Friday, November 13, 2015

As Military Vet I Felt Unwelcome When Rebel Flag Got Big Ovation at Vets Day Parade in Melbourne, FL


I went to today’s Veteran’s Day Parade in Melbourne, Fla. to join with fellow military veterans and others to celebrate America and American heroes who have fought to preserve America and protect our freedoms. Instead, I left bitterly insulted and disappointed that a float sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans featuring the Confederate Battle Flag got the loudest and longest ovation of any float in the ENTIRE parade.
My heart sank at the sight of that treacherous rag approaching the spot where my wife and I were watching the parade from.  And before it got to us she said it was going to get a rousing ovation...and unfortunately she was right.  The crowd around us went nuts and as you can see the woman in the picture stood up clapping and yelling her support as that wretched float went by.   
Given the racist nature of many Floridians, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was.  I simply didn’t expect it to that extent.  Disgustingly, there was more excitement and energy toward that float and that flag than there was toward all the floats featuring the American flag.  Far more.  And frankly, being near those folks made me and my wife feel extremely uncomfortable.
It makes you wonder what the heck these people are thinking.  While I fully support their right to wave the battle flag and dress in Confederate gear at public events, I don’t pretend to understand wny they’d want to—especially at an event designed to celebrate America and its military veterans. 
Even if you take the racial aspect out of it, at the very least the Confederacy was determined to destroy the United States of America.  If somebody truly loves America, how can they have any respect or appreciation for what the Confederates tried to do? 
I have a sinking feeling that most of the folks cheering that flag and float know exactly what the Confederacy was really about...and are proudly planning to call that 1-800-MYDIXIE phone number displayed on the float to express their ongoing support for traitors who LOST the Civil War to the true heroes who preserved the United States of America.
as wrong and amoral since it was about slavery as the war was and the symbols of it today has a mixed view some want to honor but like the author says honor what the most disgraceful racist act in American history,  or actually there is no or those who fought on that side did so in defense of the horrid act of owning another deeming them not human or 3/5ths of a human to make it okay which suggest they knew what they were doing was not right the 3/5ths thing was more to prevent them from voting.  

these are the ones wrapping themselves in the Bible i think most never read relying on hand me down interpretations by other bigots and racist but not the word of God or the teachings of Jesus.  holding on to hate they really can't explain why for centuries reflects the inability to evolve and could explain why the republican party never has anything new reliant on yesteryear,  today try and discuss the situation they say "well you have to go back to this one and that one"  problem is different decade different dynamic and a a whole lot less lives at stake and more important this one and that one arent today's this one and that one. recognize

i think these persons see their world getting smaller and those they hated on taking the vplaces of those they support who think like them and this is the beginning of kicking and screaming and resisting the change that is coming.  Pres. said "we are the change we've been waiting for", sure not we are advancing.