Sunday, November 15, 2015

SNL’s Hysterical Reenactment Of ‘Young Ben Carson’ Is Absolute Perfection (VIDEO)
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some kids have visions of sugar plumbs dancing in their heads others grow up to be republican

Aside from the debunked claim that Carson got a scholarship to West Point, Carson’s tall tales about his so-called “violent past” have become the butt of numerous jokes. Two particular instances from Carson’s recollection of himself as a young angry teen have attracted the most ridicule. 
One was when he stabbed a friend in the belt buckle and the knife allegedly broke, and the other was when he tried to attack his mother with a hammer. In fact, Carson claims he was extremely troubled until an act of divine intervention saved him and changed his life. Saturday Night Live picked out these ridiculous events from Carson’s version of his past, and did a spot-on impression of how it probably would have went down – if any of it was true.
It seems ridiculous and over-the-top, but SNL’s version is only following exactly what Carson has described as his earlier years! In the clip, we’re given a run-down of every crazy thing Carson has said or claimed. From the violent attacks to his thoughts of evolution and the pyramids, to Carson’s visit from black Jesus and the selfies the Republican candidate has in his house, SNL found the perfect way to show just how crazy Carson’s stories are.
as crazy as they are this skit saddens me because it shows the character of those who would find him a plausible candidate for president.  just a quick heads up we've all seen the movies where the homicidal maniac was quiet and subdued you know what they say "t's always the quiet ones".
picture him running through the congress at a bad State of the Union Address stabbing and bludgeoning with a knife and hammer on the republican side of course would that be there own fault being as though he's their token???????