Saturday, November 7, 2015

Consultant skewers Democrats for not taking the fight to the American public

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“Democrats have not taken the fight to the American public,” Steve Jarding said. “The American public is upset. They should be upset. Government’s failed them. And yet you didn’t see in Kentucky. You saw a Republican who could win by saying I am going to dismantle healthcare when 20% of the kids in Kentucky go to bed hungry. 
When a hundred thousand kids are going to lose their healthcare under this governor. I didn’t see a Democratic candidate fighting for that. They concede family values to the Republicans. I will challenge Republicans on family values. 
Poverty is not a family value. Hunger is not a family value. Lack of health insurance is not a family value. The Democrats have to go after these people. Kim Davis says, ‘Well I am doing what the Bible says.’ No you are not. You are doing what The Old Testament says. Jesus say. Jesus said in The New Testament forty times if you believe you are in. 

watch the video it gives us the why we are where we are our politicians give us no incentive or sense of victory the let the narrative be that of republican misleading opposition doom and gloom and no one on our side sayin "YOU LIE"  wake up Dems this is not what we sent you to do we sent you there counter the republican juggernaut of despair and lies and corporate appeasement and wars give us back our hope because if there's a hell below we're all gonna go lyric from Curtis Mayfield's  "IF THERE'S A HELL BELOW WE'RE ALL GONNA GO"