala'."
Plus a fourth level: He apparently doesn't know that she is a teen, thus doesn't know that his answer would come across as, well, just a tad creepy.
Funny stuff, this.  Wonder if Rubio might also like to have scallops wrapped in bacon with Netanyahu.
if i might borrow from capital one commercial,  "what's really in that bottle", is there some latent pedophile gene in his family or just blissfully ignorant?????????????????????????