Saturday, November 7, 2015

A new study examined the generosity of children raised religiously versus their less-religious peers

In news that will only be shocking to people who think the Duggars clan are doing this life thing right, a new study has been released on religiousness and the children who grow up in such an environment.
•Family religious identification decreases children’s altruistic behaviors
•Religiousness predicts parent-reported child sensitivity to injustices and empathy
•Children from religious households are harsher in their punitive tendencies
Here's how the study worked: researchers asked kids to play a game which required them to decide how many stickers to share with an anonymous peer from the same school and similar ethnic group.
In their report, the researchers noted it was important for the anonymous stranger to be similar to the child so that other biases didn't get in the way.
The study also found that children from religious homes were more judgemental of others' actions and in return were harsher in their opinions of punishment. These findings were true of children growing up in a religious household with frequent practice of a religion, regardless of the specific religion.
if the Good Lord spares me in 3 weeks my 67 years of observations this is one on the primary reason many are apprehensive and leaving organized religion and the holier than thou persona that come with it.  

look at all the stories of preachers and congregation doing heinous and unholy things totally ignoring the foundation as laid out in the Bible evangelicals everybody picking on them as they persecute everybody, the sex ideology just yeserday i heard about a COLORADO school and sex pictures being circulated as young as 13. the punishment hurts the entire school but for a few that i'm sure could have been discovered wonder why they weren't????????????????????????????

Huckabee embracing sinners and people saying you should marry 15 year old's

marry as often as you can kin davis  bigotry racial hatred all from the religious freedoms groups who demonize Muslims and deface their deity and beliefs.  

God is good as long as we leave it to God to express the words when other charlatans inject into the flock they fleece in the name of a God they can't possibly respect or believe in.