Monday, November 9, 2015

Chris Christie: 'I Don't Have A Lot Of Sympathy' For Ben Carson (VIDEO)


republicans are now vying for the pity vote????  aside from attacks from everywhere they are now scrambling to prove who was the most interrogated by media.  they started their primary process in January of 2014, they have not given any specifics none of them their leaders one is just sooooo in love with himself the other well pic up any media and to date they have only cried foul of host and media and the other party c'mon guys we're talking almost 2 years and no substance just like they say in Texas all hat no cattle.

bright side is they want your vote to be your leader but to where all we know is "BACK" but they never say to where, if you trust them than you deserve them the majority which is us dint' want or deserve. guess i was mistaken that bright side is eternally enveloped in the dark.

as to Christie claiming innocence they are still investigating it ain't over are the republican base capable of voting for him before the jury comes back, why hell yes they are he is their kinda guy a liar a bully and crooked politician.  they are wolves in sheep's clothing waiting for red riding hood to come round the bend,