Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ben Carson Can’t Name Even One Ally Of The United States – Asked Many Times (VIDEO)

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This just earned him the new tagline “Carson-in-Chief.” A Carson-in-Chief is different than a Commander-in-Chief. You see, one doesn’t know anything about leading a country or the armed forces, and the other, well, does. One example of a Commander-in-Chief is Barack Obama. Carson should look him up and study what makes him so successful. First, though, he should google “allies of the United States.”
i watched this today he failed time after time to answer any questions i was worst the Palin and the no name magazines because he supposedly has an education.  it reminded me of the other token republican candidate 2012 Herman Cain and his most ridiculous response to foreign leaders and who they were.  or his oop's moment