Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sorry, France: Conservatives Manage To Make Attacks All About Obama, Guns And Racism (IMAGES)

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Somewhere in between stupid and batsh*t crazy is where you can find the American conservative. Only in America could a terrorist attack halfway across the globe turn into an American issue. As the world joins the French in mourning their lost, American conservatives are concerned with only three things: Impeaching President Obama (for some reason); blatant racism primarily aimed at brown-skinned people (for some reason); and of course, The Second Amendment.
An article published by the right-wing propaganda mill Breitbart brought out some of the worst America has to offer. Conservative numbskull Mark Levin decided it would be a good idea to write about the tragedy in France from the angle of closing American borders, sending the wingnuts into a frenzy of stupidity that is nothing short of a national embarrassment.
Yes, the next time you see an ISIS terrorist about to detonate a bomb after mowing down innocent people with an assault weapon you should fire many salvos of bullets rather than running away. The Second Amendment and your .45 will save us all from coordinated terrorist attacks for sure!
many more with author comments in article republicans never saw a story no matter how unrelated the didn't spin as Pres.'s guilt, even all the ones they themselves committed.